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Luxury Homes

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www.lemontreeinvestments.com 10 Years of International Real Estate 2003-2013

Lake Como Period Villa with Boutique Hotel Project

19th Century Villa with Turret 446sqm, Custodian House 144sqm, Protected Historic Parkland 2,310sqm. Located west-side of lake with magnificent lake views 50mins from Malpensa Milano airport, price 1.865.000€

Luxury Hotels

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Carl Anthony O’Hagan

Prime Locations


+34 609 566 035









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www.lemontreeinvestments.com 10 Years of International Real Estate 2003-2013

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Carl Anthony O’Hagan


+34 609 566 035









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Discount: 10% Booking window: until 7th of January Stay: until 31.12.2014 Habitaciones: All of them Black out dates: Easter, August, Christmas and New Year

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Issue 6 - 2013

Editor Rebecca Keating Tel: 01846 864138 rebecca@theartofdesignmagazine.com Publishing Director Martin Holmes 01843 863613 martin@theartofdesignmagazine.com


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Step into Staffan Tollgård’s eponymous Design Store and you would be forgiven for missing the fact that this designer was born and bred in Sweden. Spend a little time in the store, though, and the many subtle references to a modern take on Scandinavian design rise to the surface.

The Art Of

Issue 6







Luxury Homes

The weathered grey barn-wood that clads the mezzanine and architectural columns is a nod to Staffan’s Swedish heritage; the laid-back, easy-going atmosphere testimony to his belief that great design should be appreciated and shared in an immersive, welcoming environment. cover_new.indd 1

19/11/2013 12:44

The fact that the company’s design practice is housed on the mezzanine, tucked just out of site, but at the heart of the Store’s concept, also has a Swedish functionalism to it.

See page 10 for more information Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of material published in The Art Of Design however, the publishers accept no responsibility for the claims or opinions made by advertisers, manufactures or contributors.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic (including photocopying) or stored in any information retrieval system without the prior consent of the publisher.

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Staffan Tollgard Design Store A World Of Designs In One Spectacular Setting


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Step into Staffan Tollgård’s eponymous

Our designers know the stories behind

Design Store and you would be forgiven for

each design decision we have made, and

missing the fact that this designer was born

behind the products and design that we

and bred in Sweden. Spend a little time

are selling. These stories will appeal to

in the store, though, and the many subtle

certain clients, so we must know how to

references to a modern take on Scandinavian

tell them, and we must have the space

design rise to the surface. The weathered

and the setting to do it in, calmly and

grey barn-wood that clads the mezzanine

completely. We’ve tried to design the

and architectural columns is a nod to Staffan’s

Store to be a very different shopping

Swedish heritage; the laid-back, easy-going

experience. It shouldn’t feel like a shop –

atmosphere testimony to his belief that great

more like a beautiful home that you can

design should be appreciated and shared in

recreate in your own.”

an immersive, welcoming environment. The collection of brands in the Store The fact that the company’s design practice

spans 19 countries. The designers

is housed on the mezzanine, tucked just

span another 13. The international

out of site, but at the heart of the Store’s

blend has captured the attention of the

concept, also has a Swedish functionalism to

interior designers, architects and clients

it. Staffan’s vision for this multi-tasking space

that have visited the Store since it has

was the creation of “a truly immersive design

opened. Staffan’s success in choosing

experience where each and every element

exclusive high-quality brands and

is for sale and specification. Through our

working with long-standing (and often

hybrid nature of interior design practice and

family-run businesses) that tell a distinct

design store we have tried to embed the

design narrative is exemplified in a few

products in a residential environment that

of the international brands that the Store

tells a strong and interesting story about us,

sells. Many of the brands are engaged

who we are and where we come from. The

in a dialogue with their cultural heritage;

idea of home is paramount to every project

all are inspired by their homelands

that we work on. And it is paramount to the

and determined to create new design

stories behind the furniture and pieces that

typologies that move design forward.

we sell. Where was the designer inspired? What experience does this particular manufacturer have that is unique?

Seyhan Ozdemir from Turkish design dynamo Autoban recently visited the Store to see how their work is being showcased. Autoban’s furniture range was born out of the architectural design firm’s own interior projects so there is a lot of common ground shared between the two practices. As Seyhan explained to Staffan during her visit, their furniture collection tells a number of different stories, unique to each of their design projects. Early on, Autoban struggled to find products to properly tell the story of their hotel and commercial projects. So they designed their own. Inspired by the diversity of daily life in Istanbul and their increasingly international work-scape they have won numerous design awards for projects and pieces. Stand out pieces at the Store include the iconic Box sofa, the Nest Chair, the Deer chair and the Tulip lamp. Neri&Hu are another husband-and-wife architect team whose work is proudly displayed at the Design Store. Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu’s pieces are rooted in an aesthetic of cultural provocation. Their designs speak of their Chinese heritage, their irrepressible energy and their commitment to quality above all else. Neri&Hu passionately want to convey to the world stage that great design can come from China. Their commitment to quality has seen them join Autoban under the manufacturing umbrella of De La Espada, whose expertise in solid wood out of their base in Northern Portugal is the perfect fit for their designs that modernise, refine and update historical references from their Chinese design heritage. Iconic pieces include the Solo and Duet chairs. Stellarworks is also based in Shanghai and boasts an eclectic fusion of French, Japanese and Scandinavian heritage, manufacturing and design influences. Their Lunar pieces, by Danish design duo of Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou that together make up Space Copenhagen, sit beautifully in the store, together with other Stellarworks stand-out items including the Laval Crown chair and armchairs that clearly illustrate the cross-cultural sampling at the core of their design philosophy. Another designer innovating in the Far East is British design icon Michael Young. Rooted in a spirit of enquiry and industrial adventure, his Hong Kong based brand, EOQ, is pushing the boundaries of furniture design using industrial technologies to design future modern classics. Several of his pieces are shown at the Design Store including the Joseph and Bramah lighting collection that use his signature extrusion process. Staffan picks out the Bayer shelves as a personal favourite. The shelves combine forged links with shelving of smoked oak, walnut or even driftwood, set in dramatic opposition to them. An endlessly-configurable unit that is equally at home in a luxurious residential setting or as a room divider in a high-end restaurant, and that

The international fusion at work in the Design Store has resulted in a bold design language that speaks to an international design savvy audience. The careful curating of the brands offers a sampling of the best that the world of design has to offer under a beautifully designed roof. Was it the Swedes that invented the smorgasbord? www.tollgard.co.uk

illustrate EOQ’s growth into a brand of real distinction.

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The Art of Lighting

Electric Beauty The Democratisation of Design and its Impact on the Electrical Industry Before a small selection of consumer brands – most famously Apple, led by its late founder Steve Jobs and chief designer Sir Jonathan Ives – turned the notion completely on its head, it was once accepted wisdom that function would always trump form when consumers were faced with choosing between competing technology products. Today, despite their transformative effect on the intersection of design and technology, manufacturers charged with mass producing consumerfacing technology could be forgiven for cursing Apple, Ives, Jobs. Why? Because the success of the company’s products – iPod, iPhone, iPad – has completely and irreversibly reshaped our expectations of technology. Take headphones as an example. Jump on a bus or train in an international city like New York, London, Hong Kong and you’ll notice that headphones are no longer just a device for listening to music. Today, they are fashion accessories, labels, brands; available in a rainbow of different colours,


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complete with funky designs on the earphones. This trend has had a transformation impact on the electrical industry too. For years, plugs, sockets and light switches were just an accepted compromise in a consumer’s otherwise perfect bathroom, kitchen, lounge, or hotel room. The democratisation of design has put paid to that cosy little compromise. Interior designers everywhere invest a significant amount of time and energy creating a space that perfectly matches their client’s vision. A sleek and stylish minimalist space with leather finishes and eclectic furniture through to a grand, imposing function room kitted out in mahogany and brass. Every detail is obsessed over, as designers instinctively understand that the finished article is the result of a thousand small, carefully made decisions. However as electrical manufacturers start to raise their game – offering a wide selection of customised finishes

matching seasonal trends – interior designers are running out of reasons to write-off wiring accessories - sockets, light switches, dimmers - as an inevitable eye sore to be hidden away, covered up or concealed . On the contrary, the latest innovation in fashionable, customisable sockets, USB charging modules and light switches presents interior designers with another big opportunity to bring their grand design to life. As with all consumer trends, the winners will be designers who quickly mobilise and successfully ride the crest of the wave. At MK Electric, a Honeywell company, we have already embraced this trend with our Decorative Collection, offering 5000 different combinations of wiring devices matched closely with the hottest interior design trends. Bespoke designs can also be developed using MK Electric’s Design Service team, offering ID experts a full palette of designs and textures to lift a room aesthetically. As the democratisation of design marches on, your clients will expect nothing less.

19/11/2013 15:07

Switch on your imagination

MK ELEMENTS COLLECTION SYNTHETICS I METALLICS I GLASS EFFECT I NATURALS MK Electric has always been switched on to new possibilities, which is why today we’ve reinvented the humble light switch. Our new MK Elements Collection is a revolutionary range of switches, sockets and touch-control dimmers, customisable to suit any environment.


From warm, earthy oak to cool, contemporary steel, the unique range of finishes and textures complement any interior design, from vintage villa to boutique hotel. We can even create bespoke options to suit your needs. So if you can imagine it, MK can make it.

Visit mkelements.com to discover more.

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Lighting a modern family home

The Art of Lighting

This new build contemporary space was designed to be open plan, light and airy, a warm family home, a party venue, and a series of intimate spaces linked by distant focal points. A potentially conflicting set of requirements, but all possible with careful planning and imaginative lighting design.

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18/11/2013 10:47

Custom Dining Room Lighting

Dramatic Dining Room Lighting

The naturally light dining area presented a challenge of very few fixing points. Brilliant Lighting developed a custom mounting for the discreet table lighting.

In the evening or in party mood, the dining room lighting provides a wonderful backdrop. Floor recessed colour changing LED sets the scene here in a soft pink.

Open plan Hallway and Stairs lighting The entrance hall, seating area and spectacular staircase receive different lighting treatments but the net result is a wonderfully unified lighting scheme.

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18/11/2013 10:47

Kitchen Lighting

The streamlined kitchen sees constant use. We needed to develop a highly functional scheme with a contemporary sleek feel.

The Concrete Staircase

The staircase rising from the heart of the ground floor provides a stunning focal point aside the more formal lounge. It called out to be lit but represented a real challenge; it was fabricated out of concrete prior to us starting on the project, and with marble cladding and a glass handrail it provided no obvious fixing points for the lighting.

Brilliant Lighting

www.brilliantlighting.co.uk info@brilliantliving.co.uk 01845 525 664 Photography by Simon Warren

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18/11/2013 10:50

True Edge Flat Plate in Autumnal Polished Brass Finish

As temperatures fall outside, the warmth of the Polished Brass finish from Focus SB brings a radiant summer glow to any interior. The True Edge range has guillotined edges, Wandsworth inserts and hex head screws. Ask about our complete Bespoke service to meet your specific requirements.

