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MARIE–HÉLÈNE CUSSAC 8 rue françois mouthon . 75 015 paris . france . tel : +33 672 67 52 57 . email : . french . 17 october 1978


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2007 – 2010 Brussels, B

 Generation Europe Foundation Communication Manager  Editor of the Europa Diary 2009-2010, 3.5 M copies in EU 27 (15-18 year olds), 23 languages, 29 editions, 96 A4 pages of editorial content. Management of editorial team + daily correspondence with 14 DGs of the European Commission (57 texts)  Editor of GE Vibes, monthly (19-29 year olds) now called Buzz  Web editor  Initiated & ran various international surveys on youth health & youth employment

2005 – 2007 Brugge, B

 College of Europe Project Manager  Conception and running of training courses in EU affairs (seminars, workshops, summer schools) + Project management (marketing, communication, financial planning, budget management, contractual relations, etc.)  Conferences and big-scale events organisation (EU-wide), Public Relations, ex of recent event I entirely designed:  Business development - Development of a strong network of contacts with key decision-makers for project development (e.g. in the Southern Caucasus)  Editor and writer of the EUROPE DIRECT monthly newsletter (Service Contract with DG COMM of the European Commission)

2005 – 2006 Brussels, B Salzburg, AT

 European Economic and Social Committee (with the Austrian Presidency of the EU) Part-time consultant Conference: “The Sound of Europe”, Salzburg, 27-28 January 2006 (  Managing of minutes taking (team of 5 people)  Responsible for drafting: Verbatim of all conference proceedings (ISBN 92-830-0611-9) + Conclusions of the conference in the EECS Special Reviews (catalogue number: EESC – C2006-05-EN)

2004 – 2008 Brussels, B

 European Union Youth Orchestra Part-time Consultant  2005 onwards: EUYO Communication + organisation of the EUYO national auditions in Belgium  2004 – 2005: Survey: “The Status of the Private Sponsoring in the Arts” • Questionnaire writing + analysis of collected data (over 80 companies consulted) • Research and communication skills with the corporate and non-EU sectors

2004 – 2005 Brussels, B

 Palmer/Rae Associates Project Assistant  Developped project proposals (cultural policies and conflict prevention) + Coordination of projects + Funding schemes  Office management + Website management

2003 Brussels, B

 EIPAL - European Institute for Public Affairs and Lobbying Communications Manager  Restructure EIPAL communication strategy : website – advertising – press contacts

2002 – 2003 Brussels, B

Freelance communications consultant Teaching / conferences / seminars in France (i.e. ESCP Europe) & Belgium on intercultural communication and intercultural management

 Ambassade de France en Belgique - Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle Trainee  Encourage the participation of French cultural institutes abroad to the framework programmes of the European Commission: Surveys + Organisation of a « Culture 2000 » workshop for the Foreign Service network days)  Assisted France Coopération Internationale (networked French Foreign Service and Commission officials)

2002 Brussels, B

 European Commission – Education And Culture Directorate General Policy and Framework Programmes Unit (« Culture 2000 ») Trainee  Research and editing of dossiers concerning cultural industries + initiated contact with music and book industries: Knowledge of cultural networks/interest groups  Reporting (English/French): Inter-institutional relations (cultural committee meetings at the Council and European Parliament)  Web Communication: Updating + Drafting for the Newsletter Elected Member of the Committee of Trainees  Vice-treasurer (overall budget : €75,000) – charity fundraising (€50,000) – conference officer

2000 – 2001

Florida Atlantic University, College of Arts and Letters, Department of Languages and Linguistics

Boca Raton, USA

Graduate Teaching Assistant  French teacher to 1st to 4th year students: Communicative Approach Teaching methods  IT-Assistant for the Foreign Languages and Media Center of FAU

2001 Boca Raton, USA

 Florida Atlantic University, College of Arts and Letters, Department of Vocal Studies Piano Accompanist

1997, 98, 2001 Dublin, et al., IRL

 Euro Languages College, Eire (Clongowes Wood College - Ennis College) French teacher (to young teenagers)

EDUCATION 2003 – 2004 Bruges, B

 College of Europe MA in European Political and Administrative Studies – Mention Bien  Thesis: European Security and European Neighbourhood Policy in the Southern Caucasus Mention Très Bien/First Class Honours  Specific courses: Transatlantic relations - Interest Representation - Media & communication

2001 – 2002 Belfast, UK

 Queen’s University Belfast - Dept. of Anthropology PhD in Ethnomusicology, 1st year – (Arts and Humanities Research Board Award)  Focus : Ethnic Identity Issues - Intercultural Communication - Culture and Politics  PhD claim: Music as Rhetoric: In subaltern communities, musical practices constitute a rhetorical tool to achieve power in the public discourse. Subsequent to professional experiences in Brussels in 2002, I reconsidered the focus of my doctoral research.

2000 – 2001 Boca Raton, USA

 Florida Atlantic University - College of Arts and Letters MA, 1stt year (Graduate Teaching Assistant one-year contract)  Communication (Rhetoric - Intercultural Communication) and Musical studies

1996 – 2000 Durham, UK Clermont-Fd, F

 Université B. Pascal, F - University of Durham, GB Maîtrise d’Anglais LLCE (MA) – Mention Très Bien/First Class Honours  English and American literature - history - linguistics - critical theory - translation  Special course : Teaching of French as a Foreign Language  MA dissertation : Cajun culture and identity

1994 – 2000 Clermont-Fd, F

 Conservatoire National de Musique, France Diplôme de Fin d’Etudes en Formation Musicale – Mention Bien


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2003 2002

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NISA Award: award from the NATO International School of Azerbaijan (to attend a one-week seminar on security issues in the Caucasus and the Caspian region) Compagnia di San Paolo, the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the Volkswagen Stiftung – 3-day conference: Young Faces Conference - “ESDP Seven Years On: Back to the Future", part of the European Foreign and Security Policy Studies research and training programme (Turin) Stiftung Genshagen scholarship to attend a one-week seminar: "The European Union and its neighbours: designing a European neighbourhood policy. The possibilities of cooperation between the European institutions, the member states and non-governmental organisations" (Berlin) EIPAL Certificate awarded by the European Institute for Public Affairs & Lobbying (Brussels) European Forum Alpbach Grant - scholarship to attend the two-week forum in Alpbach, Austria AHRB Award UK Arts and Humanities Research Board (declined after reconsideration of research focus)

Achievements 2007

2004 onwards 2003 onwards 2003 2002

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EastWest Institute & Madariaga Foundation - Expert meeting: “An energy community for the South Caspian region – New benefits for regional actors” Creation of a non-for-profit organisation, « Forum Alpbach France », Secretary General (Paris) « Alpbach Team Europe » , Vice President, in charge of the Grant Scheme (Brussels) Set up of the College of Europe Vocal Ensemble Elected National Delegate of Generation Europe for France – Youth Summit 2002 on CSR (Brussels) Spokesperson, Anthropology Department students to the Faculty, Queen’s University Belfast Creation of a non-for-profit organisation « Field Hollers », Gospel songs and Negro spirituals ensemble

LANGUAGES & I.T. SKILLS French English German Dutch, Spanish, Italian Russian I.T. skills

Mother tongue Fluent Good Read-Understood Beginner’s level Microsoft Office – Dreamweaver – FTP(Web CEO) – InDesign – Adobe Acrobat – Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress


Fieldwork for cultural studies: e.g. by myself and on my own initiative: Haiti - the Dominican Republic (2001) and Thailand (2007) Rowing (1999-2000, 2001-2002) Music: Piano – Clarinet – Choral/Soloist singing (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles)