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February 2021 (Issue 477)

Tom descending Sledging Point Road (Mt Cole Trip)

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Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A—0006149J / FWDV Member

PO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley VIC 3149

ABOUT THE CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 40 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in the exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities.

The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. (Fees for 2020/21 are lower than normal by around $20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. They are likely to return to previous levels in 2021/22.)

MEMBERS RATES Single: $65 (Senior card - $60) Joint/Family: $75 (Senior card - $70) (Note: these are annual rates. New members joining mid-year pay pro-rata) One off joining fee of $15 ($30 for Joint/Family) also applies All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance: $30 These fees are based on an electronic newsletter distribution only. No levy or discount to be offered. Requests for a hard copy magazine will be considered by the Committee.

NON-MEMBER TRIP FEE A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further enquiries Email:


COMMITTEE President: Mark Tyssen Vice President and FWDV Delegate: Tim Folliard Secretary: Martin Foot Treasurer: Angela Bombardieri Membership: Erica Auld Trip & Social: Tim Folliard Venue coordinator: Mark Tyssen Editor (acting): Martin Foot Ordinary Member: Nicholas Leask Ordinary Member: Peter Kakalias Off-Committee: Resources: Bev Davison


PRESIDENT’S REPORT A month goes by so quickly! So much has occurred in the time since the last club magazine. We have had the annual “welcome back” BBQ followed by the General Meeting on the last Public Holiday, Australia Day on Tuesday 26th January. It followed a weekend Club Trip to Mt Cole/Mt Buangor State Parks region, and the Christmas – New Year period trip to Lake Wellington region; both welcome relief to get out of ‘lockdown’ issues. The Committee has been busy after the February Committee Meeting getting together at a suitable location to trial a ‘proof of concept’ idea, to provide the ability to stage on-line coverage of our General Meetings. We had a few minor technical issues, but can see that it should be possible. Ironically the day after our trial, the 5 day lockdown was announced by the Victorian Premier. However, with the lifting of restrictions on Wednesday 17th, it seems we can go ahead. We envisage that with the current environment of uncertainty, the constant question of “are we/aren’t we going to hold face-to-face meetings”, and if still able to comply with distance conditions of the COVID19 Restrictions, we need to be prepared to still offer the ‘general meeting’ experience to our members. This won’t extend to the informal “car-park” gatherings afterwards. Sorry! Following up on my previous sighting of the USA-Florida registered Forester PHEV badged vehicle in early January in the GoldCoast/Ipswitch/Brisbane part of Queensland, Subaru Australia had announced in mid September 2020 that: “Subaru and Toyota recently merged to develop all-new midsize and large electric SUVs. As a result, Subaru will follow in Toyota's footsteps by producing hybrid models as they work on creating fully electric options. You can expect to see a plug-in hybrid electric Subaru Outback and Forester sometime in 2021 and 2022.” From Subaru Australia website of 14 Sept 2020” Subaru Australia already offer the Forester and XV as Hybrid vehicles (even though I have yet to see one on the road), Subaru & Toyota collaborated on the BRZ/86, as well as another smaller vehicle according to rumour mills in November last year. It would be interesting how the new models with their additional electronics to assist with motion both forward and backward (yes, backwards) copes with our environment where there is no asphalt, not just parking on your nature strip and watching out for the Council planted trees. New additional electronics covers “Reverse Automatic Braking” RAB, Side View Monitor (SVM – already standard on some other manufacturers, and “Adaptive Driving Beams” ADB. I’ll need to get hold of an Acronym Dictionary soon…as my MY84 Dual Range manual Touring wagon has virtually no applied acronyms or much electronics. Stay safe, Mark Tyssen President, e:


VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT The Four Wheel Drive Victoria AGM has been postponed due to lockdown, so no report at this time. I have headed my Border Track -Take 3 after the April and October 2020 trips were cancelled due to Covid -19 restrictions. So last night's closure of the S.A./VIC border prompted me to consider an alternative option even though it is still 2 months away.. The Border Track runs almost directly along the Border. So close that I remember Jack pointing out that my GPS was constantly changing the time with the 30 minute time difference between states. But the track is technically in a S.A. National Park so last time that was closed to Victorians. We also need to get to Pinnaroo for fuel and that is a few kilometres past a large fruit fly checkpoint which now doubles as a border checkpoint. I also don't want to be filling in forms or running the risk of being stuck on the wrong side of the border or in hotel quarantine ! Even if the Border is closed, there are still heaps of great tracks on the Victorian side so let's hope that the border is open and Victoria is open. Not just for the trip but for all those who live and work in Victoria. Tim Folliard Vice President, e:






