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STATUS OF BASIC EDUCATION ON ENROLMENT Table 1 ENROLMENT AND NUMBER OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY LEVEL (as of July 31, 2011) ELEMENTARY DISTRICT/SCHOOL A. MASBATE NORTH DISTRICT 1 1. Amancio Aguilar ES 2. Bagumbayan ES 3. Biyong ES 4. Espinosa ES 5. Gov. Rafael Letada MES 6. Gutusan PS 7. Igang ES 8. Restituta Z. Medina ES Sub Total B. MASBATE NORTH DISTRICT 2 1. Bantigue ES 2. Anas ES 3. B. Titong ES 4. Batuhan East ES 5. Bayombon ES 6. Cawayan Exterior ES 7. Electo T. Verano ES 8. Florentino C. Versoza ES 9. Julian V. Antonio ES 10. Mapina ES 11. Nicolas Danao ES 12. Timoteo T. Buncaras ES Sub Total C. MASBATE SOUTH DISTRICT 1 1. Jose Zurbito Sr. ES 2. F. Magallanes ES 3. Nursery ES 4. Tugbo ES Sub Total D. MASBATE SOUTH DISTRICT 2 1. Enrique Legaspi Sr. ES 2. Antonio dela Rosa ES 3. Alejandro delos Reyes IS 4. Asid ES 5. Kinamaligan ES 6. Maingaran ES 7. Nicolas delos Santos ES 8. Rene T. Malvar ES 9. Sinalongan ES 10. Usab ES Sub Total GRAND TOTAL

ENROLMENT SY 2010SY 20112011 2012

Increase/ Decrease

Growth Rate

1307 432 233 197 145 36 291 467 3108

1291 446 248 213 175 30 327 508 3238

-16 14 15 16 30 -6 36 41 130

-1.22% 3.2% 6.44% 8.12% 20.69% -16.66% 12.37% 8.78% 4.18%

564 234 391 282 402 224 224 396 775 326 107 132 4057

562 279 428 289 413 223 227 420 825 325 104 137 4232

-2 45 37 7 11 -1 3 24 50 -1 -3 5 175

-0.35% 19.23% 9.46% 2.48% 2.74% -0.44% 1.34% 6.06% 6.45% -0.31% -2.80% 3.79% 4.31

3262 227 1095 617 5201

3264 259 1181 633 5337

2 32 86 16 136

0.06% 14.09% 7.85% 2.59% 2.61%

709 352 312 239 799 245 309 240 238 621 4064 16,430

764 381 358 229 828 250 336 261 276 632 4315 17,122

55 29 46 -10 29 5 27 21 38 11 251 692

7.76% 8.24% 14.74% -4.18% 3.63% 2.04% 8.73% 8.75% 15.96% 1.77% 6.18% 4.21

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


The data from the previous page revealed that the thirty-four public elementary schools in the division of Masbate City has an enrolment of 17,122 for school year 20112012, an increase of 692 or 4.21% compared from the 16,430 enrolment in SY 20102011. Masbate South District 2 registered the highest increase of enrolment with 6.18% in enrolment.


SCHOOL 1. Masbate Nat’l. Comp. HS 2. Capitolina O. Legaspi MHS 3. Bolo National High School 4. Usab High School 5. Alejandro delos Reyes Intgd. Sch. 6. Bayombon High School GRAND TOTAL

ENROLMENT SY 2010SY 20112011 2012 4822 719 440 224 105 134 6,444

5022 797 532 284 141 203 6979

Increase/ Decrease

Growth Rate

200 78 92 60 36 69 535

4.15% 10.85% 21% 26.78% 34.29% 51.49% 8.30%

It can be gleaned in the table above that enrolment in the public secondary schools augmented over the previous school year. From 6,444 in SY 2010-2011 to 6,979 for the present school year it can be noted that there is an increase of 535 or a growth rate of 8.30%. The increase in both elementary and secondary enrolment can be attributed to the following reasons: (1) Government Contingency Cash Transfer/4Ps, a program jointly implemented by DSWD-DepED-DOH; (2) strict compliance to “No Collection Policy” during enrolment; and (3) support of LGU of barangay officials and parents especially in BrigadaEskwela implementation. The increase in enrolment in the secondary schools can also be attributed to the opening of new secondary schools. Table 2 ENROLMENT AND NUMBER OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY LEVEL

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Liceo de Masbate Masbate Colleges Osmena Colleges SacroCostato School Masbate Ikthus CSI St. Dominic School Yadah CSI Snappy’s Kiddie School GRAND TOTAL

ENROLMENT SY 2010SY 20112011 2012 133 150 77 212 99 84 169 924

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011

117 168 84 201 95 76 211 16 968

Increase/ Decrease

Growth Rate

-16 18 7 -11 -4 -8 42

-12.03% 12% 9% -5.18% -4% -9.52% 24.85%





SCHOOL 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Liceo de Masbate Masbate Colleges Osmena Colleges Ovilla Technical College St. Anthony Seminary HS GRAND TOTAL

255 1041 514 250 69 2129

235 1108 564 229 67 2203

Increase/ Decrease

Growth Rate

-20 67 50 -21 -2 74

-7.84% 6.44% 9.72% -8.4% -2.90% 3.48%

As gleaned in the table above, both private elementary and secondary schools registered an increase in enrolment with growth rate of 4.76% in elementary level and 3.48% in secondary level. Increase of enrolment in private secondary schools is attributed to the granting of government subsidy like Education Service Contracting/Education Voucher System under the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE). Table 3 PRESCHOOL ENROLMENT, NUMBER OF TEACHERS AND CLASSES PUBLIC & PRIVATE SCHOOLS, SY 2011-2012 Public Private Name of School Enrolment Classes Name of School Enrolment Classes Teas. Per PSI