Visit our website to view our NEW brochure No long lead times

No minimum order

Complete bespoke service

Tel: 01424 858060 www.focus-sb.co.uk Page19.indd 1


18/11/2013 10:54


The Art of Interior Design

MRA designs London flagship store for House of Hackney 131 Shoreditch High Street, London E1


Architecture & Interior Design has created the first UK flagship store for luxury British brand House of Hackney. Located at 131 Shoreditch High Street, the store showcases the brand’s full product range, including fashion and interiors and new categories such as sleepwear, accessories and stationery. Founded by life and business partners Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle in 2011, House of Hackney has built up a cult following through its luxury stockists and website. MRA’s brief was to create a showcase to support House of Hackney’s highly personalised service and reflect both its nonconformist spirit and its roots in traditional, high-quality craftsmanship. Stephanie Srivastava, Director at MRA, explains: ‘House of Hackney wanted to create a space dedicated to their product, a destination for their customers where the “beauty of the collections can be seen in their entirety”. The store provides a “touchpoint” for followers of the brand, a tactile opportunity to engage and be entertained while being immersed in their statement prints.’ Solution The store, which comprises 2,000 square feet (186m²) arranged over two floors, is devised as a series of themed rooms: Garden, Fabric and Fashion. The design embodies the brand’s playful, irreverent style and the store is decorated in House of Hackney’s trademark prints, together with new collections. The backdrop features dark furniture in House of Hackney’s signature ‘midnight’ colourway, which acts as a foil to offset the highly decorative product on offer. The style is classic Victoriana with a twist: richly ornate detailing that is accentuated by the vivid prints of the fabrics and wallpapers on display. An eye-catching awning, featuring House of Hackney’s ‘Hackney Empire’ print, immediately gives the store a strong street presence, creating the ambience of a traditional storefront. The House of Hackney logo is picked out in delicate gold lettering, mounted on the existing stone fascia panel. Spilling down the steps and on to the street, an array of fresh flowers and plants draws customers into the Garden Room. Creative florists Wild at Heart have curated a special ‘Wild at Heart x House of Hackney’ flower shop inspired by the collections. Traditional black-and-white Victorian-style tiling contrasts with the flamboyant decoration, and a new floral print, used for the papered feature wall and on the bespoke tiles to the back of the florist’s counter top, adds to the natural exuberance. Space is provided for the florists to make up bouquets, with a butler’s sink and feature brass taps, adding activity to the front area of the store. In the Fabric Room, large-format shelving provides a showcase for House of Hackney’s richly decorative cushions, while the wallpaper range is displayed on oversized hinged panels to show the full pattern repeat. A library of fabric and wallpaper samples, beautifully tied with ribbon, and smaller items, such as fine bone china, is displayed within shelving near the cash/wrap desk. The desk features a marble top and is clearly defined by the dramatic globe pendant luminaires located above. The Victorian tiling is reprised, a change in scale delineating the separate ‘rooms’. The Fabric Room is enhanced by octagonal feature mirror panelling to the ceiling, adding a sense of grandeur that matches the fabrics on display. The Fashion Room houses the brand’s celebrated apparel designs, alongside footwear, sleepwear and lingerie. In the centre, a grand ‘conversation seat’ upholstered in ‘Wild Card’ fabric lends an opulent salon feel, providing a space to wait while partners try on clothing in the fitting rooms, which feature ‘Hackney Empire Stripe’ paper and curtains. At the rear of the store, a double-height space creates a perfect environment to show the full effect of the brand’s signature ‘Hackney Empire’ luxury wallpaper. Featuring a carnival of animals in a riot of colour, this adds a sense of theatre as customers take the spiral staircase to the lower floor. On reaching the Furniture Showroom on the lower floor, visitors are immersed in House of Hackney’s furniture collections in a series of room sets, curated by print. The interior reflects the luxury signature style of the brand with a traditional foundation of faux fireplace, parquet floor and panelling, together with an attention-grabbing feature bed set dressed in ‘Dalston Rose’. Overhead, a grid system enables the creation of a flexible display space, much like a stage set, where screens can be suspended and moved to form different ‘rooms’. Frieda Gormley, House of Hackney, comments: ‘MRA has designed a captivating interior for our flagship store. Beautifully designed and crafted, it is a perfect backdrop to House of Hackney's collections – both fashion and interiors.’

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WARMTH & COLOUR With all the warmth of porcelain and a wide range of bright colours the ceiling lamps in the Belle de Nuit collection update the classic chandelier in a new language. Belle de Nuit Chandelier 24 porcelain shades · Multicolor 100 x Ø80 cm

Like all Lladró creations, Belle de Nuit lamps are handcrafted at the brand’s workshops in Valencia (Spain).

Lladró Boutique 194 Piccadilly · London W1J 9EX · 0207 494 0407 · london-pi@uk.lladro.com · www.lladro.com

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18/11/2013 10:57

“Practically, Bang & Olufsen is perfectly suited to large residential refurbishments. Few realise how upgradable Bang & Olufsen is both its hardware and software can be replaced making their TVs superbly future-proof,” says Malcolm Stewart, CEO of Kensington AV. “We are a ‘one-stop-AV-shop’ for the design profession,” says Stewart, who has intimate knowledge of prime residential refurbishments having managed bespoke installations for prestigious architects, interior designers, A-list music celebrities and Russian Oligarchs.

BANG & OLUFSEN CHELSEA Acquired by Leading Luxury AV Installer, Kensington Audio Visual


ondon, UK, October 15th 2013 - London’s leading luxury AV installer, Kensington Audio Visual, has acquired Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea, and in November will launch an Experience Centre for designers in its new King’s Road showroom where lighting design, architectural light fittings, lighting control, AV, home automation solutions and security can be showcased for the interiors and architectural design industries and also endusers. For the first time, London-based design professionals can source Bang & Olufsen, “the world’s leading luxury audio visual

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brand” (Superbrands), from a specialist AV trade installer. Bang & Olufsen has previously only been available as a ‘retail’ brand, but now designers can safely specify Bang & Olufsen with the reassurance that it can be seamlessly integrated with control systems and fully supported by a specialist AV consultancy servicing professional designers. This comes as Bang & Olufsen announces the introduction of a new wireless speaker platform, the first ever to use wireless technology that is robust enough for high-end digital sound, at CEDIA 2013 tradeshow in Denver, Colorado. With

the new wireless technology, audiophiles will be able to enjoy 24-bit, uncompressed music wirelessly. Interior designers can achieve cinema-quality surround sound without the wire clutter. The new wireless technology by Bang & Olufsen incorporates WiSA’s (Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) open standard to achieve the ultimate sound performance in multi-channel wireless set up. Therefore, Bang & Olufsen’s next-generation wireless speakers, to be introduced this Autumn, will connect to any WiSA compliant third-party television, Blu-ray player, AV receiver or the like – simply, flexibly and brilliantly.

“We make life easy for interior designers by offering in one service all the expertise across the technical specialisms in a high end refurbishment – they have less people to deal with and a single point of responsibility. Our clientfacing staff speak fluent Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew which also helps smooth relations with our exacting high-net-worth central London clients.”

Kensington AV runs regular CPD courses dedicated to Lighting Design and Control and also Audio Visual/ control systems for architects and interior designers (enquiries to cpd@kensingtonav.com)

18/11/2013 12:54

Accurate beam projection through precise lens technology (PLT). High quality colour rendering utilising the best available LED engines. www.wila.com

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18/11/2013 12:56

SAHCO HOME COLLECTION 2013 To decorate a room and give it an unmistakable touch. With exclusive cushions and plaids of the new SAHCO HOME COLLECTION. Six different cushions in selected colours, materials and sizes offer almost endless possibilities to set accents. Hand-made from sophisticated SAHCO- fabrics like ARLECIN, BOUQUET, COSMO, ELE- MENTO, SATINEE and TRESSA partly with a three- dimensional look the cushions reflect what is without a doubt special. A small but delicate selection of three different plaids in a size of about 140 x 190 cm / 55 x 75� supplement the HOME COLLECTION. Made of the most precious and sophisticated materials such as pure cashmere or merino wool they enchant with a unique touch and look, a harmonic colour match to the cushions of the collection. The new HOME COLLECTION is a choice of unique cushions and plaids, created with the love for detail.

SAHCO AUTUMN COLLECTION 2013 The new SAHCO autumn collection pays homage to the detail, to the subtle distinction that turns the good into something outstanding. The fabrics radiate selectness and elegance, they are eye-catching and stylish. Three decorating and upholstery fabrics woven with sophisticated techniques distinguish themselves by their exclusive quality and loving attention to detail. The characteristics of fine silk yarns, a generous jacquard design and selected colour ways mark the fabrics of this collection. The combination of linen yarns with viscose accentuates the fine quality.


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Lexington 1 2


3 4 5

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Lexington Holiday Bed Lexington Arts & Crafts Quilt £475, Poplin Bedding Double from £219, Flannel Check Bedding Double from £219, Sateen Bedding with Frame Pillowcase from £33. Stockist: Lexington Company Stockist Telephone: +44 1494 787 210 Stockist Website: www.LexingtonCompany.com Available from: Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwicks.

Lexington Table Lexington Classic Wool Throw £135 available in beige or red, Lexington Knitted Throw with Teddy Red/Blue £295, Lexington Knitted Stocking Red/Blue £5,Metal Star from £12 Stockist: Lexington Company Stockist Telephone: +44 1494 787 210 Stockist Website: www.LexingtonCompany.com Available from: Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwicks

Lexington Sofa Velvet Block Stripe Sham £49, Lexington Classic Wool Throw Navy £135 Ticking Stripe Sham £39 Arts & Crafts Sham £55 Stockist: Lexington Company Stockist Telephone: +44 1494 787 210 Stockist Website: www.LexingtonCompany.com Available from: Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwicks

Bathroom Lifestyle Lexington Original Towel Available in Midnight, Dark Orange, Dark Pink, Golden, and Purple from £8 for a small hand towel Stockist: Lexington Company Stockist Telephone: +44 1494 787 210 Stockist Website: www.LexingtonCompany.com Available from: Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwicks.

Autumn House Image Lexington Company House Sham £55 Stockist: Lexington Company Stockist Telephone: +44 1494 787 210 Stockist Website: www.LexingtonCompany.com Available from: Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwicks.

19/11/2013 12:46

CrestJMT Leather CrestJMT Leather collaborates with the Wellesley Hotel of Knightsbridge

CrestJMT Leather is a global producer of high quality leathers for all contract and domestic upholstery applications. We own and operate our own tanneries in Vestenanova, Italy, Brazil and Thailand and this allows us to ensure strict quality control at all stages of production, whilst utilising local and traditional skills, to ensure

Upholstering both the bedrooms and

The designers believed that only the finest

our leathers meet the most demanding of

dining rooms, CrestJMT are the pinnacles of

leather, which represents the quality of


luxury leather. The Wellesley offers not only

the hotel and the recreation of the original

luxurious rooms to rest your weary heads,

1920s interior was to be used in its rooms

All of our leathers conform to important

but fine dining and entertainment is also

and dining space. Cream Vele, Cambridge

industry standards and specifically to the

on offer. The design of the hotel reflects the

and Shelly were used throughout the hotel

European ISO 9001 standard, for use in all

mix between traditional English glamour to

including the bed headboards, armchairs,

domestic, industrial, marine, automotive

modern day glitz to offer an incredible hotel

dining chairs and booths.

and aviation environments.

experience. As a 1920s townhouse restored with a modern take, the traditional glamour

About CrestJMT Leather

mixed with the modern art deco style,

CrestJMT Leather delivers the largest and


which is also reflected in the leather chosen

most comprehensive upholstery leather

to upholster the chairs and bedrooms.

collection available in the UK.

call 01706 643 121

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18/11/2013 14:23

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18/11/2013 14:24

** The Art of *****

SHH Creates Ultra-luxe Chelsea Apartment SHH has completed a truly exceptional residence in the heart of Chelsea (in the west end of London), which revives the glamorous spirit of art deco, thanks to the extraordinary quality of finishes created by the SHH team, together with a global roll call of the very finest craftspeople and manufacturers. “It was a privilege to work on a project with such incredible attention to detail” commented SHH Chairman David Spence. “The scheme was definitely something pretty special for everyone involved.”

SHH, celebrating its 21st year in business this year, is one of the UK’s leading design and architecture practices, with many years’ experience and a long list of leading creative awards in the high-end residential sector. The company brought the full breadth of its skill base to bear on this ultra-luxurious, multi-million pound project, including architects, interior designers and lighting designers, to fulfil the brief (set by an international businessman client and family), where rare and luxurious materials have been carefully sculpted to form a unique interior that is striking and bold, but never ostentatious.

The 600 sq m apartment is spread over three floors and was initially taken on by SHH’s client in shell form, with careful space-planning needed at to make the best use of space “Although the floor plan was generous, there were some major challenges to work around” explained SHH Associate Director and Project Architect Guy Matheson. “The first of these was that there was very little natural light on all floors, including the upper floor, which is also where visitors first enter the apartment. We therefore took the unusual decision to locate the master bedroom on this storey to ensure that the main living quarters on the central storey below benefited from

the apartment’s major light source - the outside garden. To maintain a dramatic sense of arrival, however, we made the doors to the bedroom suite ‘disappear’, so that the focus instead is on the central stair, which we moved to its present location and which draws visitors’ eyes straight down through the space.” The new free-floating, triple-height stair – and the extraordinary 12-m high olive tree bas relief behind it – is one of the dominant design features of the scheme. Visitors first approach the apartment via smart but unassuming double doors, which give little away about the delights and >>

surprises within. Irresistibly drawn to the right once inside, the visitor’s eye alights on the softly-lit relief and then follows the tree’s sinuous form down the full height of the apartment to the lowest level two floors below. SHH worked closely with finishes experts DKT on the creation of the relief, whose impact is further enhanced by the contrast between the softly lit hallway and the luminous surface of the relief itself. The subtle and sophisticated entrance hallway is lined with a palette of natural materials in neutral and soft brown shades: a palette that has been applied to every surface, from the grey and

chocolate stones of the floor and skirting to the polished plaster walls and the bronze panels of the ceiling. Layers of lighting offer a range of settings designed to change the mood subtly when required, through a combination of wall-lights, inset ceiling spots and strip lighting, as well as the backlit bronze panel in the centre of the space. The subtle and sophisticated entrance hallway is lined with a palette of natural materials in neutral and soft brown shades: a palette that has been applied to every surface, from the grey and chocolate stones of the floor and skirting to the polished plaster walls and the

bronze panels of the ceiling. Layers of lighting offer a range of settings designed to change the mood subtly when required, through a combination of wall-lights, inset ceiling spots and strip lighting, as well as the backlit bronze panel in the centre of the space. Across from the main entrance doors on the upper floor is a further pair of doors that lead directly into a large and handsome dressing room. This space forms a lobby which connects the two ‘hidden’ master bedrooms – his to the right and hers to the left. In front, facing the doors, is a wall of cream-coloured >>

<< wardrobes, whose slim doors are covered in leather. Studs form a decorative detail around the edge of each door, finished off with a horn handle from Ochre, a Londonbased designer and manufacturer. In the centre of the room is a specially-designed island, which has been devised to store a range of accessories. Seamless Industries were again commissioned to create the lustrous metallic surface of this piece, which is topped with leather. A contemporary chandelier in platinum-coloured glass from Dutch lighting designers Brand van Egmond makes a striking centrepiece. To the right and left are more doors, this time in semiopaque glass, behind which are stored the couple’s clothing. Here, SHH integrated special lighting that allows the clothes to be viewed from the outside even when the doors are closed. The oak floor adds warm tones and visual interest thanks to its interesting Versailles parquet design (from Weldon Flooring). Walking through to ‘her’ bedroom, the atmosphere is immediately transformed into one of femininity, with soft cream and pastel shades bathed in light from the full-height windows along the far side of the room. On the right, the bed (from Silvano Grifoni) boasts an ornately carved headboard, which catches the eye with its leather upholstery and gilt woodwork. On the left, a delicately detailed fireplace by Stone

Studio, carved from Bateig Beige limestone, is set against a wall clad in White Cloud onyx, sourced from Mega Marble. Bateig Beige is used once again for the thresholds on the external doors. The fireplace design was inspired by a vintage wallpaper sample discovered by the design team and subsequently expressed in limestone by a British sculptor. Lelievre fabrics are a popular choice for this room, used for the sheers at the window, the bedspread and the upholstery for both the armchair and the ottoman. A striking studded surface pattern makes the ottoman upholstery a focal point – built by Interior Joinery, one of SHH’s trusted contractors, it contains a TV which is displayed and stored by remote control. In the adjoining en suite bathroom the freestanding bath is a stunning piece of Indian craftsmanship made from Italian Giallo Sienna, sourced from Stone Studio. The SHH architects made sure the floor was reinforced in the early stages of work on the project in order to support the weight of this ‘His’ bed impressive piece of stone. This is truly has a mahogany a temple of well-being, with classically frame with reindeer styled gold-plated taps and vanity suede upholstery, unit from UK manufacturer Acajou opposite which is contrasting with a wall of random a wall of bespoke geometric mirrored tiles and a large stained oak units contemporary mirror made to an SHH This home design. is a place designed

for pleasure and The styling of his bedroom and relaxation, and not bathroom is more sober but no less a place for work, striking. The bathroom is sleek and but in case, a small relatively simple, lined in Botticino study is also located Fiorito stone throughout, sourced

from Mega Marble. In the bedroom, the far wall is glass from floor to ceiling and, like her bedroom, shares a view down onto the gardens behind the property. ‘His’ bed has a mahogany frame with reindeer suede upholstery, opposite which is a wall of bespoke stained oak units built and assembled by Hannah Contracts which houses a fireplace, this time in Hermosa stone. He too has his own pop-up TV ottoman, designed to resemble a travel trunk. This piece was made by Interior Joinery, who also made the discrete desk which has just enough space for a laptop. This home is clearly a place designed for pleasure and relaxation, and not a place for work, but in case business meetings should be necessary a small study is also located on the top floor. The study can be found to the right of the doors that lead to these bedrooms, through a discrete opening immediately adjacent to the top of the stairs. This is a compact space which is part library, part study, part meeting room – a space where the husband can take calls and handle paperwork away from the more social areas below. Its location at the entrance to the apartment allows contacts to pop in for quick conferences without intruding on the family. Furniture in the study includes a zebrano veneer table and a light sourced from Wired Design. The social hub of the house is undoubtedly the expansive, 120 sq m living space on the residence’s middle floor >>

Page34.indd 1

18/11/2013 14:44

MASTER SUITE This has been divided into four ‘zones’ – the piano area, the dining area, the TV area and the fireplace area. The standout fireplace in this room is hewn from a single slab of Rosso Vaticano onyx, sourced from Stone Studio. J. Robert Scott seating - sofas and chairs surrounds the fireplace, with coffee tables and side tables by American furniture manufacturer Bolier Decca and lamps by Rebecca Scott. More J. Robert Scott sofas are arranged in the TV area. A focal point of the scheme here is the bespoke silk carpet from Stark Carpets that serves to unite all the elements in this section of the room. The ‘up and over’ tables and also the TV unit were made by Interior

Joinery, one of the team of expert contractors trusted by SHH and commissioned by them to work on this project. In the dining area, Interior Joinery also made the sideboard and the walnut dining table to SHH’s specifications.

Many of the design ideas stem from plant and organic The living room is clearly designed forms,” David both for relaxation and for entertaining and, for those times when guests are invited for lunch or dinner, the glossy table sits ten comfortably. Robert Langford dining chairs are upholstered in Zimmer + Rohde fabric and, like the dining table, the sideboard is also made by Interior Joinery with lacquer work by Page Lacquer.

Spence commented.

“It is the thread that pulls through the apartment’s design.”

The allocation of space in the living

area is emphasised by the design of the ceiling lighting, which forms pools of light above the four areas of the room. Additional illumination is created by a selection of striking lamps. Two pieces of particular note are the sconces either side of the fireplace. Made by Ochre, the bespoke design of these lights (to an SHH design) is based on eucalyptus leaves whose shape seems to also echo the organic arrangement of the ceiling lights. Another clever touch can be found right next to the dining table. What seems like a mirrored panel set into the wall is in fact a concealed door which slides back to reveal a compact kitchen (made by renowned Italian manufacturer Boffi). This kitchen can be used by the family for day-to-day snacks and refreshments, while a larger kitchen on the floor below can be used to prepare meals on a larger scale. A dumb waiter connects the two and the lift also serves the upper kitchen with a door that opens directly into the space. The middle floor also houses the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. There are three bedrooms, all en suite, one each for the client’s older son and the daughter (the third is a guestroom).


Page35.indd 1


The boy’s bedroom is perfect for a teenager – lots of travel-themed accessories provide fun and playful details, combined with more subtle grown-up styling. >>

18/11/2013 14:44

A Giant Anglepoise lamp in a smart navy blue is the first thing that catches the eye. Navy is the key colour in the room with blue lacquer shelving and wardrobe doors, both made by Hannah Contracts who worked on most of the joinery in the room, and navy blue in both the blinds and curtains. A chair from Conran Contracts, another focal point, has been upholstered in a bold blue Kvadrat fabric. In the girl’s bedroom, pink – what else? – is the colour of choice. The wardrobe doors, designed by SHH and made by Hannah Contracts, make the biggest pink statement, but the hot pink Tai Ping rug and pumpkin-inspired pouffes add to the fairytale feel. Every princess’s bedroom needs a coronet and this one, which resembles a little pink nest, was specially commissioned from Swedish-based designer Olga Popyrina. There is plenty of room for furry friends on the elegant étagère, made in Italy by Fratelli Boffi. A matching desk has been colonised by a Porta Romana lamp with its witty birds-feet base and feathery shade, and above it, four prints by Miró add a sophisticated touch. The en suite bathroom features a Sistema Catalano cx 35 basin and a Bonomi C4 tap, whilst the neighbouring guest bathroom is a symphony of stone, clad in Rossi Lepanto from Mega Marble, whilst the stand-out Botticino Fiorito basin was supplied by Vitra Piu Due. More fun is to be had – for the whole family this time – on the lower floor, where movies are screened in the cosily luxurious cinema whose walls are lined in soft grey striped Loro Piana cashmere. According to Guy Matheson, the client was particularly interested in his home cinema: “Cinema and audio-visual are quite an important interest in his



life and he was keen to get the best audio-visual, which is why we have such an impressive cinema.” Oversize floor cushions make a soft vantage point for the children at the front, while the adults can sit back in a row of four custom built chairs complete with authentic drinks holders. At the back of the room is a bar for drinks and coffee and snacks. Vintage photographic prints – many featuring Marilyn Monroe (by Eve Arnold) - have been deliberately chosen to add a sprinkling of Hollywood stardust. Technology specialists Phaseliner worked with SHH to set up the audio-visual technology used here. Wherever the gaze alights in this beautiful home, it is rewarded. And while the impact of the whole is breathtaking, the quality of the finishes simply demands closer inspection which in turn reveals the expertise of the team involved. There are many beautiful homes in London but very few can boast an interior of such a high standard. “It was a privilege to work on a project with such incredible attention to detail and where we could use the very finest materials and finishes” concludes Guy Matheson.



“This scheme was definitely something pretty special for all the team.”

