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Impact Handling Fruits of success in food and drink sector

Issue 19 2018

Tomatin distillery toast double-digit growth PLUS... Ishida X-ray ensures high quality for sausage exports



Cost savings through customised contracts, in the case of changes to your business or application

Maximise your productivity with our proactive maintenance, which includes all makes of equipment



Our consultative approach enables us to work with you to provide exactly the right equipment for your application

Our multi-brand approach ensures maximum efficiency through a single supplier, unlocking hidden cost savings

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FDPP - 3

Fruits of success for Impact Handling in food and drink sector

J.O. Sims, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh fruit, fruit ingredients and fruit snacks, has agreed a five-year, full supply and maintenance contract with Impact Handling. The exclusive agreement sees J.O. Sims take delivery of a new fleet of the latest generation CAT® Lift Trucks, comprising reach trucks, electric counterbalance and powered palet trucks. The new agreement is another success for Impact, one which builds on its proven food and drink industry expertise and dedicated offerings for the sector.  Terry Kendrew, Managing Director at Impact handling says: “We work

4 FDPP -

extremely closely with our customers in the food and drinks industry to fully understand their challenges. By doing so we are able to respond with uniquely flexible and pro-active solutions that support their operations where it really matters.” Mr. Kendrew continues: “It’s an approach that’s been met with a very positive response from customers and has resulted in considerable success for Impact across the sector”.

benefit from the new equipment and

J.O. Sims farm over 1,000 acres of cherry, apple, peach, nectarine and apricot orchards and are the country’s largest supplier of cranberries and wild blueberries. Their extensive packaging and warehousing facilities in the UK will

isn’t absolutely right for its role we are

support package. James Young, Warehousing Manager at J.O. Sims comments: “The Impact team really have been brilliant and exceeded all of our expectations, particularly with their flexibility in supporting changes to the requirements of the fleet early in the new agreement.” He goes on to say: “In busy periods if the equipment nowhere near as productive, which is something we no longer need to worry about thanks to Impact.”

Handling a Better Solution Embracing the latest technology, Kensal consistently delivers improved line efficiency for customers, whilst reducing operating costs. Stainless steel conveyor systems

Integration and project management

Stand alone units or fully integrated

Service support and upgrades

Robotic and end of line equipment

Partnered with Lita Palletising Systems for over 30 years

Bespoke engineering capabilities Turnkey and standalone solutions | tel: +44 (0) 1 582 425 777 Kensal Handling Systems Ltd, Kensal House, President Way, Luton, LU2 9NR

Cooks Blinds and Shutters Ltd Established in 1965, Cooks Blinds & Shutters Ltd is still a family enterprise, Blinds & Doors having expanded into separate companies, all working together to offer a large range of products and services throughout East Anglia and beyond. Est. 1965

The product divisions offered by the company are: Blinds and Awnings, Industrial Doors and Shutters, Security Products and Garage Doors, Curtains and Curtain Track Systems. The company also specialises in a vast range of products, including Steel Fire Doors, Steel Door Sets, Fast Acting Doors, Loading Bay Equipment, Dock Levellers, Security Grilles, Shop front Shutters & Grilles, Acoustic Doors & Movable Walls, Canopies & Shop blinds, Plantation Shutters. Supply, installation, maintenance and 24 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; hour door Care. More than 70 staff is employed by the company, many of whom are long serving. Cooks are also active members of associated trade organisations; (BBSA) THE BRITISH BLIND & SHUTTER ASSOCIATION and (DHF) DOOR and HARDWARE FEDERATION. Cooks Blinds & Shutters Ltd has established its name and reputation throughout East Anglia, offering free expert advice, free site surveys and quotations, manufacturing, supply, installation and maintenance, service contracts, backed up by 24hr emergency call out service. All products are guaranteed and come with manufacturer warranties; the company is committed to providing outstanding levels of service, using quality products, competitive prices, and our own installation teams. | | 01603 410304

FDPP - 5

Ishida X-ray ensures high quality for sausage exports

An X-ray inspection system from Ishida

The sausages are taken to the production

contaminants are usually found again

is enabling leading German meat and

line in strings on special smoke trolleys

and again in sausage manufacture, the

sausage manufacturer Goldschmaus Natur

and manually fed onto the processing

system can be optimised to look for

to meet the highest quality standards

line. Once cut from the strings, the

these objects. This collects valuable

required for the export of its Frankfurter

individual sausages pass through the

visual and numerical information that

sausages to Japan.

X-ray system at high speed, separated by

helps to eliminate recurring sources of

only a few centimetres.

contamination. In this way, Goldschmaus Natur can demonstrate that its

The Ishida IX-GA-2475, which has been designed for inspecting small products

The patented technology behind Ishida’s

production and packaging processes are

at high speeds, has been installed at

X-ray inspection systems is based on

properly and correctly performed.

Goldschmaus Natur’s factory in Garrel,

software incorporating an intelligent

Münsterland to check for foreign bodies in

genetic algorithm. By analysing image

The Ishida IX-GA 2475 is operating at

unpacked Frankfurter sausages produced

data over a number of generations, the

a belt speed of 60 metres per minute,

according to a special recipe for the

machine achieves an extremely high

inspecting up to 200 sausages per

Japanese restaurant and catering industry.

level of inspection accuracy. Since similar

minute. While the X-ray inspection

6 FDPP -

system could potentially deliver even better performance, this is limited by the upstream cutter. Despite its high speed, the system reliably detects foreign bodies such as pieces of metal, glass and plastic as well as gristle and bone. The requirement to reliably detect pieces of metal with a diameter of 0.6 mm, glass with a diameter of 2 mm and plastic with a diameter of 5 mm has been fulfilled, as regular functional checks with specially prepared products demonstrate. In addition, the system is also able to reject sausages that exhibit other flaws such as clumps of herbs or damaged items. A special high-speed reject arm directs rejected sausages into a reject bin. The data log collects all information and helps to eliminate recurring sources of contamination, while also providing confirmation that the production processes are properly and correctly set up. The new X-ray inspection system is used by Goldschmaus Natur mainly in a twoshift operation and, thanks to its IP 65 protection rating, can easily withstand the humid production environment. It did not take long for the operators to familiarise themselves with this largely maintenance-free machine. The easy-touse X-ray system features an automatic set-up function and is ready within 90 seconds. Fine adjustments can be made during operation without interrupting the production. Up to 100 programmable presets allow rapid product changeovers. For operations manager Michael Schmolke, the benefits of this X-ray inspection system are clear: “It can find all sorts of foreign bodies – and not just metal. Also, no other system on the market can check for foreign bodies at such high speeds.” Goldschmaus’ customers, too, have been informed about the new X-ray inspection system, which sends out a clear message that Goldschmaus Natur is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality control.

FDPP - 7

‘M’ Series Metering Screw Feeders

Metering Screw Feeders are specially

• Plastics

designed to continuously dose materials,

• Environmental

from harsh granules to fine powders, at

• Non-woven

a constant volume to high accuracies.

• Chemical

The feeder is made up of a feeder body,

• Animal & Pet Foods

complete with rotating agitator and various control functions which provide

We understand one Screw Feeder cannot

constant or intermittent feeding to

always meet all customer requirements.

suit the nature of the products being

Utilising the latest powder dosing

handled. The agitator manipulates the

technology Trantec’s Metering Screw

product to a uniform density and breaks

Feeders can be quickly configured to meet

any bridges that may form in the feeder

the demands of almost any application.

body. The product is administered into an auger screw, which can be rotated at variable speeds, ensuring accurate metering at a constant volume of 1% to 2% typically.

Whilst modular in design, they are based on Trantec’s core powder metering technology without compromise to quality or build.

• An option of motors including servo drives for optimum control • Specially designed Dry Running food grade Shaft Seals • Quick-release / Easy-clean Features • Ranging Storage Capacities • Integrated Weighing Base • Gravimetric, Loss-in-weight and Gainin-weight controls.  • Independently Driven Product Agitator • A selection of stainless Polishes and Finishes including mirror finish Selection of the correct Metering Screw Feeder configuration is essential for achieving optimum performance

Our latest machine is our M-Series

and accuracy. Trantec offer a free,

Metering Screw Feeders, modular in design

comprehensive product testing service to

in operation worldwide, delivering high

adding quick and easy configuration add-

all our clients. Upon completion of testing,

accuracy powder dosing in all areas of

on components. Although our Metering

we will provide you with a report, detailing

bulk solids. For over twenty years Trantec

Feeders are available as standard,

our findings and our recommendations

has served an assortment of industries

cost-effective base models, a variety of

for trouble-free feeding. Alternatively,


additional features and upgrades can be

customers can witness material trials first-

installed upon request, including:

hand or request a video with your report.   

• Feed Rates from 20 Grams to 20 Tonnes

For more information Tel: 01282 777566

Trantec’s metering screw feeders are

• Food, Drinks & Confectionary • Seasoning & Flavouring • Pharmaceutical

8 FDPP -

per hour.

or send an email to

Not all metering screw feeders are the same... Innovation matters

Why choose Trantec? We understand one screw feeder cannot always meet all customer’s demands. Trantec’s Metering Screw Feeders can be quickly configured to meet the demands of almost any application. With over 20 years of experience supplying equipment for the Bulk Powder Handling Industry, Trantec have become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of metering, dosing, and filling equipment, producing custom-made solutions to industries world-wide. Although our Metering Feeders are available as standard, cost effective base models, we offer quick and easy ‘add-on’ components, offering a variety of additional features and upgrades, such as quick-release, easy-clean features, integrated weighing base & PLC controls, independently driven product agitator and auger screw, a selection of stainless polishes and finishes and more. Please contact us for further information.

