Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria - February 2021 magazine

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TRIP REPORTS Strathfieldsaye Estate Post-Christmas Trip 2020 (Part 2) Covering 29 December to 1 January By Dot Greiveson The club’s traditional post-Boxing Day to New Year’s Day trip was held this year in the form of a base camp at Strathfieldsaye, a heritage property on the shores of Lake Wellington. The camp included several day trips and an overnight trip to the High Country. These trips were led by Tim Folliard and David Wilson. Martin and I arrived on the 28th and the first day trip, led by Tim had just arrived back. The weather was great for camping and touring. It was quite a sight to see the large field with all the tents and camper vans dotted around it. Framed by the sheds and buildings of the Strathfieldsaye homestead, it was great to see so many members in attendance. Less attractive were the hoards of mosquitoes which populated this picturesque site and all the coastal areas in the region.

Last light of the day at Strathfieldsaye Homestead

Loch Sport and The Lakes National Park The 29th saw a convoy of cars drive to Loch Sport before heading into The Lakes National Park nearby. After a brief stop in this authentic old beach town for coffees and lunch supplies, we headed to the park for lunch. Then the next couple of hours were spent exploring the sandy tracks. Tyre pressures were put down as we moved through the flats and some substantial sand dunes which were fringed by coastal tea

“Point Wilson”.

Rick takes in the view from Point Wilson i(The Lakes NP)

Along the Gas Pipeline reserve west of Loch Sport