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March 2021 (Issue 478)

Peter and Katie’s MY and Cub trailer (Woods Point Trip)

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Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A—0006149J / FWDV Member

PO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley VIC 3149

ABOUT THE CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 40 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in the exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities.

The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. (NB: Fees for 2020/21 are lower than normal by around $20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. They are likely to return to previous levels in 2021/22.)

MEMBERS RATES Single: $65 (Senior card - $60) Joint/Family: $75 (Senior card - $70) (Note: these are annual rates. New members joining mid-year pay pro-rata) One off joining fee of $15 ($30 for Joint/Family) also applies All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance: $30 These fees are based on an electronic newsletter distribution only. No levy or discount to be offered. Requests for a hard copy magazine will be considered by the Committee.

NON-MEMBER TRIP FEE A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further enquiries Email:


COMMITTEE President: Mark Tyssen Vice President and FWDV Delegate: Tim Folliard Secretary: Martin Foot Treasurer: Angela Bombardieri Membership: Erica Auld Trip & Social: Tim Folliard Venue coordinator: Mark Tyssen Editor (acting): Martin Foot Ordinary Member: Nicholas Leask Ordinary Member: Peter Kakalias Off-Committee: Resources: Bev Davison


PRESIDENT’S REPORT It has been a year that Covid has dominated our lives, now at what can be currently termed ‘Covid normal’ – what is that you ask? Well ‘normal’ to me would be to not have the threat of performing planning of trips interstate or even on our borders, and not be threatened with ‘lockdown restrictions’ and potential ‘forced quarantine’. I was in that scenario at Christmas - New Year period in ‘the Qld Goast Coast/NSW Tweed Heads area Bubble’. An area recognised by Qld & NSW as ‘safe’ at the time [and was all December & January], but at the beginning of the year Victoria deemed the NSW side ‘unsafe’, and backdated accepted ‘safe point’ date. So much for respect of agreements between State Governments, so much for peoples’ planning, more so the disappointment when cancellation is the only option.We as a Club needed to do these cancellations last year. I mention this as there are trips planned for the Border Track of SA/Victoria, and farther into South Australia – trips postponed from last year due to imposed conditions of restrictions at the time. So far indications are that we could be successful to hold the trips. See Trips section of this Newsletter & the member’s section of our Website for current status maintained by Tim and the trip leaders. We have also commenced the ‘Beginning of the Month’ weekend single day trips again, first being on the May weekend – a bike ride along a section of the Warburton Rail Trail, from Woori Yallock to Yarra Junction. Not expected to be too challenging, roughly 8.5 km each way. The return trip will be easily than the ‘to’ trip, as remember ‘water always/usually runs down hill’, and the track loosely follows the nearby river, and we commence from the down river position. This trip complies with the concept of ‘Treading Lightly’. Roll on….. We survived the restrictions, by how we adapted and coped, now we want to embrace opening up, be it cautiously, to re-embrace the enjoyment of the environment. Survey the current calendar of trips, propose a ‘beginning of the Month’ day trip, otherwise how does it become again a social interaction monthly activity? Last month the FWDV AGM was held and I attended. There was a good Powerpoint presentation, detailing their structure, services, and relationships with outside entities, a selection of their material I can show at the April Meeting. A lot of internal questioning of ‘purpose and relevance’ was evident.

Till later, Stick to the track, and Stay Safe,

Mark Tyssen President, e:


VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT It was great to get away on the long weekend on the Woods Point to Walhalla trip. The weather was perfect and all the tracks traversed were in good condition and just following whilst having others navigating up front is relaxing. It is a very scenic area although when there is a 200 metre drop just off your right wheel the view is often missed! There was a lot of X mode use discussion over the CB and the experience of using this will be great for the next trip. The Foresters and XV on this trip were some of the lightest and least modified vehicles seen on the weekend yet performed perfectly well. The snatch straps stayed in the box and only once were max tracks required on tracks rated medium. A few years ago my kids were disappointed to find that Woods Point had no mobile phone coverage or data even though there was snow. The locals still don't have any sealed road access but the new tower at Mt Matlock certainly has improved the communications (see Trip report for pic - Ed). Tim Folliard Vice President, e:





