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Bronte House By rolf ockert Design Hörmann

Hörmann sectional garage doors the first with Secured by Design accreditation


Forbo plays it safe and sound with Surestep Wood Decibel


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Reco Panel Start a conversation with anyone about tiling and sooner or later you will get onto to subject of cost and maintenance. Hörmann Hörmann automatic sectional garage doors have achieved another first by gaining Secured by Design status. F Ball and Co Trust the all NEW F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Stopgap 1200 Pro for Minimum Preparation... Maximum Performance... Guaranteed! Forbo Providing R10 slip resistance underfoot and 17dB impact sound reduction, Forbo s Surestep Wood Decibel range presents a desirable flooring option for projects with multiple application areas. Gledhill Eco-friendly forest holiday cabins warm to Gledhill s Torrent GreenHeat Decorative Panels Renowned for many years as innovators The Decorative Panels Group is yet again about to launch a brand new group of products Canal Engineering The architectural metalwork masters will be making a grand entrance at the 100% Design show at Earls Court Geberit A Titanic voyage into design and water saving

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Bronte House by Rolf Ockert Design The client approached us to create house of their dreams on a site perched high over the Pacific Ocean, a home that was to make them feel like being on holiday every day. While the view was fantastic the site was very small and suffocated by overbearing neighbouring dwellings.

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18th -21st September 100% Design Show - Earls Court London 4th - 6th October Grand Designs - NEC, Birmingham 9th - 10th October M&E-Building Services Event - Olympia, London

Flairlight - P62

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Bronte House Rolf Ockert Design

The client approached us to create house of their dreams on a site perched high over the that was to make them feel like being on holiday every day.While the view was fantastic the site was very small and suffocated by overbearing neighbouring dwellings.

and as if it is alone with the ocean and the sky. Being tightly restricted by site conditions there were only two avenues we could take to create generosity of space and location: highlight windows for the enjoyment of 360째 views of the sky. The large face concrete wall dominating Firstly the surprising height of the living room space that takes advantage of the only extravagant spatial glimpses of the ocean when entering the house dimension available to us. And secondly the pursuit while effectively cutting out the visual presence of of sightlines to water and sky wherever possible. the neighbour.

The house opens itself up completely to the East, the presentation of the stunning water views. This also allows the capture of the constant ocean breezes to cool down the house throughout the year, easily regulated by a plethora of ventilation options from sliding doors to operable louvres.

This lifestyle is partly funded by the renting out of the house to the ocean location through the design is essential for this to be

Architects: Rolf Ockert Design Location: Sydney NSW, Australia Photographs: Courtesy of Rolf Ockert Design

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Bathrooms & Washrooms

Changing Places made easy

Volcanic Bath Erupts into UK Market

New Building Regulations are causing confusion for many specifiers – confusion that can be clarified with new guidance from Clos-o-Mat.

Meet the Etna. A bath that unites a luxurious bathing experience within an artistic bathroom centrepiece that is wholeheartedly cost-effective.

Under Building Regulations Approved Document M 2013 Access To & Use of Buildings, toilet accommodation needs to be suitable not only for disabled people, but for all people who use the building. Further, it is ‘desirable’ to include an enlarged unisex toilet incorporating an adult sized changing bench – a hygiene room or Changing Places toilet.

Including two innovative technologies, the Etna features nano silver technology which coats the bath in a protective shield of nano particles to create an anti-bacterial layer which is also self-cleaning. But it is the Etna system itself which is quite simply ground-breaking. Connected to your central heating system the bath not only retains its water temperature but acts as a bathroom radiator too, becoming an incredibly energy and water saving solution within the bathroom. Furthermore, the choice of lighting provides a chromo-therapy bathing experience.

To help ensure compliance, Clos-o-Mat- the UK’s leading supplier of disabled toileting solutions has produced an informative white paper: ‘Considerations & Specification of Changing Places Accessible Toilets’. The white paper covers all requirements for compliance in one place, and can be downloaded direct from Clos-o-Mat’s website Clos-o-Mat tel 0161 969 1199; Enq. 101

Ultimately, this bath deserves to be named after one of Europe’s largest volcanos as it is a force of nature in itself. Available online from November 2013 but available to pre-order now. Pricing starts at £4,000

Enq. 102

‘eco express’ – the high speed bathroom solution from eco bathrooms As the nation debates the pros and cons of building a high speed rail link, eco bathrooms has announced its own high speed innovation – eco express. Launched in March 2013, eco express offers ‘customers in a hurry’ a range of best selling bathroom furniture, ceramics and brassware available for immediate delivery, from stock. The eco express portfolio consists of an assembly of essential base and wall units in popular sizes. The brand’s best selling Image Gloss White cabinetry and doors forms the core, along with the semi-recessed Lupi basin (launched to great acclaim at KBB2012) and Volcano WC pan. To extend the appeal of the concept, eco offers alternative WC pan and basin choices plusa range of taps to reflect diverse consumer taste. Readers requiring further information on eco bathrooms can contact: or or call 01706 876000 Enq. 103

Design Buy Build

Enq. 104


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Bathrooms & Washrooms

The Bathroom Switch

The Only Way is Up

Saniflo, the total solution provider

Feature Bathroom lighting is becoming more desirable, but until now the choices of switching have been severely limited. (Pull-cords, PIRs or outside switching). Sensorbility, has developed the NEW Bathroom Switch controller, with Dimmer and Timer variants; thus allowing bathroom designers far more flexibility when it comes to lighting design and operation within bathrooms. The variations of the new controller include simple on/off switching, ramp-up dimming, ramp-down switch-off and time delay switch-off. Wired to our proven Bathroom Switch Sensor Pads, which can be placed behind most materials such as Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals. Tiles covering Sensor Pads are adhered with silicone allowing access should it be necessary. The new Bathroom Switch controllers can be activated from up to 12 low voltage Sensor Pads and the lights dimmed by touching a tile whilst in the bath. Sensorbility Ltd. 01548 511498

On The Level, British wetroom designer and manufacturer, is looking forward to exciting times ahead. The company is moving confidently onwards and upwards with expansion of the office facility and the recruitment of new staff to assist with the growing volume of orders for bespoke wet floors.

In commercial settings, most customers want to ensure continuity of business. The Sanicubic contains 2 separate pumps for absolute reliability and power. Each is fitted with a high performance maceration system and the two pumps operate alternately, ensuring even wear of the motors. In the event of inflow overload, such as a busy Saturday night in a city night club or a Sunday morning in a B&B, both motors run at the same time.

Leading developer of stainless steel solutions, GEC Anderson, has launched ‘Series A’, a new and comprehensive range of sink bowls offering superb aesthetics, functionality and high quality manufacture, together with great design flexibility. The Series A bowls are designed for seamless integration (welding) into GEC Anderson purposemade stainless steel worktops but are also available, individually, for inset, under-mount and flushmount applications. Series A bowls are manufactured to the highest standards, with a superb brushed satin finish and a clean linear appearance. They are available in an impressive range of sizes: 170, 340, 400, 450, 500, 550 and 700mm, making for a truly comprehensive choice. With flexibility in mind, each bowl can be combined with any other(s), to form combinations, doubles and trebles. All Series A bowls feature the 12mm corner radius to maximise useable bowl volume and have a frontto-back dimension of 400mm. A 12mm corner radius also gives the sink bowls a clean and modern appearance. Managing Director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, says: “We have actually been waiting a long time for this series, which provides a number of true benefits to specifiers and users. The fact that they are all available with the full range of fixing options – integrated within custom stainless steel worktops, undermounted, inset or flushmounted offers real versatility. The sinks are likely, therefore, to appeal to a broad range of customers who may be considering various worktop materials.” The A Series is competitively priced with the A50 (500x400x200mm), for example, retailing at £400, including VAT.

GEC Anderson introduces ‘ Series A’ Sinks

Design Buy Build

Enq. 105


2013 has is proving to be an extremely busy year, so much so that Phil Clark, Managing Director, has recruited four new members of staff for the production team and is planning to recruit a new Sales Assistant. The new staff will allow the company to continue to offer the high levels of customer service, quality and short lead times that their customers have come to expect. The company is also in the process of building an additional office area within their current premises to provide more space for sales and design staff and to accommodate new staff. On The Level have supplied around 1,500 bespoke wet floors this year ordered from new key developers and government.

If on the rare occasion one pump should fail, the other pump takes over, guaranteeing continuity of business and happy punters. The Sanicubic is an extremely hard working macerator that can take up to 340 litres of water a minute. It pumps up to 11 metres vertically through 50mm pipework and 100 metres horizontally, or a lesser combination of both. For further information on Saniflow products visit – 020 8842 0033

Enq. 106

Enq. 107

Series A bowls are available now. Visit for more information Enq. 108

THE PROBLEM Start a conversation with anyone about tiling and sooner or later you will get onto to subject of cost and maintenance. Humans have developed the technology and materials to put a man on the moon but for some reason we are still using the same method to waterproof our walls as the Egyptians were 5000 years ago.

joining system that removes the need system enables us to achieve the same look as a tiled room but without the says Robert.

Robert Fleet, chairman of Reco decided

Excitingly they have also developed the ability to print any photo, graphic or design onto the panels. Two ranges

looked at the cost and inconvenience

of simple patterns and traditional tiling

available such as laminate and UPVC wall panelling and found most people

pushes the boundaries of what has previously been possible. They also offer a bespoke service allowing people to put their own designs onto the panels. This has proven particularly popular in the commercial sector where people are looking for something that ticks the environmental boxes and enables

with installers to design a better more reliable product’. After two and half years development and testing the Reco range of moulded Acrylic tiling an alternative to tiles that anyone

a reasonable cost. and mess, which was cheaper and more environmentally friendly’. Reco have designed three panels for three different situations. Reco Panel a structured insulated panel for use on uneven surfaces and exterior walls, made from 50% recycled material and Reco Tile a cladding panel for use over existing tiles or any reasonably level surface, at just 3mm thick it is still able and reduce condensation and heating those who want simple clean surfaces. All of the panels are hygienic, 100% recyclable, guaranteed for 10 years and maintenance-free.

It certainly seems to be working, since the product launched in March this year they have been inundated with are saving at least 40% compared to the cost of tiles. The response has been very encouraging, everyone who has have been waiting for’ says Tim De la Salle Marketing Manager. Reco is available direct or from 125 Eurocell branches across the country and with several other outlets keen to get in on the action it won’t be long before we all start hearing more about Reco and less about cost and maintenance of tiles.

For more information go to or call 0207 371 9250.

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Bathrooms & Washrooms

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Enq. 111

Enq. 112

Design Buy Build

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Coatings, Sealants & Paints

Natural interiors with Osmo Wooden flooring remains both a stylish and practical solution for modern interiors, but requires a protective finish. Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood experts, provide a sustainable finish specifically formulated to combine perfect protection and creative design. One of the most attractive qualities of choosing wood for interior application is its unique and rustic appearance, making it essential to specify a finish that will not detract from this. Osmo’s Polyx-Oil wood finish is designed to accentuate the natural beauty of timber, retaining its organic appearance, while adding comprehensive protection from within. Polyx-Oil product is the ideal wood accompaniment, enhancing the material’s living characteristics without inhibiting any of its natural properties. For more information on Osmo’s range of eco-friendly wood finishing solutions, please visit –

Densoclad 70 Protects 1Km of Pipework in Brinefields Gas Area

One of Europe's main producers of impregnated foam sealants, ISO-Chemie, has achieved the coveted ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ are near completion of a contract to install 1 km of protected multi technical underground gas systems for gas storage in the Cheshire brine fields.

The move follows the implementation of an environmental management system which has been in place at ISO-Chemie for some time and was officially approved in March.

The coating selected was Winn & Coales Densoclad 70, this having been applied to ‘in situ’ field joint locations by the Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ organisation on erected pipework sections ranging from 2” to 30” Diameter.

Peter Thompson, ISO Chemie's UK general manager, said the company has long been committed to finding ways to improve the environment. He said: "We constantly look at smarter and more efficient ways of production, cutting waste and reducing carbon emissions, so gaining ISO 14001 is a natural progression for us. He added that the corporate environmental policy means ISO Chemie does not simply specify values, but also lives by them too. For further information Tel: 01207 566874 or visit – Enq. 114

Winn & Coales Densoclad 70 medium to heavy-duty tape is designed for anti-corrosion protection of medium and large diameter pipes, welded joints, bends and fittings, and is applied over Denso primer. The extremely tough PVC backing combined with polymer bitumen adhesive ensures complete protection and exceptional resistance to damage by impact, poor backfill or aggressive ground conditions. For further information Tel: 020 8670 7511 or visit: Enq. 115

Design Buy Build

Enq. 113

ISO-Chemie achieves ISO 14001 for environmental commitments


Enq. 116

Enq 304

DBB Enq No. 181 Web:

With the weather becoming more and more unpredictable each year, the damage being caused to exterior timber is at its worst. However, with the increase in people decorating their garden with decking, wooden garden furniture and a variety of decorative the right solution is of utmost importance. The dilemma for most landscape enthusiasts and property owners alike is which product to apply? A common frustration with many in some cases this can even happen within laborious task of removing or overlaying the longer than just one year! Thankfully there is a solution to this age old problem. Solid Colour Stain from Owatrol is a Professional Quality wood maintenance combination of a specially formulated acrylic

SCS into the timber, holding it there whilst allowing water to move in and out of the rays and provides a long lasting protection colours and samples are available at a minimal cost to allow you to test and ensure that you get the colour you desire. Solid Colour Stain and all Owatrol solutions can website; and we will deliver the goods to you on a next day delivery. For a colour chart or to order samples please call

Enq 305

Enq 306

Travertine Dream House Architect: Design Location: Serangoon, Singapore Design Team: Robin Tan Cecil Chee Sean Zheng Photographs: Jeremy San

The client’s brief for this house was simple. Functionally, to maximize usable area and to incorporate greenery. Aesthetically, to use travertine during his travels, so too would travertine express this house. The house is organised as two parallel blocks connected by a glass enclosed bridge. The separation between the two blocks allows daylight to stream down to basement spaces. Thick travertine walls and large overhangs are placed on the western side to limit heat gain from the harsh afternoon sun. The entry, living spaces and bedrooms are arranged longitudinally to take advantage of natural cross ventilation and daylight. the four storied house has one level sunk into the ground and the other three set away from the access road. To accommodate as much green and ‘blue’ space as possible, the gardens and water bodies are spread throughout the house. The living pond. The basement’s entertainment and guest rooms are open to the sky, with natural light and ventilation coming through a sunken moss garden garden.

