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In view of the pressing global concerns and issues on the environment, the Department of Education (DepED) urges all public and private schools to lead the role on environmental awareness enhancing environmental education and by pursuing effective school-based activities that seek to preserve and protect the environment. This is in pursuant to Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9512, entitled “An Act to Promote Environmental Education and for Other Purposes.” Thus , DepED Order No. 72, s. 2003 on the Establishment of Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YESO) is hereby strengthened. This Department Policy establishes YES-O as the only recognized cocurricular environmental organization in the schools with main and primary programs or projects for the environment. Masbate City Division is now on its fourth year of implementing YES-O in all public and private elementary and secondary schools. All of its activities undertaken focus on the different thrusts and projects of YES-O and the Department of Education. This year’s undertaking is in line with DepED Order No. 52, s. 2011. II. VISION Masbate City Division envisions a community of pupils/students, teachers and administrators that value and actively contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment and have a positive influence on their siblings and parents alike. III. MISSION The Youth for Environment in Schools-Organization (YES-O) is a school-based co-curricular organization established to serve as a significant venue for pupils’ actions and movements towards safeguarding, protecting and conserving the environment. Ii is an organization that provides leadership in formulating policies and standards to collaborate individual and group environmental actions in all government and non-government organization. IV. CORE VALUES YES-O promotes the following values: 1. Accountability-personal commitment to observe habits and practices that promote environmental awareness 2. Teamwork-active involvement and collaboration with other groups/organizations for environmental protection and conservation.


3. Leadership- serves as the venue (during camps) for the youth to use their skills in its advocacy to lead other students/pupils in promoting environmental protection and conservation V. GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND SUCCESS INDICATORS By the end of the school year 2011-2012, the division/schools shall have: Goals/Objectives Success Indicators 1. Organize the YES-O in accordance a. Report of registered YES-O officers and with DepED Order No. 72, s. 2003 members 2. Craft an integrated school and b. Division master plan for the protection community environmental and conservation of the environment awareness and protection plan; observing the recommended programs and projects stipulated under DepED Order No. 52, s. 2011. c. Approved Calendar of Proposed Activities (CAPA) 3. Establish an environmental d. DepED, DENR, DA, LGU interagency interagency network system to environmental staff coordinate/meet consolidate school/community regularly and share responsibility in environmental data/information and planning, conducting and monitoring actions school/community activities e. GOs and NGOs provide material and technical support to school/community environmental activities. 4. Operationalize a year round f. Enhanced students and community environmental program and actions. environmental awareness and participation through the integration of environmental education in the basic education curricula. g. YES-O Officers and members, school and community are engaged in environmental awareness, protection and conservation activities - Awareness Campaigns and Symposia - Greening Program (Tree planting, Tree-growing and Tree Caring Program, Green Power Movement, Clean up-Drive ) - Environmental/Science/YES Camps - Waste Disposal Management (3Rs, No Plastic Policy, Waste Segregation) - Watershed Protection and Conservation (NGP-Green Power Movement) - Outreach Programs


5. Evaluate/Monitor

schools/community activities


6. Sustain the award system (started

two years ago) for pupils, teachers, pupil/student-led organization, other staff and schools for exemplary environmental actions


h. Documentation of school community

best environmental practices Progress Report on the Status of their environmental program implementation j. Schools/community monitored and evaluated-Pictorial Report k. List of students/pupils, teachers, pupil/student-led organization, staff and schools for outstanding accomplishments on environmental protection and conservation. l. List of awardees


PROGRAMS, PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES Masbate City Division has recently launched another environmental program in lieu of the previous DepED program successfully implemented in the Division for 3 years- The Tree-Planting, Tree-Growing and Tree-Caring Program from July 14, 2008- July 14, 2011. The new program is entitled GREEN POWER MOVEMENT (GPM). Green Power Movement is the City DepED’s initiative to achieve the goals of the National Greening Program of President Benigno Aquino III from SY 2011-2016. Its motto is “Think Green, Go Green”. Its sub-programs are the following: 1. Tree-Planting, Growing & Caring Program 2. Gulayan sa Paaralan Project 3. Waste Management 4. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. Please refer to the attached project proposal and brochure of the Green Power Movement. All the undertakings of the GPM are supported by various program partners. a. Tree-Planting, Tree-Growing and Tree-Caring Program The features of the TPTGTC Program will still be continued and adopted in all schools in the Division. Planting of endemic and fruit bearing trees are encouraged inside or outside of school premises. Tree-nursery establishment will be given more points during the evaluation to help the DENR propagate trees for the NGP implementation. Grades I-II pupils will do the “potting”, Grades III-IV pupils will grow one tree-seedling a month and Grade V-VI/First Year to 4th year and all teaching and non-teaching personnel will plant ten tree seedlings for one year. b. Awareness Campaigns and Symposia on environmental issues and Actions The campaigns and symposia are held during school/division camps and should focus on global warming, water conservation, watershed protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, disaster risk preparedness and environment and health related concerns. c. Intensifying lessons regarding environment on all science subjects. Environmental concerns shall also be used as tools for classroom drills, discussions and activities and shall be taught and be integrated the related learning areas.


