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DA NANG Pocket Guide

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Da Nang Chris Streets

Da Nang is an increasingly popular tourist destination and was voted Travelers’ Choice Destination on the Rise (2015) by TripAdvisor users.

Trung Quang


On the east side of Da Nang

Da Nang Visitor Center

A spectacular white sand beach stretches from Son Tra Peninsula to Hoi An. The beach is a popular spot for surfing, parasailing, jetskiing, banana boating, and playing beach volleyball. It is often quiet during the day as locals prefer to swim and play football in the late afternoon.



The city center is on the west side of the river, where you can take a walk along Bach Dang Street, a great place to have a relaxing coffee break after visiting Da Nang’s museums and temples or shopping for souvenirs at the Han Market. Tall buildings, some with rooftop bars, line the Han River and provide spectacular nighttime views of the neon-lit city.

At night check out Bach Dang Street’s lively bars or head to the beach district on the east side for a quieter atmosphere. Live music can be found every night throughout the city.


The Han River divides the city into an east and west side and is crossed by a series of bridges, including the fire breathing Dragon Bridge. On the beach, the Cham Islands are visible to the southeast, they are a cool spot for scuba diving, snorkelling, and overnight stays. Another island closer to Da Nang and also great for snorkeling, watersports, and fishing is Ngoc Island on the north side of Son Tra Peninsula. Looking northeast, the bright white Lady Buddha overlooks the bay from the bottom of Son Tra Peninsula, which is home to several families of rare Red Shanked Douc monkeys. Da Nang is home to several craft villages that are easily accessible from the city. They produce a variety of

goods such a mats, marble sculptures, sesame cakes, and rice paper. Da Nang makes a great base for day trips such as the winding Hai Van Pass with serene views of idyllic beaches just 32 km to the north and Marble Mountain just 5 km to the south. Here you can visit Non Nuoc marble sculpture village, go rock climbing, and see multiple Buddhist shrines and temples. Be sure to read the rest of the Vietnam Pocket Guide Da Nang to discover more about what to do and see in Da Nang.


Da Nang’s Beaches Jacob Martin

Framed by mountains to the north and south, Da Nang beach sits on a gently sloped coastline and can generally be separated into four named beaches Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe, My An, and Non Nuoc. The views here are truly scenic with the stark white figure of the Lady Buddha surrounded by jungle and perched on the peninsula watching the beach-goers and fishermen. The white mists of cloud pass over the mountaintops in the afternoon and out to the ocean and unbroken blue horizon. Visitors and locals walk up and down the shoreline throughout the day taking in the still relatively undisturbed natural beauty.


For a place to rest, local women run refreshment shops that offer a beach chair in the shade of a palm frond umbrella for 20,000₫ per day. They also chop open coconuts and serve cool beers and smoothies.

There’s always some activity happening on My Khe and My An Beach and much of it is free to the public. The surf here can get pretty big in the mornings and evenings. Lines of surfers bob in the water and on some days catch a nice ride. There’s also a small community of kite-surfers who call Da Nang home and go out in the right conditions. Fishermen are spaced out along the shoreline all day long. When the sun begins set locals come out to exercise and play beach soccer and volleyball at the free goals and nets. A well kept boardwalk runs along the sandy beach and as the sun gets low couples arrive and occupy the stone benches. The road along the boardwalk is home to a number of local seafood restaurants with live fish, shellfish and crabs in tubs and cooked to order. Later venues serving beer and showing live music open and are filled with locals and tourists alike. Da Nang’s long coastline allows for peaceful and relatively uncrowded enjoyment of the sea. My Khe Beach is the most well

known and acts as lifestyle center of Eastside Da Nang. It’s a beautiful place to spend a few days, a few weeks, or a few years.


Son Tra Peninsula Chris Charney

Trung Quang

As the steep jungle path leads to the top of Son Tra peninsula, try to keep an eye out for monkeys and the occasional motorbike speeding around the next blind curve.

The stunning glances of the ocean and city below peek through breaks in the forest canopy. Reaching a clearing towards the top of the hill at a government radio tower, make a left turn and see to a lookout pagoda high atop the hill. When parked below it and visitors can take the short trail to the top on foot.


Here is the reward—a stunning 360˚ view of the beaches and city, the shipyards and harbour, and the mouth of the Han River opening to the sea with the towering Hai Van mountain looming on the other side.

It’s a beautiful example of modern architecture mixed with ancient tradition and breath-taking natural landscape. A bronze statue of Confucius plays chess, a seemingly appropriate tribute to the man whose contributions to Eastern culture can be felt to this day.

Black Stone Beach

Son Tra Peninsula Map

OM Yard Radio Station

View Point Spanish & French War Graves Tien Sa Harbour


Helipad Chess Board Peak

Broadcast Towers

Dong Dinh Museum

Coral Area

Linh Ung Pagoda Man Thai Fishing Village

A good motorbike (with good brakes) is essential for this expedition to control the pace along the steepest parts of the road. Upon reaching the five-star resort at the end of the main road, the trail parts in the other direction, down a wooded path leading to the tip of the peninsula. It takes about ten minutes to reach the end of the trail where one giant banyan tree grows, estimated to be around 1000 years old. Its complex of roots has grown down to form secondary trunks supporting the massive structures mushrooming from the center. On the way back to Da Nang along the main road, pathways lead down the edge of the cliff to beautiful beaches below. The city lights spread out and the giant spot-lit Linh Ung Temple

Northern Tourism Area

Giant Banyan Tree Tranh Beach

Landslide Yard Gun Spur

and equally monolithic Lady Buddha statue stand with the world’s largest ferris wheel and sunset behind them. Da Nang being a seaport town, Lady Buddha is held dear amongst fishermen. She is known as the Goddess of the Eastern Sea bringing compassion and safe journeys.


Man Thai Fishing Village

Just to the north of Da Nang Beach, overturned mounds of traditional basket fishing boats spread over the sand. Offshore the long boats are moored and shift in the current. This is the Man Thai fishing village, the heart of Da Nang’s local fishing community. In the early morning hours the men of the community gather on the shore, lugging piles of net to their coracles and then offshore to the long boats. They bring in their catch and the wives and mothers bring it to market and to the fresh seafood restaurants that can be found all over the eastside of Da Nang. A number of festivals occur for the fishermen over the year, most to venerate the Lady Buddha who is said to watch over them as they make their sometimes dangerous voyages on the open water. The Cau Ngu festival is the most notable. The villagers worship whales to bring luck for the season ahead and prosperity for the year to come. Man Thai has preserved the local methods of fishing and a community spirit that remains untouched


by increasing tourism. To take in Vietnamese fishing life as it is and has been for decades prior, take a walk through Man Thai as the men unload their catch. Visit between five and seven in the morning to see the community at its busiest.

Ngoc Island

Lady Buddha

Lady Buddha, also known as the Statue of Bodhisattva of Mercy, overlooks Da Nang Bay near Son Tra Peninsula Beach and is believed by locals to protect and give strength to fishermen during storms. The statue is bright white and 67 meters tall, the surrounding pagoda complex was originally built in the 18th century during the reign of Emperor Ming Mang and has since been restored. When entering the plaza you pass through a three storey gateway and courtyard lined on both sides by 18 statues displaying a traditional spiritual rites that express love, hate, anger, and joy. Son Tra Peninsula 6am - 7pm everyday

Ngoc (Ruby) Island is just 15 km of the coast of Da Nang near Son Tra Peninsula and is also known as Hon Chao, Hon Son Tra, and Han Island. The picturesque island is only 1.5 km wide and features still coves, white sand beaches, forested mountains, and impressive rock formations. You can go snorkelling in the clear water and experience the rich marine wildlife consisting of 144 coral species, 135 species of seaweed and 162 species of colorful fish.

The waters surrounding the island are also perfect for jet-skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and fishing trips with local fishermen who teach you to cast large nets. Da Nang Ocean Tours regularly runs trips to Ngoc Island.


Experienced staff Great prices


Safe and high quality tours and services Planned to needs of any customers

Take in the city skylines and mountain ridges on our river tours: Dawn / sunset on the Han river Han River yacht trip at night

Explore Da Nang Rent a boat or canoe Go jet skiing, parasailing or banana boating on the Han River Take a jeep tour of Son Tra Peninsula

Ngoc Island by speedboat, picnic included (overnight/day trips) Son Tra Peninsula by speedboat, picnic included (day trip) Around Son Tra Peninsula by speed boat (day trip) FĂ­shing tour (day trip) To Cham Island from Da Nang K33/22 Ong Ich Khiem, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City 093 559 0592 - 090 513 5098

MAP: 7A-1 19

Han River Franicis Wallington

The wide and lazy Han River separates the bustling heart of the city from the more relaxed and touristy beach side. Along the Han lie an abundance of attractions for locals and tourists. The Han River boasts seven bridges that link the two sides of the city, each trying to outdo the others in neon-lit brilliance. The most iconic Cau Rong – the Dragon Bridge – resembles a magnificent golden dragon, chameleon-like after sunset as lights cast a rainbow of colours. Make sure to be at the bridge’s eastern entrance at 9pm Saturday and Sunday to witness the dragon’s head breathe fire and spurt water over the crowd gathered below. Further north is the Han Bridge, the first swing bridge built in Vietnam. Every Sunday at 11pm this


Trung Quang

impressive suspension bridge spins on its axis allowing shipping traffic to pass through.

Trung Quang

Crossing over the Dragon Bridge from the beach side and taking the first right puts you at the beginning of what is considered Da Nang’s most beautiful street: Bach Dang. Like most riverside roads in Vietnam, this one-way boulevard is named after a victorious battle against the Chinese, but in Da Nang the street is popular for its vibrant nightlife. Straight away you may see locals, young and old, ballroom dancing on the promenade in the glow of the Dragon Bridge.

Trung Quang

Dinh Tran

Walking farther north to the Han bridge you’ll pass coffee shops, restaurants, and bars overflowing with people most nights of the week. The grand French architecture of several of the political buildings dotted along the street stand since colonial times. Looking back to the water you’ll notice a precession of fairy-lit boats queued along a wharf, each offering hour-long round trips down the Han River. The boats range in size and condition, and offer a great opportunity to soften the din of the traffic and relax while sailing through the animated city of Da Nang.


for social life day and night. In the morning and afternoon hours, cafes offer coconuts and juices, coffee (western and Vietnamese styles), and as many types of food as a traveler could imagine, all from terraces overlooking the scenic Han and it’s many bridges. The walkway that parallels the river plays host to joggers, cyclists, and various groups doing traditional dances or yoga in the relaxing breeze. Trung Quang

Bach Dang Street

Trung Quang

The Han River threads through the center of Da Nang and in many ways is the focal point of life in the city. It separates the city side from the beach side. It ferries the lighted riverboats and their music through the cityscape and serves as a throughway for fishermen and shipments.

As the sun goes down, the bars open their doors and begin to crowd with expats, locals, and tourists alike. Bach Dang has a variety of nightlife options on offer from laidback reggae bars to live music venues to clubs that bounce pop and house late into the night. Late night open-air restaurants on the street serve up steaming hot pots and outdoor grills where parties of locals tend to get together and celebrate after work. Bach Dang Street is one of the liveliest streets in the city and almost impossible to avoid on a trip to Da Nang.

Along the city side of the Han River, Bach Dang Street runs from the large ferris wheel visible on the skyline to the major bridges connecting the two sides of the city. It serves as the main drag


When cruising up and down this busy thoroughfare be sure to stop in some local shops and take in the color that lights up the Da Nang skyline as reflected off the Han River.

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge, a new symbol of Da Nang, locally known as Cau Rong. It was built in 2009 and every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm the dragon’s head spectacularly breathes fire and water. The bridge also provides excellent photo opportunities of the nearby Han Bridge and neon lit Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Street vendors offer refreshments and local snacks on the surrounding streets.

River Cruise Tours Da Nang Ocean Tours Opposite to Novotel 093 578 7764 / 093 559 0592 Tau Rong Song Han Opposite to Cham Museum 097 303 1863 / 093 586 8508 Phu Quy Opposite to Novotel 097 581 6279 Nguyen Eco Opposite to Novotel 090 577 8973 / 097 303 1863 Entrance ticket: 100,000₫ - 150,000₫/pax 7pm - Duration: 2 hours

MAP: 4E-1

Da Nang Kayaking Club

Go kayaking on the Han River with our well trained instructors. Beside Sea Dragon Statue 5pm - 7pm 098 381 1511 - 0167 956 9789 100,000₫ (4-9 people) 75.000₫ / (10+ people)



Marble Mountains Jacob Martin

Looking south from Da Nang Beach the rocky peaks of the Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son in Vietnamese) rise above the roofs of homes and resorts. As the road curves toward the mountain, large stone dragons and seated figures of Buddha—the famous carvings of the Non Nuoc village— line the roadway. The mouth of a cave looms from the base of the mountain and inside visitors can descend into caverns dedicated to the dead in the nine floors of Buddhist hell, locally known as Âm Phủ cave. An altar rests below a stone stele for lost soldiers of past conflicts. Incense burns and locals stop to pray and leave offerings. In the inner sanctum a large Buddha presides over the spiral staircase leading deeper underground.


The final ascent to the peak, The Road to Paradise, can make for a strenuous climb. The stairs that lead to the antechamber cave, where sun breaks through the ceiling in beams, give way to natural marble boulders that pile on each other until they culminate at the peak. The final summit and descent runs about 15 minutes of rough terrain, so close-toed shoes recommended.

