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June 2012

Lake Mungo loop track - June 2012

(ISSUE 382) Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A – 0006149J FWDV Member GPO BOX 2456 Melbourne VIC. 3001

VOLKS-BARU SUBARU and Volkswagen Specialist Parts and Service Centre

We will smooth out your motoring costs with extremely competitive prices, offering trade discounts to all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria members on all parts and repairs.

John Bailey 1362 Heatherton Rd Dandenong North 3175 Phone: (03) 9793 5655 Page: 2

INTRODUCTION TO THE SUBARU 4WD CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 30 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities. The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. Fees for the 2012/13 year were agreed at the general meeting in March 2012 and are as follows: Interstate: $100 (Seniors card - $95) � Single: $110 (Seniors card - $100) Joint/family: $115 - (Seniors card - $100) (All fees includes affiliation and Insurance: $42) A trip fee of $10 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further information regarding membership, including pro-rata and monthly rates.



South Camberwell Tennis Club 322 Burke Road Glen Iris (Melways 59 H6)

Last Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm sharp (except December)

Meetings 1st Tuesday each month: 7:30pm

Damian Stock (President) Peter Bellis (Secretary)

Bob Marshall (Treasurer)

Jessica Walsh (Trip & Social)

Martin Foot (Editor) au

Andrew Jantke (Membership) vacant (Resources) vacant (Venue) Phil Milkins (Ordinary Member) Dale Rebgetz (Ordinary Member) (diverted to president) (diverted to president)

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PRESIDENT’S REPORT Welcome to my president’s report for the June magazine. You will be able to work out when I wrote this report by the fact that our lives were shaken this evening by an earthquake. Well, the Stock household was shaken by two earth shaking events today with the other one being the arrival of our second grandson, a day early. We certainly won’t quickly forget the day that Jeremy Logan Stock arrived. Congratulations to our son Matt, his partner Loren, and also to big brother Brendan who will now have someone to kick the footy with, eventually. It is almost the end of June and we are quickly approaching our final social event of the club year, Christmas in July, and I am looking forward to a good turn-up. It is always great to catch up with some members who cannot make it to other club events. If you want to enjoy an excellent repast in good company then make sure that you contact Peter and Jean, our hosts for the night, to book your place. At the June meeting we will have a presentation on Xtreme Fuel Treatment by the local distributor, Alisha Bodourian. Alisha was kind enough to offer a trial of the product which I am currently undertaking. Unfortunately I will not have any results in time to discuss at the meeting but I did not want to miss the opportunity of Alisha presenting to the club. I will provide feedback on the product in my next report. Please come along and make her feel welcome. Just after the June meeting I will be attending the association’s general meeting. Unfortunately I missed the last meeting so will be looking forward to catching up with what is happening at the association level. One thing I am interested in finding out more about is the flood relief activities being undertaken by the association, and its member clubs, at the moment. I want to find out how we, as a small club, can get involved. I will provide an update on this meeting next month. July is when the club conducts its AGM and the committee will be busily finalizing its business prior to this. That includes closing the books, completing annual reports and working out who will be contenders for the vacant, or soon to be vacant, committee positions for the coming twelve months. Having been on the committee now for five years, after two lengthy stints at other times during my thirty plus years of association with the club, it feels like I have been on the committee more than off it. Obviously it can’t be too bad a way of being involved in the club’s activities or else I am just a glutton for punishment. Regardless, I welcome anyone who may be interested in Page: 4

