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December, 2016 Volume 2, Issue 12

IC’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY All Members are invited! December 14th 2016 at First Congregational Church 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

inside this issue faces in recovery ............. 2 art exhibit ........................ 2 act of kindness ................ 3 writer’s corner ................ 4 artist of the month .......... 5 IC fit challenge ................ 6 renew challenge ............. 6 guest artist ...................... 7 yoga at the IC .................. 7 employment success ...... 7

upcoming events  Thursday Dec. 1— World AIDS Day  Saturday Dec. 3—Meet up at 11:00 a.m. at TARGET  Every Wednesday Dec. 7, 21, 28— Mending Art  Every Thursday Dec. 8, 15, 22, 29— Winter Safety Series  Wednesday Dec. 14— HOLIDAY PARTY at First Congregational Church  Friday Dec. 16— CAG (Consumer Advocate Group)  Wednesday Dec. 21— Winter Solstice  Saturday Dec. 24— Hanukkah begins, Christmas Eve  Sunday Dec. 25— Christmas Day  Monday Dec. 26— Kwanzaa begins, CLUB CLOSED  Friday Dec. 30— ”Turning Over a New Leaf” Project  Saturday Dec. 31— New Year’s Eve 2

faces in recovery – Frank R. Frank R. is this month’s faces in recovery, he became a member in November, here is Frank’s story in recovery: Frank has enjoyed, drawing, painting, photography and music for most of his life. When he visits the center he loves to be in the art studio and is very excited to join the art club and take part in other activities that involve art or music. Frank recently started learning Italian. He loves the Italian proverb: La vita è breve e l’arte è lunga. (Translation: Live is short but art endures.)

Mattatuck Museum—art exhibit The Mattatuck Museum is an art and regional history museum in downtown Waterbury. Admission to the museum is FREE to all residents of Waterbury (must show a valid I.D.) and admission is FREE to the entire community on 2nd Sunday of every month. The museum is located at 144 West Main Street in Waterbury. It is open 10 am—5 pm (Tuesday –Saturday), 12 pm— 5pm (Sunday) and is closed on Mondays. The exhibition, Winter Scenes, featuring paintings by Linda Nelson will be on display from Dec. 11, 2016—Mar. 12, 2017. In her lifetime, self-taught artist Linda Nelson produced folksy scenes of simple life inspired by her childhood days on a farm in Illinois. Small towns and country settings provided imagery for the calendars and cards that have made her work familiar.

act of kindness

support groups For people who hear voices: ngvoicesnetwork or http://www.hearingvoicesus

Let’s Send Some Holiday Cheer We are looking for your help! Last year I.C. members created over one hundred cards and sent them to the shelter, the nursing home and the veterans! Your thoughtfulness and kindness to others during this holiday season will be greatly appreciated and bring a lot of smiles! Materials will be available at the club to make unique handmade cards. Please see Alisa or Amy for more information.

Alternatives to Suicide Support Group 399 Franklin Avenue Hartford Wednesdays 4-5pm OCD support group cd/patients/support.aspx Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous Overeaters Anonymous Gamblers Anonymous http://www.gamblersanony

mending art I.C. Artists will proudly display their “Mending Art” at Northwestern Connecticut Community College December 14th—January 9th. Work will be on display in The Gallery at Founders Hall. Please join us for a reception January 5th 1:30PM—3:30PM (Snow date January 6th). For more information please see Amy Smith.

For additional information on Support Groups in Connecticut, visit ucation/information%20and %20referral/ or call: 1-800-842-1510, ext. 10


KTP award ceremony Keep the Promise Coalition (KTP) is a Connecticut Coalition of advocates (people living with mental illness, family members, mental health professionals and interested community members) dedicated to ensuring that a comprehensive, community mental health system is created and sustained for children, adults and families in Connecticut.

I.C. members pose with “Clubhouse of the Year” Award

I.C. members and staff attend the KTP award ceremony

writer’s corner - by Carol G. It seems that the children of this world do not consider that we have a God who will help them if they ask. One precious thing I have come to know is the word “No”. The word “no” saved my life many, many times. When thoughts of taking drugs come to my mind I say the word “no”, and I use my strength to do without it. When thoughts of smoking anything comes to my mind I say “no” and I tell myself I can do without it, and I do without it. When thoughts of drinking alcohol comes to my mind I say “no” and I tell myself I can do without it and I do without it. Senator Ted Kennedy Jr. poses with I.C. member Cynthia

The I.C. was very proud to be awarded “Clubhouse of the Year”!


