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April 2019 (Issue 457)

Peter Mynard receives the Silver Socket Award for 2017-18 from club president, Mark Tyssen, at the March meeting

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Lerderderg and Wombat Pre-trip

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Goldfields Heritage Trip

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… From the past: Big River (1995)

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Four Wheel Drive Victoria Training dates

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ABOUT THE CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 40 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in the exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities.

The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. Fees for the 2018/19 year were agreed at the general meeting in April 2018 and are as follows:


Single: $125 (Senior card - $115) Joint/Family: $145 (Senior card - $130) One off joining fee of $15 ($30 for Joint/Family) also applies All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance: $52 Members who choose not to receive a hard copy of the magazine are eligible for a $25 discount


A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further enquiries Email:


COMMITTEE President: Mark Tyssen

Vice President and FWDV Delegate: Tim Folliard

Secretary: Martin Foot

Treasurer: Angela Bombardieri

Trip & Social: Tim Folliard

Editor: Damian Stock

Venue coordinator: Mark Tyssen

Membership: Martin Foot

Resources: Peter Landouris (OM)


PRESIDENT’S REPORT I hope the school holidays and Easter break provided you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. During March and early April, the Committee has had a look at our expenses and income, factors that influence them, and created a Budget, with the view of determining what the Membership fee structure should be. The findings and recommendations will be put forward at the upcoming General Meeting on Tuesday, April 30. This will be lead by Angela, as Treasurer. Some of the factors which influence the scenarios that will be presented are: What directions does the Club wish to take? Where will our new members come from? What age demographic are we trying to attract? How do we entice their interest? How do we keep their interest to remain members? How are we going to achieve this? All valid questions you will agree,. We have had input from interested members and we want your input at this General Meeting, as it affects you as members. The fees could be lower than at present as a result. One of the Constitution Bylaws tasks is near completion, that of Convey Rules. A total end to end process from commencing the planning of a trip, to after the trip completion. Its final review is expected early May, for discussion with members for at the May GM. This will be emailed to members prior to the May GM. A status update on some of the other three tasks in progress, will be presented at the April GM. Our aim has been to have one of the four tasks to be a topic for discussion at each GM from May. The April GM is for Membership fee discussion. One day trips: Please consider proposing trips suitable for a single day on weekends. Ideas welcome. The trip can be social 4wd, and can be also non-4wd. Stick to the tracks, Mark Tyssen President, e:




Opening Balance at 14 March 2019

Balance $3,521.71

Income: Nil Expenses: 3/4/19 Annual P.O. Box Rental fee 10/4/19 Four Wheel Drive Vic. Member insur. 5 renewed members 1 new member half yr. 10/4/19 Sim Card for Satellite Phone ----------Total withdrawals for month Closing Balance at 18 April 2019

$130.00 $267.85 $ 10.00 $407.85 $3,113.86

NOTE: Term Deposit of $8,000 matures on 8 May 2019. Angela Bombardieri Treasurer, e:

David Wilson receiving his 25 year service Award from President Mark Tyssen 7

EDITOR’S NOTE I hope that everyone enjoyed last month’s magazine, especially the “My Drives” article written by Rick Koster. I certainly enjoyed reading about the many vehicles Rick has going at one time. Rick’s story reminded me that here at the farm we run a number of different vehicles, depending on the requirements at the time. It could be the ever-reliable Brumby, the Honda Big Red 300cc quad, the 70HP Kabota tractor or, for road use, the 2007 and 2013 Foresters. The 2003 Outback used to be here before the 2007 Forester was rebuilt and brought back into service. It now lives in Melbourne. One day, when time allows, I might get the 1954 Series One Land Rover going, which is currently gathering dust in one of the farm sheds, or else I might bring the 1985 Hilux dual cab down from Melbourne, when I find time to prepare it for some heavier 4WDing. Not quite a Subaru only house but close to it. I hope you enjoy the trip report from the past, in this month’s magazine. In reviewing the magazine I found it in, from November 1995, I realised that I was president of the club at the time and, coincidently Mark Tyssen was the editor; a bit of a role reversal. Back then we were approaching our twentieth club anniversary, in 1996, and if I remember correctly, it was a busy time for the club. We have come a long way since then, especially when it comes to track access, given the letters to the government and opposition parties that featured in the magazine that year. You might also note from the trip report that Rick was, even back then, impressing other members with what his L-series could do, just as he does these days. If you would like to contribute your own “My Drives” article, to compete with Rick’s great story, send it through to me before the next deadline. Remember, it is your club, and your magazine, so your contributions are essential to keep it relevant, informative and interesting. Just send me what you have and I will take care of making it presentable. If we don’t have current material, then I will just have to drag up old articles to reprint. Damian Stock The deadline for submissions for the next edition is:

