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KNOW & TRUST Introducing the Cherry Hill Community Directory! Inside, neighbors will be able to find the Cherry Hill businesses near them. Companies will be listed alphabetically and by industry.


Our mission is a grass root’s effort to keep our community and businesses thriving. Neighbors can help by buying goods and services within Cherry Hill. This directory will give them the resources to do just that! Be a part of Cherry Hill’s growth!

SHOP LOCALLY keep our community working!


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Cherry Hill COMMUNITY Directory? Neighbors do business with people they know and trust. • 7,000 directories will be distributed throughout Cherry Hill. • Cherry Hill organizations such as places of worship, senior clubs, swim clubs, athletic organizations, etc will be given the opportunity to give out the directories to their members. • Each listing allows for a business to make note of their Cherry Hill affiliations. This will help strengthen a company’s ties to the community Examples: - East Graduate, Woodcrest Swim Club, CHALL - Resident of Cherry Hill - Cherry Hill Business est. in 1985 - CHYAA, Annual Sponsor

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MH Design Company.....................856-912-9930

Michelle Helfrich, President

PO Box 8427 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 • fax: 856-428-0267 CHYAA • KESC • CHSC • Christ Our Light • Kingston

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MH Design Company.....................856-912-9930

Michelle Helfrich, President

PO Box 8427 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 • fax: 856-428-0267 CHYAA • KESC • CHSC • Christ Our Light • Kingston

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• QR Codes can be linked directly to a restaurant’s menu, making it convenient for on-the-go families. • Participating storefronts will be supplied directories in plexiglass holder to display. Participating service providers will be given directories for their clients and prospects. • Companies displayed in both an alphabetical and industry category listing.

MH Design Company.....................856-912-9930

Michelle Helfrich, President

PO Box 8427 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 • fax: 856-428-0267 CHYAA • KESC • CHSC • Christ Our Light • Kingston

* QR Codes and storefront photography can be provided for an additional $25 per image.



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Accountants Advertising/Marketing Appraisers Attorneys Auto/Truck Rental Auto Dealers Auto Repair Bakeries Banks Barber Shops Beauty Salons/Nail Salons Book Stores Car Wash Cleaners Clothing Stores Coaches, Counselors, Therapists Computers Convenience Stores Dance Instruction Day Care Day Spa Education Electronics Employment Agencies Entertainment/Recreation

Financial Planning Florists Funeral Homes Furniture Gift Shops Golf Courses & Country Clubs Grocery Stores Healthcare Services Health and Fitness Heating and Air Hobbies Home Care Providers Home Goods Home Improvement Hotels and Meeting Facilities Houses of Worship Insurance Insurance Adjusters Interior Design Jewelers Liquor Stores Locksmith Mail Services Martial Arts Newspapers/Publications

Non-/Not-for-Profit Org Nutrition Office Supplies Paving Companies Personal Trainer Pest Control Pets Pharmacies Printing/Signs Real Estate Agents Real Estate Title Insurance Restaurants/Catering Retail Retirement Communities Storage Swim Clubs Sporting Goods Sports Facilities Tanning Salons Travel Agents Video Games Website Developers Weight Loss

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Mail completed order form with payment to: MH Design Company • PO Box 8427 • Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Tel: 856-912-9930 • Fax: 856-428-0267 TERMS AND CONDITIONS Listings will not be published without receipt of full payment. Renewal Policy: A renewal authorization email will be sent 30 days prior to Spring 2013 publication. Renewal for direct reprint of listing is $75, $125 or $175. Any changes to listings are subject to 2012 rates. Initial ______________ General Policies: All listings are subject to the approval of the publisher. Advertisers must agree to indemnify and protect the publisher from loss, expenses, claims or suits based upon contracts of the subject matters of such listing. This includes, but is not limited to suits for libel, plagiarism and copyright. All Advertisers will be given an electronic proof for their listing. Advertiser must approve proof before printing. MH Design Company takes no responsibility for any errors that occur on a listing that was approved by Advertiser. All deposits are non-refundable. Advertiser/Advertising Agent represents and warrants that MH Design Company, LLC is permitted to publish advertiser’s listing. Any cancellations by advertiser must be received by MH Design Company, LLC in writing before the closing deadline. The Advertiser is still responsible to pay the full amount of the applicable listing.

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2012 Spring Cherry Hill Community Directory  

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