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Safety Storage Efficiency

Combilift are leaders in providing innovative material handling solutions including sideloaders, 4-way forklifts and straddle carriers. They are designed to handle long and over-sized loads guaranteeing considerable improvements in space utilization and safety. With capacities ranging from 3,000 lbs to 220,000 lbs, it’s a safe choice to go with Combilift.

Save up to 50% more storage with Combilift Before you invest in upgrading the infrastructure of your warehouse, find out how Combilift can increase your storage, improve productivity and enhance safety. With over 21 years’ experience in volume optimisation, our team of warehouse planning experts knows how to make your space work harder for you. Contact us today to arrange a site survey! Our warehouse design consultancy service is FREE and without obligation. Amanda 7.625 x 9.875.indd 1

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October 2021


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Cover Story Automation stepping in where workers aren’t



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Safety First Propane Cylinder 101- Does your crew know all these propane cylinder best practices?


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14 Warehouse Solutions Robots, Dogs, and the Warehouse of the Future

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Business Management What are the Metrics that really matter when measuring Warehouse Efficiency?




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October 2021

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The Superior Turret Advantage


Why the Superior Turret? • Save Money by Increased Storage Capacity • Not Difficult to Use like the Others • Work Both Sides of the Aisle • Versatility - Rack to Truck • Limit the Learning Curve • Simplicity in Design • Low Maintenance • Multiple Options • Electric or LP


Material Handling Network

October 2021


Cover Story

Automation stepping in where workers aren’t

Cutting edge products are allowing companies to move the workforce to more fulfilling roles. Having trouble finding workers who want to wrap plastic around pallets loaded with boxes all day? There's automation for that. Are you a California or Oregon company trying to navigate the dizzying complexities of low fuel and carbon requirements? There's a service that not shoulders the complexities of the laws, but gets you the maximum credits. Need to move thousands of pounds of goods, but can’t find a forklift driver? There’s a machine for that, too. In fact, there is automation for more tasks than one can even imagine as manufacturers and warehouses face record labor shortages or seek to repurpose the workers they do have into more fulfilling roles. Craig Zelasko, a product manager for Orion Stretch Wrappers, said he and his 14-year-old son were walking by a line of robots putting boxes into bigger boxes when his son asked what was happening there. “I told him that’s what happens when people don’t come back to work,” Zelasko said. A June 2021 U.S. Chamber of Commerce report on the worker shortage quantified some of the problems that industries are facing. They found that there were 8.1 million vacant job openings in the United States — a record high — in March 2021. And that is up by more than 600,000 from February. The manufacturing sector didn’t do as poorly as several other industries, such as professional and business services, education and health services, and 6

October 2021

Material Handling Network

government jobs. But manufacturers were relatively low on the worker availability ratio, with just 1.5 workers available for every open job, according to the Chamber of Commerce study. Doug Fastuca, CEO of FRED Automation, said his company’s automated guided vehicles can move thousands of pounds of goods throughout a warehouse, eliminating the need for forklift drivers. The robot both addresses labor shortage issues and frees up existing employees for other tasks. They offer two AGVs: FRED can support up to 2,500 pounds and Freddie up to 400 pounds. The AGVs serve two basic markets, Fastuca said. “One is warehousing. Either in a manufacturer's warehouse or a pure warehouse. That’s moving products from the dock to the production line. Or from the production line to shipping,” Fastuca said. “Within a manufacturing environment, FRED can be used within an assembly process moving the product in each step of the manufacturing process.” The company supports industries that include automotive, agricultural equipment, and home landscaping equipment. Their warehousing clients are even more diverse, including E-commerce distribution, aerospace parts, glass manufacturing, and linen, to name just a few. He said his clients are sharing stories about labor shortages “in a big way.” His message is simple: you have a tight labor market and FRED can provide a simple solution to move material. “We’re not trying to automate the world. We’re trying to automate a simple movement of material,” he said. Fastuca said FRED is not necessarily replacing workers, but redirecting them to more valuable and value-added activities than riding up and down an aisle. The cost of a FRED is $35,000 and a Freddie: $22,000, and the company target’s a 12-month payback for customers. But he has definitely heard success stories that far exceed that goal. “Recently our customers have achieved four-month payback, a nine-month payback example, and a 12-month payback,” Fastuca said. “It’s because labor’s expensive and our products are not expensive. If you have more than one shift, obviously the payback is quicker because you don’t pay for FRED on the second shift. You’ve already paid for him.” The AGVs

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October 2021


Cover Story continued

operate on a magnetic tape navigation system. The tape is put on top of the floor or embedded where the vehicles are expected to move and FRED’s magnetic reader simply follows the tape. At Alexandria, Minn.-based Orion, the company provides stretch wrapping and pallet unitizing machinery that can literally revolutionize the way the plastic film is applied to stories of boxes sitting atop a pallet. Without automation, it is workers who take the film and go around and around and around the boxes with the wrap. Zelasko said the efficiency and accuracy of the job was dependent on how the worker felt that day and, frankly, how dizzy they got circling the boxes. In a situation like beer distributors, which has been huge lately, the Orion wrapping equipment has been able to wrap upwards of 100 pounds an hour and 500 cases of beer a night. “It’s a very high speed,” Zelasko said. Orion’s products generally come in two types: a turntable style, in which a pallet of boxes sits atop a turntable that spins as the wrap is applied. The other alternative is a machine with a carriage arm that moves around the stationary boxes. “You don’t have to have that guy that just stands there and wraps pallets all day,” Zelasko said. “You can have him running the fork truck now and getting lots of pallets throughout the day.” Automation can be a treasure for really any industry that warehouse or manufacturer that moves large amounts of product around in boxes, from the small family-owned facilities to Fortune 500 companies with household names. Orion serves industries such as brick and block companies, food and beverage distributors, agricultural suppliers, home products, cleaning supplies, and countless others. And then there are the financial efficiencies the products provide. Whereas a human can only stretch film 100%, the pallet wrapper can stretch the film 260%, Zelasko said. And with the cost of the film up to three times what it was a year or so ago, that can provide huge savings for a company. While the automation has been around for years, Orion has been deluged with requests from new customers who say they just don’t have the manpower this year to do the job, Zelasko said. Sales for Orion’s flex machines have increased 42% this year and 12% for the automatic machines. He said the flex machines really appeal to the “mom-and-pop shops” because they are less expensive. “Now you’ve 8