Friday, May 17th, 2019 Email editor:


VENUE REPORT APRIL GENERAL MEETING DATE: Tuesday, April 30th at 8pm VENUE: South Camberwell Tennis Club, 332 Burke Road, Glen Iris. DOOR PRIZE: Come along to win a special door prize at this month's meeting. PRESENTATION: At this month’s meeting we will be presenting scenarios regarding our Membership fees structure – your input is sought as this issue affects you as members. If there is sufficient time Peter may be showing a video of his recent trip to South Africa, but this is yet to be confirmed. David Wilson, creator of “A Road Less Travelled” protection accessories, will bring along samples of sump and CVT guards for a number of Subaru models. David will be available to answer questions about these products during supper or, afterwards, in the post-meeting carpark discussion. Mark Tyssen Venue Coordinator

GENERAL MEETING NOTICE Welcome of members and visitors. Review and acceptance of previous general meeting’s minutes. Correspondence. Reports by various office bearers. Other business as mentioned below. General business raised by members. “Fines and Fun” – including brief summaries of recent trips. Guest speaker or presentation. Supper and networking. Details of the next few general meetings are as per the schedule below:



Guest Speaker/Presentation

Other Business

Tue 30 Apr

South Camberwell Tennis Club

Fees 2019/20

Tue 28 May

South Camberwell Tennis Club

Peter Landouris presentation on his South Africa trip. TBA

Tue 25 June

South Camberwell Tennis Club


Fees (over)due for 19/20!

Fees due for 19/20


TRIP AND SOCIAL To put your name down for these trips or events you do not need to wait for a club meeting. Email: or contact the trip leader directly. Woodside North When: Saturday - Sunday, May 18th-19th (TBC due to Federal Election) Trip leader: Damian Stock, e: : Description: A relaxing weekend based at the Stock farm, Carrajung-Woodside Road, Woodside North. Local attractions include Woodside beach, Yarram township, Port Albert, Tom’s Cap winery and fishing in local estuaries and beaches. A fun navigation run along local tracks will be conducted on the Saturday night. Camping (camper, tent or swag) by the lake dam. Novice training on Sunday morning and another drive, if time allows. Standard: Social/Easy: AWD non-modified vehicles suitable. Accurate odometer essential, GPS or phone with co-ordinates handy. Glen Waverley Bike Trip What: Bike Ride When: Sunday, May 26th., from 10:30am; commence ride 11am. Trip leader: Mark Tyssen, e: : Description: Meet at east end of Shepherd Road (past Madigan Drive) in Glen Waverley. A reasonable amount of parking is available here. Access to Shepherd Road is via Gallaghers Road (there is a school on the corner), between Waverley & High Street Roads. See location map below. Ride south along bike track to Jells Park and beyond. Track is wide, mostly sealed and is relatively flat terrain. Stop at Jells Park for lunch – café on site up on hill or there are BBQs located closer to the Ferntree Gully Rd end of Jells Park. Standard: Social/Easy: No 4WD-ing is involved however a bicycle in good condition, and a rider in equally good condition, should suffice. This is my first ride since my operation at the end on November 2017, which is why I have chosen this location. More details available at the April Meeting. Queen’s Birthday When: Saturday - Monday, June 8th—10th Trip leader: Tim Folliard, e: : Description: Lerderderg / Wombat trip. Free camping at Firth Park, Trentham East, suitable for campers (access via gravel road). Easy/Medium in dry, some medium slopes and ruts. More difficult if very wet. 10

Snow trip When: Late August (TBA) Location: Mawson, Walhalla, Woods Point area Contact: Peter Landouris, e: Details: Members to contact Peter, to register their interest, and will be contacted when weather forecasts indicate favourable conditions. This could be at short notice. Cup Day long weekend trip When: Saturday - Tuesday, November 2nd - 5th Location: Jamieson / Woods Point Contact: Peter Landouris, e: Details: Available closer to the date of this re-scheduled trip Location Map For Glen Waverley Bike Ride

Tim Folliard, Trip & Social Coordinator e:




The Committee is considering the suggestions made by members at the September General Meeting and is also open to further proposals for 2019 and beyond. Please contact Tim Folliard to discuss any suggestions, even if you would not be the Trip Leader. 11

TRIP REPORTS Lerderderg and Wombat Pre-Trip Saturday & Sunday, March 23 & 24 Tim, Peter L and Martin (on Sunday) pre-tripped Lerderderg and Wombat State Park. Tracks covered included Ratcliffe, Bluegum, Diggers, Amblers Lane and Hayden's Track which, at least in the dry, most members’ vehicles could cover although several are rated difficult . We will cover these again at a later club trip as these are good 4WD tracks. Lloyd Track had ruts that were just too deep and extended hundreds of metres. Trees were so close it was impossible to straddle so we turned back. I have never seen it so dry. The bog holes that the area is famous for were all dry and some were very deep. Full of water and you could easily go wrong.

Peter and a bit of track building in Wombat.

On the Saturday we came across a new dual cab ute that had been hit head-on at a corner on O’Brien’s Rd. Airbags deployed, radiator destroyed. Shortly after we came across the occupants trying to get mobile phone reception. The other vehicle, bull bar equipped, had exchanged details and departed leaving the occupants of the damaged vehicle to fend for themselves.

Goldfields Heritage Trip Saturday & Sunday, April 6 & 7 By Dot Greiveson Saturday: The trip was held on a lovely weekend in early April. Club members were welcome to come on the Saturday for a tour of the Maldon district. It was wonderful to have Elaine and Phil Milkins able to join us for the weekend. And long time associate Les Ralph also came up. After a lunch of soup and bread, we headed to Carman’s Tunnel on the edge of Maldon, for a tour of the only publicly accessible mine shaft in the area. The tunnel is still in excellent condition, shame it did not produce more than a few ounces of gold, while the North British mine just across the road was one of the richest in what was a very high producing mining area. After the tour we headed up the back tracks of Mount Tarrengower to the recently renovated Fire Tower. In the evening we dined at the Kangaroo, a very popular pub in Maldon, before heading back to the cottage to bed down. 12

Sunday: The next morning we headed to Castlemaine for morning tea at Das Kaufeehaus, a charming Austrian-style cafe in the Mill Complex opposite the Botanical Gardens, where we later enjoyed an autumn walk around the boundary track. Joined by Mark, it was time to head back to Maldon to prepare for our BBQ lunch. It was great to have an even dozen at lunch, including Tim, Angela, Julie and Bev, who had brought two of her neighbours, Chris and Nigel, with their dachshund Pierre. Everyone, including our visitors pitched in to put together salads and accompaniments for lunch, while Martin and Julie took charge of the cooking. After a relaxing repast, it was time to say goodbye to Angela and Julie and to start driving. There are many tracks in the surrounding Maldon Goldfields Reserve. We headed up Sandy Creek Road to see the ruins of an early stone cottage and stables and an old Shire riding marker. We then headed down the Red, White and Blue track to the mine site and poppet head of the same name. Muckleford Station was our next stop, a whistle stop on the Victorian Goldfields Railway - but unfortunately there was no train to be seen. We then headed down back roads to Castlemaine and on towards Chewton to our next port of call, the Welsh Village. We parked and walked down the track leading down to the ruins of the settlement and the mine site. It is amazing to think of the thriving community living there a century ago, bringing the skills of the Welsh miners to this part of Central Victoria. We then went off on an extended drive along the beautiful back roads, mostly on dirt, often fringed with large arbors of gums, through Chewton, Fryerstown and finally arriving in Taradale. There we enjoyed a scrumptious afternoon tea before drivers headed for home at about 5pm. Thanks to all who made this an enjoyable afternoon of socialising and driving. Attendance: Trip Leaders: Participants: (Sunday only)

Martin Foot & Dot Greiveson Elaine & Phil Milkins Les Ralph Bev Davison with Chris & Nigel Mark Tyssen Tim Folliard Angela Bombardieri & Julie Dyer

- Forester - Subaru Impreza - Forester - Forester - Forester - Land Cruiser - Forester 13