“It was a privilege to work on a project with such incredible attention to detail and where we could use the very finest materials and finishes”


Page36.indd 1



18/11/2013 14:45


18/11/2013 14:49

38 The Art of Interiors

EGOITalIaNO Audrey by Egoitaliano


ver the four days, the show will welcome interiors collections from a host of wellknown exhibitors, as well as seminars from industry experts and numerous new products and trends


design displays Ercol manufacturing skills to their best with beautiful decoration, crafted with soft curves and solid pale


bedroom range, relaxed and modern in design, clear lacquered oak and spindled headboard, crisply depict Ercolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rich

A selection of new, international, and quality brands will showcase over halls 1-5 of the NEC, presenting their latest collections, many of which are making

INTERIORS UK, organised by UBM Live Built Environment, is set to take over the NEC Birmingham this January, with Hall 3 housing The Lighting Show: set for its best year yet.

treated to a series of insightful seminars from top industry experts, adding to an already packed line-up for the NEC show

First-time exhibitors Hitch Mylius will present their award-winning designs

where they will disclose a whole host of

and bold colours are the calling card

After last years successful show, Ercol, popular for their crafted furniture and loving design ethic that goes in to each and every piece, will be launching the

delighted to welcome them to the show

G Plan

G Plan Vintage

face on

imparting valuable pearls of wisdom at the show are, retail guru, George Davies, with a focus on how to inject success into business and Andrew McMillan, John Lewisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; former Head of Customer your business from the competition, in

Over the four days of the show, an impressive lineup of industry experts, including a host of leading retailers, will offer advice on key industry issues and future-trend forecasting. Makers, New Design Britain Awards, and DesignersBlock so whether you are looking for the latest products and features, up-to-the-minute industry knowledge or invaluable trend insight, For more information or to register for your complimentary ticket visit the

Page38.indd 1

19/11/2013 12:07


m m m$`W]eh jW$Yec

>KD= 7HO <H 7D9;CED79E =;HC7D O FEB 7D: HKII?79EBKC8?7KI7?H 7D

Page39.indd 1

18/11/2013 14:57

If you’re looking for high quality, innovative and beautiful tiles, look no further than the carefully selected Italian Tiles from Bibliotheque, in a range of incredible finishes. Using the latest technology, fabricated tiles replicate the luxury of wood, marble and stone while providing incomparable quality, consistency and durability. And, with beautiful glass mosaic tiles also available, there’s bound to be a design that’s right for you. With all the beauty of their natural counterparts, the Fabricated Collections from Bibliotheque generate the look and feel of the real thing, to produce durable, low maintenance tiles that are suitable for anywhere in the home. From the grain of beautifully aged wood to the striations of quality marble, fabricated tiles reproduce the stunning characteristics of nature. The strength of fabricated tiles makes them suitable for high traffic areas in the home and even commercial environments. A huge selection of colours, finishes and sizes, across the wood, stone, porcelain and mosaic ranges, means there’s something to suit your design, environment and budget. With a wide range of anti-slip tiles available, they’re also ideal for outside

Page40.indd 1

areas, patios and swimming pools. Our fabricated tiles are harder than granite and don’t require endless coats of sealer. Bibliotheque are committed to the environment; we not only work with the world’s leading tile manufacturers for quality, we also ensure our suppliers work sustainably and with ecological principles. Our fabricated tiles are all environmentally friendly and eco-certified, and we offer a large range of mosaic tiles made from 98% recycled glass. Fabricated wood tiles don’t harm any trees in their creation, and provide a sustainable alternative as well as the opportunity for this product to be installed in kitchens and bathrooms unlike traditional wood. We’re proud of the quality, beauty and affordability of our products. Tiles supplied by Bibliotheque meet our rigorous technical specifications, giving you long lasting, beautiful walls and floors that don’t require costly maintenance. To see our ranges in person, please visit a Bibliotheque showroom or visit www.bibliotheque.co.uk. Our expert staff can help you achieve the look you want, and we’re always happy to work with you to make sure you get the quality and durability that beautifully made tiles should deliver.

19/11/2013 15:01

SWEETNESS and LIGHTS DOLCE A modern interpretation of the classic chimney hood. Smooth lines. LED lights, new materials. Harmony and performance DOLCE as beautiful as it is functional.

D R Cooker Hoods Ltd. sales@drcookerhoods.co.uk Ph: 01252 351111 www.elica.co.uk

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International Showrooms: Milan - Osaka www.elica.com

18/11/2013 15:00


product design and in the last two years it seems that audio speaker specialist IN2UIT can do no wrong in the eyes of its peers.

Collage Red and Black Wall mounted speaker


ith the German iF Product Design Award 2013 its most recent acclamation as well as two Consumer Electronics Show Design and Engineering Awards to its name the Taiwanese company has now made its minimalist and elegant ‘audio art’ line of speakers available to customers in the United Kingdom. The new range includes the Filo and Collage and gained much attention after their exhibition at the recent Grand Designs Live show in London as the world’s first electrostatic speakers. Priced at £239.99 (inc VAT), the Filo is part of IN2UIT’S Audio Art Collection and is more than just a speaker, it is also an artistic creation.

Also from IN2UIT’s Audio Art Collection, the Collage lives up to its name as a fine piece of modern art with a clever blend of materials, shapes and finishes but offering all the same wireless digital audio features as the Filo. At £399.00 (inc VAT), the Collage is for the connoisseur of finer things and is truly a fine piece of audio art engineering. It is available in two colour combinations including white and beige or black and red and can be the centrepiece of any room proving that speakers can be beautiful – inside and out. It can also be wallmounted or sit on the table top.

Wall placement adds an extra punch of bass as the waves bounce and reverberate off the wall. A wall bracket and table top stand is included so it can be placed just about anywhere in the home or office.

IN2UIT founder Marcus Solomon said: “IN2UIT is leading the path of new and exciting design for music speakers. Unlike past thin speaker technology fads that have come and gone these speakers deliver true hi-fidelity acoustics wirelessly.

With up to 10 hours of playtime from each single charge, the Filo uses ELECTROSTATZ® technology to deliver high-resolution quality sound by wirelessly streaming music from any tablet or smartphone device to its less than 5mm ultra-slim profile speakers.

“IN2UIT is also the leading the path of green devices with ultra-slim profiles and small carbon footprints packaged in functional, yet iconic designs that users will find intuitive, minimalist and very meaningful.”

IN2UIT has made everything about the Filo pure and minimal. They have removed the unnecessary and kept only the essentials. The Filo is available in blue, grey or red to match any home décor and can be wall mounted and hang like a piece of art or simply sit on the table top.

Filo Grey table standing speaker

Both Filo and Collage are available from Amazon and John Lewis, and the Filo is now also available from Argos. For more information visit www.in2uit.com Page42.indd 1

19/11/2013 07:59

Page43.indd 1

19/11/2013 07:59


The Art of

KI - UniteSE WORKPLACE COLLECTION The UniteSE workplace collection unites height adjustable workstations with benching & storage to facilitate flexible working whilst offering a range of options which can be tailored to specific modern day workplace requirements. The understructure of the UniteSE Workstation range provides a sturdy modular platform for the addition of multiple work surface and screen options. A clever bracketry system discreetly connects the bench elements to storage.The UniteSE storage collection combines a simple clean design with a wellengineered, highly robust & flexible construction. The series has now expanded to include new stacking storage modules to provide an open plan architecture. These combined with personal storage solutions, such as the SpaceStation, create a versatile workstation system. UniteSE SpaceStation is a game changer, a revolutionary

new design which provides a multitude of secure flexible mobile storage options matching evolving changes of the modern day workplace. The simple clean aesthetic and cost effectiveness of UniteSE SpaceStation brings a completely new option into the workplace design mix. KIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Faveo, 24/7 task chair, designed by Paul Brooks, recipient of a Certificate of Ergonomic Excellence provides an inviting and attractive seating solution.The fabric mesh back ensures optimum comfort and instant ergonomic adjustment

is delivered to the user by simple easy touch controls with seat height and tension adjustment integrated on one side and the forward tilt and recline lock on the other. All KI seating products meet the more stringent requirements of Indoor Advantage Gold (from SCS Global Services). KIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s products are designed locally and manufactured in factories within the UK, providing the benefit of rapid lead times, fit for purpose, design and excellent value. Please visit the KI website on www.kieurope.com or telephone 020 7404 7441 for more information.

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19/11/2013 08:03

Tojo Mรถbel GmbH Am Ziegelgraben 26 D 73614 Schorndorf Tel +49 (0)7181 401-400 Fax +49 (0)7181 401-410

info@tojo.de | www.tojo.de

Philosophie of company The Tojo Furniture Ltd. is a dynamic, innovative company that was founded in June 2000. The aim is to create furniture with alongside timeless design which distinguish them from its functionality, ecology and economy. The sales success of the design-oriented and award-winning products at affordable prices minimalist products, which bribe by characterize simple elegance and superior functionality. By working with various young designers Tojo could expand constantly. A particularly close cooperation connects Tojo with eigenwert (Switzerland) since 2001. eigenwert has designed six attractive Tojo-products, who won some of it several design awards. We are guided by the needs and respond to the current viewpoint of the end user. This will guarantee the satisfaction of our design-oriented consumers and our and your success.


is a free-standing shelf system that can be extended both horizontally and vertically to your desired width or height. The modules can be combined with minimal effort enabling you to create the shelf system you like and that perfectly meets your needs. You can either use stell as a free-standing side-


is a free-standing, horizontal and vertically arbitrarily expandable shelf system. The saliently milled out sides give furniture its unmistakable appearance to that, serve however above all the group of the segments among themselves.In addition by the attachment of the ground something below the reaming lateral slipping is prevented.

info@tojo.de | www.tojo.de Page45.indd 1

19/11/2013 08:04



he Interiors Group have completed a fit out with a high end finish for the office of Onex located in Duke of York Street London. Onex is an international & successful private equity firm with a long, established track record and a disciplined, active-ownership approach to investing. The company focuses on creating long-term value by building industry-leading businesses in partnership with outstanding management teams.

fit out with a welcoming reception area, three external meeting rooms, a small kitchen, shower, small comms room, a combined filing, copy & storage room, four executive offices, multiple person offices and three or four open plan seating areas. The Interiors Group removed all existing ceilings, skirting and installed a new plasterboard ceiling throughout with a bespoke plaster in lighting system comprising of white goods lighting.

The brief was to provide space for Visitors are welcomed by Quarter ten people, a spacious and luxurious cut Teak feature walls throughout

Page46.indd 1

the reception area, Basaltina Honed stone floor and a black back painted reception desk, then leading into the open plan area giving a spacious yet plush feel. All glass and doors to the front of house meeting rooms and the separation door are smoked glass. There are black back painted glass doors to all solid doors and clear glass to the back of house with a black partition frame throughout. The Interiors Group have provided new Element 7 white, oil sanded, wide board wood flooring laid

throughout, apart from the shower area where bush hammered tiling has been installed. The Interiors Group has over 25 years experience delivering stunning commercial environments. They are widely proven and trusted by both clients and professional project managers to deliver business environments on time and on budget. Visit The Interiors Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at www.interiorsgroup.co.uk

19/11/2013 08:05

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19/11/2013 08:07

Drayton Residence

by Mak Studio Our clients purchased a 1970â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ranch style house in great need of updating. Their vision was to rebuild it into a home for their young family. Surrounded by towering redwoods, the original house was dark and damp. The clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; requested that their new house be visually warm and filled with light and that rooms should be connected both visually and experientially with the outdoors. They also wished for more outdoor space. This was a challenge as the majority of the property is heavily sloped.

Our design solution for capturing more light was to wrap the house in a band of clerestory windows. This strategy brings light from all directions as it moves around the house through the course of the day. Original spaces with 8’ ceiling heights were reconfigured as passageways leading to new rooms that are 10’ to 11’ in height. The transition from low to high volumes further enhances the perception of light. The lot is wide but shallow with an original entry porch just a few steps off the street. To heighten the sense of outdoor space at the front of the house, we relocated the entry at the end of the property’s width and created a landscaped courtyard leading to the front door. At the rear of the house where most of the property is sloped, we introduced more outdoor space by building a large roof terrace over the new addition below. This roof terrace connects directly to the living room, allowing parties to flow outdoors where guests may enjoy a meal under the open sky or gather around the fire at night.


Page50.indd 1

19/11/2013 14:38

The sliding and folding door range with all the answers

For expert advice and installation of all Schueco systems: 9 9 9 9

Bi-Fold Doors Sliding Doors Conservatories Winter Gardens

9 9 9 9

Curtain-walling Structural Glazing Windows Glass Sky Lights

T 0844 358 2227 E info@bifolddoorfactory.co.uk W www.bifolddoorfactory.co.uk

Green Technology for the Blue Planet Clean Energy from Solar and Windows

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19/11/2013 01/08/2013 08:15 12:52

52 The Art of Education Kathryn Jones

MA Show 2013 presents emerging creative talents of postgraduate students Design students from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) have just showcased the very best of their work at an exhibition which ran from 18-25 October in the University’s PR1 Gallery.


