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September 2017 (Issue 440)

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Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A—0006149J / FWDV Member

PO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Volks-Baru Subaru and Volkswagen Specialist Parts and Service Centre

We will smooth out your motoring costs with extremely competitive prices, offering trade discounts to all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria members on all parts and repairs.

John Bailey 1362 Heatherton Rd Dandenong North 3175 Phone: (03) 9793 5655 2

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Mount Disappointment

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Christmas in July

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Four Wheel Drive Victoria

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ABOUT THE CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed 40 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in the exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities.

The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. Fees for the 2017/18 year were agreed at the general meeting in May 2017 and are as follows:


Single: $125 (Senior card - $115) Joint/Family: $145—(Senior card - $130) One off joining fee of $15 ($30 for Joint/Family) also applies All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance: $51 Members who choose not to receive a hard copy of the magazine are eligible for a $25 discount


A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further enquiries Email:


COMMITTEE President: Dale Rebgetz

Vice President: Duncan McCrae

Secretary: Peter Bellis

Treasurer: Janelle Rebgetz

Editor: Edith Fullalove (OM)

Social: Lee Wagner (OM)

Trip: Mike Dale (OM)

Venue coordinator: Meredith Dale (OM)

Resources: Kevin Bird (OM)

Ordinary member: Jamie Scott


NOTICE TO MEMBERS As a result of the elections at the Annual General Meeting held in August 2017, the following members were elected to the club’s committee:

Dale Rebgetz


Duncan McCrae

Vice President

Peter Bellis


Janelle Rebgetz


Kevin Bird

Ordinary member

Meredith Dale

Ordinary member

Michael Dale

Ordinary member

Edith Fullalove

Ordinary member

Jamie Scott

Ordinary member

Lee Wegner

Ordinary member

As the AGM determined that the number of ordinary members on the committee should be six, no vacant positions existed at the end of the AGM. Peter Bellis Club Secretary 18th September 2017


PRESIDENTS REPORT Welcome to the new year. Huh? What new year I hear you ask. Well, last month was our AGM, and a new committee was elected – as happens at every AGM – and the committee term is twelve months. So for those on the committee it is the start of a new year, and for the rest of you, you can breathe easily for now. The committee for this year has undergone a few changes. Bob, our long-serving treasurer, has retired. Thank you, Bob, for your years of great service and skill in managing this important role. Stepping in to replace Bob is Janelle, my wife. To avoid any conflict of interest, I am no longer a signatory for cheques etc. Duncan (vice-president) and Peter (secretary) are the other signatories, so I don’t think that Bali junket I had planned is going to get approved. :-( Also retired from the committee (and the club) is Dan; he was our magazine editor. Dan has done a great job in that role, including giving the magazine a fresh, new look. Thank you for a job well done. The editor’s role is being picked up by Edith. No doubt she will be putting her own flavour to the magazine; I look forward to seeing it. Dan’s vacated committee seat has been filled by a relatively new member to the club – Kevin Bird. Welcome, Kevin. It is great to have fresh, new blood on the committee. Kevin has agreed to pick up the Resources role, one that I have held for a number of years. So to all members, this is your club, and the committee is representing your interests. If you have any ideas, see opportunities, want to run an activity, can offer us assistance in some way, etc. please let us know. See you at the meeting on Tuesday. Dale Rebgetz. 7

WHAT’S IN THE PIPELINE! VENUE REPORT SEPTEMBER GENERAL MEETING DATE: Tuesday 26th September at 8pm. VENUE: South Camberwell Tennis Club, 332 Bourke Road, Glen Iris. At this month's meeting we will have Ron and Viv Moon from Remote Australia, coming to talk to the Club about the Canning Stock Route and all it has to offer. Ron and Viv have spent much of there lives exploring and writing books about wild and remote areas. DOOR PRIZE: Come along to win a special door prize at this month's meeting. Meredith Dale Venue Coordinator

GENERAL MEETING NOTICE The Subaru 4WD Club holds its monthly general meeting on the last Tuesday of the month (no meeting in December) at the club house of the South Camberwell Tennis Club: 322 Burke Road Glen Iris (Just off the Monash Freeway) Meeting start at 8pm - unless otherwise specified or advised. The meeting is open to all members and visitors. The usual agenda of the general meeting includes: Welcome to members and visitors Review and acceptance of previous general meeting’s minutes Correspondence Reports from the various office bearers Other business General business raised by members “Fines and Fun” (including brief summaries of recent trips) Guest speakers or presentation Finishing off with supper (a time to have chinwag and do some networking) Details of the next few meetings are below: Tuesday 31 Oct Tuesday 28 Nov

South Camberwell Tennis Club South Camberwell Tennis Club 8

TRIP AND SOCIAL To put your name down for these trips or events you do not need to wait for a club meeting. Email: or contact the trip leader.