TRIP REPORTS FROM THE PAST Big River - Camping near Frenchman’s Creek November Cup Day Long Weekend 1995 We arrived Friday night around 8PM to find Tim and Russell making the nicest looking kebabs I’ve seen in a long time. The fire was burning beautifully and the new camper wasn't as bad as we thought to put up after all. With the trailer organised, and the kids asleep, we sat by the fire and waited for the Mizzis to arrive. We didn't have to wait very long, but we were surprised to see them arrives with two cars; one was even a Subaru! (ed: Hilux is other) We all chipped in and lent a hand to get the “Taj Mahal” up for the Mizzis (well Andrew held the tarp up for a while!) and we started to enjoy the fire when the sky decided to give us the first dose of rain for the weekend. After a decent amount of torturing ourselves and realising the rain had set in for the night, we all decided to hit the hay. Saturday morning we were all keyed up for a drive, but were delayed by the constant arrival of club members. Who arrived first, etc., I couldn't tell you because I didn't expect to be sitting here in front of our new computer writing this report (ed. Requested on Tuesday 14/11 for newsletter deadline Wednesday 15/11—thanks Rachael) Thanks Jim. I know you appreciate my efforts but it would have been easier if I had taken notes. It was great to see so many vehicles rolling into camp one after the other. We set out on our trip just as Ian Kitchen arrived and we left him there to set up his tent. Past Frenchman’s Camp and up Frenchman’s Spur track we headed. We came across some fantastic bog holes and some people decided to go around one hole but Rick showed us that straight through SOME bog holes is easier and often less dramatic than going around them. Lunch was soon knocking at our stomachs (ed. Analogy to hydraulic lifters—is your stomach an engine?), so we met up with Tim and Russell at a beautiful green grassy area. The star attraction of lunch had to be very young Matthew Towns trying to take Naomi for a walk in the bushes alone while second was the occasional leech that was scaring the adults. (Our twins called them snakes, much to the amusement of others.) We are of the opinion that there must be a special kind of gas used in Rick’s MY, he left people scratching their heads on many occasions throughout the weekend. Well done Rick! The tracks we took back to camp proved very slippery and challenging for the most experienced drivers. Unscathed and ready for the welcoming fire we headed back towards camp again. Friends of Paul “Scooby” White were given a bit of a fright on one particularly slippery, rutted downhill section, with the back wheel of their Navara sitting some three feet in the air, and the car balancing precariously. The passenger let out a chilling scream just as several people were out of their cars jumping on the towbar to bring it back to earth. That section of track would have to be the second most slippery and scary bit of track I’ve ever experienced, the scariest came on Monday creating an equaliser to Blue Rag Range. Well we were back at camp and it’s a big fire tonight. The vehicle count is 15 now and getting the camp ovens going was great. The Mizzis, Tim, Russell and two other friends (whose names have escaped me) had a late dinner of roast chicken, venison and veggies - that made the fullest stomach grumble and mouths water. After everyone had finished dinner we started to stoke up the fire in preparation for a cool night. It must not have been getting hot quick enough for Brian Howell who decided to spread the fire out from the pit to warm people on the other side. The only problem with that is the fire almost went out. Kevin O’Leary saved the fire with the use of a flare - possibly a fine there. With the drizzle, and the jokes finished about the strange red glow our fire had, most started to abandon ship and retire for the night. Attendance: Tim and Russell; Kitchen, Randall, Mizzi and Howell families; Bob and Ruth Marshall; Paul White and Lynette Howell; Paul’s SA friends; Rick and ? Kosta; Kevin O’Leary; Ian (Gail’s brother); Damian Stock and two kids; David Wilson; plus apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten - old habit of mine. Any errors will be completed, amended and printed in the next newsletter. Written by Rachael Randall.







ANZAC Day trip to Keppels Hut

April 25

Rick Koster


Woodside North

May 18, 19

Damian Stock

Social / Easy

Bike Ride Glen Waverley

May 26

Mark Tyssen

Social / Easy

Queen’s Birthday long weekend

June 11 - 13

Tim Folliard

Easy/Medium (in dry)

Snow Trip

Late August

Peter Landouris


FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA TRAINING CALENDAR FOR 2019 - UPCOMING PROFICIENCY COURSES: PC190504 - Theory: Tuesday 30 April, Practical: Saturday 4 May 2019 PC190601 - Theory: Tuesday 28 May, Practical: Saturday 1 June 2019 PC190706 - Theory: Tuesday 2 July, Practical: Saturday 6 July 2019 PC190803 - Theory: Tuesday 30 July, Practical: Saturday 3 August 2019 Member Price is $220.00 Contact:

Four Wheel Drive Victoria, RTO: 21605 Ph: 03 9874 7222, Web: 15

TRIP AND RECOVERY GEAR The aim of all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. trips is to have an enjoyable experience in the bush, increasing 4WDing skills and experience, whilst maintaining the highest regard for the safety of individuals, the vehicle and the environment. As a driver you have ultimate responsibility for the safety of your passengers and vehicle. It is the responsibility of any participating driver to contact individual trip leaders for clarification of individual trip requirements and standards. Financial members are encouraged to participate in as many trips as possible to increase confidence and experience. Visitors are welcome subject to the payment of the appropriate levy to cover insurance, but after two visits, should consider membership. Non-financial members are not covered by insurance and may not participate until payment is received. Individual drivers with concerns or queries regarding their vehicle and the trip standard should contact relevant trip leaders. The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items or equipment on every trip:


Personal details form as specified by FWDV, copy to Trip Leader


Two rated D- Shackles (minimum 3.2t)


Rated snatch strap


Recovery points, front & rear; plus, optional bridle strap, according to vehicle design;


UHF (477Mhz) Channel 16 CB Radio. Ideally in car but hand held are ok provided sufficient battery(s) to last the trip.


Fire extinguisher, accessible to the driver


Spare tyre (full size)


Jack and wheel brace, or equivalent


Emergency supplies (matches, food, water and clothing)


Sufficient fuel, oil and water for the trip and delays


A tyre pressure gauge; compressor (according to the trip)


An axe, bow or chain saw;


A sturdy shovel (collapsible shovels are no good)


Spare parts (appropriate to the nature of the trip)


A tool kit


Personal first aid kit


Your vehicle manual

Any vehicle not carrying at least the first five (5) items of equipment should contact the individual Trip Leader before leaving. Any club member unsure about any of the items of equipment listed above are advised to contact the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader concerned. All Trip Leaders carry a complete First Aid Kit in case of emergency. All non-emergency medical needs are expected to be meet by individuals own medical supplies.


MINUTES Committee Meeting Minutes (abridged) Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc held on Monday, 8 April 2019 at the home of martin Foot and Dorothy Greiveson, 24 Hill Street, Hawthorn, starting at 7.45pm approximately. Proceedings Present: Mark Tyssen, Martin Foot, Angela Bombardieri, Tim Folliard Apologies: Peter Landouris Visitors: Nil Quorum: A quorum was achieved with 4 of 5 committee members present (section 63b). Minutes of the Previous Meeting Minutes of the committee meeting held 5 March 2019 were accepted without amendment. Moved Tim Folliard, seconded by Mark Tyssen. Business Arising from the Minutes: (7.1) Sat phone. Angela reported that the club now had an ABN: 36 347 251 587, so the application for an Optus account has been lodged. (7.9) Mark attended the FWDV Members Update Meeting on 16 March at Mornington. Correspondence In 26/3

FWDV: notification of changes to seasonal road closures due to fires


Glen Arkell re alternative web hosting


Stephan Millett, S4WDCVWA – reprinting article


Peter Devine – draft club trips document


ATO – Tax File Number


Simeon Buckley – re membership


VicRoads – acknowledgement of correspondence re permit scheme 17

Mark commented that he had received advice from Subaru, regarding an official recall affecting his daughter’s Impreza, that currently no parts were available. It was noted that the Subaru Australia site includes a listing of all recalls. Out: 27/3Stephan Millett, S4WDCVWA – reprinting article 29/3Peter Devine – draft club trips document 2/4 Dinusha Arachgage – re membership application 2/4 Damian Stock – re Simeon Buckley 2/4 Simeon Buckley – re membership 4/4 VicRoads – change of authorised persons for Club Permit Scheme 5/4 Michael Dale – re Vehicle permit scheme 5/4 Luke Waters – re request to unsubscribe Reports Resources No report in Peter’s absence. Wearing of club apparel on trips and at meetings to be encouraged. A list of available items to be included in an upcoming magazine. Trip and Social Woods Point – Jamieson Trip. This trip had been rescheduled from Labour Day weekend to 23, 24 March, however, due to the risk of the Goulburn river rising following heavy rains, it was decided to postpone this trip and replace it with a pre-trip in the Lerderderg / Wombat Forest area. Tim, Peter and Martin attended. The Woods Point / Jamieson trip will now be rescheduled for the Cup Day long weekend. Grampians (Sun14 – Wed 17 April) This trip has been cancelled, as it had attracted no interest, probably due to the timing mid-week before Easter. ANZAC Day trip. Rick Koster has proposed a day trip to Keppels Hut and district, meeting at Marysville. Expressions of interest being sought. ACTION: Martin to notify members Woodside North (18, 19 May). At the Stock Farm, with 2 x 40Km navigation runs on Saturday 18 including one in the evening. Traditional farm breakfast. Possible 4WD training opportunities. Queen’s Birthday long weekend – Lerderderg / Wombat trip. Tim to lead. Looking at camping at Firth Park, Trentham East. Snow Trip (late August) – in the Mawson, Walhalla, Woods Point area - Peter Landouris to investigate options. Members to place name on an attendance list, to be contacted when weather forecasts indicate favourable conditions. Bike Ride (May 26th) – Warburton rail trail, Eastlink, or similar. ACTION: Mark More social trips also needed in between the above. Venue 18

