Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria - July 2020 newsletter

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TRIP REPORTS Toolangi Mid-Winter Day Trip Sunday, 28 June, 2020. It was a cold but fine morning when we gathered at Yarra Glen for the short trip up the Melba Hwy to Dixons Creek and a right turn into the Old Toolangi-Dixons Creek Rd. This dirt road took us into Spraggs Rd just before Toolangi township. From there we turned into Blowhard Rd to air down and the tracks began. Blowhard Rd crosses the forest to the east eventually ending up on Sylvia Creek Rd and our morning destination Wirrawilla Rainforest Walk. This short walk along boardwalks follows part of Sylvia Creek which runs into the Yea, the Goulburn and eventually the Murray River.

Part of the convoy entering the forest

From there it was north into Kalatha Rd to the Kalatha Giant tree. Kalatha Rd continued on uneventfully through to forest until a point where it runs close to the Murrindindi River. All the rivers and creeks were running fast and clear today. Two kilometres from our lunch site in the Murrindindi Reserve we came upon some wetter sections of the track and the first of two bog holes. The first we crossed easily enough.

The second bog hole warranted a stop and inspection and supplied most of the photos for this report. The centre track was full of water and the exit steep and slippery and about a metre to climb. The right was relatively flat and dry but sections seemed a bit too narrow with trees to the right and a large hole to the left. The right was rutted and muddy but seemed the best go. I went first to the left but ultimately lost traction, front diff buried, alternate wheels spinning. Maxx tracks out, some shovel work but still no movement. Another group approached with a few heavily

And from the drone. Airing down 11