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August 2012

Ladies Day Out - Aug 2012

(ISSUE 384) Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A – 0006149J FWDV Member GPO BOX 2456 Melbourne VIC. 3001

VOLKS-BARU SUBARU and Volkswagen Specialist Parts and Service Centre

We will smooth out your motoring costs with extremely competitive prices, offering trade discounts to all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria members on all parts and repairs.

John Bailey 1362 Heatherton Rd Dandenong North 3175 Phone: (03) 9793 5655 Page: 2

INTRODUCTION TO THE SUBARU 4WD CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 30 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities. The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. Fees for the 2012/13 year were agreed at the general meeting in March 2012 and are as follows: Interstate: $100 (Seniors card - $95) � Single: $110 (Seniors card - $100) Joint/family: $115 - (Seniors card - $100) (All fees includes affiliation and Insurance: $43) A trip fee of $10 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further information regarding membership, including pro-rata and monthly rates.


South Camberwell Tennis Club 322 Burke Road Glen Iris (Melways 59 H6)

Last Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm sharp (except December)

COMMITTEE Meetings 1st Tuesday each month: 7:30pm Damian Stock (President) Jessica Walsh (Vice President) Peter Bellis (Secretary) Bob Marshall (Treasurer) Martin Foot (Trip & Social) Michael Hartshorne au (Editor) Andrew Jantke (Membership) Dale Rebgetz (Resources) Stephen Whittaker (Venue) Bev Davison (Ordinary Member) Phil Milkins (Ordinary Member)

Page: 3

PRESIDENT’S REPORT Welcome to the new club year and the start of another year’s worth of reports from yours truly. Despite my best efforts to not get re-elected again this year, it looks like I have been unsuccessful. The good news is that my lack of success means that the club has achieved a full committee this year for the first time in a number of years. That’s right, the recent election at the club AGM delivered not just a full complement of committee members but also added the position of vice president for good measure. As a result, I accepted the president’s nomination for another year. This year’s AGM was well attended, including a visit by not one, but two of the club’s life members. It was great to not only see Cynthia Rennolds at the AGM but also our other long-standing member, Des Lehmann. Des, was gracious enough to accept my invitation to conduct the committee election part of the AGM, something that I have asked Cynthia to perform at recent AGMs. Despite an interesting discussion, led by Cynthia, regarding the numbers of members allowed on association committees, such as ours, the election completed without much ado. This year’s committee has a few expected changes but also has some welcome additions. While Jessica decided to stand down from the trip and social, subsequently taken over by Martin, she then offered to take on the role of vice-president, a position that has not been filled for a number of years. The role of editor has now been filled by Michael Hartshorne, who accepted his nomination by phone while traveling through South Australia. Dale has moved into the resources position while Stephen Whittaker has come onto the committee in the role of venue officer. Stephen has also offered to take over the Facebook page so that will allow Michael to concentrate on the magazine and web site. Bev has again offered to fill a general committee position, having done so prior to Jessica nominating for the position of vice-president, as she felt it was important to have a female on the committee. We now have a very full committee which will make it interesting at times when we all make it to meetings. It will be great having all of the major positions filled and I really appreciate all the committee for nominating again, or for the first time, to help run the club. Without these members it would be difficult to keep the club running as well as does now. Interestingly, Jessica nominated for vice-president not realising that this position also represented the club as delegate. While I will continue as Page: 4