April meeting – fee setting by the members, so no other presentation. Video presentations at May meeting – nature reserves in Africa, training. Membership Angela confirmed that the outstanding FWDV levy for 2018/19 memberships was $267.85 and she would proceed to process his payment. Membership Fees for 2019/20. Discussed as part of the Treasurer’s report below. Membership Applications: Dinusha Arachgage – is currently unavailable to attend events and has asked that his application be deferred until the new financial year. Simeon Buckley – found us through Facebook and subsequent discussions with Damian. Simeon is a park ranger who is restoring an MY and hopes to put it on club plates. Moved Tim, seconded Mark, that Simeon Buckley be admitted to membership. CARRIED. ACTION: Martin to advise Simeon and manage the club permit process. Editor Submission deadline 19 April. Following handover discussions with Martin, Damian produced the March magazine - much appreciated. Rick Koster produced an excellent “Members Drives” article at very short notice. Need another member to contribute – Damian? Mark? Treasurer Current balance: $3391, plus $8,000 in term deposit, maturing in May. Bank account signatories: Mark and Tim are now registered signatories. Budget 2019/20: Angela had circulated two drafts of the proposed budget to assist CoM in deciding on recommended fees for next financial year. These contained various scenarios, varying fee levels and estimated membership numbers. All fees were to be less than $100 in order to attract new members, especially younger singles. All scenarios resulted in a deficit outcome in order to achieve this constraint. It was agreed that a deficit of between $1,000 and $1,500 was acceptable, given the reserves available. After discussion of the options, it was agreed that the following fees would be recommended for the members’ consideration: Family-Joint $95 (with Seniors discount $90) Single $85 (with Seniors discount $80) Magazine to be provided in electronic form. Hard copy available for an additional $25 Joining Fee $30 (F-J), $15 (S) ACTION: The proposed fees / budget package to be notified to the members ahead of the April Meeting and a presentation at the general meeting to be given, led by Angela, with contributions from Martin as Membership Officer and overview from Mark. Secretary Martin will be absent for part of July and August. Someone will need to take and write up the July General Meeting Minutes. The August Committee Meeting may need to be later than normal. 19

MINUTES General Meeting Minutes The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club starting at 8:15pm approximately. Present Mark Tyssen, Martin Foot, Angela Bombardieri, Tim Folliard, Damian Stock, David Wilson, Peter Devine, Rick Koster, Robert Miller, Peter Landouris Apologies Peter Bellis, Jean Bellis, Julie Dyer, Angela Stock, Dot Greiveson, Peter Devine, Les Ralph Visitors Katie Mynard, David Ruebhart, Ross Richards, Jeff Trin Welcome A welcome was extended to all members and visitors. Minutes of the Previous General Meeting The minutes of the February 2019 General Meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Tim Folliard and seconded by Angela Bombardieri. [Secretary’s Note: the Next Meeting date in item 11 of the Minutes as published in the March magazine was incorrect and should have been 26 March 2019. This has been corrected in the club records.] There was no Business Arising. Correspondence In Australia Post, re post office box renewal. Four Wheel Drive Victoria: Rural Response Group, re recent bushfires. Distribution of pamphlets in the Kurth Kiln district. Alexandra Truck Show. Bushfire Volunteer relief. Cycling event in support of MS. Notification of changes to seasonal road closures. General enquiries: 20

