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KES Systems & Service (1993) Pte Ltd P r o d u ct s


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Burn-in Boards

At KES, we employ the latest CAD Design Systems and Software Design Tools to meet the varied needs of the Burn-In Industry. Our group of Design Engineers specializes in Dynamic Burn-In and Parallel Test Board for all ranges of memory device types and packages. KES also has extensive experience in designing Burn-In Boards for high frequency, impedance controlled microprocessor devices. At the same time, KES is at the forefront of using SMT design, and has been producing SMT Boards for Burn-In applications since 1995. Our design quality is further enhanced by our CAE signal simulation software that simulate signal performance. This allows us to obtain optimum signal quality for our board designs. These boards are currently manufactured under the KES line of advanced production equipment. Memory TDBI and Dynamic Burn-In Boards • • • • •

All DRAM families, SRAM, FLASH etc. For Dynamic and Test-During-Burn-In (TDBI) Systems Low Noise, Impedance Controlled Output Monitoring 6, 8, 10 Layers

Micro-processor, Micro-controller and Chip sets Burn-In Boards • High frequency Clock signals • Low Noise, Impedance Controlled, High Current • 6, 8, 10, 12 Layers

Test Interface / Load Boards

Expanding from Core Competency in Burn-In Boards KES offers TIU Design & Manufacturing services for its high aspect ratio board of thickness greater than 6.4mm and more than 50 layers. All design engineering is performed in Singapore in close contact with the customers, which enables fast design turn around time. Our efforts consistently provide value added services to world class customers shorten their product development cycle and achieve faster time to market. Constant engagement in pathfinding programs helps moving towards “green” environment and developing state of art technology. Technologies at a glance: • • • • • •

High Layer Count ~ >50 layers High Aspect Ratio ~ > 40 Tight Impedance Control ~ 3% tolerance Backdrilling ~ +/- 1 mils tolerance Epoxy Filling (Conductive & Non-Conductive) Fine pitch array ~ 0.3mm

Burn-in Systems

Our group of software and hardware Design Engineers delivers a wide range of Burn-In system products, equipped with PC controller, which caters to a wide variety of Burn-In needs. Equipped with the latest microprocessor hardware Development System, KES has the leading edge in fast development of computerized Driver/Timing generator boards and PC System Controller Interface. This advantage makes timing pattern programming and monitoring both more effective and more efficient. Our Research and Development teams have also successfully developed the Test-During-Burn-In (TDBI) system, which is able to offload customers’ valuable tester time. This reduction is done by performing test functions during Burn-In. In this manner, we not only improve on efficiency, but also reduces the complexity of the process. Lastly, KES is capable of providing customized design and development to meet the specific needs of our customers. With all our resources, plus our firm leadership in the industry, you can be assured of capable and long term support for both the present and the future.

Driver/Timing Generator Boards for all Product range • PC interface for signal pattern, regulated voltage setting control & monitoring • High frequency, fast edge, low voltage signal capabilities • Signal output monitoring • Customized requirements Intelligent Burn-In Systems • Up to 96 Signal Channels IO capabilities • Low Regulated Device Voltage capability • Low Noise with Fast Edge Signals • PC System controller for programming and monitoring of Burn-In parameters


• Up to 96 Signal Channels IO capabilities • Low Regulated Device Voltage capability • Low Noise with Fast Edge Signals • PC System controll...

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