PRESIDENT’S REPORT becoming a committee member to please approach me, or one of the other committee members, to find out what is involved. Word on the street is that the Forester diesel will get a CVT auto in the 2013 model, coming out in a few months. This model will also be a new design given that the current body style has been around for four years now. This definitely has me interested, despite my previous testing of the XV, as it is probably more in line with the Forester I have now. It looks like I will be holding on to the XT for a few more months to see if this new Forester model ticks all the boxes. It should be interesting. Last month was a bit of a watershed for the club, with our first resources sales since 2009. I was pleased, or was that relieved, that a number of members took the opportunity to make a few purchases. I will be bringing the resources along again to the June meeting so check out what we have to offer in the list elsewhere in the magazine and let me know if you need anything. At the May meeting we had a great presentation on LED automotive lighting technology by Paul from Bright Light Auto Parts, followed by the drawing of a door prize won, ironically, by Peter Bellis. Paul has also generously donated an item from his product range for use in a future fund-raiser or as a door prize. Don’t forget to check out their site at if you are considering the purchase of LED lighting technology. By now you should have a book of tickets to sell for our fund-raising special effort. There is a great choice of first prize as well as two other great prizes so I hope that this will be of interest to members, friends and neighbours. Make sure that you get the sold tickets back to me prior to the Christmas in July social event so that they can be included in the draw. From what I have heard, the recent Queen’s Birthday long weekend trip to the Mungo world heritage area was quite successful with five vehicles and nine members attending. This is an excellent effort given the short duration and the distance travelled. I am looking forward to reading the trip report. Anyway that’s enough from me for this month. Take care of yourself out there, on the road or in the bush, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Damian

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EDITOR’S REPORT A reminder that we are no longer sending out hard copies of the magazine before the general meetings to the majority of members. The exceptions are those who have not registered an email address with the club. Everyone else will receive an electronic link to the magazine on-line and can collect their magazines at the meeting or print them using the files provided in the email. === The magazine deadline for next edition is JULY 17th, 2012. Send all copy to Martin

MEMBERSHIP FEES NOW OVERDUE Members are reminded that annual membership fees and levies were due and payable by 31 May for the 2012/2013 year. A renewal form is available which explains how to make payments, including on-line. Please complete and return to Andrew Jantke a.s.a.p. so the club can register you with FWDV for insurance purposes. Forms will be available at the June GM or can be emailed on request. NB: Non-financial members will not be able to attend club trips after 30 June as they will not have insurance cover. Unfortunately, they cannot make use of guest rates for this purpose.

JUNE GENERAL MEETING Date: Tuesday 26 June at 8pm. Venue: Camberwell South Tennis Club Special Presentation: Alisha Bodourian will attend the June meeting to promote Xtreme Fuel Treatment additives (for both diesel and gasoline engines) which claim significant benefits in fuel consumption, reducing engine wear, etc.

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NOTICE TO MEMBERS Notice is hereby given to members that the Annual General Meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc will be held on Tuesday, 31st July 2012 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club rooms, 322 Burke Road, Glen Iris commencing after the finish of the July general meeting. === Order of business will include: ● Confirmation of the minutes of the 2011 AGM. ● Presentation of the 2012 annual report. ● Presentation of 2012 annual financial statement. ● General business. ● Presentation of annual and other awards. ● Election of officers of the club and ordinary members of the committee. Nominations for committee positions must be submitted to the club secretary by no later than 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. However, if a committee position has no nominations by the time of the Annual General Meeting, the club’s constitution allows for the acceptance of nominations from the floor of the meeting. Special Resolutions If a member wishes to bring an item of business to the Annual General Meeting that requires a special resolution, 21 days written notice of the special resolution must be given to all club members. Peter Bellis Secretary 17th June 2012

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TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT CHRISTMAS IN JULY Saturday 21 July Trip Standard: Social Cost $30 Contact Jean and Peter Bellis, Email: This is one of the highlights in the club's social calendar. The Bellis' always provide an outstanding event (with the help of club members). Come along and enjoy the cheer!

SNOW TRIP August Details TBC Trip Standard Medium (depending on weather and track conditions) The club's annual trip in search for snow is a great opportunity to drive in conditions we would not normally experience. The trip will of course depend on the weather, and if there actually is any snow. This will also determine the location of the trip. More details will be forthcoming as we get closer to August.