PRESIDENT’S REPORT delegate as well, in my role as president, it will be great to have Jessica support me in representing the club at association events when required. As it so happens, the next association meeting, for club presidents, on September 8th, will see both Jessica and myself absent as we are both heading overseas just prior to the meeting. Hopefully we will find a replacement for this meeting elsewhere in the committee as it should be quite interesting with Rudi Paoletti, from Adventurer Maps, presenting on the Aberfeldy Heritage Project. As many of you are aware, for the last few years we have taken up a free stand at the Leisurefest show at Sandown racecourse. Given that I will be traveling for most of the month prior to this year’s event I suggested to the committee that we not take a stand this year but, instead, offer to assist the association in manning their stand for the event. As it so happens, there were no available stands this year anyway but the association has taken up our offer of assisting them on theirs. If you are interested in seeing this show, in return for spending some time at the association’s stand, please let me know. Speaking of the association, you should by now have received the latest edition of Trackwatch which features an article on our club together with photos from the recent club trip to Lake Mungo. This article should be quite timely given that Trackwatch will be distributed at Leisurefest and other 4WD shows coming up. It will raise our profile and should provide an opportunity to attract new members as a result. I am grateful to the association for giving us this promotional opportunity and to Martin for organizing input for the article. For those of you who have ordered club clothing, this has now been received, and Dale will be distributing these at the next club meeting. Please come along to collect yours as the club has paid for this clothing on your behalf. As I mentioned earlier, I will be heading overseas in September for a couple of weeks of vacation. My next report will probably be from somewhere in England or Northern Ireland, while Angela and I visit her birthplace. I have previously only spent about six hours in London and Angela has not been back to Northern Ireland since she left, too many years ago for me to reveal here. It should be an interesting trip for both of us. Anyway that’s enough from me for this month. Take care of yourself out there, on the road or in the bush, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Page: 5

EDITOR’S REPORT A reminder that we are no longer sending out hard copies of the magazine before the general meetings to the majority of members. The exceptions are those who have not registered an email address with the club. Everyone else will receive an electronic link to the magazine on-line and can collect their magazines at the meeting or print them using the files provided in the email. The magazine deadline for next edition is SEPTEMBER 11th, 2012. Send all copy to Michael

JESSICA’S JOTTINGS When was the last time you took note of how you hold the wheel? One hand loosely down the bottom, with the other resting on the arm rest? Ideally, you should have two hands on the wheel at all times with the exception of using one hand to pick up the UHF mike occasionally, that is. Next time you are driving have a look where your hands naturally sit. The left hand should be at about 9 or 10 o'clock if the wheel was a clock face, and the right hand at about 2 to 3. This is where the expression "Put your hands at 10 to 2" comes from. Now look at your thumbs. Are they inside the wheel or resting outside it. Try to keep your thumbs outside the wheel all the time. It may take a while to get used to, but is a lot better than getting a whack from the steering wheel spoke if you hit a pothole or bump and the wheel spins half a turn before you know it. Happy Travels Jessica Walsh

AUGUST GENERAL MEETING Date: Tuesday 28 August at 8pm. Venue: Camberwell South Tennis Club Special Presentation: Highlights of the S4WDC Qld High Country Trip Page: 6

SECRETARY’S REPORT 1. Annual Awards Presentation of the annual awards was made to the following members: Membership Club

None were made. Bent Valve Bogger Jacked Up Burnt Billy Silver Socket Piggy Bank Scribe Club Woman Club Man

David Wilson Michael Dickman Adam Howley Les Scott David Wilson and Martin Foot Jessica Walsh Lisa Jantke Jamie Scott

2. Committee The following members were elected to the club’s committee for the 2012/13 club year: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Membership Editor Trip & Social Venue Ordinary member Ordinary member

Damian Stock Jessica Walsh Peter Bellis Bob Marshall Andrew Jantke Michael Hartshorne Martin Foot Stephen Whittaker Bev Davison Phil Milkins

This is the first time in quiet a few years that the club has a full committee.