Opening Balance at 1st February 2021

Balance $4,877.02

Income for February 7/2 - 23/2/21

Accom. Deposits for Flinders Ranges trip


Late Trip Fees to Strathfieldsaye


Total Income for month of February



Expenses: 23/2/21

Invoice 0002988 C&D Trophies for membership badges


Donation for Strathfieldsaye Trip to Volunteers Group via C. L. Chrisp


Optus Sat. phone monthly service fee Total Expenses for month of February 2021 Closing Balance @ 28 February 2021

46.50 600.00 15.00 661.50 $4,587.52

NOTE: Term Deposit of $8,269.87 maturing on 10 June 2021. Angela Bombardieri Treasurer, e:


TRIP AND SOCIAL More details on these trips can be found in the Club Website under proposed trips. It is easy to add your name to trip bookings. Alternatively, you can still email, or contact the trip leader directly, to register for a trip or to propose a new one. Border Track 12 to 16 April Wyperfeld, Big Desert and Border Track (border open) 13 vehicles booked. Bookings closed. Trip details have been sent so members can make arrangements. At the next meeting bring your recovery gear so we can practice setting it up before we have to on the track. Bike day trip (Social) Sat 1 May or Sun 2 May (depending on weather and more popular date). All types of bikes OK.. Woori Yallock P.S. tp just past Yarra Junction (17Km rtn) Contact: Mark: e:

Northern Flinders Ranges Touring Trip 18 - 31 July 2021 Trip is full. Contact Martin Foot for the wait list.. m: 0434 770 497 e : Snow Day Trip July or early August. Most likely Big River to Mt Matlock area late As far as we can go in the snow. Book on trip and once the snow forecast is in, be advised of the date. Photos from Club Facebook page.

Still plenty of dates to plan for including Queen’s Birthday, Melbourne Cup Weekend and day trips. Send me your ideas and I will post them up. As usual, the Proposed Trip in the Club Website is the place to check out trips and make your bookings. If you can't access the website, let the Membership officer know. Tim Folliard, Trip & Social Coordinator e:


VENUE REPORT MARCH GENERAL MEETING DATE: Tuesday, March 30. Commences from 6pm, meeting from around 8:30pm, a later starting time for a shorter meeting to take advantage of our premises and vehicle inspections offered. VENUE: Ringwood Training, 3 Hill Street, Ringwood. (The facility is on the Ringwood Secondary College site which fronts Bedford Road.) Note that March last year we were scheduled to have our March Meeting at their premises but ‘Covid’ sneaked up and prevented. We will be successful this time. ZOOM: We will advise on Monday 29th if the meeting component will be available via Zoom or similar. CATERING: BBQ coin donation, food onsite. Mark Tyssen Venue Coordinator

GENERAL MEETING NOTICE The Agenda for members’ meetings is as follows: Welcome of members and visitors. Review and acceptance of previous general meeting’s minutes. Correspondence. Reports by various office bearers. Other business as mentioned below. General business raised by members. “Fines and Fun” – including brief summaries of recent trips. Guest speaker or presentation. Supper and networking. Details of the next few general meetings are as per the schedule below:



Guest Speaker/Presentation

Other Business

Tues 30 March

Ringwood Training, 3 Hill Street, Ringwood


Vehicle on-hoist inspections

Tues 27 April

South Camberwell Tennis Club


Setting of Annual Fees

Tues 25 May

South Camberwell Tennis Club



Tues 29 June

South Camberwell Tennis Club









Border Track (Vic/SA Border)

April 12- 16

Tim Folliard


Bike Trip (Woori Yallock to Yarra Junction)

May 1 or 2

Mark Tyssen


North Flinders Ranges

July 18-31

Martin Foot


Snow Trip

Late July, or early August



EDITOR’S NOTE Thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition, including Mark, Tim, Angela B, Erica and especially new members Sam and Dan for their trip photos. Don’t forget to send through your articles, photos and videos from coming club events, for publication in the magazine, or up on the club’s web site and Facebook page. Martin (acting Editor) The deadline for submissions for the next edition is:

Friday, April 16, 2021 Email editor:


TRIP REPORTS Woods Point Wanderings By Erica Auld 6 - 8 March 2021 (Labour Day long weekend) Saturday Colds and Flu took out two of our company before we started so it was a small little band of four vehicles that met up at Cambarville Picnic area at lunchtime on day one. We headed east on Warburton-Woods point road -a meandering dirt road in reasonable condition if a little dusty. We had a break in Matlock, a cute little town with no bitumen roads and then headed back to Corn Hill Road. After stopping to admire the view at the top of Matlock Hill with the communication towers of the towers, we headed up Corn Hill Road. There were a few loose and gravelly up and down hills with Tim directing us up a particular steep grade. The views were spectacular from the top. We then turned east and headed down Frenchman’s gap.