Opening Balance at 1st January 2021


Income for January 31/1/21

Sale of Resources Polo Shirt, Cap


2, 7/1/21

Trip Fees to Strathfieldsaye


Member BBQ January Meeting



Fines & Fun, inc FWDA book sales



Total Income for month of January



Expenses: 24/12/20

Optus Sat. phone monthly service fee Total Expenses for month of January 2021

15.00 15.00

Closing Balance @ 31 January 2021


NOTE: 1. Term Deposit of $8,269.87 (this includes interest accrued) matures on 10 June 2021. Angela Bombardieri Treasurer, e:


TRIP AND SOCIAL More details on these trips can be found in the Club Website under proposed trips. It is easy to add your name to trip bookings. Alternatively, you can still email, or contact the trip leader directly, to register for a trip or to propose a new one.

Woods Point Wanderings When: March 6 - 8 (Labour Day weekend) Details: Woods Point to Walhalla. Standard: Trip Medium (in dry) Contact: Erica Auld, e:

Border Track (Vic/SA Border) When: April 12-16 (may be rescheduled subject to state border restrictions) Contact: Tim Folliard, e: Details: Wyperfeld, Big Desert and Border Track (providing the border is open) 11 vehicles booked so almost full.

North Flinders Ranges Touring When: 18-31 July 2021 Contact: Martin Foot, e: Details: A long Touring Trip (Limit reached - contact Martin Foot by email if interested) .

Snow Day Trip When: late July or early August Details: Most likely Big River to Mt Matlock area. As far as we can go in the snow. Book on trip and once the snow forecast is in, be advised of the date. Still plenty of dates to plan for including Melbourne Cup Weekend and day trips. Send me your ideas and I will post them up. As usual, the Proposed Trip in the Club Website is the place to check out trips and make your bookings. If you can't access the website, let the membership officer know. Tim Folliard, Trip & Social Coordinator e:

FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING RESCHEDULED: The 2020 Annual General Meeting for the Victoria Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs Inc t/as Four Wheel Drive Victoria that was due to be held on Monday 15 February, 2021, has been postponed due to lockdown to Thursday, 4, March at 7:30pm. Full details will be provided separately to members.


VENUE REPORT FEBRUARY GENERAL MEETING DATE: Tuesday, February 23 at 8pm. VENUE: South Camberwell Tennis Club, 332 Burke Road, Glen Iris. ZOOM: This meeting will also be broadcast in person from SCTC via Zoom for the first time. The link is: DOOR PRIZE: Come along to win a special door prize at this month's meeting.

Mark Tyssen Venue Coordinator

GENERAL MEETING NOTICE The Agenda for members’ meetings is as follows: Welcome of members and visitors. Review and acceptance of previous general meeting’s minutes. Correspondence. Reports by various office bearers. Other business as mentioned below. General business raised by members. “Fines and Fun” – including brief summaries of recent trips. Guest speaker or presentation. Supper and networking. Details of the next few general meetings are as per the schedule below:



Guest Speaker/Presentation

Other Business

Tues 23 February

South Camberwell Tennis Club


Trialling Zoom broadcast

Tues 30 March

TBA - looking to hold this meeting at a workshop off-site



Tues 27 April

South Camberwell Tennis Club


Setting of Annual Fees

Tues 25 May

South Camberwell Tennis Club









Woods Point Wanderings

March 6-8

Erica Auld

Medium (if dry)

Border Track (Vic/SA Border)

April 12- 16

Tim Folliard


North Flinders Ranges

July 18-31

Martin Foot


Snow Trip

Late July, or early August



EDITOR’S NOTE Due to pressure of work Damian has had to step down as Editor and Martin is holding the fort temporarily. Thanks to Damian for his work over the last two years, it’s really helped spread the load. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition, including Mark, Tim, Angela B, Dot and especially Peter K for his fabulous trip photos. Don’t forget to send through your articles, photos and videos from coming club events, for publication in the magazine, or up on the club’s web site and Facebook page. The deadline for submissions for the next edition is:

Friday, March 19, 2021 Email editor:


TRIP REPORTS Mt Cole and Mt Buangor State Parks By Tim Folliard 23 to 25 January 2021 Saturday After setting up camp at Chinaman’s, it was time for a drive up to Ben Nevis. Chinaman’s is a good sized partially grassed, bollarded campground, with drop toilets, a tap (from dam water) and a large shelter area with tables and benches and a fireplace for cold conditions. On the first drive, my intention to find a short cut out of camp but a private road sign had me looping everyone back to camp along the more difficult entrance. OK, everyone ready now, map consulted and a series of dirt roads lead us to Ben Nevis, 877 metres high with great views to the west and south. There is also a memorial to a RAAF aircraft that fatally crashed here in 1941. There is a large tower with TV, radio and mobile coverage for the surrounding area (although not at the campground 5 km away).