· Metering Screw Feeders · Powder Samplers · FIBC Dischargers · Flexible Screw Conveyors · Rigid Auger Conveyors · Auger Manufacture · Spares & Repairs · Auxiliary Equipment

+44 (0)1282 777566

Renown Works, Wellington Street,

- 9 5HU Clayton-le-Moors,FDPP Accrington, Lancashire, BB5

Application Report Quality check at high speed thanks to highperformance camera technology Whether sauces, snacks or ready meals have to be filled and packaged, high throughput and quick format changes matter in the packaging systems and food industry – And to the highest standards of quality and hygiene, too. For this purpose, the sensors used have to be able to do one thing above all: meet high demands for power, flexibility and hygiene all at the same time. To do this, the packaging machine experts from SN Maschinenbau have rethought the entire concept of a bag-filling system used at notable companies in the food industry, tackled this subject innovatively and have opted for the smart camera technology from Leuze electronic for verifying codes and expiration dates. THREE TASKS, ONE VISUALIZATION When developing the new FMH 80 forming, filling and sealing machine, the designers from SN Maschinenbau came up with a complete solution for various

Reference code check LSIS 462i in the IP67 housing

tasks using one single camera system. They scrutinized existing processes and

generation of bag packaging machines,”

a sales specialist at Leuze electronic for

principles and sought new, creative and

states Thomas Berger, Head of Electric

many years. The products and recipes

flexible solutions. The objective was to

Development SN Maschinenbau, with

programmed in to the machine are

make the monitoring of the expiration

satisfaction. With the new machine

changed directly via the control, without

date economical on the one hand, and

concept, an open, hygienic machine

any manual intervention from staff. “In

to identify reference codes on the other.

design with reduced component sizes was

addition, quality

With the latter function even being able to

realized, which excludes hidden points and

control to check the right contents are

changeover automatically when products

edges, thus enabling very simple cleaning.

actually being filled in the right packaging

are changed. A third application using

At the same time, increased customer

intended for it must be provided every

the same camera measures the position

requirements in terms of hygiene and

time,” adds Fahr. To this end, visualization

of the print mark on the packaging with

allergy containment were able to be

optics are required which will read the

the output of an actuation variable [mm]

addressed. Every single element – from

reference codes and match them at the

to a servo drive and adjusts the sealing

the safety concept to the visualization –

same time. Otherwise, customers could

stations of the vertical sealing seams

was placed on the test bench and

end up getting a carbonara sauce in the

in the process. As a result, the pressure


package displaying a picture of their

fluctuations on the packaging are

favorite Bolognese! This is no longer

automatically corrected.


merely something that could cause

The result is quite impressive: “An


anger. Nowadays, with increasing levels

innovative design concept came out of

“The first task was the verification of

of serious allergic reactions, it could

this which provides the basis for a new

reference codes,” explains Michael Fahr,

potentially be fatal. The newly introduced

10 FDPP -

Happy with the result: Michael Fahr (Leuze electronic), Jan Kronenberg and Thomas Berger (SN Maschinenbau) (from left)

visualization system now with the LSIS

the LSIS 462i has been integrated into

also down to the homogeneous lighting

462i is a camera-based technology. This

the new bag packaging machine also in a

integrated into the LSIS 462i,” adds

becomes an absolute high-end solution in

stainless steel protective housing with a

Michael Fahr. Due to its integrated,

combination with the employed KRTM20

high IP degree of protection, which does

strong RGB LEDs, the new camera-based

contrast sensor, which can save different

not compromise its detection capability in

visualization optics are highly independent

contrast values of print marks on the

any way.

of ambient light and can be specifically

packaging, which can be accessed directly

adapted to every conceivable packaging

from the control. “Such a convenient, and


design. Its focus can also be changed

at the same time, economical solution

Another challenge in this application is

automatically in motor-driven fashion.

had been in my mind for a long time. But

posed by checking the legibility of the

It requires no mechanical intervention

up until now, I had not yet found a way to

expiration date labels. If expiration date

or even the opening of the camera by a

make this a reality,” says Thomas Berger.

codes were printed in poor quality in

member of staff. Changes to packaging

He is clearly delighted with this high-end

the past, the data was illegible due to

characteristics can be conveniently stored

model. In the past, either reference codes

misprints in the packaging system or

in recipes and accessed with the machine

could be detected, which were depicted

the print was missing completely, such

recipe by the user.

in the form of a bar code, or 2D-codes.

bags would only be able to be detected

“In order to be prepared for the future

in this high-speed application with very


tasks of our customers, it is important to

expensive systems. By contrast, the


have a solution for bar codes, data matrix

new smart camera technology evaluates

Jan Kronenberg and Thomas Berger agree

codes and QR codes simultaneously,”

the expiration date labels on every

that the complete solution impresses

points out Berger. For this problem, too,

single bag by means of several quality

on every level: The stationary LSIS 462i

Michael Fahr had the fitting solution for

features – both at a standstill and when

from Leuze electronic employed in this

him with the smart camera, because the

moving at up to 4 m/s. A second LSIS

application combines expertise garnered

LSIS 462i is a multi-code-capable high-

462i detects the quality of each and

over several decades from the field of

speed reader which can detect different

every code in the same way and also

1D-code reading with innovative smart

types of reference codes. The check takes

performs a reference code comparison,

camera technology. It reads bar codes,

place while the packaging is moving at

so that the packaging actually contains

1D-codes and 2D-codes reliably, both

a speed of up to 4 m/s. Due to the strict

what it proclaims. “Last but not least,

printed and directly marked. At the same

hygiene conditions in the food industry,

clear legibility of the expiration dates is

time, it detects expiration dates.

FDPP - 11

The measurement technology at the core

Print mark measurement in the new FMH 80 – with additional

of the smart camera can have the results

stainless steel housing and visualization on an industrial tablet

of measurements incorporated into the process, or provide adjustment assistance for format changeovers by quickly finding the position of the print mark. The user is shown the directions of the necessary adjustments. Three tasks are thus fulfilled with just one camera model. Compared to OCR reading, this represents an efficient and cost-effective solution for highspeed applications. Due to its memory function, the KRTM20 contrast sensor can also save up to 128 contrast values at the same time. This means quick product changeovers, thus higher throughput is also possible in terms of print mark control. Owing to its integrated, homogeneous and highly ambient-light-

commissioning enormously and saves

for industrial automation. Its main focus

on costs. Simple quality assurance and

is on the areas of intralogistics, packaging

identification are therefore ensured by

industry, machine tools and automotive

high-performance camera technology.

industry as well as laboratory automation. The product range includes switching

independent LEDs, the LSIS 462i can


be flexibly adjusted to the most diverse


packaging designs. The smart camera


can easily be integrated by means of

SN Maschinenbau GmbH, manufacturer

a reproducible mechanical mounting

of forming, filling and sealing machines,

bracket – designed by SN Maschinenbau.

as well as FS rotary machines, has a

Reference code specification and

wealth of tradition. Over five decades

program changes are provided directly

of experience, entrepreneurship and

from the control, without any manual

innovative strength have made SN

intervention necessary. Mechanical

Maschinenbau a global market leader

intervention, or even opening the

for the manufacture and processing of

camera, is also not required when the

sealed-rim and contour bags. The widest

focus has to be adjusted. Even this

variety and consistency of products

electronic serves customers worldwide.

takes place fully automatically. An

are packaged from the pharmaceutical,

More than 1200 sensor people at 22

integrated display makes possible the

cosmetic, food and animal feed

locations are involved in development,

diagnostics for the commissioning and

industries. Their customers include

production, sales and service – supported

alignment during operation directly on

numerous market leaders of the industry,

by more than 40 sales partners around

the device. The software, too, is directly

such as Unilever, Dr. Oetker, Kraft, Erasco,

the world. Every single day, each one of

contained within the smart camera.

Nestlé and Dehner.

them delivers the Smart Sensor Business

Configuration is performed directly

and measuring sensors, identification systems, solutions for image processing and data transmission and also occupational safety components and systems. Leuze electronic was founded in 1963 at the current headquarters of the sensor system manufacturer in Owen/Teck, southern Germany. With its extensive international sales and service network, competent consulting and reliable customer service, Leuze

promise to their customers: to think easy,

via webConfig, meaning no separate


share experience, offer proximity and

configuration software is necessary. This

More than 50 years experience have

Web-based software tool independent

made Leuze electronic real experts in

create the future.

of the operating system simplifies

innovative and efficient sensor solutions

New forming, filling and sealing machine FMH 80 from SN Maschinenbau

12 FDPP -

With over 85 years of experience in climate control, Colt are experts in natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, evaporative cooling and mechanical ventilation (HVAC). Colt are able to offer a truly turnkey, nation-wide service, offering help and advice at each stage of the process, from consultation and design, right through to installation, commissioning and ongoing Service and Maintenance. Vacuum and Closure Detection - Food & Beverage Products

Research suggests that getting the right indoor climate improves productivity, reduces accidents and absenteeism, so improving the output of your plant and therefore the profits of your business. Colt’s climate control experts focus on improving the indoor climate to make your staff more efficient and your process run smoother. Installing an efficient ventilation will improve indoor air the Precise cost-effective quality assurance andsystem control of container closure-integrity to ensure shelf life and consistency of quality in conserved or packaged food products is provided by the quality and comfort without excessive energy use. ADR-50 Inspection Systems to ensure consumer satisfaction and maintain product loyalty. Monitoring of 100% of containers for closure integrity by ADR Inspection Systems detects the following conditions in metal, glass and plastic containers with defective containers being

effectively rejected process conveyors line speeds gives of from 10cpm up to If your building isfrom toothehot or too cold,atifvariable your process off dust, 2000cpm. Over 100 systems installed in Europe and Mid-east over three decades. fume or moisture, if your product requires specific conditions during Call us to receive further details and for an evaluation of your application requirements. its manufacture or storage, or if noise is a concern, then we may be able to help you.


6 Ashford Road, Leicester, LE2 6AA, England, UK Colt International Limited Tel: 44 (0)116 270 0904 Fax: 44 (0)116 270 1798 T: +44 (0)2392 45 11 11 +44 (0)2392 45 42 20 Email: Web: E: W:

Vacuum and Closure detection -food & beverage products Precise cost-effective quality assurance and control of container closureintegrity to ensure the shelf life and consistency of quality in conserved or packaged food products is provided Vacuum and Closure Detection by the ADR-50 Inspection Systems - Food & to ensure consumer satisfaction and maintain product loyalty.

Beverage Products

Monitoring of 100% of containers for closure integrity by ADR Inspection Systems detects fault conditions in metal, glass and plastic containers with defective containers being effectively rejected from the process conveyors at variable line speeds of from 10cpm up to 2000cpm. Over 200 systems installed in Europe and Mid-east over three decades. Precise cost-effective quality assurance and control of container closure-integrity to ensure the shelf Call life and consistency of quality in conserved packaged food products is provided by the us to receive further details and for anorevaluation of your ADR-50 Inspection Systems to ensure consumer satisfaction and maintain product loyalty.

application requirements.

Monitoring of 100% of containers for closure integrity by ADR Inspection Systems detects the following conditions in metal, glass and plastic containers with defective containers being 6 Ashford Road, Leicester, LE2 6AA, England, UK effectively rejected from the process conveyors at variable line speeds of from 10cpm up to Tel: 44 (0)116 270 0904 Fax: 44 (0)116and 270Mid-east 1798 over three decades. 2000cpm. Over 100 systems installed in Europe

Email: Web:

Call us to receive further details and for an evaluation of your application requirements.