The show was testament to the diversity of work the students create following research that generates new knowledge in the design community. Works on show were wide-ranging and a tribute to the enviable relationship the design and fashion courses have with industry partners. Alex Bellingham had produced ground-breaking research and ideas for immersive 3D environments for Sony Computer Games Europe. In contrast, James Burton presented new design tools developed for Games to aid the creation of games design artwork at speed, putting them in a real competitive position. MA Interior Design students Alice

Page52.indd 1

Alex Bellingham

fashion programmes apart from the competition.

3D Environments

James Burton Alice Fulton

UCLan’s postgraduate courses cover a range of areas including animation, ceramics, children’s book illustration, games design, graphics, interior design, product design, fashion and surface pattern. One of our greatest strengths is our partnering with industry - we have developed links with many artistic and commercial partners who have helped to inform course practice and enhance employability opportunities.

Fulton (from Milan) and Chen Zhao (from China) have created a new design concept for local business Lunar Caravans to attract a younger audience to the market. Alice commented: “We’ve targeted a new age demographic by coming up with a modern design for the lunar pod, which has a retro feel combined with contemporary good looks to create a product that has personality the audience will empathise with. We’ve enjoyed working on a live brief with the company and their research and development department. We look sale in early 2015.” Our commitment to nurturing creative thinking and original ideas, combined with a dedication to maintaining ‘making’ and traditional processes, set UCLan’s design and

19/11/2013 14:35

Lisa Svensk MA Design

Now is a great time to study a postgraduate course in design at the University of Central Lancashire. Our courses have been reshaped so students can complete their studies in one year in response to their financial needs. With a diverse range of courses available, there are opportunities to collaborate with students from other design disciplines and practitioners on live projects. Our students’ lead on the change agenda and their research gets them noticed. Design MA Animation MA Ceramics MA Children’s Book Illustration MA Product Design MA Design MA Games Design MA Graphic Design MA Interior Design MA Toy Design MA Transdisciplinary Design MA Antiques (distance learning) MA Creative Thinking (distance learning) MA Games Design (distance learning) Fashion MA Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Studies MA Fashion and Lifestyle Promotion MA Fashion Design MA Surface Pattern and Textiles MBA Fashion Brand Management

Page53.indd 1

At UCLan we are committed to an enhanced quality of education and nurturing the creativity of our students. Now is the time to apply for a master’s programme; you may be surprised how much choice is available and how great the benefits will be to you. • Postgraduate study gets you noticed • You will join a lively research community • Gain valuable experience collaborating in live projects • Enjoy a guided international study tour For course enquiries contact us on: 01772 892400 cenquiries@uclan.ac.uk www.uclan.ac.uk/adp

twitter.com/uclancf facebook.com/uclancf

19/11/2013 08:37

Safety Letterbox Over the last 28 years, The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd, has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious developers and designers, providing mailboxes on some truly amazing developments. The flexibility within the range of over 130 models of mailboxes ensures there is a solution for any site profile, budget and location. The total flexibility offered within the bespoke service allows your vision to be turned into reality and with a full turnkey service including installation, you can be sure of the best service throughout for the most discerning of clients. Whether it is a bank of mailboxes for an affordable housing development on a tight budget, through to Armani residences in Dubai’s world renowned Burj Khalifa, The Safety Letterbox Company has a solution for all. Within the range are Fire Rated products and solutions to satisfy the current Secured by Design guidelines. Our Research and Development team continually push boundaries in mail delivery to produce the most innovative solutions for the market -One such exciting development within this field is the keyless, lockless, featureless mailbox with an electronic lock! This can provide the appearance of a wall of tiles if required, so that once a fob or card is presented, then the relevant mailbox door will open. It also eliminates the need for the letterflap, therefore providing the ultimate in mail security. Multi-colour is also an exciting and stimulating medium to enhance the mailing area in a development – think outside the box and we will produce a bank of mailboxes to adorn any post room or lobby. If individual mailboxes of a high standard are required on a project then look no further, the huge range of choice and the best in design is brought to you from our Group, offering quality and aesthetic quality to adorn any development and style – mailboxes for single prestigious dwellings, large chuted boxes for pillar integration or fence mounted solutions, we have suitable solutions for all.

Page54.indd 1

Call our experienced technical team for a no obligation quotation and Autocad drawing. Tel 01639 633525 sales@safetyletterbox.com

19/11/2013 08:39

A4 ad_Layout 1 17/10/2013 12:59 Page 1






Delivering mailboxes for the Worlds’ most prestigious postal addresses

Mailbox Types

• Surface mounted • Recessed • Through the wall • Freestanding • Bespoke • Fire rated


• Door entry systems • Lockable, master suited • Wood inserts • iD - Engraving & Vinyl

Materials & finishes • Steel • Stainless steel • Aluminium • Chrome • Polyester powder coated in any RAL colour



+44 (0) 1639 633525

Call for our new brochure or scan this QR code

E: sales@safetyletterbox.com

www.safetyletterbox .com

Part of the

Middle East Office: Qatar

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Rosewood London, the Capital’s newest luxury hotel opens today marking the presence of the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® brand in Europe. Located in Holborn, one of London’s most historic locales, where the City meets the West End, the hotel, with is wrought-iron gates leading to an intimate courtyard is a unique retreat set in the very heart of London. Following an extensive renovation to sensitively transform the 1914 Edwardian Belle Epoque building, the original architectural features have been painstakingly restored by an expert team of craftsmen, including the magnificent Grade II-listed frontage and dome, and the grand Pavonazzo marble staircase which rises up through all seven storeys of the hotel beneath the 166-foot cupola. Guests enter via a wrought iron gated carriageway which leads to the courtyard giving a sense of arrival more akin to a private manor house than a hotel. Rosewood London’s 262 guestrooms and 44 suites convey the feel of stylish London residencies, public areas are filled with artwork and books and restaurants offer both classic and contemporary British dishes, while the event spaces nod to the building’s past as the headquarters of Pearl Assurance Company. The accommodations, event spaces and public areas have been designed by Tony Chi and Associates. Chi brings his signature style to the hotel combining a rich composition of materials including lacquer, textured wood veneers and prismatic mirrors. Among the suites, is some of the finest accommodation that London has to offer, including the Grand Manor House Wing. Accessed via a private elevator and its own street entrance, it is the only hotel suite in the world to have its own postcode. Six bedrooms, a dressing chamber, a library, a dining room and several sitting rooms are lavishly arranged over 6,318 square feet of living space. The Garden House features a stunning garden terrace overlooking the London skyline while the stately Chancery House possesses elegant grandeur. The hotel’s bar, designed by the renowned Martin Brudnizki, evokes a convivial atmosphere with a roaring fire at one end >>

<< and wooden bar running along the other. Warm, cost and comfortable furniture is organised to create discreet, intimate corners on a wooden herringbone floor strewn with hand woven rugs. A wellcurated cocktail list is accompanied by a menu of curries and casseroles, featuring spicy Indian dishes and European-style stews. Rosewood London is designed to be one of the most exciting places to drink and dine in London. The Mirror Room, a striking salon elegantly adorned with mirrors, offers appealing and social all-day dinging and afternoon tea. The Lobby Lounge, the public meeting space, is the window into the stylish world of Rosewood London. Holborn Dining Room, also designed by Martin Bruknizki, launches in February 2014 and will be operated by Des McDonald bringing a fun, vibrant atmosphere to the refined elegance of the historic setting. Once the East Banking Hall of Pearl Assurance, Holborn Dining room is a smart, bustling brassiere with a menu of simple yet sophisticated British dishes. Brudnizki’s interior draws on classic British design, mixing reclaimed oak with antique mirrors and leather upholstery. The dining room includes a bar and dining counter, each topped with aged copper and patina brass. The dining room leads to The Terrace in the hotel’s peaceful inner courtyard, where guests can dine alfresco or enjoy a fine cigar. Adjoining the restaurant is Holborn Delicatessen, launching February 2014, which also opens directly onto High Holborn with a range of coffees, teas and delectable treats for those on the move. Guests will be able to choose from a wide array of great British products, from marmalades and clotted creams to locally produced cheeses. EPR Architects have provided an Executive Architect role with both Interior Designers in order to implement their designs during construction stage whilst securing Listed Building Consents and various legislation compliance processes. In addition to Front of House areas EPR Architects have designed and implemented all adjacent back of house areas (with Tricon assistance to Food and Beverage). Recreational facilities include Sense® spa, Rosewood’s award winning signature spa brand and a fitness suite featuring the latest equipment from Technogym®. Rosewood London’s central location also makes it the perfect venue for both grand corporate events and intimate, social soirees. The 11 event spaces include the Grand Ballroom, three heritage boardrooms, the Living Room, and the Dining Room with show kitchen. A first for London, the hotel offers a unique Event Studio, showcasing Rosewood London’s collection of china, linens, crystal, silverware and event accessories for personalised events.

Rosewood Hotel: © Durston Saylor Photography

tel +44(0)20 7932 7600 fax +44(0)20 7932 7601 architects@epr.co.uk www.epr.co.uk


Architects acted as Executive Architects in collaboration with Ace Hotel and Universal Design Studio (Interior Designer and Design Architect) for the development of Ace Hotel London Shoreditch. As well as being the first Ace Hotel outside of the US, it was also the first new building undertaken by Ace without period architectural features to draw inspiration. The approach was to tune in to the authentic voice of Shoreditch, to engage local artists, craftspersons and builders to foster a sense of place at home with its surroundings. Both exterior and interior design focused on traditional craftsmanship, embedding the space within the historic context and material heritage of Shoreditch The concepts developed by Ace Hotel, UDS and EPR Architects were then responsible for realising the complete design. A key role for the team was co-ordinating this extensive team of designers & consultants and ensuring the aesthetics were not compromised by existing building constraints, whilst still remaining fully compliant with UK regulations.

the guestroom floors undertook a less radical â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;soft refurbishmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. The team also worked closely with Hackney Council to gain planning consent for a complete refurbishment of the main frontage. The council were keen to minimise the massing and fully supportive of the proposals in terms of public usage. Flexibility of the space and public interaction within the space were fundamental to the design and meant that services & acoustics were essential criteria throughout. The construction works commenced in April 2013 and were carried out by County Contractors. Attention to detail and coordination of the key elements of design by EPR, Ace Hotel and UDS were fundamental to the radical transformation into a boutique hotel now truly fitting to the neighbourhood, and the works will now continue into 2014 with a new ambitious scheme for the seventh floor function room spaces.

architects@epr.co.uk www.epr.co.uk

The public areas and lower level facade stripped back to shell and core whilst

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Solar protection


Tensile structures





Acoustic comfort



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The Art of Outdoor Living


Millboard Decking Exquisite external flooring Millboard’s new generation of innovative anti-slip and maintenance-free external flooring looks as beautiful and warm as natural timber, but with no wood content! Made in the UK, our unique blend of polymer resin and fibres is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber. With our 25 year residential warranty, Millboard’s innovative resilient hard wearing boards are the perfect choice for your project. Millboard expertly captures the charm of real wood but eliminates its shortcomings for outdoor environments.

Millboard Decking

Due to its wood-free content, Millboard does not host algae growth. With its non-porous nature, unlike wood, Millboard does not stain from food or drink, swell or rot. Millboard’s unique Lastane® surface is highly resistant to scratches or marking and its UV stability resists fading. Having been awarded the highest classification for anti-slip and certified to BS79.76, Millboard is the safest choice on the market.