3. Incorporated Associations Act Update A concern was raised at the July annual general meeting about a proposed restriction on the size of a committee as a result of a pending update to the Incorporated Associations Act. Page: 7

SECRETARY’S REPORT I, along with Martin Foot, have reviewed the pending legislation and cannot find any mention of restrictions on the size of the management committee. The Regulations that will support the Act are yet to be finalised and an interim version has not yet published for public consultation and feedback prior to such finalisation. Any legislative changes will take effect, at the latest, from the 1 st December 2012. Some of the major changes to the Act that will impact upon the club include: ● Removal of prohibition on trading. ● Use of technology at committee and general meetings. ● New tier ranking of associations based upon level of annual revenue. This impacts upon the level of annual financial reporting/auditing required. The Subaru 4WD Club will be classified as a tier one association and so, will not be required to have its annual accounts reviewed or audited. ● The role of public officer and club secretary will be merged into one role. ● The codification of the duties of office holders.

Peter Bellis Secretary

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT SNOW TRIP August/early September (exact date depending on the snow) Trip Standard Medium (depending on weather and track conditions) Contact Peter Mynard The club's annual trip in search for snow is a great opportunity to drive in conditions we would not normally experience. The trip will of course depend on the weather, and if there actually is any snow. This will also determine the location of the trip. Let Peter know if you are interested ahead of time. You will be contacted if suitable conditions occur, most likely at short notice (maybe two days prior). Page: 8

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT LEONGATHA NAVIGATION NIGHT TRIP Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 September Time: 5.00pm for dinner, 7.00pm for trip briefing, first car off at approx' 7.30pm Trip Standard Social/Easy to Very Difficult Contact Michael Dickman email: This trip will have a variety of levels of difficulty, depending on the choices you make, making it suitable for all members. Michael is thinking of organising dinner at the local pub before heading off on the trip. Let him know if you're interested and he'll organise it. We'll meet at Kerry and my home, Kooinda, for the pre-navigation briefing. Start/Finish point will be the Leongatha Football Ground. We have limited accommodation at Kooinda for 5 (one room with a double bed, one room with 2 single beds and a single bed room), on a first come, first serve basis. Accommodation is also available at the motels or at the caravan park, either camp/caravan sites or cabins. Michael can supply phone numbers. Michael can also organise a bacon, egg and pancake breakfast for the Sunday. Again, let him know if you're interested. *Allergy warning: Michael and Kerry have an affectionate feline housemate.

9TH AUSTRALIAN 4WD GATHERING Friday 28 September – Monday 1 October Trip Standard Easy – Hard depending on the day trips you choose Cost $220-$330 depending on the choice of accommodation Mt Ive Station, Gawler Ranges, South Australia More information (note new website)

LEISUREFEST – no longer a Club activity Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 October Sandown Racecourse Committee decided not to go ahead with the stall at Leisurefest this year as it has not proved a success in recruiting new members in recent years and involves a lot of club members’ time. Members are welcome to contact FWDV if they wish to volunteer to serve on their stall.

Page: 9

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT GOLDFIELDS HERITAGE AREA Saturday/Sunday 20/21st October Trip Standard: Social/Easy Contact Martin Foot: email: A weekend based in Maldon in central Victoria, with local trips on the Saturday to heritage mining sites in the surrounding countryside, and a navigation run. On Sunday there is an option to visit the annual Mt Tarrengower Hill Climb (a heritage vehicle and motorcycle event run by Bendigo Car Club – there is a small cost involved to view). Tent and camper accommodation available at Dot and Martin’s property on the edge of town, or at the local caravan park. BBQ or pub options on Saturday night depending on weather.

GRAMPIANS Saturday 3 – Tuesday 6 November Trip Standard Medium Contact Peter Bellis: email: The Grampians are an outstanding geological feature in western Victoria. This trip will aim to traverse the ranges so is rated at medium as some tracks can be a bit scrabbly. Discussions are being had with Parks Victoria so there may be access to some MVO tracks as well.