Masbate North Dist. 1 1. Amancio Aguilar ES 2. Bagumbayan ES 3. Biyong ES 4. Espinosa ES 5. GRLMES 6. Igang ES 7. RZMES Masbate North Dist. 2 1. Bantigue ES 2. Anas ES 3. B. Titong ES 4. Batuhan East ES 5. Bayombon ES 6. Cawayan Exterior ES 7. E. T. Verano ES 8. F. C. Versoza ES 9. J. V. Antonio ES 10.Mapina ES 11. N. Danao ES 12. T. T. Buncaras ES

178 99 50 130 23 52 107

7 4 2 5 1 2 4

2 0 0 0 0 0 1

155 50 125 60 61 42 51 80 112 75 18 40

6 2 5 2 2 2 2 3 4 2 1 2

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

Masbate South Dist. 1 1. Jose Zurbito Sr. ES 2. F. Magallanes ES 3. Nursery ES 4.Tugbo ES

299 75 259 77

10 2 10 2

1 1 1 0

Masbate South Dist. 2 1. E. Legaspi Sr. ES 2. A. delos Reyes IS 3. A. dela Rosa ES 4.Asid ES 5.Kinamaligan ES 6.Maingaran ES 7. N. delos Santos ES 8. R. T. Malvar ES 9.Sinalongan ES 10.Usab ES TOTAL

50 75 43 26 160 41 72 50 50 96 2871

2 3 2 1 6 2 2 2 2 4 108

0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 10

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011

1. Claro B. Caluya PS 2. Merry Twinklers PS 3. Snappy’s Kiddie Sch. 4. Yadah CSI 5. Masbate Ikthus CSI 6. Liceo de Masbate 7. SacroCostato Sch. 8. St. Dominic Sch.


37 107 92 309 101 14 160 71

2 8 6 23 3 1 7 3

2 4 8 8 3 2 4 3





The data from previous page shows the enrolment of preschool in public schools is very much higher compared to private schools. Two thousand eight hundred seventy one (2,871) are enrolled in public schools while eight hundred ninety one (891) are enrolled in private schools. The number of public preschools is higher than that of privately established preschools which is 33 and 8 respectively.

ON TEACHERS Masbate City Division has the following data information on Teaching and NonTeaching Teachers per PSI-POP CY 2010 Schools Division Superintendent




9 2


22 2 1 2 3 6 1




34 22




Teacher I Teacher II Teacher III SPED Teacher I Pre-School Teacher


229 83 156 1 4






Elementary Supervisory Education Program Supervisors Public Schools District Supervisors Teaching-Related Elem. School Principal I Elem. School Principal II Elem. School Principal III Head Teacher I Head Teacher II Head Teacher III Librarian Total Teachers Master Teacher I Master Teacher II

Non-Teaching Personnel

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Secondary Bolo High School Teacher III Teacher I Total Capitolina O. Legaspi Memorial High School Principal I Nurse II Teachers Teacher I Teacher II Teacher III Total


1 9




1 1


16 1 3




1 4 4 1 2 1


15 10 53 14 67





Masbate National Comprehensive High School Principal IV Head Teacher III Head Teacher VI Guidance Coordinator Guidance Counsellor School Librarian Teachers Master Teacher I Master Teacher II Teacher I Teacher II Teacher III Total Office Personnel

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Participation Rate The Participation Rate Factors that keep children from attending formal classes in schools include the following: a) absence of elementary and secondary schools offering complete grade/year levels; b) inaccessbility of schools both elementary and secondary schools; c) parents poor socio economic conditions; d) being forced by poverty to work instead of attending school; and e) peace and order situation. Retention Rate This indicator determines the degree of pupils/students in a particular school year who continue to be in school in the succeeding year. Low retention rate means that there are high number of school leavers, dropouts, failures and repeaters. Cohort-Survival Rate This measures the percentage of a cohort of pupils/students who are able to reach grade VI/year IV within six years in the elementary and four years in secondary. Graduation Rate

Teacher-Pupil/Student Ratio In both elementary and secondary levels, the teacher-pupil/students ration of 1:34 represents a relatively generous teacher provision in comparison to the national mean; but during monitoring and supervision, it was found out that there are still some schools that need additional teachers.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Highlight of Accomplishments

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Priority Sector No. 1: Expanding Access to Basic Education A. Strategies, Thrusts, Program and Projects to Expand Access Strategies/Activities/ Projects 1. Preschool

Number of Number of Total Classes Teachers Enrolment


1.a DepED Regular SRA DepED Regular Preschool DepED Subsidized Total







Wide advocacy

6th CITY DIVISION KINDERGARTEN FESTIVAL Masbate City Division conducted the 6th City Division Kindergarten Festival on November 21, 2011 at the Division Office Conference Hall which aims to (a) showcase the potentials of kindergarten children to strengthen their confidence and self-esteem; (b) enhance the quality standards of 5 years old children; (c) ensure that the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual personality of young children are developed; and (d) maintain an environment of wholesome relationship between the public and private schools.