October 2021

Material Handling Network

got a reason to say, hey you can get two times as much film usage on something that’s tripled in price and your ROI, depending on how many loads you’re talking, could be months,” Zelasko said. One company providing a nontraditional, but vital kind of support to industrial and commercial companies and municipalities is Durango, Colo.based PineSpire. They may not provide the forklifts that move massive amounts of product, but they will help you find revenue streams to purchase electric forklifts, yard goats, and yard semis. PineSpire Co-Founder Patrick Dawson said they specifically provide turnkey services to California companies navigating the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) standards and Oregon firms required to comply with the Clean Fuels Program (CFP). “It's a way for them to gain efficiency by letting us take care of what we say is the process from registration to revenue,” Dawson said. The California and Oregon programs are designed to decrease the carbon intensity of transportation fuels used there and provide an increasing range of low-carbon and renewable alternatives. That applies to everything from city plows to company forklifts. Among the many layers of the programs are grants and incentives provided to those who meet the standards. Yet many materials-handling firms and other companies likely don’t have the time or staff to undertake what can amount to a full-time job just understanding the nuances of the laws, Dawson said. PineSpire has three categories of clients: municipalities, agricultural and food processing plants, and commercial and industrial companies. One of the most important services PineSpire provides is helping clients manage the financial obligations and paybacks from participating in the programs. For example, they help identify and apply for available grants that can be used to purchase electric vehicles and forklifts. PineSpire also provides monthly reports on how much energy a client is consuming as well as how much LCFS revenue they are creating. Lisa Curtis is a freelance writer based in Cedarburg, WI. She has nearly 30 years’ experience working for local newspapers and magazines, including serving as managing editor of the Ozaukee News Graphic. She is also the author of the book “Images of America: Cedarburg.” To contact Lisa email

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October 2021


Safety First

Propane Cylinder 101- Does your crew know all these propane cylinder best practices? Despite the growing trend towards electrification, propane continues to keep pace in the material handling space thanks to its reliable reputation, clean performance, and easy refueling. In fact, 90 percent of Class 4 and 5 internal combustion engine forklifts are currently being powered by propane. The majority of fleet managers in the middle and top forklift weight classes prefer propane over electric and diesel, according to a survey from PERC (Propane Education & Research Council). Propane cylinders are constructed to U.S. Department of Transportation and National Fire Protection Association standards for quality and contain safety features, like pressure relief valves, making them safe and easy to use. Because propane is a widely used forklift fuel across the country, it’s important for forklift operators to be in the know on cylinder safety and handling practices. Cylinder Handling

Following these general guidelines when handling propane cylinders will help ensure safe and efficient operation. 1. Wear an approved protective glove and eye protection. 2. Keep open heat, flames, and ignition sources away from cylinders and refueling equipment at all times. 3. Handle cylinders carefully, making sure not to drop, throw, or drag them.


October 2021

Material Handling Network

4. Use proper lifting techniques when lifting cylinders. For even more convenient handling, forklift operators can ask their local propane supplier about the use of composite cylinders—a lightweight alternative to traditional steel tanks. Refueling Propane offers a quick, safe refueling process that requires no additional infrastructure or charging needs, like with electric equipment. For forklift operators of propane-powered forklifts, refueling is as simple as swapping out an empty cylinder for a full one. Tips when removing a propane cylinder from equipment 1. Shut the gas off by turning the cylinder service valve until tight (clockwise). 2. Disconnect the gas line by unscrewing the service connection (counterclockwise). - A small amount of gas may be released from the gas line upon disconnection, which is normal and doesn’t pose a safety hazard to employees. 3. Release the brackets that hold the propane cylinder. 4. Remove the empty forklift cylinder by using safe lifting practices. 5. Store the empty cylinder in its designated storage area. Make sure to store with the relief valve at the highest point. Tips when installing a propane cylinder on equipment 1. Inspect the cylinder for any damage. - If damaged, remove the cylinder from service and notify the local propane supplier on their next refueling stop. In the meantime, tag or mark the cylinder so it’s not used again.

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Material Handling Network

October 2021


Safety First continued

2. Ensure the main service valve on the full cylinder is all the way off. 3. Use safe lifting practices to place the full cylinder on the forklift. - The cylinder should be centered in the brackets and in alignment with the alignment pin (with the pressure relief valve at the 12 o’clock position). 4. Once it’s properly situated, secure the cylinder by tightening the brackets. Make sure the straps are secure before operating. 5. Connect the gas line to the service connection and tighten firmly (clockwise). 6. Slowly turn the main service valve on (counterclockwise). 7. Check for leaks. Forklift operators can check for leaks by spraying a solution (one-part soap, onepart water) over the tank connections. - If employees notice bubbling or smell any gas, they should turn the valve off and re-check the connection and O-rings. Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment


October 2021

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Material Handling Network

Each time cylinders are exchanged or refilled, propane suppliers inspect cylinders, remove damaged cylinders from service, and repair or replace leaky valves and O-rings on cylinders as needed. Storage & Disposal Propane cylinders can last up to three times as long as the average forklift battery. If businesses purchase their propane cylinders, propane suppliers can assist in the disposal of propane cylinders when the time comes. Alternatively, if businesses don’t want to purchase cylinders and storage cases, they can normally lease them from a local propane supplier. Make sure to store propane cylinder storage racks are located a safe distance from heat or ignition sources and protected from exposure to the elements. If need be, local propane suppliers can offer guidance on the best location. To learn more about forklift safety, visit Propane. com/SafetyFirst. Click here to find a local propane supplier. Matt McDonald is director of off-road business development for the Propane Education & Research Council. He can be reached at matt.

800-321-9983 Authorized Distributor

Depending on which refueling option businesses choose, propane suppliers can teach crews how to refill cylinders themselves (on-site refueling) or can refill cylinders for them (cylinder exchange program). Additionally, employees can receive safety training from propane suppliers, including instructions on how to safely install propane cylinders on their equipment. Maintenance

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October 2021


Warehouse Solutions

Robots, Dogs, and the Warehouse of the Future The greatest driver of innovation is need. Luckily for logistics practitioners, the world needs warehouses more than ever. Operations are getting more complex, and labor is becoming very challenging to find and retain. Sprinkle in a COVID-19 pandemic, and all of a sudden you have a recipe for disaster in the heart of your logistics organization. Even though many companies are still receiving customer orders and have transportation lined up to deliver on them, they are struggling to execute on all of the activity required to get the appropriate inventory into the correct trailers. This is causing transportation delays, which trickle downstream to affect nearly every part of the overall supply chain. To help shippers deal with many of these issues, new (and old!) vendors are popping up to automate different warehouse processes. In consumer goods, systems like AS/RS help to automatically store and retrieve inventory, reducing the traditional forklift congestion going to and from racks for pallets. Layer pick systems are automating custom pallet building, saving on the number of case pickers required through the facility. Automated forklifts are transferring inventory from racks to staging, reducing the human error often associated with retrieval using a forklift, clamp, or reach truck. In e-commerce or direct-to-customer distribution centers, tote sorting systems, conveyors, goods to picker systems, and robotic arms have helped to automate much of the pick and pack operation that has traditionally been done by human labor with the help of specialized equipment (forklifts, clamp trucks, put walls, and pack lines!). A Man, a Dog, and a Long Way to Go If you were to speak with any Director or VP of logistics at a large shipper, they would wax poetically about their vision for dark warehousing down the road. In that future, automated machines run all warehouse operations, and the only bodies in that warehouse are a man and a dog. The dog exists to 14