There was a long downhill where Angela and I got to test out our X mode. Once we arrived on Mansfield Woods Point road it was a smoother although still dusty run downhill into Woods Point. 9

TRIP REPORTS It’s been sometime since the service station was operational in Woods Point but it is a very cute little town. Comet’s flat was a beautiful campground amongst the trees along Goulbourn River but despite looking very hard, we could not get a camp site. We ended up back upriver at JH Scott Camping Reserve Sunday We headed back to Matlock on day two and then headed for Jericho Track off Walhalla Road. It was a windy descent down to the historical site of the Jericho township. We spent some time exploring the site.

Beautiful pond and oak tree at Jericho township

There was a lovely pond with an oak tree that had been imported as well as a tunnel under the mountain where the river had been diverted. We met some fellow travellers on motorbikes and 4WD’s who were also out enjoying the long weekend. We continued on and had lunch at Red Jacket near the river. An option had been to continue on to Violet Town but we were uncertain about road conditions about on The Subarus at Jericho township Violet Town track on a spot marked on the map as very steep so instead headed towards Walhalla Road on Victor Spur Track. Back on Walhalla Road for a short period before turning onto Donnelly Creek Rd – the single lane track descending to our camp area for the night. Donnelly Creek Rd was an interesting single lane that Descending down Donnelly Creek Road meandered into the valley on the side of a cliff. Fortunately, we didn’t meet too much traffic coming the other way although the truck at one point did make us practice our precision driving as we all held our breath and inched around it. There was one creek crossing that we were held up on as another vehicle had lost their tyre rolling off the



Descending down Donnelly Creek Road

bead. Once we cleared that Creek, it was a short run into O’Tooles Flat campground where Peter and Katie were waiting. Unlike the day before, there was plenty of room at this campsite so we all spread out our tents and Daniel and Sam opened the bar. Monday On the Monday morning, we all did very well to be up and packed up ready to go by 8:30 am. Daniel and Sam's palace at O'Tooles Flat campground

O'Tooles Flat Campground - ready to depart We kept heading East on Donnellys Creek Road. There were a few more creek crossings to practice our water skills. 11

We stopped for morning tea at Store Point Hut then continued east on Donnellys Creek Road climbing out of the valley to meet Springs Road. We headed south west on Springs Road which turned into Binns Road. Both good condition roads but there were tracks off to the side that we got to practice on. After crossing Walhalla Road again we had our last run at off road on Mormon Town Track. It was a nice track with some interesting up and down sections that challenged a little but didn’t stop anyone. After that we headed back to Walhalla road on Britannia Spur Track. I was then a lovely run into Walhalla. Walhalla is a picturesque little town that we wandered

around in and then aired up and we headed for home. Awards / Special Mentions - Angela who turned up with ? tank of fuel as the automatic fuel pump at Marysville wasn’t working (I was lucky as I used it earlier in the morning and it was working) - Daniel and Sam who had the smallest car and the largest tent – there was speculation that the car could park in the tent Daniel and Sam following Tim up one of the side roads off Binns Road

- Daniel and Sam who took lots of amazing

photos and videos – most of the photos in this article are from them. - Peter and Katie who got a trailer through many creek crossings and numerous tracks - Tim for getting us through some steep hills and helping with most of the organising and planning on my first try as a trip leader.