PCL CONTROL INSTRUMENTS 6 Ashford Road, Leicester, LE2 6AA, England, UK Tel: 44 (0)116 270 0904 Fax: 44 (0)116 270 1798

Email: Web:

FDPP - 13

Hygienic pressure sensor PP20H with condensate-resistant measuring cell for increased operating safety

With a condensate-proof measuring cell, excellent temperature and long-term stability, the hygienic pressure sensor PP20H contributes towards process safety even in demanding environments

With a new generation of hygienic pressure sensors in the PP20H family,

guarantees demanding hygienic processes are monitored, controlled and

Baumer closes a gap in its portfolio and also offers an attractively-priced

regulated safely.

solution for demanding hygienic applications. The sensor has a robust, IP69K-rated stainless steel housing which is designed to handle a

This compact pressure sensor covers the wide media temperature range

variety of applications, and is equipped with a condensate-proof silicon

from -20°C to 125°C without requiring a cooling line, providing space-

measuring cell. Its scaled pressure range from -1 to 40 bar and wide

savings in installation. Additionally, a variety of applications can be covered

range of process connections make it extremely versatile. It is available

by just one sensor model. This saves on storage and reduces costs.

with 4 ... 20 mA signal and IO-Link. It complies with the strict hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries and is CIP and

Several sensors can be simultaneously configured via IO-Link. This


simplifies switching point adjustment for different process stages at start-up or batch changes and saves time. Diagnostic data can be

Thanks to the hermetically-sealed measuring element, the measuring cell

instantly called up and evaluated, which increases system availability.

is completely insensitive to condensate, even with extreme temperature fluctuations in damp environments. Together with its excellent

The modular sensor structure enables shipment within 48 hours after

temperature and long-term stability and high accuracy, the sensor

receipt of order (ARO). More information at:

14 FDPP -

Barton’s hygienic seal benefits bakery installation Barton Fabrications

Aptech (Powder Systems) Ltd, innovators in and integrators of bulk material

handling processes, has just installed a 40 tonne Barton Fabrications silo for flour

Phone: +44 (0) 1275 845901

storage at a UK bakery. The silo features

Barton’s unique hygienic sealed skirt design, which allows the use of load cells for accurate content management while keeping the area below the silo clean, dry and free from vermin. Commenting on the silo design and process equipment installation, Richard Cleaver, Project Engineer at Aptech said: “The client wanted a large capacity silo, but local planning restrictions constrained

Barton’s double door design silo for easy maintenance

Silo interior with hygienic sealed skirt

Barton was able to meet the challenges of

humidified environment which ensures

A double door design incorporated into

the brief with an 8 metre high, 4.2metre

clump free movement and eliminates

Barton’s silo supplied to Aptech allows easy

diameter silo.

the possibility of mould growth. The new

access to the ‘below silo’ area for ease of

installation provides automatic dispensing

maintenance of the bulk material handling

“The silo and powder handling equipment

of flour to the customer’s production line,


ensures flour is stored in a clean, de-

which saves both time and labour.”

the design height of the storage vessel.

With over 70+ years’ combined experience manufacturing Metal detectable labels, we have the materials, know-how and ability to produce quality labels, on time, every time. We guarantee ​fair prices; ​fast lead times​: (typically 7 working days for bespoke products and next day for stock products) s​ uperb quality ​and a ​ friendly service​second to none.

Datum Electronics

Our Range Includes ; • Metal Detectable Self Ties, Tags and Self Adhesives • Bespoke Custom Designs • Metal Detectable Oven Tags • Pre-Printing Available • Ribbons and Printer Consumables • Fast, Reliable Delivery • Friendly and Knowledgeable Service • Ask for a no obligation quote today either on the tags you currently use or on a stock line! Free samples pack upon request. We look forward to hearing from you.​ Tel: 01392 927030 Email:

Unit 6 Merlin Business Park, Fair Oak Close, Exeter Airport, Exeter, EX5 2UL

Manufacturing environments are highly dynamic and are subject to different disruptions such as breakdowns, cancelled and rushed orders that affect overall performance of industrial equipment. There is little spare capacity, so unscheduled maintenance and failures must be avoided as they can create a logistical and financial nightmare. In our latest case study we show how our client Stork Diary Systems overcomes these challenges with the help of the custom designed transducer, providing huge savings to their customers.

Over the course of the KTP and the Collaborative R&D, a 36-month period, the developed CBPM strategy has successfully predicted and prevented 24 significant breakdowns. This number may not seem like a lot, but taking into account that breakdowns of filling drivelines typically takes 3-5 days to repair, causing a loss of production cost of £350K a day, the system provided savings in excess of £33 million. If you have custom specifications, give our team a call on 01983 28 28 34 or drop us an email to:

FDPP - 15

Tomatin distillery toast double-digit growth Highland Scotch whisky distillery, Tomatin,

In the financial results released today, which

Additionally, the company releveled that

located in the village of Tomatin near

covers the period from December 31 2016

the turnover for the distillery’s visitor

Inverness, has today (Monday 18th June)

to December 31 2017, turnover grew by

centre has surpassed the £1 million mark

announced that turnover increased by

24.6 per cent year-on-year to £18 million

for the very first time since opening.

almost 25% during the company’s most

– compared to £14.5 million recorded the

Having grown in line with the brand, the

recent financial year.

previous year (2016). The results also show

visitor centre has become an important

that Profit before Tax grew by 14% from

revenue stream for the business.

£3,534,870 to £4,030,422.

16 FDPP -

Stephen Bremner, who recently took up the position of Managing Director following more than a decade as the Sales Director, commented, “This is a very exciting time for Tomatin. In the past few years, we have gained a solid foothold in the international whisky market, particularly with our branded products.” Particularly buoyant markets for Tomatin include, the UK, USA and Germany, where the company reported its strongest sales. Stephen added, “Following a couple years of decline, the whisky market is back on its feet and Tomatin is steadily seducing the new wave of whisky drinkers – not just on Scottish soil, but globally.” Sat on the Speyside border, Tomatin is one of the largest distillers in the Highlands. In addition to its portfolio of core Tomatin products – spanning four decades, the distillery also producers Cù Bòcan, a lightly peated whisky, and range a range of blended whiskies. For more information, sample or image requests please contact: E: tomatin@ / T: 0141 465 1000

FDPP - 17

BOOT COVER STATIONS from The Colour Red Limited The Colour Red Limited (TCRL) have extended the launch of their BOOT COVER STATION brand that provides a complete overshoe solution, now available to the U.K. Food & Drink Packaging & Processing Industry. Having successfully supplied to the construction and associated industries market for the last four years, TCRL recognise the need of reducing and managing the risk of contamination within the FDPP industry alongside increasing safety and transition efficiency. As of 1st July 2018, the TCRL full BOOT COVER STATION services are available to all FDPP facilities, nationwide. As the leading supplier of boot/shoe cover systems within the United Kingdom, TCRL offer the complete solution from evaluation, supply, dispensing, removal through to disposal accessories, available on their next day delivery service to mainland United Kingdom on all products. With an initial choice of three high capacity kinetic dispensers that require no electricity that means that they can be positioned virtually anywhere safely and with no trailing cables. Ranging from a capacity of 110 to 220 covers, the dispensers are robust and due to minimal moving parts within the machine they are reliable and consistent in their delivery of the boot covers to the point of dispensing. An extensive range of covers are available to cater for every environment and situation with the most popular being the waterproof and anti-static PE (standard and premium versions). For a more robust and larger cover, the CPE (Non-skid, waterproof) and the top-of-the-range high performing SB covers offer durability for longer wear periods. Many of the large U.K. construction sites and industrial facilities have identified the benefits of introducing the boot/shoe cover stations, primarily at access and egress points in welfare and office facilities. One

18 FDPP -

there is no longer a need for ad-hoc chairs or benches for personnel to sit to apply or remove the covers. The simple yet effective â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;easy-grabâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; gripper allows the covers to be removed quickly and safely without handling, reducing the risk of injury and cross contamination, maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness at all times.

particular large London project reported back that they had witnessed a marked reduction in minor injuries previously caused by personnel incurring strained muscles, twisted/sprained ankles and cramp when bending down or balancing in their multi layers of work wear (PPE) to pull on the covers. The stations also tidy up the access and egress points where

The Boot Cover Station brand operates alongside the critically acclaimed Safety Station and Observation Reporting Station brands of The Colour Red Limited, offering a wide range of industries bespoke solutions in improving safety communications between the workface, welfare and office facilities. The full range of The Colour Red Limited services and products can be found at or by calling 01686 668438.

Four Lindor mixers for Balaji Wafers Balaji is the second largest producer of potato crisps in India. The Balaji Group uses Lindor gentle touch mixers for savoury snacks. “We are always looking for new technologies to improve our production”, says Balaji Group director, Keyur Virani. “Lindor has managed to transform our mixing into a more hygienic and efficient process."

Balaji Lindor mixer Due to increasing market demand, the Balaji plant in Rajkot (Gujarat) required modernisation and expansion of its production capacity. Lindor’s Indian partner Food Processing Technologies (FPT) has maintained close ties with the Balaji Group for many years, and together they explored how best to improve the factory’s production process. Director Virani soon became convinced that Lindor’s Gentle Touch Mixer was the best solution, giving the greatest reliability for taste consistency and quality. The importance of mixing for extrusion It is essential for extrusion that water is added uniformly to a homogeneous mixture of raw materials. Lindor mixers are ideal, because in addition to mixing the dry raw materials, they also allow for optimal water distribution over the moving product bed without causing any dust. Dust, which causes loss of quality for several reasons in extrusion, must be prevented at all costs.

20 FDPP -

The mixer is fitted with injection lances that have process-specific nozzles, to distribute the water very delicately over a moving product bed, resulting in a homogeneous mixture

Hygiene and low costs The machine surfaces are hygienically treated both internally and externally using the Viwateq® water jet finish.

of a high and consistent quality.

Because of this, the surface is

The return on investment of a Lindor

This minimizes the risk of microbial

mixer is very quick, because of its

retention. This is important because

quality advantages and significantly

the mixture of flour and water is

higher productivity.

an excellent breeding ground for

At least six batches per hour, with a batch weight of 400 to 500 kilos.

beautifully smooth and easy to clean.

microbes. The mixer has a retractable inlet and outlet. This makes the mixer, and in particular its seals, even easier to clean.

“The mixer is very easy to clean, and we now meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. In addition, the mixer consumes very little energy, has proved to be easy to integrate into our process, and the maintenance costs are low,” says Virani. ‘Gentle’ processing

Successful follow-up After a year during which the process

The Balaji Group has a history that

operating and energy costs, the Balaji

reads like a novel. Because of a

Group decided to equip the process

poor harvest on their father's farm

line in the Valsad and Indore factories

and the subsequent lack of income,

with the same Lindor mixers.

founder Chandubhai Virani and his

In total, Lindor has supplied three L1000 mixers with liquid injection,

of the engineering and installation

retractable inlets and outlets and a

of the short process line, of which

water jet finish.

discharges very quickly.