October 2021

Material Handling Network

make sure the man doesn’t touch anything, and the man exists to feed the dog. In 50 years, it might be possible. Today, the ugly truth is that most automated systems exist in a process silo, ignoring many of the surrounding warehouse micro-flows. To provide an example for a consumer goods shipper, automated forklifts might be used to retrieve a pallet to staging, but that pallet might sit in the staging area for 12 hours before it’s actually loaded onto a trailer. This consumes valuable staging space for longer than necessary and may cost the site the opportunity to get a different order out on-time-in-full. While the automated forklift is very good at executing the function of pallet retrieval, its actions are not intelligently orchestrated to ensure that it is performing the most positive action at the right time. In short, adding automation to the warehouse does not resolve a more holistic problem that many shippers are now grappling with: how to orchestrate all of this work (both human and robotic)? Creating a Comprehensive Orchestration Strategy with WMS Accelerators Instead of throwing money at conveyors, AS/ RS, and other robotic systems, intelligent shippers are trying to understand the steps needed to best optimize all DC processes holistically. Automating much of the hard-to-find human labor is critical, but equally important is providing a seamless transition process between activities to reduce bottlenecks. To do this effectively many groups are turning to WMS Accelerators such as AutoScheduler.AI, which exist to look across all of the fragmented operations at a distribution center (or campus of distribution centers) and optimize labor, robotics, touches, and inventory to drive efficiency. WMS Accelerators operate one level above robotic systems today, leveraging data from Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Order

Warehouse Solutions continued

Management, Visibility, and Production systems to provide a single, unified view of operations. They then take all of that data gathered and use it to “predict” what is going to happen via digital twin technology. This technology takes in the current state from all systems as well as all known shipment and order information and plays the future-forward based on known constraints like labor, inventory, and human or robotic task times. From there, WMS Accelerators create a prescriptive plan to ensure that demand is met while respecting all constraints inside of the building like labor availability, inventory availability, task sequences, and more. This process enables a site to direct work effectively across human and robotic systems, leveraging the strengths of each while simultaneously

considering all micro-flows that need to be completed to deliver customer orders effectively. As you begin to create a strategy around automation and labor augmentation, learn from the best shippers in the world by thinking of total site activity optimization, and review the need for a WMS Accelerator moving forward. Keith Moore is the Chief Product Officer at AutoScheduler.AI. Keith is a product strategist interested in impacting the world through innovation. He is focused on bringing machine learning to the supply chain, in both network optimization and warehouse orchestration. He was the past director of product management at Austin's A-List startup SparkCognition, where he helped raise over $150M in venture capital, scale the company from 10 employees to over 200, and go to market with products focused in the Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Mil-Aero, Test & Measurement, Retail, and Finance industries. Previously, he was a solutions developer and seed-funding small business evangelist.

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Warehouse Solutions

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October 2021


Business Management

What are the Metrics that really matter when measuring Warehouse Efficiency? Your warehouse KPIs determine how efficiently you turn a profit. If you’re running your warehouse fast and loose, how do you know what is there, what’s coming in, or what’s heading out the door? You probably already have a software package that compiles data and analyzes information. What you do with that information may determine the success or failure of your logistics business. Specifically, you need to determine the metrics that matter when measuring warehouse performance. What are Warehouse Metrics? Warehouse metrics are specific key performance indicators (KPIs) used to identify performance over a specified period. They are quantifiable measurements that a warehouse can use to gauge progress and help the operation make better business decisions. Similar to conducting performance reviews or

evaluating your business’s financial statement, measuring warehouse performance gives you insight into how effectively your processes are working compared to benchmarks or past performance. So, how do you measure warehouse efficiency to improve results? Here are some commonly used warehouse KPIs broken down by function: General Warehouse Management KPIs Some general warehouse metrics you should track aren’t tied to a specific area of your operations. But they will tell you something vital about how your warehouse is running and if there is something you may wish to address. 1. Backorder Rate Backorder rate shows how hard it is for you to fill orders. When demand spikes, you may see temporary backorders. If backorders become a long-term problem,


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October 2021

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October 2021


Business Management continued you have to figure out why before you have unsatisfied customers. 2. Perfect Order Management Perfect order management indicates which links in the chain are broken, whether it’s procurement, production, transportation, labor, or any stage of the warehouse process. 3. Supply Chain Cycle Time This metric measures what would possibly happen if you had no inventory on hand whatsoever. Then you determine how long it takes you to fill an order. When this time is shorter, you have better supply chain management. 4. Customer Order Cycle Time Your customer order cycle time examines how quickly a customer gets an order. The faster, the better, in this instance. If this changes, figure it out quickly. 5. Demand Forecast The demand forecast is hard to predict, but analytics software helps. When you have accurate demand forecasts, you prevent bumps in the road with regards to pricing, capacity, and whether to expand your operations. 6. Rate of Return The rate of return gives you a chance to determine why customers return things. Knowing why lets you solve the problem of too many returns quickly. 7. Days Sales Outstanding How quickly do you receive payments from customers? Fewer days outstanding means your accounts receivable department is efficient and collects money quickly. 8. Cash to Cash Cycle Time The cash-to-cash cycle time measures days between paying for something coming into your warehouse before it gets shipped out. When this time is lower, your materials spend less time in the warehouse. Inventory KPIs Any business that keeps inventory knows that this is far from a passive activity. Even though goods are sitting on your shelves, how accurate your records are and how quickly that inventory turns over can impact your bottom-line results. 9. Inventory Turnover Your inventory turnover measures how many times per year your warehouse goes through its entire stock. A high turnover rate means you’re doing something great. Products flow in and out readily and without any hitches. 18

October 2021

Material Handling Network

A warehouse management system lets you figure out weak points in your inventory before things start to sit there for a long time. 10. Days on Hand Days on hand is part of inventory turnover because it measures how much your storage costs build up over time. When products sit there for several days, it costs you money. 11. Inventory Accuracy Inventory accuracy is extremely important if you want to fill orders properly. If your accuracy isn’t high, you might lose a lot of customers because you don’t have anything in stock when your computer says you do have something there. Items connected wirelessly update your computers instantly to keep your inventory accurate. Large operations need technology to produce accurate numbers. 12. Inventory to Sales Ratio Your inventory to sales ratio changes depending on the economy and how your company gets through disruptions. Predictive analytics software lets your managers figure out a way to get through cash flow problems in the future. An inventory to sales ratio can prevent backorders as well. 13. Carrying Cost of Inventory In the big picture, your entire warehouse makes money based on this KPI. The carrying cost of inventory measures how much it costs to store inventory over a period of time. These factors in energy costs, labor, downtime, shipping, freight, and insurance. Receiving and Putaway KPIs Receiving occurs when the warehouse accepts delivery of goods that requires processing and sorting. Putaway is the process of placing those items where they belong in the warehouse so they can be accessed by pickers for order fulfillment. 14. Time to Receiving and Pick Location How long do you need to intake inventory? This metric measures the speed and efficiency with which your staff unloads something and gets a product to its place in the warehouse. This ties into your truck time in the dock and days on hand. 15. Receiving Cycle Time This metric reveals the average time it takes for your warehouse’s received stock to be counted, recorded, and prepared for storage. If the figure is too high, it will impact your other metrics.