Perfect for piers, balconies, roof terraces, paths, gardens, children’s play areas...whatever your with Millboard makebut it possible. Millboard’s new generation of innovative anti-slip and maintenance-free external flooring looks asinspiration, beautiful and warm as naturalwe timber, with no With a huge range of profiles, boards, finishes wood content! and colours enabling your dream to become a reality. Made in the UK, our unique blend of polymer resin and fibres is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber. With our 25 year residential warranty, Millboard’s innovative resilient hard wearing boards are the perfect choice for your project. Millboard expertly captures the charm of real Millboard is a complete external flooring wood but eliminates its shortcomings for outdoor environments. solution, providing composite sub frame systems, composite stainless Due to its wood-free content, Millboard does not host algae growth. With its non-porous nature, unlike wood, Millboardand does not stainsteel from food railing, pedestal systems roof Having terraces and or drink, swell or rot. Millboard’s unique Lastane® surface is highly resistant to scratches or marking and its UV stability resistsfor fading. been accessories for your complete decking project. awarded the highest classification for anti-slip and certified to BS79.76, Millboard is the safest choice on the market.

Exquisite external flooring

For more information, we welcome your calls or Perfect for piers, balconies, roof terraces, paths, gardens, children’s play areas...whatever your inspiration, with we make it possible. With a feel free to Millboard visit our website. huge range of profiles, boards, finishes and colours enabling your dream to become a reality. 02476 439943 Millboard is a complete external flooring solution, providing composite sub frame systems, compositeinfo@millboarddecking.com and stainless steel railing, pedestal systems for www.millboarddecking.com roof terraces and accessories for your complete decking project. For more information, we welcome your calls or feel free to visit our website. 02476 439943 info@millboarddecking.com www.millboarddecking.com



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feel free to visit our website. 02476 439943 info@millboarddecking.com www.millboarddecking.com

www.millboard.co.uk 02476 439 943


t t t t

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The Art of Design te

Treatex Hardwax Oil

l: 0

protects and enhances the appearance of all types of internal

Treatex Hardwax Oil is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable






Easy to apply

No sanding required between coats Low odour

Withstands high temperatures Very durable Easy to clean and maintain Spot repairable

Safe for use on childrenโ€™s toys

Protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood with Treatex Hardwax Oil www.treatex.co.uk


Wood floors? Complete treatment in a day

Plaza Safe-T-Wood is a new exclusive range of vinyl sheet flooring with an exceptionally realistic wood effect. Modern production methods are able to recreate the appearance and texture of an expensive wooden floor with the practicality of a vinyl sheet covering.

Polyx Oil Rapid provides a professional finish in double quick time. > Extremely quick drying.

Key features of Plaza Safe-T-Wood are:

> TWO coats in a day.


> Polyx Oil for wood, cork and OSB floors.

Typical applications for Plaza Safe-T-Wood include shops and retail TUPSFT  NVTFVNT BOE BSU HBMMFSJFT  Pรณ DFT BOE QVCMJD CVJMEJOHT  IPUFMTBOESFTUBVSBOUT TDIPPMTBOEDPMMFHFTFUD1MB[B4BGF58PPE is equally at home in domestic installations. For further information please contact the Jaymart Sales Team on Tel. 01373 864926, E: sales@jaymart.co.uk or visit www.jaymart.net

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> Highest coverage of any oil on the market. > Satin or matt finish. Call or visit the web for stockists.

+44 (0)1296 481 220


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…Residential Design Software…REIMAGINED Free tec hnical help for c urrent vers ions…Free Forum…Free ReV iew Rea der…Free SoftPlan S tudio for c onsumers

Softplan, the world’s most advanced residential design software, introduces SoftPlan 2014, the ideal residential and light commercial building design solution. SoftPlan 2014 has all the tools of previous platforms and adds powerful new features and an attractive, interactive 3D display.

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SoftPlan 2014 includes a new multi-threaded ray tracing rendering engine. This new engine affords realistic graphics using features such as photon mapping, improved shadows, ambient occlusion, better reflections and emissive surfaces. All these improvements and still this new release yields faster rendering, smoother, single-click navigation tools and real time fly-bys of a model. This cements SoftPlan 2014 as the superior design presentation tool. Hundreds of other features have also been added to SoftPlan: Within the roof framing section, purlin, energy heel truss, and collar tie commands have been added. Even more automation is provided through the use of "auto railings", a feature that adds railings with a single click of the computer's mouse. Cabinets can be customised with more accuracy and cabinet frame style can be selected from an exhaustive list of styles. Polyline section lines have been added allowing for the inclusion and exclusion of certain features in the resulting cross sections. The addition of Neighbourhood houses gives the ability to quickly create stunning streetscapes. These are just a few of the timesaving and essential features which team up with SoftPlan's veteran tools to provide the most advanced and comprehensive tool set in the industry.

Forinformation information please Telephone For Telephone01382 01382532837 532837 Or Email sales@interbild.com Or Email new2014@interbild.com

DBB Enq No. 000

DBB January/February 2 011

DBB January/February 2011

SoftPlan's interface includes the new Navigation Menu. This multi-file management tool streamlines and supplements previous tools used to organise drawings. The Navigation Menu uses drag and drop drawing management in order to perform tasks such as assembling floors. Cross sections, Elevations, 3D views, materials lists and more can all be accessed using this menu. Consequently, fewer steps are necessary in order to perform essential tasks. Users can configure SoftPlan to their exact requirements and those of their clients, both in Metric and Imperial measurement. SoftPlan 2014 allows multiple drawings to be opened simultaneously either in separate windows or tabs. Child windows are particularly useful when using multiple monitors. The floorplan can be opened on one screen while a 3D model is opened on another. Changes made to the floorplan will automatically update the 3D model and changes made to the model will be applied instantaneously to the floorplan. Almost all items that can be added to the 2D floorplan can now be drawn within the 3D model. Over 1,500 all new, high quality 3D symbols are available, including up to date manufacturer's symbols. Various dimension, edit, adjust and move commands are all available within the 3D model making the design process even more free flowing.

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The Art of Design

Conceptual Art Gallery

The is the outlet promoting the artwork of Robert Douglas. Now continually experimenting with many processes Douglas has put together paintings that exemplify a creative virtuosity of techniques that extend the possibilities of the mediums making them ideal for public and private locations. His new portfolio shows how Douglas manipulates oil and acrylic to reveal challenging works of exceptional depth and the most exciting colours that stimulate the senses Website: www.Conceptualartgallery.com Email: Robertdouglasart@aol.com Tel: 01273 385000

“ CAMP sofa,

complex in terms of its concept but with an impeccable result. A classic soul translated into a contemporary design.

BETTE LAUNCHES BREAKTHROUGH BATH WITH MINIMAL RIM – THE BETTELUX, PLUS CO-ORDINATING WASHBASINS IN ENAMELLED STEEL German bathroom manufacturer, BETTE, is launching the BETTELUX, an innovative new enamelled steel bath with an extremely narrow rim width of only 8mm, made possible because the company has developed a new way of forming steel. The BETTELUX bath design offers a number of aesthetic and installation advantages. It has a soft and fluid design that makes it look and feel extremely

Tel: 01992 611 415 info@barryperrin.com | www.barryperrin.com

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comfortable, with the bath gently flowing upwards to a fine line. BETTE is a specialist in the manufacture of baths, shower areas and washbasins in elegant steel/enamel. Using its own forming technology, with extremely short set-up times, the company manufactures more than 600 different luxury bath, shower tray and washbasin designs and dimensions in over 1000 possible finishes.

For more information see www.bette.co.uk or telephone 0844 800 0547.

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With energy efficient solutions more in demand than ever, Bloc introduces the new BlocOut blind concept... Proven to save up to 43% on heat loss (BBA tested) this unique roller blind system features precision engineered side rails which form a seal which minimizes draughts and completely excludes light, reducing energy costs and ensuring a good night’s sleep. As one of the few blind designs to be independently certified for energy efficiency, The BlocOut blind concept was awarded a Silver medal for Best Eco Product in the House Beautiful Awards 2013 and winner of Best Energy Saving Product/Service Award by the BBSA. The BlocOut blind system can be fitted to a multitude of different window designs, and due to Bloc’s patented design, requires no drilling or messy installation.

Innovating in the blinds sector... Presenting The Bloc Fabric Changer Bloc also offers a unique patented system called ‘The Fabric Changer’. A unique and innovative design, it allows you to change your blinds whenever you feel, simply by unhooking one design and clicking in the new fabric. This highly innovative concept means you can change décor themes easily, just by ordering new colourways from the website, using a unique customer code that records your window measurements. Choose from hundreds of fabrics and prints online, or click to order free fabric samples delivered to your door. For more information, go to: www.blocblinds.co.uk

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The Art of Design

www.kingdominteriors.co.uk 01684 291037

IDY14_Expanded Entries:Expanded

BORDERLINE FABRICS Studio 013, Ground Floor, BORDERLINE FABRICS Worlds End Studios, 132-134 Lots Road London, SW10 0RJ Tel: +44 (0)20 7349 7196 Studio 013, Ground Floor, Fax: +44 (0)20 7349 7198 Worlds End Studios, 132-134 Lots Road danuta@borderlinefabrics.com Illustrated is aSW10 new design London, 0RJfrom Borderline, the Araminta. A very attractive Paisley design taken from a Victorian Tel: +441890 (0)20 7349 7196 quilt circa and printed onto a fine linen union base cloth. Borderline has an7349 eclectic collection Fax: +44 (0)20 7198 of fabrics which includes Retro from the 1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Indian inspired and archive danuta@borderlinefabrics.com designs from 1730 to the present day. Borderline is the sole UK distributor of Broadhurst Collection from Illustrated isthe a Florence new design from Signature Prints.

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Borderline, the Araminta. A very attractive Paisley design taken from a Victorian quilt circa 1890 and printed onto a fine linen union base cloth. Borderline has an eclectic collection of

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The 16 July 2013 was just a normal day for Sam Callon, the Managing Director of Spot On Displays in County Durham. That was until she received an enquiry from a longstanding client, an elegant lady with a taste for fashion and a discerning artistic eye, who asked ‘do you do Original Wallpaper?’

a team of self-confessed creative perfectionists. So they set to work, scouring the North East in search of something fitting. They were amazed at what they found. Sam recalls ‘in what you might call the underground art scene inhabited by fabulous local artists with amazing talent, we discovered the most ridiculously good variety of original illustrations, bespoke artwork and spectacular photography – the quality of which simply has to be seen to be believed! It was a fantastic experience and we knew that we had unearthed the makings of something special.’

Something Beautiful, Original and Truly Wonderful! While this was a new request for Spot On Displays, a leading supplier of large format printing with a twenty year pedigree of creativity, Sam is never one to shy away from a challenge. When asked what exactly would she like, the client replied ‘something beautiful, original and truly wonderful!’ Sam and her designers immediately smiled and knew that this was an opportunity too good to pass up for

Page67.indd 1

Truly inspired and knowing that they had to make this incredible collection available to a wider audience, Sam decided that this was to be the first commission of a brand new business venture. After months of hard work, the Original Wallpaper Company is fully operational and the client’s request for something beautiful, original and truly wonderful is now the minimum

requirement for every project. And you can now order this original wallpaper online. It falls into three broad groups; original art, photographic and bespoke, for which an artist can design something just for you. You can even send a picture of your room and the team will create an image showing you exactly how the wallpaper will look in your space. Everything is made lovingly by hand and produced on site to the highest possible standards with the best materials to ensure quality that will last. By its very nature, all wallpapers are strictly limited editions that you won’t find it anywhere else on the web. So if you are tired of bland off-theshelf, mass produced wallpaper and want something different, be sure to delight your artistic taste buds by exploring the growing collection at www.originalwallpapercompany.com or look out for one of the upcoming exhibitions. One thing’s for certain: you won’t be disappointed. Illustrations by Peter Redden (top) and photography by Jake Cook (bottom).