SDS Ms. Nene R. Merioles and EPS I/Preschool Coordinator Ms. Erusita V. Rosero delivering their messages of inspiration to the kindergarten children and their parents

The kindergarten pupils displaying their skills and talents in drawing, vocal solo, chamber theatre and storytelling.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Strategies/Activities/ Projects 2. Special Education

Number of Number of Total Classes Teachers Enrolment


2.a Education for children with special needs: Hearing impaired Visually impaired Mentally Retarded Learning disabled Behavioural Problem Orthopedically handicapped Autism Speech disorder Children w/ special health problems Cerebral Palsy



5 6 6 16 2 1 8 2 1 3



The Division of Masbate City SPED classes had 50 enrolees with 10 areas of exceptionality with 2 teachers. Fast learners enrolees not included. The Jose Zurbito Sr. Elementary School SPED Center guarantees the rights of the children to receive appropriate education in inclusive setting. The SPED Center reached its objectives for this school year. 1. Maximize potentials, abilities and skills of the CSN through varied activities such as sports development, music, arts and community integration. a. Kaye Celine R. Mesa joins at PWD Celebration in Music Festival at Naga City.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


b. Developing abilities, skills in music and arts.

c. Celebrates SPED Family Day and Christmas Party.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


2. Procure instructional and reference materials, assistive devices, assessment tools. a. Procurement of instructional materials used for teaching CSN

b. One set of computer purchased. c. Assessment tools used in assessing CSN. 3. Enhance teachers and administrators professional knowledge in SPED and inclusive education. a. SPED teachers attend INSET training b. SPED joins Music Festival in Naga City 4. Improve work centers and programs a. Fully furnished cubicles for a class through the initiative of SPED parents.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


b. Conducts orientation and regular meeting with parents.

Strategies/Activities/ Projects 3. MADRASAH

Number of ALIVE Class Organized

Number of Enrolment

3.a Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education Program (ALIVE) for Muslim Children classes are conducted every Saturday Total

Priority Sector No. 2: Improving the Quality and Relevance of Basic Education A. Strategies, Thrusts, Program and Projects to improve quality and relevance of Basic Education

ď ś Result of the National Achievement Test

School 1. A. delos Reyes IS 2. Amancio Aguilar ES 3. Anas ES 4. A. dela Rosa ES 5.Asid ES 6. B. Titong ES 7.Bagumbayan ES 8.Bantigue ES 9. Batuhan East ES 10. Bayombon ES 11. Biyong ES 12. Cawayan Exterior ES 13. Electo T. Verano ES 14. Enrique Legaspi Sr. ES 15. Espinosa ES 16. F. Magallanes ES 17. Florentino C. Versoza ES

National Achievement Test (Grade VI) Filipino Math English Science 46.44 69.68 74.50 60.23 62.81 76.55 75.96 54.13 60.83 67.10 72.40 65.46 64.63 70.91 69.91 77.93 79.17

29.36 87.77 73.25 57.80 48.02 74.41 77.11 45.73 52.50 61.25 76.35 68.36 55.65 65.91 68.52 69.40 86.34

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011

26.38 77.07 73.58 65.91 52.92 83.59 77.68 56.35 55.65 65.67 72.81 63.49 58.43 69.23 56.67 63.28 65.37

23.99 73.30 56.08 50.83 55.21 85.64 70.83 49.33 42.22 57.10 65.31 63.16 49.54 74.43 46.57 76.29 49.17



51.54 56.68 71.67 69.77 65.10 88.00 84.56 38.06 47.50 67.37 77.40 73.16 74.57 74.77 65.09 68.53 82.82

35.54 78.90 69.82 60.91 56.81 81.64 77.23 48.72 51.74 63.70 72.85 66.72 60.56 71.05 61.35 71.09 72.57


18. Gov. Rafael Letada MES 19. Igang ES 20. Jose Zurbito Sr. ES 21. Julian V. Antonio ES 22. Kinamaligan ES 23. Liceo de Masbate 24. Maingaran ES 25. Mapina ES 26. Masbate Colleges 27. Masbate Ikthus CSI 28. Nicolas delos Santos ES 29. Nicolas Danao ES 30. Nursery ES 31. Osmena Colleges 32. Rene T. Malvar ES 33. Restituta Z. Medina ES 34. SacroCostato School 35. Sinalongan ES 36. Timoteo T. Buncaras ES 37. Tugbo ES 38. Usab ES 39. Yadah CSI

78.03 80.73 68.13 78.07 81.79 63.69 87.21 61.22 45.87 65.50 69.66 80.21 66.15 79.17 60.88 65.42 83.25 62.34 37.00 75.93 73.44 65.00

43.82 72.92 41.62 55.00 62.02 28.69 59.36 65.64 35.98 36.00 63.70 74.58 63.37 65.42 46.63 67.18 62.08 73.52 33.63 70.04 58.44 40.42

43.29 71.35 48.57 64.58 74.63 46.31 70.64 63.21 43.59 52.50 68.41 69.17 72.20 65.83 65.25 64.62 69.42 76.72 43.38 61.21 61.56 54.58

56.74 70.63 43.40 69.04 77.87 40.24 66.21 66.99 30.43 52.25 64.76 64.17 81.72 71.53 46.75 64.55 55.75 74.30 55.63 50.82 74.96 55.42

63.16 79.48 49.78 68.10 76.90 43.81 88.57 70.90 43.04 45.75 75.24 67.71 81.33 71.11 65.63 81.86 75.50 86.95 68.38 63.00 65.45 68.75

56.61 75.02 50.30 66.96 74.64 44.55 74.40 65.59 39.78 50.40 68.36 71.17 72.95 70.61 57.03 68.72 69.20 74.77 47.60 64.20 66.77 56.83

To meet the desired 86% MPL for the division, it is further suggested that all schools must continue the implementation of intervention, close supervision by the school heads and frequent monitoring by the district/division supervisors.