Trip Attendees Erica A (Leader)

Forester SJ

Tim F

Toyota Landcruiser FJ40

Angela B

Forester SJ

Daniel & Sam H


Joined on day 2: Peter & Katie M

MY and Cub trailer


TRIP REPORTS Trip to Jindabyne & Mt Kosciuszko By Stewart Southam Dates: Sunday 7th to Friday 12th February We set off from Mt Waverley at about 12:30. We'd had a new tow-bar fitted 2 weeks earlier and VanGo (our A-Van) serviced on the previous Friday, including a set of new tyres. The old tyres were OK treadwise but were dated 2009, so it was time for them to go. There were a lot of “firsts” happening. We sold our FJ40 a few weeks ago – a year after we purchased the Outback. That's because Covid-19 popped up just after our purchase and we decided not to sell the FJ40 while everything was in lock-down. So, up the Hume Freeway we went. As enjoyable as the FJ40 was to drive, it was not a car for driving on Freeways, particularly with muddies. Although the car was built in 1982, the engine was designed in 1964. Comparing a 2020 engine with that of 1964 is like comparing the 1964 engine to one in 1908. Hhmm. We got to Lake Hume and I disconnected the van and set it up. After the people at Swift's had installed the towbar, the chain on the van was a few links short of being functional (something I can relate to). As part of the “service” I asked them to lengthen the chain – which they did and then it was too long even though they measured it out with a ruler! That wasn't too much of an issue as I just use the second link. However, the hole in the towbar is very small and I found it difficult to loosen / tighten the shackle. At the moment, the only way to do this is to lie on my back, crawl under the towbar and tighten the shackle from underneath (so I can see what I'm doing). That's not a pleasant job when it's raining and muddy – as it was on the last Friday of our trip. That's a problem I'll have to sort out. On the Monday we headed off, via Tallangatta, Corryong/Khancoban, Tom Groggin and Thredbo, for Jindabyne where we had booked a cabin for three nights. Although we got there at about 3:30 we didn't settle down until about 6:00. Firstly, we had a problem finding the Park and then we spent over an hour at the chemist's because Gabrielle had left her insulin back in Melbourne and they wouldn't give us any until they'd checked with the chemist in Mt Waverley and gotten a script. Of course we only needed 1 pen (which lasts for nearly 3 weeks) but the script was for 25 pens. Ah well, along with the pens we have in our fridge (another 25) we have a total of 50 insulin pens – nearly 3 years supply. Ridiculous. On the Tuesday I drove the 35km down to Thredbo to get the chairlift. Thredbo is at about 1365m and the chairlift goes up to about 1930m. The view overlooking Thredbo from the top of the chairlift is spectacular and I apologise for not having a photo. After alighting at the top of the chairlift there is an “easy” walk of 6.5km to the top of Kosciuszko which is at 2228m. The photos show how many people were at the top just when I was there. The total number each day must be in the 100s and during the peak period even more. There were kids under 5 and some codgers older than me walking along the trail – that's why I say that it's easy.

Looking up at rent-a-crowd


The next day (Wednesday) we drove to Cooma and Adaminaby / Lake Eucumbene. It was great watching the film on the development of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. There were obviously no OH&S rules back then with workers climbing out on a limb (literally) over a 100ft drop (and maybe more). I suspect that Snowy 2.0 will be more OH&S conscious - even if the cost / benefit is disputable. We returned to Lake Hume on the Thursday. On the Friday morning we woke up to sound of the rain beating on the van. Normally, that's a pleasant thing as it's enjoyable lying in bed in the Looking down at rent-a-crowd from the cairn van listening to the rain – and thinking about the poor sods in their tents and vans with canvas awnings getting wet. However, on this morning we had to pack-up and leave – for Paynesville (or so we thought). After packing-up, and crawling around on my back under the car in the rain & mud in order to tighten the shackles for the chains, we headed off. At that stage there was no hurry because we were heading for Paynesville and only needed to be there in daylight. We went up to Dartmouth (town), then drove up to the dam itself and then back to town for a coffee. Then we moseyed through Mitta Mitta; well, to be truthful, we got lost in Mitta Mitta – I couldn't find the exit so we drove around the place for about 10mins 'til we just ended up out of town. By this time it was 1:30 in the afternoon and we figured that we could be in Omeo by about 3:00. Big mistake. The road between Mitta Mitta and Omeo is mountainous and can be foggy & misty. That was our case; we could only see about 1 car's length ahead so we had to drive very slowly. In the meantime, there were mumblings on the radio about a possible lock-down in Victoria. We finally got to Omeo at about 4:00 and by then it had been announced that there was definitely going to be a lock-down – starting at midnight! For a while we dreamt that we could still stay in Paynesville and go back to Melbourne on the Saturday; however, it quickly became clear that we had better get back to Melbourne asap and forget about staying in Paynesville. So, our trip ended on the Friday night (at about 10:30pm) after having driven for nearly 11 hours. It was worthwhile, to which those of you who have walked up Mt Kosciuszko will attest and to those who haven't I'd recommend that you add it to your bucket list.