Portland Dune Buggy Club When: 29th Sept to 1st of Oct. Trip leader: Duncan McCrae Trip Standard: Medium Convoy limit of 10 vehicles (including trip leader)

Wyperfeld When: Cup Weekend 4th to 7th of November. Trip leader: Mike Dale Trip Standard: Medium Meet at Rainbow on Friday night. Head off Saturday down Milmet Road track to Big Billy Bore. Camp there Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. Day drives around Wyperfeld National Park. Tackle the monster dune, but in the day time!

Grand Ridge Road When: Sunday 19th of November Trip leader: Edith Fullalove Trip Standard: Easy ●

Christmas Party When: Sunday 26th of November Trip Standard: Social

Oxfan Christmas Tree Delivery December – Date TBC Trip leader: Peter Bellis Trip Standard: Social

Dave’s Christmas trip When: 27th to 31st of December. Trip leader: Dave Wilson Trip Standard: Difficult to Most Difficult Talbotville area (near Dargo). Standing camp with access for campers (one small river crossing to get into the camp ground)



Deua National Park, Easter (10 days). Trip leader: Mike Dale Tasmania, TBC. Trip leader: Jessica Kangaroo Island, TBC. Trip leaders: Jean and Lisa


Simpson Desert. Trip leader: Jamie Gawler Rangers/ Googs Track, TBC. Trip Leader: Mike Dale


Coffin Bay/Lincoln NP, TBC. Trip Leader: Mike Dale


CSR, TBC. Trip Leader: Dale

Mike Dale: Trip Coordinator Lee Wegner: Social Coordinator

NEW MEMBERS The Club would like to Welcome the following New Members who have joined us: Kurt Imberger and Rosemary Webb Warren and Kate McDonald

TREASURER’S REPORT Current bank balance: $10,013.07


TRIP REPORT Mount Disappointment Day Trip Hume and Hovell named this location as Mt Disappointment as they had expected to see Port Phillip Bay from the summit. It was too heavily treed for any views, hence the name. The weather forecast for the weekend led to some concern we could also be in for some disappointment, but on Father's Day, the weather remained clear, if a little cold and grey. This was my first trip as a leader and selecting tracks at this time of year is always tricky, the gates close on many popular tracks in June and remain closed into November. There seemed enough open tracks in this part of the world to have a go at a day trip close to Melbourne. Meeting point was the Wallan Bakery. It seemed to be doing great business and just after 9 when Charles arrived it was time to head east. A short bitumen run and the road quickly turned into a narrow track. A few good descents and climbs, kangaroos then a turn onto Quincey’s Break Track. It was steep but traction was good, a creek crossing then a very steep climb that had 3 distinct levels. Except this south facing slope seemed to be mostly mud. Steve's walk up the first part collected a few tools and various trim panels of someone who had earlier been up. They has chopped up the track quite badly. The trip leader determined reverse course was in order. A uneventful run up to Mt Disappointment was halted by a gate in the final 500 metres to the summit. So it was back to Andersons Garden picnic area then up the start of a track called the Ladder. A little internet research indicated this could be very difficult, but this was confirmed after talking to a trail bike ride returning from the other direction who indicated big ruts and some ledges he didn't think we could get over. There were bypass tracks for bikes. We then diverted to the opposite end of the Ladder and the photos show the deep and flooded ruts that stretched to the limit of sight. Some fun was had with Mike, Peter and Steve pushing through the bog holes. All got water to the headlights, the brown water stains on the white Forester's bonnet indicating it was deeper than expected. They then turned and repeated the exercise . After lunch at Andersons Garden we proceeds along Boundary track, then on the main road north past the larger Regular and then No 1 Campsites. A navigation error was made by the trip leader but he thought he could rectify it by taking another track in the same direction. But 500 metres in and faced with a small lake over the track that seemed to get deep quickly, another U-turn occurred. 11

A short but steep walk took us to Strath Falls lookout .