In addition, Lindor also supplied a

The 400 – 500 kg batch is conveyed

volume of 500 litres.

rapidly, in a few minutes, by a F3

business as a result of a poor harvest

line had proved its reliability, with low

Lindor’s Indian partner FPT took care

the mixer is a part. The Lindor mixer

The Balaji history: A million-dollar

fourth mixer, an L500 with a batch

two brothers left the parental home in the '70s. They moved to the city of Rajkot. At the time, Chandubhai was 15 years old and found a job in the cafeteria of a cinema. Because the supplies to the canteen arrived on a very irregular basis, Chandubhai decided to teach himself


Lindor’s Engineering & Service

how to make crisps. Today, the

Manager, Akko van der Lee looks,

family business that evolved from

This is a unique aero-mechanical

looks back on this with great

his enterprise, owns several factories

conveyor system that, just like the

satisfaction “The Balaji company is a

with over 1800 employees in total.

mixer, is particularly gentle with the

frontrunner in quality and efficiency

The factories produce 100 thousand


in India. In India, they are considered

kilos of potato crisps, and half a

pioneers by their willingness to invest

million kilos of other savoury snacks

in expensive, Western equipment. We

every day. Balaji is the second largest

find it a pleasure to work with this

producer of potato crisps in India. The


current managing director, Keyur, is a nephew of founder Chandubhai. FDPP - 21

Yellow metal detectable cable ties give early warning to food manufacturers A new metal detectable cable tie has been developed by HellermannTyton in an easily identifiable yellow colour. The tie gives food manufacturers improved visibility and traceability of potential contamination issues on a department by department basis. Contamination of food or beverages with foreign objects is a concern on all food processing lines. If undetected, contaminants can threaten the lives of customers, damage brand reputation, or have cost implications in terms of legislative fines or product recalls. Plastic is a significant cause

back to a particular process,” explains Richard Rands, Product

of contamination; indeed, the Food Standards Agency has issued

Manager at HellermannTyton.

10 alerts around plastic contamination since the beginning of 2017.

“It makes sense for cable ties to be colour-coded in the same

Standard plastic cable ties are an oft-neglected issue in this

stirrers – are already widely used in the food industry. By

regard. Hundreds or even thousands of ties will be used

extending the colour options in our MCT-Series detectable cable

throughout food manufacturing facilities to keep cables secure,

tie range, we’re helping food manufacturers to integrate cable

especially where machinery is installed above production lines.

management into their existing colour-coded safety procedures.

In environments where such machinery is regularly cleaned, there is the risk of ties breaking or becoming dislodged due to the effect of the chemicals and cleaning agents, where they might contaminate food on the line. To combat this, all HellermannTyton Metal Content Tie (MCT)Series products contain a fine metal pigment, allowing them to be detected and rejected by food grade detection systems. The cable ties are manufactured in a food safe raw material, providing compliance to European food contact standards and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. Previously, HellermannTyton only offered a range of blue pigmented MCT-Series cable ties, chosen because of their ease of visual detection given the rarity of blue food products. The first new detectable coloured cable tie is the MCT50L Yellow, available from HellermannTyton or through any UK electrical wholesaler or distributor. It is supplied in 380mm x 4.7mm, a length that makes it ideal for most food environment applications. The decision to add further colours is based on HellermannTyton’s experience in dealing with food manufacturing customers. “It’s common for food manufacturing facilities to colour code different parts of their process. In the event of contamination, the source can be identified and traced

22 FDPP -

way. Detectable coloured objects – such as pens, scoops and

“This means that, when a contaminant is detected, the source can be traced back quicker, helping manufacturers to isolate affected batches and minimise downtime or wastage.” HellermannTyton is working on further colours to be launched later in 2017. This will give food manufacturers a suite of colours to use across different processes, such as ingredients, blending, processing and packaging. The company also offers a range of RFID-tagged and X-ray detectable cable ties, cable tie mounts, ID markers and a range of detectable cable protection solutions – all to support food manufacturers with identification and traceability. The launch reinforces HellermannTyton’s commitment to supporting end users in the food manufacturing industry with their specialist cable management needs. “As well as our suite of products for food and beverage processing, we provide consultancy to some of the sector’s biggest names to identify and resolve their challenges, in a safe, compliant and effective way,” Richard confirms. For more information about cable management solutions from HelllermannTyton, please visit

Detectable Cable Management Solutions for Food & Beverage Processing

Features & Benefits • Proven detectable solutions (metal, x-ray & visual detection) • Food Contact & FDA compliant materials • Conforms with HACCP processes • Reduce the risk of contamination

To find out more contact us on our FREEPHONE number:

0 8 0 8 1642204

AKMH stainless steel servo motor for food safety and hygiene requirements The Kollmorgen AKMH stainless steel servo motor and ERD

• Single hybrid cable technology with lengths up to 15m designed

stainless steel actuator, available from Heason Technology,

to meet HFPA 79

are the perfect solutions for your food processing applications

• Holding brake option

requiring food safety and hygiene.

• Face and flange mounts available in IEC and NEMA standards

The AKMH servo motor and ERD actuator have been designed to

The ERD stainless steel hygienic actuator combines an AKMH

meet the standards for IP69K, EHEDG, USDA and 3A, and built

motor with a high quality fully washdown, ballscrew driven linear

with FDA approved, food grade materials. The careful elimination

actuator. Key features include:

of flat surfaces, gap-lines and crevices prevents the build-up of foreign materials, bacteria and other pathogens.

• IP69K protection class / designed to meet USDA, 3A, NSF

The motor and actuator can endure multiple daily washdowns

• Feed force to 20,000N

with high pressure, high temperature and caustic chemicals.

• Stroke lengths to 600mm

Most importantly, the robust design eliminates the need to

• Feed speeds to 1.4m/s

additionally protect the motor from harsh cleaning regimes,

• In-line or parallel motor configurations

which reduces cleaning times without compromising on

• Multiple mounting options

hygiene standards

performance and installation space. The AKMH motor comes in 19 standard sizes, with multiple standard winding and feedback options. Features include: • IP69K protection class / designed to meet USDA, 3A, NSF hygiene standards •19 standard motor frame/ stack length combinations • Multiple standard windings designed to optimize the performance of your machine • Continuous torques to 21Nm, peak torques to 66Nm • Rated speeds to 8000rpm

For more information please visit Heason Technology’s website

• Multiple feedback options from incremental to multi-turn, or alternatively call +44 (0) 1403 792 300 to


discuss your requirements.

24 FDPP -

Expertise in Precision Motion Control Solutions Heason Technology is a leading, world-class distributor, systems integrator and manufacturer of precision servo-electronic actuators, positioning systems and motion control solutions.

Get in touch and challenge us with your application

+44 (0) 1403 792 300


CSB Solution keeps cheesemaker lean Züger, Switzerland’s number one

processes in administration and resource

goods can be delivered as fresh as

supplier of mozzarella and other cream

management. All data from milk

possible. The system links every pallet

cheese specialities, is using an end-to-

acceptance, production and inventory

with the sell-by date and lot number,

end software solution from industry IT

management to picking and shipping is

and also controls the automatic stock

expert CSB-System to keep processes at

entered directly in the ERP system for

removal of pallets as replenishment for

the factory as lean as possible. This has

further processing.


and optimise workflows and information

“Today, we have CSB as a turnkey

Customer orders are transmitted directly

throughout all operations and has led

solution,” explains Züger CEO Christof

to the touch panels of the electric

to a fifty percent time saving in order

Züger. “This means we have only one

forklifts via a wireless connection. The


system for financial accounting, human

screen shows in which area of the

resources, procurement, inventory, sales

picking zone the pallet with the ordered

and quality management.”

product is located. The picker scans

enabled the company to efficiently plan

Züger processes milk from 400 vendors for about 700 different products. There

the pallet label, removes the item and

are 2,500 packaging components,

For its internal logistics, Züger uses a

confirms the picked quantity at the

seven production departments and

combination of high-bay storage and

scanner. When a pallet is empty, the

three high-bay storages. CSB’s EPR

mobile picking. Items are stored in a

system automatically requisitions a new

software is able to optimally control all

first-in first out sequence to ensure

pallet from the high-bay storage.

26 FDPP -

“This ensures permanent replenishment

cost. Important data from procurement,

in Oberbüren and with the upgrading of its

of the picking zone so that customer

production, inventory and sales is

German operations to CSB. Further CSB

orders can be processed in a quick

available in real time, and the availability

solutions to be introduced at Oberbüren

and efficient manner,” says Christof

of materials and capacity is monitored

include a maintenance module that

Züger. “Compared to the past, we have

permanently, meaning inventory capital

facilitates early maintenance and repair

been able to save around 50 percent

commitment is also reduced.

of machinery, and hands-free terminals in

of the time here. At the same time,

goods receiving so that data is transferred

our paperless packing methods have

Equally important, in the event of

minimised error rates.”

any returns, CSB-Document Steering

to the EPR system even faster.

provides a standardised procedure that

“We believe we have already installed a

In terms of planning, the introduction of

enables the company to quickly identify

lot here in Oberbüren so we can efficiently

CSB Coverage Planning is able to provide

the reason for the return and respond

live a kind of Industry 4.0,” concludes

availability of materials and capacities,


Christof Züger. “This has many benefits for us, but also for our customers.”

and efficiently drive internal processes so that all orders can be delivered on

Züger is continuing to drive its

the requested date and at minimal

digitalization even further both at its plant

FDPP - 27

Paypod™ Pay Stations

Automated payments at the point of sale. Secure your futureand focus on customers and not payment. For retailers and their customers, the future of payment automation is now. Paypod™ pay stations, our newest point-of-sale innovation for the retail market. The result is a simple payment solution, containing everything you need for same-day installation and backed by the security and support of Electromech. Change the way you manage change with Paypod™. • Minimise hygiene concerns through automation • Reduce time spent handling cash. • Decrease shrink by securing cash safely. • Deploy with easy interface to any windows POS. • Position your business for the future with Technology. Ideal for convenience stores, newsagents, bakeries, butchers, cafes, restaurants, independent retailers, pharmacies. THE ENTIRE CASH TRANSACTION IS HANDLED BY THE CONSUMER. THE TILL OPERATOR NEVER TOUCHES THE CASH. SAFE AND SECURE. | Office: 0044 (0) 1276 38569 | Mobile: 0044 (0) 7725 737325

Money is the root of all bacteria, not evil! Let the Paypod station remove this concern Did you know that money carries more bacteria than a toilet seat? In fact over 226,000 different bacteria fester on cash! Not a great combination when you think about it for a food and drinks retailer. The Paypod Pay station helps you eliminate these concerns for any retailer in this market and keep on top of the stringent controls of the food standards agency. One of the main benefits of the Paypod is that there will never be any cross contamination between the till operator and customer as money will never change hands. Ideal for convenience stores, bakers, butchers, grocers, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and pharmacies to name a few. The Paypod allows the retailer to focus on the customer and not the payment. Queues will move more efficiently and cash locked down securely resulting in a better experience for the consumer and retailer. The Paypod comes in two distinct models with an embedded solution to secure inside an existing counter or a hybrid solution to attach to an existing counter. Whichever design the Paypod includes the poslinq interface software allowing instant connection to any existing windows point of sale. The Paypod can be customised to include the coin and note recyclers of the retailerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s choice. Whichever model you choose, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in good hands with the most robust and reliable recycling

Contact Nick Hutchings

solutions in the industry. or call 07725 737325

Electromech also offer a full service guarantee for peace of mind. or call 07788 672905

Contact Rob Cottingham

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The ASCO Numatics™ 653 Series air preparation products suitable for applications where high-flow-rate is requiredEmerson announces the introduction of the ASCO Numatics 653 Series of air preparation products.