9TH AUSTRALIAN 4WD GATHERING Friday 28 September – Monday 1 October Trip Standard Easy – Hard depending on the day trips you choose Cost $220-$330 depending on the choice of accommodation Mt Ive Station, Gawler Ranges, South Australia More information

LEISUREFEST Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 October Sandown Racecourse Contact Damian Stock, email: The club will have a promotional stand at the show with other Victorian 4WD clubs. We are looking for volunteers to be able to crew the stand. Any time you are available will be welcome. It is a great opportunity to meet other clubs, and even do a little bit of “gear-freaking”. Page: 8

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT GOLDFIELDS HERITAGE AREA Saturday/Sunday 20/21st October Trip Standard: Social/Easy Contact Martin Foot, email: A weekend based in Maldon in central Victoria, with local trips on the Saturday to heritage mining sites in the surrounding countryside, and perhaps a navigation run. On Sunday there is the option to visit the annual Mt Tarrengower Hill Climb (a heritage vehicle and motorcycle event run by Bendigo Car Club – there’s a small cost involved to view). Tent and camper accommodation available at Dot and Martin’s property on the edge of town, or at the local caravan park. BBQ or pub options on Saturday night depending on weather.

GRAMPIANS Saturday 3 – Tuesday 6 November Trip Standard: Medium Contact Peter Bellis, email: The Grampians are an outstanding geological feature in western Victoria. This trip will aim to traverse the ranges so is rated at medium as some tracks can be a bit scrabbly. Discussions are being had with Parks Victoria so there may be access to some MVO tracks as well.

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, CAIRNS 14 November Trip Standard: to be determined Contact Jessica Walsh, email: Cairns is the only place in the world to view the total solar eclipse on November 14 2012 from land. Allow about a week before and a week after the eclipse for travel and some touring in the area. If you would like more information on the eclipse itself, go to The eclipse is due at about 6.45am (yes, am) and will be in an area that is subject to frequent cloud cover at that time of year, so there may in fact be nothing to 'see' - apart from the darkness, that is. Because of this, the trip is still in the concept stage, and may not go ahead. Please let me know if you are interested. Page: 9

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT OTHER TRIPS Kurth Kiln (take 2) Narbethong A Picnic at Hanging Rock Wombat State Forest Woods Point Goldfields Melbourne Laneways

JESSICA'S JOTTINGS As the nights are getting darker earlier, it is interesting to see the number of cars driving with their fog-lights on. So I thought this was a good opportunity to explain the rules. Up until recently the legislation regarding front fog lights has been rather subjective: Rule 219: A driver must not use, or allow to be used, any light fitted to or in the driver’s vehicle to dazzle, or in a way that is likely to dazzle, another road user. (Note: A road user is defined as a driver, rider, passenger or pedestrian). This has meant that a police officer had to use their own judgement as to what constituted ‘dazzle’, as the Road Rules do not define it. The Victorian Road Rules 1999 have undergone much revision over the last 10 years or so. With so many amendments, the time was right for a new release. The 2009 version was released with the amendments included, as well as some new rules added and some removed. One change that has occurred is to Rule 217 with front fog lights now being included: Rule 217: The driver must not operate any front or rear fog lights fitted to the vehicle unless the driver is driving in fog or other hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility. This means that you must not use fog lights unless the weather conditions require them, not just because it is dark. Happy travels, Jessica Walsh Trip and Social Co-ordinator Page: 10

TRIP REPORTS LAKE MUNGO TRIP (NSW) Saturday 9 to Monday 11 June, 2012 by Jessica Walsh

I finished work at about 7.30am and headed home. Martin was not far away and we were soon making two sets of camping gear into one in the back of my car. After a quick coffee stop it was up the Calder and on our way to Mildura. On the way I rang the others and confirmed that everyone else was heading north. We all arrived at the meeting place in Mildura in plenty of time only to hear from Michael D that he had had a flat tyre and would be a little late. We all set off to meet him on the other side of the river. On the way we stocked up with firewood as the national park did not have any and the nights were sure to be cold. Michael soon arrived and were off in convoy to Mungo. It was not long before the dirt road started. We stopped briefly as a Nissan Navara had rolled on the track ahead of us. The occupants had got themselves out and there seemed to be no injuries. They had rung friends in Mildura for help, so we headed on our way once more. A hundred kilometres down the track and we were at our campsite. Fortunately it was not too busy, so we had a nice corner to ourselves. Dinner was soon on with some help from some zesty spices Martin contributed. It didn't take long for us to discover that although we had firewood aplenty, noone had thought to bring kindling! Much rolled-up newspaper later and we could finally warm our hands as the night was cooling rapidly. After dinner Jan delighted us with a poetry recital, which was in fact written by her as well. An impressive effort. Everyone got their brains ticking over when I produced the newspaper quiz, and there were some interesting answers. Michael H was declared the Page: 11