Kip brings a wealth of experience in advertising sales to Material Handling Network, including long stints at American City Business Journals as well as Lift and Access and Industrial Lift and Hoist Magazines. Kip also spent several years with iHeartMedia where he voiced and wrote his own commercials! He is looking forward to serving the Material Handling Industry! Kip makes his home in Charlotte, North Carolina and enjoys family time at the beach and mountains, reading history books, and watching his son Connor play baseball.

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October 2021


Business Management continued 16. Putaway Accuracy Rate How accurate is the process for putting items coming into your warehouse? If items aren’t put away correctly the first time, this leads to inefficiencies, lost business, and lower customer satisfaction. Picking KPIs Warehouse managers understand that order picking can be one of the more complex activities that take place in the operation. How fast your orders get shipped and customers get items can depend on picking accuracy and efficiency, meaning you should track several picking KPIs. 17. Orders Picked Per Hour Tracking your picking productivity can give you a rough idea of the efficiency of your operations. For example, if there are changes from shift to shift, you may need to make adjustments in the makeup of your team. Otherwise, the technology you are using could require an upgrade. 18. Order Picking Accuracy Inaccurate orders lead to more returns, dissatisfied customers, and fewer sales because clients go elsewhere. In today’s high-tech world of online ordering, a world-class accuracy order rate is 99.9 percent. Can you handle that? Packing and Shipping KPIs Getting products ready to ship and out the door can be a complex process in a busy warehouse. Every operation is different, but you can use these KPIs to measure what is working and what isn’t. 19. Truck Time at the Dock Everything within your warehouse needs to leave your unit to be profitable. If a truck spends too much time at the, dock it identifies possible staffing problems, low inventories, infrastructure, or some kind of handling difficulty. Trucks should spend the least amount of time at the dock as possible so another truck can come in and load or unload. 20. Cost Per Line Item Shipped The cost per line item shipped examines the microeconomics of your logistics operation. This metric measures how much it costs to handle and ship one item out of your warehouse. It’s a good bit of data to have on hand because shipping one item melds people, computer systems, and how your warehouse moves products. Any increases in metrics need a closer look so you can keep costs and prices down.

21. Fill Rate The fill rate shows what percentage of orders you fill on the first shipment. This metric combines customer satisfaction and transportation efficiency. 22. Freight Cost Per Unit The freight cost per unit talks about transportation costs. Try bundling orders together to lower your shipping costs. 23. On-Time Shipping Rate Your on-time shipping rate leads to happy customers who are more likely to order more items from you in the future. When this number is high, you have a great relationship with a transportation firm. Warehouse Safety KPIs Warehouses can be hazardous environments, with a lot of moving equipment and workers asked to perform repetitive tasks or even dangerous ones. These warehouse safety KPIs are essential to maintain a safe working environment and control costs. 24. Warehouse Accident Rate This KPI tracks the rate of accidents in a month, quarter, or year in your warehouse. Ideally, the figure will be zero, but you can track it over time with certain goals in mind. 25. Time Since Last Accident This metric indicates how long it’s been since the last workplace accident. The higher the number, the better. Using warehouse metrics can give you insight into how your operations are performing over a certain period. So, they are particularly useful when you are looking to improve in certain areas or have specific goals. Learning the purposes of each type of warehouse KPI can help you choose the right indicators that line up with the functions you have in your warehouse or distribution center. This article appeared on a recent blog from Newcastle Systems. To find our more you can go to or email Their phone number is 781 935-3450.

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October 2021

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October 2021


Industry Insight Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly BY RANDALL-REILLY

Lift Truck Market Trends Each month, we give you a snapshot of industry data that’ll let you see where buying activity has been so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market. Due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, state filings may be lower than usual. As our team works diligently against the challenges of COVID-19, our credible and verified data can drive strategic decisions for your business during this trying time.

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Top 20 Equipment Lenders

Displays the top five buyers nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

 isplays the top 20 lenders nationwide for each of EDA’s D eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

N V R Inc Thurmont, Md Class 5 Yale

Bank of the West....................16 U S Bank Eqt Fin..................10 Toyota Inds Commercial Fin Inc........................................9 E L E Funding Llc...................8 Wells Fargo Bank.....................8 B F G Corp.............................8 Meridian Lsg Corp..................5 Banc Of Amer Lsg & Capital...2 Bacon Universal Co.................2

15 15

Sierra Forest Prods Inc Salt Lake City, Ut Class 1 Yale

8 8

Anderson Hay & Grain Co Ellensburg, Wa Class 5 Hyster

5 5

A J Eqt Llc Spring, Tx Class 5 Viper

4 4

Ocean State Forklifts Inc Seekonk, Ma Class 4 Unicarriers Class 5 Unicarriers

3 1 2

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit


October 2021

Material Handling Network

Guaranty Bank & Trust............2 Deutsche Lsg Usa....................1 Blue Ridge Bank.....................1 Smartbank...............................1 Signature Fin & Lsg.................1 Leavitt Mchny Usa Inc............1 Lamar Natl Bank.....................1 J P Morgan Chase Bank...........1 Altec Capital Svc.....................1

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit

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Material Handling Network

October 2021


Industry News Santana Equipment makes the Inc. 5000 list Santana Equipment Trading Company has received the incredible honor of being named one of the top 5000 growing companies in the United States. Santana Equipment Headquarters (North Chicago) said they were greeted with an amazing message on August 10th. “We had received an email the beginning of July saying that we had made the Inc 5000 list,” said company president Nate Service, “This feat alone was awesome, but we wanted to know where we placed. This was our first time making the list, so we were anxious to see where we landed at.” As the Santana team watched the reveal presentation their rank was shown, and everyone was ecstatic!

Darr Equipment Co. announces new Logistics Engineering Division Darr Equipment Co., just announced the launch of 54 Intralogistics. The new company will provide advanced material handling solutions to include optimized warehouse systems design, equipment integration, automation, and robotics, automated guided vehicles, racking storage and dock equipment, project management, and logistical solutions. The pandemic has fast-forwarded the material handling industry like many other industries forced to adapt to changing supply chain demands. Many traditional material handling professionals need a trusted resource to guide them into the next generation of warehouse solutions and new technologies, including smart equipment options, automation, robotics, and integration.