Ducking under low gaps chiseled from the cave at each landing, along the staircase statues act out ritual punishments for different types of sin. Returning to the daylight, a stone stairway carved into the rock leads up to the summit of Thủy Sơn Mountain. There’s also a glass elevator (15,000₫ extra) at the base, which may be the better option for those not outfitted for extensive climbing. The path up widens at spots housing plazas where ornate pagodas reach skyward and around certain bends it passes through caves that hold Cham altars and Buddhist shrines. All the while, it ascends higher by the step and coastline and landscape spread out in spectacular views.

The climb down stops off in Huyen Khong or “light room,” a vaulted cave where strips of sunlight fall on the finely carved facades of pagodas. This is the most stunning of the caves and the finale of the trip from the depths of a cave for the damned to the summit of Marble Mountain long ago dedicated to paradise. Tourist Support Office 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, DN 0511 224 3201 - 090 589 1112 7am - 5:30pm Ticket Prices:

Am Phu Cave: 15,000₫ Thuy Son Mountain: 15,000₫ Elevator: 15,000₫/way Tour Guide: 50,000₫/group


VQA Photo

Hai Van Pass Jacob Martin

The onset of the pass crosses a railway track and begins a steep swing up the mountainside. The roadway sweeps up in deep curves that border sharp cliffs where over the low stone guardrails often the only sights are the tips of treetops and the unbroken blue bank of sky. As riders climb higher the bends become sharper and more frequent as the peak approaches— enough to start some flutters in the stomach.



Stretching over the ridges of the Truong Son Range that juts into Eastern Sea, Hai Van Pass winds around cliffs and huge banks of jungle and rock face. The primary link between Da Nang and Hue, the pass rises to 496 m (1,627ft.) at its peak and boasts picturesque views of the tree line sloping to the untouched coast below.


At the peak a small rest station welcomes visitors with local food and coffee on offer. The peak is occupied by Cham ruins riddled with bullet holes and flanked by a deteriorated Liberation Forces’ outpost from the American War. Cement turrets stand guard over the ridges and villages visible in all directions, now thronged in tourists posing for photographs and locals selling coffee, jewelry, and trinkets. The pass then begins its sharp descent toward Lang Co and the road to Hue. Riders can mostly coast downhill as the wind whooshes past and the shoreline rushes up to meet them. This trip should only be attempted by riders with some experience and faith in the reliability of their bikes (especially the brakes for the descent). The slope of the mountain levels out and as the last corner is turned a spectacular blue bay comes into view, bordered by trees

and peppered with local fishing boats. Returning to sea-level visitors can continue on to Lang Co, a crystal blue fishing lagoon backgrounded by mountainsides coated in light haze. Local restaurants balance over the water on stilts, where the serene views and fresh fish provide an opportunity to rest while the fishermen glide over the still water in the distance.


Stay & Relax Jacob Martin

The range of resorts, hotels, hostels, and homestays in Da Nang can accommodate the needs and preferences of any traveler. If luxury and celebration are on the agenda, the city is flush with top-tier resorts and hotels that offer elegantly furnished rooms, rooftop dining, and all the services one would expect of such a place. If budget is the target, inexpensive hostels, hotels and homestays pepper the city and the shoreline areas offering clean rooms and a warm welcome. Between the two extremes, mid-range hotels tailored to different themes and tastes abound throughout the city. No matter the budget or the occasion, there’s always a warm bed to return to.



Take a break for refreshments on the way to Son Tra Peninsula and choose from a great selection of Italian and Asian food, excellent fresh and homemade desserts. Afterwards enjoy a Lavana coffee or a cocktail while listening to great live music every night. Spend time at Jazz Hotel and Bar and take in the amazing view of Lady Buddha and the bay from your balcony or the hotel bar’s terrace. LIVE MUSIC! Everyday from 7pm - 11pm except Monday 68 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra District 0511 3911 996 | 0975 155 688 | MAP: 1A-1 29

MAP: 3C-1

Hadana Boutique Hotel Hadana Boutique and Hotel offers a slice of contemporary living along with charming Vietnamese hospitality. Take in spectacular views of the Han River and the beach at Sky Bar and Son Tra Peninsula Restaurant on the rooftop (11th floor) with Vietnamese and western cuisine. Facilities and services include a swimming pool, concierge and airport service, and laundry services. Fully relax at this beautiful 4-star hotel. Phแบกm Van Dong, Da Nang Lobby Bar: 10am - 11pm

Restaurant: 6:30am - 10pm 0511 392 3666


Diamond Sea Hotel

MAP: 2D-1

Located across from the beach, the beautiful Diamond Sea Hotel is great for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. The rooms are spacious and luxurious with ocean views. Take a swim in the rooftop pool with breath-taking views of Sun Tra Peninsula and afterwards enjoy our signature cocktails. 232 Vo Nguyen Giap, Da Nang 0511 393 9777 24 Hours

Richico Apartments & Hotel If you like to travel but still want the same comfort as at home, then check in at the modern and spacious Richico Apartments and Hotel just 5 minutes walk from the beach. 2-3 bedroom apartments with balconies, sea views, a dining room, mini bar, flat screen TV with cable channels and fully equipped kitchen. Great for long and short stays. 176-178 Nguyen Van Thoai, DN 0511 365 4407 – 091 967 5995 MAP: 2F-1


Da Nang Beach Apartments Located at K38, Le Quang Dao Street, only 5 minutes from the beach and 3km away from city center. Danang Beach Apartment provides 1-2 bedrooms in each apartment. We include all the facilities inside the room, such as air conditioning, TV, rice cooker, and microwave. D41, K38 Le Quang Dao, Da Nang 090 579 9266, 0511 392 9286 7am - 5pm MAP: 2G-1

Memory Hostel Stay in the heart of Da Nang at Memory Hostel designed in the styles of Champa architecture and rural Vietnam, just 30 seconds walk from Bach Dang Street. A retro interior decorated with recycled antiques. Perfect views of the Han River and Dragon Bridge from balconies and rooftop. 03 Tran Quoc Toan, Da Nang 0511 374 7797 MAP: 5C-1


MAP: 6B-1 / 2D-2

Funtastic Hostels Funtastic Hostels are the most seasoned hostels in Da Nang! With their dual locations, you can choose to stay in the heart of the city or next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Free daily bus to Hoi An and airport drop off. Hang out with fellow travellers in the common room (equipped with PS4), at the rooftop cinema or the underground bar every night. Excellent English speaking staff. Funtastic Danang Hostel: 115 Hai Phong, Da Nang

Funtastic Beach Hostel: K2/5 Ha Bong, Da Nang Advance email booking preferred 0511 392 8789 / 0511 389 2024 090 356 1777


Miami Spa

MAP: 1G-2

Relax and get rid of your aches and worries at Miami Spa. Try our range of massages, steam bath, sauna and nail services. 17 An Thuong 2, Da Nang 090 519 7856 9am- 10pm

Hong Yen Spa

MAP: 5A-2

Treat yourself in our modern and professional spa. Swedish, Vietnamese, hot stone and Himalayan salt stone massages by professional therapists. 43 Quang Trung, Da Nang 0511 221 8481 / 0511 360 7535 8am - 8:30pm

Ngoc Linh Spa Relax at Ngoc Linh Spa, just a short walk from Cham Museum with an experienced team of therapists certified by the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society. Enjoy full spa services including Thai massages, body oil massages and foot massages. Call or email to make an appointment. Recommended on TripAdvisor. 233 Tran Phu, Da Nang 0511 382 0647 / 096 772 5327 10am - 11pm MAP: 5D-2


Massages Let’s be honest, when travelling in Southeast Asia it can be tricky when trying to choose a spa or massage parlour. Some massage parlours offer experiences based on cultural traditions thousands of years old or modern spa services, while other providers focus their attention elsewhere. The things to look for in a professional massage parlor are large storefront windows that are well lit and visible from the street. They should also have a staff that looks like they were hired solely for their massage expertise. Anywhere with excessive neon, late hours, or a dark and closed exterior is probably not offering top quality massages.

Traditional Vietnamese Massages Massage therapy has been practiced as a method of preventing and treating diseases for thousands of years in Vietnam and has played an important role in preserving people’s health. They are locally known as tam quat and can be quite strong and hard with masseuses occasionally walking on your back. However, the variety of massages and spa services in Da Nang is impressive and will leave you feeling refreshed no matter what you choose..


Museums in Da Nang Jacob Martin

Da Nang is host to a number of museums each showcasing different aspects of Vietnamese culture from the ancient Cham period to modern art. Some are located in colonial French villas, others on military bases, while others are situated in campuses of traditional homes on serene mountainsides. Each offers a unique window into the culture and history of Central Vietnam.


Quy Nguyen

Museum of Da Nang Chris Streets

The Museum of Da Nang is situated inside Dien Hai Citadel fortress, which was originally built in 1812 close to the mouth of the Han River but was last moved further inland in 1823 in order to defend the Han River and port.

On the first floor are exhibits on local maritime ecosystems, geology, trade artifacts, and jade jewelry made and used by Sa Huáťłnh people 2000 to 2500 years ago. Further on, models, paintings and photos document life in Da Nang previously known as Tourane under French colonial rule.

Quy Nguyen

Inside the fortress plaza there are canons, a captured US helicopter on the left rampart. A statue of local hero General Nguyen Tri Phuong who lead the defeat of the Spanish and French (1858-1860) stands tall.


A model of a fisherman’s house on the Han River depicts the hardness of life in Da Nang before the development of the last 30 years. Models and signs in English and Vietnamese tell the story of Da Nang’s three traditional crafts, Nam O Village fish sauce, Non Nuoc marble sculptures, and Tuy Loan Village rice paper. The second floor features the siege of Da Nang by the French - Spanish coalition forces (1858-1860) and the extensive fortress system built to defend the Han River and Da Nang port. A 3D map details Da Nang’s defenses, the points of attack, and the graves of French and Spanish soldiers on Son Tra Peninsula.

The exhibitions on the third floor draw attention to the ethnic communities in Da Nang and Quang Nam. There are model traditional houses, clothes, jewelry, and statues used to protect their villages.

Quy Nguyen

The next exhibition illustrates the Vietnamese Resistance War against the French. A model guillotine and prison relics show the barbarity of the aggressors.

Quy Nguyen

In the next room is a huge bamboo musical instrument from the Xơ ₫ăng people. Take a walk around Da Nang Museum to take in the rich local history and culture.

The final exhibition on the second floor focuses on the American War. The shells of huge US napalm bombs hang from the ceiling and harrowing photos of victims of napalm and Agent Orange line the walls.


24 Tran Phu, Da Nang 0511 388 6236 / 0511 388 7635 20,000₫ 7:30am - 4:30pm (everyday)

MAP: 5A-1

tools from the early 1900s while their contemporaries bob and dip on the tides stringing nets from the very same coracle boats nearly a century later.

Around a bend in the Son Tra Peninsula mountain road at the top of a stone stairway, seven traditional Vietnamese houses sit in the midst of the jungle. This is the Dong Dinh Museum, an exhibit of traditional Sa Huynh, Cham, and Dai Viet art alongside contemporary pieces by notable artists. Perched on the jungle hillside just minutes from Lady Buddha, the houses are linked by a series of winding footpaths overlooking the shoreline of Da Nang Bay. Visitors can take in the landscape from the open-air teak homes while appreciating the craftwork, arts, and photography of the local people. A thatched fishermen’s hut sits on the incline. Built from the remains of old fishing boats with netting suspended from the ceiling, visitors can explore the native fishermen’s lifestyle and daily

The collection here is assembled and curated by Doan Huy Giao, a documentary filmmaker, poet and holder of the Eminent Artist of Vietnam title.

Dong Dinh Museum

The reflecting pools and scenic display of art in nature showcase his artistry and eye for setting. It’s a unique opportunity to see authentic artwork in the same homes where it was made and used centuries before. He also lives on the premises in one of the small houses and welcomes visitors with tea in wooden bowls. Dedicated to the preservation of local life, nature, and culture Dong Dinh Museum strikes a harmonious balance between environment and culture. But Stream, Son Tra Peninsula, just before Linh Ung Pagoda. 091 349 4473 / 091 349 2279 8am - 5pm (every Sat & Sun) 20.000₫


Museum of Cham Sculpture

Built in 1915, the Museum of Cham Sculpture houses the world’s largest collection of artifacts that represent ten centuries (5th – 15th) of the evolution of Cham sculpture and illustrate the rise and fall of the Champa Kingdom(s) of Central Vietnam. The museum presents a curated walk through the major eras of Champa history remembered in sandstone, bronze and terracotta. After a walk up a gardened pathway, visitors step into the Tra Kieu gallery to encounter the earliest Champa capital. The walls are flanked by mighty Hindu gods, graceful Apsaras, and playful lions. The first national treasure, a huge Linga rises from a carved stone base, a testament to early Hindu influence that symbolizes the power of creation. Passing the second threshold, visitors enter the My Son gallery, named for the holy land at Champa territory. Here sits the My Son E1 altar, a national treasure, with carvings featuring activities of Hindu ascetics at My Son sanctuary. The scenes are depicted in a vivid and highly expressive style that is referred to by art historians as a masterpiece of Southeast Asian art.


Map of the Cham Museum Dong Duong Exit Cafeteria

My Son

Tra Kieu

Audio Service Thap Mam Entrance

A major shift toward Buddhism in Cham culture is shown clearly in the Dong Duong gallery by the statue of Buddha occupying a full wall from floor to ceiling. The large bronze statue of the Bodhisattva Tara, another famous national treasure, represents the apex of Champa art with a vigorous and exaggerated original beauty. The Thap Mam gallery is the last of the permanent exhibits showing a large number of mythical Hindu animal artifacts and ornate Cham sculptures. Another feature of this gallery is the use of the breast motif in some of the pedestals highlighting the importance of fertility and sensuality in Cham art.

