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Lumena Lights Ltd ‘Bright Innovation’ is the concept behind Outdoor and Garden Lighting specialists Lumena; suppliers to Contractors, Developers, Landscapers, Designers, and Architects. Many products are exclusive, and ranges include spotlights, recessed lighting, wall lights and path lighting crafted from durable materials such as Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel, Natural Copper and Solid Brass. These visually impressive lights are versatile enough to look elegant in any location, including interiors. Lumena’s Hilospot twin spotlights will enhance any premises; they decoratively shine up and down, with the fantastic choice of 6 different finishes. Lumena also stock one of the largest ranges of professional path and bollard lights in the U.K. Photocell bollards have an inbuilt sensor to illuminate from ‘Dusk to Dawn’. This automated system means lights are

never left on in daylight, and ensures safety at night. Alongside their immense selection of illuminated bollards, an exclusive range of heavy duty Radiata Pine lights are available. The ‘Radiata’ Pine is sourced from South Africa where the dry weather increases its density resulting in low splitting properties. The wood is chemically treated and kiln dried to give a guaranteed life of up to 15 years. Similar Pine is used in Children’s playgrounds and nature reserves. Solid Brass lights in 12v or 240v are incorporated into machined orifices in the timber posts to create a naturally unique path light. Radiata are available in two heights, designed for 300mm - 400mm secure in-ground mounting. Two cutting-edge alternatives to heavy-duty bollards are ‘Airlite’ and ‘Litetower’, crafted from strong 3mm ‘Anodised Aluminium’ – a weatherproof, non-corrosive material well-

suited to coastal environments. A protective layer is formed over the polished surface which lasts indefinitely. It looks like highgrade Stainless Steel, but costs a fraction of the price. The Airlite’s solid resin 'bubble-effect’ head (pictured opposite) looks great in daylight, and beautiful at night. It acts as a path light and an uplighter - if placed beneath trees the effect is amazing! LED bulbs are accommodated, and dichroic coloured lenses create amazing colours! The Litetower’s specially designed head accommodates LED bulbs from candle size, up to large 20w LED bulbs for areas where bright light is required. There is an internal mirrored reflector and frosted glass diffuser to soften the light. The knowledgeable Lumena team are always ready to help, and a visit to their Daventry showroom is always welcomed.

Website: Email: Tel: 01327 871 161 Find Lumena on Houzz, External Works, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Hilospot in Natural Copper

Radiata Sleeper

Two Beacon Solid Brass Path Lights

Domed green ledifice

Litetower Anodised path light

Refurb and restore issue 07 2017  
Refurb and restore issue 07 2017