Subaru 4WD Clubof Victoria - November 2019 magazine

Page 12

TRIP REPORTS Mount Terrible Melbourne Cup Long Weekend By Deborah and Nicholas Leask Day 1 We woke on Saturday morning to a cold and wet day. The weather left us wondering what impact this was going to have on the track and camping conditions; but that’s part of the adventure, isn’t it? Going through Marysville to get a last slurp of petrol, we ran into Michael at the automatic petrol pump (no-one was injured). A quick trip past Marysville led us to Cambarville picnic area. Arriving about 10 minutes prior to the arranged 11am meetup time we were greeted by Peter and Michael, followed by Rick and Fred (Rick’s brother). There was plenty of time for a chat with everyone while waiting for our illustrious trip leader Tim who was running 20 minutes late! On departure the touring group consisted of; Tim and Jack (Landcruiser), Rick (L Series), Michael (Forester), Peter (Forester), Nick and Deb (Outback), and Fred (Hilux). Joined the following day by Martin (Forester). The first target for the day was lunch at the Mount Terrible Hut.