A visit to the museum would not be complete without enjoying a coffee on the museum’s veranda with the breeze coming off the Han river. With a convenient location in the heart of Da Nang, the museum is the perfect place to visit either before or after a trip to My Son Sanctuary, or just to contemplate the rich cultural history of Vietnam. Audio tours 20,000₫ (in Viet & Eng) Free guide for groups of five or more (Viet, Eng & French) 40,000₫ 7am – 5pm (everyday) No.2, 2 Thang 9 Street, west of Dragon Bridge 0511 357 4801

MAP: 5D-1


Ho Chi Minh & Zone 5 Military Museum

Vietnam has a long history of armed resistance to occupying armies and on a military base in the center of Da Nang, this history is on exhibit at the Ho Chi Minh and Zone 5 Military Museum.

Tanks, artillery, missiles, and even fighter jets sit in the main square. Some were captured from enemies and others belonged to the Liberation Army. Through double doors a statue of Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) talks with stone soldiers and sailors while framed photos of war heroes and bereaved mothers watch on from the walls. As one wanders through the stairwells and exhibition rooms the story of the Central Vietnamese fight for independence is on display. The war records start from the ancient northern battles with relics like copper war drums and tapestries of elephant


cavalry and run through French colonialism to the American War with mortars, machine guns, and a variety of weapons and wreckage on display. Each wall is lined with photos of battles while diagrammed maps explain the context. For 60.000d a soldier will accompany you as a guide.

After the solemn walk through armed conflicts, the tour takes a lighter tone as visitors arrive in a well-manicured garden where balustrades surround a pond of fish next to an exact replica of Ho Chi Minh’s teak stilted home built for Central Vietnamese people who wanted to visit him but could not afford the trip to Hanoi.

The garden pathway leads to the next building dedicated to the life and legacy of Uncle Ho. Exhibits begin with a replica of his childhood bedrooms and through his many struggles and achievements in service of his beloved Vietnam. It also exhibits gifts showing the admiration of the locals of Zone 5 for the revered leader. Vietnam and its military have long fought for independence and walking through the Ho Chi Minh & Zone 5 Military Museum is a reminder of this history that shaped the country and people of modern Vietnam. 3 Duy Tan, Da Nang 0511 361 5982 / 625 1268 7:30am - 4:30pm everyday 60,000â‚Ť (Free tour guide for group of 3 or more)

MAP: 6F-1


Nam O Fish Sauce Village

Non Nuoc Carving Village

Just at the base of the Marble Mountains, the sound of chisels striking stone rings throughout the day in Non Nuoc. Locals here practice traditional carving methods and have become known for the quality of their work throughout the country. They make everything from practical items like mortars and pestles and jade jewellery to impressive busts of Buddha and recreations of legendary Champa heroes.

Stop in on the way to the Marble Mountains to see the trade in practice and take in the statues arranged in packs around the village at every turn. The bus to Hoi An stops close to Non Nuoc village and the Marble Mountains.


Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Da Nang

Fish sauce, also known as nước mắm, is a staple on any Southeast Asian table, however there’s something different happening in Nam O Village and no one is telling what exactly. The local sauce is known throughout Vietnam for its distinctive flavor, the product of a secret recipe. Locals make it from long-jawed anchovies that can only be caught one month of the year. They dry the anchovies and ferment them in sealed stone pots for months at a time. This results in a red sauce with a famous taste. It’s worth a visit to the rustic village to see if it’s possible to snag a bottle at the road side stands. The village is just to the north of Da Nang on the way to Hai Van Pass. 884 Nguyen Luong Bang, Da Nang 0120 709 3022

Cam Le Sesame Cake Village

Tuy Loan Rice Paper Village

Cam Le sesame cake village is 6 km south of Da Nang and specialises in sesame cake locally known as khô mè.

Rice paper is served at all sorts of meals, whether alongside a fresh bowl of my quang noodles, a steaming hot pot, or a grill full of meat and a table of beer. I t’s a staple food and Tuy Loan is said to make the best in the country. The ancient village sits 15 km to the southwest of Da Nang. The locals practice traditional methods, ladling a mixture into a sheet over a fire and spreading the thin crackers to heat before they dry them on thatched racks in the sun.

Khô mè is made of sticky flour, rice flour, sugar, ginger and sesame which are combined, shaped, and infused with sugar and sesame. Another variation called khô nổ is made from sticky rice rather than sesame. The soft sweet cakes crunchy topped with crunchy sesame seeds. Visitors can take the No.6 bus to 290 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street. However, it’s easier to drive your own motorbike. Sesame cakes are only made every three or four days so it’s best to call ahead to make sure that they are cooking when you visit.

Group 6, Tuy Loan, Hoa Phong 0511 378 2208 / 091 362 1827

Ba Nhat - 7 Nguyen Duc Thieu, DN 0511 384 6426 (Mrs. Nhat’s)

Ba Tinh - Phu Hoa 2, Hoa Nhon 0511 378 8181 / 090 524 1706

Ba Lieu - 3 An Hoa 12, DN 0511 384 6723 (Mrs. Lieu’s)


Spiritual Places Jacob Martin

The history of religion in Vietnam encompasses a diverse range of traditions. The earliest trace of religious practice stems from the Champa and their unique take on Hindu traditions before their eventual shift toward Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism remains the most prominent religion in Vietnam. All sorts of factors, from the Catholicism of Jesuit missionaries to state atheism to the synthesized Cao Dai religion, have influenced Vietnamese religious practice. Artifacts and practicing houses of worship can be found throughout Central Vietnam’s cities and countryside. The Lady Buddha watches from Son Tra. The Da Nang Cathedral rings its bells on Sunday. Stunning temples break through canopies of trees. Whatever your religious beliefs or historical interests, Da Nang’s spiritual side offers a wealth of experiences. 46

Phap Lam Pagoda

place to eat vegetarian food as local restaurants and food carts cater to the pagoda’s monks and worshippers. 574D Ong Ich Khiem, Da Nang MAP: 6D-1 5am -11:30am & 1pm - 9pm

Da Nang Cathedral Phap Lam Pagoda is a two storey temple located near the city center on Ong Ich Khiem Street, just five minutes walk from Con Market. The pagoda, built in 1934 and formerly known as Tinh Hoi Pagoda, is surrounded by large trees. The peaceful courtyard contains manicured gardens lined with Buddhist sculptures. The top floor of the pagoda is a presbytery containing beautiful carved pillars, Buddhist Pali texts and a gold Buddha statue. On the ground floor there is an amphitheatre that can be found full of worshippers during traditional festivals such as fullmoon days or the Tet. In the courtyard sits a 1.1 metre high Buddha and brass statues of the Goddess of Mercy (Avalokitecvara) and Dai The Chi Bodhisattva. Watch locals pray in the morning or get fortunes told as monks go about their business. The neighborhood surrounding the pagoda is a great

Da Nang Cathedral, downtown and close to the Han River, was constructed in 1923 during the French Colonial period and is locally known as ‘Rooster Church’ or ‘Chicken Church’ due to the weathercock atop its impressive steeple.


The cathedral is 70 meters high and built in Gothic-style and coloured a bright candy pink. The interior boasts majestic stained glass windows and a grotto of Virgin Mary. The cathedral is still a place of worship for Da Nang’s 4000 resident Catholic community and mass times can be found below. Within walking distance are the Cham Museum, the Han River, and downtown. MASS SCHEDULE Monday to Saturday 5:30am - 6am 6am - 7am, 2:15pm - 3pm Sunday 5am - 6:45am, 7am - 8am 10am - 11am (Eng) 2pm - 2:30pm (For children) 156 Tran Phu st.

The Cao ₫ài religion was founded in the 1920’s and is based on the main religions of both the east and west including the worship of famous characters such as Joan of Arc, Victor Hugo, Shakespeare, and Lenin as saints. Inside the temple there is a sign reading vạn nhất giáo lý meaning ‘all religions have the same meaning’. Behind this sign are the founders of the world’s five largest religions, Mohammed, Laotse (wearing Eastern Orthodox clothes), Jesus, Buddha, and Confucius. Providing a spectacular backdrop to the altar is a huge globe with the Cao Dai divine eye on it.

MAP: 5C-2

Cao Dai Temple

The Cao Dai Temple in Da Nang is Vietnam’s second largest Cao ₫ài temple and is a place of worship for around 50,000 people.


63 Hai Phong, Da Nang MAP: 6B-2 5:30am, 11:30am, 5:30pm & 11:30pm

Places of Worship

Art work by Chris Charney


Pho Da / 340 Phan Chu Trinh Buu Nghiem / 185 Hoang Dieu Vu Lan / 84 Nui Thanh Tuong Quang / 316 Phan Chu Trinh Bat Nha / 176 Trieu Nu Vuong Bao Quang / 38 Nui Thanh Long Tho / 99 Tran Phu Tan Ninh / 119 Nguyen Chi Thanh Quan The Am / 48 Su Van Hanh Hue Quang / K636/27 Le Van Hien Ba Da / east of Tuyen Son Bridge

Catholic Churches

Thanh Duc / No.45, 3 thang 2 St., Hoa Thuan / 231 Trung Nu Vuong Thanh Binh / 69 Cao Thang Chinh Trach / 68 Tran Cao Van Noi Ha / 40 Dinh Tien Hoang

Son Tra / 4 Nguyen Phan Vinh An Thuong / Chau Thi Vinh Te Gia Phuoc / K184/1 Nguyen Duy Hieu An Hai / 9 Nguyen Cong Tru

Protestant Churches

Da Nang branch / 190 Ong Ich Khiem An Hai / K22/1 Luong The Vinh Trung Lap / 185 Phan Thanh An Trung / 21 Nguyen Van Troi Tran Cao Van / 291/3 Tran Cao Van Hai Chau / K308/12 Hoang Dieu Hoa Cuong / 14 Mac Thi Buoi

Cao Dai

Missionary society / 101 Le Dinh Duong Praying place / 55 Le Dinh Duong Praying place / 149 Huynh Ngoc Hue


Eat & Drink

Jacob Martin

Options for food and drink in the city fall along a wide spectrum from local street food to five-star affairs. Nearly every street in the city has more than one storefront dishing out local noodles in all sorts of variations. Bakeries that serve up fresh bahn mi and steamed buns are also easy to spot. As for restaurants, they’re both plentiful and diverse. A large community of expat and local chefs have practiced hands at nearly any international dish desired, whether Thai, tapas, sushi, tacos, French, a solid burger, the list goes on. Upscale palettes can meet their needs in the restaurants of luxury hotels or one of the boutique establishments around town. Not to mention where it’s possible to throw a stone into the ocean from a window, the seafood is no doubt fresh. No matter the taste or budget, one thing’s certain, visitors won’t go hungry in Da Nang.


Straight from the oven. Always fresh and handmade pizza, pasta, salad and desserts made to order. Call to order for pick up or reservations.


MAP: 1G-1

Apsara Restaurant

MAP: 5D-3

Watch a beautiful Apsara dance and Vietnamese orchestra every night at Apsara Restaurant, only 50 metres from the Cham Museum and Dragon Bridge. Forget your worries and relax in Apsara’s gardens built in the style of Champa art and architecture. Choose from a great range of Vietnamese and Chinese style seafood and meat dishes. Live music and dance every night from 7pm - 8pm 222 Tran phu, Da Nang 0511 356 1409 9:30am - 2pm | 4:30pm - 9:30pm apsaradanang


KFC 116 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai 104 Nguyen Van Linh 225 Hung Vuong (Big C supermarket) 478 Dien Bien Phu 1800 6088 Pizza Hut 319 Le Duan 1900 1822 MAP: 6C-1


Vincom Center The Noodle Place Come and enjoy tasty noodles at a Lotteria new restaurant in Da Nang specializing 6 Nai Nam (Lotte mart) in noodle dishes from around the world! 120 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai 99 Phan Chu Trinh, Da Nang 92A Phan Chu Trinh 091 500 3337 225 Hung Vuong (Big C supermarket) 8am - 9pm 145 Quang Trung

Gold Star Coffee

MAP: 2H-1

An ideal place for coffee lovers to meet friends and chat over a speciality coffee made by the popular barista Thai Son. 201 Chau Thi Vinh Te, Da Nang 0164 715 7475

Le Bordeaux

MAP: 5B-1

French bakery: famous fresh pastries and cakes (macaroons, canelĂŠs). Breakfast & lunch, Italian & Vietnamese coffee, fresh fruit juice, ice cream. 86 Tran Phu, Da Nang 0511 352 2500 - 093 531 6087 7:30am - 9:30pm


Vertigo Bar Grab some great pub food and a few drinks at Vertigo Pub just two minutes walk from My An Beach. Watch your favorite sport on large screen TVs while having a beer or play a game of pool. Live bands play every Friday from 8pm - 11pm. 48 An Thuong 1, Da Nang 093 473 7871 9am - late vetigo bar MAP: 1F-5

OM Pub & Restaurant Mexican, Italian, American burgers & sandwiches. Accompany your food by choosing from a variety of signature cocktails including great margaritas, beers, or wines whilst enjoying a great view of the Han River. We also have a branch in 74 Tran Phu, Da Nang & 82 Le Loi, Hue. Daily Happy Hour from 5:30 PM til 8:30 PM 100 Bach Dang, Da Nang 05116 559 579 10am to late MAP: 5B-2


MAP: 2G-2

Da Nang Food Tour Try delicious local specialities on a walking food tour tailored to your individual tastes with locations carefully selected. Max group size of four. English, Vietnamese and Chinese speaking guides. Email or visit website below to book a tour. Price includes all food and drinks. Morning and evening tours. 0128 779 6006

Mi Quang Bep Trang Savour the unique taste of traditional Vietnamese food at Mi Quang Bep Trang restaurant. Try the signature Frog Quang Noodle Soup, a family recipe since 1972 served in a ceramic pot on a bamboo tray. Other local specialties also on the English menu. 441 Ong Ich Khiem, Da Nang 24-26 Le Hong Phong, Da Nang 24 Pasteur, Da Nang 7am - 10pm 0126 677 1772 MAP: 4D-4 / 5C-3 / 6B-3


Famous Food in Da Nang Stands and storefronts line the streets of Da Nang selling all manner of local delicacies. Central Vietnamese food, prepared fresh by vendors and enjoyed by locals on Vietnam’s signature low stools and plastic chairs, offers surprising variety in both taste and presentation. While these shops are plentiful, menus are written in only Vietnamese more times than not. This guide should help inform visitors what they’ll be eating and dishes not to be missed when visiting Da Nang.