19/11/2013 10:02


The Art of Design HI-MACS SOLID SURFACE Due to its thermoformable properties, wide range of colours, translucency and invisible joins, HI-MACS® is able to provide an infinite number of creative options for architects and designers. Moreover, this material can be worked as easily as wood as it is simple to handle and cut, plus HI-MACS® does not absorb humidity and is highly resistant to stains. Its smooth and non-

porous surface also means that it is not penetrated by liquids, making it completely sterile, easy to clean and repair. Supplied in thicknesses of 12mm, 9mm and 6mm, HI-MACS® is available in 98 colours and the portfolio includes 22 designs of sinks and 13 vanity basins – available in over 60 colours. The full colour palette is available for download in CAD softwarecompatible format from www.himacsuk.co.uk.

www.thesolidwoodflooringcompany.com info@thesolidwoodflooringcompany.com The Solid Wood Flooring Company manufacturers FSC hardwoods such as Oak, Maple and Walnut to create stunning wood floors for high quality interiors. We create wood floor to Architects and Designers requirement to match the interior décor We are involved in fitting out Berkeley homes prestigious apartments as well as Museums, Hotel, Restaurants and commercial offices. Clients included Four Seasons Hotel in Baku, Museums in the UK, Palaces in Kuwait, Hotels such as Hilton and Raddison and department stores. Our list of clients is endless and our wood works in nay situation being a natural and sustainable product. See our latest antique parquet in the Le Bistro Peirre restaurants and our Bamboo in Chicago. If we do not have what you want we will make it for you.

HI-MACS® is distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by James Latham;- For more information, phone; 0116 257 3415 or e-mail; marketing@lathams.co.uk

Infrared Heating Panels – affordable and energy efficient electric heating. Enhance your energy efficient home or office with slim profile infrared heating panels. Low energy use electric heaters provide an efficient and effective heating system to one room or the whole building. Use in conjunction with renewable energy sources to further reduce heating costs. Glass panels combine modern aesthetically pleasing sleek lines, polished surface and smoothed edges with functional infrared technology. Incorporate stylish heaters into

the interior décor or lighting design, available in black, white or mirror finish. Standard white carbon fibre panels discretely blend with white walls. Infrared warmth can be felt on the skin, warming people and objects directly, heating the room rather than just heating the air, this is warmed as a secondary effect creating comfortable background warmth across the whole room with very little temperature difference from floor to ceiling.

For more information please visit our website www.multiheat-energysystems.co.uk or call us on 01237 451759

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ridgman is one of the leading suppliers of top quality all weather synthetic woven furniture called ‘All Seasons’. This large collection of designs include some ranges with Bridgman’s own exclusive waterproof cushions. In addition the company has Teak and Aluminium collections with matching Lounging, Dining and Sunbathing products. The company has an 8,000 sq ft showroom which displays more than 60 sets of Outdoor Furniture. All Bridgman products can also be viewed in detail on their website: www.bridgman.co.uk and a full catalogue is available on request. P. J. Bridgman & Co. Ltd., Barnbridge Works, Lockfield Avenue, Brimsdown, Enfield, EN3 7PX. W: www.bridgman.co.uk T: 020 8804 7474 E: sales@bridgman.co.uk

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The Art of Design Award winning TECTUS TECTUS fully concealed high quality, maintenance free 3D hinge for door weights up to 300kg with fire tested, power transfer and offset versions all in a wide range of finishes.

Outstanding TRITECH TRITECH solid brass, high performance CE marked, concealed bearing hinge with weight carrying capacity to 160kg available with 7 designer finials and in various finishes including PVD.

www.simonswerk.co.uk t: 0121 522 2848 e: sales@simonswerk.co.uk



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Draks answers call for luxurious leather in wardrobe doors Renowned for innovative wardrobe and room divider solutions, Draks has introduced the ultimate in leather-effect doors in answer to demand from housebuilders, boutique hotels and discerning homeowners. Made in Draks’ manufacturing plant in Oxfordshire, the new Woodstock leather-effect door is unique; it is the first time that the eye-catching material has been used for hinged and sliding doors. Available in black, brown, grey and red, the tailor-made Woodstock door, which can be manufactured in a range of sizes, combines quality engineering with chic style; the door’s wide framework creates a style statement for any bedroom scheme.

PIR LED lighting can be incorporated inside wardrobes and a selection of accessories is available, including tie racks and pull-out baskets.

For further information on Draks, please visit www.draksonline.co.uk or call 01869 232 989

Bio - beauty and elegance from COMPAC, naturally. The Bio Collection from COMPAC is an innovative quartz worksurface range offering the perfect balance between beauty and technology – it’s often copied but never equaled.

T: 0208 564 93 77 E: London@compac.es W: www.compac.es

The first quartz worksurface to use BIO resins from renewable organic material, The Bio Collection is probably the most technically advanced quartz worksurface available and has been created with a perfect finish, depth of grain and uniformity of textures and colours as nature intended.

Offering exceptional hardness, resistance to abrasion, impact and acids, the Bio Collection is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. Available in a range of 7 beautiful colours including Botticino (featured in photograph), standard worksurface lengths and wall and floor tile formats, COMPAC’s Bio Collection is so versatile that it can be fabricated, formatted and profiled to meet the most challenging of layouts or applications –from domestic kitchens worktops, hotel bathrooms and vanity units to high usage areas such as shopping centre floors and walls

Inspired, individual designs with LVT Luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer Moduleo is reporting that although new Click technology is proving popular, it is continuing to grow its business within the traditional stick down LVT market. David Bigland, MD of Moduleo UK and Eire comments: “Our innovative Click range can be the ideal solution for those who are short on time as it simply locks into place without the need for adhesive. “However, there is still very high demand for traditional dry back LVT flooring as this allows much more design freedom for our customers. By utilising different materials and feature strips for example, our customers can create their own individual flooring designs.” Moduleo is proud to offer a supremely engineered flooring solution which does not compromise on style and design. Inspired by the patterns and textures found in nature, Moduleo flooring is available with a minimum 15 year guarantee. Awarded a BRE A+ and an A+ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) accreditation, Moduleo is also proud to have ISO accreditations ISO 9001 and 14001 for quality management and environmental practice. For further information, please visit www.moduleo.co.uk or contact the team on 01332 851 500.

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Unique Wall Art by james bullen designs

James Bullen graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1998 in Printed Textiles and his first collection of Textiles were sold in Libertys of london.

Having worked with Interior Designers worldwide over the years with various projects he has now developed a range of Wall Art, on demand, printed on perspex, canvas and framed prints. His Unique style fuses layered delicate florals with metallic 3d effects to create stunning Wall Art especially suitable for stylish Hotels. To order please go to www.jamesbullendesigns.co.uk or for enquiries for commissions contact jbullendesign@btinternet.com tel: 07808 23 20 84

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The Art of Design

Prints for Presents! Stunning Fine Art Limited Edition Prints, hand-numbered (max 1/950) and hand-embossed. British (1930-60’s) Grosvenor School artists including Cyril Power and Sybil Andrews, and neo-romantic artists Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden, etc. Prices range from £49.00-£225.00. Visit www.bookroomartpress.co.uk for the full range and framing options. T: 01273-682159. (Public and Trade enquiries welcome)




LYNDON DESIGN BREAKOUTS WITH ENTENTE OFFICE SEATING Lyndon Design is following the trend for versatile breakout areas in the corporate environment with its new seating offering, ENTENTE. An innovative meeting area that effectively breaks up large, open plan office spaces, ENTENTE offers exceptional seating and technology combined into one striking piece. ENTENTE comes with two facing high-back booth seats with a high-back connecting wall and oak laminate finish table along one side. One wall is left open to create an inclusive meeting space that users can drop into, whilst simultaneously offering privacy and comfort to those inside. ENTENTE’s timber stuff-over frame means excellent ergonomics. It can be specified in an extensive range of materials such as fabric or leather, and comes with the choice of either oak or metallic curved legs. A power and data unit is also available.

With space a costly premium in all new build and refurbishment properties, room dividers provide a viable – and good-looking – solution to zoning areas and creating temporary walls. Perfect for studio apartments, city living in tight spaces, and sectioning existing large, open-plan areas, room dividers can reflect the designer’s taste by creating the real feature pieces of a space. They provide an ideal solution for all interior spaces, whether kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices or living areas; especially given that open-plan living is going down in popularity. Room dividers are equally practical as fixed room dividers or moveable partitions. They are frequently employed by both local and national housebuilders which are keen to maximise space while maintaining chic aesthetics. An example is Draks’ Cantos range of stylish wooden or aluminium

room dividers, which are – like all Draks products - manufactured in the purpose-built, Oxfordshire factory. The durable room dividers run in a rebated track in the floor so the doors become an integral part of the room. Draks uses a spring-loaded, bottom-weighted track system so even large doors have great stability. With the top track acting only as a guide, the dividers can be installed in places with problematic ceiling construction. As with all the wardrobe and room divider products offered by Draks, the room dividers can be supplied with short lead times as they are made in Oxfordshire. Flexibility of production, coupled with a CAD design service, allows doors to be specified exactly to suit the individual needs of customers while maintaining the highest quality finish. All products are fitted by the company’s own team of CSCS registered installers, ensuring complete control over delivery times and product quality. For further information on Draks, please visit www.draksonline.co.uk or call 01869 232 989

For more information go to www.lyndon.co.uk

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bon appetite! Enjoy iconic design with the mouth watering TAGG SIDECHAIR exclusively from UHS

Combining modern aesthetics with stunning chic appeal the Tagg is a must for any interior seeking a real edge. With clean lines, a retro twist and a hint of industrial, Tagg has all the ingredients to make a design icon. Available in multiple finished and materials and designed and manufactured exclusively by UHS, its enough to satisfy any appetite.

Talk to our UHS team today about our exclusive Tagg Side Chair, call now on 0845 450 3673 email sales@uhsgroup.co.uk visit www.uhsgroup.co.uk

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tagg sidechair exclusively by uhsgroup

19/11/2013 11:26

74 The Art of Design


3 1 Osmo NATURAL INTERIORS WITH OSMO - Wooden flooring remains both a stylish and practical solution for modern interiors, but requires a protective finish. Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood experts, provide a sustainable finish specifically formulated to combine perfect protection and creative design. Osmo’s Polyx-Oil wood finish is designed to accentuate the natural beauty of timber, retaining its organic appearance, while adding comprehensive protection from within. For more information on Osmo’s range of eco-friendly wood finishing solutions, please visit www.osmouk.com.


4 2 Abacus Direct Sheer style and Elegance from Abacus Direct - The Elegance range is a collection of towel warmers and radiators that offers something for every bathroom design. With traditional models alongside Ben de Lisi’s designer range, there is a choice of finishes, sizes and designs. Abacus Direct Ltd supplies to the merchant and retail sectors, offering a variety of bathroom brands to satisfy all styles and price points. From single pieces of sanitaryware to whole bathroom concepts, Abacus Direct delivers quality, innovation and value for money, helping to create the ultimate relaxing retreat.

5 3 Taylor & Francis Routledge Sir Peter Hall Writes New Book on What’s Wrong with Urban Planning in Britain Today - Internationally renowned academic Sir Peter Hall has just published a new book, Good Cities, Better Lives with Routledge/ Taylor & Francis, looking at the urban planning challenges faced in Britain and other countries, and how lessons from the European experience can help to put it right. In the sixth and final part of The Planning Imagination, the editors have asked Sir Peter Hall to reflect on his own career and the sources of his imagination. Combined with the editors’ coverage, this new book reflects Hall’s own evolution as well as that of his planning ideas.

For further information on Abacus Direct, please visit www.abacusdirect.co.uk or call For additional information about these 0845 8 50 50 40. books, visit www.routledge.com/u/ SirPeterHall/ or contact Chris Hardin, Senior Marketing Manager.

4 Young Electronics Group Architects happy to go with the FlowBar - Air Diffusion has launched a range of architecturally designed high capacity linear slot diffusers. Designed to combine a very high air handling capacity with maximum flexibility, FlowBar is suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications. The Burberry clothing store in Oxford Street (pictured) is an excellent example of how FlowBar can fit discreetly into a stylish interior providing both practical and aesthetic benefits. The discrete and stylish look of these diffusers allows them to blend into a design so they can be almost invisible, if required, or can become part of the interior design by providing sleek lines in walls or ceilings. www.ruskinuk.co.uk

5 Ultrafabrics LEATHERLIKE FABRIC DELIVERS ASTOUNDING RESULTS - Leading fabric manufacturer Ultrafabrics has developed the highest performing leather-like product on the market. The Ultraleather™ Pro range utilises groundbreaking Takumi® technology to deliver the softest, most durable artificial leather ever produced. The man-made fabric is unaffected by difficult stains including ink, red wine or mustard. The long lifespan and durability of the Ultraleather™ Pro range has proved extremely popular for a range of applications, from corporate and educational projects to healthcare and hospitality. Current customers include Starbucks, the MGM Grand and Starwood. The polyurethane fabric carries an abrasion resistance that is more than four times the industry standard requirement, allowing it to withstand the rigours of regular cleaning and bleach disinfecting. It lends itself as an ideal choice for covering seating products across a range of markets, including aviation, automotive, marine, office and residential. For more information Ultrafabrics and the Ultraleather™ Pro range, visit www.ultrafabricsllc.com.

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Insight Showroom, Howe Lane Farm, White Waltham, Berkshire, SL6 3JP 0118 924 1608 info@lidacucina.co.uk


Showroom open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm (Saturday 10.00am to 4.30pm, Sundays and evenings by appointment)

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76 The Art of Design



3 1 Elica Elica launches new Dolce cooker hood - Elica, the high-end Italian cooker hood designer, is launching Dolce; the latest addition to its range of stylish wall mounted hoods.

4 2 Ecolec MIRROR FRONTED ELECTRIC RADIATORS adding space to small bathrooms

If you’re looking for a way to make a small bathroom look a little bigger and to heat that bathroom as well, take a closer look The Dolce is a contemporary at Ecolec’s range of mirror fronted radiant interpretation of the classic cooker electric radiator’s that do both in a simple hood shape. Available in a variety and inexpensive way. They are available of colours - including orange, lime in seven standard sizes that can be fitted green, pale blue and grey - the either vertically or horizontally - and they technopolymer construction is key in are IP44 rated for use in bathrooms and creating a stylish and sinuous design, shower rooms. Available in a choice of further enhanced by a thin, polished widths and heights, they will fit in even the steel line which traces the progression smallest bathroom and give the immediate of the chimney. impression of space. In fact many of these radiators have been used throughout the At 86cm wide, this is a full-size hood home, in kitchens, in small corridors and in which adds a modern feel to any hallways where heating is needed and the kitchen. space available is at a premium. www.elica.co.uk

Call 01902 457 575 or visit www.ecolec.co.uk for more information.

5 3 GX Glass

4 Young Electronics Group

So much more than just glass - Leader in creative, bespoke glass solutions for architects, specifiers and interior designers, Gx Glass has launched a new website www. gxglass.com which brings alive the beauty of glass.

New Flexible Area LED Light Engine from YEG Opto

Kent-based, Gx Glass, specialises in innovative glass products for commercial projects nationwide and for both domestic and commercial projects in London and the Home Counties with a showroom in London. With one of the UK’s most comprehensive processing facilities, combined with technical expertise, full on-site surveys, installation and project management services, Gx Glass offers an end-to-end service for all interior glass requirements.

In response to market demand for Area LED Light Engines [ALLEs] YEG Opto, the High Wycombe based LED specialist, has designed and launched the MMP98 series of light sources. MMP98 satisfies the requirements for excellent ‘hot’ lumens efficacies at economical prices. Adaptability is guaranteed with YEG offering this ALLE in many different formats, with drivers to match. MMP98 carries 5 year warranty and is manufactured in England.

The New MMP98 Series Flat Panel Light Engine from YEG Opto gives outstanding adaptability with superb performance.

Originally designed to meet the popular For further information on Gx Glass, please 2D replacement market, this range is now visit www.gxglass.com or call 01233 642 finding uses in a great variety of lights. 220. Follow us on Twitter @gxglass. www.yegopto.co.uk

5 The Hanging Lantern Company Snowflakes guaranteed for Christmas, and beyond - Lampshades should be decorative in their own right – like the new Snowflake Lantern from The Hanging Lantern Company. This little beauty looks stunning day and night as the delicate cut-outs make it a sculptural decoration for your room unlit and, once lit, the lantern casts light and shadows around the room. Only available from The Hanging Lantern Company, the lanterns come in a variety of shades and patterns to give ultimate flexibility so, whilst you might like to put it up in time for the festive season, you’ll want to keep it there all year round. The lanterns are priced from £13.99 for a 75cm lantern, and are available in two styles and five colours – white, ivory, red, silver and gold Available from http://www.hanginglanterns.co.uk or telephone 0845 465 5585.

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Luxury Homes

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Luxury Homes

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Patrick Hellmann Luxury Fashion Retail, St. James’s Street, London

With the influx of international designers treading our shores, there is little wonder why Patrick Hellmann has opened his first UK men’s store on the prestigious St James’s Street location in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The German based designer, who has been hailed in the fashion world as the German equivalent of Tom Ford, not only makes clothes that are steeped in luxury, he also makes elegant men’s designs to last a life-time. Until last year, if you wanted to sample any of the renowned pieces from the Patrick Hellmann collection, you would have had to pack your passport and make the trip to some of the world’s most progressive fashion capitals.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, with his first London store opened only a matter of months ago, the PHC London concept should soon evolve successfully, as it has done so all over the world. With a store interior as stylish as the clothing, the grey marble, with black lacquer cabinets and bursts of signature royal purple in the fixtures & fittings, the main hub of the store is divided into three distinct departments. The first part of the store, you will find an abundance of smart / tailored jeans in a variety of washes using only the best denims, classic overcoats, tailored shirts and layer-ready knitwear>>

Offering a fully bespoke service, Patrick Hellmann has its own set of tailors who are there to give a fully indulgent, personal service.

The second part of the store you will discover an array of smart dinner suits, with exquisite singlebreasted jackets and one-off designs such as cashmere blazers, emblazoned with the iconic Patrick Hellmann logo. The main focal attraction is the suiting department, which is arranged into three themes, including “classical” (for daytime), “vintage” (for timeless pieces) and “death & glory” (for one-off special pieces). The third section of the store presents a bespoke tailoring room, where on-site tailors are at hand to cater to your every fashion needs, including a personal styling assessment which helps to mix and match the best of what the store has on offer, with the most suited business or personal occasions for each and every client who visits. Whether you are looking for impressionable day wear or you crave the luscious luxury of a three-piece suit, hand-made shoes or accessories for the ultimate finishing touches – the Patrick Hellmann brand is at hand to revitalize a confident wardrobe. The store also offers an exclusive bar for VIP private viewings and previews, which is stocked with only the finest spirits. Satiating the thirst of celebrities and affluent gentlemen across >>

>>the globe, and with strong links to 5 star hotels and concierge companies â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the brand understands the notion of luxury. Offering a fully bespoke service, Patrick Hellmann has its own set of tailors who are there to give a fully indulgent, personal service. Available for private viewings and fittings, the team are also on hand to guide you through fashion choices and colours, along with fitting you with everything from stylish, slick suiting, to even an interior design service for high end residential and commercial projects all over the world. www.patrick-hellmann.com 54 St James Street, London SW1

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About Anna

Anna has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Newcomer’ award by the British Jeweller’s Association. The winner will be announced in December. She is a Londoner born and bred having grown up in North West London Her first jewellery show was the East London Design Show in Shoreditch Town Hall - and she is doing that show again this Xmas, although this year it will be held at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. In 2010, Anna travelled to Jerusalem to study, where she found work in the studio of a leading Jewellery Designer. While she lived there, Anna fell in love with the geometric patterns on the buildings and places of worship that surrounded her. After returning to the UK and finishing a Masters in Jewellery Design,

Anna set up Anna Byers Jewellery at the end of 2012. Her luxurious, statement pieces are characterized by a bold, geometric style. Anna’s ‘Interactive’ collection further explores geometric forms, featuring multilayered pieces, that can be rotated and re-arranged into virtually endless combinations, inviting the wearer to create their own unique compositions. She is also fascinated by Optical Art, and her ‘Hex’ collection plays with perceptions of depth and three dimensions. Anna has been selected by the British Jeweller’s Association (BJA) and International Jewellery London as one of their top 10 emerging designers, or ‘Kickstarters,’ for 2013. She was also selected as a ‘One to Watch’ at the Desire Jewellery and Silversmithing Fair in Kensington, and has been shortlisted by the BJA for their ‘Best Newcomer’ award for 2013, the winner of which will be announced in December.


CIRCULAR NECKLACE Enter our competition to win this lovely peace from Anna Byers. to have a chance of winning please send us your name and email address to competition@ artofdesignmagazine.com for FREE!

AnnaByers Jewellery

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This necklace is part of the ‘Interactive’ collection. The different layers of the piece can all be moved independently of each other, to allow the wearer to find their own unique way of wearing the piece, choosing from virtually endless combinations. The winner shall be announced on the 10th of January 2014

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82 The Art of Luxury

VERTU VERTU REVOLUTION GATHERS PACE WITH CONSTELLATION LAUNCH Vertu Constellation Constellation is a modern smartphone that combines all of Vertu’s expertise in fine materials, craftsmanship, technology and services. Its sleek, contemporary form has been designed and engineered to appeal equally to male and female customers. Vertu Chief Executive Officer, Massimiliano Pogliani, said: “This is a vibrant time for Vertu. This is our second major product launch of 2013 and it helps define a clear segmentation strategy which identifies distinct product lines in the Vertu portfolio. This will broaden Vertu’s appeal, attracting new customers to the brand as well as increasing the choice for our existing global customer base.” Vertu’s Head of Total Product Offering, Ignacio Germade, said: “Constellation moves Vertu design into a contemporary realm. When we created VERTU Ti, we used a very elegant design language that visually connects to our heritage and that gives the product a timeless quality. Conversely, in Constellation, we have designed a modern, minimal phone that is sleek and understated. While Constellation takes Vertu in a new design direction, materially it embodies everything for which the brand has become renowned – tactile materials, outstanding engineering and craftsmanship and modern technology.” Vertu is available from around 500 stores, including 70 Vertu Boutiques, in 66 countries. For more information please visit www.vertu.com

TAG HEUER TAG HEUER: the watch brand with the longeststanding legitimacy and legacy in Motor Racing The first watch brand to sponsor a professional driver — Jo Siffert, 1969. The brand whose colors, crest and watch co-starred with the great Steve McQueen in Le Mans, 1971. The first watch brand to partner with a Grand Prix team — Scuderia Ferrari, 1971-1979. The most-winning watch brand at Monaco (15 victories) as part of the the longest-running partnership in Formula One (28 years) with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes — 1985 to now. The Official Timekeeper of Formula One, 1992-2003 — 1/1,000 of a second. The Official Timekeeper of Indy Racing League, 2004-2006 — 1/10,000 of a second. The Official Partner of the Monaco Grand Prix with Automobile Club of Monaco (ACM) — 2011 to now. TAG HEUER: the watch brand that invented the motor-sports chronograph TAG Heuer forged the original link between race cars and watches, then crafted and perfected it, pushing it to an unprecedented level of luxury prestige. Through its longstanding links with the best teams, drivers and cars in motor racing, the Swiss brand, the undisputed world leader in luxury sports chronographs, has pushed time and its keeping to dizzying levels of precision — 1/10th, 1/100th, 1/1,000th and 1/10,000th of a second.

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www.montegrappa.com Page83.indd 1

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Profile for MH Media Global

The Art Of Design - Issue 6 2013  

The Art Of Design - Issue 6 2013