Priority Sector No. 3: Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Schools and the System I. PUPIL DEVELOPMENT COMPETITIONS PARTICIPATED IN AND AWARDS GARNERED: NAME OF TITLE DATE VENUE PARTICIPANT EPP Skills Competition

Jan. 26-27, 2011

Sorsogon Pilot Elem. School

Ysabelle Salvacion Elijah Villamor

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011

AWARDS RECEIVED 2nd , Fresh Fruit Shake 2nd. Fabric Handprinting


II. STAFF DEVELOPMENT  Trainings TITLE Reg’l. Seminar-Workshop on Plagiarism Orientation Cum Technical Assistance to Regions & Divisions on FY 2011 SBM Grants Implementation Training of Trainors for the Institutionalization of Personal Safety Lessons in the Elementary/Secondary Schools

DATE January 28, 2011 August 2-5, 2011

VENUE Universidad de Sta. Isasbel, Naga City DAP, Tagaytay City

EPS I – English

D. O. Conference Hall, Masbate City

School GAD Coor., SK/HKS/AP teachers, Char. Educ./Values Teas.

EPS I/SBM Coordinator

 Master Teachers attended the One-Day Training Workshop on Research and Development on September 24, 2011 at the Division Office Conference Hall, Masbate City  III. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT  Schools Heads attended an Orientation Cum Technical Assistance to Schools in FY 2011 SBM Grants Implementation on September 8-9, 2011 at Division Office Conference Hall, Masbate City. It aims to: a. Apprise the participants on the current status of basic education and SBM Implementation b. Present lessons, learned from previous SBM Grants implementation c. Discuss the FY 2011 SBM Grants Guidelines and major issues and concerns pertaining to the availment, release, utilization and reporting d. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Division on SBM implementation.  ORIENTATION TRAINING FOR SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS November 22-24, 2011 Areas of Development: A. Implementation of Kindergarten Program  Curriculum for Kinder as part of K+12  Appropriate materials in handling kinder  Utilization of 40-week Curriculum Guide B. Readying five year old to formal schooling

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


III. NETWORKING  The Civil Service Commission (CSC) celebrates the 111th Anniversary on September 1, 2011. The Activities were the flag raising ceremony at the Capitol Grounds and Torch Parade participated by the different agencies in the province of Masbate.

 GULAYAN SA BARANGAY FOCAL PERSON SHARE A SKILL SEMINAR WORKSHOP Date: Sept. 15-16, 2011 Venue : D. O. Conference Hall, Masbate City Participants: Barangay Captains, PTA Presidents & EPP Teachers

PROGRAMS/ACTIVITIES/PROJECTS  NATIONAL FUN RUN FOR EDUCATION In celebration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, the Department of Education (DepED) Masbate City Division held the National Fun Run for Education on June 19, 2011 at the Masbate Social Center, Masbate City as the Activity Area/Finish Line. The theme “Every Runner a Finisher, Every Finisher A Winner” proved to be very timely. The Fun Run activity aims to involve all concerned stakeholders including the division office as lead. Its objectives are the following:

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


a. celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero; b. raise awareness that education is for all and no Filipino child should be left behind; and c. provide an opportunity for community stakeholders to unite and manifest love for country through concern for education. The activity was spearheaded by the Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, Officer in Charge – Nene R. Merioles, and was attended by Hon. Socrates M. Tuason, City Mayor, who gave inspiration to the Fun Run participants in his message; Hon. Rizalina S. Lanete, Governor of Masbate, who inspired the teachers when she underscored the point that the Department of Education is very close to her and the teachers will always have a special place in her heart; Judge Igmedio F. Camposano, who emphasized that Rizal was also a teacher and while in Dapitan, he made use of his time productively. Likewise, he pointed out that everyone of us can be heroes, doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Hon. Vice Governor Vicente Homer B. Revil, and City Administrator Isaias F. Bigol were also in attendance. The pupils of Espinosa Elementary School were the recipients of the school supplies and used clothes from Class 79 of Masbate National Comprehensive High School. Representative of Class 86 were also around for their pledges. The executive committee reiterated the pledges/actual donations to be turned over to the City Schools as a means of support to schools. The Fun Run was a manifestation of the stakeholders’ oneness and an embodiment of patriotism through concern for education.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


ď “ Conduct of Level 3 Training on the Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) The Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solution that provides the following services: Online submission of annual education statistics; Generation of School Report Card; Access to current and historical achievement test results; Generation of school level performance indicators; and On line access to the Electronic SBM Assessment Tool and school’s current and historical record of SBM practice

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


The Formal Basic Education Reporting is one of the modules of EBEIS. This module covers the processes from the collection of annual education statistics from schools to the generation of education performance indicators and reports in aid of budget and plan formulation. The Enhanced BEIS web-enabled processes are necessary to ensure that up-todate data/information is made available to the school, division, region and central office. As such, the System requires the following set-up: (1) internet connection and (2) internet-ready computer to enable access to the internet-based system. Level 3 Training on the Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) was conducted in the Division of Masbate City to all school heads on August 16-19 and 23-26, 2011 at the Division Planning Unit, Division Office, Masbate City. Strategy used was tutorial with 5 participants per session. Every participant was told to bring the End of School Year and Beginning of School Year data to be validated first before encoding. The training went on smoothly with minimal problem, like the slow internet connection.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