Sunday The warming weather had everyone up early so this time I did locate the extension of Chinaman Rd. To call it a road (as many of the tracks here are called) is very generous. It had some good climbs and there were many ruts to contend with but after a short trip we were on Reservoir Road (track) leading into Mount Cole Reservoir. A few groups had set up camp (some with caravans which would have been interesting getting them in) on the few clearings on the southern shore. Tom entered for a swim and found it was shallow for a far distance, the Northern side was much steeper and most likely deeper. No facilities here but a good summer camp area for a small group amongst the trees. Then it was on to Mt Cole (828m). The weather was warming and the track steep and rocky. Missed the track to the summit so had to back track. We then made our way down the mountain and out of the park eventually connecting up with Ferntree Gully Rd (a dirt 2WD road in this case). The southern half of the park is wetter than the north. The southern section of the forest is far more lush than the northern section with a large number of ferns. We walked the Ferntree Waterfalls and the Cascades Mt Cole Reservoir


TRIP REPORTS which had water running over them. A cold drink and shade was appreciated on the return. There were a few nice campgrounds nearby but as they are State Park (not Forest) a booking and payment is required, but looked like good option for future trips. Then it was a short drive to Mt Langi Ghiran winery. A large winery with a new building provided a very pleasant wine and cheese flight for lunch. Then it was a short drive back to camp. A few Subarus and Peter’s Pajero tried a few of the alternative camp exit tracks. I had a seat in Nick and Deb’s Outback so I can now report I have been in two Subarus (the other was Angela B’s Forester at Lerderderg). I also experienced the sensation of lifting wheels, front and back and air conditioning. Peter D giving his Pajero a test run

While getting a few action photos, some other campers wandered over. These had modified older Toyotas and Patrols with a few off road scars. One of the vehicle was trailered into camp as it was for off road use only and lacked a few windows. They were very impressed by our vehicle capabilities. One of the tracks out of camp was called Telephone Track. Nick and I went for a walk and saw one of the Patrols approach the track.

Near Ferntree Waterfalls


TRIP REPORTS The photo does not really reflect the height and angle of the rock wall. It was difficult to walk and loose and slippery. The Patrol with 35 inch wheel rolled up the first ledge but needed a few attempts to get the rears up, which caused a scrape and a little rock breaking away. Five minutes later they were still only a few hundred metres away. Probably not a track for us, today.

Possibly not an alternative camp exit. Nick showing the scale of the first obstacle on Telephone Track

The last day we exited camp via Sledging Point Rd (track) with a long, steep rutted descent down the mountain eventually into Elmhurst. A technical drive, which be a challenge heading up hill especially in the wet. From here we went our separate ways on a very hot day to return home. Tom set off to climb to the top of Mt Cole. This is a good location and most tracks are open all year. The fireplaces in the shelter indicate it can get cold. Another one explored and on the list for a return drive.

Than you to the participants: Tim F


Nick and Deb Outback Erica A


Peter D


Tom M


Graeme C


Keong Y



TRIP REPORTS Strathfieldsaye Estate Post-Christmas Trip 2020 (Part 2) Covering 29 December to 1 January By Dot Greiveson The club’s traditional post-Boxing Day to New Year’s Day trip was held this year in the form of a base camp at Strathfieldsaye, a heritage property on the shores of Lake Wellington. The camp included several day trips and an overnight trip to the High Country. These trips were led by Tim Folliard and David Wilson. Martin and I arrived on the 28th and the first day trip, led by Tim had just arrived back. The weather was great for camping and touring. It was quite a sight to see the large field with all the tents and camper vans dotted around it. Framed by the sheds and buildings of the Strathfieldsaye homestead, it was great to see so many members in attendance. Less attractive were the hoards of mosquitoes which populated this picturesque site and all the coastal areas in the region.

Last light of the day at Strathfieldsaye Homestead

Loch Sport and The Lakes National Park The 29th saw a convoy of cars drive to Loch Sport before heading into The Lakes National Park nearby. After a brief stop in this authentic old beach town for coffees and lunch supplies, we headed to the park for lunch. Then the next couple of hours were spent exploring the sandy tracks. Tyre pressures were put down as we moved through the flats and some substantial sand dunes which were fringed by coastal tea

“Point Wilson”.

