Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria - January 2021 magazine

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TRIP REPORTS Rubicon Day Trip By Tim Folliard 22 November 2020 We met up at the Black Spur Inn at Narbethong on a warm and overcast morning. The intention was to travel White Hills Track to Acheron Way then up past Mt Strickland to Keppel Lookout which has great Views over Marysville. White Hill didn't last too long as we drove straight into an active logging area. It would have been nice for a road closed sign back at the intersection but we all turned around and continued on. And it set the theme for the day with still locked gates and fallen trees changing my trip plan regularly. Early on vehicles back in the convoy were complaining about the dust. It was very dry for November. Restoration project. Fire damaged FJ40 from 2009 fires.

From The Lookout it is a descent down into Marysville. Since 2009 the area has changed with the trees regrown and a blanket of green surrounding the town again.

Lunch in Marysville

Entering Marysville I had to stop and look at the burnt out and rusted late 1960's Land Cruiser, now a piece of garden art. Most likely well beyond restoration but all the metal parts were still there. Lunch was by the river at the Rotary Park. Rick finding the limit in the rut 9