M. Purvis – technical enquiry W. Howard – membership enquiry (aged 16) Mike ? – re use of Outback around Broome G. Arkell – re alternative web hosting for the club Magazines from: Land Rover Car Club of Victoria (hard copy) Subaru 4WD Club of WA (via email link) Subaru 4WD Club of SA Nissan 4x4 Club of Vic Out G. Arkell – requesting advice on web hosting alternatives for the club M. Purvis – response to technical enquiry W. Howard – response re membership enquiry Reports Resources Sat Phone: Still working through the Optus account setup process. Club Uniform. Discussion regarding wearing of club clothing on club trips where possible, to better publicise the club in person and on social media. Those without suitable items please see the Resources officer. Editor The Committee had accepted Damian’s offer to be Editor (off-Committee). He produced the March magazine. Martin retains the distribution function. Damian thanked contributors to the magazine, especially Rick Koster, who produced a “Members’ Drives” article at very short notice. Deadline: Friday, 19 April (Good Friday). Social Media: Need to update aspects of the website that have not been updated in years and keep the flow of pics and anecdotes coming through for Facebook. Damian had brought in display boards used for promoting the club at expos and shows. Trip and Social Labour Day long weekend: Jamieson and Woods Point trip, TL Peter Landouris. This trip had to be postponed twice, initially by a fortnight, due to the fire risk in the area, and then again due to the forecast of heavy rain that may have made river crossings impossible. Now looking for a date for this trip to be rescheduled. Wombat Forest pre-trip. Given the above, Tim, Peter Landouris ran an overnight pre-trip in the Wombat State Forest (where the weather was milder) on 23, 24 March, joined by Martin on Sunday. Goldfields Heritage Run: Change of date to April 6,7 based at Maldon. Now a convoy rather than a navigation run. Trip leaders Martin and Dorothy. Weekend or day trip optional. Grampians: April 14 – 17 (mid-week prior to Easter, part of school holidays). TL Tim Folliard. Due 21

to the timing being unsuitable for most members, this trip has been withdrawn as a club trip. Easter / ANZAC Day: No trips scheduled at present. Woodside North trip, May 18,19. Damian is planning two navigation circuits for the Saturday afternoon and evening, each of about 40Km, in the surrounding district. Camping by the lake, eggs and bacon breakfast, plus opportunity to practice 4WD techniques. Queen’s Birthday: Members to contact Tim Folliard if they wish to run a trip. Venue Presentation: Videos and photo displays by Peter Landouris of the summer high country trip and the Wombat State Forest pre-trip. Door prize: Angela Bombadieri. Membership Several enquiries regarding membership have been received and responded to by Martin during the month (see correspondence). David Wilson received his 25 year service certificate. Treasurer Statement as per the magazine. The $8,000 in investments matures in May. FWDV are refunding a portion of fees, relating to FWDA levies. Work has begun on a fees strategy for 2019/20, to be presented to the members at the April meeting for consideration. Meanwhile, any member is welcome to make a submission as to whether fees should rise, fall or remain the same. Committee are considering all options in preparing the budget for the new financial year. Secretary By-Laws: Peter Devine has produced a draft regarding trip protocol for consideration by the subCommittee. Club awards: The Silver Socket Award was presented by Mark to Peter Mynard, following a decision of members at the January general meeting. Vice-President – no report. President Mark reported on the FWDV members Update day held at Mornington, which included an informative talk on satellite phone technology. General Business Damian advised that the deep cycle batteries he had previously mentioned were in fact too heavy to be practical for vehicle use at around 50Kg each! Advertisement: Martin mentioned that there was a nice-looking Brumby advertised on carsforsale by a car yard in Ferntree Gully. Mention of the asking price ($8K) met with loud guffaws from members! Lardner Park: Peter Mynard gave a short report on his day at the 4WD Show recently, including driving on the off-road circuit track. Fines and Fun 22

Nametags Peter Mynard. Last to Meeting David Wilson Trips Wombat pre-trip – Martin, for retiring due to a mystery vibration that turned out to be loosewheel nuts! Total fines collected - $2.00 Meeting closed at 9:50 pm approximately and was followed by supper and the video presentation by Peter Landouris. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 April 2019, commencing at 8pm.

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Quartz kilns at the North British Mine, Maldon

Line up at Muckleford Station, Victorian Goldfields Railway

Peter availing himself of some of the local spring water on the Wombat Forest pre-trip

Tim easing down a rutted section on the Wombat Forest pre-trip 24