Rick takes in the view from Point Wilson i(The Lakes NP)

Along the Gas Pipeline reserve west of Loch Sport


TRIP REPORTS tree and banksia woodlands. It was a relaxing and enjoyable drive. On return we veered off the highway onto the Gas Pipeline reserve which involved cresting sand dunes, good practice for the Border Track trip. On return, Deb and Nick went fishing and caught some nice fish in nearby Lake Wellington. The evening saw the group gather round the fire tub while a keen group of card players took their spots in the old laboratory. The evening had a beautiful sunset to the sounds of the kookaburras, with half the laugh, cackling away.

High Country Trip - Licola to Eaglevale via Billy Goat Bluff Track The next morning saw about 10 cars prepare for the overnight trip. The weather was warm and sunny, perfect driving weather. After a long bitumen drive, the group aired down outside Licola and headed for the Pinnacles. On arrival, we headed for the lookout and the stunning view from the top did not

A view from The Pinnacles

disappoint. You feel as if you are on top of the world. We left the Pinnacles and headed for Billy Goat Bluff Track. It was clear from the beginning that the track was rough; it had not been graded as we had been led to believe by Parks authorities. It provided a good challenge for our new and less experienced members and for the Outbacks in the convoy. Slowly, steadily the group moved down the track, all successfully negotiating the challenges without any incidents.

Descending Bill Goat Bluff Track

The surprise came when Dave radioed the group to be careful of the cyclist who was intending to climb the track. We met him at the base of the first slope looking hot, but undeterred by the challenge ahead of him. 13

TRIP REPORTS The group stopped briefly at the helipad and then descended the remainder of the track. This section had been graded and the soft, steep surface was easily negotiated. We then travelled by the river to our campsite for the evening: Eaglevale. We were pleased to see that there was plenty of room for us all and the campsite was nice and grassy. Some members took to the river for a bit of sitting in the shallows before dinner. A good fire provided a nice spot to enjoy a beautiful night.

Andrew by the Wonnangatta River

Campfire at Eaglevale

The return home the next day was a relaxed one. We worked our way back up the track until the group came Kingswell Bridge which crossed the Wonnangatta River. We stopped for morning tea and then almost all the vehicles, with a little encouragement, crossed the shallow, wide stone covered bed and emerged up the bumpy exit on the other side. A bit of play to spice the day. The convoy then made its way to Dargo. The little town was busy, as always. Most fueled up and we ate lunch under shady trees. The group then snaked its way around the windy roads through the beautiful river valleys and out onto the plains, arriving back at Strathfieldsaye late afternoon, ready for a New Year’s Eve campfire and more card playing to Matt crossing the Crooked River at Kingswell Bridge usher in the New Year.


TRIP REPORTS We all hope that 2021 will see plenty of trips and maybe even some interstate ones!!! New Year’s Day was slow to start and many were packing up ready to head off. A few members were taking the scenic trip home, via... Some were staying for an extra day or two to enjoy the opportunity of a longer camping trip after a lockdown year. Thank you to Damian for organising Strathfieldsaye and acting as our camp host. Thanks to Tim and David for organising the trips. Thanks to all for your good company. Attendance: Loch Sport

High Country

David, Antoinette, Anthony and Justin W

David, Antoinette, Anthony and Justin W

Martin F & Dot G

Martin F & Dot G

Nick and Deb L

Nick and Deb L

Erica A

Cynthia and Michael R

Tom M

Tom M

Daryl L and Kane R

Daryl L and Kane R

Matt E

Matt E

Andrew and Lisa J

Andrew and Lisa J

Peter K

Peter K

Bev D (and Henry - but not in the NP!) Michael and Sharon B Rick K, Jacquie and Josh Les R Michael K Back at base: Damian S; Peter L; Birte Z and daughter; Mike D

On the way to the Pinnacles


MINUTES Committee Meeting Minutes (abridged) Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. held online on Tuesday, 2 February 2021, commencing at 7:35pm approximately, using Zoom conferencing software.

1. Present: Mark Tyssen, Martin Foot, Tim Folliard, Angela Bombardieri (in part), Erica Auld, Nick Leask, Peter Kakalias 2. Apologies: Nil. 3. Visitors: Nil. 4. Quorum: A quorum was achieved. 5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting 5.1. Minutes of the meeting of Committee held on 1 December 2020 were accepted as a true record without amendment. Moved Mark, seconded by Peter, CARRIED. 5.2. Business Arising from the Minutes: (item 10, General Business) FWDV courses. Have FWDV training courses resumed? TBC. It was commented that commercial provider Murcotts is running defensive driving and 4WD courses – at a price. 6. Correspondence 6.1. In: via Post Box: cleared mid-January

C&D Trophies - Badges and invoice

via email: FWDV: 23/12 22/1 26/11

Wayne Hevey – FWDV Christmas Greetings Alison Mclaughlin – 2020 AGM Notice – 15 Feb 2021 Alison Mclaughlin – Half Year FWDV affiliation invoice

