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SPECIAL PRESENTERS Psychologist with a focus on men’s health and wellbeing If respecting masculinity again is needed, Elizabeth Celi is the 21st century antidote to Germaine Greer. DR. ELIZABETH CELI, PhD is a Thought Leader and a leading voice for men’s health. Psychologist and Author, Dr. Celi is also an award-winning speaker and media commentator on men’s mental health and masculinity. Through regular TV and radio appearances and interviews, workshops, seminars and publications, Dr. Celi helps to debunk the negative myths and stereotypes about men – our fathers, husbands, uncles, grandfathers, sons and brothers. Elizabeth champions the need for more positive male role models through a renewed appreciation and mutual respect for the strengths and skills of men and masculinity, as they now apply, in the 21st Century.

SPECIAL PRESENTERS Simon Santosha is a highly qualified and experienced clinical social worker and counsellor with more than 15 years’ experience working with men and families. He specialises in engaging and working with men who are experiencing personal, family or relationship difficulties. Simon’s diverse counselling experience and passion for male-focused programs and support services has allowed him to develop a unique set of therapeutic and training skills that are highly sought after on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia. Simon’s ability to inspire and motivate people to think differently, challenge their thoughts and behaviours and encourage debate has also made him a popular presenter and group facilitator on men and relationship issues. He has established the Men & Family Counselling and Consultancy (MFCC) service on the Gold Coast with the aim of providing professional male-focussed counselling, training and consultancy services for individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations. Phillip McKewin will stimulate your audience through practical, insightful examples of applying universal principals to all of your relationships, as well as the everyday aspects of your life. Phillip has travelled the globe extensively researching and studying the extraordinary field of self-awareness. His passion & desire for the subject has had a remarkable impact on shaping & transforming him into the person that he is today. He shares his experiences & the profound effect that the universal principles have had in both his personal and professional life.

SPECIAL PRESENTERS Rites of Passage is a film of love and hope made by young people whose lives are anything but ordinary. It proves that disadvantage doesn’t have to dictate your future. For three years BE’s AFI award-winning filmmaker Phillip Crawford has been working with young people in the Illawarra. Together they have made Rites of Passage. It’s a feature-length drama based on the experiences of the young people. With honesty and courage, these teenagers have dipped below the surface of their often tough exteriors to reveal what’s going on inside. Their stories are raw and brutal and honest and no-one who sees this film can stay untouched.

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None of the young people have acted before but you wouldn’t know. Their performances are extraordinary. Some are now professionally working in film and media. One is currently featuring in the TV series Redfern Now. Just being part of the positive activity of making a film has led others to seek career advice and help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Engaging Men Program Update  
Engaging Men Program Update  

Program update for the Engaging Men seminar