The ARA Show 2021 prepares for Las Vegas The American Rental Association (ARA) is preparing for an in-person return to Las Vegas for its annual trade show and convention. Rescheduled for October 17-20, 2021, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, The ARA Show™ 2021 was previously scheduled 24

October 2021

Material Handling Network

for February 2021 in New Orleans. The event provides a unique opportunity for those in the rental industry to meet with their peers for targeted education, networking, and a three-day trade show featuring more than 600 exhibitors. For the first time in many years, there will be both indoor and outdoor exhibit space at the show.

Alta Equipment Group acquires Baron Industries Alta Equipment Group Inc. has acquired Baron Industries (“Baron”), a privately held dock & door company based in Woburn, MA. Baron is an established, provider of dock and door sales, service, and installation for the greater New England area. The company specializes in commercial overhead loading dock doors and equipment, hydraulic lifts, and vertical reciprocating conveyors. Baron generated approximately $6.0 million in revenue and had adjusted EBITDA of approximately $400,000 in the latest fiscal year. The purchase price includes certain tangible assets such as inventory, vehicles, and an $800,000 goodwill premium. The total purchase price is expected to be less than $2.0 million, subject to customary post-closing purchase price adjustments.

Inaugural Robo Boston Festival celebrates the Commonwealth’s amazing robotics cluster Robo Boston, one of the largest celebrations of robots and robotics of its kind, will take place in the innovative Boston Seaport neighborhood on Friday, October 1 and Saturday, October 2, 2021. More than 40 companies and universities will gather to showcase cutting-edge robotics and technology in a series of professional and STEM-related events. Robo Boston will be held at and around Seaport Common, 85 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA. The Robotics and AI Technical Career Fair will feature more than a dozen companies hosting information sessions where candidates can learn more about each organization, discover open positions, understand what career tracks look like, and schedule interviews. Job seekers must register for the event in advance on Eventbrite here. https://www.

Industry News Equipment Finance Industry confidence eases again in September The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation released the September 2021 Monthly Confidence Index for the Equipment Finance Industry (MCI-EFI). The index reports a qualitative assessment of both the prevailing business conditions and expectations for the future as reported by key executives from the $900 billion equipment finance sector. Overall, confidence in the equipment finance market is 60.5, a decrease from the August index of 66.6. When asked about the outlook for the future, MCIEFI survey respondent Bruce J. Winter, President, FSG Capital, Inc. said, “The delta variant is causing some slowdown in certain sectors which will delay, but not derail the recovery of these industries. Other sectors that have seen strong demand but were unable to fulfill all orders due to severe labor shortages are optimistic more workers will return now that the federal unemployment bonus has expired. We expect a robust fourth quarter and are optimistic the momentum will continue into early next year.”

AutoScheduler.AI named a Gartner Cool Vendor AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, announces mention in Gartner® “Cool Vendors™ in Supply Chain Execution Technologies, 2021” report, published September 9, 2021. The report is written by Gartner analysts Dwight Klappich, Carly West, Oscar Sanchez Duran, Bart De Muynck, and Simon Tunstall. According to Gartner, “Gartner’s definition of a Cool Vendor is a small company offering a technology or service that is innovative, impactful or intriguing. www.AUTOSCHEDULER.AI

Third-Party Warehousing Industry Convention: IWLA ‘Back in the Saddle’ for Texas Event The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA), the only trade association for the third-party warehousing industry, will gather supply chain leaders again for the IWLA Convention & Expo, November 1-3, 2021 at the La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, Texas. With a theme of “Hitting ’21: Don’t Leave Your Warehouse Success to Chance,” convention sessions focus on increases the odds of third-party warehouse success, efficiency, and profitability. Traditionally a March event, organizers shifted the 2021 convention to November due to COVID-19.

TFS creates new Racking & Automation division TFS, an OnPoint Company, has announced the creation of a new division dedicated to racking and automation. Aligning TFS’s decades of expertise optimizing material handling equipment fleets with a shifting market landscape demanding ever greater delivery speed, product variability, and lower prices, TFS has created a new dedicated business division named TFS Racking & Automation Division. The division’s goal is to help customers address their space, flexibility, and automation needs. “The last two years have accelerated the eCommerce revolution. The customer experience is being dictated more and more by warehouse capabilities rather than the retail experience. TFS is helping distributors and manufacturers compete with the eCommerce giants of our time by designing and implementing roadmaps that optimize current facilities and move them to full automation over time,” said Ryan Boyd, VP of the TFS Racking & Automation Division.

Material Handling Network

October 2021


People News Automation and Warehouse Logistics Industry leader David Campbell joins Burns & McDonnell With two decades of engineering, project management, and automation experience, David Campbell joins Burns & McDonnell to lead design and construction solutions for distribution and warehouse facilities throughout the U.S. Campbell will manage projects for a wide range of clients across multiple industries. Most recently, Campbell led teams of professionals executing hundreds of large-scale materials handling projects for more than 60 clients in 14 different markets. He has extensive experience successfully designing and implementing automation technologies in manufacturing and distribution facilities, as well as directing and managing manufacturing plant operations.

Jake Kercheval joins Thombert Thombert, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polyurethane wheels and tires for narrow aisle electric lift trucks, has recently expanded its sales staff by adding Jake Kercheval as OEM Account Manager. Jake will be responsible for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) accounts in the material handling industry. He comes to Thombert with a strong background in sales and marketing. He is a graduate of Simpson College and was formerly the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Iowa Hospital Association.  Jake resides in Altoona, Iowa, with his wife Shannon, son Boone, and his lab Gunther. Thombert is pleased to have Jake on their team and he looks forward to his role at Thombert and to meet everyone.

LiuGong North America appoints new president LiuGong North America (LGNA) has appointed Andrew Ryan as president of LiuGong North America, effective August 16, 2021. Ryan has 25 years of experience in the construction equipment industry. While at Caterpillar, he served in senior roles spanning machine marketing, dealer administration, rental, and aftermarket parts. Andrew has a global perspective on the 26

October 2021

Material Handling Network

industry has lived and worked in the U.S., Chile, and Singapore. “Andrew brings deep experience in developing construction equipment dealers and ensuring customer success with outstanding product support,” said Kevin Thieneman, LGNA chairman. “I am confident that our dealers and customers in North America will benefit from his leadership.””I am excited by the opportunity to work closely with our dealer network and lead the extended LiuGong team to the next phase of growth in North America,” said Ryan.

Nano One appoints Gordon Kukec Independent Director Nano One® Materials Corp. has announce the appointment of Mr. Gordon Kukec as an Independent Director to the Board effective immediately. Mr. Kukec has 30 years of experience spanning a range of senior executive leadership roles responsible for innovating and adapting corporate, commercial, and IT strategies at various international Canadian corporations. Focused on how emerging environmental and information technology developments, such as climate change and cybersecurity, impact business transformation, corporate strategy, and board governance, Mr. Kukec brings a distinct and valuable skillset to the companies he works with.