Emerson: Save on energy consumption and cost with the new range of air preparation products from Emerson Available in 3/4” and 1” port sizes, the

technology air preparation products in

of the manifold assembly without

653 Series has a high flow rate for its

sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1”, all from

disconnecting the piping.

size. This enables customers to power

one supplier. This makes selection and

more products from the same Filter-

purchasing simpler.”

The 651, 652 and 653 Series incorporate front-facing easy-to-read, low-profile

Regulator or Lubricator (FRL), or reduce pressure drop across the system, both of

With the industry´s highest flow

gauges. Optional integral red/green

which enable potential energy and cost

characteristics, related to size, the ASCO

pressure range indicators make it easy to

savings. The range of the 651, 652 and

Numatics 651, 652, and 653 Series

monitor the desired pressure. The small

653 Series consists of filters, regulators,

are ideal for use in any application that

footprint and clean lines help achieve

filter regulators, lubricators, soft starts,

requires high volumes of air or where

robust, modern-looking equipment.

quick exhausts, diverter blocks and shut

space is limited. Original equipment

Long-lasting laser-etched tags and

off valves.

manufacturers will benefit from the

covers ensure product information will

wide temperature range (-40°C to

remain visible even in challenging -

“The introduction of our 653 Series

80°C), and ATEX and CUTR certification,

environments. In addition, an optional

greatly expands our global offering of

which enables this product to be used

3-micron pleated pre-filter has been

high-flow air preparation products.”

in challenging and harsh environments,

added to the line´s coalescing filters and

said Scott Weickel, Vice President of

and applications such as valve piloting

coalescing filter/regulator combination

Engineering for Machine Automation

in the process industry. The modular

units. This eliminates the need for a

applications at Emerson. “The

air preparation products have a

separate particulate filter unit and

addition of the new port sizes enables

robust construction and are easy to

reduces cost, size, and weight.

international manufacturers to select

assemble, mount, and position. New

a comprehensive range of advanced

endplate flanges allow the removal

30 FDPP -

For more information visit

UNITECH ENGINEERING LTD Unitech Engineering Ltd. specialise in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of conveyor and materials handling systems to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other hygiene conscious industries. Our extensive customer base includes many ‘blue chip’ companies. We supply full turnkey systems alongside individual conveyor units for our customers’ specific applications. We offer a common aesthetic design across the conveyor range. Supply can also include full mechanical and electrical control installations supported by the provision of Project Management activities tailored to customers’ requirements. We also manufacture a wide range of stainless steel hygiene equipment including boot and shoe washers, industrial crate, pallet and rack washers, locker room equipment, and hygiene sinks. Our range also includes bakery equipment such as trolleys and trays, tote bins, lifting and tipping equipment, drainage and kerbing and stainless steel furniture. Whatever your needs, contact us today and we are sure to have an answer to your requirements.

Unitech Engineering Ltd. Prospect Road, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 0AL

Tel. 01543 675800 Email.

Why robots are part of the recipe for success for food producers The ability to respond quickly to changes in customer tastes and keep up with competitors is putting food companies under growing pressure to find new ways to stay one step ahead. Fast, flexible and increasingly simple and cost effective to implement, robots offer an attractive solution for producers to expand the variety of goods they can offer.


Ongoing developments in technology, coupled with an expanding variety of robots in different sizes and mounting arrangements, are seeing robots increasingly making their way into food production applications. One example is picking and packing. Using integrated vision technology, the latest high-speed picking robots can recognise a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, adjusting their performance to achieve the fastest and most precise process. They can also be quickly switched over to handle different products, with the added option of equipping them with either finger-like grippers or suction pads, depending on the product being handled. Another application where robots are transforming performance is slicing. With many types of food products, it has traditionally been difficult to find a solution that can achieve a clean cut. With advances in technology, this challenge has been overcome. Compact robots tooled with ultrasonic blades, can slice through a variety of substances quickly and to a consistently high standard. Compared to a mechanical cutter, a robot tooled with an ultrasonic blade can achieve a greater variety of cut profiles with no risk of production errors. Developments in robotic vision and software have also opened new possibilities to produce bespoke products. Dutch baking company, De Bakker, for example, uses CAD software to create and upload individual designs to an ABB robot

32 FDPP -

for icing onto cakes. Since installation, the robot system has increased the company’s productivity by over 1,000 percent. With food producers facing changeable times, companies searching for an

efficient, reliable and productive solution would do well to consider robotic automation. For more information, email robotics@ or call 01908 350300 ref. ‘Robots for food’.

Can you create tomorrow’s new flavor?

When you trust your existing process, you can.

— Solutions to optimise productivity let you think ahead. Ensuring your food processing plant runs efficiently can be a time-consuming, complex task. But with the right systems and equipment in place, you’re free to focus on what really matters: your product offering. We’re here to help you grow with solutions that cover the full spectrum of your food production needs, from washdown-ready motors and tracking and tracing systems to metal detectable cable ties, robots and more. Discover more at the PPMA show, Stand F80 on 25 – 27 September Register here

Österreichische Post AG relies on new BEUMER Group high-capacity sorter Österreichische Post AG built its new

Customers want their orders to arrive

and the hall was too small to install a new

distribution centre in Wernberg, in the

ideally on the same day, delivered right

system.” While the St. Magdalen site will

southernmost Austrian state of Carinthia.

to their doorstep. Logistics and parcel

remain operational for the distribution of

Up to 30,000 packages are handled on a

services must be able to react accordingly

letters, the most modern sortation and

daily basis. The sortation system is at the

to those demands, because the

distribution system for packages, with a

heart of the logistics centre: it handles the

competition is fierce. The Austrian postal

footprint of 5,000 square metres, is now

sortation demands reliably and responds

service has responded to this tough task

operating for the Austrian postal service

quickly during peak times. The BG

and opened a new distribution centre

in a facility with 12,000 square metres of

Sorter is BEUMER Group’s latest system

in Wernberg, in the state of Carinthia.

total space.

development. It is powerful and energy-

Put into operation in the summer

efficient yet runs so quietly that the

of 2017, it distributes and delivers


working environment remains pleasant.

packages in Austria’s southernmost

The site is conveniently located between

The managers were also impressed by

state and East Tyrol. “The move to

two big cities, Villach and Klagenfurt,

the trouble-free handling of the project.

Wernberg was necessary, because the

easily accessible from the autobahn. On

site in St. Magdalen no longer met our

average, approximately 30,000 packages

Parcel shipping is growing worldwide,

requirements,” explains the new branch

are handled per day, increasing to up

and Austria is no exception of course.

manager Kathrin Fischer. “The old

to 50,000 during peak times such as

One of the reasons for this growth is

distribution technology was no longer

leading up to Christmas. That means up

the enormous increase in online orders.

capable of handling the increasing volume

to 6,000 packages per hour. “The various

The system transports different items reliably and with high throughputs.

34 FDPP -

The BG Sorter assigns the right parcels to the right destination. parcels must be handled with care and

packages on a horizontally and vertically

tested technologies,” explains Frank

distributed quickly and accurately,” said

adjustable telescopic belt conveyor. It

Niemietz. “This includes the sorter frame

Fischer. The sortation system must meet

transports the packages, which vary

made out of steel and the contactless

these high demands. BEUMER Group

in shape and weight onto a BEUMER

energy supply instead of the typical

provided the necessary technology, with

Parcel Belt Conveyor. The weight of

contact lines, which are commonly used

its new high-capacity BG Sorter at its

each package is precisely calculated. The

by the competition.” The tilt tray sorter

core, designed as a tilt tray sorter. “Our

shipments are then dispatched onto the

design is capable of conveying items of up

components have been installed, from

BG Sorter. The system can assign the

to 60 kilograms. Wireless communication

goods receipt to goods issue,” reports

parcels to the right destination because

enables real-time data transmission,

Frank Niemietz, Sales Manager Logistic

it is equipped with barcode recognition

unlike infrared communication where

Systems at BEUMER Group. Wernberg is

and with a laser system that continuously

data are transmitted only when an

a comparatively small site of the Austrian

detects the parcel’s volume and reports

infrared sensor is passed. This reduces

postal service. BEUMER Group had to

the result to the superordinate data

the communication time to milliseconds.

install the entire system in the already

processing system. If the packages

“Different operating modes are also easily

existing hall with very little space.

cannot be read then they are sent to a

implemented. This allows us to respond

special destination. An employee inspects

better to sensitive products,” explains


and processes the parcels, then returns

Niemietz. “The items are discharged at


them to the BG Sorter.

different speeds and with high precision.”

When a truck docks at the hall for unloading, an employee places the

Users can handle items of different sizes “Our BG Sorter is based on tried-and-

with more flexibility.

FDPP - 35

The new BG Sorter is at the heart of the new distribution centre: the parcels are fed dynamically. “This machine allows us to handle a

our 40 employees,” says Fischer. “It stays

connection, examine the situation and

large mix of product with precision while

very quiet in this hall, you can easily talk to

solve the problem directly or come up with

being cost effective; and distribute to

each other, the operating volume remains

a solution together with the customer.

other logistics centres in Austria and our

very pleasant, which means it causes no

distribution units in Carinthia and East

additional stress for the employees.”

Tyrol,” says Fischer.

“This project was carried out extremely professionally and our communication

The packages are transferred via chutes

with BEUMER was honest and direct the


onto telescoping belt conveyors. The

entire time,” says Gert Haas, Technical

The new BEUMER system is equipped

items are taken off the conveyors and

Director at Österreichische Post AG,

with energy-efficient drives. The servo

transferred into swap bodies. They are

Region West. “We were able to stay

drive-based OptiDrive reduces power

then transferred onto trucks that carry

on schedule and the entire system

consumption and CO2 emissions. The

them to one of the other six distribution

was commissioned on time. Quite

contact pressure of the drive wheel

centres in Austria.

extraordinary for a project of that size.”

is automatically set depending on the

Branch manager Kathrin Fischer is very SMOOTH PROJECT HANDLING AND

satisfied. “The BG sorter operates very

which makes this solution highly efficient


quietly, is highly reliable, and extremely

and force-fitting. This boosts efficiency

After the successful completion of

precise and fast when it comes to sorting

to up to 90 percent and enhances the

the project, BEUMER Group continues

the products.” And speed is a valuable

service life of the drive wheels. The

servicing the customer. Österreichische

asset in this industry, on top of the list for

BG Sorter is equipped with carrying

Post has signed a hotline contract with

the customers. “We are the only parcel

wheels that are larger than those used

BEUMER customer support. This allows

service in Austria that delivers six days

in comparable systems. They reduce the

the customer to contact a service engineer

a week, from Monday to Saturday,” says

rotation frequency by 25 percent. This has

whenever necessary. If the machines


a positive effect on the wear and tear and

come to a standstill, BEUMER Group can

the noise. “One very important aspect for

dial in directly to the machine via a VPN

required driving power – even for braking,

36 FDPP -

Worry about your equipment, not your flooring We will help you focus on your main job, without the worry and hassle of dealing with poor performing floors Acrylicon saves people around the world time, money and hassle with advanced resin floors that are easy to install, perform better and last longer than anything else in the market. Our regional installation teams have helped the likes of Pepsi, 2 Sisters, ABP and many, many more. Got an Audit coming up? Our floors cure in under 2 hours, meaning we can carry out repairs and installations overnight, without the need to shutdown. Acrylicon Resin Flooring â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Invented in Norway, Made in Germany, Installed locally Worldwide Let our local experts show you how we can help you save time, money and hassle with a quick free survey of your facility.

Book your free survey now: 0844 800 7191 |

New Style Uniball Tumbler Mixer From Machines 4 Food

Dicom Limited

The machines have been sold to client using a range of different products as coating vegetables in oil, mixing medical powders, Bakery recipes, flapjack mix, mixing different nut types, marinating meat with sauces, mixing coffee beans, food ingredients, coating olives in flavours, flavours on nuts. Machine details New Machines 4 Food Tumbler Mixer Model Uniball 225 Mixer Tumbler All stainless steel construction Capacity 225 litres, load capacity 60 kg to 100 Kg, Drum made in 316 stainless steel 760 mm inside diameter x 700 mm deep With inner blades to assist product roll Variable speed from 12 rpm to 24 rpm Motor gearbox drive 1.1 Kw Electric tipping discharge by motor gearbox Motor gearbox drive 0.12 kw Electric options 230/380/415 volts 50 Hz Electrical controls mounted in IP 65 stainless steel control box Mounted on stainless steel wheels, includes lid Discharge height to suit a standard 200 litre tote bin Overall length 1.6 metres x width 1.25 metres x height 1.8 metres 12 months warranty | +44 1761 410345

Dicom Limited are a UK based manufacturer of waste compaction equipment based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. The popular CE3230LR RORO portable waste compactor, fitted with a liquid retentive seal as standard to prevent leakage, uses the latest twin ram technology to produce a massive 30t of force making it the machine to go to when compacting food/packaging waste. It is ideal for addressing hygiene issues usually associated with skips and due to its small footprint, for where space is also a premium on site. The CE3230LR is very versatile and can be fitted with a bin lifting system or it can be hand fed. Like all the equipment made at Dicom, the CE3230LR model is robust by design, very reliable and easy to operate. For further information about this and other products.

FDPP - 37

Is Your Company ‘Pigging’? You’ve probably heard of ‘Pigging’. It’s in wide use in the food and beverage industry. Everything from ready meals, sauces, dips, meat emulsions, chocolates, wines, sodas, syrups, fruit juices, soft drinks and many other liquid or wet products, get ‘pigged’ during their production. High ROI

for food and beverage companies, provide

More correctly known as liquid product

solutions which recover up to 99.5% of

recovery, pigging is one of the most

residual product which you would otherwise

And because pigging saves so much waste,

effective ways to increase yields, reduce

send to waste.

it lowers disposal cost while being great for the environment and your company’s

waste and speed up changeovers. Pigging also saves water and cleaning agents and

The unique and flexible design of the HPS

lowers contamination risks.

pig enables the extremely high recovery

That’s why pigging systems deliver rapid

system is the answer.

sustainability credentials.

rate, which it maintains even when travelling

So if you pump liquids and are not pigging,

around 1.5 D bends.

you really should be!

payback and high return on investment (ROI). Increase Capacity and Help the Environment

Contact HPS Product Recovery Solutions for

How Pigging Works

If you’re at capacity and need extra output,

more information:

Pigging works by sending a special

if you need to lower your flush waste,


projectile (the ‘pig’) through your pipeline.

save water and chemicals, or reduce your


HPS, specialists in hygienic pigging systems

downtime between batches, a pigging

T: 0115 925 4700

38 FDPP -

Star Instruments Star Instruments is a family run business with over 50 years of experience in precision pressure temperature and flow engineering and has developed an established reputation for manufacturing first class, quality instrumentation at their UK factory. Their fundamental objective is to produce and maintain the element of high quality to ensure the total satisfaction of all customers. The UK based instrumentation company supplies a range of instrumentation from pressure and temperature gauges, flow/ level instrumentation to calibrators and associated accessories. The specialist team work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s) at the early stages of development, designing instrumentation best suited to the customers unique requirements, the products are then handcrafted by a highly skilled production team. The company has now complied an extensive catalogue of

over 3000 products designed to European Standard, all with one year warranty at no extra cost. In addition, the technical sales team covers all of the UK & Ireland, offering site visits and technical support. Star Instruments also supply worldwide to over 4000 customers and have gained certification to the internationally recognised standard for environmental management.

Star Instruments Ltd Phone: +44 1480 211928

FDPP - 39

Full marks for 10 litre container choice RPC Promens Industrial is meeting

Dynostack offers an ideal entry-level

defined corner ribs for extra strength

growing demand for 10 litre industrial

solution for many products, while the

and stability during stacking; and

containers in a variety of markets with a

Continental is certified to the highest

improved hand clearance around the

choice of three designs that satisfy the

standard of UN testing, making it an

handle and an indented grip on the base,

needs of a many different applications.

X Pass container. This underlines the

for safer handling and improved pouring.

robustness of the design and means

SmartCan is also available in 20 and

The three ranges â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dynostack,

it is the most suitable container for

25 litre sizes, enabling the creation of

Continental and SmartCan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; offer

hazardous products and extreme

family ranges.

a durable construction for a reliable

environments. RPC Promens can provide full technical

performance, including UN certification for the carriage of hazardous goods. The

The latest introduction, SmartCan,

support, including assistance with filling

use of food grade material and a range of

combines an aesthetic design for


neck options give them the flexibility to

maximum on-shelf appeal with a variety

handle all types of products, and a choice

of user-friendly features. These include

of colours and decoration options allows

a conical neck finish that protects the

customers to promote their individual

cap from contact with other containers

brand image.

and enables optimised emptying;

40 FDPP -

Interview with Chris Mears 1. How long has the company been running? Established in 1998, building on 20 years’ experience with previous company, Eirelec Ltd. 2. What does Eurolec specialise in? Eurolec design and manufacture a range of portable temperature and pressure monitoring instrumentation and a range of dry well temperature calibration units. We are also the UK & Ireland distributor for Ono Sokki, renowned Japanese manufacturer of high spec engine tachometers, rotary encoders, linear gauges, FFT analysers and vibrometers. 3. How has Eurolec differentiated themselves in the industry? Eurolec has a number of unique selling points – our competitively priced PC Temp PT2 thermometer for example features best in class accuracy providing better than ± O.2°C for those sensitive food, lab and pharmachem applications. Our portable instrument TH, PR & IR ranges feature very robust metal cased options for manometers, infrared and probe thermometers. The Eurolec CS and CSEC series temperature calibrators provide significantly better accura-

Chris Mears - MD Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd, with Scientific Measurements MD Daren Wallis

truments are still in daily use 15 – 20

easily check the accuracy of ther-

years on and it is genuinely rare that

mometers (both probe and infrared

we lose a customer.

types) through a freely adjustable range (approximately -20 °C to +

5. Which industries do they target?

85°C). This model (together with

Although we supply to multiple

other units in the CS series, offering

customers (including those within the HACCP, industrial, laboratory and environmental sectors) our main focus is within all aspects of the food industry. This includes everything from manufacturing/processing, chilled/ frozen storage, transport, quality and lab research etc. right through to the catering sector.

cy and stability performance compared

6. What are some of the best-selling

to other similarly priced options on

products at Eurolec?

the market and a very competitively

The CS174 temperature calibration

priced alternative to some of the much

source together with the RT162 refe-

costlier solutions.

rence thermometer provides a swift

different temperature ranges) has proven to be a popular and effective alternative to both the more basic and less accurate dry blocks and the significantly more expensive laboratory spec options currently on the market. The PC Temp PT2 portable thermometer is also a very popular hand held instrument offering very good accuracy at a very competitive price range.

return on investment whilst ensu4. What are the key benefits to using

ring the expense, inconvenience and


downtime associated with offsite or

Reliability and value of our products

external calibration is removed. This

and quality of service. Many of our ins-

system allows the user to quickly and FDPP - 41

Easily print durable signs to increase safety & efficiency Brady Corporation’s new S3100

& facility identification in large

is easy and extremely fast thanks

Sign & Label Printer enables users

plants, in and around production

to the printer’s ‘drop-in’ label

to easily print a wide range of

halls, warehouses and logistics &

materials and matching ink ribbons

reliable safety signs and facility

distribution centres. Brady’s sign

that can be switched out in less

labels, even in standalone mode,

& label materials are designed to

than 20 seconds. An intuitive user

to increase workplace safety and

last in industrial environments

interface with touch screen offers a

efficiency on demand.

and have been tested in line with

wide variety of sign & label design

international ASTM test methods.

options, even when the printer is

A wide range of labels & signs

Technical data sheets are available

used in standalone mode. When

The new S3100 Sign & Label

for every sign & label material.

connected to a computer, sign &

Printer enables users to print a

label design options can be further

wide range of signs and labels to

Extremely easy to use

expanded using Brady Workstation

increase safety and efficiency in

The new S3100 Sign & Label

label design apps, available

any workplace. Safety signs, floor

Printer is extremely easy to use

for download from the Brady

marking, 5S labels, lean labels,

and features auto-calibration and


labels to identify racks, doors,

automatic label material setup.

stairs, bins, desks and chairs and

This enables users to just walk up

Printer specifications are available

CLP-labels to identify chemicals

to the printer and start printing

on the Brady website.

can all be printed with the S3100 at

the signs and labels they need.

location whenever they are needed.

Switching to another label material

Designed to last The S3100 prints on Brady’s industrial grade vinyls that offer 8-10 year outdoor durability, and on durable polyesters including ToughStripe floormarking. Signs & labels printed with the S3100 can be used both in- and outdoor, which is extremely useful for safety

42 FDPP -

Partwell Group, Bridge Works, Stanley Street, Blackburn, Lancashire BB1 3BW Telephone: +44 (0)1254 671875 Fax: +44 (0)1254 674823 Email:


Block brushes Knife holders

Polyethylene blocks & boards Wear pads

Wear plate

Mincemeat rammers & fat beaters

Maple Blocks

Plastic specialists, producing UK manufactured solutions for the food industry. As specialists in plastic, our CNC department have a wealth of experience of working with the food industry to create engineered bespoke Conveyor Parts.

Side rails for Conveyor

Telephone 01254 671875 quoting FDPP or email for more information

Proseal awarded following apprenticeship expansion Tray sealing specialist Proseal uk

the course and opened our training

mechanics, assembly, electrical, systems

has been named ‘Large Business

centre, so it’s a real vindication of both

and tool design.

Apprenticeship Employer of the Year’


by Macclesfield College, underlining the

“Apprentices have been a vital part of

company’s commitment to developing

The new Proseal Apprentice Training

Proseal from the very beginning, so it was

the next generation of engineers.

System (PATS) enables aspiring

a natural progression to set up a more

engineers to gain experience in every

structured and widely available programme,”

The honour comes after Proseal opened

area of Proseal’s business, with a view

says Andy Gray. “We have seen the benefits

a new dedicated training centre at its

to finding their path in the company and

that training our employees has on our

global headquarters in Adlington and

maximising their career potential.

success as a business.”

scheme, increasing its capacity to

Over a four-year schedule, apprentices

This success recently saw Proseal receive

provide training.

are supported through a combination of

a Queen’s Award for International Trade –

practical training, mentoring by qualified

recognition of the company’s outstanding

The awards ceremony at Mottram Hall,

and experienced staff, tuition at the

continuous growth in export sales.

Macclesfield, also saw Proseal second-

Proseal training centre, and off-site

year apprentice Louis Wright receive

work experience at customer sites and

“We want to continue to grow the

an individual award for ‘Engineering

various businesses around the UK.

business, and this can only be done by

significantly expanded its apprenticeship

Apprentice of the Year’.

training our future staff to the highest The establishment of the on-site

levels of expertise to maintain our world-

“It’s fantastic to be recognised like this

training centre means classroom and

class standards,” concludes Andy. “After

for our apprenticeship scheme, and I’d

shop floor learning are much more

the Queen’s Award, these latest honours

like to congratulate Louis on his well-

closely linked than before. In addition,

from Macclesfield College show how our

deserved individual award,” says Andy

whereas the company previously took

training programme will be instrumental

Gray, Training Manager at Proseal. “We

on three or four apprentices per year,

in achieving this.”

began working with Macclesfield College

there are now 28 apprentices in the

at the same time as we expanded

scheme, with specialisations including

44 FDPP -

Hart Door Systems – Door systems for all applications A Speedor Cleanroom installation

Hart Door Systems supplies across five principal door areas: ✔ The Speedor range of high speed doors ✔ Firebrand fire doors to British and North American standards ✔ Terror Screen for extreme security applications and day-to-day protection ✔ Insulated industrial shutters and doors ✔ Comprehensive service and maintenance

T: 0191 214 0404 Email:

Delivering door systems to international standards

London Electronics Ltd Leading Producer Ferrero chose London Electronics Ltd to monitor production output on their FMCG lines. Sealed to IP65 for washdown environments and arriving preconfigured to match sensors on the line, the displays are durable, legible to 55+m and provide live performance information to show the workforce current throughput levels of production. This when linked with their web based performance monitoring and control systems proves to be an invaluable tool in understanding the performance of production on lines ‘right now’, enabling key business decisions to be made and ensuring 100% uptime and maximum throughput. See here for more details: com/factory-performance-analysis.php ARLA FOODS London Electronics Ltd worked with the Arla Foods Lean Production Team to design, manufacture and install the largest Andon / Jidoka system in Europe. Consisting of over 35 large displays with Digit heights from 2” (57mm) up to 8” (200mm) allowing important information to be seen up to 100m away. Supplied fully sealed for reliable operation in this harsh and refrigerated washdown environment. The system is used to warn of line stoppages to permit immediate response

46 FDPP -

from the Engineering team to ensuring capacity and output levels are optimum at all times. The system is linked to remote PC software to allow anyone in the factory to view the live status of each line, and also triggers audio alerts with zonal control to enable messages to be broadcast to ensure an immediate response to critical

London Electronics Ltd will be at

demonstrating their expertise in production line monitoring systems and solutions, to include live web based performance systems, KPI displays, Production Rate and Downtime Monitoring systems and solutions. Come along and see them to discuss your requirements or contact the sales Director – James Lees on 01767 626444 Ext 100

the PPMA show this September


situations and minimise downtime. The case study in the brochure is here: com/LEL_8_page_production_line_ monitoring.pdf

Live KPI information

Data Capture Module & Line Logger

to local displays in the factory AC Power

AC Power

Ethernet Ethernet

How can you interface with our with our How can you interface System & Displays? System & Displays? Data Held Securely in the Cloud

Email Alerts / SMS Alerts Real Time View & Control

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Pulse Inputs from Production Line Sensor /PLC Inputs • .csv file read

• .csv file read

We supply OEE & KPI software solutions to suit your exact • SQL Database QUERY We supply OEE & KPI software requirement, taking existing • ASCII Strings solutions to suit your exact software modules and tailoring • PLC/HMI to your specification. Software requirement, taking existing • Sensors on the Line designed to select information you software modules tailoring need, not lots of information you • Ethernet TCP/IP & and IP, do not. In real time, allowing instant profibus, canSoftware to yourProfinet, specification. decisions to ensure efficiencies in bus, xml read plus designed select information you your factory or warehouse. manyto more.

Production Line /

• SQL Database QUERYManufacturing Cell

• ASCII Strings Customer Access to data • LAN PLC/HMI via user level internally inside • Sensors on the Line the building need, not lots of information you • Ethernet TCP/IP & IP, do not. In real wasted time, allowing profibus, can • Monitor real timeProfinet, production • Reduce time ofinstant individuals decisions to ensure efficiencies in bus, xml read plus manually entering / recording inaccurate • Relay important information and events your factory Live KPI information Data Capture Module & Line Logger or warehouse. many more. to local displays in the factory data and allow shop floor teams to get on to relevant parties RIGHT NOW! To ensure with production. things happen when they should. Shift Admin • Collate performance information to Configuration • Record production values to trend calculate ‘V’ curves and simply show areas Pulse Inputs from Production analyse and enable better planning and Line Sensor /PLC Inputs Production Line / for improvement. Job forecasting Manufacturing Cell

How can our system help you? Admin

AC Power

Shift Configuration


Job Setup

Live Screen

Production Planning

AC Power




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


• Empower yourour workforce How can system help you?

Live • •Improve with Monitor real time efficiencies production • Reduceinter-group wasted time of individuals Screen manually entering / recording inaccurate • Relay important information and events data and allow shop floor teams to get on competition to relevant parties RIGHT NOW! To ensure with production.

things happen when they should.

• Collate performance information to Record production values to trend • •Send dynamic information back to theDowntime line calculate ‘V’ curves and simply show areas analyse and enable better planning and for improvement. forecasting in near-real-time • Access data wherever you are, when you • Empower your workforce

need it.

• Improve efficiencies with inter-group competition

Data Capture

Benefits • Access data wherever you are, when you • Adjusted software updates - no need to needto your it. processes - nothing you • Automatic don’t need, everything you do. download updates Setup


data - so you and your team can • Use your existing web enabled devices to Planning •• Real-time Show Live dashboardsmonitor, to operators. react immediately control and review data in real • Cloud-based - data available to all the


wherever they are. • SSL encrypted data - data cannot be read, •team Empower staff to make key decisions Data if intercepted • Expandable - designed to grow and adapt Capture as you do. • No limit on users, no annual licence • Modular - add features you want, remove those you don’t.

• 3 Year Warranty on Large Display Technology, manufactured in the UK • Fast return on investment

Just some of our satisfied customers... Just some of our satisfied customers... • Show Live dashboards to operators.

• Send dynamic information back to the line in near-real-time

• Empower staff to make key decisions

Just some of our satisfied customers...


• Adjusted to your processes - nothing you don’t need, everything you do. • Real-time data - so you and your team can react immediately

• Scope for expansion, bolt on upgrades as your requirements change and grow.

• Automatic software updates - no need to download updates • Use your existing web enabled devices to monitor, control and review data in real @LondonElect time. • SSL encrypted data - data cannot be read,


• Cloud-based - data available to all the team wherever they are.

• Expandable - designed to grow and adapt

if intercepted

• No limit on users, no annual licence

Technology, manufactured in the UK @LondonElect as you do. • 3 Year Warranty on Large Display • Modular - add features you want, remove those you don’t.

• Fast return on investment • Scope for expansion, bolt on upgrades as your requirements change and grow.




Streamline your production with Unitech De-Palletiser Tables 

     PROJECT To design, supply and install a leading aerosol manufacturer with two de-

• • • • • • •

      

palletiser tables to receive depalletized layers of empty deodorant cans and streamline them, positively and gently into a single file for discharge to a downstream process via a series of single file conveyors. MATERIALS • Predominantly 304 grade stainless steel • Movex Series 150 modular belt with 8mm pitch

 • Nylon guide rails - antistatic  • Klockner Moeller isolators  • Siemens 57 - 1500 PLC • Simatic HMI and inverters

 • Pilz PNOZ safety circuitry  Unitech Engineering worked closely with

 their client to design and manufacture two bespoke de-palletiser tables. Our client  requested from the start of the project  that we adhere to their mechanical and  electrical standards and specifications.  This included us using their preferred  suppliers for some of the components.   Each unit has a throughput of 350 cans per minute and was designed to handle

 35-53mm cans of differing designs. Each  table receives layers of cans 1200mm  wide leading x 1000mm and is 5550mm in length and 1485mm wide.