General: 2/12 13/11 3/12 4/12 8/12 10 /12 10/12 12/12 15,18/12 16/12 31/12

Vickers Stickers – advertising business DELWP – review of Regional Forests Agreements, looking for Indigenous Panel Member C&D Trophies – re badge order, badges sent Glenn Arkell – re technical query re website Pete Birkett – query re suitable off-road tyres for Brumby Consumer Affairs Victoria – Confirmation of lodgement of Annual Statement, fee paid, for reimbursement to Martin AuHost4u – planned outage of web hosting service overnight Roger Church, SCTC – Use of clubhouse, limit now 25 persons, resumption of billing (2) Peeter Kallista – Deceased estate, has Sportwagons for disposal (2) Tady Carroll – Offer of parts for 1990 Subaru DL (2) Bendigo Bank – bank statement available

2021 12/12

Roger Church, SCTC – re attendance record for COVID-19 compliance 16

15, 18/1 26/1 26/1 27/1 31/1 31/1 1/2

Bruce Wesley – 1990 Sportswagon for donation or repair, pics (3) GC Comms (via Editor) – re magazine link - advising change of email address Pajero Club of Vic (via Editor) – re magazine link – “looks great” Roger Church, SCTC – re providing attendance list Nissan Club of Vic (via Editor) – December magazine (to Editor) S4WDCSA (via Editor) – Bullsheet magazine Bendigo Bank – bank statement available



Alison McLaughlin, FWDV (AB) – forwarding S4WDCV member list and payment advice $1,050 for levies (2) Membership (MF) – re Christmas Party arrangements Glenn Arkell (MF) – technical query re website Membership (TF) – post-Boxing day trip info Pete Birkett (MT) – re query re suitable off-road tyres for Brumby Roger Church, SCTC – re use of clubhouse, resumption of billing Membership (MF) – December Newsletter Peeter Kallista – re deceased estate, has Sportwagons for disposal Strathfieldsaye Trip attendees (MF) – update Tady Carroll (MF) – re Offer of parts for 1990 Subaru DL Membership (MF) - re Offer of parts for 1990 Subaru DL Strathfieldsaye attendees (Damian Stock) – Info re property history and useage Strathfieldsaye attendees (MF) – re high country trip and other trips, plus property access and security Strathfieldsaye attendees (TF) – proposed Mitchell River NP trip 28/12

2021 12/1 16/1 18/1 25/1 26/1 27/1

Roger Church (MF) – query re attendance record for COVID-19 compliance Bruce Wesley (MF) – re 1990 Sportswagon for donation or repair Membership (MF) –News update, inc Mt Cole, Welcome back BBQ and GM Membership (MF) – January magazine and GM reminder 4WD Clubs and Industry contacts – January newsletter link Roger Church, SCTC (MF) – providing attendance list

6.2. Out:

3/12 3/12 9/12 11/12 12/12 15/12 15/12 15/12 16/12 17/12 22/12 23/12

6.3 Business Arising: Instagram and YouTube – no success in uncovering the authorities to these accounts. Nick commented on how essential it was that the organisation holds these authorities and not private individuals. 7. Reports 7.1. Treasurer’s Report (taken out of order). 7.1.1. Bank Balances: $4,830.52. Investment account balance is $8,269.87. 7.1.2. FWDV levy has been paid. An update will be needed as new members are accepted. ACTION: Angela, Martin 7.1.3. Strathfieldsaye donation. A total of $575 was collected from members attending the Strathfieldsaye post-Christmas Trip. This is to be donated to Strathfieldsaye as a contribution towards daily running costs of the estate. Damian has provided details of the account in the name of the volunteer coordinator. ACTION: Angela to contact this person to discuss transfer of funds. 7.1.4. Asset list: Projector and screen – have been returned to SCTC. CB radios x 2 – are with Mark Cashbox (with $200 float) – has been returned to SCTC. The satellite phone is with now with Martin. (Angela’s connection dropped out at this point and so she left the meeting.) 7.2. Resources: No Report. Bev continuing to manage clothing sales and orders. 7.3. Trip and Social: Trips have resumed, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. 17

