Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria - April 2021 magazine

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TRIP REPORTS Border Track April 2021 By Tim Folliard I had scheduled this trip in April and October 2020 but Covid-19 restrictions had intervened, so take 3 was again scheduled for April about 2 weeks after the one-way section of the Border Track gates opened. First we needed the necessary border crossing permits. Anyone reading this in the future, yes at the time you needed permits to cross between states for the first time since 1901. Sunday 11 April First instruction was to drive to Rainbow 400 kilometres from Melbourne. I stopped in at the Pot of Gold Motel where Daniel was working on his XV. Erica and Sam had also set up there with Angela still on her way north. I then headed 15 km north to Western Beach at Lake Albacutya to camp with the rest. The lake has been dry for many years but the camp site is large with flushing toilets and (cold) showers. Monday 12 April 10.30 AM We departed Lake Albacutya and entered a dirt road for the first time as we made for Milmed ( I am advised it is Mil-med) Track (approx. 70 km of sand driving ahead). The sand almost commenced at the turn off so we stopped to air down to 18 Very optimistic boat ramp psi. Despite the large tray on the back of the Dmax, it seems Les couldn’t find room for any recovery gear or the air compressor. He remembered it not long from home but decided against returning for it. Would he be needing it later? The early sections of Milmed Rock Track were relatively flat with farmland on one side but quickly became very heavy, momentum sapping sand. The first casualty for the trip was Martin’s Forester. It was difficult to dig out enough sand to place the max tracks under and the airbag jack got a run. Airing down at the start of Milmed Track. Angela is airing up after a very quick deflation via removal of the tyre valve. Her compressor is a very impressive unit. 10

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