To finish up with some 4WD, I chose the descent of Sailor Jacks Track. It was relatively dry and the traction was good, but somewhere I missed a track that would have climbed back again to complete a circle. The track continued and through a gate into Falls Rd. Time to air up and make our way back to the freeway and safely home.

Tim & Jack Michael & Meredith Charles Steve & Queenie Kevin & Vickie Peter & Edith

Landcruiser Forester Prado Super Forester Forester Pajero

Thanks to Edith for the photos.


TRIP REPORT Christmas in July at the Dale’s By Edith Fullalove. First off YUM! A great night of fun and festivities. I arrived early to help Meredith cook. Duncan, Alan and Sandy arrived to help set up for the evening, Meredith and I decorated the rooms for the evening. People started arriving and Kadin took a few of them joy riding in Meredith’s new XV. A few people went out to see the marvelous shed under construction.

The night started with nibbles and some socialising. We then moved onto the mains which included pork, chicken, beef, stir-fry, roast veggies, potato bake, pork crackle and bread rolls. Exceedingly bad jokes were read from our Christmas crackers and later in the evening, some were seen playing with the toys, they had received in their crackers. Dessert was cheesecake, sticky date cake, shortbread and Christmas cake. Kadin provided the background music by playing the piano while everyone enjoyed the meal. A few of the members were easily amused by a Christmas turkey, which walked and gobbled at them on the table. One member who made a Christmas cake for the evening loved her cake too much and when others found out why they then had to indulge as well. After dessert, we had the raffle. There were a few items, which were in hot demand. One member really wanted to get the Toblerone bar when his number came out. A big thank you to Meredith for all the amazing food and Mike for hosting us. Thanks to Duncan, Sandy and Alan who helped set up for the evening. Thanks to Kadin for the beautiful music. Thanks to Fran (Meredith’s friend) for the use of her tables and chairs. 13

Participants: Meredith and Mike Dale Peter and Edith Fullalove Peter and Fran Devine Duncan and Lee Dale and Janelle Rebgetz Jamie Scott Les Scott and Elaine Sandy and Alan Phil and Elaine Milkins David and Enida








Tuesday 26 September @ 8pm

South Camberwell Tennis Club


Portland Dune Buggy Club

29th September 1st of October

Duncan McCrae


Dior Exhibition

Sunday 15 October

Lee Wagner


4WD Basic Proficiency Course Tallarook

Sat 21-Sun 22 October

Duncan McCrae


Tuesday 31 October @ 8pm

South Camberwell Tennis Club



Cup Weekend 4th-7th November

Mike Dale


Grand Ridge Road

Sunday 19th November

Edith Fullalove



Tuesday 28 November @ 8pm

South Camberwell Tennis Club


Christmas Party

Sunday 26 November



Oxford Christmas Tree Delivery

Sat 9-Sun 10 December

Peter Bellis


Dave’s Christmas Trip

Wed 27-Sun 31 December

Dave Wilson

Difficult to Mostly difficult


TRIP AND RECOVERY GEAR The aim of all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. trips is to have an enjoyable experience in the bush, increasing 4WD’ing skills and experience, whilst maintaining the highest regard for the safety of individuals, the vehicle and the environment. As a driver you have ultimate responsibility for the safety of your passengers and vehicle. It is the responsibility of any participating driver to contact individual trip leaders for clarification of individual trip requirements and standards. Financial members are encouraged to participate in as many trips as possible to increase confidence and experience. Visitors are welcome subject to the payment of the appropriate levy to cover insurance, but after two visits, should consider membership. Non-financial members are not covered by insurance and may not participate until payment is received. Individual drivers with concerns or queries regarding their vehicle and the trip standard should contact relevant trip leaders. The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items or equipment on every trip:


Personal details form as specified by FWDV, copy to Trip Leader


Two rated D- Shackles (minimum 3.2t)


Rated snatch strap


Recovery points, front & rear; plus, optional bridle strap, according to vehicle design;


UHF (477Mhz) Channel 16 CB Radio. Ideally in car but hand held are ok provided sufficient battery(s) to last the trip.