Wildeck, Inc. welcomes Angela Wurtz as Director of People Operations Wildeck, Inc.announced that Angela Wurtz is its new Director of People Operations. Angela will be responsible for all aspects of managing the People Operations function at Wildeck, including recruiting, training and development, engagement, employee relations, compensation, and payroll. She brings nearly 15 years of experience related to various HR functions, including recruiting, onboarding of new employees, human resource information systems, employee relations, and leadership. Angela earned a B.S. Degree in Business Management, Concentration in Human Resource Development from Herzing University, and is certified as a Professional in Human Resources by the Human Resources Certification Institute.

People News AutoScheduler.AI adds experienced CTO to bring software development efforts to the next level AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, announces the addition of Andrew Gibson as Chief Technology Officer to lead the company’s software development efforts to the next level. Andrew is a supply chain industry expert, formerly with Nestle, and has deep expertise in mathematics, which is the cornerstone of artificial intelligence. AutoScheduler.AI smooths operations in a warehouse by integrating seamlessly with warehouse management systems, orchestrating activities across supply chain campuses, and adding value by improving OTIF, managing inventory, and creating dynamic schedules that change as conditions shift.

ePicker appoints Alan Dotts as new Sales Manager ePicker, an elite material handling equipment provider, has appointed a strategic new addition to its management team to support its recent launch of stackers, pallet jacks, access vehicles and lithium-ion powered forklifts. Alan Dotts has been named as the new Sales Manager responsible for sales and dealer development. Prior to joining ePicker, Dotts served as the Sales Manager of Special Products for Toyota Material Handling. At Toyota Material Handling, he led the development and sales of AGVs, Heavy Duty Trucks, and Aichi aerial platforms. Dotts has more than 20 years of experience working with equipment dealers developing successful sales plans and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Concordia College. 

FAD Equipment Store expands team FAD Equipment Store has recruited e-commerce guru Austin Helton to join its team. Headquartered in South Carolina, the store puts lifting, material handling, safety, and load monitoring products a click away from end-users in marine, warehouse, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, renewables, and other

markets.. Helton is experienced in the creation and execution of data-driven strategy that has positioned countless businesses at the top of their marketplaces. His initial focus will be on the presentation of key products to buyers in targeted end-user sectors. He will report to David Ayling, president of FAD Equipment Store.

Berkshire Grey partners with AHS to accelerate Next-Generation Warehouse Robotics Berkshire Grey, Inc. is partnering with Advanced Handling Systems (AHS) to help companies grow despite the labor shortages and logistics challenges that are straining the supply chain. This partnership combines AI-enabled robotic automation and system design and integration services to deliver next-generation warehouse robotics to the world’s largest and best-known eCommerce and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. Berkshire Grey’s AI-powered robotic solutions are improving fulfillment across eCommerce and 3PL industries by increasing fulfillment throughput by up to 3X. AHS is evolving its innovation portfolio through this partnership to help companies streamline processes, improve employee productivity, and deliver flexible solutions that scale. Berkshire Grey’s Partner Alliance program works with a select group of strategic partners to provide customers across Retail, eCommerce, 3PL, Grocery, and Package Handling industries with scalable robotic solutions developed to improve fulfillment throughput while driving down operational costs

Camso wins prestigious President's Award from Toyota Industries Corporation Presented to the top company among the Supplier Award recipients in each division, this prestigious President’s Award follows a recent Supplier Award from Toyota L&F Company, the materials handling equipment division of Toyota Industries, and it highlights the positive contribution Camso is making to its partner’s business. As a valued partner of Toyota Material Handling Company, Camso was recognized for its outstanding performance and the very high standards of its materials handling tires and assembly supply.

Industrial Manufacturing planned Industrial Project Report Data provided by SalesLeads 145 new Industrial Manufacturing planned Industrial Project Reports - August 2021 SalesLeads just announced the August 2021 results for the newly planned capital project spending report for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction, and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 145 new projects in the Industrial Manufacturing sector. GEORGIA: Medical device mfr. is planning to invest $500 million for the expansion of their manufacturing, laboratory, office, and training complex in PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA by 750,000 SF Construction will occur in multiple phases, with completion slated for 2024.

The following are selected highlights on new Industrial Manufacturing industry construction news. Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Type • Manufacturing/Production Facilities - 122 New Projects • Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 58 New Projects

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Scope/Activity • New Construction - 53 New Projects • Expansion - 51 New Projects • Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 49 New Projects • Plant Closings - 7 New Projects Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Location (Top 10 States) • North Carolina - 13 • Indiana - 11 • Texas - 10 • Michigan - 9 • Pennsylvania - 7 • Ohio - 7 • California - 7 • New York - 6 • Georgia - 6 • Iowa - 5 Largest Planned Project During the month of August, our research team identified 14 new Industrial Manufacturing facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more. The largest project is owned by Rivian Automotive, who is considering investing $5 billion for the construction of a 12 million sf manufacturing facility and currently seeking a site in the FORT WORTH, TX area. Top 10 Tracked Industrial Manufacturing Projects ARIZONA: Battery cell developer is planning to invest $1 billion for the construction of a 1 million sf manufacturing facility in BUCKEYE, AZ. Construction is expected to start in late 2021, with completion slated for Spring 2023. Construction will occur in multiple phases. 28

October 2021

Material Handling Network

KENTUCKY: Custom corrugated packaging products mfr. is planning to invest $400 million for the construction of a 1.1 million SF manufacturing facility in HENDERSON, KY. Construction is expected to start in early 2022, with completion slated for Fall 2023. TEXAS: A biotechnology company is considering investing $300 million for the construction of a processing facility and is currently seeking a site in the BRYAN, TX area. INDIANA: A steel company is planning to invest $231 million for a 390,000 SF.expansion and equipment upgrades of their manufacturing facility in TERRE HAUTE, IN. They are currently seeking approval for the project. ALABAMA: Automotive components mfr. is planning to invest $130 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in OPELIKA, AL. They have recently received approval for the project. NORTH CAROLINA: Consumer products mfr. is planning to invest $110 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in GUILFORD COUNTY, NC. They are currently seeking approval for the project. TENNESSEE: An aluminum products mfr. is planning to invest $100 million for an expansion of their manufacturing facility in ALCOA, TN. They have recently received approval for the project. NORTH CAROLINA: Outdoor furniture mfr. is planning to invest $62 million for an expansion of their manufacturing facility in ROXBORO, NC. They have recently received approval for the project. UTAH: Insulation and roofing products mfr. are planning to invest $53 million for an expansion of their manufacturing facility in NEPHI, UT. They have recently received approval for the project. Since 1959, SalesLeads has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America.