After the successful implementation of Tree-Planting, Growing and Caring Program for the last three years, DepED-Masbate City once again conceived of another environmental program- the GREEN POWER MOVEMENT- in support to the National Greening Program of President Benigno S. Aquino III and Masbate 1. Verde, “Pag-urusad: The Road Map to Green Masbate” of the Province of Masbate and the environmental advocacy of the City Government of Masbate as expressed in its slogan the “kabukidan, Kadagatan, Katawuhan…Protektaran”. GREEN POWER MOVEMENT Green Power Movement is the City DepED’s initiative to achieve the five major goals of NGP from SY 2011-2016. The subprograms are as follows: 1. Tree-Planting, Growing & Caring Program; 2. Gulayan sa Paaralan Project 3. Waste Management; 4. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. Its motto is “THINK GREEN, GO GREEN”. Its program objectives are the following: 1. Plant/Grow/Care Trees inside the school premises and the community or in areas identified by the Convergence Initiative; 2. Establish seeds/seedling propagation nurseries and vegetable garden to serve as food basket and ready source of vegetables; 3. Intensify awareness campaign on waste management/climate change mitigation and adaptation; 4. Establish linkages and partnership with stakeholders such as the PENRO, Local Government Units, Barangay Officials, Non-government and peoples’ organizations for advise, support, supply of seeds, seedlings and saplings and to further identify and intensify existing environmental programs. The program will be implemented in all schools in the City Division of Masbate. Launching Green Power Movement was launched on August 23, 2011 at the Division Office Conference Hall, Masbate City. It was participated in by the Division Office Personnel, Public Schools District Supervisors, School Heads, Barangay Chairmen, PTA Presidents and SSG/SPG Presidents from both public and private elementary and secondary schools in the City Division. with a Eucharistic followed by the Motoracade. ceremonial tree planting was City Mayor represented by Bigol, PENRO Tito R. Migo, Merioles and Jollibee and the Store Manager, Mr. Glen L. Napili, Jr.. A video clip was shown to the participants on the accomplishments of the Tree-Planting, Growing and Caring Program. An orientation on the program was given by Dr. Jemnah A. Macabe and expressions of support were extended by the program partners to sustain of the program. The opening program was concluded with the Memorandum of Agreement Signing of the Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011

It was started celebration and Afterwhich a held with the Mr. Isias T. SDS Nene R.


different program partners. The afternoon’s activity was confined on the activities which feature the different sub-programs of the Green Power Movement. The events during the GPM Festival are the following: Fruits and Vegetables Arrangement, Best 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Showcase, Tribute to NGP(‘Mixed Nuts’ Presentations) and NGP Poster Making Contest. The activity was concluded by an awarding of certificate of recognition, cash prizes courtesy of YES-O and Jollibee Gift Certificates. The two snacks and T-shirts of all participants are sponsored by the City Government of Masbate through the Hon. City Mayor Socrates M. Tuason. The program partners and their commitments/pledge include: City Government of Masbate-Cash Prizes for the Division Best Program Implementers worth 18 Thousand for the NGP-Green Power Movement and the Gulayan sa Paaralan Project (Containerized and Plot); Financial Support in any Environmental Activity of the Division like the YES Camp, facilities like tables, chairs and tents and means of transportation (jeepney and bantay-dagat) of the monitoring team; DENR/PENRO- Technical Assistance during trainings and monitoring and evaluation, seedlings to be planted, identification of planting sites; Department of Agriculture and Provincial Agriculture’s Office- Technical Assistance during trainings, seeds, seedlings; Jollibee-Masbate-Tarpaulin Streamers for all schools of the program’s logo; Yumburger snacks of the Monitoring Team and during Anniversary Celebrations, Appearance of Jollibee and Hetty during the Launching and YES Camps and Jollibee Gift Certificates; Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)- Seeds and Technical Assistance; City PNP- Security and Assistance in any environmental activity; Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O)- Compost Pit and Trash Cans in the Division Office, souvenir mugs of the program for the program partners and lead in the implementation of any environmental activity in the schools; TESDApromote the 3Rs project of the NGP-GPM, technical assistance; DTI- provides support on waste management, technical assistance; Motortrade- supports during the advocacy campaign; Shell-Depot-financial assistance; SPG/SSG-supports various youth led programs in the school, implements environmental projects in the school; Sweet and Sassy – Financial Assistance; MCE- Financial Assistance; Sangguniang Kabataan- implements environmental projects in the community; Association of Barangay Captains- supports and implements the different subprograms of the NGP-GPM in the barangays; Nhemz- Financial Assistance; Private Schools-implements environmental programs/projects in private schools ;PTA Federation-advocacy campaign.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Monitoring & Evaluation To evaluate the progress of implementation of the program in all schools in the City Division; validate or check the reports submitted; and identify outstanding school implementers for SY 2011-2012, a monitoring and evaluation was conducted in November, 2011. The schools are grouped into five (5) areas with assigned Monitoring Team from the Division Office, PENRO/CENRO and Department of Agriculture. The team has so far seen improvement in the schools and initial success in the implementation of the programs as shown by the number and the overall condition of the treeseedlings planted and tree nurseries established, vegetable gardens and plant propagation in every school, visibility and correct use of trash cans in every school (waste management) - these are manifestations of schools and communities’ support and commitment to Education and its different thrust and programs. Means of transportation of Team were provided by the City Masbate and yum burgers by Masbate.

the Monitoring Government of Jollibee-

Recognition and Awarding Ceremony As a form of incentive to the schools which have shown much effort and great improvement in their school and met the project success indicators, the City Division awarded plaque of recognition and cash prizes to the winners for this School Year 2011-2012 on December 20, 2011 at Magallanes Coliseum, Masbate City. Cash Prizes worth P18,000 were sponsored by the City Government of Masbate. Division Best NGP-Green Power Movement Implementers: 1st- Nicolas Danao Elem. School; 2nd- Masbate National Comprehensive High School; 3rd –Cawayan Exterior Elem. School; 4th –A. Dela Rosa Elem. School; and 5th –Enrique Legaspi Sr. Elem. School. Division Best in Gulayan sa Paaralan Project Implementers: Plot Garden-1stBayombon Elem. School; 2nd- Florentino C. Versoza Elem. School; and 3rd-Nicolas Danao Elem. School.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Division Best in Gulayan sa Paaralan Project Implementers: Containerized GardenElem. School; 2nd-Amancio Aguilar Elementary School.


