Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria - May 2019 magazine

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TRIP REPORTS CONT. Anzac Day Keppels Hut and Falls trip. By Rick Koster We had decided to meet at Marysville near the information centre at 10.00 am to allow enough time to get through the day comfortably. Tim was first to arrive with Rick and Josh not to far behind and David, Anthony and Justin soon after. David had biting "caffeine beetles" and was in need of COFFEE. I suggested we drive for 10-15 minutes to more pleasant surroundings at Phantom Falls and enjoy a coffee fix there. We then boarded our vehicles and the journey was in motion! After turning right at the roundabout n Marysville heading towards Lake Mountain we soon departed the bitumen, exiting left onto Lady Talbot Drive. A short "EASY" drive later we arrived at our first destination, Phantom Falls. After a quick discussion it was decided to do the "medium" traverse to the falls before returning for the long awaited coffee consumption. YAY! David had pulled out his cup and thermos of hot water before doing a thorough search of his car for that all important crucial ingredient which seemed to have gone missing. Apparently still on the kitchen bench at home! Fortunately there was enough coffee to go around and silence the cravings. It was soon time to press on further, so after hanging some "L" plates on the Suby I handed the steering wheel over to Josh and gave him a drive. We continued on up Lady Talbot Drive for a few kms before arriving at our next stop, Keppels Falls. We all embarked on the "easy-medium" 2km return journey to the falls which proved to be very enjoyable. A bit of time was spent at the falls taking in its surroundings. After returning to the cars, David asked how far it was to the hut and I replied that it was approximately 5-6 kms. I came to realize later in the day it was more like 12-13kms. After leaving Keppels Falls we continued up Lady Talbot Drive until we reached Boundary track off to the right which then took us on to Keppels Hut Track. The journey to this point had been fairly "EASY" but from there changed to "MEDIUM". Josh's smile got bigger as he was still operating 11