TRIP REPORTS winner (by an impartial quiz mistress) simply by not saying anything as points had been deducted from everyone else for a myriad of reasons. Stephen produced rum balls for us all to enjoy so we were well satisfied by the time we curled up in our beds, trying to ward off the cold. The morning was as cold as the night before so the fire was soon stoked into life. As the loop track was about 70km long, we had a relaxed start to the day and headed off about 9.30am. When we got to the information centre to enquire about tours we found that there was no afternoon tour scheduled. The Parks staff were quick to offer that if we were interested they would run one for us. The tour would allow us access to the Walls Of China for a couple of hours. Access has had to be restricted after the heavy rains the year before had exposed some artefacts that were being “souvenired�. There had also been some erosion so footing was a bit tricky in parts. We set off on the loop track with the goal to be back by 2pm, the starting time of the tour. It took us a while to spot the posts with numbers on them that matched the track notes we had, so Martin's narration didn't start until number seven. We stopped a few times on the way to have a closer look at the landscape and the wider view. It is certainly a lot greener than the last time I was here, about five years ago. We got to Belah camp and enjoyed the place to ourselves as we had our picnic lunches. It was surprising how few people there were in the park considering it was a long weekend. On the way again as we continued around the track. Our lunch stop was about half-way so we had to get a bit of a wriggle on to get back by two. During lunch Michael Dickman produced a photo book chronicalling the construction of his and Kerry's new home. Both the book and construction were extremely impressive. It was very handy having Martin reading the track notes as we drove along. He provided a lot of information about the landscape as it changed from lake bed to dunes to hinterland. Some at the rear of the convoy remained Page: 12

TRIP REPORTS sceptical about the animals sighted at the front until we finally had a chance to stop for all to see. We stopped a few more times on the way: At Round Tank there was a demonstration site for catching feral goats. There was an earthen ramp and one way gate around a fenced waterhole. The goats could get in but not out until the rangers came to herd them onto trucks and away. Incidentally there were only a few rabbits sighted so the abatement program is proving quite effective. We did see however a feral cat near the campsite, the first I had seen in my many visits. This perhaps explained why there were only a few apostle birds to be seen. Vigars Well was a former water stop for the coaches that plied the inland as regular water points were few and far between. Once again there was more water here than I had seen before. It was downright muddy in places. The drought has definitely broken in this area. At the well there are also some quite high sand dunes, but time was getting away from us so we didn't have the opportunity to explore them. The Zanci Homestead site was our last stop before we finished our circuit. Some of the timberwork has been very well restored with the underground storehouse of particular note. Much of the timberwork on the old Mungo and Zanci station was Cyprus pine as it is particularly termite resistant. Unfortunately this led to the demise of many of the trees in the area. We made it to the information centre in time for the tour so we paid our fees and headed out in convoy to the Walls of China. Our guides, Deon and Robert, proved extremely knowledgable, as they were members of the local tribe, and had close links with neighbouring tribes as well. We learnt about Mungo Woman and Mungo Man; remains that had been found and Page: 13



2012 JUNE



Tues 26

General Meeting

Tues 3

Committee Meeting

Tues 17

Magazine deadline for articles, reports, etc

Sat 21

Christmas in July

Tues 26

General Meeting

Tues 7

Committee Meeting

Tues 14

Magazine deadline for articles, reports, etc

Dates TBA

Annual Snow Trip

Tues 28

General Meeting

28 Sept - 1 Oct

9th Australian 4WD Gathering (not a S4WDCV event) Thurs 4 - Sun 7 Oct Leisurefest (S4WDCV will have a stall) Sat 20, Sun 21 Oct

