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Research into the Music Video Industry

By Mary Heimsath How are Music Videos made? Making music videos is a time consuming process and needs to be properly planned before shooting. The first step is stimulating ideas from an initial piece of music and the input of the artists is important at this point as they will have their own ideas and once an idea or concept or story has been decided it's necessary to create an animatic or storyboard.

If the music video is a big production it's necessary to get the right group of people to assist you. This includes a director to lead the shooting and generally manage all aspects on set, a cameraman to control the camera and position it correctly, a "gaffer� who ensures that the set and artist is lit correctly and everything is ready to shot, soundman to record any additionally sound or dialouge for the video and make up and wardrobe people to make sure the artist is suitably costumed for the video. Furthermore should the video require more people than just the artists than it's important to cast the other characters before shooting. The next big task would be scouting for locations. Not only do they need to match your vision but they also need to be filming friendly so small spaces probably won't be a wise idea. It's also important to ask for permission if you're intending to use a location owned by someone. The video should be ready to shot at this point and it's important to set the stae before filming so that the lighting can be set up and the mise-en-scene set if necessary along with the actor's marks put in place. The camera needs to set up correctly so, for example for an establishing shot a tripod will need to be used. Having a variety of shots is good as it means for to choose from in the editing process.

After filming the video the post production stage begins. The video needs to be transferred to a computer and you need to be ready with editing software. All the shots will need to be looked at and sorted so as to have the best shots for the end video. The track will then need to be layed on and the performance with need to be in synch with the track. Once edited the video will need to be rendered and will then be completed.

What is the production process? The production process is all the work put into the video before filming ends and that includes planning, casting, scouting and shooting. It is therefore everything prior to the editing stage.

What is the purpose of a music video for the companies/artists that make them? A music video promotes the song and as a result sells singles and albums. It is also a good marketing and promotional tool as it boosts the artists profile and gives the label some status.

Who are some famous music video directors and why are their videos so well-known/successful? David Andrew Leo Fincher is an American film and music video director who is known for his dark and stylish thrillers, such as Alien 3 , Seven , The Game , Fight Club , Panic Room and Zodiac. Fincher directed big budget music videos for artists such as Madonna (including "Express Yourself", "Vogue", "Oh Father" and "Bad Girl"), Billy Idol ("Cradle of Love"), Aerosmith ("Janie's Got a Gun"), The Rolling Stones (including "Love Is Strong"), Roy Orbison ("She's a Mystery to Me"), George Michael ("Freedom '90"), The Motels "Shame", Michael Jackson ("Who Is It"). His video for Don Henley's "The End of the Innocence" won Henley the MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video in 1990. He also earned back-to-back MTV Video Music Awards for Best Direction in 1989 for "Express Yourself" and in 1990 for "Vogue". In 1990, he earned three of the four available nominations in the Best Direction category.

How much money is usually spent on the average music video? According to research, an average, fairly low budget music video would cost a minimum of £50,000. However this can go anything up to $500,000 or even more. For example, Michael Jackson’s music video for scream cost $7,000,000 to make. It really does depend on how well known the artist is, a new artist/band will not have a very large budget to spend on hiring all of the crew to create a video quite as large.

Have any been made cheaply or are there any that have had huge budgets? OK Go is an American alternative rock band well known for their quirky, low budget music videos. The 2006 video for "Here It Goes Again", in which the band performed a complex routine with the aid of motorized treadmills, has received over 50 million views four years later.

Like I've mentioned before the Michael Jackson music video for "Scream" cost on estimate $7,000,000 and is believed to still be the most expensive music video ever made.

How do audiences access music videos? Where can they be seen? There are numerous ways for audiences to access music videos with the most popular way being online and more specifically on YouTube. Millions of users watch YouTube as the videos are easily accessible. Moreover music videos can be watched on music channels such as VIVA or MTV or chart shows at the end of the week.

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