Christmas Party: Sunday 6 December, at Westerfolds Park. Successful event with over 25 members attending. High Country Trip (post-Christmas to New Year): Largest event held for some years, with 33 members attending. Two day trips and one overnight trip were held. Strathfieldsaye proved an excellent base camp venue (apart from mosquitos!). Thanks to Damian for hosting and to David and Tim for the trips. Mt Cole/Mt Buangor State Parks trip: Held in high temperatures, this trip went well with seven vehicles attending. Some challenging tracks. Stewart Southam has registered a caravanning trip to Jindabyne/Mt. Kosciusko. However late notice may not see this trip attract many members. Labour Day weekend: No definite trips as yet. At the General Meeting David Wilson was considering a trip to Licola or the Talbotville area. Other possibilities discussed included Thomson River Road/ Mt Baw Baw area and Howqua valley. ACTION: Tim to coordinate options. Border Track: April 12-16 (in the school holidays after Easter). Leaving from Rainbow, through the Big Desert and on to Pinnaroo, then down the Border track, emerging at Serviceton. Currently 10 cars and 15 people registered. North Flinders Ranges Trip now 18 – 31 July 2021. TLs Martin and Dot. The trip has reached capacity with 10 vehicles and 14 people booked – a waiting list exists. [carried over] Day trips: to fill in the gaps between the above. Nick also emphasised the need to restore “First Sunday of the Month” trips. Suggestions include: o o o

Bike Trip: Launching Place to Warburton, to be rescheduled. ACTION: Mark Social drive along the Grand Ridge Road returning via the South Gippsland Hwy. Not yet scheduled. ACTION: Martin. Wombat State Park.

7.4. Venue: 7.4.1. January General Meeting: This was held at SCTC commencing at 8pm. Seventeen members attended. The Welcome Back BBQ preceded it. Minutes are available. 7.4.2.

February General Meeting: Will be held at SCTC on Tuesday, 23rd.

7.4.3. Meetings at other venues: Mark has spoken with David Wilson, who is investigating whether the club would be welcome to hold a meeting at Ringwood Training (possibly as early as March). 7.4.4. Video conferencing at CSTC: It was agreed to trial video-conferencing at the February General Meeting, if possible. The concept will be trialled at a “rehearsal” to be held at CAV, Wantirna on Thursday 11 February at 7:30pm. ACTION: Members to bring equipment as required. 7.5. Membership: 7.5.1. Handover: The handover from Martin to Erica has been completed, with the latest copy of the register changing hands in recent days. 7.5.2. Membership Application: A Joint/Family application had been received from Keong and Anya Yip. Keong attended the Mt Cole Trip as a visitor. Moved Martin, seconded Nick, that the Yips be admitted to membership. CARRIED. 7.6. Editor: 7.6.1. Magazine: The January 2021 magazine was produced by Damian and distributed by Martin on 25 January. This was the first full magazine since July, 2020, due to COVID-19 18

restrictions on events. Thanks to all contributors. The deadline for the February magazine is the 13th. 7.6.2. The Subcommittee reviewing the club’s marketing and communication met in December. Terms of Reference were produced and circulated to Committee for comment. Nick reported on work so far and raised the following points: ¥ The subcommittee is looking at the club’s structure, functions and mission to ensure there is a consistent message about who we are and what we do. ¥ The outcome will be a communications strategy for the club and will include recommendations for change to existing procedures, hoping to achieve: o An increase in membership over time to around 100. o

Better awareness of trips and activities.

¥ Strategies include: o Leveraging more online tools. Reviewing the effectiveness of the magazine and its contents in comparison with other options for communication to members. ¥ There will be a cost, including the provision of software tools as required being met by the club rather than individuals. o


Advertising: The advertisement by Volksbaru has been discontinued. [carried over]

Martin yet to discuss advertising with Subaxtreme. Mark yet to investigate possible advertising with wreckers: Subaru Heaven, Subabits, SubaRoos Burwood. 7.7. Secretary: 7.7.1. Absence: Martin will be an apology for the March General Meeting, and so another Committee member will need to take the Minutes. ACTION: Mark 7.8. Vice-President: 7.8.1.

The FWDV AGM will be held on 15 February. ACTION: Mark and Tim to attend.

7.8.2. The 45th Anniversary celebrations of the club are due to be held in September. Some discussions have already occurred about this and hence Tim’s suggestion that the event be over a single day and include a 4WD or social drive prior to a sit down meal at a suitable venue, not too far from Melbourne, so returning home afterwards is feasible for most. A subCommittee is probably needed to oversee preparations once a decision has been made. ACTION: Committee to consider options for further discussion at the March meeting. 7.9. President: No report. 8. Priorities and Planning 8.1. By-Laws: [carried over] Mark is near to completing his section on Roles and responsibilities. Martin to continue to draft Code of Conduct section. A section on the operation of the Club Permit Scheme was proposed. 9. General Business: Mark would like to borrow the club marquee for an event at CAV in February. It is currently stored at Maldon. ACTION: Mark and Martin to organise. 10. Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2 March 2021, at 7:30pm via Zoom. 11. Meeting closed at 9:45pm approximately.