Goldfields Trip/Mt Tarrengower Hill Climb

Sat 3 - Tues 6 Nov


Sun 25 Nov

Christmas Party and Rally


Trip Standard


Vehicle Suitability

Easy Medium

All wheel drive and high range 4WD. Can be Suitable for medium clearance vehicles with d

Difficult Very Difficult

Suitable for medium to high clearance vehicles wit Suitable for high clearance vehicles with dual rang

ALENDAR Location

Standard Contact for further info.


Peter Bellis


Martin Foot Bellis residence


Jean Bellis

$30 ph


Peter Bellis


Martin Foot TBA

Jessica Walsh


Mt Ive Station, Gawler Ranges, SA Sandown racecourse Maldon area

Damian Stock Social +

Grampians TBA

$220 - $330

Martin Foot

Peter Bellis Social +


low clearance with single range and road tyres. dual range and all terrain or road tyres.

th dual range and all terrain tyres. ge and tyres suitable for the terrain (eg. mud terrain tyres).

Small charge for ticket to MT Hill Climb

TRIP REPORTS dated to be about 42,000 years old. At the time it was believed that Aborigines had inhabited Australia for only 20-30,000 years so it turned the scientific world on its head. Carefully hidden in the dunes our guides showed us burnt emu eggs and otoliths (fish ear bones) which indicate the food that was eaten as well as how much life there was when the lake had water in it. Blackened “clay stones” also showed how fire was preserved for days on end whilst the tribe was away hunting. They were heated up and buried where they would retain their heat very well. The stones would then be uncovered and used to start the next fire with dry grass for tinder. Our attention was diverted for a while as we stalked a wedge-tailed eagle in an effort to get as close as we could for the best photo. He gave us little attention until we got just a little too close, and then effortlessly flew off. At the end of the tour we headed back to camp where the fire was stoked into life once again. At this point I introduced the group to a team building exercise which got some laughs as well as a few glares as I said “start over” yet again. Dinner was then soon cooked and after the mains we enjoyed a selection of chocolates supplied by Michael H. Once again a quiz was produced and as everyone else had not learnt their lesson from the night before, Michael H was once again declared the winner. We all sat around the campfire eating and chatting until tiredness claimed us one by one and we headed to bed. The next day (Monday) was an early start for us as we all had to head home to Melbourne, except for Michael D who had arranged to sit an exam in Mildura on Tuesday. We decided to go home via Page: 16

TRIP REPORTS Balranald for a change and so that was our stop for coffee, final farewells and photos.

The changes on the landscape with the recent rains have been quite dramatic, revealing a different side to the area than I had seen during the drought. I look forward to the future changes the climate will bring when next I visit.

Participants: Jessica Walsh (trip leader) & Martin Foot Michael Hartshorne Michael Dickman Stephen & Jason Whittaker Dale & Jan Rebgetz

Outback Diesel Forester MY Forester Forester

Page: 17

RESOURCES The club may not have a resources officer at the moment but we do have plenty of resources to sell. We may have many, some or none of the following items so if you are interested in any of these then please come along to the club meeting and I will be very happy to sell them to you. Correct change will be much appreciated. $ Hat Oiled Skin size 55


Hat Safari


size 59

Black caps with club logo


Short sleeve blue chambray shirt with logo Size 14


New Style Red Polo Shirts (M, L, XL, 2XL)


New Style Vest


Blue Polo Shirt


Large Sew on Badges


Small Sew on Badges


Shackles 3.2 tonne


Fuel Filter Plastic x 45deg.


Fuel Filter Plastic x 90deg.