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, CAIRNS 14 November Trip Standard to be determined Contact Jessica Walsh, Cairns is the only place in the world to view the total solar eclipse on November 14 2012 from land. Allow about a week before and a week after the eclipse for travel and some touring in the area. If you would like more information on the eclipse itself, go to The eclipse is due at about 6.45am (yes, am) and will be in an area that is subject to frequent cloud cover at that time of year, so there may in fact be nothing to 'see' - apart from the darkness, that is. Because of this, the trip is still in the concept stage, and may not go ahead. Please let me know if you are interested. Page: 10

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT OTHER TRIPS Wonthaggi Mine Brisbane Ranges Film Night – Drive-In? Kurth Kiln (take 2) Narbethong A Picnic at Hanging Rock Wombat State Forest Woods Point Goldfields Melbourne Laneways Simpson Desert Trip - 2013

MARTIN’S MUSINGS As the new boy on the block, I’m looking for guidance from members as to the trips they want to see run. There is room for both challenging and less challenging 4WD trips, touring trips such as Lake Eyre and Lake Mungo, navigation runs, training days and social trips of all kinds. See the list above. Please let me know if you wish to run any of these or have another idea for a trip either as a leader or a participant. Martin Foot Trip and Social Co-ordinator

APOLOGIES In the July magazine, my last as Editor, I incorrectly attributed the Tucker Box article “Risotto Balls” to Bev Davison. In fact the recipe belonged to Jean Bellis. Sorry, Jean!

Page: 11




Tues 28

General Meeting

Dates TBA

Annual Snow Trip

Tues 4

Committee Meeting

Sat 22—Sun 23

Leongatha Navigation Night Trip

Tues 25

General Meeting

28 Sept - 1 Oct

9th Australian 4WD Gathering (not a S4WDCV event)

Tues 2

Committee Meeting


Thurs 4 - Sun 7 Oct Leisurefest (not a S4WDCV event) OCTOBER


Trip Standard

Sat 20, Sun 21 Oct

Goldfields Trip/Mt Tarrengower Hill Climb

Tues 25

General Meeting

Sat 3 - Tues 6 Nov


Tues 6

Committee Meeting

Sun 25 Nov

Christmas Party and Rally

Tues 27

General Meeting


Vehicle Suitability

Easy Medium

All wheel drive and high range 4WD. Can be Suitable for medium clearance vehicles with d

Difficult Very Difficult

Suitable for medium to high clearance vehicles wit Suitable for high clearance vehicles with dual rang

ALENDAR Location

Standard Contact for further info.



Peter Mynard

Home of Dale Rebgetz.

Peter Bellis



Michael Dickman

CSTC Mt Ive Station, Gawler Ranges, SA


Peter Bellis

$220 - $330

Sandown racecourse Maldon area

Social +

Martin Foot

CSTC Grampians

Peter Bellis


Peter Bellis


Social +



low clearance with single range and road tyres. dual range and all terrain or road tyres.

th dual range and all terrain tyres. ge and tyres suitable for the terrain (eg. mud terrain tyres).

Small charge for ticket to MT Hill Climb

TRIP REPORTS LADIES DAY OUT by Jean Bellis On Saturday 11th August, 6 ladies from the club meet for High Tea at The Sebel Heritage Yarra Valley. After a slight mix up with where we were meeting we met at the Sebel at 1.30pm.We enjoyed a pleasant drive out from Chirnside Park through the green rolling hills, paddocks full of cattle and the vineyards. We than drove through the golf course with it lake, past some very impressive houses and apartments to the Sebel Heritage Lodge. We enjoyed a very leisurely afternoon with lots of conversion and laughs and beautiful food. Afternoon tea consisted of finger sandwiches, small savoury pies, cheese and spinach parcels, scones with jam and cream and a wide array of very indulgent deserts. There was a chocolate fountain with fruit, honeycomb or marshmallows to dip in the chocolate. We enjoyed profiteroles, jelly lamingtons, cheese cake, fruit tarts, chocolate moose, a variety of slices and macaroons. The afternoon went very quick and at 5 minutes to 4 we had the staff telling us that they would be closing up at 4.00pm. So we adjourned out to the car park and in typical Subaru fashion stand around talking before heading our various ways home. Participants: Bev Davison Enid Hewitt Dot Greiveson Elaine Milkins Jan Aylott Jean Bellis