Fire extinguisher, accessible to the driver


Spare tyre (full size)


Jack and wheel brace, or equivalent


Emergency supplies (matches, food, water and clothing)


Sufficient fuel, oil and water for the trip and delays


A tyre pressure gauge; compressor (according to the trip)


An axe, bow or chain saw;


A sturdy shovel (collapsible shovels are no good)


Spare parts (appropriate to the nature of the trip)


A tool kit


Personal first aid kit


Your vehicle manual

Any vehicle not carrying at least the first five (5) items of equipment should contact the individual Trip Leader before leaving. Any club member unsure about any of the items of equipment listed above are advised to contact the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader concerned. All Trip Leaders carry a complete First Aid Kit in case of emergency. All non-emergency medical needs are expected to be meet by individuals own medical supplies.


Always wanted to know about Four Wheel Drive Victoria well here it is! is the peak body representing four wheel drive interests in the State. Adopting the mantra of "Driving in a sustainable environment" Four Wheel Drive Victoria has established itself in the modern four wheel drive environment having regard to the interest of protecting the land in which we tour, supporting the communities through which we travel and contributing to the State's economic wealth to the extent of over $100 million dollars annually. Victoria contains some of the best four wheel driving in Australia and is the only state that can offer a diversity of four wheel drive tracks that encompass experiences ranging from desert to snow. It is no coincidence that Four Wheel Drive Victoria also maintains excellent and ongoing relations with the state's land managers and plays an active part in ensuring that tracks are used in a way that minimises any negative impact from four wheel drive use. The Association is the umbrella body for all affiliated four wheel drive clubs in Victoria, and represents the interests of all recreational four wheel drivers in the state. It is presently made up of some 74 clubs which in turn have a membership totalling six thousand subscribed members representing four wheel drive enthusiasts and their families. Each affiliated club is invited to have a say in how the Association operates through regular meetings, contact with the elected committee, or assisting on the various supporting sub committees. Operating from a staffed office in Mitcham, the Association represents almost every active four wheel drive club in Victoria and the number of clubs is growing constantly. 17

BUY IT AND SELL IT HERE Please note: If you have any items listed here for sale which has been sold please remember to let us know at: Member items for sale


Item: 1991 L series GL wagon Details: My father’s 1991 L series GL wagon. 235000 gentle kms, none off road. Auto. Burgundy. ETZ$@$. Cost: $250 ONO Contact: Rob Boykett,, 0424211748 Item: Forester aluminium bash plates Details: Made from 6.0 mm construction grade aluminium Cost: $300 for club members, $330 for non-members. Fitting can be arranged Contact: David Wilson,, Item: Set of 4 alloy rims from Outback 1997 model Cost: $120 ONO Contact: David Wilson,, Item: Roof console to hold CB and lights and switches for Outback Cost: $100 Contact: David Wilson,, Item: Standard number plates Details: VIC blue and white in as new condition, 1XV4US Cost: $400 ONO Contact: Jenny, 0417 369 405 Item: Number plates Details: SUBARU, can be re-issued in any custom design via the Vic Roads website (see link below) If a different colour or style is preferred: Cost: Negotible, but realistic offers between $3,500 to $6,000 Contact: Richard, 0414 737 333

Want to sell something Subaru/Off-Rod related? Contact:

The Club makes this space available free of charge to members wishing to buy or sell items. PLEASE NOTE: that the Motor Car Trader Regulations 1988-22(4) require that vehicles for sale advertisements must contain: (a) (b)

the cash price of the vehicle and; the registration number if registered or the engine/chassis numbers if unregistered. 19

MINUTES Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. FWDV Member Reg. No. A – 0006149J GPO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley VIC. 3149

Committee Meeting Minutes (abridged) Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc held on Tuesday 5 th September 2017 at the home of Dale Rebgetz starting at 7:40pm. 1

Present Dale Rebgetz, Janelle Rebgetz, Kevin Bird, Peter Bellis, Meredith Dale, Michael Dale, Edith Fullalove, Lee Wegner, Duncan McCrae.


Apologies Jamie Scott


Quorum A quorum was achieved with nine committee members present.


Grievance The history behind the current grievance between two members, the current status, and options moving forward were discussed.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting Minutes of the August 2017 committee meeting were accepted without amendments. No business arising from the previous minutes nor any outstanding actions were discussed.


Correspondence 6.1 In Four Wheel Drive Victoria Minutes of the last general meeting and agenda for the general meeting on 2 nd September, 2017. Camp host request for Grand Final weekend for the East Gippsland forest areas. 2017/8 membership stickers. Affiliation fees pro-forma invoice. 6.2 Out None.