Fuel Filter Plastic x Straight


eFlare HZ510 Red with Base


CV Boot Clamps Large & Small


CV Joint Grease


Wheel Nuts [Set of 4]


Thanks, Damian Stock Acting Resources Officer

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CLUB MEETING MINUTES A General Meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 29th May 2012 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club starting at 8:12pm. 1. Present Lisa Jantke, Andrew Jantke, Adam Howley, Bev Davison, Jessica Walsh, Martin Foot, Bob Marshall, Phil Milkins, Stephen Whittaker, Michael Hartsborne, Jamie Scott, Paul Saleeba, Les Scott, Peter Bellis, Jean Bellis, Katie Mynard, Peter Mynard, Damian Stock, Rick Koster, Tom Boltadzija, David Wilson, Michael Dickman. 2. Apologies Damian Hough, Ruth Marshall, Elaine Milkins, Brian Howell, Glenys Howell, Elaine Hyde, Kerry Bright. 3. Visitors Paul Sinclair – Bright Auto Parts, Jason Whittaker (parents were previously club members). 4. Welcome: A welcome was extended to all members and visitors. 5. Minutes of the Previous General Meeting The minutes of the April 2012 General Meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Michael Hartsborne and seconded by Paul Saleeba. There was no business arising from the minutes. 6. Correspondence 6.1 In ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

FWD Victoria Delegates’ brief sheet. 4x4 sand driving course. Reminder re affiliation fees and insurance renewal. MY 83 touring wagon for sale. Greetings from Daryl and Rose Lynch (former members) Adrian – Freshield – re canisters. Extreme Fuel.

6.2 Out: None.

Page: 19

CLUB MEETING MINUTES 7. Reports 7.1 Resources ● Lots of resources were brought in for members’ perusal. ● CB radio available for sale. 7.2 Editor ● More members are switching over to receiving the magazine in electronic format. ● Many thanks to Jessica for the printing of this month’s magazine. ● The club’s website has been updated to the new format (which was prepared by Michael Stock – Damian’s son). Some cleanup is still occurring, as it is a work-in-progress. Suggestions / feedback will be much appreciated. 7.3 Trip and Social ● Details are elsewhere in the magazine. ● There are plenty of free space in the club’s calendar for members to organise one day / weekend trips. ● Training courses – please refer to the last page of the magazine for details. 7.4 Venue ● Details are elsewhere in the magazine. ● Will investigate the possibility of having the June meeting at a Subaru dealership. 7.5 Membership. ● Had 16 membership renewals. Still have quiet a few outstanding membership renewals. 7.6 Treasurer ● Current bank account balance is $1,331.32. ● Includes receiving 3 memberships and $308 interest from the term deposit. 7.7 Secretary ● Had a wonderful trip to the Flinders and Gammon Ranges, and Lake Eyre. ● Next committee meeting is at Phil Milkin’s home. ● Nominations for annual awards and next year’s committee are being sought. They need to be submitted to the Secretary by mid July. Page: 20

CLUB MEETING MINUTES 7.8 President ● Club is doing a raffle over the next few months to assist with club finances. Prizes will be drawn at the “Christmas in July” event. 8. Guest Speaker Paul Sinclair – Bright Auto Parts. ● Has a store located in Ferntree Gully. ● Sell primarily LED based products that are designed and built in -house. Do sell some other automotive products. ● Paul gave a very informative talk on LED lighting products, together with a video presentation and a demonstration of some LED lighting. ● Website – 9. General Business ● The Buchan campsite is only available for club trips, and Wayne (the property owner) needs to be notified beforehand. 10. Fines and Fun 10.1 Nametags Michael Dickman, Bev Davison, Jean Bellis, Peter Bellis, Michael Hartsborne. 10.2 Last to Meeting Michael Dickman. 10.3 Trips 10.3.1 Night Drive ● Jamie – for his car not starting at the start of the trip. ● Jamie – for having a towed start from a Subaru. ● Jamie – last to meeting point. ● Adam – for using highway tread tyres offroad up a decent slippery hill. ● Les – for moving rocks out of Adam’s way. 10.3.2 Buchan – Camping with the Subaru 4WD Club of Queensland ● Martin – having empty gas bottles. ● Martin – flat battery in the car. ● Martin – flat jump start pack. ● Michael – for turning up the next day due to having to do a uni assignment. Page: 21

