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Job Title: Deputy Director - Operations Department: Operations Reports To: Chief Operating Officer Date: August 1, 2017

EEOC Class: Professional FLSA Status: Exempt

Job Summary The Deputy Director – Operations is responsible for managing Midwest Housing Equity Group’s (“MHEG”) day-to-day operations. This person ensures smooth operations and efficiency. Leads day to day Enterprise Risk Management Function. Will liaise with senior leadership to make decisions for IT, Physical Plant and Equipment, Employee Benefits, Enterprise Risk Management, Insurance, Contract Management and Human Resources. This individual works with MHEG management, vendors, IT staff and other service providers. This individual also helps foster strong relationships with our various partners and potential partners. Job Duties and Responsibilities 

IT Systems/Processes/Procedures o Develop and implement annual, 3-year and 5-year budgets o Coordinate/manage bi-annual Vulnerability Assessment and any required remediation actions. o Manage relationship with third-party IT service providers. o Coordinate IT service between staff and service provider. o Arrange IT training as appropriate

Physical Plant & Equipment o Develop and implement annual budget for office leases and equipment expense. o Manage relationships w/ landlords for four different office sites, including maintenance needs. o Manage procurement process for all equipment and supplies o Together with COO, negotiate/renegotiate office leases, and negotiate tenant improvement projects. o Manage Company’s auto fleet, including oversight of maintenance and enforcement of polices.

Employee Benefits o Administer, with substantial assistance from Corporate Communications & HR Administrator, employee benefits programs: (e.g., retirement plan, executive health plan, automobile plan, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, Section 125 cafeteria plan, supplemental health/life plans, education allowance, etc.) o Survey industry and community to determine Company's competitive position in employee benefits. o Together with senior management, analyze/develop specifications for modifying existing employee benefit programs.

o Together with Retirement Plan Trustees and legal counsel, assure Company compliance with provisions of Employee Retirement Income Security Act. o Supervise preparation of Company-level reports and applications required by law to be filed with federal and state agencies, such as Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, insurance commissioners, and other regulatory agencies. 

Insurance o Develop experience data and, together with insurance broker, solicits insurance companies for quotations. Evaluates quotations and makes recommendations to management regarding same. o Review and update the Liability Insurance, Office Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insurance [Cyber Insurance, ERISA Fidelity Coverage]. o Analyze and review yearly rates for insurance renewals from current carrier and other carriers who submitted bids o Lead, together with insurance broker, the negotiation, placement and ongoing management of all lines of business insurance (e.g., D&O, liability, property/casualty - [Worker’s Compensation; Management Liability-D & O Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary Liability; Commercial Package-Property, General Liability, Umbrella/Excess Liability, Crime, Business Auto, Terrorism; Cyber Liability, ERISA Fidelity Coverage.] o Prepare renewal specifications, gather accurate and complete underwriting data, negotiate terms and conditions of coverage, evaluate adequacy and scope of coverage, assess the financial solvency of participating insurance carriers, internal budgeting, endorsement documentation, competitive pricing, recordkeeping o Coordinate claims management process. Together w/ CEO, determine when claims should be submitted vs self-funded. o Together w/ COO, evaluate, negotiate, and manage relationships with current and potential brokers, insurers, third party administrators, and other service providers o

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)/Insurance o Implement, with Senior Management, Company’s ERM program, including ongoing risk identification, assessment and mitigation plans. o Direct the annual update of ERM framework. Work with senior management to update ERM reviews and prepare reports to Company’s Board of Directors. o Analyze options, recommend actions, develop policies, programs, and procedures to mitigate loss exposure and drive efficiencies and effectiveness. o Develop, integrate and implement Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plans, ensuring our ability to timely restore business activities in the event of a business interruption.

Contract Management o Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors

o Ensures contracts contain Company-mandated provisions: indemnification, insurance, bonding, non-disclosure, termination, etc. o Coordinates with legal counsel to ensure above. o Assures counter-party compliance with key terms and conditions (insurance, bonding, cyber-security) o Recommends to senior management ways to implement improvements to processes and systems. 

Human Resources o Ensure that Company runs with legality and conformity to established regulations o Together w/ Corporate Communications/HR Administrator and legal counsel, review and update employee manual and job descriptions on an “as needed” basis. o Revise and/or formulate corporate policies and promote their implementation

Other: o Such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Managerial Responsibility – Supervises up to three direct reports, including administrative team members Knowledge, Skill, Licenses, Competency Requirements 

Working knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management for mid-size businesses

Working knowledge of employee benefits programs and insurance

Working knowledge of basic financial accounting principles.

     

Familiarity with various IT systems and processes Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to develop and grow professional relationships. Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting. Strong sense of curiosity and willingness to learn. Strong organizational skills; ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks at any given time. Strong analytical skills; attention to detail and accuracy a must. Ability to identify and solve complex problems. Must possess and maintain a valid Driver’s License.

  

Education, Experience  

Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, business/operations management or related field or equivalent professional experience. Seven+ years prior experience in business/operations management or related field.

Computer Skills

Highly proficient with Microsoft Office, Adobe and virtual data rooms.

Work Environment Work takes place in a typical office environment equipped with a computer, phone, copier/printer and other standard office supplies. 

Some overnight and day travel is required (e.g., visiting remote offices throughout Midwest, attending conferences)

Physical Requirements    

Ability to work under pressure, including evening and weekends during peak periods. Ability to travel via aircraft and automobile for extended periods of time (i.e., ability to take long flights and drives). Ability to work in typical office environment: type, use a computer, see computer screens and read/comprehend numerous financial, operational, IT and insurance reports. When traveling, incumbent may be exposed to varying environmental conditions (e.g., inclement weather, crowded or unsanitary conditions, dirt, dust, construction work).

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Deputy director operations (8 17) ad