Page: 14

CLUB MEETING MINUTES The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 31st July 2012 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club starting at 8:05pm. 1. Present Jessica Walsh, Bob Marshall, Les Scott, Phil Milkins, Elaine Milkins, Jamie Scott, Peter Bellis, Jean Bellis, Lisa Jantke, Andrew Jantke, Dale Rebgetz, Bev Davison, Des Lehmann, Stephen Whittaker, Paul Saleeba, Jan Aylott, Martin Foot, Damian Stock, Cynthia Rennolds, Tom Boltadzija, Rick Koster, David Wilson. 2. Apologies Ruth Marshall, Mark Tyssen, Elaine Hyde, Brian Howell, Glenys Howell, Peter Mynard, Katie Mynard, Enid Hewett, David Hewett, Dorothy Greiveson, Michael Hartshorne. 3. Welcome A welcome was extended to all members and visitors, especially to Des Lehnmann, one of our life members. 4. Minutes of the Previous General Meeting The minutes of the June 2012 General Meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Jessica Walsh and seconded by Jean Bellis. There was no business arising from the minutes. 5. Correspondence 5.1 In ● Magazines from various 4WD clubs and other associations. ● 4WD Victoria – various bits and pieces. ● Daryl and Rose Lynch – article on the 40th anniversary of Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system. ● Advertising material ● Enquiries regarding spare parts for various Subaru’s. 5.2 Out ● None Page: 15

CLUB MEETING MINUTES 6. Reports 6.1 Resources ●

Many thanks to those who purchased raffle tickets. We made a small profit.

Resources has been compacted into one box.

Purchase order has been placed for club clothing requested by members.

Mark Towns at Combined Servicing has a number of leather seat kits for Forester and Liberty vehicles available for sale to club members at a discount.

6.2 Editor ●

Many thanks for all the contributions – particularly the poem from Jan.

Humble apologies for the incorrect accreditation of the risotto ball recipe to Bev instead of Jean.

Many thanks for the photographs of recent club activities.

6.3 Trip and Social ●

Details elsewhere in the magazine.

Jessica have commenced her 4WD driver instructor course with 4WD Victoria.

6.4 Venue ●

Details elsewhere in the magazine.

Next month’s meeting guest speaker is yet to be confirmed.

6.5 Membership. Had another 2 membership renewals. 6.6 Treasurer Current bank account balance is $2,792.15. 6.7 Secretary Nothing to report. Page: 16


As per the magazine.

4WD Victoria has reminded clubs of the importance of club members keeping their vehicles roadworthy – such as lighting, etc.

7 General Business Bev attended a forum meeting in the city yesterday and was able to get information on the State Coal Mine at Wonthaggi, which is now run by Parks Victoria and volunteers. 8 Fines and Fun 8.1 Nametags Rick Koster. 8.2 Last to Meeting Rick Koster. 8.3 Editor’s Errors Martin Foot - for the incorrect attribution for the risotto recipe. 8.4 Trips 8.4.1 Snow Pre-trip Peter Mynard – for being late at the start. 8.4.2 “Christmas in July” ●

Lisa Jantke – for losing her watch at home.

Damian Stock – for drawing Phil’s name for first prize in the raffle, which Phil had donated.

8.5 Total fines collected - $2.70. 9 Meeting closed at 8:45pm and was followed by the Annual General Meeting. 10 The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th August 2012 commencing at 8pm.