Reports 7.1 Resources



Fri 29 Sep to Sun 1 Oct

Sand driving – Portland Buggy Club

Sun 15 Oct

Dior Exhibition – NGV

Sat 21 to Sun 22 Oct

4WD Basic Proficiency Course

Details Trip standard is medium . Trip leader is Duncan McCrae. Accommodation at ?? Cost is $?? Convoy limit of 10 vehicles. Trip standard is social Trip leader is Lee Wegner. Cost – tba Course co-ordinator is Duncan McCrae Location – Tallarook Cost is $ tba. Number of participants is limited. Theory night will be held one night mid-week. Still looking for some club trainer candidates. 20

Sat 4 to Tu 7 Nov


Trip standard is medium . Trip leader is Michael Dale. 4-day trip covering the Melbourne Cup weekend. Camping at Big Billy Bore for Sat, Sun and Mon nights.

Sun 19 Nov

Grand Ridge Road

Trip standard is social Trip leader is Edith Fullalove

Sun 26 Nov

Club Christmas Party

Sat 9 and Sun 10 Dec 2017

Oxfam Christmas Tree delivery

Trip standard is social Trip leader is ?? Location - tba Barbecue lunch – meat supplied, BYO salad or dessert to share. BYO chair, cutlery, crockery and any alcohol. Club annual awards will be presented. Trip standard is social Trip leader is Peter Bellis. Sat – eastern and southern suburbs. Sun – northern and western suburbs.

Wed 27 to Sun 31 Dec

Post Christmas High Country Trip

Trip standard is difficult to most difficult . Trip leader is David Wilson. Talbotville area (near Dargo). Standing camp with access for camper trailers.

Mar – Apr 2018

Deua National Park

Trip standard is medium . Trip leader is Michael Dale. 10-day trip over the Easter break. Deua National Park is near Cooma in NSW.

Need to push the extended planning calendar.





Tasmania – Hobart and south east

Trip standard is medium to difficult . Trip leader is Jessica Walsh.


Blue Mountains


Simpson Desert


Gawler Ranges / Googs Track

Trip standard is medium to difficult . Trip leader is Stephen Whittaker. Convoy limit - 9 vehicles. Re-enactment of the 40th anniversary of the club’s crossing from Macumba Station to Purni Bore. Trip standard is difficult . Trip leader is Jamie Scott. Trip standard is medium . Trip leader is Michael Dale.


Coffin Bay/Port Lincoln national park

Trip standard is easy l to medium Trip leader is Michael Dale.


Canning Stock route

Trip standard is difficult . Five-week trip into a very remote area.


7.3 Venue Sep – Red Desert Tours – re Canning stock route Oct – video of Tominbuk weekend Nov – tbc Jan 2018 – welcome back barbecue Feb – photo competition Mar – speaker from the SES 21


Membership Received two membership applications in the last month. The applications were discussed by the committee.


The committee resolved to accept the Joint/Family membership application from Kurt Imberger and Rosemary Webb.


The committee resolved to accept the Joint/Family membership application from Warren McDonald and Kate McDonald.

Need to supply the “new member” pack to the two new memberships - Dale. 7.4 Editor No report was submitted. 7.6 Treasurer Report was submitted. Will set up internet banking for the club, which will minimise the need for cheques. Signatories to the club’s bank accounts. Even though Dale will be a signatory, he will not sign any cheques, etc, to which Janelle is the first signatory. This will avoid any “conflicts of interest” / internal control issues. Small account with one signature. This suggestion was rejected on internal control grounds, and being made redundant by the use of internet banking. 7.7 Secretary Incorporated Associations annual return has been lodged with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Certified copy of the club’s certificate of incorporation has been given to Michael for forwarding onto VicRoads for the “club plate” registration scheme. Membership fees still owing – email to be sent to members who have not yet renewed. Annual General Meeting – email to be sent to members with the results of the committee elections, and a PDF copy of the 2017 annual report. Annual awards – nomination forms will need to go out in the September and October magazines, and be made available at the two general meetings. 7.8 Vice-President Nothing to report. 7.9 President Nothing to report. 8

Sub-Committees 8.1 Communications Nothing to report. 8.2 Community Involvement Nothing to report. 8.3 Constitution Review Nothing to report.


Club Magazine August 2017 edition was printed in Upper Ferntree Gully. Cost was $4 per magazine including a heavier weight paper for the cover. Will try the same place for the September 2017 edition. Will investigate the cost of a twelve month deal – Dale.