Distribution and Supply Chain planned Industrial Project Report Data provided by SalesLeads 166 new Distribution and Supply Chain planned Industrial Project Reports - August 2021 SalesLeads has announced the August 2021 results for the newly planned capital project spending report for the Distribution and Supply Chain industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction, and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 166 new projects in the Distribution and Supply Chain sector. to invest $124 million for the construction of a multimodal logistics distribution facility in ARDMORE, OK. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

The following are selected highlights on new Distribution Center and Warehouse construction news. Distribution and Supply Chain - By Project Type • Distribution/Fulfillment Centers - 55 New Projects • Industrial Warehouse - 136 New Projects Distribution and Supply Chain- By Project Scope/Activity • New Construction - 60 New Projects • Expansion - 42 New Projects • Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 68 New Projects • Closing - 2 New Projects Distribution and Supply Chain - By Project Location (Top 5 States) • Florida - 15

• New York - 11

• Texas - 10

• California - 9

• Georgia - 8 Largest Planned Project During the month of August, our research team identified 5 new Distribution and Supply Chain facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more. The largest project is owned by Frito-Lay North America, Inc., which is planning to invest $180 million for the construction of a 355,000 SF. warehouse and distribution center at 1496 S. Poinciana Blvd. in KISSIMMEE, FL. Construction will start in early 2022, with completion slated for 2024. Top 10 Tracked Distribution and Supply Chain Project Opportunities NEW JERSEY: A global online retailer is planning to invest $125 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 250,000 SF distribution facility in NEWARK, NJ. They have recently received approval for the project. OKLAHOMA: Economic development agency is planning

GEORGIA: Online fashion and beauty retailer is planning to invest $100 million for the expansion and equipment upgrades at their warehouse and distribution center in UNION CITY, GA. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for 2023. ALBERTA: A brewery is planning to invest $69 million for a 60,000 SF expansion, renovation, and equipment upgrades on their warehouse and production facility in EDMONTON, AB. They are currently seeking approval for the project. BRITISH COLUMBIA: A global online retailer is planning to invest $65 million for the construction of a 115,000 SF distribution center at Victoria International Airport in SIDNEY, BC. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for Fall 2022. SOUTH CAROLINA: Bedding products mfr. is planning to invest $47 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on the recently leased warehouse and distribution space at 101 Michelin Dr. in LAURENS, SC. Completion is slated for late 2021. LOUISIANA: A beverage company is planning to invest $42 million for a 120,000 SF expansion, renovation, and equipment upgrades on their warehouse and processing facility in BATON ROUGE, LA. They have recently received approval for the project. FLORIDA: A global online retailer is planning for the construction of a 1.1 million SF warehouse and distribution center at West Midway Rd. in PORT ST. LUCIE, FL. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for Fall 2022. TENNESSEE: A global online retailer is planning for the construction of a 1 million SF distribution center in CLARKSVILLE, TN. Completion is slated for 2022. KENTUCKY: An apparel mfr. is planning for an expansion of their distribution center in BOWLING GREEN, KY by 203,000 SF They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for Summer 2022. Since 1959, SalesLeads has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America.

Material Handling Network

October 2021


Product Showcase Gamber-Johnson unveils the new Zebra TC5X and TC7X Powered/Non-Powered Docking Cradles

ENA Solutions debuts first smart Thermostat designed exclusively for Industrial, Commercial buildings

Gamber-Johnson has announced the availability of six new protective handheld technology docking cradles to support the popular Zebra TC5X and TC7X products. These handheld computer cradles offer a variety of rugged, reliable, and responsive options to meet your personalized needs, improve labor productivity and safely protect your technology investment to withstand the demands of today’s mobile work environments.

ENA Solution today announced the launch of a smart thermostat designed specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and commercial building operators. Its ENASTAT thermostat combines the simple, user-friendly features of smart home thermostats with the industrial design required to stand up to the harshest environments. In addition to its ruggedized industrial design, ENASTAT also features universal voltage compatibility, internal backup batteries, both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

Warning System uses Flashing LED to Alert Workers

JLG® 670SJ Self-Leveling Boom Lift — Changing the way people work at height

Emerson Automation Solution just announced the availability of the Appleton HEX series LED Hazardous Location Exit Sign, rated for C1D2- areas. The signs are specifically designed to provide bright and reliable emergency illumination during a crisis involving loss of power, as well as to perform as standard signage marking escape routes and exits in hostile industrial environments, such as oil refineries, underground tunnels, wastewater treatment centers, and other facilities where flammable gases and vapors are present.

JLG Industries, once again changing the way people work at height with the JLG® 670SJ self-leveling boom lift, which is now available in North America. Equipped with JLG’s exclusive and patented self-leveling technology, the 670SJ is engineered to automatically adapt to terrain on slopes up to 10 degrees in any direction, while driving with full functionality at a class-leading 67-ft platform height.

Larson Electronics introduces Skid Mount Solar Boxes Solar-powered systems consist of many parts – from batteries and charge controllers to converters and fuses. Housing all of these components in a single, easy-to-access job box is a very effective way to organize, utilize and transport the equipment around remote areas. Through robust protection from outdoor elements (sunlight, moisture, and debris), investing in a heavy-duty solar job box can also save you money in the long term. Larson Electronics manufactures and designs solar job boxes for industrial, outdoor applications. These units are secured on a skid base for seamless transportation with forklifts and vehicles. Solar panels can be included on the skid base, as well as a genset for backup power. Models with masts are also available for raising equipment in outdoor locations. This solution is recommended for job sites requiring elevated lighting, security, and more.


October 2021

Material Handling Network

Product Showcase Linde Material Handling adds the new Linde MT18 Electric Pallet Truck to its warehouse product line

FRED Automation automates processes in the warehouse

Fairbanks Scales announces new FB 1200 Industrial Scale Instrument

J.W. Speaker introduces Versatile Model 560 Warning and Universal Warning Projector Lights

Linde Material Handling has released a new walkie pallet truck to its class III line, the Linde MT18 electric pallet truck. As many industries continue to see growth, there is an increased need for electric pallet trucks to move products from suppliers to shelves. The Linde MT18 electric pallet truck offers a lightweight, easy-to-use lithium-ion option to help operations run more efficiently, longer, and increase productivity. This true hand pallet substitute offers a load capacity of 4,000 lbs.

Fairbanks Scales Inc., announces its new FB1200 Industrial Scale Instrument, designed for basic applications using analog bench scales, floor scales, tank assemblies, or livestock scales. Fairbanks Scales FB1200 is a flexible, economical solution for basic industrial weighing applications. With a range of features and multiple communication options, the FB1200 can fulfill a variety of customer needs at a highly competitive price. Among general-purpose instruments on today’s market, the FB1200 is unique in that it has several “beyond basic” functions.

FRED Automation Inc. has introduced the FRED and FREDDiE, which are powerful AGV that are simple to install and operate. Their niche is automating processes that move goods from Point A to Point B. The AGVs are designed to limit opportunities for downtime and are expected to deliver a payback in less than 12 months. FRED’s technology is not intimidating, and results are tangible.