d. Outreach Programs The YES-O and other school organizations shall conduct or participate in any outreach program in nearby communities such as coastal and road clean ups, mangrove tree planting and many others.

e. Waste Management, Segregation, Recycling and Entrepreneurship Program All school entrances, exist and strategic corners must be placed with waste storage labeled as Biodegradable (Nabubulok) & Non-biodegradabale (Di-Nabubulok) and Recyclable (Mapapakinabangan). Compost pit must be available in every school for the Biodegradable materials. Project must be developed out of Nonbiodegradable/Recyclable waste materials. An effective strategy must be conceived by every school for the effective and proper implementation of the project on Waste Segregation. Training/Orientation/Workshop must be conducted by each school on how each one can benefit from waste materials in their schools or houses. Outputs must be displayed in the classrooms or properly documented for monitoring purposes. f.

Watershed Protection and Conservation Join in the reinvigoration of Tugbo Watershed Areas in Tugbo, Masbate City. All 4 th year and teaching and non teaching personnel may participate in the tree-planting activity.

g. Environmental/Science/YES Camps The YES-O shall continue conducting school/division YES Camps every year to consolidate environmental efforts and actions. Activities shall be based on the National YES Camp. Division YES –O Officers and participants during the National YES Camp shall spearhead the conduct of the 3-day activity. VII.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

ACTIVITY Preparation of Division Master Plan for YES-O Program Implementation for Approval Preparation re the Project Proposal of the NGP-Green Power Movement Observance of the 3rd Anniversary of the Tree-Planting, Growing and Caring Program Coordination with Program Partners Launching of the NGP-Green Power Movement Orientation Conference with the School YES-O Adviser re: Guidelines in the Establishment and Organization of YESO Data gathering on organized and registered YES-O and Schools CAPA Consolidation and Submission of the data to the Regional Office Quarterly Meeting and Updating with the YES-O Advisers Conference with the Division YES-O Officers

TARGET DATE June 2011 June 2011 July, 2011 July-August, 2011 August 2011 August , 2011 August, 2011 September, 2011 October, 2011 October, 2011


11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. VIII.

(pupils/students/advisers) re the forthcoming 4th Division YES Camp Integrate in SEMBREAK Training some environmental concepts Monitoring of the Green Power Movement SubPrograms/YES-O implementation Gathering of School Accomplishments re YES-O or any environmental activities Conduct of the 4th Division YES Camp Conduct a fund raising activity for the YES-O entitled “Pamaskong Handog ng YES-O” Hold a contest for the “Best Lantern” made of Indigenous or Recycled Materials Identifying Best School Program Implementers/Teacher/Adviser/Pupil/Student/Organiza tion for this SY 2011-2012 Awarding of Plaque of Recognition, Cash courtesy of the City Government to the Division Best Program Implementers Submitting the List of Recommendees for the Regional Level Search Conduct Tree-Planting Activity in the Tugbo WaterShed Monitoring of schools to sustain the implementation of environmental programs and project Debriefing on YES-O Program Implementation

October 2011 November, 2011 November, 2011 November, 2011 December, 2011 December 2011 December, 2011 December, 2011 January, 2012 January, 2012 March 2012 March 2012


a. Monitoring What to Monitor



Persons Responsible Organizing and -Designation of YES-O Review of YES-O Members Registering YES- Adviser Records Teachers O - Registration of YES-O -Registration List School Heads Members -Certificates of PSDS - Election of set of Membership EPS officers -Parental Consent -Preparation of CAPA -Approved CAPA -Submission and Approval of CAPA Implementation -Greening Program -Observation YES-O Adviser and Management -Fire Prevention and -Interviews School Heads of CAPA other Disaster Risks -Review of plans PSDS Management and records EPS -Anti-Pollution -Reports -Water Conservation -Power and Energy conservation

Time Frame June-August

Year Round


Interest Motivation


Roles and Responsibilities

Capacity to manage human, financial, and materials resources

-Waste Disposal Management -Awareness Campaigns and Symposia -Environmental Camps -Attendance at meetings - Maintenance of work schedules -Quality Work Performance - New roles and functions assumed -Participation of Member -Emergence of Leaders -Participatory decision-making -Compliance with all reports -Linkages with other organizations/partners -Activities generated and maintained -Community participation Accomplishment Report

-Observation YES-O -Interviews School Heads -Minutes of the PSDS Meetings EPS -Job reviews

Year Round

-Observation -Interviews -Testimonies -Minutes of the Meetings -Reports

YES-O School Head PSDS EPS

Year Round

-Observation -Interviews --Reports - Nominees and recommendations for the Search

YES-O School Heads PSDS EPS

Year Round

b. Evaluation KEY QUETSIONS

QUALITATIVEQUANTITATIVE INFORMATION Were the goals Both qualitative and objectives and quantitative achieved? (Are the proposed activities undertaken?) How has the YES- Mostly O members been qualitative affected by the project (What can the YES-O members do better now than before? What

SOURCES OF METHODS TO INFORMATION COLLECT INFORMATION Project Interviews participants Document school Heads Review EPS Ocular Inspection Reports


Project participants school Heads PSDS EPS Parents Community

Project Participants School Heads PSDS EPS Parents

Meeting with YES-O Officers, Advisers and members Individual Interviews Observation of Accomplished




skills did each member developed?)