Participants: Stewart & Gabrielle Southam - Outback and VanGo (our A-Van)


BUY IT AND SELL IT HERE Please note: If you have any items listed here for sale which are no longer available please remember to let us know at:

Items for sale Item: Forester aluminium bash plates Details: Made from 6.0 mm construction grade aluminium SF Forester $350 SG & SH Forester $380 SJ Forester $420 CVT & Gearbox Protection $380 Outback & Diesel Vehicles $420 Fitting can be arranged. 10% discount for Subaru Club members. Please contact David via TXT after hours Road less Travelled - Vehicle under body protection 0429 942 724 Items: Previously used with a MY07 (SG) Forester • 4 x BF Goodrich LT215/70/R16 All Terrain Tyres on Alloy Wheels Tread depth 8mm approx. • 1 x BF Goodrich LT215/70/R16 All Terrain Tyre on Steel Wheel (Spare) never been used (The above were almost exclusively used on Club or other off road trips) • Clear Plastic Cargo area mat • Fawn coloured pull out (and spring retractable) luggage cover for rear cargo area • 1 x Aluminium (6mm) sump protector (Bash) Plate (Road Less Travelled (Dave W) Brand) • 1 x Aluminium (6mm) AUTO transmission protector (Bash) Plate (Road Less Travelled (Dave W) Brand) Minus the bracket needed to attach this behind the transmission • Jack, handle and wheel nut remover • Subaru fuel additive 250ml Carried as Spare Parts • • • • • • • •

1 x Front axle (second hand) 1 x Rear axle (second hand) 1x top radiator hose (never used) 1 x bottom radiator hose (never used) 1 x Timing belt (never used) 1 x Drive (“Fan”) Belt (never used) 1 x Front Wheel Bearing (never used) 1 x Rear Wheel Bearing (never used)

Prices negotiable; happy to discuss prices for “ bundles” (a complete or part bundles) of the above. Contact Peter Devine (Club Member) via Club Secretary Martin Foot,



SUBARU NEWS [from the official “something wild” website: ]

Join us for the World Premiere later this month. The legendary Subaru Outback is our most rugged, most capable vehicle. But what if we pushed things further? What if we went higher? Get ready to take your adventures to the next level in a new kind of Outback with even more capability and off-road features. Sign up to be one of the first to experience the full reveal and see what might just be the beginning of a whole new kind of Subaru. See the World Premiere on March 30, 2021 [4:00am AEST March 31 in Australia]

MINUTES Committee Meeting Minutes (abridged) Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. held online on Tuesday, 2 March 2021, commencing at 7:35pm approximately, using Zoom conferencing software.

1. Present: Mark Tyssen, Martin Foot, Tim Folliard, Angela Bombardieri (in part), Erica Auld, Nick Leask 2. Apologies: Peter Kakalias 3. Visitors: Nil. 4. Quorum: A quorum was achieved. 5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting 5.1. Minutes of the meeting of Committee held on 2 February 2021 were accepted as a true record without amendment. Moved Angela, seconded by Mark, CARRIED. 5.2. Business Arising from the Minutes: Nil. 6. Correspondence 6.1. In: via Post Box: cleared mid-February

Nil 18

via email: FWDV: 11-25/2

Alison Mclaughlin – AGM notification, etc


Daniel Whitby (Projects) – EOI’s requested for Camp Host Labour Day w/e

General: -

Various membership enquiries


Nissan Club of Vic (via Editor) – December magazine (to Editor)


S4WDCSA (via Editor) – Bullsheet magazine


Bendigo Bank – bank statement available


Peeter Kallista – follow-up re Sportswagons available (2)


Peter Whitaker – problems with Forester oil in coolant


Cindy Chrisp – re Strathfieldsaye donation


Pajero Club of Vic – club magazine link


Roger Church – re attendance list for February GM

25/2-1/3 Various members – providing feedback on Zoom broadcast of February GM 28/2