10 Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at 7:30pm at the home of Meredith Dale. 11 Meeting closed at 10:35pm.


MINUTES Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. FWDV Member Reg. No. A – 0006149J GPO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley Vic 3149 General Meeting Minutes The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 29 th August 2017 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club starting at 8:10pm. 1 Present Meredith Dale, Michael Dale, Edith Fullalove, Peter Fullalove, Dale Rebgetz, Janelle Rebgetz, Duncan McCrae, Lee Wegner, Jamie Scott, Les Scott, Robert Millar, Jean Bellis, Peter Bellis, Kevin Bird, Bev Davison, Stephen Whittaker, Tim Folliard, Des Lehmann, Cynthia Rennolds, David Wilson. 2 Apologies Phil Milkins, Elaine Milkins, Katie Mynard, Peter Mynard, Queenie Sosa, Andrew Jantke, Lisa Jantke, Bob Marshall, Ruth Marshall, Damian Stock. 3 Visitors Chris Hayward, Jenny Peamod, Robin Clayton, Jacky Clayton, Warren McDonald. 4 Welcome A welcome was extended to all members and visitors. 5 Minutes of the Previous General Meeting The minutes of the July 2017 General Meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Meredith Dale and seconded by Lee Wegner. There was no business arising from the minutes. 6 Correspondence 6.1 In Several membership enquiries. 4WD Victoria – September general meeting, camp host in east Gippsland over Grand Final weekend, and Vehicle parts importer – surplus stock. VicRoads – require copy of incorporation certificate. Enquiry from the executor of an estate – had a number of Brumbys, L-series, and MYs for sale. 6.2 Out None. 7 Reports 7.1 Resources Have club clothing available for sale – polo shirts, caps, and other. Club beanies – still to be ordered. 7.2 Editor No report submitted. 7.3 Trip and Social Trip sheets are available for upcoming trips. Mt Disappointment


Portland Dune Buggy Club – Grand Final weekend - need to apply for a 4-day membership ($50 per vehicle). It is total sand driving without worrying from going from point A to point B. Wyperfeld – Melbourne Cup weekend. Grand Ridge Road – weekend in November. Christmas party – last weekend in November. Oxfam Christmas tree delivery – dates not yet advised. Post Christmas high country trip – based near Talbotville at the base of Collingwood Spur. 27th Dec to 31st Dec. 7.4 Venue Have two door prizes tonight. September – Red Desert Tours re Canning Stock Route October – video November - video 7.5 Membership. Currently have 48 memberships. Currently have 11 memberships not yet renewed. 7.6 Treasurer Current cashbook balance is $9,593. Major income items include membership renewal, and sale of club trailer. Major expense items include 4WD Victoria affiliation fees, and hall hire for seven months. Term deposit balance is $5,000. 7.7 Secretary Nothing to report. 7.8 Vice-President Driver training – has been rescheduled to the second last weekend in October (tbc). Course will comprise of a night of theory at 4WD Victoria and a weekend of practical training. 7.9 President As per the magazine. If members have any concerns with it, please discuss it with a committee member. 8

General Business 8.1 Social media – now have 561 followers on Facebook. 8.2 Bank details – should they be included up the front of the magazine with the rest of the standard club information? 8.3 Chocolate fundraising – have one remaining box. 8.4 Personalised number plates – Jamie has a set with the name “S4WDCV” for a minimum of $500.


Fines and Fun 9.1 Nametags Les Scott. 9.2 Last to Meeting David Wilson. 9.3 Trips 9.3.1 Mount Skene Michael – falling down in the snow and not being able to get up. Jamie – for having a bit too much fun. Meredith – undisclosed. 9.3.2 Winter Lights Jessica – having too much fun in the snow. Dale – getting stuck. Kevin – “claiming a loss of power” (or a panic attack). 9.4 Total fines collected - $5.35.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th September 2017 commencing at 8pm. Meeting closed at 9:02pm and was followed by the Annual General Meeting. 24

EDITOR’S NOTE Thank you for all the contributions this month!

Any interesting articles you find and would like to share, or if you would like to write an article for the magazine ‌. Let me know! Just a friendly reminder to please proof read, and be sure to use punctuation and grammar. The deadline for submissions for next month is:

Friday 20 October Email editor:

Fun i n a bi g puddl e


Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria - September 2017 magazine online version  
Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria - September 2017 magazine online version  

The monthly magazine of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc., online version for September 2017