MINUTES General Meeting Minutes The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 26 January 2021 at South Camberwell Tennis Clubrooms starting at 8:20pm approximately. The meeting followed the Welcome Back BBQ, held in the park nearby.

1. Present: Mark Tyssen, Martin Foot, Erica Auld, Nicholas Leask, Deborah Leask, Cynthia Rennolds, Michael Bauer, Bev Davison, Andrew Jantke, David Wilson, Anthony Wilson, Justin Wilson, Daryl Cheshire, Tom Morley, Peter Kakalias, Dorothy Greiveson, Damian Stock 2. Apologies: Tim Folliard, Angela Bombadieri, Phil and Elaine Milkins, Les Ralph, Nathon Redden, Peter Devine, Rick Koster, Peter Carolan. (Stewart and Gabrielle Southam and Keong Yip attended the BBQ but could not stay for the meeting.) 3. Visitors: Nil 4. Quorum: A quorum was achieved with 17 members present. 5. Welcome: Mark welcomed members to the meeting, noting it was the first to be held in person since February 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. 6. Minutes of the Previous Meeting: 6.1. The Minutes of the meeting held on 24 November 2020 had been circulated to members. The Minutes were adopted, moved Dot Greiveson, seconded Damian Stock. CARRIED. 6.2. Business Arising: Nil. 7. Correspondence: Recent correspondence has included: FWDV Notice of upcoming AGM (details in magazine). Two applications for membership Magazines received from external clubs L-series Sportswagon for sale (see magazine) 8. Reports: 8.1. Resources: Bev Davison was present to discuss any clothing orders with members. If there is no stock in hand, individual orders will be placed on a waiting list until a minimum number of 10 is met (otherwise a surcharge applies for the logo). One cap was sold at the meeting. 8.2. Treasurer In Angela’s absence, Martin referred members to the financial report in the magazine, which showed the balance in the operating account at 31 December to be $4,167. The term deposit current balance was $8,270. Martin reported that a total of $575 had been received from those attending the Strathfieldsaye trip and would be donated to the Estate to assist with expenses. 8.3. Editor: 20

Magazine: Thanks to Damian for the January magazine, the first since July 2020 due to COVID -19 restrictions on events. The magazine carried pics and reports of trips and events run in December, including the Christmas Party and part of the post-Christmas camp based at Strathfieldsaye. The deadline for the next edition is February 12. Damian invited further Trip reports and members’ profile contributions. Martin noted that he had added the newsletters published from August to December to the online magazine archive on the website. 8.4. Trip & Social In Tim’s absence, Martin referred members to the Trip and Social report in the magazine. The Christmas Party was held with over 25 members attending on Sunday, 6 December at Westerfolds Park in Templestowe. The post-Christmas Trip (27 December to New Year’s Day) was based at Strathfieldsaye Estate on Lake Wellington. It included day and overnight trips to Mitchell River NP (led by Tim), Loch Sport (sand driving) and the High Country around Licola and Dargo (led by David). In total, 33 members attended for all or part of the time. The Mt. Cole Trip had run the previous weekend (23 -25 January) in high temperatures. Those present reported it had gone well. Labour Day long-weekend is currently not committed. David asked members whether there would be interest in a trip either to Licola through to Keppels Hut, or trips around Talbotville and the Crooked River. There was a general positive response. ACTION: David to notify Tim if this goes ahead. Border Track (April, post Easter). Commencing at Rainbow, through the Victorian deserts crossing the border to Pinaroo, then south down the Border track, finishing at Serviceton. Some places still available. North Flinders Ranges trip (July 2021) has now closed for bookings. Names can be placed on a waiting list (contact Martin). A bulletin will be circulated shortly. [carried over] Snow Trip – will be scheduled at short notice. Members should register and will be contacted a few days prior, depending on weather forecasts. 45th Birthday celebrations are due to be held in September. The Committee are open to suggestions as to how this might best be done to accommodate current and past members. 8.5. Venue: Now the club is back in its home venue, the Committee is looking at continuing the option of attendance at general meetings via video-conferencing. There are several arguments around this. It would allow people genuinely unable to attend due to distance or health to participate. The downside is that physical attendance at meetings may decline. ACTION: Committee to consider options. 8.6. Membership: Erica was introduced as the new Membership Officer. Martin and Erica have had discussions and are in the midst of handover of the role. Tom Morley received his name badge from President Mark Tyssen. 21