Banh Xeo They have a flour base, flavored and colored with turmeric, and are filled with pork belly, shrimp, sprouts and mung bean. It’s got a savory taste.

These are Vietnamese crepes. The name literally means “sizzling cake” and the sound and smell of banh xeo frying can be found all over the city.

Just south of the Dragon Bridge, down a narrow alleyway, Banh Xeo Street is a hidden gem in Da Nang. Local vendors compete to perfect the dish and its signature peanut sauce. Banh Xeo Street K280 Phan Chau Trinh, Da Nang 9am - 10pm | MAP: 6D-5 10,000₫/cake


My Quang This is an iconic Central Vietnamese dish that has a lot of family recipes and secret ingredients.

Each vendor has a unique take on it, but the main ingredients are always flat rice noodles, a zesty peanut and chicken broth base topped with all manner of meats, fish or even frog, and served with a side of rice crackers, herbs, and blossoms meant to be mixed in the bowl. Mi Quang Bep Trang 441 Ong Ich Khiem, Da Nang 24-26 Le Hong Phong, Da Nang 7:00am - 10:00pm 30,000â‚Ť/bowl of noodle

Banh Mi (Vietnamese bread)

A relic of French colonialism and probably Vietnam’s most famous culinary export, the banh mi sandwich


can be found at street stalls and bakeries nearly anywhere. The baguette is cut and spread with pate, mayonnaise, cucumber, daikon pickles, and a pepper sauce then filled with either cold cuts, roast pork, or fried eggs to order.

The rich meats and light vegetables lend a nice balance to this famous sandwich. Banh mi vendors can be found on most streets in Da Nang. 10,000-15,000â‚Ť/loaf

Bun Mam Anchovy sauce vermicelli, this robust and filling soup originated somewhere south of Da Nang in the Me Kong River delta and as such features a diverse range of meat, seafood, and herbs.

It consists of thin rice noodles in anchovy fish sauce from Nam O fishing village flavored broth topped with pork belly, squid, shrimp, eggplant, and both fish and fish cake.

This dish is simple, but delicious in its simplicity. Steaming noodles are topped with fish cakes and balls of all shapes and sizes served alongside special nuoc cham sweet and sour fish sauce. The light and tangy soup sometimes garnished with soy cakes as well. Ba Phien Restaurant 51 & 63 Le Hong Phong, Da Nang Ong Ta Restaurant 97 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Da Nang

The meaty dish is served with a side of herbs and blossoms to add dimension to the savory broth and toppings. Trang Ke Xuong Food Court 23 Tran Ke Xuong, Da Nang 9am - 10pm | MAP: 6C-3 20,000₫/bowl of vermicelli

109 Restaurant 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Da Nang 6am - 10pm 35,000₫/bowl of vermicelli

Com Ga (Chicken Rice) Cultures the world over have some variation on this dish, the classic chicken and rice.

Bun Cha Ca (fish ball vermicelli) A rice vermicelli based soup in a tangy broth served piping hot, Bun Cha Ca originally hails from the north, but can be found all over Da Nang.

The Central Vietnamese take consists of roast chicken, fried rice, pickles, vegetables and hot soup. It’s simple, hearty, and filling. Pham Hong Thai Food Court Whole Pham Hong Thai Street 3pm - 3am (next day) | MAP: 5C-7 55,000₫/plate


Bo Ne (Vietnamese Beef Steak) This beef dish is a rich and filling take on the banh mi that originated in Saigon.

Nam O Sashimi Originating in the Nam O fishing village that lies at the foot of Hai Van Pass, the outskirts of Da Nang, this traditional Vietnamese raw fish dish takes advantage of the constant influx of fresh seafood.

An iron plate is filled with all kinds of meat—beef, sausage, pate, and whatever else is on the menu. The cook cracks an egg over the meat and puts the whole plate over an open flame, grilling the ingredients together in their juices.

There are two varieties of this sashimi. The first is soft fresh fish (what most would be familiar with) and the second is a dried jerky. It’s served with a spicy

The sizzling plate is dropped off right at the table and served with a toasted baguette.

sauce and a fish sauce and carries the distinct clean flavor of just caught fish.

3 Ngon Restaurants 20 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang 17 Nguyen Van Thoai, Da Nang 244 Nguyen Cong Tru, Da Nang 6:30am - 11am and 5pm - 10pm 30,000₫/plate


Thanh Huong Restaurant 1029 Nguyen Luong Bang, Da Nang Vinh Restaurant 960 Nguyen Luong Bang, Da Nang 6am - 10pm 80,000₫/plate

Banh Trang Cuon Thi Heo Pork wrapped in rice paper, this Central Vietnamese take on the spring roll is a hands-on experience.

Grilled pork is served with local greens and, sometimes, some banh xeo thrown in the mix. The most important ingredient, rice paper is laid out in long square sheets.

Seafood and Hotpots Seafood restaurants can be found along the seafront. Tanks full of fish, shellfish, shrimp, lobsters and crabs are arranged in front of restaurants where you can choose what you want to eat and how it is cooked.

Vietnamese hot pot (Lẩu) is also popular at the seafood restaurants.

Diners arrange the ingredients on rice paper held flat on the palm, rolled with the other hand, and eaten. It’s a fresh light dish especially popular around Tet. Mi Quang Bep Trang 441 Ong Ich Khiem, Da Nang 24-26 Le Hong Phong, Da Nang 7am - 10pm 80,000₫/plate

All Vietnamese dishes are accompanied by trà ₫á meaning tea, which can be green or herbal.

Sliced meat or seafood, leaf vegetables and mushrooms are cooked in a pot of simmering soup and then dipped in fish sauce or soy sauce mixed with ginger. Vo Nguyen Giap, Da Nang Pham Van Dong, Da nang 80,000 - 150,000₫/ hotpot


Shopping Jacob Martin

Nhat Hoa Silk Shop

Whether in the market for some upscale clothes and shoes, some groceries of a western or local persuasion, or an introduction into the humming life of the open-air Vietnamese marketplaces, everything and more is available in Da Nang. This section of the guide gives advice on where to find what you’re looking for whether it’s day-to-day essentials or something for a special occasion.


Han Market Jacob Martin

At 8am in the sunrise on the banks of the Han, local vendors unpack carts and storefronts to set up shop at the Han Market. The riverside business hub stay’s bustling all day with shopkeepers and local customers doing business here as they’ve done since the 1940s when the market was opened. The market unfolds in four basic sections over two floors. If visitors enter from the riverfront boardwalk they’ll pass through halls of local produce farmed on the outskirts of the city and in bordering towns like Hoi An and Da Lat. Rolled down bags of spices at one stand blend into mounds of dragon fruit and mango followed by boxes of sprouts and roots. The other half of the first floor is devoted to dried goods. Cloth-lined boxes and plastic tubs display dried fruit, shrimp, and squid.


Han Market Map Bach Dang Street Toilet Tailoring Cloth

Mosquito Nets & Blankets


Hung Vuong Street

Clothes & Cosmetics


Clothes & Cosmetics


2nd Floor Toilet


Fresh Food Food Court Dried Food & Spices

Special Spices Bamboo & Rattan Art

Food Court Fishing Tools, Aluminium & Plastic

Incense & Fruits

Ground Floor Tran Phu Street 64

Nguyen Thai Hoc Street


Other shops are devoted to bread, nuts, cakes and candies, and coffee. Here there are also a number of wood carvings and jade jewelry stands.

Medicinal wine infused with a variety of herbs, mushrooms, or local wildlife is popular and made locally in Han Market. This traditional wine is said to work as an elixir that cures ailments like rheumatism and increases virility. Between these two floors just below the staircase, women whip up classic Vietnamese dishes, dunking rice noodles in boiling vats of broth, marinating beef and pork, and hawking buns steamed in banana leaf. The food is fast, clean and undeniably fresh since ingredients have just been picked. Silk shops and garment and shoe makers make up the second floor of the market. Long swaths of floral silk hang from the beams of the shops. Other storefronts show hand sewn gowns. Along one wall, rows of women at sewing machines take orders for handmade garments and repairs.

Along another wall hang rows of shoes and a stable of men willing to make or repair them.

After the customary rest at noon, action at the Han Market wraps up around 6:00pm, the stalls are packed up and locked and arrangements made for the next day’s business.

A great place to see local culture and commerce. Be sure to haggle (a time-honored Vietnamese tradition), say ₫ắt quá and offer 20% less. Locals see it as a way to make the market experience more fun. 119 Tran Phu, Hai Chau 1, Da Nang 0511 391 0116 / 0511 3821 363 8am - 6pm | MAP: 5C-4


NHAT HOA SILK Silk Textiles and Souvenirs

MAP: 5C-5

Nhat Hoa Silk Nhat Hoa Silk Ao Dai & Souvenir shop is located in the center of Da Nang downtown, where you can find all the Vietnamese featured products like the Ă o DĂ i (Vietnamese National Costume), Vietnamese traditional silk fabrics and handmade souvenirs which are all 100% made in Vietnam. With our enthusiastic and good English-speaking staff, you will feel comfortable and receive a good service. 97 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Da Nang

(The opposite of Trung Vuong theatre)

090 591 9327 8am - 9pm


Tailor Tran Tailor Tran Visit Tailor Tran’s store for a range of fashionable suits, standard or custom made for business, work, weddings or social events. Suits are for rent and sale at an affordable price. All formal garments, leather footwear and suits for children available. Call, email or visit the store for enquiries. 368 Nguyen Hoang, Da Nang 097 291 4530 8:30am - 9pm MAP: 4E-1 Vincom Mall Ngo Quyen St., just east of Han Bridge 0511 399 6688 9:30am - 10:30pm | MAP: 4C-1 Lotte Mart 6 Nai Nam St., just west of Tuyen Son Bridge 0511 355 1333 8am - 10pm | MAP: 4I-1 Metro Cash & Carry Cach Mang Thang 8 St., 2 km west of Tuyen Son bridge 0511 364 4933 5am - 9pm Big C 255-257 Hung Vuong (just opposite to Con Market) 1800 555 555 8am - 10pm | MAP: 7C-1

Gift Shop

MAP: 5C-4

Bamboo Gift Shop Stop by Bamboo Gift Shop in the Han Market to find authentic souvenirs, hand-crafts and fine arts from Vietnam. Kiosk 1, Han Market, 119 Tran Phu, DN

091 371 4069 8am - 8:30pm


Con Market Jacob Martin

In a stadium-like building in downtown Da Nang the Con Market turns into the heart of local commerce around 4pm each day. A swarm of motorbikes circulate around the building and a sea of people flows in and out of the corridors. The market covers a full city block and the sheer variety here is the draw for most visitors. If you are in the market for something, it’s likely stocked by one of the vendors. It’s only a matter of finding them. The outer border of the market is lined with tea and coffee shops where patrons relax in the open air. Past these, visitors enter a maze of narrow indoor corridors packed with shoppers and vendors, and stocked floor to ceiling with goods for sale.


Con Market Map Vegetables & Hair Salons



Fruits, Dried Food, Spices Incense & Candles

Aluminium, Plastics Food & Beverage


Hair Accessories, Cosmetics & Toys


Meat & Sea Food

Shoes, Purses, Blankets & Baby Goods Clothes & Shoes

WC Garage

Jewellery, Souvenirs & Stationary


2nd Floor: Fabric






Sugar, Cereals & Basket


WC Clothes & Souvenirs

Entrance Garments Market Office




The market is partitioned into loose areas by category, but even within these there is a lot of variety. Expect to pass columns of incense, sacks of dried shrimp and fruit, displays of cosmetics, leatherwork and woodwork, baby clothes, and shelves of rice cookers all within metres of each other. Intrepid visitors will eventually find themselves in the wet market. For those new to Asia, a wet market is very literally wet with butchers and fishermen working their knives into the day’s filets and cuts. If you plan to shop in this part of the market, it’s a good idea to wear closed-toe shoes.