Wallflower Architecture + Design The arrival experience is orchestrated by several layers of travertine wall that suggest a tenuous threshold between the outside and the inside. The detailing is deliberately minimal and precise to enhance the simplicity of the massing and the juxtaposition of solidity and transparency. The narrow blocks that house the living area, the thick stone cladding, multiple levels of gardens and water bodies ensure that the house remains cool in the tropical environment, well ventilated and washed in soft daylight. The three dimensional composition of voids, layers and solids creates spaces interaction, something for each mood and moment.

Enq 307

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Doors, Windows & Fittings

tesa makes sure sound is no barrier for IAC tesa® ACXplus, a future-oriented double sided tape from tesa, has been used by IAC Acoustics to provide high performance constructive bonding on a range of acoustic panels and doors. Assessing tesa ACXplus 7074’s bonding power involved extensive testing on mock panels / doors and different lengths, thicknesses and widths of stiffener. The test specimens were heat cured at ‘actual’ temperatures and hung in different positions and sequences for varying lengths of time, with the result that product performance was positively signed off. Bonding was found to be effective and as strong as spot welds, while the steps involved in production were minimised and the potential for significant time savings could be seen. With multiple units in production each week, in making the switch to tesa ACXplus, IAC is benefitting from time savings amounting to over 50 hours a month. For further information visit –

Design Buy Build

Enq. 117


The Cheesegrater gets some help from Roto

The Emerald Cornwall – the UK’s first zero carbon holiday accommodation

The Cheesegrater named after its address, 122 Leadenhall Street, details at This brand new skyscraper is being built right opposite the iconic Lloyd’s of London building.

Former oil industry man, Tim Kemp and his wife Brigitte, had a dream to build a zero carbon luxury retreat in Cornwall – and this dream came true just a few weeks ago when as “eco warriors” they opened The Emerald for business.

It’s designed by the same architect, Richard Rogers, the man who also gave you the 02 Arena (or, at the time he designed it, the Millennium Dome). The windows of the Cheesegrater needed a bit of clever thinking. They’re inclined inwards at 10 degrees. Of course, Tilt & Turn hardware is generally intended for use on installations that stand vertically Roto engineers have designed and manufactured bespoke hinges especially for this project, and they form part of a dedicated hardware specification based on the ALU T540 system. Are you on Twitter? We are too - follow us @RotoFrank. also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Enq. 118

Believed to be the first ever Zero Carbon holiday accommodation in the UK, The Emerald provides a peaceful haven for families and for couples. The luxury suites which are selfcatering feature sliding patio doors opening on to private balconies and patios. The buildings are timber clad, with the interiors offering the ultimate in finishes and facilities. NorDan the Scandinavian window and door manufacturer supplied the low u-value high performance timber windows through their distributor CG Facades Ltd, in Exeter. The products which met the requirements from NorDan are timber windows factory finished inside and out, from the Ntech 0.7 range and patio doors at 0.9 w/m2K. For further information visit – Enq. 119

Enq. 120

Hörmann sectional garage doors the first with Secured by Design accreditation Hörmann automatic sectional garage doors have achieved another first by gaining Secured by Design status. The accreditation applies to the combination of Hörmann insulated or solid timber sectional doors with the Series 3 ProMatic or SupraMatic operators. The double skinned, insulated EPU and LPU doors both feature solid, CFC free polyurethane insulation that adds strength and rigidity to the door. With the EPU door the insulation is 42mm thick at the joints between sections and 20mm thick across each panel. For the LPU door this insulation is a constant 42mm thick, leading to even better thermal values. The LTH solid timber doors are offered in a number of styles as well as the opportunity to have your own design created by Hörmann. These doors can be ordered in either Nordic Pine or Hemlock. Secured by Design accreditation applies to these door styles when combined

with the latest ProMatic and SupraMatic operators which both feature a mechanical lock. This unique automatic latching system makes it almost impossible to lever these doors open, and as it is a purely mechanical system it remains fully functional even in the event of a power failure. An additional security feature of the latest operators is the Hörmann BiSecur system. This two-way communication between the hand transmitter and operator uses FM radio signals that rely on the same 128 bit encryption used for online banking. Not only does this system make the transmitters more secure but also means that the signal is more reliable while extending operating distances. Another benefit of the system is that it includes a remote status query. A simple push of a button will tell you whether an out of sight door is open or closed. As well as meeting the demands for security, style and design Hörmann sectional doors are made to measure. An

in-house cut down service, for both width and height, ensures that the complete door has a full factory finish to ensure its long service life. A wide range of styles colours and even bespoke timber designs ensure that there are doors to suit any home or project and offer the peace of mind that Secured by Design status provides.

For more information visit or call 01530 516888 Enq 308

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Doors, Windows & Fittings Cheshire based folding and sliding door manufacturer

Vufold says it has solved a problem created by open plan living designs with its new range of Inspire doors. There has been lots of comment about the demise in favour of the open plan style for living spaces. The problems do not arise until a family has lived in an open plan space for some years. At first the design suits everyone, but as children get older, and parents mature there is a need for private spaces that open plan does not afford. Vufold may just have the answer with our new Inspire range. Inspire is a totally new and unique concept in internal folding doors and room dividers. It offers simplicity, flexibility and impressive good looks which simply aren't available from any other manufacturer or product of this type. Doors and frames are an engineered wood construction for additional stability and the top to bottom glass allows light to flood between your rooms when closed. To see the very latest in room dividers click this link here Enq. 122

Design Buy Build

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Enq. 123

Enq 309

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Doors, Windows & Fittings P C Henderson enables independent college to open its doors to further education P C Henderson’s Flexirol has been installed in a new beautifully designed woodland kitchen and classroom for students and visitors of the Ruskin Mill College, Gloucestershire.

seating area to allow a classroom environment to be created. It carries birch faced, douglas fir lipped doors with unusual vision panels. This system provides flexibility to create multiple possible layouts.”

The eco building, designed in a ‘snail shell’ framework, will enable the college to serve lunches for up to 100 students and staff working on the farm and woodlands and provide training opportunities for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The Flexirol range is suitable for heavy interior or exterior aluminium and timber doors but still allows movement making it ideal for partitions, shop fronts and conference centres like the Ruskin Mill project.

Janine Christley, Director of Fundraising said: “During festivals, conferences and special events we will be using the kitchen to serve food and drink to the public. The new doors help create a warm and welcoming entrance to the building.”

Ruskin Mill College is an independent specialist further education college based in Gloucestershire and part of the Ruskin Mill Trust. It provides residential education for 16-25 year olds from all over the UK with severe learning difficulties, including autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and developmental delay. The college is located on a 120 acre campus with much of the educational curriculum based in the landscape, through the farm, fish farm, woodlands and market gardens. The kitchen will be a vital facility to provide not only a nourishing lunch but a warm shelter from the weather during winter.

The Flexirol Interior Endfold folding hardware system from P C Henderson helps create an even more welcoming environment with ability to fold completely open in summer and create an indoor / outdoor experience. The system is suitable for heavy doors and in this case suits the beautiful timber of the eco-designed unique place of learning. The structure has a turf roof, timber frame and will include low impacting technologies such as a grey water system, energy efficient heating and rainwater harvesting. John Ramsden, Director, JR Building, shared his experience of installing the hardware: “The Flexirol Interior Endfold is being used to help divide the

P C Henderson has long been acknowledged as the world leader in the design and manufacture of Sliding Gear Systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications involving sliding doors.

For further information visit –

Design Buy Build

Enq. 124


Enq. 125



Independently solar powered operated by remote control or with the swipe of a finger. Choice of slats available in a wide range of colours including the NEW S159.

Direct fax for quotations: 0113 201 6780

CLEVER. COLOURFUL. CREATIVE. Tel: 0113 277 8722 Email:

To find out why you should offer your customers Uni-Blinds速 integral blinds, call us now or scan the QR code opposite.


Enq 310

Morley Glass & Glazing Limited, Unit 27, Millshaw Park Industrial Estate, Millshaw Park Drive, Leeds LS11 0LU

A £35 million renovation and redevelopment at the seat of local government in Derby has seen The Council House achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating in addition to an Energy Performance Certificate ‘A’ Rating. Located in the centre of the city, redevelopment of the over 70 year old building over the past two years has seen it transformed into an impressive, modern and energy-efficient headquarters facility. Utilising Reynaers aluminium systems throughout for the windows and curtain walling the development, designed by architects Corstorphine and Wright, Warwick, also incorporates a hydro electric scheme linked to the adjacent River Derwent that supplies electricity to the building. To further enhance the insulation levels Reynaers CS 24-SL windows are used throughout. A three-chamber, thermally insulated system, ideal for new build and renovation alike, they offer slim exterior contours and glazing beads making them a popular choice for renovation projects often being used to replace steel framed windows. Incorporating enhanced insulation levels, utilising fibreglass reinforced polyamide insulation, they help improve the energy rating of a building, while blending in with the original style. Slim design makes the system extremely suitable for matching Georgian style window design frequently used for local government offices. Enq 311 |

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Drainage & Plumbing

Rainline from Lindab – Rainwater drainage solutions in steel Rainline is a galvanised steel rain drainage solution that due to its high performance capabilities and eco-friendly properties is rapidly becoming the system of choice for many Architects, Specifiers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and House Builders. Rainline is the only system on the market that offers: a meaningful 20 year “finish” guarantee, stylish design, low maintenance, ten colour options, minimal thermal movement, unique ‘click and fit’ installation and excellent value for money. High build polyester paint is applied to the coils of steel pre manufacture to give a fade free, scratch resistant no maintenance coated finish. Also available in plain galvanised, Aluzinc and pure copper. Available in a range of sizes makes it suitable for domestic and commercial properties. For further information call 0121 585 2780 or visit our website

Enq. 126

Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. devised and supplied the rainwater harvesting scheme on a social housing development in Cheltenham for Markey Construction. The inclusion of the rainwater harvesting enabled the client, Cottsway Housing Association, to achieve Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The system is designed around a single 18,000-litre tank supplying all 13 properties on the site. The harvested water is pumped to a small individual header tank in each dwelling. The header tanks are designed to always take water from the rainwater store as long as it is available, but will then automatically revert to running from mains water if needed. The central controls for the system are securely housed within an external, insulated and lockable enclosure and run from the landlords’ power supply. This provides an ideal solution for such a situation, as each property has its own independent back-up from the mains water supply, the header tanks require no power, and the controls are tamper-proof and are only accessed by the landlord or the maintenance contractor. For further information visit – Enq. 127

Complete rainwater solutions systems from Graf Oral Ltd is a subsidiary of a German company - Otto Oral GmbH, a family run business with 50 years' experience in Rainwater Harvesting products, operating in 65 countries Worldwide with manufacturing plants in Germany, France, & Australia. Oral specialize in Rainwater Harvesting offering above & below ground tanks from 10OO to 100,000 litres, with systems for domestic & commercial applications. Within the product range there is fully integrated solutions to harvest rainwater for toilets, washing machines, vehicle washing as well as garden packages. Graf have unique products such as the Platin, a flat tank where there is no need for deep excavations, reduction in installation time, disposal of spoil, no concrete, thereby saving time and reducing costs. For further information visit – T.01795 43 27 00

Enq. 128

Design Buy Build

Enq. 129


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Editor’s Choice

Knauf AMF joins the National BIM Library Knauf AMF became the first suspended ceilings manufacturer to have a range of products listed in the NBS National BIM Library, the free online resource that enables construction professionals to locate and download generic and proprietary BIM objects. Knauf AMF worked with RIBA Insight to have a selection of its products authored as data rich BIM objects. These combine performance, acoustics, fire rating, and many other parameters, with physical geometric attributes in digital form. BIM objects are created in IFC format, as well as the industry’s leading 3D CAD formats. Knauf AMF has 10 products listed as BIM objects, including Thermatex Fine Stratos, Thermatex Acoustic and Thermatex Aquatec, alongside new Heradesign Superfine with its exquisite surface structure, high impact resistance and outstanding sound absorption. Visit – to view Knauf AMF’s full profile.

Pilkington PlanarT in situ at The Box Moor Trust Centre, Hertfordshire

The latest innovative window system to come from Halo - a highly-specified brand of The VEKA UK Group - has been hailed as an innovation in heritage fenestration applications.

The Box Moor Trust, a charitable organisation dedicated to the upkeep of open spaces in the stunning Hertfordshire countryside, recently chose Pilkington PlanarT for its new Centre. Pilkington PlanarT was installed in conjunction with Pilkington SuncoolT and Pilkington OptifloatT for the atrium of the new building.

The newly-unveiled FlushSash has been designed to sit flush within its frame and mirrors the elegant window styles of the 19th Century, making it perfect for heritage and conservation projects. Yet, however traditional this window may look, it offers deceptively modern performance. Perfect for heritage applications, the FlushSash will provide a cost-effective solution to a range of problems associated with historic homes. Energy-efficient, five-chamber PVC-U frames with double or triple glazing will ensure period properties are more weatherproof and draughtproof. For more information call 01282 716611 or email with ‘FlushSash’ as the email title. Enq. 131

The Box Moor Trust wanted a design that would add not just more space, but more light to the Centre too. As a result of this the surveyors wanted to create a more light filled space so Pilkington PlanarT was specified as the basis for the walls and roof of the new, two-storey atrium. Offering unrivalled stability and safety, the toughened product enables architects to construct entire structures out of glass; offering a high level of flexibility and helping create an attractive working environment. Enq. 132

Design Buy Build

Enq. 130

Halo's FlushSash offers classic style with modern performance


Enq. 133

Enq. 134

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Editor’s Choice

Enq. 135

Enq. 136

Schöck was the supplier of structural thermal break products to the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Village for the London 2012 Games. In the Olympic Village alone there were around 10,000 thermally broken structural connections. For podium slabs and pre-cast balcony applications the Isokorb type K, for concrete-to-concrete connectivity was used. Types KST, QP and Schöck SLD dowels combined to secure the winter garden balconies. Types KS14 and KS20 for steel-to-concrete, provided the solution for connecting the various concrete frames to steel balconies. At ground and first floor levels enormous quantities of type K concrete-to-concrete units were required for large slab sections. The Aquatics Centre was also a challenge. It is a huge building with a 3,200 tonne steel roof; and thermal breaks had to provide cantilever connectivity around the perimeter. The load cases included positive and negative moments, and a supported steel structure, so the configuration used two KST-QST22 units per connection.

For your free copy of the extensive Schöck Specifiers Guide and / or the Technical Guide contact the company on – 01865 290 890 or visit Enq. 137

Design Buy Build

With steel having a relatively high thermal conductivity, product performance integrity had to be assured. Schöck turned to the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, for endorsement. A surface temperature factor (fRsi) analysis was carried out and the result was a highly effective 0.82 for the thermal bridge in this case. Prior to the Olympic contracts being placed, the principal contractor, Lend Lease, needed to satisfy themselves that Schöck could meet the demands set by the stringent Olympic quality and delivery standards. After a rigorous inspection of the production facility at Baden-Baden, in Southern Germany, they were left in no doubt that Schöck’s manufacturing and support services were capable and totally committed to the project.


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Editor’s Choice

Armstrong equip laundry in secure young people’s centre

ANCON Updates Technical Literature with CE Mark

New literature extols benefits of Hemcrete Projects’ offsite building systems

The Aycliffe Young People’s Centre provides high quality, specialist secure accommodation for up to 42 young people between the ages of 11 and 17, most of whom have complex problems and need intensive support to turn their lives around. The unit incorporates a central laundry which handles all the bed linen, towels, kitchen clothes etc and which was equipped by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems with two Primus FS13/3 washer extractors, each with a capacity of 13kg, and two Huebsch 16kg tumble dryers.

Stainless steel fixings specialist, Ancon Building Products, has updated its technical literature to highlight the products that now carry CE Marking under the Construction Products Regulation. The new Ancon publications, which can now be downloaded from, or are available in hard copy on request, are ‘Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings‘, ‘Masonry Support Systems and Lintels’, ‘Windposts and Parapet Posts’ and ‘Tension and Compression Systems’. As well as providing an introduction to the new regulation, the updated literature uses the CE logo throughout to help readers identify immediately those products designed, tested and manufactured to a harmonised European Standard or European Technical Approval. New literature is now available: and in hard copy by contacting Ancon on 0114 275 5224 or emailing

Hemcrete Projects – part of the Lime Technology Group – has produced two bespoke literature pieces in support of its innovative and advanced, low-carbon prefabricated building systems – Hembuild® and Hemclad®.

Dorothy Powell, Facilities and Support Services Manager for the centre, told us that the central laundry is operated by two domestic staff and is generally running three to four hours a day. Dorothy told us. “It’s easy to use and I don’t think we’ve had to call Armstrong out at all since it opened.” For further information

Enq. 139

Available in printed format or as downloadable pdfs at, the literature serves to detail the key system benefits of the Hembuild® and Hemclad® building systems. Enq. 140

Design Buy Build

Enq. 138

Coinciding with the success that Hemcrete Projects’ has enjoyed across a number of industry awards recently, the new six-page brochures have been produced to detail the suitability of the systems for either the self-build or commercial offsite sectors. Hembuild® is a structural wall panel system that is used in low-rise buildings. Hemclad® is the cladding version of Hembuild® and is used alongside a primary structural frame for larger commercial buildings.


Enq. 141

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Page 29

Editor’s Choice Hunter Ceiling Fans

Photo © Belinda Lawley

A Hunter ceiling fan is stylish, comfortable and energy saving. It can provide a valuable point of interest in a room. Suitable for the home, office, restaurant or anywhere that a fresh gentle breeze is needed. In winter by running in reverse they will make big heating savings. Available in over 40 models. The Hunter Fan Company Ltd.

01256 636 509

Enq. 142

Home heating controls for the internet age

Making water sculpture safe

2 Save Energy Ltd, manufacturer of OWL, the UK’s premium brand of home energy monitors, has just introduced a totally new range of Smart Heating Controls. For new and retrofit installations it means home owners can programme and operate their heating and hot water settings from any PC, laptop, tablet – even their smartphone – and from wherever they happen to be.

Heronrib barefoot matting from Plastic Extruders Ltd is keeping visitors safe as they experience the innovative ‘Appearing Rooms’ water fountain sculpture by Danish artist Jeppe Hein outside the Southbank Centre in London. This innovative mix of architecture and sculpture, which creates rooms via thin jets of water, is a huge hit with both children and adults alike.

With any Internet connection home owners can login to OWL’s proprietary software platform. They can then control and adjust their heating and hot water settings with a clear, easy-to-use web dashboard. There are numerous benefits of such an Internet based system to the home owner. The ‘payback’ for the home owner can be less than 12 months.

The safety matting was commissioned directly by Southbank Centre after earlier experience with Heronrib matting proved very effective in this high pedestrian traffic area. An important benefit is that the matting is impregnated with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives which make it hygienic for bare feet as it reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

If you are interested in selling the new OWL Intuition Smart Heating Control products talk to the company on: 01256 383430, with more information on their website at

Enq. 143

Heronrib matting’s embossed surface is warm, comfortable and slip resistant, which minimises the risks associated with walking on floors that can be very slippery when wet. For samples, information and Performance Certificates Tel: 01268 571116 or visit Enq. 144

Trendsetting Industrial style

With the trend for utilitarian interior design taking hold, Solus Ceramics introduces the stylish Replicate range, a concrete inspired floor and wall tile that embodies a modern industrial aesthetic. Replicate is influenced by urban architectural trends and industrial landscapes, and features nine contemporary colours including raw greys and rustic browns. The range reflects the patterns, colours and irregularities that appear in polished concrete and also display variations that look similar to flaking plaster. Some of the tiles have also been designed to evoke oxidized metal, presenting a chic rusted finish.

Design Buy Build

In addition the range also includes an interesting option that features fractured images of beautiful flowers within the stone. Perfect for creating a contemporary but distressed design, Replicate is available in a number of large format sizes, which can be used to create flowing uninterrupted floor and wall spaces: plank shaped ‘floorboard’ style pieces and standard sizes. Tel: 0121 753 0777 E: or visit – Enq. 145

Enq. 146


Trust the all NEW F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Stopgap 1200 Pro for Minimum Preparation… Maximum Performance… Guaranteed! 01538 361 633 Enq 312

When F. Ball look toward the development of a new product, or range of products, their initial remit is always with the UK’s community of Contract Flooring Professionals’ requirements in mind. Ever vigilant and responsive, the F. Ball team make a point of listening to the troops at the front line… after all, they understand exactly what is required, not to simply deliver the guaranteed perfect finish, but to make the contractor’s life easier and their projects more profitable. With this in mind, the F. Ball team of chemists recently turned their attention to developing and creating an ALL NEW product to complement the already extensive F. Ball High Stopgap Performance range of Underlayments, and so in May this year, the NEW Stopgap 1200 PRO, with its distinctive and instantly recognisable livery, entered the marketplace to a universal reception, with demand exceeding all expectations. Contract Flooring PROfessionals had been waiting for a smoothing underlayment that can deliver Guaranteed Optimum Performance when applied over old adhesive residues. Now widely available from over 120 outlets this technically superior product, that, put quite simply, ‘out-shines and out-performs’ and is ‘more cost effective’ than its closest rivals, is definitely Here To Stay! If you’ve not already heard the ‘Industry Buzz’, Stopgap 1200 Pro is THE NEW ‘Must Have’ Smoothing Underlayment for the Contract Flooring PROfessional. It is formulated to guarantee delivery of a successful flooring installation where residual contamination of old adhesive is an issue, without the costly and time consuming task of removing all adhesive residues, and in most cases, without priming!

Competition is Good for the Flooring Industry and Good for You!

As with any competitive environment, research and development is a necessary process to deliver optimum performance results, and within the Contract Flooring Industry F. Ball continue to reach beyond the horizon, ever searching for greater improvements to make their product range even better. The F. Ball Team firmly believe that ‘resting on one’s laurels’ is not an option, and the only way to stay one step ahead is to continually strive to be the best by moving forwards. By combining the very latest cement technologies, the F. Ball team created this Latex-Free AND Ammonia Free, Self-Smoothing

Underlayment that achieves very fast setting and drying times when used for preparing sound internal subfloors. With a working time of 20 minutes and a walk-on time of one hour, Stopgap 1200 Pro can be ready to receive new floorcoverings from only four hours. It is protein free making it suitable for use in clinical and biologically sensitive areas such as hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms etc. and is also approved for use in marine application by Det Norske Veritas. Stopgap 1200 Pro remains unaffected by moisture and can even be applied over damp, clean, uneven concrete and sand/cement screeds, prior to application of Stopgap Waterproof Surface Membranes or Stopgap Isolator Membrane. This amazing product is also low odour and can be used over a range of subfloors and is even suitable for patch filling of timber floors prior to overlaying with plywood and can be applied ‘unfilled’ to a maximum thickness of 10mm, or ‘filled’ with a graded aggregate for applications of up to 30mm, making it the perfect choice for today’s Contract Flooring PROfessional who needs a reliable and guaranteed solution to challenging flooring projects.

Available now throughout the UK in 20kg Bags and 5ltr Bottles, sporting its Unique F. Ball livery, F. Ball’s Stopgap 1200 Pro is proving to be more cost effective than any other product currently available! At last there is a WINNING ALTERNATIVE that does not compromise on quality or performance and is better value for money. So if you haven’t yet tried F. Ball’s ALL NEW Stopgap 1200PRO you could be missing out on the best thing to happen to the Contract Flooring Industry in years!



services to have more time, thus limiting the damage.

Products Regulation (CPR).

FINSA range of woodbased FR panels is the most comprehensive product line available in the UK market. The wide array of FR solutions that FINSA offers includes raw particleboard Fimapan, MDF Fibrapan, structural panels Superpan Tech, melamine faced boards Fimaplast and Fibraplast, lightweight Greenpanel (a unique product that combines strength, lightweight and FR resistance, functionality and aesthetics. FINSA FR products have been chosen by architects, designers and builders worldwide in public buildings, hospitals and

main warehouse as to ensure a prompt delivery to every customer.

Enq 313

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Floors & Flooring

Altro floors and walls help create BREEAM ‘outstanding’ Co-Op headquarters Altro floors and walls have been installed in the Co-operative Group’s new £100m beehive-inspired headquarters in Manchester, helping to create one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in Europe. Designed by architect 3D Reid and built by BAM Construction, the structure uses a range of energyefficient features, ranging from a trio of giant earth tubes to a ventilated double-skin glass façade. These have helped the new Co-op building achieve the highest BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ score of any UK office. Altro flooring and walling products can contribute towards a BREEAM assessment via the materials category, with many achieving the top A+ rating. All Altro safety flooring is 100% recyclable pre-installation, with some being 100% recyclable post-use. Altro safety flooring contains post-consumer waste as an integral raw material. About Altro – Enq. 147

John Boddy Timber !




Flooring Accessories specialist Dural UK Ltd –

Profiles, architraves, skirting & cladding. Ex-stock and to customer design. Solid hardwood flooring & engineered flooring in a range of hardwoods. Finishing service available for our floors including special effects such as burnished, limed and fumed and handcrafted. Solid hardwood internal batten door kits, in oak, walnut & tulipwood.


Oak beams, scantlings and joinery timber.


Expert advice available for all sizes projects.


Over 77 years timber experience in the trade.


Hardwood products manufactured on site.


Delivery nationwide.

For more information call sales on: 01423 320204/214

Enq. 148

are continually updating their range of products and inventing new and better solutions that are both technically and visually exciting. They have been providing the perfect finish for all types of flooring since 1981 and all their products are at the cutting edge of design. Dural Movement Joint Profiles can cope with heavy stresses and distribute them evenly between the foundation and floor covering. At the same time, they can prevent conduction of noise from footfall and other bodies. Even floors subject to heavy stresses remain in better condition for longer when Dural Movement Joint Profiles are specified. For a high class finish the Dural Coloured Movement Joint Profile gives a room a seamless designer look. The Coloured Movement Joints have been the choice of specifiers for years on prestigious projects including many leading automotive brands, (Ford, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen). For more information on Dural and their products visit their website Enq. 149

Sika Flooring finds a new Ideal Home

Design Buy Build

Sika – a global leader in technologically advanced products for the construction industry – has supplied its ComfortFloor system for the innovative and high-end refurbishment of a Victorian house in Surbiton, Greater London.


Combining noise suppression and durability with a flawless finish, Sika ComfortFloor proved to be the ideal solution – meeting the client’s aesthetic requirements, whilst delivering a hard-wearing system that guarantees outstanding long term performance. With this excellent technical and aesthetic solution, Sika helped to create a flooring system that also blended seamlessly between the building’s kitchen and outdoor patio space. As well as ease of maintenance for the homeowner, the seamless Sika system offered toughness, durability and an increased life expectancy – in line with Sika’s commitment to integrating sustainability into its research and development strategy, production processes and entire product range. Appointed to create a new floor for the kitchen extension, residential and commercial flooring specialist Chasingspace prepared and primed the floor using Sikafloor 161 – a two part, low viscosity

epoxy resin primer. A layer of Sikafloor 330 was then applied to regulate and level the surface before a sealer layer of Sikafloor 305W, completing the total system thickness of just 2mm. “The project was of a very high standard in terms of both structural and interior design,” said Jonathan Rea, CEO of Chasingspace. “As with all of our flooring projects, we set a very high standard of workmanship, which met the client’s exact requirements perfectly. Applied to the new kitchen area, we continued the Sika ComfortFloor application onto the patio outside to achieve a full ‘inside out’ specification.” “Sika products are some of the best I have worked with,” added Jonathan Rea, “and such is our faith in the Sika range of products and our ability to use them as Sika intended – we also offered the client a full five year guarantee.” Available in a range of colours to meet numerous aesthetic requirements, the decorative and durable

system is weather and abrasion resistant ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Perfect for applications where exceptional hygiene standards are vital – it can provide a seamless solution for food preparation areas, commercial kitchens, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Combining innovation in product development, the highest standards of manufacturing and technical expertise, Sika’s comprehensive range of flooring solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications will meet and exceed client expectations, industry best practices, and building regulations and legislation. The careful and considered choice of products perfectly demonstrates how the Sika ComfortFloor system can help deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions, with an efficient installation process suitable for the most challenging and innovative domestic renovation and refurbishment projects.

For further information on Sika’s range of products visit – or for general enquiries including technical, on or off site support, please call 0800 1123863. Enq. 150

emco ECOLINE® PIONEER The entrance mat to keep re-inventing itself. As the market leader in the field of customised entrance barrier matting systems ECOLINE® PIONEER innovation, the company is now leading in the areas of sustainability and eco-effectiveness – In the perpetual Cradle to Cradle® cycle, emco ECOLINE® PIONEER combines new and recycled components. Pioneer is a heavy contract entrance mat. BASIC


Enq 314

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Floors & Flooring


Products, Solutions and Service Package – from Permaflor

James Latham has bolstered its already extensive solid and engineered Bausen flooring portfolio with the addition of ‘1757’, a contemporary range of ‘aged’ Oak engineered boards with broken edges, a distressed top layer and no bevel.

As a leading manufacturer of raised access flooring systems, Permaflor’s experienced Technical Services Team offers detailed product advice, backed by bespoke Callidus floor plan design and technical specifications for individual projects.

As architects and interior designers in both the commercial and residential sectors look for a real wood flooring option that delivers an instant sense of history and ‘aged charm’ to their projects, 1757 offers the perfect solution. For more advice on flooring matters please Phone; 0800 917 7056, Fax: 01708 25238 Email: or click on:

Enq. 151

Handling thousands of calls every year from architects, specifiers and contractors, Permaflor offers a comprehensive technical advice service and has built excellent relationships with architects, as well as many flooring contractors, installers and facilities managers to design and manufacture solutions for their bespoke flooring requirements. Older buildings frequently present situations where the access floor system is basically sound, yet requires upgrading or extending. Permaflor produces bespoke panels and pedestals to match any legacy system. For more information please call 01432 347 709 email: or visit Enq. 152

UZIN product used to install new kitchen at Nottingham City Hospital

Design Buy Build

UZIN products were used to install safety flooring within the kitchen at the Nottingham City Hospital. The project was extremely complex and very problematic because extensive remedial work was required. Several different types of old floor coverings had to be removed from the old kitchen floor, revealing multiple substrates with latex residues. With such a complicated and challenging project the flooring contractor chose an UZIN system due to their extensive experience and expertise when working with technical demanding projects. The innovative repair system, combining several high quality UZIN products ensured the project was completed without any difficulties.


The hospital is also committed to providing the highest standards of health care, so required an environmentally friendly and low emission solution for the refurbishment. UZIN products were therefore used to keep emissions to a minimum. A combination of UZIN PE 460 damp proof membrane, UZIN NC 160 smoothing compound and UZIN RR 201 repair mesh were first used to damp proof and repair the substrate. The safety flooring was then installed using UZIN KR 430 adhesive, which has an EC1 Plus accolade for very low emissions. For further information visit – pr call: 01788 530 080 Enq. 154

Altro walks the walk of champions St John’s Primary School in Kent has a bold and colourful new entrance area and corridor created using Altro XpressLayTM safety flooring, originally laid at the 2012 Olympics venues. As the supplier of flooring to the London 2012 Games, Altro was the only PVC manufacturer of safety floor approved for use at the Games. London 2012 was the most sustainable Olympic Games in history and Altro supplied a total of 50,000m2 of safety flooring to the Games – enough to completely wrap the Olympic Stadium. Re-use of the flooring has been possible as Altro XpressLay is the world’s first ever adhesive-free safety floor that can be taken up easily post-installation for re-use or recycling. The entrance to St John’s Primary now features coloured circles that replicate the famous Olympic rings with the words ‘Corridor of Champions’ in the centre. For further information call 01462 489516 or visit –

Enq. 153

Remmers Provide Anti-Slip Protection at Snowdome.

Having previously provided flooring solutions for the Snowdome, Remmers were again contacted to provide a flooring system to the newly refurbished ski hire centre. The client required a seamless, hard wearing non slip surface that was easy to maintain. 600m2 of Remmers Floormix DQ was installed to the wash bays and toilets, locker and changing areas as well as the open staircase leading in from the main foyer area. The DQ System was also applied to the insitu coving and full wall height rendering in the wash bay area. As a tight installation schedule was in place, fast curing resins were used where possible. Tel: 0845 373 0103 Fax: 0845 373 0104 or visit: Enq. 155

Forbo plays it safe and sound with Surestep Wood Decibel Providing R10 slip resistance underfoot and 17dB impact sound reduction, Forbo’s Surestep Wood Decibel range presents a desirable flooring option for projects with multiple application areas. For specifiers and end users alike, the enhanced range can be considered as both an acoustic and safety flooring solution – working perfectly as part of an integrated flooring design. Unlike traditional safety flooring ranges, Surestep Wood Decibel is also the first multiple width safety floor - uniquely available in 2, 3 and 4m widths – suiting a wide range of applications. Thanks to the floor covering’s dimensional stability, areas of up to 20m2 in residential locations can be loose laid, helping to reduce the overall cost of installation. In larger commercial installations, the availability of different widths means that welding requirements may be substantially reduced saving time and money. Incorporating aluminium oxide particles in its wear layer to provide sustainable slip resistance and maintain the clarity of design, Surestep Wood Decibel meets both the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) requirements. The product also features a PUR Pearl finish that ensures an easy to clean surface, requiring a simple cleaning and maintenance regime and keeping costs to a minimum. Surestep Wood Decibel now offers twelve different wood choices including two new modern all-over wood designs. Seven of the popular colourways have been specifically designed to match the design effects available in the standard Surestep Wood range, allowing for a totally consistent appearance and safety rating to be achieved across areas of a building which might have different acoustic requirements. Paul Rogers, Technical Specification Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems comments: “Where there are multiple application areas, specifiers and end users should never need to compromise on performance. Choosing a reputable manufacturer with the capability to combine different attributes into one effective flooring solution will ensure peace of mind in every way. “Forbo has over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of acoustic floor coverings and a long standing history in the manufacture of HSE compliant safety flooring which offers best in class performance. As a result, customers can be confident that Surestep Wood Decibel will enable them to achieve reassuringly safe, quiet and aesthetically attractive interiors in a wide range of commercial, education, healthcare and retail applications.”

For more information: call 0844 822 3928, email or visit Enq 315

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Floors & Flooring

A Unique Solution to Service Riser Vents from Step on Safety

Harlequin Liberty springs into action at ‘Can You Dance?’

Sydney Dance Company is a three-time winner at Australian Dance Awards

Service riser openings in buildings have long been the bane of the construction industry, as it is often unclear whether they are the responsibility of the main contractor or the mechanical/electrical contractor.

Harlequin Floors has been involved in showcasing UK talent by supplying two Liberty sprung floor panels to 'Can You Dance?', an event in Nottingham, Norwich and Leeds that saw hundreds of dancers train with professionals and show off their skills on stage. The Liberty sprung floor ensured that dancers of all genres and abilities could take part in the event, due to its versatile nature and high-performance ability.

Held on August 5th 2013, the Australian Dance Awards sponsored by Harlequin Floors proved a huge success for the internationally acclaimed Sydney Dance Company when its ‘2 One Another’ work scooped a hat-trick of prizes.

Now, however, that no longer needs to be the case. Anti-slip flooring specialists Step on Safety, the UK's fastest growing anti-slip flooring company, has developed Riserdeck™, a unique lightweight riser floor system that uses the latest in durable and corrosion-resistant composite materials, with high strength, anti-slip GRP open mesh flooring, which can be supplied complete with a complementary GRP profiled support system. The flexibility of the programme delivers opportunities for supreme safety. For more information please visit Tel: 01206 396446. Enq. 156

Harlequin Liberty is a sprung floor panel system designed for permanent or semi-permanent and portable applications. The panels are laid in brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor and are connected by a rounded tongue and groove, secured in place with Harlequin Floors’“one turn of the key” latch and lock mechanism. The sprung floor can be used in conjunction with most Harlequin surface finishes. For further information visit:

Enq. 157

"Harlequin Floors was delighted to once again sponsor this amazing event,” commented Mark Rasmussen, Group Marketing Manager for Harlequin Floors. “The evening provided an ideal showcase for the most innovative and ground-breaking dance that Australia has to offer.” Since the inaugural Australian Dance Awards at the Sydney Opera House in 1997, it has grown to become one of the industry’s most anticipated nights of the year. Sponsored for the second year by Harlequin Floors. Pictured - Rafael Bonachela and dancers from Sydney Dance Company celebrate their third win of the evening. For further information visit:

Enq. 158

LEVATO MONO a next generation paver system Pavers comprised of a 20mm single layer of load-bearing porcelain stoneware, with incredible technical and aesthetic features.Self-levelling and height adjustable pedestals allow for rapid installation over uneven sub-surfaces and any waterproof membrane. Ideal for roof terraces, balconies and walkways Floating floor – installation over single ply membranes ! Eternal finish – massive over life savings ! Zero maintenance ! Completely non-porous; stain resistant ! Slip resistance; BS pendulum test up to +65 wet ! Lightweight – 45kgs per m2 ! Timber & stone effects – 30+ finishes available ! High load bearing- static load up to 1 tonne per paver ! Fire and frost-proof ! Height adjustable pedestal support system ! Hidden services with easy access ! !

Design Buy Build

t. 0845 2700 696 e.


Enq. 159

The Glazing Ombudsman Scheme (TGO) was established in 2011 following concerns rising from industry and government over the lack of any independent service supporting consumer complaints within the glazing sector. These concerns were compounded by the fact that Building Regulations and existing Competent Person Schemes did not cover the full range of glazing products. The scope of TGO covers the installation of all glazing products, i.e windows, doors, porches and conservatories as well as roofline products such as gutters, soffits and cladding. TGO has been independently assessed and accredited by the Ombudsman Association to ensure it meets their operating criteria, becoming a registered member in April 2012. Acceptance for Ombudsman Association membership is based upon meeting their rules and five key criteria; independence; effectiveness; fairness; openness & transparency and public accountability. A full list of approved Ombudsman is available at TGO is a Not for Profit company and is neither a regulator of the Industry nor a consumer guardian. It is independent, impartial and provides a FREE service to consumers. The purpose of TGO is to provide a binding result to a dispute between a consumer and a registered business without the costly involvement of the legal system. For companies, membership of TGO demonstrates commitment to quality & fairness and is also likely to satisfy the requirements for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADR) that are being introduce in early 2015. TGO has a Register of Businesses who operate in accordance with its Code of Practice, giving their customers confidence and peace of mind. To find a registered business in your area visit When the ombudsman investigates a complaint they can either uphold (find it in the favour of the person who has complained) or not uphold it (find that the organisation complained about has not behaved wrongly). If the complaint is upheld, the ombudsman can recommend a financial award of compensation of up to a maximum of ÂŁ25,000; although in practice this is likely to be much less. Acceptance of this award is full and final settlement of the dispute. Should a consumer choose to reject the award they may still take further action in County Court however the findings of the Ombudsman are likely to be considered by the court and could influence the outcome. The Glazing Ombudsman (TGO) offers a simple, hassle-free way to resolve a dispute concerning the installation of conservatories, windows, porches, doors and roofline products. If you would like more information about the Ombudsman please contact: The Glazing Ombudsman 54 Ayres Street London SE1 1EU Tel: 020 7397 7200 Email: Enq 316

Ecodan Brings Warmth and comfort to stylish, luxury homE

Lansberry Ltd, Hertfordshire-based specialists in bespoke developments, has created a stylish and sophisticated, 4-bedroomed bungalow which sits in 4 acres of greenbelt with incredible views of the surrounding valley. The stunning property has been designed to blend in with its agricultural setting, whilst keeping any impact on its environment to a minimum. Key to achieving these goals and to comply with strict regulations laid down in the Code for Sustainable Homes, was the use of a low carbon, sustainable technology. The property’s gabled structure has a steel frame design which incorporates glazed skylights for maximum natural light. The vaulted ceilings reaching up to the apex to maximise the feeling of space. Having built such a beautifully designed, state-of-the-art home, Lansberry wanted a low carbon, sustainable heating system that was in keeping with the property’s green credentials. kW Ecodan® air source heat pumps to provide heating and hot water to the property. Having designed a bespoke system for the luxury home the developer called in Herefordshire-based, renewable energy specialists, AOS Heating, to install it. “Heat pump technology is not new, in fact it’s been around for decades and has been used effectively in homes all over Europe,” said Lee Wildego, Contracts Manager for AOS Heating. “Mitsubishi Electric has advanced this technology with Ecodan and developed it into one of the most advanced and energy“If you are looking for low heating bills, care about your green credentials and don’t want to compromise on performance it’s The Ecodan air source heat pump harvests renewable, low grade, energy from the air and then upgrades that energy into a heat supply to provide cost-effective heating and hot water to the

The heat pump requires very little in the way of maintenance and Ecodan has a life-span of 15 to 20 years and offers the

Ecodan is also the only air source heat pump to have received the

and has been in steady decline ever since,” said Nick Barham,


and carbon reduction into every project we undertake to reduce the impact our developments have upon the landscapes in which “And as buyers become more environmentally aware, this

in softwood to resemble the character and appearance of a barn The windows are timber framed and internally the doors, skirts,

bills are actually 25% less than they would be if we used an

For Further Information:

Enq 317

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Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

Mass market to benefit from multi-purpose STYROFOAM insulation

Pre-plumbed Ecodan® cylinders ease operation and improve installation flexibility

A new multi-purpose insulation board from Dow Building Solutions is set to bring the advantages of STYROFOAM – excellent strength, moisture resistance and long term durability – to a wider audience.

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new line-up of pre-plumbed and pre-wired hot water cylinders, in both standard and solar configurations, with advanced controls that provide superior functionality and eases both operation and installation.

Now, new STYROFOAM 150-A has been added to the range to make the material more accessible to those working on smaller projects across the new build, refurbishment and self-build sectors. The multi-purpose boards are designed to help builders achieve U-values required by building regulations, and can be used in a variety of applications such as: floors, perimeters, walls (internal and external) and pitched roofs.

The hybrid capability enables existing premises with existing, high-carbon systems to benefit from renewable heating, and the cascade facility allows larger buildings and community heating schemes to take advantage of Ecodan’s award-winning performance. To request a brochure of obtain further information visit or call 01707 282880 Enq. 161

TROX has introduced its new X-FANS range of ventilation and smoke extraction products to the UK market and announces four new additions. TROX TLT axial, centrifugal, roof fans and duct installation fans are suitable for ventilation and smoke extraction in buildings such as airports, hotels, factories, offices, enclosed car parks and traffic systems. The four new product lines include: the X-FANS EC Roof Fan range for ventilation; the X-FANS Impulse Jet Fan range for smoke extraction from galleries; the X-FANS Jet Ventilation System for enclosed car parks; and the VDS Ventilator Diagnose System.

To find out more about TROX Products – Tel: 01842 754545 Fax: 01842 763051 E-Mail: Enq. 162

Design Buy Build

For details on stockists of STYROFOAM visit For advice on calculating U-values and selecting appropriate STYROFOAM products for the task, contact the Dow Building Solutions tech desk on 08707 104 553 or Enq. 160

Fast on-site commissioning is now available via a preprogrammed SD card and both cylinders offer a hybrid function, for use with conventional boilers and a cascade function for multiple Ecodan unit control.

TROX introduces new X-Fans to UK market


Enq. 163

Enq. 164

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Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

Enq. 165

Enq. 166

SCHIEDEL ABSOLUT The UK’s largest manufacturer of Chimney Systems, Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd., has just launched the ABSOLUT Chimney System with an Integrated Insulated Combustion Air Shaft. Modern heating technologies place enormous demands on a chimney system. On the one hand, low flue gas temperatures from energy efficient appliances including Gasoil and Pellets lead to condensate forming within the chimney. On the other hand, Chimneys used on solid fuel applications must also be capable of withstanding a chimney fire. Schiedel Absolut represents a comprehensive solution to the 4 main challenges raised by modern heating technology combined with the latest energy efficient building techniques. Challenge 1 - Condensation forming on the chimney block. The Absolut system employs a core of foam concrete as insulation in the blocks that form the shaft, ensuring that block surface temperatures remain above the critical dew point. Challenge 2 - Heat transmission to the outside of the building via the chimney block. The Absolut system has specifically designed thermal insulation blocks to prevent this heat transmission. Challenge 3 - The supply of air to the appliance in an air tight house.

Challenge 4 – How to cope with the extremes of temperature – resistance to condensate even after a chimney fire. The Absolut profiled liner has been tested and approved with a GW3 designation meaning that it is soot fire resistant, condensate resistant even after a chimney fire and is corrosion resistant on gas, oil and solid fuel applications. For further details on SCHIEDEL ABSOLUT visit: or call: 0191 416 1150. Enq. 167

Enq. 168

Design Buy Build

The Absolut system has an integrated air shaft which supplies the appliance with the right amount of air it needs for combustion, drawn directly from above the roof, minimising problems due to prevailing winds.




A converted Victorian village school has become the first home in the UK to run electrical floor heating from Speedheat by solar power. The five-bedroom home already benefited from Speedheat underfloor heating throughout when Richard and Yvonne Gurney bought it. The system had been designed and installed under terracotta, marble and ceramic tiling, solid oak flooring and carpet. Generating at least part of their electricity needs from solar panels was one of the first things that Richard and Yvonne considered after the family moved in. “It was something we had always wanted to do, both for financial and environmental reasons,” explained Yvonne. They asked Halo Energy to come up with a plan that took into account the slate roof of an 1830s building with a modern extension, the total energy needs for the house and how much could be generated by solar power. It was also the first time that Halo Energy had been asked to install solar panels for a house that had an electrical underfloor system as the primary heating source. Said director Simon Watkinson: “It is a sizeable property with corresponding electricity needs. By using advanced technology, we were able to create a three-phase system that we expect should pay for itself in eight years.” The result is three sets of roof-mounted panels capable of supporting an 8kw supply, which is double that of more typical residential systems but less than required for commercial use.

It’s daylight, not sun, that triggers the panels into action, so even during the dullest times of the year when a boost is needed from the mains supply, the solar system is still making a

valuable contribution to the family’s energy needs. The sums add up, too. The mains electricity supplier pays out for half of everything generated from the Old School’s roof panels at 14.5p per kw. On sunny days when generation is at a peak, the panels can be generating 4.5kw at midday when the house may only be using 1.2kw – so not only costing the Gurneys absolutely nothing but earning them money as well. In the first eight months of operation, which included a full winter, they received £550 to offset against their overall bill. It has also led to a different way of thinking in the way that they use electricity, especially the heating. Speedheat’s advanced thermostat controls are adjustable to suit how and when the family uses the heating to maximise the electricity generated during daylight and keep the house cosy. Yvonne runs her Verbal Copywriter and coaching consultancy from home. “The house needs to be warm in the day as I can’t stand being cold. During the winter, we run the heating during the day while electricity is being generated and it turns off at dusk.” The system’s monitor is connected to the internet so Yvonne, the energy supplier and Halo Energy can run a check at any time. It also flags up a running total of the CO2 emissions saved, the equivalent number of trees that would need to be planted to equal that contribution and even how many light bulbs could be lit by the solar powered electricity. “We are not neutral in terms of our bill, but we’re fairly close to being carbon neutral in our electricity use,” added Yvonne Speedheat’s technical manager, Michiel Bester, is impressed. “We knew that, in theory, a typical domestic 4kw solar set up would be more than enough to support our electrical floor heating in a single room such as a conservatory and help offset the running costs. But it had never been put to the test. “The Old School installation has proved that theory in a big way!” Enq 318


Britain’s leading manufacturer of clean burning wood stoves 6 GOOD REASONS TO INSTALL A CLEARVIEW STOVE 1. Clearview Stoves are the best Clearview have been designing and manufacturing wood-burning stoves for nearly 25 years. They were the first company ever to have a multi fuel stove approved for burning wood in smokeless zones and since then have continued to set the standards that others aspire too. Many people consider them to be the best in the world.

2. Clearview Stoves are efficient A Clearview Stove is over 70% efficient while most open fires are only 10% efficient. A Clearview in the living room keeps you warm and cozy in the place you spend most of your time.

3. Clearview Stoves are a joy to use There is nothing quite so elemental as the log fire, nothing that excites the imagination like its flames. It’s one of life’s little pleasures. A Clearview Stove offers an exceptional view of the fire, is easy to light and burns for long periods unattended.

4. Wood is a renewable fuel that’s good for the environment During their lifetime trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, provide food and shelter for wildlife and add beauty to our lives. Burning wood releases no more CO2 than would its eventual decay. Simply put, burning wood just warms you, not the planet.

5. Wood and Clearview put you in control The huge, centralized; energy companies can be unreliable. When a storm interrupts the electrical supply, you can be left stumbling around in the dark with no heating to speak of. However, a Clearview wood stove is 100% reliable and keeps you safe, and warm during a power-cut.

6. Wood saves you money! We almost forgot to mention it, but for many, wood is the cheapest fuel you can use. Best of all, it grows on trees!

STOCKISTS THROUGHOUT THE UK Brochure Line: 01588 650 123 Dinham House, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1EJ. Tel: 01584 878 100

Enq 319

Eco-friendly forest holiday cabins warm to Gledhill’s Torrent GreenHeat A forest holiday village which prides itself on its green credentials has been equipped with Torrent GreenHeat open vented thermal stores from Gledhill the cylinder specialist to provide guests with heating and hot water fuelled by bio-mass boilers. The new Forest Holidays site at Blackwood Forest in Hampshire offers the chance to relax in one of 60 luxury woodland cabins hidden deep in a 270 hectare beech forest. Each of the 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom cabins is equipped with a Torrent GreenHeat, fuelled by a pellet-fed biomass boiler located in an external enclosure, with each boiler feeding into two properties.

Moreover, the design of the unit enables the use of economical green energy sources such as log burners, biomass boilers, solar thermal, and heat pumps alongside oil or LPG to deliver superbly flexible and efficient heating and hot water. Importantly, the Torrent GreenHeat system uses the fossil fuel heat source only as a last resort, automatically prioritising renewable energy as the principal heat source.

To learn more about the Torrent GreenHeat open vented Enq 320 thermal store visit

The Torrent installation was carried out by Sinclair Heating based in Scarborough. The company has worked with Forest Holidays for a number of years as successive developments have been created across the UK. Sinclair Heating director Phil Rank was part of the team carrying out the installation at Blackwood Forest and worked with the build and design team on the selection of the Torrent GreenHeat from Gledhill. He explains: “We looked at a number of systems but decided on the new Torrent unit because it offered high performance and would supply heating and hot water. Importantly, Gledhill’s unique manufacturing service at depots across the country enabled us to specify the addition of two 3 kW electric heating units on Torrent so that if there was at any time an issue with the boiler system, the Torrent could still provide both heating and hot water as a self-contained back-up system. “Forest Holiday Villages are hugely successful and enjoy high occupancy levels so it is vital that heating and hot water is always available.” Phil added: “The fact that there is no requirement for discharge pipe work on Torrent GreenHeat, removing the need for G3, was another advantage in speeding up the installation process.” Phil and his team used the electric heating back-up to heat the properties during the fitting out stages, before the boilers were installed, and found the Torrent GreehHeat units performed well even during the arctic spell of cold winter early in the year. The single storey 1-3 bed cabins are timber frame construction and benefit from advanced insulation and double glazing which means very little heat loss. All have underfloor heating driven by the Torrent GreenHeat thermal store which also delivers mains pressure hot water. The 4-bedroom cabins have additional radiators heating the upper floor. The Torrent primary store circulates water directly through radiators and underfloor heating, making it hugely efficient, both in terms of receiving heat and delivering it to the home. Mains pressure hot water is delivered via the plate heat exchanger linked to the primary store. That means domestic hot water for taps and showers is not stored water but instantaneously heated mains cold water, eliminating any risk of legionella contamination. Gledhill’s patented hot water control system monitors the temperature of the water and modulates the pump to control the output of the heat exchanger, ensuring safe water temperatures with no risk of scalding. Gledhill managing director Jason Hobson explains: “Much of our manufacturing involves skilled copper fabrication so we were perfectly placed to manufacture and supply the special units the project required. Each of our 12 depots across the UK has its own skilled workforce manufacturing the Torrent GreenHeat units with the tappings and features specified by the installer so we provide almost a bespoke service for each unit – delivered within 72 hours from the order being placed.” All of the Gledhill thermal stores and cylinders units are ordered through plumbers’ merchants and in the case of Blackwood Forest Sinclair Heating was supplied through City Plumbing in Winchester, dealing directly with the general manager Justin Sanders because of the size of the project.

“Forest Holiday Villages are hugely successful and enjoy high occupancy levels so it is vital that heating and hot water is always available.”

Enq 321


4 – 0$50#&3 t NEC t BIRMINGHAM


Enq 322

*£4 saving is off standard admission entry and based on the door rate prices, £1.70 transaction fee applies, must been booked in advance, children fifteen and under go free when accompanied by an adult. Organised by Media 10 Ltd. Grand Designs is a trademark of FremantleMedia Limited. Licensed by FremantleMedia Enterprises.


enowned for many years as innovators The Decorative Panels Group is yet again about to launch a brand new group of products that will further broaden the appeal of the Group companies to both its existing and new market areas. Working as a partner company with BioCote® the company is about to launch the UK’s first range of commercially available sheet materials that offer exceptional abrasion and antibacterial properties. In choosing to work alongside BioCote®, Decorative Panels will be able to draw on the knowledge and support of a company that are recognised as being pioneers in the global provision of antimicrobial solutions. Under the banner of dp-BioCote the first product to be launched will be six decors, three woodgrain and three unicolours, available across the company’s extensive range of substrate materials including Chipboard, MDF, dp-lite hollowcore board and Plywood. Further launches will follow and in the fullness of time will see Decorative Panels extend the range of products available in the dp-BioCote area.

bacteria including MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphlococcus aureus), MSSA (Methicillin sensitive Staphlococcus aureus), E. coli, Legionella pneumophila , Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium and enteritidis, Listeria monocytogenes, VRE (Vancomycin – resistant Enterococcus), and Campylobacter as well as the H1N1 virus. Once added to a product BioCote technology starts to work immediately, tests have shown significant decreases in microbial contamination within just 15 minutes and reductions of up to 99.5% in 2 hours. Very significantly BioCote works for the expected lifetime of the product. With so much to offer in one sheet material it is not surprising that Decorative Panels see a great potential for this product across a wide range of product areas. Recognised as the market leader for high volume manufacture of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, shelving and storage panels, Decorative Panels Components believe that product manufactured using dp-BioCote sheet material has a real place in these markets and can offer a USP that to date has not been available.

The surface itself offers a combination of distinctive properties. Due to the nature of the décor manufacture, alongside the addition of the BioCote® additive, the surface is highly resistant to abrasion, in fact it far exceeds the abrasion resistance of a standard high pressure worktop. In addition the surface has a high resistance to common liquids that are known to leave distinctive marks, as well as meeting all the testing parameters appropriate to dry heat and wet heat. Tests against resistance to clinical cleaning products see excellent results in all areas.

Market areas such as hospitals, health centres, schools, care homes, student accommodation, and of course office and contract furniture would, according to Decorative Panels Lamination, all benefit from product manufactured from a sheet material with high abrasion and antibacterial resistant properties.

From the above it can be seen that the product is extremely hard wearing and very resistant to damage from other materials. Of course one of the most significant properties of this innovative sheet material is the inclusion of the antibacterial additive from BioCote® that gives up to a 99.9% germ free surface*. BioCote technology protects the surface of the product from microbes including mould, fungi and of course bacteria meaning the product surface is more hygienic and resistant to the growth of staining and odour causing microbes which may prematurely degrade the material. Both in laboratory and real life conditions BioCote® has been proven effective against a wide range of clinically significant

*Tested in accordance with ISO22196:2001

For more information, and access to full technical reports and performance criteria please contact us on 01484 658341, or email us at

Enq 323

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Interiors & Interior Design

Saracen celebrates success of small works Six months on from the launch of its Small Works division, leading office interiors specialist, Saracen Interiors has announced that this latest offering has almost tripled its turnover in the last three months thanks to repeat business from existing customers and a wave of referrals which has accounted for approximately 60 per cent of the order book. Launched in February 2013 alongside Saracen Facilities and Saracen Move Management, Saracen Small Works’s services include smaller design and build projects, alterations to existing space, re-decoration, modifications to power and data, general upgrading and updating, relocation of staff, furniture and work stations and the sourcing and supplying of new furniture. The company aimed to deliver a microcosm of the one-stop shop with this division, which prides itself on offering an expert service no matter how small or irregular the job is. For further information on Saracen Interiors log on to

Design Buy Build

Enq. 169


Agglomerate For Coordinated Floor To Ceiling Look

Chic new Aspen door from Draks

Matching floor-to-ceiling interior finishes are currently exciting designers, architects and developers, who specify an identical look for floor tiles, stairways, vanities, countertops, wall cladding, partitions, panels and waterproof liners. One hard surface material that is exceptional for this coordinated styling of decorative finishes is Trend agglomerate, a versatile composite that is uniquely produced only quarter of an inch thick (6.7mm) and is ideal for most vertical and horizontal surfaces. Despite its lightweight, slimline profile, this teak-hard agglomerate is as tough and hardwearing as granite slab, resistant to water, chemicals, impact, abrasion and thermal shock, and can be fitted to most substrates, from timber and tiling, to plaster and concrete. For further information and nearest approved stockist, telephone 0800 0445395 . My Agglomerates brochure, can also be downloaded from Enq. 170

With one of the most complete and innovative ranges of wardrobe and room divider solutions, Draks embraces the use of a variety of materials. New to the portfolio for housebuilders and the boutique hotel industry is the Aspen Single Panel leather effect door. Available in black, brown, grey and red, the new tailormade Aspen door, which can be manufactured in any range of sizes, combines the authenticity of beautifully finished real wood with the stunning colours of the fashionable leather effect finish. The doors’ wide framework creates a style statement for any bedroom scheme. PIR LED lighting may be incorporated inside wardrobes and a selection of accessories is available, including tie racks and pull-out baskets. For further information on Draks, please visit – or call 01869 232 989

Enq. 171

Enq. 172

Simply Beautiful‌ Glass Writing Boards from Casca To see our full range of boards visit Or call 0845 519 4995 Enq 324

HÄFELE SET TO INSPIRE HOMEOWNERS WITH NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH The design solutions specialist Häfele UK has launched a brand new website providing homeowners and trade professionals with a one-stop-inspiration-shop offering ideas for living, and creating a beautiful and intelligent home. The site,, is an inspiration platform showcasing the impressive range of elegant yet functional designs from the home solutions expert. Stunning photography and ingenious products give homeowners the opportunity to visualise their perfect kitchen and, with clear navigation tabs, users can easily browse the extensive Häfele collection of kitchen accessories. The site will also showcase Häfele’s extensive range of creative lighting and electrical options, living solutions and architectural ironmongery for use across the home, inspiring visitors to create their ideal living spaces.

The new site also provides a convenient studio locator function which currently lists over 50 of the UK’s finest kitchen showrooms supplying Häfele products. With this exclusive list of studio partners expanding over the coming months, visitors to the site are directed to only the best and most aspirational Häfele suppliers, within easy reach. Chloe Thacker, Marketing Director at Häfele UK, said: “With over 90 years’ experience, our unparalleled market knowledge places Häfele products at the forefront of the industry, offering an unrivalled combination of value and outstanding quality.

Enq 325

In line with the consumer website launch, Häfele will be rolling out a series of new brochures throughout the year, showcasing the latest Häfele designs. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to download the brochures directly as well as picking up copies from the exclusive list of Häfele-approved studio partners. Established in Germany, and now operating worldwide, Häfele specialises in premium fittings, hardware and systems that improve the way homes work, including assisted living solutions and ingenious storage ideas for those with limited space. The Häfele range features over 25,000 products providing trade professionals with an industry-leading solution to fulfil every customer need. To find out more about becoming a Häfele studio partner, contact For more information about Häfele products, visit, follow us @HäfeleUK and like us onäfeleUK

“At Häfele we don’t sell direct to the consumer, we choose to partner with the finest kitchen studios across the country. Our Ideas For Living website will help direct homeowners to these exceptional designers and inspire them with the ideas and solutions that will turn their dream homes into a reality.”

The kitchens homebuyers desire. The service housebuilders require. We’re your perfect partners when it comes to making properties more appealing to homebuyers – and giving your business an extra competitive edge. We provide a choice of 37 inspiring kitchens from Magnet: the brand homebuyers know and trust. All supplied with a 15-year guarantee. We deliver fast, efficient service from our dedicated UK factory and nationwide network of trade outlets. Backed by designated local project managers with unrivalled experience of delivering on-time, on-budget to housebuilders and developers. With seven price bands and every style from cutting edge contemporary to timelessly traditional, you’re sure to find the right kitchen for every project.

Delivered to you by

For more information, to download a brochure or contact our regional sales team, visit Enq 326 or call 0845 671 5506

Enq 327

Kitchen Worktop OKITE 1665 Bianco Assoluto


> > > > > >

A wide range of colors and collections. A world of possibilities. A unique quartz compound; stronger than marble or granite. Non-porous and stain resistant. Easy to clean. 10 years Guarantee. The finest Italian technology and innovation for your home. Network of highly-qualified fabricators.

Only OKITE. For Kitchens, Interiors.

Enq 328

SEIEFFE UK LTD T.: 01992 470 801 F.: 01992 470 799 E.: Follow us:

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Landscaping & External Works

Townscape unveils new noticeboard range TOWNSCAPE Products Limited has expanded its range of noticeboards for education facilities and public locations. The new Townscape Collection 60 and Collection 65 noticeboards are manufactured in aluminum and are designed for both internal and external use. Sustainably designed, the noticeboards can be top lit using solar power technology or standard back lit LED lighting using the very latest LED technology To blend into the existing environment the noticeboard cases are finished in any required powder coated RAL colour, sliver, or stainless steel anodised. The noticeboards also feature toughened glass covers and are made with a magnetic steel backplate for multiple notices and graphics, polycarbonate covers can also be supplied if required. For more information on Townscape’s new range of

Design Buy Build

noticeboards please call: 01623 513355.


Enq. 173

Brett Permeable paving meets the complex drainage needs of a car park site

Brett Landscaping helps Project 180 to turn around a Sheffield school

Permeable paving supplied by Brett Landscaping has provided an effective Sustainable Drainage Solution (SUDS) for a car park site in Cheltenham.

An ambitious community project in Sheffield, designed to give Pipworth Community Primary School’s courtyard a much needed makeover, has been made possible with the assistance of Brett Landscaping.

Cheltenham Architects car park is part of a complex that includes an adjoining three-storey Victorian building and garden. The complex is designed in such a way that requires a specific functional infiltration method to cope with excessive water levels, while preventing detrimental effects from flooding – something which the site has previously experienced. Brett Landscaping used its PermCalc design software, focusing on specific techniques and detailing to achieve the optimum mix of functionality and aesthetics. There has been no surface run-off, in contrast to the surrounding nearby areas that have suffered severe flooding. For more information, visit Enq. 174

Ali Bianchi, director of Project 180 the community outreach wing of Sheffield’s Hope City church explains. “We hatched a plan to complete the work in a single day, asking for companies to donate materials free of charge to get around the issue of funding.” Dan Houghton, a landscape architect was approached and he turned to Brett Landscaping – a regular supplier – for assistance. A total of over £15,000 was donated by a number of local and national companies, Brett Landscaping was responsible for the single biggest contribution. A video of the day’s event – showcasing how the Brett Landscaping paving products helped to transform the courtyards – can be seen at:

Enq. 175

Enq. 176

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Landscaping & External Works

Enq. 177

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Landscaping & External Works

Enq. 180

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Enq. 179


Enq. 181

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Lift, Stairs & Balustrades

Exclusive Contemporary Staircases characterised by sleek flawless finishes

Rotherham Road, Parkgate, Rotherham S62 6FP Tel: 01709 512 252

staircases handcrafted in the UK| Seamless project from concept to completion

Enq. 182

Enq. 183

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Enq. 184


Steeling the Show at

100% Design

Stand E7

The architectural metalwork masters will be making a grand entrance at the 100% Design show at Earls Court, London for their eleventh appearance....

0115 986 6321 Enq 329

...however, when it comes to making an entrance grand, CANAL Architectural has the knowledge and engineering expertise to transform contemporary design ideas into magnificent metalwork structures that make impressive statements. Using their state of the art production facilities in Nottingham, CANAL manufacture innovations in architectural metalwork, staircases and balustrades, which are installed all over the UK and abroad by their own specialist installation teams; providing the full service from concept to project completion in residential and commercial environments. Boasting a range of prestigious projects, each one different from the last, CANAL is able to engineer any bespoke requirements that are specified. Importantly, the CANAL team can incorporate or source various materials and finishes for your projects to meet the design requirements or match an existing specification. One commercial project to highlight is the Hugo Boss flagship store in Nottingham, which required a bespoke helical staircase and first floor balustrade. With the store covering a huge 4,600 square metres it was up to CANAL to produce a feature staircase for the centre piece. Fabricating the double stringer, steel staircase in the workshop the CANAL team were able to get the perfect, elegant shape that was required. Fully assembled on site, toughened laminated low iron glass balustrade was installed on the staircase and first floor complimented with a black powder coated slotted stainless steel handrail. With stone treads and stainless steel custom inserts for the finishing touches, the architect, David Taylor at AAVA Ltd, was very pleased with the outcome stating, “Thank you for your input on the Hugo Boss store; it was a tight schedule to produce such a complex stair. It looks excellent”. To this day, CANAL has now secured another Hugo Boss store in Bicester, which is soon to open. At 100% Design, visit CANAL Architectural at stand E7, where they will present a range of their project pieces. Contact the Architectural Sales Manager, Lee Hunt, today to arrange a meeting and discuss your bespoke requirements; 0115 986 6321,,

“Thank you for your input on the Hugo Boss store; it was a tight schedule to produce such a complex stair. It looks excellent” - David Taylor, AAVA Ltd.

Enq 330

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Lifts, Stairs & Balustrades Halfway there - first phase complete at Birmingham New Street Station The Stannah Escalator and Moving Walkway team have completed the installation of 15 escalators in the first phase of the exciting regeneration project centred around Birmingham New Street Station. The escalators are vital to the flow of human traffic around the newly opened section of the project and provide access on all levels of the station and retail areas. The Stannah engineers have been working 24/7 to ensure their essential contribution to the project was ready to receive constant use the minute the first phase was opened to the public. The project partnership of Network Rail, Birmingham City Council, Advantage West Midlands, Centro and the Department for Transport, with Mace as principal contractor, is transforming Birmingham New Street into a 21st century hub for the entire region, with capacity to handle up to 250,000 passengers each day. The first half of the new concourse is one and a half times bigger than the old concourse. Once complete, Birmingham will have an international station that truly reflects and serves the 14,000+ passengers that pass through it every day. Stannah engineers are back on-site to begin the second phase of escalator installations which will be central to the continual smooth movement of people through this remarkable transformation of Britain’s busiest interchange station in the heart of England. Stannah Installation and Maintenance Manager, Dave Saunders, comments:

"Design and time constraints challenged us all the way to completion of our work on the first phase. Working within the constraints of existing structures meant all our escalators needed a bespoke design. Firstly a slimmer truss than originally planned was needed and in addition, and definitely the most technically challenging aspect of the design, skew truss seating was required because the existing structure concrete beam could not be adapted. The time available to us for installation was almost halved but, by working consecutively on seven site locations sometimes roundthe-clock, we delivered our promise to meet the scheduled opening date. After a short break it’s back to site in October ‘13 for the exciting completion of the project in 2014. The working conditions are very challenging at times but the co-operation from all parties has been outstanding." Richard Thorpe, Director Mace Ltd, was delighted with the work to date commenting: "Stannah provided an excellent delivery service at Birmingham New Street during the phase 1 construction programme. This is only the half-way stage …See more at:

Design Buy Build

Enq. 207


Enq. 208

Enq. 209


manufacture & installation

Enq 331


stablished in 2003 by Mike Eddowes, Epsom-based Flairlilght Designs Limited is one of the South East’s leading authorities in lighting design primarily for large residential properties. Born to satisfy the demand for aesthetic lighting from property developers, architects and selfbuilders, Flairlight have compiled a team with over 100 years’ experience in lighting design, supply and project management – an impressive figure to say the least. Mike commented: “I have over 27 years in the industry myself, working in many positions within the industry. This we feel, makes us unique as we fully understand the complexities of product installations and seamlessly integrate the design with the installation to ensure that what we specify and design can actually be installed.” In addition to their core strength, the design and supply of innovative and creative lighting and mood lighting for prestigious properties, the Flairlight team have the capabilities to offer an on-site assistance and support service which sees them advise clients on installation techniques and complex scenarios including LED, RGB and Dimming. “This is to ensure that a customer’s design becomes reality,” added Mike. The latest in the Flairlight range is the impressive LED technology that complies with current government legislations and meets building regulation guidelines. “Throughout my many years in the industry I have been involved with many customers that have been told information that is not necessarily true. Just because you are told an application complies with building regs doesn’t mean that its true. But with us, we guarantee that all product meet the required requests,” explained Mike. “The basis of what we do is show and explain, in great detail, everything that a client needs to know before making their final decision. For example, with our state-of-the-art LED technologies, we offer a specialist service that guides clients through the products that we feel will exceed their requirements in regards to aesthetics without compromising on the design aspect. If we feel that another application is more suited, then we won’t hesitate to recommend.” Flairlight have recently launched a New Product Selector – a pioneering application that introduces users on understanding each application, and why & how to achieve their dream lighting effect. With over 300 products available, the product selector is “better than the traditional catalogue”, according to Mike, as it offers a detailed explanation on why each application is used and proposes how to achieve a desired effect.

Products that don’t come back for customers that do!

Mike said: “The Product Selector is a revelation within the lighting industry and is set to guarantee great results for our customers. This coupled with our flawless service is an offering that won’t be matched anywhere else.”

Call 01372 807661, visit or scan the QR Code on this page for more information. Enq 332

NEW 124 PAGE LIGHTING CATALOGUE OUT NOW! Reserve your FREE copy today Call: 01372 807 661 or email:

Enq 333


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Lighting & Lighting Design

MK Electric Greets UK’s Mobility Boom with New USB Charging Module

Finder expand it’s 22 Series modular contactor range

MK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, is expanding the largest range of wiring devices in the UK with the launch of a new USB charging module.

To facilitate greater integration of controls and automation in building services, Finder has expanded it’s 22 Series modular contactor range to include 4 pole versions rated at 40A and 63A.

A recent study by research house, Gartner, suggested that by the end of 2013, the number of active smartphones around the world is expected to total 1.2 billion. Given USB is becoming the principal method of charging these devices, MK’s new USB charging module has been designed to meet this rising consumer demand.

The AC/DC coil with varistor protection has a virtually silent operation, thus is suitable for residential, hospital, hotel and commercial installations.

The product is capable of charging touchscreen tablets, mobile phones, satellite navigation devices, cameras, e-Readers and games controllers as well as smartphones and PDAs, making it ideal for use in airports, hotels, student accommodation, offices, retail outlets and cafes. For further information visit

The new 22.44 and 22.64 models use AgSnO2 contact material capable of handling maximum peak currents up to 240A, making them particularly suitable for high inrush current loads such as electronic lighting ballasts. Fitted with a mechanical indicator for visual operational status the 22 Series provides a compact, quiet, high power multi-pole switching solution for all areas of residential and commercial, services, and industrial sectors. For further information or to download the technical data sheet, visit Enq. 192

Astro has given a fresh interpretation to one of its own retro success stories with the new Joel range of table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps and pendants. Joel is a contemporary reincarnation of an Astro original, which was based on a classic mid-20th century lighting design. “The inspiration for the new Joel comes from a light I designed for Astro when the company launched 16 years ago,” said design director and co-founder James Bassant. “At the time it was unashamedly retro, but this new collection has subtle twists in form and finish which bring it right up to date, while retaining unmistakable references to the post-war classics which inspired it. In keeping with current trends for interiors, Astro’s design team chose polished chrome, matt black and matt cream as the finish options for the steel shade, while the goblet shape remains evocative of a celebrated design era. The range will be available from Autumn 2013. Enq. 193

Design Buy Build

Enq. 191

Astro re-visits retro Joel


Enq. 194

New North Court Student Accommodation, Jesus College Cambridge


orth Court was built in 1963-65 to the designs of David Roberts and Geoffrey Clarke, and provided the earliest post-war new residential accommodation for Jesus College. It was listed grade II in 1993. With rising expectations for student accommodation, demand for out-of-term use for visitor and summer conference facilities and an increasing requirement for maintenance and repair the College took the decision to carry out a comprehensive upgrade and refurbishment project. The scope of the project not only involved major repairs and replacement of the building fabric and services, but also reconfiguration of the backup accommodation so that each room has en suite bathroom facilities. This requirement in turn displaced the shared kitchen areas or ‘gyp’ rooms previously ‘buried’ in the centre of the shared cores and located them in an expanded form in the lower ground floor rooms facing into the courtyard. The project was successfully delivered within one academic calendar year and was the first occasion a project has been delivered on time for the college



Enq 335

Tel: (+44) 01761 414000 Email: Web:

Pro Auction Limited

The Client:

Tower Marketing Suite. St George plc which is part of the Berkeley Homes Group. The company specialises in redeveloping brown field sites in London, including some very high profile locations.

Project Background:

Disposal of redundant assets via commercial auction to enable the client to improve their financial performance, demonstrate commitment to their sustainability policy, and gain competitive advantage. St George uses show homes / marketing suites to promote the properties, and once the sale process is complete, these are dismantled / demolished. Traditionally the Furniture, Fixings and Effects (FFE) and Mechanical and Electrical engineering equipment (M&E) are left to the demolition contractors to deal with, adding to the expense of the demolition process.

The Challenges:

As the client had never used commercial auction as a disposal method before, they had some reservations about its suitability. Once the marketing phase is complete, the demolition contractors move in, and the site becomes CDM regulated, the disposal strategy had to comply with these regulations. How to market FFE & M&E redundant assets from a residential development, within a short time frame from operational closure of the suite to demolition.


Using strategic influencing skills Pro Auction created and presented a proposal demonstrating the key benefits of the auction route providing the client with supporting evidence and reassurance on all key points for the project . Acting as technical lead throughout, attending meetings and providing technical expertise as required to ensure the project ran both efficiently and within the agreed time frame. This necessitated working closely with third-party contractors and other stakeholders, using leadership and influencing skills to create an acceptance of the change in disposal method. Our ability to think strategically and form long-term objectives enabled us to meet the client’s concerns and identify and avoid potential risks. The requirement to conform to CDM regulations, observe site rules and effectively manage the sale logistics required me to think in thematic, conceptual and master planning terms, being able to take an overview of the whole process, while also effectively managing each aspect. Client procedures necessitated working within tight time constraints at all stages of the sale, from preparing inventory right through to final loading of goods onto buyer transport. I therefore had to identify and allocate appropriate resources effectively for the project to be a success. Developed clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders throughout the process creating a strong team culture with a “can do� attitude resulted in the achievement of deliverables. Developed a Go-To-Market strategy to guide customer interactions from initial contact through to fulfilment.

Results: t t t t t

Significant sale of assets that would otherwise have incurred disposal expense. Through successful leadership of a multi-faceted team who were new to the auction process, senior management have committed to considering use of this process for future developments. Potential opportunities in other areas of their business. Project was delivered in accordance with appointment documentation, and within budget. We succeeded within very tight timescales, all while fully conforming to CDM regulations and third party contractor requirements. Enq 336

Enq 337


Residential Build in Stanton Moor Buff Sandstone


Enq 338

A TiTAnic voyAge inTo design And wATer sAving geberits siphonic Pluvia system provided the perfect solution for drainage and rainwater harvesting without compromising the look of the Titanic visitor centres impressive roof.

The Titanic Visitor Centre is Irelandës biggest and most popular tourist attraction, exploring the sights, sounds, smells and stories of this iconic ship. A key feature of this impressive building is an architecturally stunning roof, which mimics the bow of a boat whilst also housing drainage and a 56,000 litre rainwater harvesting system, hidden from view but working perfectly thanks to Geberit's siphonic Pluvia solution and HDPE pipework. The roof is geometrically complex, with in-built dams crossing two 60 metre long gutters, enabling water to collect about Pluvia's siphonic outlet before cascading into the next dam. Angus Waddington, from Todd Architects, which designed the building, explained why Pluvia was the right solution: "Conventional gravity outlets would not have been feasible with the volume of water collected and channelled into the ëflumes' and a traditional weir overflow couldn't be formed without interrupting the facade geometry and spoiling the form of the building. "To combat these issues, an additional overflow system was installed. Geberit rose to the challenge of solving these potential issues and seemed to relish the opportunity to do something ëdifferent'. They were fully supportive, providing technical assistance and calculations to review the unusual performance criteria." "The project was extremely demanding, due to the complicated geometry of the building and the fact it was ëfasttracked', meaning that the design and construction proceeded in parallel. Geberit's products and their team proved extremely flexible, providing a drainage solution to a truly unique roof," he concluded. Constructed using a range of ground-breaking techniques, the building has a BREEAM ëExcellent' rating and, as well as rainwater harvesting, includes a other sustainable strategies, such as tri-generation CHP plant. Geberit's HDPE contributed to this remit, as the pipe is made from High Density Polythene, a simple compound of carbon and hydrogen atoms which is harmless to the environment and completely recyclable. Proving their credentials as innovators, the Titanic Belfast showcases Geberit's ability to support leading-edge design and environmental strategies.

Geberit - 0800 077 8365

Enq 339

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Roofing & Cladding

Beware of far-fetched warranties warns SIG Roofing

Black Watch Museum extension to castle – Perth

SR TIMBER Gold makes the grade with NHBC “Pride in the job” awards

As the market for flat roof bituminous torch and felt continues to be flooded with far-fetched warranties that promise 25 years or longer, SIG Roofing is warning roofing contractors to read the small print and be aware of ‘pie-crust’ promises. This concern follows the collapse of several manufacturers offering exaggerated warranties, leaving contractors and customers with no redress.

The A. Proctor Group’s Roofshield breather membrane has been specified and supplied to the Black Watch Museum at Balhousie Castle in Perth which recently underwent a £3m revamp and re-opened on the 25th June.

There is no better endorsement of product quality and performance than an industry accolade, and for SR Timber – one of the leading distributors of specialist roofing battens and the renowned ‘Premium Gold’ battens – the recent NHBC Pride in the Job awards for house building sites is testimony to the quality of its products.

Largely emanating from small European manufacturers trading in conjunction with UK based distributors, these warranties are being cleverly touted to roofing contractors in a bid to desperately build market share in the UK. The standard length of warranty from larger and more reputable companies tends to be around 15 years. For further information on flat roofing materials, contact 01480 466 777 or visit

Roofshield’s unique vapour and air permeability characteristics, allow even the most complex of pitched roofs to breathe – without the need of traditional air gaps or fiddly, secondary venting products. Roofshield is as easy to apply as traditional roofing felt. For further information related to the A. Proctor Group’s range of Breather Membranes, or any of their other product ranges, please visit

Enq. 196

For more than 36% of the winning sites in the NHBC Pride in the Job Quality Awards for the West Region – approximately 15 out of 41 – feature SR Timber’s Vacsol PREMIUM GOLD ® roofing battens. These sites belong to such leading house builders as Barratt and David Wilson, Bellway West Midlands, Persimmon Homes South, Taylor Wimpey Midlands and Taylor Wimpey West. Across all sites, SR Timber’s gold roofing battens were specified and installed by leading roofing contractors S M Roofing Contracts, based in Walsall. T: 01332 204821 E: or visit – Enq. 197

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Enq. 195

Roofshield is recognised by NHBC as no ordinary breathable roofing membrane.


Enq. 198

LATHAM’S CLADDING RANGE IS SECOND TO NONE Timber and panel products specialist, James Latham is now offering a wide range of timber cladding directly available from stock. Latham’s entire timber cladding range is either FSC or PEFC certified and has been carefully selected to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality. Western Red Cedar is a popular choice among architects and builders due to its superior dimensional stability. As well as shrinking and swelling much less than other timber, it stays flat and straight and resists checking, making it the ideal material for both internal and external cladding projects. Plus, it has a rich colour, meaning that projects using Cedar, if properly maintained, will look fantastic year after year. Latham’s Timber Manager, Danny Jones commented, “Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this remarkable wood has outstanding physical characteristics. Western Red Cedar contains natural preservative oils making it highly resistant to decay. It’s also lightweight and easy to cut and handle, reducing installation time.” Danny added, “As well as Western Red Cedar, we also offer Siberian, Larch, Thermo-wood and Accoya directly from stock. In addition, we offer bespoke machining on request as well as treatments such as Tanalith and Aquavac plus a full range of fire retardant treatments. We also offer a staining and lacquering service for all depots.” To learn more about Latham’s complete product range please visit Enq 340

Kemperol Liquid Waterproofing

Kemper System Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Major Pharmaceutical Firm A major multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer was able to remain operational at its High Wycombe UK headquarters throughout an extensive roof refurbishment membrane from Kemper System. split across many levels, including a plant room roof, multiple balconies and an internal courtyard. The existing asphalt roof had reached the end of its service life and needed to be replaced. The client stipulated that the need for an odourless system. “Kemper System’s

This project upgraded the thermal performance of the roof with Kemper System’s Stratex warm roof system in a fast, fuss-free programme. on the roof and the courtyard areas with Kemper System’s TC resin and

matt Eco Finish. Enq 341

Sustainable, Solvent-Free and Odourless KemperolÂŽ Liquid waterproofing and roofing at its very best

Image Copyright QQ7, 2012. Used under license from



Kemperol Liquid Waterproofing Enq 342


Enq 343

Told You So


Roofing Specialists Fighting Back The ongoing price war in metal roofing has the marketplace continuing under siege from contractors trying to win projects by heavily undercutting prices to clients that have been persuaded the bottom line is all that matters. Victims in this downward spiral of price versus quality are the traditional roofing contractors that know the cost of doing a job properly and yet are constantly under pressure to take short cuts in order to “win” work. An increasing number of specialists are however now turning away from this “work at any price” nightmare scenario and refusing to compromise their standards. What these traditional roofing contractors are now finding is that those clients that initially shunned them and went for the cheapest price option are now actively seeking them out to go on site and put right all the problems that have been caused in the interim by their “lowest price” first choice. The penny is gradually starting to drop that as far as traditional metal roofing is concerned, cheapest price today could well be causing problems tomorrow and there is no substitute for the long term value for money provided by an experienced expert. Most of the outstanding metal roofing companies whose expertise lies in the design and installation of traditional aluminium, copper, zinc, stainless and zinc roofing and cladding are members of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC), an organisation that very much has quality standards as its watchword. The FTMRC takes its responsibilities to the sector much further than just a contractor “club” and has been at the forefront of a number of initiatives designed to raise the standards of traditional metal roof design and installation. For a start it requires potential members to put forward projects for vetting which will be inspected at roof level by an experienced member of the FTMRC Council. Even if accepted, the policy of members providing projects to be vetted continues on a regular basis and anyone failing to maintain the standards required has their membership withdrawn.