Two applications for membership have been received and will be considered by the Committee in February. 8.7. Secretary: No report. 8.8. Vice-President: As per the magazine. 8.9. President: Mark spoke about his sighting of a left hand drive Forester Hybrid in Queensland recently sporting Florida (USA) plates. See his report in the magazine. 9. General Business: Damian had multiple copies of books on offer ex Four Wheel Drive Australia, including a training manual for operation and maintenance of 4WD vehicles in the outback. These were made available to members for a gold coin donation to the club. Peter Kakalias mentioned that Ironman would shortly be releasing its lift kit for the Outback models, for which his car was the “design mule”. He was looking forward to receiving a very good offer for a kit for his car! 10. Fines and Fun: Badges: Bev, Andrew Last to meeting: not issued David issued a myriad of fines for Strathfieldsaye: o



Base Camp:  Tim Folliard – his tent fell down   Jantkes & Wilsons – had pitched their tents away from others, hoping to avoid the mosquitos - abject failure! Loch Sport day trip:  Daryl Lynch – for heading to Maffra while in convoy to Sale (and taking everyone behind him with him)  Les Ralph and Mike Kearney – for airing up early when there was still sand driving to do High Country overnight trip:  Peter Kakalias – for mounting his GoPro in the way of his windscreen wiper  Peter K – for needing to fuel up on departure instead of doing it the night before  Nick and Deb Leask – for the tailgate lifting while moving on the track (apparently happened of its own accord)  Peter K – for confusing Cynthia with Bev on multiple occasions  Cynthia and Mike Rennolds – for crushing the chips! And losing the car keys! (under one’s rear end)  Nick and Deb Leask – for flashing the Outback’s lights when supposedly asleep inside (apparently not enough air)  Dot G – for confidently stating that Martin would not be crossing the river at the bridge, while at the same time Martin was lining up for his turn!  Bev – for calling Damian as camp host to assist with a shower water emergency involving Mike Dunn then using Damian’s shower while he was dealing with it  Tom Morley – needed a jump start to get going

11. Meeting closed at 10pm approximately and was followed by videos and supper. 12. Next meeting: Tuesday, February 23 at 8pm at SCTC.


BUY IT AND SELL IT HERE Please note: If you have any items listed here for sale which are no longer available please remember to let us know at:

Items for sale l have a 1990 Sports Wagon that belonged to my father. He passed away in February. The car has 86,000 kms on it but has a broken timing belt. The rest of the car is in good condition. l was wondering if you were interested in the car. l would like to donate it to the club or if someone could help me repair it as a reminder of my father. l look forward to hearing from you either way. Thanks Bruce ( Vehicle details: VIN: JF2AN5GROCE422701 Rego: EIE840

Item: Forester aluminium bash plates Details: Made from 6.0 mm construction grade aluminium SF Forester $350 SG & SH Forester $380 SJ Forester $420 CVT & Gearbox Protection $380 Outback & Diesel Vehicles $420 Fitting can be arranged. 10% discount for Subaru Club members. Please contact David via TXT after hours Road less Travelled - Vehicle under body protection 0429 942 724


TRIP AND RECOVERY GEAR The aim of all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. trips is to have an enjoyable experience in the bush, increasing 4WDing skills and experience, whilst maintaining the highest regard for the safety of individuals, the vehicle and the environment. As a driver you have ultimate responsibility for the safety of your passengers and vehicle. It is the responsibility of any participating driver to contact individual trip leaders for clarification of individual trip requirements and standards.

Financial members are encouraged to participate in as many trips as possible to increase confidence and experience. Visitors are welcome subject to the payment of the appropriate levy to cover insurance, but after two visits, should consider membership. Non-financial members are not covered by insurance and may not participate until payment is received.

Individual drivers with concerns or queries regarding their vehicle and the trip standard should contact relevant trip leaders. The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items or equipment on every trip:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Personal details form as specified by FWDV, copy to Trip Leader Two rated D- Shackles (minimum 3.2t) Rated snatch strap Recovery points, front & rear; plus, optional bridle strap, according to vehicle design; UHF (477Mhz) Channel 16 CB Radio. Ideally in car but hand held are ok provided sufficient battery(s) to last the trip. 1. Fire extinguisher, accessible to the driver 2. Spare tyre (full size) 3. Jack and wheel brace, or equivalent 4. Emergency supplies (matches, food, water and clothing) 5. Sufficient fuel, oil and water for the trip and delays 6. A tyre pressure gauge; compressor (according to the trip) 7. An axe, bow or chain saw; 8. A sturdy shovel (collapsible shovels are no good) 9. Spare parts (appropriate to the nature of the trip) 10. A tool kit 11. Personal first aid kit 12. Your vehicle manual

Any vehicle not carrying at least the first five (5) items of equipment should contact the individual Trip Leader before leaving. Any club member unsure about any of the items of equipment listed above are advised to contact the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader concerned. All Trip Leaders carry a complete First Aid Kit in case of emergency. All non-emergency medical needs are expected to be meet by individuals own medical supplies. 24