Nissan Club of Victoria – March magazine available


Bendigo Bank – Statement available


S4WDCWA – March magazine available


Response to various membership enquiries


Keong Yip (EA) – Acceptance as member


Membership (EA) – Woods Point trip


Peeter Kallista (MF) – re follow-up re Sportswagons


Committee (MF) – advising Damian unable to continue as Editor


Membership (MF) – FWDV AGM postponed


Cindy Chrisp (AB) – Strathfieldsaye donation


Membership (MF) – February Meeting Notice and magazine link


Membership (MF) – For Sale item missed from February magazine


Roger Church, CSTC (MF) – providing attendance list for February GM


GM attendees via Zoom (MF) – request for feedback

6.2. Out:

6.3 Business Arising: Nil. 7. Reports 7.1. Resources: No Report. Bev continuing to manage clothing sales and orders. 7.2. Trip and Social: ·

The only listed trip in the four weeks since the previous Committee meeting was the Kosciusko trip offered by Stewart Southam. This did not attract any other participants, likely due to the late notice. Stewart lodged a trip report with the editor.


Labour Day weekend: Woods Point wanderings: This is Erica’s first time as Trip Leader. Tim is advising/assisting. Seven vehicles currently registered to attend. Meeting at Cambarville on Saturday 6 March, finishing at Walhalla on 8 March. 19


Border Track: April 12-16 (in the school holidays after Easter). Leaving from Rainbow, through the Big Desert and on to Pinnaroo, then down the Border track, emerging at Serviceton. Currently 10 cars and 15 people registered.


North Flinders Ranges Trip now 18 – 31 July 2021. TLs Martin and Dot. A detailed itinerary has now been circulated to participants, subject to confirmation of bookings for accommodation and events. Current numbers are 9 confirmed and 2 uncertain.


45th Birthday Celebrations: to be held on a weekend in late September or early October. The current plan is for a Saturday evening dinner at a venue not too far from Melbourne, with an overnight accommodation option. Also, a day trip on the Saturday for those who are interested would finish at the dinner location. Warburton was suggested as a possibility. It was agreed that a sub-committee/ working group is needed to pull the event together. A note to members requesting volunteers will be circulated and included in the magazine. ACTION: Martin and Tim to prepare.


Day trips: o

Bike Ride along the Warburton rail trail, commencing from Launching Place. Sunday, 1 May. TL Mark.


Other suggestions: §

Social drive along the Grand Ridge Road returning via the South Gippsland Hwy. Not yet scheduled. ACTION: Martin.


Wombat State Park.

7.3. Venue: 7.3.1.February General Meeting: This was held on the 23rd at SCTC commencing at 8pm. This was the first time a face-to-face meeting had been broadcast via Zoom to members unable otherwise to attend. Sixteen members attended in person and seven via Zoom. Minutes are available. Feedback was obtained from Zoom attendees that will help to improve future meetings. Martin commented that he is unable to provide audio gear for a March Zoom broadcast. ACTION: Mark to organise substitute equipment. 7.3.2.March General Meeting: Will be held on Tuesday, 30th. The venue is to be confirmed. Mark is waiting on David Wilson to advise whether we can hold the meeting (and an on-hoist vehicle inspection prior) at Ringwood Training. [Sec. Note: David has since confirmed that Ringwood Training will be available.] 7.4. Membership: 7.4.1.Membership enquiries: Erica reported that there had been two recent membership enquiries and that she had responded to these. 7.4.2.Martin reported that another enquiry had come, via Mark initially about the availability of tyres for a Subaru Brumby, but then became an enquiry about the club permit scheme. However, this person stated clearly that they had no interest in being an active member of the club, so the conversation went no further. 7.5. Editor: 7.5.1.Magazine: Damian had notified Martin that he did not wish to continue as Editor, due to pressure of work, so the February 2021 magazine was produced by Martin. Thanks to all contributors. A new Editor is needed. The deadline for the March magazine is the 19th. Martin will produce the magazine while on holidays in Noosa. 7.5.2.Advertising: [carried over]


· ·

Martin yet to discuss advertising with Subaxtreme. Mark yet to investigate possible advertising with wreckers: Subaru Heaven, Subabits, SubaRoos Burwood.