In the afternoons the market spills onto the surrounding streets, where street food is cooked and served at tables lining the center of the open-air alleyways interspersed with clothes vendors manning piles of second hand clothes and shoes. Shoppers jostle each other in crowds to sit and have a bowl of fresh noodles or sweet cakes amongst the bustle of the marketplace. The Con Market offers a look into the heart of the local community and commerce. Its sights, sounds, and smells are as eclectic and varied as the people themselves. Corner of Ong Ich Khiem and Hung Vuong, Da Nang Market: 8am-8pm Street Food: 4pm - 6pm | MAP: 6C-2

Da Nang Visitor Center Call or visit the Da Nang Visitor Center for advice and information about Da Nang. Tourist information centers can be found in the airport (domestic and international arrivals) and downtown close where you can get free maps and brochures. Da Nang Visitor Center aims to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Danang International Airport 108 Bach Dang, Hai Chau District 0511 355 0111


MAP: 5C-6

The Beach - Leisure & M.I.C.E Travel Mart 2016 - Danang BMTM 2016 is the first professional fair on the theme of beach, leisure, and M.I.C.E. It is also a national event of international stature. This is an important event for Vietnamese tourism to stimulate the tourism market and promote international tourists coming to Vietnam in general and Central Region in particular. The fair is going to be held from the 24th to 26th of June, 2016 in Tien Son Center in Da Nang. BMTM Da Nang 2016 will be a chance for the provinces of Vietnam and other countries to gather in Da Nang. This event will be an ideal networking platform for travel enterprises to introduce their own products and services, not only in Vietnam but also from other countries. In 2016, BMTM Da Nang will deliver high quality products and brands with the aim of developing the travel market. The annual BMTM Da Nang will become an effective business environment for both domestic and international enterprises to share, discuss and cooperate with inbound and outbound travel businesses in Vietnam and elsewhere.

Near Da Nang Jacob Martin

Da Nang often serves as a hub for travellers looking to explore more of Central Vietnam. It can be a springboard into the mountains and further north to Hue or a stop on the path south to the historic town of Hoi An or the ancient ruins of My Son. This section highlights some of the amazing experiences that await just a short trip past the city limits.


Cham Islands Jacob Martin

From Cua Dai Beach just outside Hoi An, the blue-green outline of the Cham Islands rises from the horizon. Travelers have a number of ways to reach the lush islands with their well-preserved mountainsides and coral. The most common way is to book a speedboat through a hotel or agency. This makes for a quick trip (about 30 minutes), but can often get crowded and the drivers are heavy on the throttle and the sea can get rough. There’s also a local ferry at 8:30am each day that makes the run in two hours and visitors ride with locals and the islands’ supplies. Once on the main island or in the clear waters that surround it, there are a number of relaxing ways to spend time in the sea or on the sand.


Local dive shops can arrange snorkel or scuba outings. Coral lines the seabed and tropical fish flicker colors and sea life populates the boulders and crevices. Along the shoreline white sand beaches bend in and out of rocky coves and inlets that lead to jungle growth that rises up the mountainside. Visitors can lounge along the placid shoreline and dip in the calm waters. Special arrangements need to be made to head up the mountain, however, as it is military-controlled. A trip to the Cham Islands presents a chance to relax and dive in one of the most untouched areas in Central Vietnam. From the flourishing mountains, to the rocky outcrops and inlets, to the friendly local villagers and fresh seafood caught that day, the island is a paradise just minutes from Hoi An. If visitors fall in love and wish to spend more than a day, they can arrange a homestay or rent supplies to camp on the beach, frying fresh fish as the sun hangs low over the water.



Hoi An Scuba Diving Snorkeling PADI Dive Courses Speed Boat Private Tours Overnight Boats Rental

Explore the 8 islands of Cu Lao Cham and its tropical beaches, coral gardens and reefs, wild rock formations and underwater pinnacles with Cham Island Divers who have an English, French, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese speaking team. Take a PADI diving courses or go out for the day snorkelling and stay overnight on the islands. Private tours available. Call, email, Facebook message or visit the office to book a tour. Mon-Sun: 7:00 am - 11:30 pm | 88 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoi An +84 (0) 510 3910 782 |


Hoi An Jacob Martin

Just an hour’s ride south of Da Nang, the historic town of Hoi An sits along the peaceful Thu Bon River and just off the coast of the Eastern Sea. Hoi An is famous for preserving traditional Vietnamese architecture and way of life, and was designated a world heritage site by UNESCO. The rustic settings that flip past on the ride to Hoi An are almost as scenic as the town itself. Farmers work the rice paddies with wooden carts and buffalo as the paths wind over little hillocks and footbridges. Fishermen cast nets from wooden boats into still water.


The center of Hoi An and the reason for its world heritage status is the picturesque old town preserved in its original state as a major trading port in the 15th and 16th century. No motorbikes are allowed and footpaths wind through narrow streets bordered on either side by open air shops offering local woodwork, clothing, and art.

Hoi An is renowned for its tailors and dressmakers that set up shop in these traditional homes. A stone Japanese foot bridge acts as a landmark and inside local and visiting Buddhists light incense and pray. The walkway along the riverside passes open air cafes and local boat captains offering a cruise down the river. The riverside ends at a bustling local market, where amongst the spices, fruit, and root vegetables, shoemakers will craft footwear to custom order.


The colors of Hoi An truly come out after the sun sets, the yellow facades of houses are lit up along the riverbank in the shadows of palms and red paper lanterns hang above the streets. The old town bustles as the notes of local musicians mixed with conversation and the clinking of glasses spill out into the night air.


Markets spring up around noodle shops and jade trinkets and jewelry are on display alongside snacks of nuts and quail eggs. Locals and travelers eat, drink, and take in the cool nights where Vietnam’s past blends into the present.

Buses for Hoi An leave Da Nang bus station every 20 minutes and a ticket costs 20,000d. Entrance fee for Hoi An Ancient Town: 120,000₫ (international visitors) and 80,000₫ (Vietnamese). Buy the ticket one time and keep it for re-entry.

Come to Dive Bar for live music every night and a great atmosphere. Head to the back rooms for a free pool table and lounge area, or have a refreshing local beer in the beer garden with its own outside bar. Food and a range of drinks including cocktails are on the menu. Live music from 8:30 pm every night. 88 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An 051 0391 0782 Open 27/7 from 10am - 12am midnight

Location Map


My Son Jacob Martin

Lying in the heartland of ancient Cham culture in Central Vietnam, temples, tombs, and sculptures built between the 4th and 14th are spread over the jungle landscapes. These are the My Son ruins just between Dong Duong and Tra Kieu.

My Son sits in a valley cradled by mountains on either side, where visitors can walk among the intricate carved facades and towers assembled centuries ago from sandstone and fired brick. These towers and tombs have been etched with elaborate depictions of


My Son is the largest surviving Cham complex in Vietnam and the land was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site to preserve these monuments.

battles, religious ceremonies, and the images of deities and kings. Looping letters of old Cham and Sanskrit are interspersed with busts of fanged dragons and dancing Apsaras.

The towers and temples of My Son are surrounded by lush jungle and are gradually being reclaimed by nature which sets a distinct scene of remote and archaic beauty. Tufts of grass crown some of the monuments but the architecture and carvings have been preserved.

Stepping through these stone thresholds and into the sacred rooms of a once powerful kingdom that dominated much of Central Vietnam is an experience in the breadth of cultures and traditions that influenced the early history of Southeast Asia. Cham once inhabited the surrounding towns and came decked in religious regalia to perform their rites and political events at My Son. Now the monuments in these hills serve as the largest and best preserved testament to their lives and history.


Jacob Martin

The foothills and mountains that roll west from Da Nang and over the border with Laos are the home of the Co Tu ethnic minority. The relative isolation of the region they call home has allowed them to preserve their traditional lifestyle and unique tribal culture. One popular Co Tu village rests on the edge of the Kon River bordered by mountain peaks. The thatched roofs of traditional rattan and bamboo homes that break through the foliage are the first sign of the village. The Co Tu, dressed in traditional woven garments and draped in beads, offer a warm welcome to visitors and show off their culture and lifestyle.


Women fashion traditional garments from hand looms and string jewellery. The men carve wooden sculptures and work the fields. As the day winds to a close, the smell of roasted meats and cooking rice spreads through the village and the community gathers together to eat in a communal house. There is sometimes dancing and drumming around a fire as night falls.

For visitors who wish to spend more than a day in an idyllic mountain village, some offer overnight stays and tours through the mountains, archery and craft workshops arranged by the villagers. Socially conscious visitors can rest assured certain resorts (like Bho Hoong Bungalows) began as government funded projects to boost village economies while sustaining ecosystems and culture. Bho Hoong Bungalows Song Kon, Dong Giang, Quang Nam Province 111 Ba Trieu, Hoi An, Vietnam 090 510 1930 (Eng) 091 694 9519 (Viet)


Hue Jacob Martin

The original capital of Vietnam, the historic city of Hue, sits just a few hours (two by car or three by motorbike) to the north of Da Nang. The ride to Hue cuts through untouched stretches of Vietnamese countryside, rice paddies, inlets, and coves passing through small villages along the way. The city, framed by rivers and laced with canals, served as the capital of Vietnam until 1945. As such, Hue holds much more history in its streets and architecture than the more modern Vietnamese cities and along with it a cultural significance in the hearts of the Vietnamese people.


Hue’s downtown is as modern and neon-lit as any in Vietnam with cosmopolitan restaurants, first-class hotels, and bars and clubs where locals, backpackers, and expats meet and drink into the early hours. However, when visitors travel out of the city center, the historical landmarks of the earlier periods of the country abound. The landmarks and cityscape blend together seamlessly as they have grown together over the centuries. Just off a main road the moats of the Imperial Forbidden City lead to pathways through centuries old archways in the ramparts adorned with gold-lined pagoda roofs. The Perfume River runs the length of the city and along it local markets, coffee shops and noodle houses stay busy throughout the day. The impressive ancient stone structures bedecked by statues that can be spotted from the riverbanks are the tombs of various emperors from Hue’s history as a capital city. This history is woven into the city. Traditional homes and ornate pagodas

pop up just in view of a cell phone shop and motorbike repair, but never clash. Hue has been built in a way that honors and preserves its heritage while still offering all the comforts of a modern city. A bus from Da Nang to Hue costs around 70,000₫ and takes around 3 hours, alternatively take the scenic train route for between 46,000 - 109,000₫.


Lang Co Jacob Martin

Just over the Hai Van Pass, 40 km from Da Nang, is the serene fishing township of Lang Co sandwiched between the ocean and a scenic lagoon framed by a mountain range. The main road to Hue runs through the small community. If travelers don’t take the chance to turn off and explore the narrow local roadways, they risk missing the traditional Vietnamese fishing techniques preserved there among scenes of striking natural beauty. On a clear day the lagoon stretches like glass, still and blue, broken only by the silhouettes of stilted fishermen’s huts and suspended nets until it reaches toward a mountain range made hazy by the distance.


Visitors can sample the local seafood on the water at restaurants at the end of walkways hovering over the water. To the east calm sea water sloshes on white shorelines overseen by the Truong Son mountain range. You can take a bus from Da Nang bus station to Lang Co, however taking a train is simpler. There are four trains a day that stop at Lang Co on the way Hue.

Oasis Bar & Hostel Spend a few nights at the affordable Oasis Bar and Hostel in the center of ancient Hue. Chill out after a day of sightseeing in the beer garden or play some free pool in the bar. Fill up on hearty food in the restaurant. Laundry and bus ticket service.

42/4 Le Loi, Hue 093 399 1236 7am - 11pm oasisbarhue


Activities Entertainment & Events Jacob Martin

For those living an active lifestyle, there are options everywhere in Da Nang to get moving and stay out in the sun. Since this is a beach city, the coast on the eastside acts as the locale for many of the outdoor activities. The city to the west is home to a number of parks and the tranquil Han River walkway, which runs the length of the city.

Quan The Am Pagoda Festival


Activities Surfing

Surfing in Da Nang is popular on My Khe, My An, and Non Nuoc beaches as they offer somewhat reliable surf on beautiful white sand beaches. The two to four foot breaks and sand bottom make for good conditions for beginners and experts alike.

All surfers should be aware that My Khe breaks far from the shore and has a strong riptide. Surfers should only paddle out if they’re confident they can make it back in negotiating riptides. The surf is consistently good at Non Nuoc Beach opposite the Marble Mountains. The best wave angle is from the northeast and the beach breaks provide both left and right handers with wavelengths of 50-150 metres. Due to the impressive length of the beach in Da Nang it is rarely crowded. The winter months from December to March provide the biggest waves. Surfboard rentals can be found in the

An Thuong area near My Khe Beach and cost around 100,000â‚Ť per day.