J.W. Speaker Corporation has introduced the Model 560 Warning and Universal Warning Projector Lights to alert material handlers and job site workers of specific hazards in dangerous areas. The light displays clearly identifiable images — including a forklift, large exclamation point, or customized image — to improve workplace safety. Each projection can be displayed with steady, always-on projection, or users can choose from five flashing modes to draw more attention.

JLT Mobile Computers adds rugged vehicle-mount computer with Android™ operating system to its popular JLT6012™ series JLT Mobile Computers announced the addition of an Android 10-based version to its JLT6012™ series of rugged vehicle-mount computers. Designed to boost productivity in warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, ports, and all other types of logistics deployments, the new JLT6012A™ computer brings the familiar, user-friendly experience of Android to the popular JLT6012 series, reduces training needs, and meets the expectations of the modern workforce. Certified for Google Mobile Services (GMS), the new JLT6012A unit also opens access to Android programming expertise and the vast and growing number of Android apps and utilities.

Material Handling Network

October 2021




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DACS inc.

Punch Deck ® & Punch Deck Plus®

Open Area Rack Deck

FlueKeeper ®

Keeps Flue Spaces Open

Fire and Heat Barriers

Racking / Shelving Mezzanine Decking Solid Rack Deck




ENGINES ✓ Remanufactured engines


✓ Engines in-stock for same day shipment ✓ Quality assured workmanship from people who know the business!

Toll Free 877-303-LIFT • 440-943-9546 • FAX 440-943-9547 281-579-8882


October 2021

Material Handling Network


Marketplace TIRES

FORKLIFTS Narrow Aisle Articulated Forklifts

At Tires International Corp., we offer a variety of solid tires for forklifts, telehandlers, skid steer loaders as well as larger loaders and other construction equipment. If you don’t see the tire you need on our website or need help in making your selection, call us. We’re always ready to help! “We ship our solid tires nationwide!” • 80V Full AC System • Proportional Valve

• Fingertip Joystick • Lead-Acid/Li-ION

• ZAPI Controller • Lift up to 12.4M


(800) 818-1139





Over 800 Forklifts available! We’re not brokers, we own all our inventory ◆



Luc Lemieux

Jake Agnew


Bill Zemak






PA Industrial Equipment, Inc. Delivering Quality Since 1977




CONTACT: ROY BRAMM 610/369-9778 215 S. Washington St. Boyertown, PA 19512

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October 2021


ADVERTISERS’ INDEX American Industrial Transmission, Inc...........9, 34

Dyna Rack......................................................... A1

Joseph Industries, Inc....................................... 12

Bristol Manufacturing....................................... 13

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP).. A4, 15

Clark Material Handling Co................................. 7

FMH Material Handling Solutions...................... A3

Collision Awareness.................................... Insert 17

CombiLift Ltd...................................................... 3

Hader Industries Inc......................................... 21

Superior Engineering.......................................... 5 Superior Tire & Rubber Corp............................. 11 The Forklift Pro................................................. 16 Thombert, Inc.................................................... A2

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Contact Kip 309.699.4431

American Industrial Transmission Inc. 800-588-7515 34

October 2021

Material Handling Network

Let pedestrians and operators know if someone is just around the corner with our New LOOK-OUT ™

• Avoid Forklift Accidents • Alert Workers & Pedestrians • Warehouse, Yard and Office Applications • Reduce Liabilities • Increase Up Time

Alert Employees of Dangerous Collisions BEFORE They Occur! LOOK-OUT™

Currently, we have 42 standard package offerings, ranging from one-way to fourway intersections. These units can be mounted to racks, walls, or ceiling hung for the large units. Additionally, our new DUAL USE series consists of units that can be used INDOORS and OUTDOORS. Our units are Essential for Traffic Control.

Our LOOK OUT™ product line offers a versatile line of safety sensors that will alert workers and pedestrians if a forklift or other moving object is approaching just around the corner. Our sensors are great for any traffic area and are quickly becoming a standard for warehouse traffic control. Avoid accidents and potential liabilities to your facility. We have LOOK OUT™ products for just about every safety application for your warehouse, yard, or office needs. Additionally, if you need a custom solution, we will work with you to assure that your safety needs are met to complete satisfaction.

Protect your employees, visitors, and guests from dangerous collisions with forklifts or heavy equipment while walking through your facility. Safety and caution should be an automatic response to your implemented systems. We offer both interior and exterior sensors on our systems that can be mounted anywhere. They help control traffic concerns and communicate that someone is approaching from a spot that may not be otherwise visible.

When the sensors detect motion in blind spots around a corner or a door way, it begins to flash a warning to the pedestrian or operator who is approaching that intersection. Additionally, sensors will signal the lights on either side of the unit to flash as to indicate someone is approaching the same intersection. Thus, everyone approaching that intersection is informed of movement and will know to proceed with caution. The sensors may be adjusted to specific angles and lengths that will meet the needs of your facility. Signals are sent via bright flashing red LED lights on each visible side of the units.


AVOID DEADLY AND COSTLY FORKLIFT COLLISIONS As workers juggle more projects and deadlines with shorter time constraints, safety can become jeopardized. As this happens, so do accidents. 40% of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over by a forklift. Many of these accidents and fatalities can be avoided by warning pedestrians and forklift operators of approaching danger. Our LOOK OUT™ sensor alert warning system allows for quick and easy recognition of possible hazardous situations. Why take chances of liabilities when you can avoid accidents and protect your most valuable assets: your employees!




Sensor detects up to 35 feet away,24 hours a day

Shown: Hall Door Monitor Basic

Blind spots, corners, and dangerous intersections can cause series accidents. Wouldn’t it be great if someone was always there to alert you of oncoming traffic? Despite Safety Supervisors efforts, they cannot always be there to prevent collisions. Thankfully, our units are there to scan traffic areas and alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • The Look Out units cover 2, 3, and 4-way intersections. • The Hall Door and Overhead Door units cover hallways and overhead doors. • The Basics detect on one side and alert on the other. • The Dual Use series of units can be used for interior/exterior applications. Examples of these units are shown below. LOOK OUT 4

70’ 130’ 200’


50’ Standard




The ‘FIT’ Height Awareness Sensors TRAFFIC


The Fit height Awareness Sensors alert truck drivers of overhead obstacles that may be in the line of an elevated mast. When the sensor beams are broken, the ‘FIT’ lights and audible alarm continuously alert the driver of potential danger.




SensorInterior SensorExterior


Double Alert

Exterior Double Box DOOR TRAFFIC

• Choose from 70’, 130’, and 200’ options for distance between sensors. • Sensors and selectable audible can be used for interior or exterior applications. • Great for protecting overhead sprinklers, heaters, lights, and storage; ceiling fans; loading dock awnings and industrial canopies; overhead bridge cranes; interior doorways; and parking garages. MADE in the U.S.A.


Interior Double Box

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