7.6. Treasurer 7.6.1.Bank Balances: $4,587.52. Investment account balance remains at $8,269.87. 7.6.2.A FWDV monthly update and levy payment is needed for Keong Yip. ACTION: Angela, Erica 7.6.3.Asset list: · CB radios x 2 – are with Mark · The satellite phone is with now with Martin. 7.7. Secretary: 7.7.1.[carried over] Absence: Martin will be an apology for the March General Meeting, and so another Committee member will need to take the Minutes. ACTION: Mark 7.8. Vice-President: 7.8.1.The FWDV AGM has been rescheduled to 4 March due to lockdown. ACTION: Mark will attend (Tim is unavailable). 7.9. President: No report. 8. Priorities and Planning 8.1. Marketing, Branding and Communications sub-committee: Nick had circulated a slide presentation with the sub-committee’s findings and recommendations for action. A copy of the presentation was made available via the link: Findings and Recommendations.pptx?dl=0 He went through the presentation, spoke to each point and took questions. In summary: A growth of club memberships to a hundred or more within two years is proposed. An effective marketing strategy centred on engagement with the off-roading community would be required to achieve this target. This may require a change the focus of the club’s activities to accommodate more “standard showroom floor” AWD vehicles, yet still keeping the hard-core 4WD-ing aspect for those interested. Specific recommendations include separation of the functions of Editor and Social media, which would now be coordinated by a new position of Community Manager. The magazine would continue, primarily for the benefit of members, but its means of production would change by making use of clubowned collaborative software tools. ACTION: All Committee members to go through the document during the month, clarify details as required and be ready to make decisions at the next Committee meeting as to whether to proceed and/or to refer aspects to the general membership for consideration. 8.2. By-Laws: Mark is near to completing his section on Roles and responsibilities, but is waiting for resolution of current discussions re the Editor and Community Manager (see 8.1 above). Martin to continue to draft Code of Conduct section. A section on the operation of the Club Permit Scheme has been proposed. Martin had circulated the Old By-Laws to Committee for reference. 9. General Business: Nil. 10. Next Meeting: Tuesday, 6 April 2021, at 7:30pm via Zoom. 11. Meeting closed at 9:50pm approximately.


MINUTES General Meeting Minutes The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 23 February 2021 at South Camberwell Tennis Clubrooms starting at 8:20pm approximately. The meeting was also broadcast from the venue, using Zoom teleconferencing software, for the first time.


Present: (at SCTC) Mark Tyssen, Tim Folliard, Martin Foot, Angela Bombadieri, Erica Auld, Nicholas Leask, Deborah Leask, Peter Kakalias, Cynthia Rennolds, Michael Bauer, Bev Davison, David Wilson, Phil and Elaine Milkins, Rick Koster, Stewart Southam (via Zoom) Peter Devine, Peter and Katie Mynard, Les Ralph, Nathon Redden, Matt Eggleston, Keong Yip


Apologies: Damian Stock, Michael Kearney, Dorothy Greiveson, Julie Dyer


Visitors: Nil


Quorum: A quorum was achieved with 23 members present (16 in person and 7 online).


Welcome: Mark welcomed members to the meeting, both those present in person and those connected remotely.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting: 6.1. The Minutes of the meeting held on 26 January 2021 had been circulated to members. The Minutes were adopted, subject to the following amendment requested by Angela Bombadieri: that the amount referred to in item 8.2 (Treasurer’s Report) as being the donation to Strathfieldsaye, be amended from $575 to $600. Moved Bev Davison, seconded Michael Bauer. CARRIED. 6.2. Business Arising: Nil.


Correspondence: Recent correspondence has included:



FWDV Postponement of AGM (details in magazine).


Stewart Southam submitted a report on his trip to Kosciusko


Magazines received from Pajero club


Peter Devine has various Forester parts for sale (see email to members)

Reports: 8.1. Resources: · Bev Davison was present to discuss any clothing orders with members. If there is no stock in hand, individual orders will be placed on a waiting list until a minimum number of 10 is met (otherwise a surcharge applies for the logo). 8.2. Editor: · Magazine: Martin reported that Damian had resigned as Editor due to increasing work commitments, and Martin will take over for the time being. ·

The February magazine carried pics and reports of trips and events run in December and January, including part of the post-Christmas camp based at Strathfieldsaye and Mt. Cole.


The deadline for the next edition is 19 March.


Nick reported on the progress of the Communications and Marketing sub-committee, which is considering new ways to effectively communicate with members, the 4WD community and the general public through electronic means. This includes a review of the magazine, social media and website, etc. 22

8.3. Trip & Social · Woods Point Wanderings: 6 -8 March. Meeting at Cambarville. Erica Auld, Trip leader. ·

Border Track (April, post Easter). Subject to COVID-19 border restrictions, this trip commences at Rainbow, travels through the Victorian deserts crossing the border to Pinaroo, then south down the Border track, finishing at Serviceton. Some places still available. Tim Folliard, TL.


North Flinders Ranges trip (July 2021) has now fully booked. Names can be placed on a waiting list (contact TLs Martin and Dot). A first draft of the itinerary has been circulated to participants.


[carried over] Snow Trip – will be scheduled at short notice. Members should register and will be contacted a few days prior, depending on weather forecasts.


45th Birthday celebrations are due to be held in September. The Committee are open to suggestions as to how this might best be done to accommodate current and past members.

8.4. Venue: · Video conferencing in place at the meeting. ·

Negotiations continuing through David Wilson to use the facilities at Ringwood training for a future meeting.

8.5. Membership: · Keong Yip was welcomed to the club as a new member. 8.6. Treasurer · Angela reported that the current operating account balance is $4602.52, which includes deposits received for the Northern Flinders Ranges trip. The term deposit current balance is $8,270. ·

The donation of $600 from the post-Christmas trip to aid the Strathfieldsaye volunteers has been made.

8.7. Secretary: No report. 8.8. Vice-President: Tim and Mark will attend the FWDV AGM on 4 March. 8.9. President: As per the magazine. 9.

General Business: ·

Peter Kakalias mentioned that his Ironman lift kit for the Outback had been installed that day. Subject to a wheel alignment, all was going well.


Martin mentioned the steps he was taking to match the wheels and tyres of his teardrop caravan to his Forester.

10. Fines and Fun: ·

Badges: Rick Koster


Last to meeting: David Wilson


Trips: Mt Cole. Tim issued the following fines:



Himself, for looping the convoy around Chinaman’s campground instead of leaving the site.


Graeme Chapman, for not tuning in his UHF radio

A total of $1.50 in fines was taken.

11. Meeting closed at 9:30pm approximately and was followed by videos and supper. 12. Next meeting: Tuesday, 30 March at 8pm, venue TBC.


TRIP AND RECOVERY GEAR The aim of all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. trips is to have an enjoyable experience in the bush, increasing 4WDing skills and experience, whilst maintaining the highest regard for the safety of individuals, the vehicle and the environment. As a driver you have ultimate responsibility for the safety of your passengers and vehicle. It is the responsibility of any participating driver to contact individual trip leaders for clarification of individual trip requirements and standards.

Financial members are encouraged to participate in as many trips as possible to increase confidence and experience. Visitors are welcome subject to the payment of the appropriate levy to cover insurance, but after two visits, should consider membership. Non-financial members are not covered by insurance and may not participate until payment is received.

Individual drivers with concerns or queries regarding their vehicle and the trip standard should contact relevant trip leaders. The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items or equipment on every trip:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Personal details form as specified by FWDV, copy to Trip Leader Two rated D- Shackles (minimum 3.2t) Rated snatch strap Recovery points, front & rear; plus, optional bridle strap, according to vehicle design; UHF (477Mhz) Channel 16 CB Radio. Ideally in car but hand held are ok provided sufficient battery(s) to last the trip. 1. Fire extinguisher, accessible to the driver 2. Spare tyre (full size) 3. Jack and wheel brace, or equivalent 4. Emergency supplies (matches, food, water and clothing) 5. Sufficient fuel, oil and water for the trip and delays 6. A tyre pressure gauge; compressor (according to the trip) 7. An axe, bow or chain saw; 8. A sturdy shovel (collapsible shovels are no good) 9. Spare parts (appropriate to the nature of the trip) 10. A tool kit 11. Personal first aid kit 12. Your vehicle manual

Any vehicle not carrying at least the first five (5) items of equipment should contact the individual Trip Leader before leaving. Any club member unsure about any of the items of equipment listed above are advised to contact the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader concerned. All Trip Leaders carry a complete First Aid Kit in case of emergency. All non-emergency medical needs are expected to be meet by individuals own medical supplies. 24