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If you are contemplating hiring Elizabeth (Liz) Polulech let me take a moment to share my experience first-hand as her former employer. From day one she told my business partner that she was the “world's greatest liar” and because of this, it was my vote not to hire her. As a silent partner and investor, I gave in thinking my business partner would have to deal with her, not me. Take it from me as someone who eventually worked very closely with Liz, when it comes to lying she makes Casey Anthony look like an honest person. For the most part Liz did a good job for the 3 years she worked for the cafe. Near the end of her employment however my business partner and other employees informed me that Liz was asking to be laid-off so she could collect unemployment benefits to stay home and drink beer. Liz would proudly talk to employees and to customers and share her ambitions and goals of drinking beer while collecting unemployment benefits, unaware that she had become a joke to everyone she spoke to. It was around this time that her oldest son was driving her SUV and had an accident with Liz and her youngest son in the car. Nothing major, just a little fender bender but enough for Liz to lie to her husband and tell him that SHE was driving the car. After all, as Liz always said, “I'm the world's greatest liar.” Liz's youngest son who was around 10 at the time saw what was going on and began to blackmail his mom for video games and other items he wanted her to buy for him. If Liz said no to his demands he would say, “I'll tell dad who was really driving the car.” Sales in the cafe dropped unexpectedly and on September 8, 2010, Liz agreed to take a temporary leave of absence until sales picked up. During this time I would hear from Liz about how tough it was to live on $251.00 per week and when can she come back? A couple of weeks later I heard through the grapevine that Liz had joined with a local competitor, Nature's Table. She lasted there for one day and came rushing back the next day with a huge sob story so she could continue collecting unemployment benefits. Around the end of September, 2010, I was working with Liberty Property Trust in Orlando, to set-up a free breakfast catering for approximately 450 people in an office building they manage across the street. Liberty Property Trust was incredible to work with and let me come into their building to promote the cafe. We set the date for Friday, October 8, 2010 from 8:00am – 10:00am. In the early morning of Saturday, October 2, 2010, I sent a text message to Liz on my way to Walmart asking her to call me. I told her that I needed her back to the cafe on Monday, October 4th. Liz called me a few minutes later, surprised that I needed her back so soon. I told her that I had a large catering on Friday and that needed her to stay at the cafe to make sure things there ran smoothly. Liz had a few conditions that had to be met before she would return. One condition being that she will not work with Jim DeMundo, my former business partner, who had quit on May 18, 2010. I said, “Liz, Jim doesn't work there and you know that.” One of Liz's other conditions was that she wasn't going to work the catering on Friday. I told her that was no problem at all and reminded her that I needed her at the cafe. My staff for the catering was already set. After a few more conditions, I then said to Liz, “I get the feeling that you don't want to come back. What's going on here?” With disappointment in her voice she said, “No, I want to come back. I'll see you on Monday.” The following day, Sunday, October 3, 2010, I got an unexpected call from Liz. Liz informed me that she and her husband talked it over and she's decided that she will not be returning to the cafe. I said, “May I ask why?” Liz said, “There are many reasons.” I said, “Many reasons? This is a surprise. What kind of reasons?” Again Liz said, “There are just many reasons.” I said,

“Well, give me one reason.” Liz said, “I don't want to get into it.” I informed Liz that she will not be able to collect [unemployment benefits] as I will let unemployment know that you decided not to come back. Liz said, “I know.” On Monday, October 4, 2010, I updated Liz's unemployment claim by faxing a cover letter and a completed form stating Liz declined my offer to return to work. I followed up by phoning the agency and I was told that the claim will be updated and someone will contact me should more information be required. Three months passed and during the first week of January 2011, I received a statement from the Unemployment Agency that stated Liz Polulech had been receiving unemployment benefits for the past 14 weeks! Several phone calls, faxes and a telephone hearing later, Liz has repeatedly lied, under oath, and continues to be awarded favorable decisions to keep unemployment benefits received when she was clearly not eligible. Each week she claimed unemployment benefits online and each week when she was asked, “Were you offered work?” each week she stated, “No.” My advice to anyone who may be thinking of offering Liz Polulech a position of employment with their organization: 1. Record all conversations 2. Save all text messages 3. Get EVERYTHING in writing between you and Liz Polulech!! For the majority of us who are law-abiding, honest, trustworthy citizens, remember you heard it here first! By the way, The State of Florida's Unemployment Compensation Fraud hotline is a huge waste of time! I spent over 5 months in phone calls, letters, faxes and hearings and Liz Polulech still scammed them in over $6,000.00 of unemployment benefits and she's most likely still collecting today. Save yourself the time and aggravation. If you know of someone who's committing unemployment compensation fraud, do nothing and look the other way. The state of Florida doesn't care why should you?

Liz Polulech  

Liz Polulech is the world's greatest liar! An honor she's very proud of.

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