How has the group changed as a result of the project? (has the project strengthened the organization in terms of participatory, decision-making, planning, management, accountability?) How has the community been affected by the project? (were any new linkages made between the YESO and other government and non-government organizations?) What existing resources or assets were used by the YES-O? What additional resources were mobilized? Is the project sustainable? (Are the people concerned supportive and providing assistance to YESO Activities/Projects What lessons were learned that


Mostly qualitative


Project Participants Advisers School Heads PSDS EPS Community


Meetings with YES-O Officers and Members Individual/Group Interviews Observation

Project Participants School Heads PSDS EPS DecemberJanuary

Project Meetings Participants Interviews Community Observations Leaders and Members Representatives of government and nongovernment organizations

Project Participants Community Leaders PSDS EPS School Heads

Project Participants Records Other Community members

Document Review Physical Inventory

School Heads Project Participants PSDS EPS

Interviews with project participants Interviews with the community Document Review

School Heads Project Participants EPS

Both Qualitative Project and Quantitative Participants School Heads EPS Community

Mostly Qualitative

Activities Reports

Project Participants

Interview project

Project Duration

End of the Project

with School Heads Project


could be shared with others?

Community Members School Heads EPS

participants, community, school heads, EPS

Participants EPS End of the Project



Budget Items


Amount Counterpart Sponsoring


Agency/Com pany/Organi zation

1. 3rd Anniversary of the Tree- Snacks, Planting, Growing and Caring Seedlings, Prizes Program for the Environmental Games

2. Launching of the NGP-Green 1. Launching of Power Movement the Program -2 snacks & 1 lunch - P 140 x 252 pax & guests - Two (2) tarpaulin(plywood size) - 960 pcs plastic bags (20 bags for each school) - backdrop/ accommodation/ certificates, and other operational expenses -souvenir mugs - t-shirts for the participants with the motto of the program “Think

P2000 (MOOE)

Jollibee (40 Yum Burger), Prov’l Agriculture Office (Seedlings) , YES-O fund(Prizes and Drinks City Governmen t of Masbate 15,000 (w/o lunch)

P 59, 490

960 (YES-O) MOOE

P3 750 (YES-O)

P35 (City



Green, Go Green.”- P252 x 140 3. Quarterly Updating Advisers

Meeting with the

and YES-O

Governmen t) 2 500 (YES-O)

Snacks, folder

4. Conference with the Division Snacks, materials YES-O Officers (pupils/students/advisers) re the forthcoming 4th Division YES Camp 5. Integrate in SEMBREAK Training some environmental concepts 6. Monitoring of the Green Power Movement Sub-Programs/YESO implementation

7. Gathering

of School Accomplishments re YES-O or any environmental activities 8. Conduct of the 4th Division YES Camp

9. Conduct a fund raising activity for the YES-O entitled “Pamaskong Handog ng YES-O”

10. Hold a contest for the “Best

Training Materials, Speakers Travel Allowance

School MOOE

Documentation Soft & Hard copies, Binding Camp Materials, Contest Materials Snacks of Judges & Facilitators Certificates and Wards, Crown, sash, T-shirts, etc. Raffle Tickets, Konsiyerto para sa Kalikasan, Food of the Performers T-shirts Certificates Certificates, Cash Award


Lantern” made of Indigenous or Recycled Materials 11. Identifying Best School Travel Allowance Program Implementers/Teacher/Advise r/Pupil/Student/Organization


Jollibee Yum Burger Snacks for the Team Aksyon Padayon Car from the City Gov.

Registration Fee MOOE

City Government Financial Assistance P15000

P38 000


City Gov. Sound System, Accommodat ion

P30, 000


YES-O Fund




for this SY 2011-2012 12. Awarding of Plaque of Recognition, Cash courtesy of the City Government to the Division Best Program Implementers 13. Submitting the List of Recommendees for the Regional Level Search 14. Conduct Tree-Planting Activity in the Tugbo WaterShed 15. Monitoring of schools to sustain the implementation of environmental programs and project

Certificates, MOOE Plaque, Ink, Specialty paper

City Gov. P12000


PENROSeedlings Jollibee Yum Burger Snacks for the Team Aksyon Padayon Car from the City Gov.

Travel Allowance


P1200 0

16. Debriefing on YES-O Program Implementation

Prepared By: JEMNAH A. MACABE, Ph. D. EPS I-Science Division YES-O Coordinator Approved: NENE R. MERIOLES Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Officer-in-Charge



I. BACKGROUND Masbate City Division is now on its fourth year of implementing YES-O in all public and private elementary and secondary schoo...

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