What’s Happening The city of Da Nang puts on a lot of events year round for local business, holidays, and cultural preservation and international events. On any given day, around the city visitors may spot Vietnamese dance or street music groups, international yacht races, or an antique fair. Events depend on the time of year. Musicians (both local and international) gather here to play in and appreciate the vibrant music scene. Check this section to see what’s happening in the near future. Street Music Performance March 12 & 26 April 16 & 30 May 14 & 28 7:30pm Bach Dang Street (Opposite of Novotel) Trumpet and Drum Performance Every Sunday 7:30am - 8:30am 2 Thang 9 Street (Opposite of Cham Museum) Tuong Traditional Performance April 9 & 23 May 7 & 21 7:30pm - 9:00pm East side of Han Bridge Cham Culture Performance April 16 & 30 May 14 & 28 7:30pm - 9:00pm 2 Thang 9 Street (Opposite of Cham Museum) Prao (Co Tu) Ethnic village Exhibition Whole of March Da Nang Museum


Cau Ngu Festival March 23 & 24 Man Thai Fishing Village Quan The Am Pagoda Festival (Avalokitecvara) March 25 to 27 Su Van Hanh Street (beside Marble Mountain) Cherry Blossom Festival April 9 & 10 Asia Park Da Nang Da Thanh Antique Fair April 30 Bach Dang Street (Opposite of Novotel) Ironman 70.3 Vietnam May 8 Da Nang’s Beaches Full Moon Lantern Festival March 22 April 20 May 20 Hoi An

Cinemas Lotte Cinema 5th Floor Lotte Mart 6 Nai Nam, Da Nang 8am - 11:30pm | MAP: 4I-1 www. CGV Cinema The 3rd Floor Big C Supermarket 255 Hung Vuong 8am - 11:30pm | MAP: 7C-1 The 4th Floor Vincom Center East of Han Market 8am - 11:30pm | MAP: 4C-1

Upcoming Movies March 18 The Brothers Grimsby The Divergent Series: Allegiant Uncaged Triple 9 March 25 Batman Vs Superman Palm Trees in the Snow April 8 Before I Wake The Boss April 15 The Jungle Book Criminal April 22 The Huntsman: Winter’s War Everybody Wants Some April 27 Captain America : Civil War Money Monster May 5 X-Men: Apocalypse

April 27 May 13 The Darkness Kidnap May 20 Neighbors 2 Angry Birds The Nice Guys May 27 Alice Through The Looking Glass June 3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Me Before You June 10 Warcraft Now You See Me 2 The Conjuring 2 June 17 Finding Dory Central Intelligence June 24 Independence Day: Resurgence The Shallows


Peter Shane Monagle

Live Music Scene Randy Cataluna & Jacob Martin

As the lights come on and the sky grows dark over Da Nang, the notes of local musicians spill out of cafes and bars all around the city. The music in this city plays a key part in a night out and that music is often live. The music scene here came from humble beginnings but has grown to the point that people travel here just to live in and explore the musical landscape. This landscape exploded in 2012 after the construction of two new bridges connecting the east and west sides of Da Nang and opening up the city. Bars hosting quality acts have been cropping up all over the city since. It all started with The Waterfront and Luna Pub putting on acts.


Luna Pub Open Mic (Hosted by Sound Check Production)

La Belle et la BĂŞte

This soon struck a chord and bars in Hoi An got up to the same business with Soul Kitchen following suit. The word got out and people kept coming.

Open Mic

From there the options for music in Da Nang started popping up everywhere drawing talented acts to the city.

The Lola Zolas

The vibe here is relaxed no matter the venue. Musicians play and gather with the crowd and play again. Show up at Soul Kitchen or Dive Bar for a relaxing night by the beach in Hoi An.

DJ Polo

DJs spin in the clubs. Vietnamese floats out of local establishments, while rock, Latin, blues, country, jazz, etc. are played nightly throughout the city. Anywhere in Da Nang is never far from some music.

Geckos on the Wall

17 Saloon Band


Hit Seventeen Saloon to sate a rock taste in Da Nang. Retro Kitchen, Vertigo, On the Radio, Minsk Bar, Luna Pub, Jazz Bar, May Bar, and Perdue all put on live acts in the city.


Sun Wheel

Helio Center

Just off the river, the neon lights and tree lined walkways of the Helio Center amusement park attract both local and tourist visitors for a day and early evening of fun. The park has all the traditional offerings of an amusement park, the rides jangle, hum and send visitors whirling through the air, bumper cars ricochet to sounds of laughter, go-karts roar around corners and couples hold hands as they slide around an ice-skating rink. All through the tree-lined walkways, refreshments are lined up on stands and shops sell trinkets and clothes. A day at Helio is a perfect opportunity to relax and laugh with the family or that special someone.


2 Thang 9, west of Tuyen Son Bridge 0511 363 0888 5:30pm - 10pm (Mon - Fri) 8am - 10pm (Sat - Sun)

A neon fixture on the Da Nang skyline, the outline of the Sun Wheel twirls throughout the night and marks the location of Asia Park. The wheel is the centerpiece of the park surrounded by manicured gardens, statuettes in arrangement, and a blinking amusement area full of games. The finale of any visit to Asia Park is the city views atop the Sun Wheel, one of the tallest wheels. of its kind in the world. From above, the city sprawls below like a garden of lights with the Han River winding through ferrying lighted party boats back and forth. Asia Park and the Sun Wheel present a nice stop during a night on the town for couples and families to walk the gardens, play some games, and take in a stunning view. Vong Xoay, Hoa Cuong Bac, Da Nang 4pm - 11pm 100,000d

Hoa Phu Thanh

A slice of adventure awaits at the gates of Hoa Phu Thanh, just outside Da Nang near Ba Na Hills. This resort targets those who like the outdoors with campgrounds and eco-tourism destinations on the Luong Dong River and in the surrounding mountains. The river is the main draw and visitors can raft down it and take in the beautiful waterfalls along the way. Certain sections pass through large boulder outcroppings. Those who feel a spark of adventure can even careen down the face of the waterfalls in chutes built by the park. Experience the natural wonders of Central Vietnam and stay warm by the campfire at night under a blanket of stars. Km 20, National Highway 14G, Hoa Phu Ward, Da Nang 0511 628 5052 / 090 596 6836

Ba Na Hills

The record-setting longest cable car in the world leads riders over spectacular views of dense jungle broken by occasional waterfalls. As the sea level recedes slowly below, the mountaintop Ba Na Hills castle themed resort begins to come into view. Inside the walls and in the shadows of the parapets and towers, a traditional French village welcomes visitors with the invitation to explore and take in the stunning views that surround. A network of railways run through the peaks and ferry visitors to the numerous temples and spiritual sites that speckle the mountainside. The complex also features a roller coaster and amusement park and all the luxurious trappings one would expect from a top-class resort. Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang, Da Nang 93 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang 0511 374 9888 Entrance & Cable Car Fee 550,000â‚Ť


Escape the busy city at Galina Da Nang Mud Bath Spa, the first mineral mud bath spa in Da Nang, perfectly located on the beachfront, styled like a mountainous tropical rainforest. Unwind in the beautiful and peaceful gardens with outdoor mineral mud baths and private spas. If you’re looking for something more special or to do on a rainy day, head to the indoor mud baths, saunas, hot baths and spa services. Have a truly relaxing holiday at Galina Mud Bath and Spa and refresh yourself at our beautiful spa right across from the beach. Enjoy the health benefits of a mud bath, with 100% natural and pure mineral to leave your skin soft and refreshed.

Mudbath, Spa, Massage and Restaurant

Relax in luxury in the VIP rooms on the 4th floor with comprehensive services including physiotherapy. Chill out in the gardens by the pools, cool down under the waterfall or go to the top of the main building for a coffee and to take in the stunning view after treating yourself to a mineral mud bath and massage.

254 Vo Nguyen Giap, Da Nang 8am - 10pm 0511 3944 954 | HOTLINE: 091 929 2797 www.facebook/GalinaDanang MAP: 2F-2

Need to Know This is the place to find essential dayto-day information that is often hard to figure out in a new city or culture. Need to talk with locals? Basic Vietnamese phrases are here. Need money? Find an ATM, currency exchange, or bank with ease. Need to go somewhere? Rent a car or motorbike or learn basic taxi facts. Immigration issues? Find the nearest embassy or advice on visa services. Need to stay in touch with friends? SIM card services, Internet cafes, and post information is available. Not feeling so well? Hospital and emergency services are here. All those practical concerns are covered here to ensure a worry-free visit.


Communications Vietnam is putting considerable effort into modernization and expansion of its telecommunications system. Domestically, all provincial exchanges are digitalized and connected to Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City by fiberoptic cable or microwave radio relay networks. Main lines have been substantially increased, and the use of mobile telephones is growing rapidly.

Getting a Phone in Da Nang If you are bringing a cell phone from your home country, you can buy a SIM card at most cellphone shops, which they will cut, size, and install. The cards come with pre-paid minutes and 3G for about 200,000â‚Ť, however be sure to check the expiry on the package. Call code for Vietnam: +84 Da Nang area code: 0511

Topping Up

Go to any phone store and most convenience stores to buy a scratch card with a 12 digit number on it, enter *100* then the 12 digit number followed by # to top up or top up online at

Phone Shops

The Gioi Di Dong - For their location search: FPT Shop - For their location search: Vien Thong A - For their location:

Network Listings (customer services) Viettel Mobile: 95 Hung Vuong, DN. / 19008198 Mobifone: 150-152 Nguyen Van Linh, DN. / 18001090 (Hotline: 090 514 4144) Vinaphone: 26 Nguyen Van Linh, DN. / 18001091 (Hotline: 091 418 1111) Vietnamobile: 1st Floor Vinh Trung Plaza, DN. / 789 (Hotline: 092 278 9789 GMobile: 199 (Hotline: 0199 888 0199) English assistance for international services: 18001001 (free of charge)


Internet Access to the Internet is readily available throughout Da Nang. Nearly every restaurant, bar, and cafĂŠ in the city offers free WiFi access. 3G service is also available from any sim card of the major cell phone service providers can be found easily in phone shops and hotels. Da Nang also offers free Wi-Fi every 20 minutes in areas around main streets, hospitals, universities or tourism places. To get the access: Option 1: (SMS Messaging) Write syntax wifidanang and send to 8188. Then you will receive passwords of 4 letters and your telephone number for account numbers. Option 2: (Sign up online account) Username: danang Password: dananagwifi

Mail / Post Office Mail services in Central Vietnam are regular and reliable. For those who wish to send parcels back to their native countries, it’s a good idea to spend a bit more to send by air if time is a concern. Shipping by boat presents a cheaper option but can take months. EMS Service at Danang Post Offices 1 Le Duan / 155 Nguyen Van Linh 924 Ngo Quyen / 376 Ngu Hanh Son 1900 545 433 Kerry Express 146 Duy Tan 0511 355 3553 (Delivery and Pick up at home)

MAP: 7C-2


Basic Vietnamese Language When navigating a foreign country and culture, it’s always useful to have some phrases ready in the native language. These simple bits of Vietnamese should come in handy as visitors explore and interact with the locals.

Vietnamese has 6 tones:

a - flat, mid level à - starts low then dips and rises ả - starts above mid level, dips slightly then rises sharply ã - starts higher than ả, dips slightly then rises sharply á - starts high and rises sharply ạ - starts low, falls and then stops


Hello! - Xin chào! (sin chow!) Goodbye - Tạm Biệt What’s your name? Bạn tên gì (ban tane zee) My name is... - Tôi là (thoy la...) Thank you - Xin Cảm ơn (sin kam un) Yes - Vâng (vung) No - Không (khong) Can you help me? - Bạn giúp tôi ₫ược không? (ban zoop thoy duc khom?)


Where is the nearest internet shop? Tiệm Internet ở ₫âu? (Team Internet oh dou) Too expensive - Mắc quá (mahk qwa)

Food and Drink

I’d like to drink - Tôi muốn uống (thoy moowan oowanh) Coffee - Cà phê (cah feh) Hot Coffee with milk - Cà phê sữa nóng (cah feh sua nom)

Hot black coffee - Cà phê nóng (cah feh nom) Cold - Lạnh (lang) Tea - Trà (chah) I’d like to eat - Tôi muốn ăn (thoy moowan un)


Noodles - mì/ bún/ phở Bread - Bánh Mì Beef - bò Chicken - gà Fish - cá Spice - ₫ồ gia vị


0...................................không 1...................................một 2...................................hai 4...................................bốn 5...................................năm 6...................................sáu 7...................................bảy 8...................................tám 9...................................chín 10.................................mười 11.................................mười một 15.................................mười lăm 20.................................hai chục 50.................................năm chục 100...............................một trăm 1000.............................một ngàn 1,000,000.....................một triệu


Money The currency in Vietnam is the Dong (Ä‘) and notes are in denominations of 1000 with the most common notes being 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500. 500,000 dong is the largest bill available from ATMs (approx. USD 24). 20,000d notes can look similar to 500,000d notes so make sure to look at the size of the bill and organize bills sequentially and be aware of their color. It is illegal to list prices and ask for payment in any currency other than Dong.

Banks ACB - 218 Bach Dang / 1900 545 486

BIDV - 90 Nguyen Chi Thanh / 1900 9247

Dong A Bank - 51 Nguyen Van Linh / 1900 545 464 Eximbank - 48 Tran Phu / 1800 1199

HSBC - Indochina Riverside Tower / 74 Bach Dang / 0511 381 5481 VPBank - 112 Phan Chu Trinh / 1900 545 415

Sacombank - 130 - 132 Bach Dang / 1900 5555 88

Techcombank - 244 - 248 Nguyen Van Linh / 1800 588 822 VietinBank - 172 Nguyen Van Linh / 1900 558 868 VIB Bank - 208 Nguyen Van Linh / 1800 8180

ATM’s ACB - 218 Bach Dang / 307 Phan Chu Trinh / 215 Ong Ich Khiem

BIDV - 222 Hoang Dieu / 40 Hung Vuong / 334 Ngu Hanh Son / 978 Ngo Quyen Dong A Bank - 16 Le Duan / 154 Le Loi / 47 Ngu Hanh Son / 540 Ngo Quyen Eximbank - 151 Nguyen Van Linh / 336 Hung Vuong / 205 Phan Chu Trinh HSBC - Indochina Riverside Tower / 74 Bach Dang / 0511 381 5481

VPBank - 62 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai / 234 Ong Ich Khiem / 1088 Ngo Quyen Sacombank - 1 Nguyen Van Linh / 155 Nguyen Van Linh / 202 Hoang Dieu Techcombank - 200 Hai Phong / 103 Hung Vuong / 27 Ngu Hanh Son

Vietin Bank - 223 Tran Phu / 324 Hung Vuong / 163 Le Duan / 12-14 Le Loi Vietcom Bank - A22 Nguyen Van Linh / 225 Hung Vuong

VIB Bank - 211 Hung Vuong / 217 Le Duan / 208 Nguyen Van Linh


Credit and Debit Cards Credit and debit cards are increasingly being accepted such as Visa, Master Card and JCB, and businesses usually add 3% commission. However, it should be remembered that Vietnam is on the whole still a cash based economy.