 Teachers’ Month Campaign and World Teachers Day Theme: “ My Teacher, My Hero”

As one of the of the main pillars of sound, progressive and educated society, our teachers should be given the recognition they deserve. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching and apart from parents, they are the main source of knowledge and values for children. In celebration of World Teachers’ Day, the Masbate City Division had its culminating activity of the month long Teachers Month Campaign and Celebration on October 1, 2011. The activity aims to: a. highlight the unique role, service and commitment which teachers play in guiding the families, strengthening the communities, and building the nation; b. revitalize the image of and respect teaching as a vocation by increasing public awareness on the value of teachers in the Philippine society and in national development c. use the occasion to call on everyone to contribute in making teaching as an attractive profession and in giving teachers the needed support and assistance d. generate widespread support for teachers in particular and education in general, and e. express gratitude sincerely for the positive influences teachers had on the Filipino learners. Believing that every activity must commence with the blessings and the grace of our Creator, the culminating activity began with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at six o’clock in the morning. Reverend Father Rey Rivera, was the celebrant. Amidst the constant rains that fell now and then, the mass went on. After the mass, a parade around the city followed with the participation of all the teaching and non-teaching personnel of Masbate City DepEd with teachers as the majorettes. A short program afterwards began with the Welcome remarks of Mrs. Amelia V. Mopal, the president of Masbate City DepEd Teachers Association.OIC SDS Nene R. Merioles and Honorable City Mayor Socrates M. Tuason gave inspiration to the teachers in their message. Various games and academic contests highlighted the whole day affair. Different contests were conducted which were participated by both public and private elementary and secondary school teachers. The contests were the following:

Cheer Dance Competition, Majorettes, Dance Showdown, Search for Mr. & Miss World Teachers Day, Laro ng Lahi, and academic contests which include essay writing , song writing, poster making, and thank you card making. Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Winners received cash award and USB flash drives donated by Mayor Socrates M. Tuason. A well applauded concert for the benefit of the school children of Masbate City DepEd, featured singer-songwriter Noel Cabangon jointly sponsored by the City government of Masbate City and the Rodeo Masbateno, ended the celebration.

CONCERT FOR A CAUSE featuring NOEL CABANGON A concert for a cause initiated by Masbate City DepEd in cooperation with The Rodeo Masbateno, Incorporated and the City government of Masbate. Featuring singer/songwriter Noel Cabangon, the organizers conceptualized the concert to generate fund and solicit school supplies for the benefit of the less fortunate school children of Masbate City.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Tables and chairs for Pre-school children of Timoteo Buncaras Elementary School and school supplies for Grades 1-6 pupils of Nicolas Danao Elementary School, Espinosa Elementary School and Timoteo Buncaras Elementary were already distributed last November 29, 2011

Noel Cabangon in concert, last October 1, 201

SPA students of MNCHS

Construction of Pre-schools’ Tables and chairs

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Packing of school supplies for distribution

Getting ready for distribution of school supplies and furniture at Timoteo T, Buncaras Elementary School

SDS Nene with Kuya Bob, PLAN Int’l representative distributing schools supplies to the school children of TTBES.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Parents, Teachers and pupils of TTBES with the Execom of Handum sa Kabataan after the distribution of school supplies.

At Nicolas Danao ES with SDS Nene, Sir Long and Maam Mariz…..

SECONDARY EDUCATION Priority Sector No. 1: Expanding Access to Basic Education A. Strategies, Thrusts, Program and Projects to Expand Access  Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE)  Instituted pursuant to R.A. 8545 (Amending R.A. 6728) otherwise known as the expanded Government Assistance to Student and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE), this program features two projects: the Education Service Contracting (ESC) Project which subsidizes qualified students of the participating schools in a maximum amount of Php 2,500.00 per grantee, and the Tuition Fee Supplement (TFS) Project which provides subsidy of Php 500.00 to every qualified student.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Enrolment: ESC EVS


1,254 206

Priority Sector No. 2: Improving the Quality and Relevance of Basic Education A. Strategies, Thrusts, Program and Projects to Improve quality and relevance of Basic Education  Science and Technology Oriented Curriculum (STOC)  With the implementation of the Engineering Science and Education Program, it paved the way for the Science and Technology Oriented Curriculum (STOC). In the City Division, Masbate National Comprehensive High School, being one of the ESEP schools in the country, has continued to offer the special science curriculum. Besides the basic requirements of the 2002 BEC, there are additional subjects in the STOC. For the first year, these are Earth Science and Developmental Reading; second year, Research I and Mathematics (Geometry); third year, Basic Physics and Biotechnology; and fourth year, Research II and Advanced Chemistry. To be admitted to the STOC requires final grades of 85 in English, Mathematics and Science and no grade below 80 in the other subjects. However, if the final grade in English, Mathematics and Science is below 85, the general average shall be 85 to qualify for admission in STOC. Classes in the Science and Technology Oriented Curriculum are found to be performing better than the other students in the other curriculum. Hence, one drawback cited is that with the additional subjects, the students have to exert more time and effort in studying in order to cope up with the required average. In spite of this, students continue to swell in number in order to avail of the benefits and services being in the STOC.