Page: 17

RESOURCES Dale Rebgetz is the new Resources Officer. The club many, some or none of the following items so if you are interested in any of these then please come along to the club meeting and he will be very happy to sell them to you. Correct change will be much appreciated. $ Hat Oiled Skin size 55 Hat Safari size 59 Black caps with club logo Short sleeve blue chambray shirt with logo Size 14 New Style Red Polo Shirts (M, L, XL, 2XL) New Style Vest Blue Polo Shirt Large Sew on Badges Small Sew on Badges Shackles 3.2 tonne Fuel Filter Plastic x 45deg. Fuel Filter Plastic x 90deg. Fuel Filter Plastic x Straight eFlare HZ510 Red with Base CV Boot Clamps Large & Small CV Joint Grease Wheel Nuts [Set of 4]

20.00 20.00 15.00 40.00 30.00 60.00 15.00 3.50 2.00 5.00 7.00 7.00 5.00 66.00 4.00 6.00 1.60

FOR SALE The club makes this space available free of charge to members wishing to buy or sell items. Please note that the Motor Car Trader Regulations 1998-22(4) require that vehicles for sale advertisements must contain: (a) the cash price of the vehicle and; (b) the registration number if registered or the engine/chassis numbers if unregistered. Contact the club editor to advertise in this space.

Forester Aluminium Bash Plates: made from 6.0mm construction grade aluminium: $300 for club members, $330 for non-members. Fitting can be arranged. Contact: David Wilson, email: Page: 18

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc held on 7th August 2012 at the home of Bob Marshall starting at 7:45pm. 1. Present Bob Marshall, Damian Stock, Phil Milkins, Martin Foot, Michael Hartshorne, Peter Bellis, Jessica Walsh, Stephen Whittaker, Dale Rebgetz, Bev Davison. Andrew Letts. 2. Apologies: None. 3. Quorum: A quorum was achieved with 11 committee members present. 4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting 4.1 Minutes of the July 2012 committee meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Martin Foot and seconded by Bob Marshall. 4.2 Business Arising from the Minutes and Outstanding Actions 4.2.1 Spatial Vision – Damian has been given a general contact name / number from 4WD Victoria. 4.2.2 Raffle – sold $344 worth of tickets. Made a surplus of about $200. 4.2.3 MS-Publisher – don’t need to buy as the new editor already has a copy. 4.2.4 Meeting at Subaru dealers – had discussions with Cambur, Glen Waverly and Docklands. 4.2.5 Club Constitution Changes – yet to be lodged with Consumer Affairs Victoria. 4.2.6 Pre-2003 Club Website – Bob has spoken with Mark but Mark is yet to contact Martin. The website no longer appears in the top 10 in a Google search. 4.2.7 Club’s PO Box: Standard PO box is $106 per year at Mount Waverley. Much cheaper than the $215 at the GPO. Will switch to a Mount Waverley PO box and will let the GPO continue until it expires in March 2013. In the meantime, will advise relevant parties of the change of address. RESOLUTION

Committee resolved to open the Mount Waverley PO box and close in the GPO box in December, pending level of delivered mail. Page: 19

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES 5. Correspondence 5.1 In ●

4WD Victoria ● Leisurefest – bookings open for clubs to have a stand at the October Leisurefest. Extreme Fuel Treatment – potential guest speaker.

5.2 Out: None 6. Reports 6.1 Resources ●

Items will be handed over to Dale tonight – together with the “end of year’ stock list.

In the last month, have used some items for raffle prizes.

6.2 Trip and Social ● ●

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

See elsewhere in the magazine for details. Snow trip – have not heard anything from Peter Mynard. Opportunity to have such a trip are rapidly diminishing this year. May need to relocate the trip in future years. Yarra Valley Ladies Day – have only 5 club ladies attending. Night trip – it needs to be pre-tripped and people attempting the difficult sections have back-up. Grampians – planning is in hand. Solar Eclipse – more for information for members interested in going. Future trips – Mine at Wonthaggi, Melbourne Laneways, Dromana Drive-in. Daylight savings starts on the 7th October 2012. Simpson Desert trip – 3 weeks – Monday 20th May to Monday 10th June.