Traveller’s Cheques Traveler’s cheques can only be exchanged at authorised banks so it’s advisable to either bring some Vietnamese Dong from your home country or use an ATM. You can cash traveler’s cheques at any SacomBank for a 2% fee (225 Ong Ich Khiem, 349 Phan Chu Trinh, So 171 Đong Da)

1 KRW = 18 VND 1 INR = 323 VND 1JPY = 194 VND 1 SGD = 15,898 VND 1 THB = 617 VND 1 USD = 22,260 VND

Western Union Western Union system cooperates with most banks in Da Nang. If you want to receive money from Western Union, go to any large bank during 8am - 11am and 1:30pm - 4:30pm Monday to Friday. However, it is impossible to send money out of Vietnam while on a tourist visa.


Currency Exchange US dollars are widely accepted however vendors prefer them to be clean and crisp. The downside to paying in USD is that the vendor chooses the exchange rate and rounds up to the nearest dollar so it becomes more expensive. It is advisable to change your money at the airport or banks which offer competitive rates and free Wi-Fi to check the exchange rates. Street exchangers should be avoided as this is likely to be a scam. 1 AUD = 16,381 VND 1 CAD = 16,478 VND 1 CHF = 22,252 VND 1 EUR = 24,399 VND 1 GBP = 31,368 VND 1 HKD = 2,832 VND

Club 99 Furama Resort, 68 Truong Sa, Da Nang 0511 398 7477 11am - 4am (open daily) Crowne International Club Crowne Plaza Da Nang, Truong Sa, Da Nang 0511 395 1666 24/7


Prices To Know VND


Vietnamese street coffee

Exchange Rate is USD 1 = VND 22,400



Western style coffee





Soft drink (street)



Soft drink (restaurant)



Coconut juice (street)



Fruit shake (street)



Fruit shake (restaurant)



Beer (33cl bottle in a local restaurant)



Milk - per litre






Mi Quang (noodles)



Banh Mi



Bo Ne (Vietnamese beef steak)



Cƥm TẼm (Broken Rice)



City bus fare



Taxi - per km



Cyclo - per hour











Flat tire repair



New bike tire



Small bottle of water (street)

Motorbike taxi - per km Motorbike rental - per day Petrol - per litre Motorbike parking fee

T-shirt from a market



Foot Massage - 1 hour



Body Massage - 1hour




Transportation Da Nang has excellent transport links and acts as the main travel hub for Central Vietnam, with a modern airport, train links to both the north and south, and bus routes going throughout Vietnam and crossing the Laos border.


Renting a Motorbike

The motorbike is the go-to method of transportation in Vietnam, weaving through the streets day and night. Renting a motorbike is a quick and easy process widely available throughout the city.

Renting a motorbike is a fairly easy process and rentals can be found almost anywhere in the city and with the most ease around An Thuong. A fair price is between 100,000d and 150,000d per day.

Motorbikes for sale make for a better deal for long term visitors and are easy to find through Internet listings and local dealers for around 4-5 million dong (200 dollars).

Longer renters (2 weeks to a month) usually get some kind of deal from the rental shop. Some providers will ask for a deposit and others a passport.

Motorbike Safety At first glance Vietnamese driving can look like complete chaos. Motorbikes scattered on the road broken by the odd car all moving independent of road markings or signs. There is a method to the madness though. In Vietnam, the person turning has the right of way and those coming straight on are expected to slow and allow them to turn. Obviously don’t turn suddenly into crowded oncoming traffic, but if you wait for an empty road to turn, you’ll be waiting for a while. Always pass on the left rather than the right. When navigating traffic circles honk to show you’re continuing through and signal with your hand. Always wear a helmet or risk getting a fine from police.

For stays longer than a month it’s cheaper to buy a bike and sell it at the end of the trip.

­­­Motorbike Taxis Independent motorbike taxis (xe om) operate all over the city. These typically older Vietnamese men will offer to drive visitors wherever they like or, in some cases, to do errands in exchange for payment. These guys are all independent operators, so be sure to agree on a price before stepping on the bike. A ride of 5km should cost around 30,00040,000₫. Xe om Da Nang Hotline 0123 543 4343



MAP: 6F-1

Anh Tuan Moto Rental

Good price and reputation. Yamaha, Honda, SYM. Delivery to anywhere Guarantee policy. 141/16 Tieu La 090 570 8090 / 098 800 7001 24 Hours Open

MAP: 7E-1

Rent A Bike Vietnam

Excellent bikes for rent, long term and short term at competitive price. 131 Le Dinh Ly, Da Nang 090 439 2423 8am - 6pm

Ha Long The fastest, cheapest and most qualified service. Flexible renting term with good price and guarantee policy every week. Delivery and pickup at airport, train, bus station, hotel or house. The first and most experienced moto rental service in Da Nang. Show this ad in print, web or app version to get a 10% discount 77B Pham Van Nghi, Da Nang 0905 506 406 - Mr.Long (VN) 0905 522 660 - Ms.Ha (Eng) 8am - 6pm (24 / 7 for booking)


MAP: 7E-2

Bicycles Da Nang is relatively flat and ideal for exploring by bicycle. They can be rented throughout the city, usually outside large hotels. Every evening, tandem bicycles are available on the river bank, east of the Dragon Bridge. Nui Da Center / 0511 395 8950 Dacotrip / 0123 437 3735 Danaline / 0511 381 1444 Price: 90,000₫ - 120,000₫/day. (50,000₫ in deposit)

Taxis There are different taxi companies in Da Nang each fares and rates that differ in small ways, but generally the price runs about the same. Most drivers have GPS devices to help navigate. It’s rare

to find a driver who speaks more than a little English so it’s best to have your destination written down if you cannot speak Vietnamese. There are few taxis equipped to accept credit cards, so it is recommended to pay in cash.

Taxi Numbers ­Tien Sa (yellow) / 0511 379 7979

Mai Linh (green) / 0511 356 5656

Vinasun Green (white) / 0511 368 6868

Cyclos The unique pedal-powered reclining chairs that move lazily along the Han River and through Hoi An are called cylos. These can be hired for those who wish to take in the city at a relaxing speed without the effort of walking and/or carrying bags.

Da Nang Cyclos Ride in comfort and visit Da Nang’s tourist sites in one of the city run cyclos. Drivers can go anywhere but the riverside is recommended. Don’t worry about the sun as the seat is shaded. Find cyclos parked outside large hotels on Bach Dang Street, along the river and specially outside Cham museum. 80,000 ₫/hour 8am - 8pm 0511 355 0111 Hotline: (Mr.Thinh) 090 549 9639 MAP: 5D-1


Trains Da Nang lies on the north-south rail route and taking a long train journey makes for a unique experience as you coast past open farmland, jungle mountains and secluded beaches.

Da Nang Train Schedule Train Name


Departure Arrival Time Time

Price (Unit: 1,000 â‚Ť)



Da Nang- Ha Noi





SE 2








SE 4








SE 6








SE 8








SE 20








TN 2








Da Nang – Sai Gon SE 1








SE 3








SE 5








SE 7








SE 21








TN 1








SE 22









Da Nang - Hue 10:26am


Hue - Danang SE 21





Da Nang train station / 200 Hai Phong St.


MAP: 7B-1

Flights Da Nang International Airport is close to the city centre and is the main travel hub for Central Vietnam. The airport is both domestic and international. There are about 20 flights per week directly to China, Korea, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos. Other international connections can be made in Hanoi or Saigon. The popular domestic airlines: Vietnam Airlines / 0511 383 2320 JetStar / 1900 1550 VietJetAir / 1900 1886 MAP: 8D-2


Route No. 2 Kim Lien - Cho Han (Han Market) 5:30am - 6pm (every 15 minutes) Fare: 5,000₫ - 10,000₫ Stops at Big C, Han Market, Da Nang Cathedral, Nam O fish sauce village. Route No. 3 Da Nang - Ai Nghia 5:30am - 6pm (every 30 minutes) Fare: 8,000 - 15,000₫ Stops at Tuy Loan Rice Paper Village, Cam Le Sesame Cake Village. Route No. 6 Da Nang - Phu Da 5:30am - 5pm (every 30 minutes) Fare: 8,000 - 25,000₫ Stops at My Son. Route No. 4 Da Nang - Tam Ky 5am - 6pm (every 30 minutes) Fare: 8,000 - 30,000₫ Route No.9 Tho Quang - Que Son 5:15am - 4:30pm (every 30 minutes) Fare: 8,000 - 25,000₫

There are 6 main routes in Da Nang: Route No.1 Da Nang - Hoi An 5:30am - 6pm (every 20 minutes) Fare: 8,000₫ - 15,000₫ Stops at the airport, train station, Museum of Cham Sculpture, My Khe Beach and Marble Mountain.

Intercity Buses Buses regularly run from Da Nang to cities near and far in northern, central, and southern Vietnam as well to destinations in Laos. A range of options are available to make sure you have comfortable journey. Da Nang Central Bus Station 201 Ton Duc Thang St.


Bus Fares (All over Vietnam) Price (Unit: 1,000 ₫) Destination

Ha Long

Ha Noi

Phong Da Nha Nang






Ly Son

Nha Trang

Da Lat

Sai Gon





Ha Noi









Phong Nha









Da Nang









Ly Son









Nha Trang









Da Lat









Sai Gon









Services to Laos Destination: Pakse Departure Time: 6.30am (everyday) Duration: 29 hours Fare: 450,000₫

Destination: Tha Khaek Departure Time: 5am (Tue & Thur) Duration: 22 hours. Fare: 940,000d.

Destination: Savannakhet Departure Time: 7.30pm (Mon, Weds, Sun) Duration: 19 hours Fare: 800,000₫

Destination: Vientiane Departure Time: 2pm & 3:30pm (Mon - Sat) Duration: 29+ hours.­­­­ Fare: 730,000₫

Visa Services When crossing borders visas are always a matter that needs to be attended to. Local businesses in the city offer services to help foreigners address any issues in this area, provide letters for officials, and handle any other immigration issues that may arise. When arriving in the airport or land border crossing be sure to have your stamped approval letter, address and two photos ready. You can get help with your visa at Vietnam Visa (





55 Nguyen Van Linh St. Hai Chau Dist, Da Nang City | +84 511 730 2044 MAP: 6D-3


Embassies Australia - 8 Dao Tan, Hanoi / 04 3774 0100

Belgium - 49 Hai BĂ Trung, Sai Gon / 043 934 6179

Cambodia - 71A Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi / 044 942 4789 / 942 4788 Canada - 235 Dong Khoi, Sai Gon / 083 827 9899 China - 46 Hoang Dieu, Hanoi / 08 3829 2457

Czech Republic - 13 Chu Van An, Hanoi / 043 845 4131-2 Denmark - 19 Dien Bien Phu, Ho Chi Minh/ 043 823 1888 France - 57 Tran, Hung Dao, Hanoi / 043 944 5700 Germany - 29 Tran Phu, Hanoi / 043 845 3836

India - 58-60 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi / 043 824 4998 Indonesia - 50 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi / 043 825 3353 Ireland - 191 Ba Trieu, Hanoi / 043 974 3291

Italy - 9 Le Phung Hieu, Hanoi / 043 825 6256 Japan - 27 Lieu Giai, Hanoi / 043 846 3000 Korea - 54 Lieu Giai, Hanoi / 043 831 5110

Laos Consulate - 16 Tran Quy Cap, Da Nang / 0511 382 1208 Malaysia - 43 - 45 Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi / 043 734 3836 Netherlands - 360 Kim Ma, Hanoi / 043 831 5650 Norway - 191 Ba Trieu, Hanoi / 043 974 8900

Philippines - 27-B Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi / 844 943 7873 Russia - 191 La Thanh, Hanoi / 043 833 6991

Singapore - No. 41 & 43 Tran Phu, Hanoi / 043 848 9168 South Africa - 31 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi / 043 936 2000 South Korea - 54 Lieu Giai, Hanoi / 04 3831 5110 Spain - 4 Le Hong Phong, Hanoi / 043 771 5207 Sweden - 2 Nui Truc, Hanoi / 043 726 0400

Switzerland - 44B Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi / 043 934 6589 Taiwan - 239 Xuan Thuy, Hanoi / 043 833 5502~04

Thailand - 63-65 Hoang Dieu, Hanoi / 043 823 5092-4 Turkey - 44 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi / 043 822 24 58 UK - 31 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi / 043 936 0500 USA - 7 Lang Ha, Ha Noi / 04 3850 5010


Consulates Australia - 47 Ly Tu Trong, Sai Gon/ 083 521 8100

Belgium - No 105, Duong Van An, Sai Gon / 086 281 8001 Cambodia - No. 41 Phung Khac Khoan / 048 829 2751 Canada - 235 Dong Khoi, Sai Gon / 083 827 9899

China - 175 Hai Ba Trung, Sai Gon / 08 3829 2457

Czech Republic - 28 Mac Dinh Chi, Sai Gon / 083 829 0585

Denmark - 72-74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Sai Gon / 083 821 9373 France - 27 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Sai Gon / 083 520 6800

Germany - 126 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Sai Gon / 083 829 1967 India - 55 - Nguyen Dinh Chieu , Sai Gon / 083 823 7047

Indonesia - 18 Phung Khac Khoan, Sai Gon / 083 825 1888 Italy - 203 Dong Khoi, Sai Gon / 08 3 824 1998

Japan - 261 ₫iện Biên Phủ, Sai Gon / 083 933 3510 Korea - 107 Nguyen Du, Sai Gon / 08 3822 5757 Lao - 93 Paeur , Sai Gon / 083 829 7667