 Special Program in the Arts (SPA)  The Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) launched this program on May, 2000 and implemented it in 15 pilot secondary schools nationwide. It provides a complete program that hones students’ special talents or gifts along the six (6) areas which are Music (vocal and instrumental), Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Media Arts, Dance and Creative Writing (English and Filipino). In Masbate City Division, the SPA is being implemented in Masbate National Comprehensive High School. The implementation of the Special Program in the Arts as a curriculum is in its full effect so that the innate talents of the students will flourish. The program encourages among the students the artistic creativity within the climate of artistic freedom, develop and promote Filipino national culture and likewise preserve the culture of Masbate. Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


The superb performances of students lead to some invitations to program for a number presentation to the amazement of the spectators. The students under this curriculum were known to have truly developed their potentials. With SPA curriculum, it promotes among teachers the proper educational background and skills in culture and arts, management, develop instructional materials oriented towards Philippine context of culture and arts at the same time study various aspects of it. I. Student Development  Increase MPS in the NAT School 1. Masbate Nat’l. Comp. HS 2. Capitolina O. Legaspi MHS 3. Bolo Nationalized HS 4. Usab HS 5. A. Delos Reyes Integrated 6. Bayombon HS 7. Liceo de Masbate 8. Masbate Colleges 9. Osmena Colleges 10. Ovilla Technical College 11. St. Anthony Seminary HS






Total Test

58.65 54.55

41.07 33.84

32.63 41.40

27.10 25.73

60.36 41.40

44.08 39.61

41.71 40.67 50.40 44.25 45.49 39.23 59.65

26.40 28.82 27.68 26.61 26.86 22.88 36.47

28.59 28.11 37.64 30.77 27.81 23.54 53.41

24.59 23.75 28.07 24.05 21.74 23.69 35.41

42.88 30.35 41.09 32.89 33.06 28.54 53.76

33.10 30.40 37.36 31.93 31.16 27.77 48.21

Division Accomplishments in the Regional and National Level Events  Kristoffer William F. Zurbito and John Ansel M. Ragos attended and participated in the Metrobank-MTAP DepED Challenge National Finals on April 8-9, 2011 at Metrobank Plaza, Makati City. Zurbito grabbed the third place in the said competition  The Supreme Student Government Officers of the different schools attended the election of the Regional Federation of Supreme Student Government (RFSSG) Organization on April 26, 2011 at RELC, Legazpi City.  Twenty seven (27) students attended the Youth for Environment Summer (YES) Camp on May 1-5, 2011 at Teacher’s Camp and John Hay Trade and Cultural Center, Baguio City: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Rose Angel Kimberly Rachel L. Abas Joanna Monette D. Atibagos Justine Mae Esguerra Ma. Farrah Justine C. Poldo Mary Kareen Chester L. Abas Ranzyl N. Colina Von Angelo M. Suya Rayneli A. Abelita James Jericho R. Bajar Ransell Joy B. Castillo Sidney Dave R. Formarejo Gayle Ann Rehab R. Concepcion Ma. Leizel A. Abelita

15. Rose Hannilyn G. Rollon 16. Brandon F. Reluao 17. Eunice Ibañez 18. Juriel Mabato 19. Sally Mesica T. Marasigan 20. Allysa Concepcion 21. Jofer Asilum 22. Nikki Fortun 23. Carmela Tormo 24. Mitzi Vargas 25. Halliry Ramirez 26. Justine Medina 27. Joshua Fernandez

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


 Hector Ian Jorge B. Borromeo and Ruel C. Arguelles were selected to join the Bicol Athletic Delegation to the 2011 Palarong Pambansa in Dapitan on May 814, 2011 as members of the football team. Likewise, Arjohn M. Rosatace was also selected as member of Taekwondo Team to represent in the said Palaro.  Allysa Marie T. Concepcion and Princess Nicole A. Bat-ao attended the Patrol Summer Camp on May 12-16, 2011 at Belen Program and Training Center, Maasin, Candelaria, Quezon. The highlight of the event is the High Rope Adventure in Graceland, Tayabas City and Trip Out to Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon. Both are Senior Girl Scouts of MNCHS.  Sidney Dave R. Formarejo landed fourth in the 21 st Regional Eagle Quiz Contest.  Formarejo again dominated other contestants by grabbing the first place in the 1st Provincial Quiz Bee conducted on June 29, 2011 by the Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Office – Local Government Unit (PENROLGU)  Educardo B. Laurio III attended the NGP Regional Summit on July 21, 2011 at La Plaza Hotel, and Convention Center, Tahao Road, Legazpi City.  Eduardo B. Laurio III ranked 3rd and Marc Cellor A. Tagud ranked 6th in the Regional Selection of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts (TOBS) on August 15, 2011 at Camarines Sur Council Office, Panganiban Drive, Naga City.  Several scouts attended the 18th Provincial Jamboree held on August 31September 4, 2011 at Poblacion, Cawayan, Masbate.  Students attended the Regional Science and Technology Fair for 2011-2012 on September 17-18, 2011 at Charisma Convention Center, San Rafael, Guinobatan, Albay.  Allysa Marie T. Concepcion attended the Patrol Leaders’ Camp Permit Course on October 6-10, 2011 at Camp Belen Program and Training Center, Maasin, Candelaria, Quezon.

Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


 Jofer B. Asilum, Shaira Antonette A. Bravo, Nikki C. Fortuno, Katrina Isabel E. Hipolito and Ivan T. Basas were proclaimed Munting Kawani for the Day in connection with the Children’s Month Celebration on October 13, 2011 at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session Hall.

 Students attended the Regional Training of Secondary School Papers and Campus Writers on October 24-28, 2011 at Camarines Sur National High School, Naga City.  The following students attended the 1st One Luzon Regional Scout Jamboree held at Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur on October 25-29, 2011: 1. Jessa Atacador 8. Irish Bacolod 2. Regil Kent Cebu 9. Shayne Barbosa 3. Ric Kenneth Llena 10. Danica Lupango 4. Anne Margarette dela Rosa 11. Ralph Nicolas Colina 5. Ralph Benedict Zurbito 12. Lalaine Alba 6. Ivan Baldocino 13. Eunice Ibanez 7. Denise Emerson Oliva 14. Florena Andez 15. Jessierae dela Rosa  The following students attended the National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers (NLTSGO) on November 4-9, 2011 at Baguio City Teachers Camp and Baguio City National High School: 1. Jofer B. Asilum 8. Ninna Brearie V. Alforte 2. Mitzi Ann B. Vargas 9. Justine Marie A. Medina 3. Shaira Antonette A. Bravo 10. Rose Hannilyn G. Rollon 4. Carmela Niña S. Tormo 11. Mary Janne Claire V. Du Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