CLUB MEETING MINUTES ● Damian – for bad jokes. ● Martin – for not having jumper leads. ● Martin – for getting zapped on the electric fence. ● Martin – for causing a stampede of the cattle. 10.3.3 Jessica – for not taking a camera on a previous trip. 10.4 Total fines collected - $13.55. 11. Meeting closed at 10:15pm and was followed by supper. 12. The lucky door prize was won by Peter Bellis. The prize, a Brite LED Tech LED light bar, was kindly donated by Bright Auto Parts. 13. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th June 2012 commencing at 8pm.

FOR SALE The club makes this space available free of charge to members wishing to buy or sell items. Please note that the Motor Car Trader Regulations 1998-22(4) require that vehicles for sale advertisements must contain: (a) the cash price of the vehicle and; (b) the registration number if registered or the engine/chassis numbers if unregistered. Contact the club editor to advertise in this space.

Forester Aluminium Bash Plates: made from 6.0mm construction grade aluminium: $300 for club members, $330 for non-members. Fitting can be arranged. Contact: David Wilson, mob: 0429 942 724.

Page: 22

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc held on 5th June 2012 at the home of Phil Milkins starting at 7:35am. 1. Present Damian Stock, Martin Foot, Andrew Jantke, Jessica Walsh, Phil Milkins, Bob Marshall. 2. Apologies Peter Bellis, Dale Rebgetz. 3. Quorum A quorum was achieved with 6 committee members present. 4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting 4.1 Minutes of the May 2012 committee meeting were accepted without amendment. 4.2 Business Arising from the Minutes and Outstanding Actions 4.2.1. Club Resources Sales achieved for first time since 2009. 4.2.2. MS-Publisher 2010 Have not yet been able to source a copy for Martin. 4.2.3. Subaru Docklands Will follow up on meeting request. Will follow up with Subaru Glen Waverley. Will also follow up on email from Paul Hicks of Cambur Subaru. 4.2.4. Venue Meeting – Spatial Vision Damian to follow up contact details with 4WD Victoria. 4.2.5. Silhouette Version of Club Logo Damian’s son has produced final versions in red and black combinations. Forwarded to Martin. 4.2.7. Club Constitution Changes Are yet to be lodged with Consumer Affairs Victoria. 4.2.8. Club Website Martin wrote to Mark Tyssen regarding his outdated Subaru website. A random search came up with ours well up the list. Also contacted Michael Stock to let him know the new website was operational. Page: 23

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES 4.2.9 Increase in FWDV affiliation fee was incorrectly assumed to be $4 when it was actually $2. 4.2.10 Suggested “raffle” has been distributed to members. 5. Correspondence 5.1 In ● Membership enquiry from Glenn Southgate. ● Paul Hicks from Cambur Subaru ● FWDV Delegate’s Brief Sheet 5.2 Out ●

Response by Andrew to Glenn Southgate.

6. Reports 6.1 Resources ● Damian pleased with response at meeting regarding resources sales. ● Still looking for volunteer to take over role. ● Bob to provide item numbers for Damian to order from. 6.2 Trip and Social ● Eight for the Mungo trip. ● Dale and Jan to meet convoy at Mildura, coming from Hay. ● Christmas in July. ● Peter Mynard re snow trip. ● Damian suggested a possible trip into the goldfields area around Woods Point, for later in the year. ● Succession planning – Jessica to approach potential candidates. ● Martin followed up on aborted Queensland club visit to Buchan camp site. In a nutshell they loved our tracks and believed that we were spoilt by what we had available. 6.3 Venue ● Presentation at May meeting by Paul from Brightlights was well received. ● June meeting to be at Camberwell as normal. At least two months notice of venue change needs to be given due to electronic distribution of magazine. ● Damian to follow up on Spacial Vision contact. ● Peter to follow up Floatpac. ● Martin to follow up Telstat for August meeting. ● Greg Smith a possibility for September meeting. Page: 24


Potential speaker, Alisha from Xtreme Fuel Additive. Damian testing product and will contact Alisha regarding a future meeting, possibly June. July AGM.

