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Supporting carers, relatives and friends of people with mental ill health. OUR VISION An inclusive community where people affected by mental ill health are understood, respected, valued and supported to build their capacities and improve their quality of life.

‘Succeeding Together’

A member of the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

We are funded by the Department of Health and Human Services

Mental Health Carers Tasmania is a statewide leader in the provision of Mental Health carer support. We aim to improve the quality of life for the one in five Tasmanian families, friends, carers and people living with mental health issues and mental illness. Carers are people who provide unpaid physical, practical or emotional support to a family member, friends, neighbours or colleagues with mental ill health. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: »» Telephone information and referral »» Peer support groups, day and evening »»



»» »» »»

»» Carer education, workshops and seminars

»» Forums and education to community, services, Connecting people with schools and professional networks, services and workforces from a carer community groups perspective Carer engagement and »» Provide systemic participation through advocacy from a carer/ Regional advisory family perspective groups drawing upon lived experience to improve Facilitate carer mental health services representation on committees, boards, »» Regular e-newsletters organisations and networks »» National links and access to information Financial and nonfinancial membership »» Input into State and National research, Resources and libraries policy review and development Community awareness and education

CONTACT US VIA: 03 6228 7448 (South) 03 6349 1121 (North) 03 6441 5280 (North West)

MHCTas Information Flyer  

Information Flyer for Mental Health Carers Tasmania

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