6.3 Venue ● ●

See elsewhere in the magazine for details. Subaru Glen Waverley – Damian will follow up. Page: 20


Telstat – Martin will follow up. Lisa Jantke will continue to organise supper. Water bladders – Peter to get details. Presentation facilities – should the club invest in a data projector? Maybe the club needs to do a special fundraiser to finance such a projector. Need to offer a raffle every few months – help attract members to meetings and help with fundraising. Also offer door prizes.

6.4 Membership ● ●

Nothing to report. Have followed up with members who have not yet renewed.

6.5 Editor ● ● ● ●

Martin is still the under-secretary for printing and stapling. Stephen has offered to assist with updating the Facebook page. Editorial deadline for August is 14th August 2012. Michael will set up an Editor’s “drop box” for lodgement of photographs.

6.6 Treasurer ● ● ● ●

Current bank account balance is $2,480.09. Have received some membership monies, raffle, and “Christmas in July” proceeds. Paid for club clothing - $549 – will be reimbursed from members who have ordered the clothing. Additional income opportunities: ● ● ●

Fundraising activities. More advertisers in the club magazine. Resale of LED lighting.

6.7 Secretary ●

Incorporated Associations Reform Act ● Will come into effect by the end of the year, if not earlier. Waiting for the Regulations to be finalised. ● Have found no mention of committee size restrictions. Page: 21


The Secretary will be the club’s public officer and has some more responsibilities.

6.8 President ● ● ●

Many thanks to all the committee members for taking on their roles in the committee. Will need to inform 4WD Victoria of our new committee members – particularly our vice-president. Damian will be absent from 4th September to 25th September.

7. Leisurefest The benefits of the club having a stand are somewhat limited. Over the past few years with the club having a stand, no new members have been signed up at the event. Damian will be overseas during the time of Leisurefest and so, someone else will need to organise the stand. The level of presentation of the stand would need to be improved. RESOLUTION

The committee resolved not to have a stand at this year’s Leisurefest.

8. General Business Request to Secretary to send contact list of committee members to committee members. The club has sold a number of CB radios to an external party at a margin. 9. Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th September 2012 at 7:30pm at the home of Dale Rebgetz. 10. Meeting closed at 10:31pm.

Page: 22

FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA TRAINING CALENDAR September 2012 Saturday 1st Advanced Winter Driving (Mud and Snow Course) (WD120901) – Mansfield Sunday 2nd Advanced Winter Driving (Mud and Snow Course) (WD120901) – Mansfield Thursday 6th Proficiency Course (PC120908) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 8th Proficiency Course (PC120908) Practical – Werribee Tuesday 11th Chainsaw Course (CS120915) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 15th Chainsaw Course (CS120915) Practical – Tallarook Saturday 15th First Aid Course (FA120915) – Nth Balwyn Friday 21st OziExplorer Course (OZ120921) – Nth Balwyn Saturday 22nd First Aid Course (FA120915) – Nth Balwyn Thursday 27th Proficiency Course (PC120929) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 29th Proficiency Course (PC120929) Practical – Werribee October 2012 Friday 12th Proficiency Course (PC121013) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 13th Proficiency Course (PC121013) Practical – Werribee Thursday 18th Intermediate 4WD Course (IN121020) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 20th Intermediate 4WD Course (IN121020) Practical – TBA Saturday 20th Winch Recovery Course (WR121020) Practical – TBA Sunday 21st On Road Towing Course (TO121021) - Altona Thursday 25th Proficiency Course (PC121027) Theory - Nth Balwyn Saturday 27th Proficiency Course (PC121027) Practical – Werribee

FWDV can be contacted on 9857 5209 or e-mail: Contact S4WDCV Secretary Peter Bellis, email: regarding attendance at FWDV courses as a club discount may apply.

Page: 23

Profile for Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria

Subaru 4WD Club of Vic monthly magazine - August 2012 edition  

The monthly magazine of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria, online version for August 2012

Subaru 4WD Club of Vic monthly magazine - August 2012 edition  

The monthly magazine of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria, online version for August 2012

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