There is also a commitment to training the next generation of metal roofers and the Federation has worked closely with its manufacturing associates (which include most of the major European producers) to develop a progressive hard metals training programme, delivered at the LSA National Roof Training facility in Kent. To back this up the Federation has designed and published, with the support of funding from the CITB a UK Guide to Good Practice in Fully Supported Metal Roofing and Cladding, the first publication of its kind to properly address UK design and installation issues covering aluminium, copper, stainless steel and zinc detailing. Manufacturers are now offering extended warranties for their products if installed by FTMRC members and the Federation is currently examining the parameters which could enable members to offer a 25 year labour and materials warranty for their work, independently insurance backed and administered, but policed by the Federation..

The growing authority of the Federation has also recently been recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) who have authorised the FTMRC to process all applications for the new Gold Heritage Skills card in Traditional / Heritage Metal roofing and any contractor wishing to apply for the card during the current Managed Industry Accreditation (grandfather rights) period should contact the FTMRC direct (01342 301627 or email There is a growing recognition that getting a traditional metal roof designed, set out and installed by someone with the appropriate expertise and experience provides much better value for money in the long term. That not all metal roofing contractors are the same and that some simply do not have enough knowledge or skill to do the job properly, regardless of how small or large a project may be. That sometimes lowest price should be taken as a warning, not an opportunity. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. Enq 344

The Federation can therefore recommend its members with confidence to any specifier looking for the proper installation of a traditional metal roof and there is an increasing trend of members being asked to go back to site to investigate and put right problems caused by a contractor whose design knowledge, hands on skills and practical experience were simply not good enough. The irony is FTMRC members have often been involved with tendering for the work in the initial stages and had warned the client / architect that the job simply could not be done correctly at some of the price levels that were being quoted. As a result of these warnings going unheeded the clients face (often considerable) further costs to put right a job that should have been done correctly in the first place. There must be a real temptation to put “I told you so” at the end of the remedial works inspection report. FTMRC commitment to quality standards extends beyond a responsibility to its membership. |

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Page 78

Roofing & Cladding

RigiSystems Alubond BBA Certification

Fibre Cement Slates ‘shape up’

Alubond aluminium composite sheets have now achieved BBA certification.

For architects, designers or clients wanting to add a touch of flair or individual expression to the pitched roof of their project, the use of colored boards or shaped slates has been a common technique, particularly where natural slates are used.

RigiSystems has the exclusive rights to distribute Alubond ACMs in the UK, Republic of Ireland and France. Commenting on the certification, RigiSystems Sales Director Grahame Rankin said, “Alubond USA is the largest metal composite brand in the world, typified by extreme flatness and great durability, We are very pleased to have now achieved BBA certification, which will allow us to further increase our sales of the brand in the UK and give increased confidence to specifiers and contractors alike in using our products and services.” Picture shows Grahame Rankin (left) receiving the certificate from Brett Wood of the BBA. For further information contact RigiSystems: Tel: 01905 750500 Email: Web.

Cembrit is offering a bespoke shaped fibre cement slate service for architects looking to apply creativity to their projects. Architects can choose from a range of shapes including bull nose, single and double club, curve and arrow head. The slates are offered at a cost-effective price, and Cembrit can also provide advice and projects drawings, all backed up with fast delivery. For further information visit – Enq. 200

RigiSystems LokFold standing seam has been used to stunning effect on the new learning centre at Notre Dame Catholic College in Liverpool. All the walls have been clad in 0.9mm aluminium LokFold in a PVDF finish in luminous Moonstone Blue and Gold. The result is a kind of living wall effect that changes colour when moving around the building and with changing light conditions. Around 1,500 sq m of LokFold were used in three different cover widths to enhance the dramatic visual impact of the project. RigiSystems Ziplok was also used on the roof of the new centre which houses state of the art science, computer and hardware, as well as professional standard performing arts facilities. For further information call 01905 750500 or visit – Enq. 201

Design Buy Build

Enq. 199

Shapes are perhaps slightly more subtle than color but have not always been easy to obtain from manufacturers who find the small quantities problematic to produce and hence costly for customers to purchase.

RigiSystems LokFold creates eye-catching display in Liverpool


Enq. 202

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Page 79

Roofing & Cladding

Enq. 203

Design Buy Build Enq. 204


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Page 80

Safety, Security & Fire Protection

Severnside Safety Supplies

Aico launches updated Radiolink

The Louis Steitz shoe factory was established in1863. In 1963 the company began to specialize in safety and occupational footwear.

Aico, one of the UK's leading suppliers of domestic mains powered Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, is pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of its highly popular RadioLINK Expert information book. The book is a comprehensive guide to Aico’s RadioLINK Professional wireless alarm technology which allows interconnection of Smoke, Heat and CO alarms together using Radio Frequency (RF) signals, eliminating the need for interconnection wiring.

The “63” series collection incorporates 150 years of experience and drive to develop reasonable solutions for the best possible ergonomic comfort. Celebrate this 150th anniversary with the light, sporty models of the Vario Dynamics® 63 series. All styles are ESD rated for use in areas sensitive to electrostatic discharge. All conform to EN ISO 20345:2011 S2 SRC so are water resistant and slip resistant as tested both on ceramic tiles/cleaning agents (SRA) and steel floor/glycerin (SRB). Rather strangely the colour scheme revolves around red, white and blue!! These new styles supplement the existing range which includes everything from clogs and office shoes to Goretex waterproof boots, chainsaw boots and even firemans boots!

Advanced’s MxPro panels are the leading intelligent, multiprotocol, fire control panel, offering unmatched performance and quality across a choice of detector protocols, with an open installer network and delivered with free training and support. One of Advanced’s long-term partners, Ashdale Engineering Ltd of Belfast, supplied and commissioned the fire detection network, powered by MxPro 4 panels in Derry’s historic Guildhall.

Enq. 205

Cartell, Gate Opener and Driveway Alarm Systems Announces Five Year Warranty

COMBISAFE delivers highest safety standards at Frankfurt’s Taunusturm Towers

New technology from 3M transforms safety eyewear for construction industry

COMBISAFE continues to break ground in the growing German construction market by supplying 24 Safety Net Fans for the construction of TaunusTurm – a 170 metre high development in the heart of Frankfurt’s financial district. Specifically designed to extend the catching width of the standard fan, the Safety Net Fan Maxi is 4.6m wide and comes with 60 x 60mm mesh and 20mm x 20mm debris net as standard. As the combined net is able to catch and contain considerably smaller particles of debris, the highest standards of protection are delivered for people working at height and at ground level.

Extensive scientific research by diversified technology company 3M has led to a ground-breaking development in safety eyewear and the launch of a new product range ideal for the construction industry.

Cartell, the first name in driveway alarm and gate opener systems, is pleased to extend a five year warranty on all its vehicle detection products, including all systems and components. This is by far the longest warranty for this type of product in the industry. Originally, Cartell offered the industry-standard one or two year warranty for its products. But in light of its subnormal return rate, the longevity of its field life, its virtual servicefree history and anticipating the good will of its customers, Cartell increased its warranty to five years.

Design Buy Build

A networked fire system driven by Advanced’s intelligent MxPro, multiprotocol, fire panels has just been installed to protect a £9.5m historic restoration, at the heart of the UK City of Culture 2013 celebrations in County Londonderry, Derry City, Northern Ireland.

Handybook - outlining all you need to know about choosing, installing, testing and maintaining Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Copies of these can be requested through Aico's website - Enq. 206

For further information visit:


RadioLINK Expert is an easy-to-use reference guide that contractors can use when installing a RadioLINK wirelessly interconnected alarm system – whether it's a completely new system, or upgrading an existing Aico alarm system. Aico offers the very popular Electrical Contractors

UK City of Culture Gets Advanced Fire Protection

“With a product return rate below the industry standard, and an average field life of at least twelve to fifteen years, I saw no reason not to increase our warranty to five years,” says Jonathan Bohannon, President/CEO of Preferred Technologies Group. “The increase of customers and sales since the decision underlines it was a wise move.” To learn more please visit Enq. 208

COMBISAFE continues to set the standard in temporary collective protection solutions, delivering world class systems for the global construction industry. Enq. 209

For more information visit – Enq. 207

SecureFit Protective Eyewear by 3M is the first range to feature Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology, designed by 3M to provide noticeably higher levels of personal comfort and security of fit. Incorporating flexible ribs into the temple area of the frame, 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology allows SecureFit eyewear to self-adjust to the size and shape of the wearer's head, reducing slippage and movement while in use. It also enhances comfort by dispersing pressure across the temple area. Information on the full range of Personal Protective Equipment and safety solution services available from 3M, visit the website – Enq. 210


simply powerful

“BEOVIEW“ from Golmar. Full IP digital system, allows the connection of door entry panels and apartment units by using a new or an existing LAN infrastructure. The LAN can be shared with other IP devices.The monitors and panels are connected with a simple RJ-45 connector coming from a PoE switch. Intercom between apartments, memory image and message broadcast service are some of the multiple features of this new intercom generation.

Never was an intercom so powerful and easy to install! Feel the difference when using an IP video Intercom. All actions are instantaneous as the system is not processing unnecessary tasks. A peer-to-peer solution that runs without any server. Thanks to its multichannel capability, larger installations will no longer experience a busy signal making visitors wait at the door panel. The number

Safelink Services Ltd 0845 389 2298 of units to be used in one system is almost unlimited. The system can be used on WAN environment communication at distances never imagined. Maintenance, changes and upgrades can be made remotely. Take a look at the apartment units: the most compact sized and mechanically perfect.

IP ROCK INOX Push Button Coded Panels are available but the popular ROCK INOX is manufactured from 2.5mm thick stainless steel with a special spotting – keeping your panel cleaner for longer. All panels have 5mm thick polycarbonate card holding and camera windows and double walled sound grille that prevents access to the sound circuit. Security screws with special key and metallic embedding box with theft protected stoppers.



Push button panels and coded panels have permanent illumination through blue leds. The RJ-45 connector at the rear of the panel makes it easy to connect.

M201 Dual Handset-Hands Free Monitor Elegance meets innovation. The new IPlus monitor when installed surface mounted is only 17mm deep. Its the most beautiful in the market The new generation of IP video monitors from Golmar offer multiple functions. Intercom with any other monitor, image memory, messenger service from any computer, programmable input for door bell apartment push button or alarm connection and tracking up to 8 cameras are just a few of them. Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9016 white colour with 3.5” TFT LCD screen with acrylic glass protection. Dimensions: 220(W) x 124(H) x 17(D) mm. The latest monitors now available the M300 and the M700 enhance the range and offer exceptional, modern styling.: M300 . Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9005 black colour with anodized aluminium sides. 3.5” screen. Dimensions: 161(W) x 101(H) x 13(D) mm. M700. Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9005 black colour with anodized aluminium sides. 7.0”screen Dimensions: 227(W) x 139(H) x 15(D) mm. Also available A500 audio only unit. Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9005 black colour with anodized aluminium sides. Dimensions: 95(W) x 139(H) x 13(D) mm.




FINSA offers a wide range of flame-retardant solutions that limit the development and spread of fire. A wood-based product line ranging from laminate flooring to low formaldehyde boards, decorative, ultralight, compact or structural panels. Whenever the best protection against fire in a wood-based panel is needed, you can always count on FINSA, the market leader in flame retardant solutions.

Terminal 3, Dubai Airport, Dubai Product: Flame-retardant MDF Application: Panelling

For further information Phone: 0151 651 2400 E-mail:

Palace of Communications Cibeles, Madrid, Spain Product: Flame-retardant MDF Application: Panelling

Community Centre, Hewett, Australia Product: Flame-retardant MDF Application: Ceiling acoustic panels

Enq 346

HOW WILL YOU EVACUATE SAFELY? If you don’t know the answer then Evac+Chair can supply you with the right solution. Evac+Chair is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency. Single user operation ensures no heavy lifting or manual handling is required during emergency evacuation procedures.


FREE COMFY SEAT When you purchase any Evac+Chair Model.

For a limited period only.

CALL NOW: 0845 230 2253

or visit


RRP.00 £90

Enq 347




SMS: Text HELP to 60066

THE BRAND LEADER - Pure Luxury Carpet Underlay Offering a very high degree of comfort – For People with Excellent Taste Made in the UK to B.S. 5808 (1991)

Recycled and Recyclable with Energy Saving Properties

email: t: 01536 200502 Enq 348