 Due to the bespoke nature of this  project, numerous trials took place  to ensure maximum efficiency with design amendments along the way and additional safety requirements

these particular cans were in production. 

requested by our client. One snagging

Both units are now installed and are point encountered was that the taller and up and running. Engineering Ltd, Prospect Road,   successfully   Unitech  slimmer of the cans occasionally fell due Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 0AL to their design. Unitech worked around

To discuss similar projects, please contact

this by designing removable centre rail

your local Unitech representative or

+44 (0) 1543 675800

arrangements which could be used when

contact the office.

48 FDPP -

 

               Unitech Engineering Ltd     Phone: +44 (0) 1543 67580   

Minimise Product Wastage with an Accumulation System THE PROJECT To design, manufacture and install a twin spiral accumulation system comprising 2 spiral conveyors and 2 luffing conveyors to transfer products from their existing line to avoid products spoiling when line stoppages occur. Unitech Engineering were contracted by Panificio Italiano to produce a spiral accumulation system. Our system is designed with 2 luffing conveyors to enable the products to be diverted from the main production line to the spiral accumulation system. The product can then be held and re-introduced to the line when required.


The framework of the system is constructed predominantly of 

 304 grade stainless steel and has over 300 metres of 800mm  belting. Each spiral has a central wide modular

 drum and tensioner drive. In total, the system was in design

  stallation took approximately 1 week.   for approximately 4 weeks, in production for 8 weeks and in-

The total height of the system is 3340mm, the diameter of

the spirals is 4526mm and the total length of the system is 10176mm.

      Since this installation Unitech have worked closely with our

Karl Hewines, Unitech’s Operations Director said “this was a fantastic opportunity to design a bespoke system and demonstrate Unitech’s manufacturing and installation capabilities.”

modular belt supplier and have been licensed to manufacture their direct drive system. We now have a new order for a 6.5m high Direct Drive cooling Spiral.

FDPP - 49

AITT warns:


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to work on new and different types of

operate a particular fork lift (complete

category, (eg, enabling an operator


with attachments). It takes place “off

of counterbalance trucks to operate

Announcing the figures, General

the job” over several days and is very

reach or articulated truck etc). It’s

Manager of AITT Adam Smith

comprehensive, covering 16 distinct

also needed when an operator is

explains: “We have identified a


required to operate a much larger or

27% rise in the numbers of fork lift

more powerful model of the same

truck operators taking conversion

Specific Job Training follows basic

category of equipment for which they

courses. It’s a positive sign that our

training or can be combined with

are trained… but where controls may

message is getting across. “For too

it. Also conducted away from the

be very different.

long, it was assumed that once an

everyday working environment, it

operator has gained a certificate to

is application-specific: in conditions

“Progress is being made but there

drive a forklift s/he was entitled to

similar to those that operators will

is still plenty of confusion out

operate any model with just a bit

face in the workplace.

there” adds Adam Smith. “We are happy to advise employers on their

of practice and experience. Like so much bad practice, it was a based on

The third is Familiarisation Training

responsibilities in confidence and

a heady mix of confusion, ignorance

which is carried out in the actual

without any obligation.

or sheer disregard for the legislation.”

workplace and allows the operator to

Employers need to be aware that

apply skills learnt in the previous two

Simply call AITT on 01530 810867 or

operator training falls into three

training stages under real conditions.


50 FDPP -

Flotronic ‘E’ Series pumps unmatched in testing Flotronic’s ‘E’ Series pumps have proved themselves unmatched when tested to exacting performance standards by EHEDG (the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). The ‘E’ Series offers peace of mind for the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries and any environment or process where avoidance of product contamination is paramount. The 10” version with 2” connections offers a pump solution ideal for customers with low to mid-range flow rate applications while customers seeking flow rates as high as 500 litres per minute will find the 12” pump with 1½” – 3” ideal. The features of the ‘E’ Series combine with Flotronic’s unrivalled ‘ONENUT’ technology to reduce down time and cleaning costs, maintain and even improve sanitary levels on site, and prevent wastage with less ‘hold up’ of product. Reinforced diaphragms are standard on the ‘E’ Series. Reinforcing plates ensure the pumps can withstand CIP/SIP pressures up to 6 bar in the production line. This means the pumps can be Cleaned in Place using fully automated CIP units incorporating external CIP pumps, without the need to bypass the pump. All ‘E’ Series pumps are available with the option of BS, DIN or ISO hygienic connections.

Tel: 0333 4445839


F -X C h a n ge

F -X C h a n ge W O N y bu to

k lic


Does your packaging machine meet Hygiene Regulations? • • • • •

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

.d o





c u -tr a c k





.d o




















c u -tr a c k

Terry Foods sources and supplies food ingredients to the UK food

It is now possible to cover the HMIandwith glass manufacturer service sectors. Be easily cleaned

Have minimum recesses The MONITOUCH Hygiene screen will With access torespond over 30,000 ingredients from tried and tested Resists cleaning chemicals to touch through a glass panel. Crevice free suppliers worldwide, we can offer a vast range of products at With Monitouch Hygiene HMI It operates with toughenedextremely glass upcompetitive to 4mm. prices.


The Monitech V9 Hygiene leads the way in HMi’s for food and beverage applications. With the ability to operate behind a full glass panel, accessing machine data has never been safer

Whilst we can supply the “big ticket items” such as potato, egg and onion products, we understand the intense pressure on today’s buyers and therefore also specialise in supplying all those smaller volumes of ingredients that take up such a considerable amount of valuable time to source and technically verify. Multi-ingredient orders are our forte! Check us out. You will not be disappointed!

For Details, Emails: or call us 01202480303 or visit

Glass Glass - 3-

Copyright 2014 Hakko Elect ronics Co., Ltd. All Right s Reserved. 01782 366415 Terry Foods Limited is BRC and Soil Association certified. Organic, Kosher and Halal certification also available.

Hakko Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Birdstone Proves Packaging Design with Clear 3D Printed Prototypes 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing helps packaging design firm achieve aesthetic and functional prototypes with clear SLA 3D printing Anyone who has opened a box of crackers to find the contents reduced to broken bits and pieces knows firsthand the consequences of poor packaging. Carman’s, an Australian food company passionate about only using the best ingredients, is mindful of how it delivers its products to consumers to ensure a high quality experience before the first bite is ever taken. Therefore, when Carman’s launched its new Super Seed & Grain Crackers, the food company kept presentation and preservation top of mind, and enlisted Birdstone, an Australian packaging design agency, to design an engaging tray insert. Due to the various requirements they needed to balance, multiple prototypes

previous successful collaborations.

(SLA) 3D printing on 3D Systems ProX® 800 machine, 3D Systems built

were required to demonstrate the proposed designs both aesthetically and


both a one- and two-piece prototype



in Accura®ClearVue™, a rigid and tough


clear 3D plastic material offering the


Birdstone worked closely with Carman’s

highest clarity and transparency on the


marketing and product development


The packaging considerations in play for

teams as well as its packaging supplier

Carman’s were multifaceted: it needed to

to review and narrow the packaging

be easy to open, functional as a serving

design concepts to two. From the outset,


vessel, and enable Carman’s customers

the top priority was to maintain supply

In just four days, the SLA prototypes were

to reclose the container for storage. For

chain efficiency throughout packaging

printed and finished to meet Birdstone’s

ease of access, it was determined that

manufacturing and product filling,

quality and realism requirements. 3D

the crackers should be stacked in three

followed closely by building brand equity

Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing

columns with room to encase the top

into the tray with an effective and hassle-

experts followed the premium finishing

crackers without crushing them, but also

free customer experience. Relaying this

protocol for Accura ClearVue to deliver

be easy to fill to not disrupt the production

information to 3D Systems On Demand

water-clear prototypes through a process

line. Lastly, the packaging needed to

Manufacturing, Birdstone and the 3D

of wet and dry sanding followed by clear

meet the retailer requirement for vertical

printing service bureau talked about the

coating. These prototypes were then

packaging to maximize differentiation on

requirements for the prototypes.

submitted for manufacturing tests and


consumer research to validate and rate

the shelves. There was also a question of on-shelf instability due to the light weight

Due to the complexity of the casing

the success of each concept, and to

of the product and the properties of the

designs and unique functional

assess the performance and limitations of

tray material.

requirements involved, 3D Systems’ On

each packaging option at all critical touch

Demand Manufacturing experts helped


Birdstone knew that arriving at the correct

Birdstone select the most suitable

design would require accurate prototypes,

prototyping process, materials, and

At this stage, Birdstone ordered

and therefore reached out to 3D Systems

finishing process to meet its outlined

four copies of the leading packaging

On Demand Manufacturing due to

requirements. Using Stereolithography

design from 3D Systems On Demand

52 FDPP -

Manufacturing, which were created using 3D Systems’ cast urethane process. The preferred SLA prototype was used to make a mold which was then used to cast additional water-clear copies using polyurethane, a material very close to what would be used for the final product. ARRIVING AT THE FINAL DESIGN Following full evaluation of the clear prototypes, the final design was officially selected: an attractive one-piece clamshell case, uniquely contoured to the shape of the stacked biscuits. According to Grant Davies, Director, Design & Strategy at Birdstone, “The final design plays to the strengths of the packaging material and provides a secure, re-useable home for the crackers throughout the supply

Carman’s exciting range of crackers has

On Demand Manufacturing was a

chain and into the customers’ hands. It

forged a new place in the market for

wonderful partner and worked with

is functional enough to be filled, stylish

the company, and the tray has earned it

us to provide the most effective and

enough to serve from, and securely

many fans through the cleverness and

appealing concept prototypes within the

re-closeable for on-the-go snacking.”

convenience of its design. Birdstone

project budget.”

Birdstone says that by adding another

says it is delighted to have contributed

level of consumer engagement through

to a successful final product for its client,

Birdstone’s packaging insert for

functional and aesthetic packaging,

and to answer the unique challenges

Carman’s Super Seed & Grain Crackers

Carman’s is able to offer a deeper brand

of the project within a tight deadline.

was a 2018 finalist in the Packaging &

experience beyond consumption.

“As usual,” says Davies, “3D Systems

Processing Innovation & Design Awards.

FDPP - 53

Food & Drink Processing & Packaging Issue 19 2018  

FDPP (Food & Drink – Process & Packaging) Is a leading bi-monthly magazine that holds insightful and informative information covering all in...

Food & Drink Processing & Packaging Issue 19 2018  

FDPP (Food & Drink – Process & Packaging) Is a leading bi-monthly magazine that holds insightful and informative information covering all in...