Malaysia - 1208 Me Linh Point Tower, Sai Gon / 083 829 9023 Netherlands - 29 Le Duan Boulevard, Sai Gon / 083 823 5932

Norway - 21-23 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Sai Gon / 083 822 1696 Philippines - 40-5 Pham Viet Chanh, Sai Gon / 083 518 0045 Russia - 126 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Sai Gon / 043 833 6991 Singapore - 65 Le Loi Boulevard, Sai Gon / 083 822 5174 South Korea - 107 Nguyen Du / 08 3822 5757

Spain - 25 Phung Khac Khoan, Sai Gon / 0838250173

Sweden - 186 Nguyen Van Huong, Sai Gon / 083 519 2337 Switzerland - 124 Dien Bien Phu / 08 38205402

Taiwan - 336 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Sai Gon / 083 965 1577 Thailand - 77 Tran Quoc Thao, Sai Gon / 083 932 7637-8

UK - 25 Le Duan Street, District 1, Sai Gon / 08 3825 1380 USA - 4 Le Duan, Sai Gon / 083 520 4200





Son Tra Peninsula Beach







Gia p

Vuo ng



Vo Nguyen Giap

Thu a

Nguye n Huy

Vo Ng

Pham Van Dong



Ho Nghinh

Hoang Bich Son





An Don Industrial Zone N




Ph am






Tran Hung Dao

Han Bridge


To n

Tr an

Th an h


Do ng








My Khe Beach



My An Beach yen


n Tu Pha

en Gia

y Vo Ngu

Ngu Vo

Tru ong en C


Ngu y

inh N


Du on



g Da n Hun







o Chu



Duong Tuyen Son Bridge

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

East Side





Dragon Bridge


inh Te Thi V


Tran Hung Dao

ong Hu uan

ai Ngu H




a uH


anh S


Vo Van K

u Tra

Le Hu


n Vie

Du Van



n Tra

c u Tra e Hu


Tu Phan



Le Q


n Tho


Ly Van To


i Thi S Ngo Area uong Vien An Th g Ke Hoan

Ho Nghinh

Le Qu

en Va


n Vo Va

Duong Dinh Nghe

Pham Van Dong


ang D

Ha Bong

X Ho

Vo Nguyen Giap




5 6

g hu


n Linh



29 thang 3 Park




Nguyen Tri Phuo 4 Huu Tho yen u g



ri P nT


Duy Tan

Dien Bien Phu


n ho Hai Phong

Le 1 Di nh

h n Lin




h an Th

o Tran Ca

at nT ye gu




en Va







Ly Thai To


Le Dinh Ly

yT an




en Ho

Ham Nghi

a Tham


o Vu



Hoang Dieu



Chu Trinh


Vuong Trieu Nu 4 em Khi h Ic 1 Ong

Nui Than

Nui Thanh

P han







ng D

Hai Pho

tation Train S



uV uon




u Tr


Tru n

Nguyen Va



2 thang 9

Duy Tan


Khie Ong Ich Khiem Ong Ich1

Nguyen C hi Thanh 1

uong Hung V







Le Duan





Thi Minh

2 Tran Phu 3




Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Tri P




E Dragon Bridge

Nguyen Van Linh

Le Loi

Yen Bai

Phan Chu Trinh

Hai Phong

Nguyen Chi Th



Hung Vuong





Le Duan



Tran Phu



Bac 6 hD ang 4 1 Tran Phu


Bach Dang

uy en

Han Bridge






Da Nang International Airport

Duy Tan



I Tuyen Son Bridge 2 thang 9

2 thang 9

Nui Thanh

Xo Viet Nghe


To Huu


Le Thanh Nghi

Le Thanh Nghi



La Tieu

30 thang 4


To Huu

u Dan g Lu Phan


en H


g Nh

u Ho





Xo Viet Nghe

uyen Huu Tho

Huynh Tan Phat To Huu

Luong Nhu

30 thang 4

Tieu La


Nguyen Huu Da

uu T



u Tr Nu g on Vu

West Side

Medical Care There is no reason to worry about healthcare, whether routine or emergency, on your trip to Da Nang. The city hosts numerous hospitals and dental clinics, many with English-speaking staff that are up to international standards. Pharmacies can be found easily on almost every city block and they are well stocked to provide treatment for common ailments as well as most common prescription medications. Da Nang is a modern city, often called the most liveable in Vietnam, so health needs should be easily met here.

Hospitals Danang Family Medical Practice 50-52 Nguyen Van Linh, DN 0511 358 2699 Hoan My Da Nang Hospital 161 Nguyen Van Linh, DN 0511 365 0676 TMMC 4 Cach mang thang 8, DN 0511 3679 555 Da Nang Family Hospital 73 Nguyen Huu Tho, DN 0511 363 2111 Da Nang Hospital 124 Hai Phong, DN Hotline: 096 523 1818


Pharmacies Dapharco 19 401 Le Duan 098 275 0052 Dapharco 24 431 Ong Ich Khiem 0511 382 4945 Phuoc Thien 307 Trung Nu Vuong 0511 382 7772 Phuoc Thien 2 322 Hung Vuong 0511 368 9977 Thanh Suong 342 Trung Nu Vuong 0511 355 0731 Hong Duc 232 Ong Ich Khiem 0511 383 7508 Nguyet 362 Hung Vuong 0511 383 8085

In Da Nang there are no 24 hour pharmacies, the usual opening hours are 8am - 9pm. If you do need a pharmacy, write down the exact medicine you require or bring a sample package for the pharmacist. Depending on the drugs you require, some pharmacies will even refill your empty containers without validating a new prescription. Any medication can be sold freely without a prescription, except sedatives, those for mental disorders, opiates and other controlled drugs. These medications are only available from hospitals.

Dental Clinic East Meets West Dental Center 269 Nui Thanh, Da Nang 0511 362 4222/4224 International Dentistry Company 577 Nui Thanh, Da Nang 0511 361 5588 Dr. Long Dental Clinic 157 Hai Phong, Da Nang 093 902 7331 Serenity International Dental Clinic 12 Nguyen Du, Da Nang 0511 353 8966 Viet Khuong Dental Center 65 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Nang 0511 389 3545

Dr. Tran Diep Dental Clinic Dr. Tran Diep is well known as a very experienced and highly qualified dentist. Free consultation. English speaking staff. Full range of dental services and cosmetic restoration. Highly recommended on Trip Advisor. Please make an appointment in advance. 78 Phan Anh, Da Nang 090 515 1522 2pm – 8pm (Mon - Sat) Sundays for emergencies MAP: 7E-1


Weather Promotional photos always show Da Nang as a sun soaked beach city with a clear blue sky. The good news is for most of the year on most days it is, the graphs below should give you a good idea of seasonal differences in weather.

Temperature Cold















Rain & Thunder Storms Light Rain

Thunder Storms

Light Rain

90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

0% Jan














Emergency Information Numbers for police, ambulance, fire and rescue services: who to call and what to say in an emergency.

Emergency Numbers Police

Tel: 113


Tel: 114


Tel: 115

Emergency Vocabulary


Useful Tips When Traveling Culture The Vietnamese, especially in Central Vietnam, are friendly, welcoming, and generally honest people. They welcome foreigners with open arms. However like with any multicultural exchange there can be some hiccups and gaps in understanding and expectations on both sides. This section should help bridge the cultural divide and help visitors navigate social interactions smoothly while visiting this lovely slice of the world.

Meeting People When meeting a new person in Vietnam it is not common to shake hands nor is it expected that a person bow elaborately as it is in, say, Thailand or Japan. A nod of the head and a simple “nice to meet you” should suffice. When meeting an older person or someone of high status—say a monk or politician—remove any headwear and bow slightly at the neck and shoulders. When saying goodbye men and women do not hug or kiss on the cheek, a friendly wave works for all genders.

Social Distances The accepted distance to pass or be close to a stranger in Vietnam is much closer than is common in the west. People walk close to each other and may do something like grab an item from another table (chopsticks or a napkin) without asking. This is commonplace and not a sign of disrespect.

Body Language In some ways body language is universal. In other smaller aspects it differs from culture to culture. For example, in Vietnam a person should never touch the head of another person, even a child. The head represents the highest point on the body and to touch the head of a person is diminutive and insulting. Following this same thinking, the feet are the lowest and dirtiest point on the body so to point the feet at a person is an insult. Never point feet toward images of the Buddha.

Problems and Arguments In Vietnam, as with much of the rest of Southeast Asia, people see calmness and reserve as virtues. So if visitors encounter problems with a local person or business, it is fine and natural to disagree and even to do so firmly. However, the moment a person becomes visibly upset or raises their voice, in the eyes of the Vietnamese, they have lost their composure and therefore their dignity and, by proxy, the argument itself.


Eating and Drinking Eating and drinking (specifically, beer in the context of celebration) is a big deal in Vietnam and may go on for several hours with a large group. Chopsticks act as the main utensil and meals are eaten family-style with people receiving several small bowls to serve themselves. Politeness dictates trying each dish on the table before taking more of a favorite. When plates are passed, take them with both hands. It’s considered rude to refuse an offer of food even when already full. Chopsticks should always rest on the bowl parallel to the table. Leaving chopsticks to rest in the bowl resembles a funeral rite and is offensive. Otherwise, enjoy the local cuisine. It’s healthy, fresh, and plentiful. That about covers the main rules of eating, as for drinking, Vietnamese men usually drink (sometimes in great quantity) while women usually abstain or drink only a small amount. The Vietnamese see the ability to drink as a sign of strength and health in men. When beer is out, it is common for a man to be asked how much he can drink. However, while drinking is often endorsed and encouraged, excessive drunkenness (stumbling, slurring words, etc.) is not seen well. When drinking at a table of Vietnamese, don’t sip alone, raise a glass and say “yo” so everyone drinks together at the same pace.

Tours Guided tours are on offer in abundance throughout Da Nang to suit all interests. Whether looking to take in some stunning natural landscapes above ground or the sweeping coral reefs and schools of tropical fish undersea, these friendly guides will get you there. For those interested in the war or the rich cultural heritage of Central Vietnam from the ruins of My Son to the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hoi An and Hue, historical curiosity is easily satisfied. Even the Vietnamese culinary tradition is on display with food tours and cooking classes to satisfy any appetite.

Climbing For those looking for an adventure, Central Vietnam offers plenty of options to climb and explore the lush natural landscapes. Visitors can trek up the mountains that flank Da Nang on either side, scale the beautiful cliff-faces and waterfalls near Lang Co, or explore the jagged peaks of Marble Mountain.

Snorkelling When snorkelling close to coral, it’s best not to use fins. The water in theses areas doesn’t have strong currents. The constant use of fins disturbs the water flow around the corral and this disrupts the ecosystem gradually harming growth.


Rip Currents Da Nang beach has unusually strong rip currents that can suck swimmers quickly out to sea. A rip current is caused by a gap in the sandbar that pulls water out faster than other areas along the shoreline. These currents can sometimes sweep up and disorient swimmers quickly pulling them out to sea. Here is some practical advice about how to spot and handle rip currents while swimming on Da Nang’s beaches. Do not swim against a rip If you find yourself without a foothold and being pulled out by a rip current, don’t panic. More importantly, don’t try to swim against it back to shore. This will only cause more fatigue and make little progress against the rip. Relax and recognize what has happened. Swim sideways If you know you’ve been caught, don’t point your head toward the beach. Instead put the shore on your left or right side and swim parallel to the beach until the rip stops pulling. Then there’s little resistance and the waves should help push you back to shore. See this diagram for a visual.

If unable to swim relax and wait If you cannot swim or are fatigued, relax and float on your back. The rip current won’t take you all the way out to sea, only about 25 meters from shore. The impulse to panic is natural and strong, but not helpful. Tip your head back, fill your lungs with air, and float on your back. Raise your arms and signal lifeguards. Know how to spot a rip Waves don’t break in a rip current or are drastically smaller. If you see a calm area of water with waves breaking on either side, this is a rip current. Swim where the waves are breaking white.

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Pioneers bringing great quality Japanese food to Da Nang. This spacious and stylish restaurant has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The menu is very rich with over 150 varied dishes including sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki hot pot, shabu shabu, miso ramen and skewered meat. Dasushi is a great spot to enjoy excellent Japanese cuisine with friends. Call or email to make a reservation. Branch 1: 150 Phan Chu Trinh, Da Nang 0511 356 6079 - 0511 625 5569 Branch 2: 194 -196 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang 0511 357 3939 - 0511 356 1919 10:30am - 2pm & 4:30pm - 10:30pm


MAP: 6D-2 / 8D-1

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VNPG Da Nang offers a comprehensive guide to this beautiful seaside city—the first of its kind in print, web, and app format. Da Nang has risen from a sleepy beachside town to a major tourist destination over the past decade. As the skyline construction and international arrivals expand, visitors continue rolling in. This book has the information you need to experience Da Nang to its fullest. From plans for beach days and mountain treks to 5-star hotels and top-class spas and everything in between, Da Nang has a niche for any traveller. This guide was designed to be an easy to use resource that lets you find that niche. Take a copy for free. Download our app. Check out the website. See where it can take you and travel well.

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Vietnam Pocket Guide 1st Issue  

VNPG Da Nang offers a comprehensive guide to this beautiful seaside city—the first of its kind in print, web, and app format. Da Nang has ri...

Vietnam Pocket Guide 1st Issue  

VNPG Da Nang offers a comprehensive guide to this beautiful seaside city—the first of its kind in print, web, and app format. Da Nang has ri...