6.4 Membership ● Memberships coming in reasonably well. ● Jessica to confirm that all attendees on Mungo trip are financial. ● Adam has indicated that he would not be renewing his membership but would like to still come along to the odd club trip as a visitor. Damian to confirm that this is not permitted under our rules of association membership. 6.5 Editor ● Deadline for June will be the 12th. ● Magazine printing could be free this month. ● Damian to provide additional raffle tickets and flyer to Martin for distribution with next magazine. ● Martin has a potential successor for editor. Will need to mentor and support if nominated. 6.6 Treasurer ● Current bank account balance is $3,644.52. ● Need mail to be collected to check to keep up with expenses and income. ● Martin is seeing benefits from printing donations. ● Martin spent $44 on signage and start pickets for Buchan. Approval given. 6.7 Secretary ● Absent. Martin offered information regarding the AGM nominations and awards forms were available at the meeting and will be sent out in hard copy at the end of June. 6.8 President ● Concern about overall committee succession plan. Need to fill current vacant positions but also need to consider fundraising. ● Flood relief – will mention it again contact Allan Marshall.

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Buchan Property ● Discussed issue of non-members using property and not advising Wayne before doing so. Need to obtain a padlock and keys as well as private property signs for placement on the shelter and second gate. To be mentioned in the president’s report as well. ● Needs a development plan, agreed to by committee. Funds need to be allocated, if possible, to complete the development of the shelter. ● Buchan events – Martin picked up a copy of the Buchan Newsletter while at Buchan. Should we subscribe to find out what is happening in the community. Martin to bring copy along to next meeting. Letter read out from Cross Country Driver’s Association regarding “eventing” on private land. Submission provided by them for submission to the state government, by May 5th. Missed the date so will not be submitting the documents.

8. Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th September 2012 at 7:30pm at the home of Andrew Jantke. 9. Meeting closed at 10.45 pm.

Two old fossils found at Lake Mungo

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FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA TRAINING CALENDAR June 2012 Thursday 28th Proficiency Course (PC120630) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 30th Proficiency Course (PC120630) Practical – Werribee July 2012 Thursday 5th Intermediate 4WD Course (IN120707) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 7th Intermediate 4WD Course (IN120707) Practical - TBA Friday 13th Proficiency Course (PC120714) Theory - Nth Balwyn Friday 13th Ladies 4X4 Course (LC120715) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 14th Proficiency Course (PC120714) Practical – Werribee Sunday 15th Ladies 4X4 Course (LC120715) Practical – Werribee Saturday 21st Winch Recovery Course (WR120721) Practical – TBA Sunday 22nd On Road Towing Course (TO120722) - Altona Friday 27th Map Reading and Into to GPS Course (MR120727) – Nth Balwyn Saturday 28th Advanced Winter Driving (Mud and Snow Course) (WD120728) – TBA Sunday 29th Advanced Winter Driving (Mud and Snow Course) (WD120728) – TBA August 2012 Friday 3rd Proficiency Course (PC120804) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 4th Proficiency Course (PC120804) Practical – Werribee Wednesday 15th 4WD Driver Awareness Course (DA120815) - TBA Friday 17th GPS Course (GPS120817) – Nth Balwyn Saturday 18th Advanced 4X4 Driver Training Course (AD120818) – Tallarook Sunday 19th Advanced 4X4 Driver Training Course (AD120818) – Tallarook Thursday 23rd Proficiency Course (PC120825) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 25th Proficiency Course (PC120825) Practical – Werribee FWDV can be contacted on 9857 5209 or e-mail: Contact S4WDCV Secretary Peter Bellis, email: regarding attendance at FWDV courses as a club discount may apply. Page: 27

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Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria magazine - June 2012  

The monthly magazine of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc, online version, for June 2012

Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria magazine - June 2012  

The monthly magazine of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc, online version, for June 2012

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