5. John Crisnellie R. Rodriguez 6. Rose Angel P. Fabon 7. Ysabel V. Salvacion

12. Meg Andrea V. Martinez 13. Ivan Christopher T. Basas 14. Ma. Lourdes S. Bajada

 Fifteen (15) students of MNCHS participated in the 16th Alaska Cup at AyalaAlabang Country Club, Alabang, Muntinlupa City on November 10-14, 2011: 1. Rino John P. Saldivar 9. Christian Paolo Capili 2. Carlo M. Napase 10. Jasper Jason Absalon 3. Carlo S. Loresca 11. Jerold Moises Absalon 4. Reng Jude Judal 12. Charles Dominique Abella 5. Daniel Deuda 13. Danpaul A. Alegre 6. Louie Joshua Polinag 14. Algie Almodal Jr. 7. Joan Kier D. Belarmino 15. John Martin Espayos 8. Antonio T. Empleo Jr. II. STAFF DEVELOPMENT  INSET was conducted during semestral breaks to enhance teacher technicalknow-how in managing their pupils/clientele.  Teachers attended the National Education Conference on Assessment and Training of Teachers (TOT) for the Mass Training of Second Year Teachers on April 5-8, 2011 at the Manila Hotel, Manila.  Sofronio D. Arizala, SPA Coordinator attended the training workshop of Special Program in the Arts (SPA) on May 9-13, 2011 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.  In lieu of the school principal Dr. Ricardo R. Marfiga, Mrs. Soledad A. Ybañez attended the Regional Training of EPS I and School Heads on the 2010 SEC on May 19-20, 2011 at Sorsogon National High School, Sorsogon City.  The School Nurses attended a Live-in Training for Nurses on Emergency and Disaster Management on July 11-13, 2011 at PNA National Office. The training program aims to: a. Build capacity of nurses being at the forefront of healthcare services b. Participate actively in emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts of hospitals and communities.  Guidance Coordinators attended a National Conference and Seminar-Workshop on Guidance and Counseling on October 6-8, 2011 at the Aquinas University of Legazpi, Legazpi City.  Mr. Leopoldo P. Estoquia attended the Public Revalida of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia, Performance Governance System towards achieving the Compliance Stage on October 12, 2011 at Sofitel Roxas Boulevard, Manila.  The 2011 Basic Training Course in Coaching All Sports Events was attended by teachers held at Eco Athletic Field, Daet, Camarines Norte on October 13-16, 2011.  EPP/TLE teachers attended the Philippine Economics Association (PHEA) National Conference and Training (EPP/TLE) Teachers on October 22-24, 2011 at the Legend Hotel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  Gigi Paterno attended the Regional Training of Secondary School Paper Advisers and Campus Writers on October 24-28, 2011 at Camarines Sur National High School, Naga City.  School Nurses attended the 89th Foundation Anniversary, 54th Nurses Week Celebration and National Annual Convention of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), Inc. On October 25-27, 2011 at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City.  Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


III. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT  Training of Trainors and Mass Training of Second Year Teachers on the 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum (SEC) was conducted on April 27-June 2, 2011. The training was design to enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers-trainers, Education Program Supervisors, school heads, and second year teachers for the efficient and effective implementation of 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum (SEC).  Department Heads and several teachers attended a conference on the Pilot Implementation of the CB-Past and instructional Supervision Handbook on April 15, 2011 at Division Office Conference Hall, Masbate City.  Dr. Ricardo R. Marfiga, Sharon Almodal, Lito Cañadilla, Leizl Colina and Sofronio Arizala attended the training workshop on Special Program in the Arts (SPA) on May 22-27, 2011 at Teachers Camp, Baguio City. The training workshop aims to: a. Appraise SPA implementers on the Understanding by Design (UbD) approach; b. Share of the best practices after a long term implementation of the SPA; and c. Update them on the recent trends and development in the different areas.  Mrs. Eva Miranda, Leizl Colina, Perla Vicenta Reyes and Lucy Oliva attended the 4th Regional Dance Workshop on August 5-7, 2011 at the Ateneo de Naga University Gymnasium. Objectives: a. To enhance the participants’ knowledge and skills in folk dancing b. To revive and promote native folk dances in the Bicol Region c. To echo the PFDS-National Seminar Workshop Dancers in Bago City, Negros Occidental last May 16-20, 2011 d. To strengthen the Philippine Folk Dance Society in the region.  Gloria Nona Cediño and Ellen M. Labastida attended the 3rd DepED-Bicol Research Conference on K+12 Schooling (RCKS) sponsored by Bicol Association of Schools Superintendents (BASS) in cooperation with DepED Regional Office V under Regional Memo. No. 110 s. 2011 on November 30 and December 1-2, 2011 at the Naga Regent Hotel, Naga City. IV. NETWORKING & LINKAGES  The University of the Philippines, Diliman and Los Baños Complex conducted their summer activities such as UP Lawod and UPLB Ugnayan ng Pahinungod on May 25-June 3, 2011 and May 23-28, 2011 respectively at Masbate National Comprehensive High School. Both programs cater to all incoming fourth year high school students aimed at improving their academic proficiency in preparation for UP College entrance test and other college entrance tests.  In line with the observance of the 113th Anniversary of the proclamation of the Philippine Indepedence Day, the City Government invited the schools to attend the joint Flag Raising Ceremony and participate in the Civic Parade around the city on June 12, 2011.  The Ateneo de Naga University conducted a career talk to all fourth year students on July 25, 2011 at the MNCHS Centennial Auditorium.

Laptops Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011


Division Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2011




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