If you have ever gotten over a hard moment then maybe you know that good things come to those who wait. If you just hold on and do without your inner desire, the moment will pass. Once you take the action of doing it, it becomes easier and easier. Just think of the first moment you rode a bike. Could you just do it without taking that first try? After that experience talks. Saying no is an action too that seems hard but once you do it, it becomes easier. You can do it there are many successful people that do. Call on God and ask him to help you. One thing I had to stop is the habit of eating because all of my life I thought (Continued on page 5)

writer’s corner (continued) (Continued from page 4)

happy birthday! Lawrence T.


with my stomach. Food was my security blanket. The only problem is that when I got too warm it stayed with me everywhere, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week all hundred pounds of it, for sixteen years.

John D.


Melody T.


James W.


Sometimes the hardest thing we have to do is get through a difficult moment, but if you get through the moment once it will be easier for you the next time.

Asia O.


Victor B.


I found that it helps me to tell my inner-gut feeling that I can do without it, and I find my inner strength to help me get through the moment.

Kara P.


Jose F.


I only hope is that I could pass on my experience and help somebody else learn the value of the word “NO” because it really helped me. Best wishes.

Frank G.


Louise L.


artist of the month—Karen W.

Linda H.


Robert L.


Donna L.


Bonnie L.


Jose S.


Gary H.


Beverly R.


Anne Marie


Martha B.


Jeffrey Z.


Juan P.


Debra J.


Bernard C.


Leonard S.


Amelia A.


Thomas H.


Karen’s work is an innate healing tool. She works in various mediums with her favorite being soft pastels and cray pas. Karen’s art is a reflection of where she is. When she creates masks it is a time of transition and helps to get to the next level. Karen has displayed her work at training conferences on trauma. Karen is creative on many levels.

Join us for a birthday bash on December 20th at 3:00 p.m. 5

important phone numbers Infoline CT 211 Logisticare 1-888-248-9895 Guiding Path Warmline: 1-860-482-1783 or 1-800-314-2680 5pm-10pm 7 days per week National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8522

IC fitness challenge In October and November IC members participated in a fitness program which involved a few challenges that help refresh the mind and also offer many health benefits. Some of the challenges were drinking 8 glasses of water a day which is good for clearer skin, kidney function (which clears out waste) and some pain prevention like aching joints and muscle cramp which can occur if the body is dehydrated. Flossing teeth is important for prevention of cardiovascular disease because plaque build-up in the mouth may cause problems in the bloodstream. Flossing twice a day can also help for fresher breath and whiter teeth. Members like Vanessa M. and John R. who participated in the challenge practiced these and many other challenges that were presented. The reason is was called a “challenge” is because many of us do not take the time to do some of the small things that were presented which would benefit us greatly as time goes on. If you would like a copy of the challenge you can ask staff member, Derrick.

Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline 1-888-999-5545 En Español 1-888-999-8332 Crisis 1-866-794-0021

Dentists in Waterbury Who take Husky Health Staywell Health Center 203-597-9044 South Main Street 203-756-8021 Phoenix Avenue Community Health Center 203-574-4000 Columbia Dental 1-866-645-0111 Statewide # for Opioid (Opiate) Dependence 1-800-563-4086 You will be linked with walk-in assessment centers


IC won 1st place in ReNEW Challenge The annual step into wellness challenge has a fresh new name and logo, it is now called The ReNEW Challenge!! The challenge was from September 19th – 25th. There were a total of 16 clubhouses throughout Connecticut who participated this year! The IC came into 1st place this year marking our 5th year in a row of coming in first place!!! Members took the challenge seriously and as a team we all are keeping our winning streak going and promoting health and wellness around each other and at home! Congratulations to all who participated, the award ceremony will be on December 7th.

guest artist—Gary Jacobs

yoga at the IC Recently the IC had the opportunity to bring Yoga classes into the clubhouse, there were several members that participated in the classes. Our instructor Diane not only was a great Yogi instructor but she spoke to members on the benefits of yoga such as the list we have listed. Look out for the calendar as to when we will have the chance to bring Yoga back to the IC! 1. Improves your flexibility 2. Builds muscle strength

The Crux, 36"x48", oil, 2016

3. Perfects your posture

Special thanks to our Guest Artist, Gary Jacobs for sharing his work with the Mending Art group! Gary is a graduate of the Hartford Art School, BFA 1988, and Brooklyn College, MFA 1991. He taught at the Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC, 1991-94, The Hartford Art School, 1996-99, and Tunxis Community College, 2009-present, and was a Product Development Artist for a large, consumer products company from 1994-2009. He has an extensive and consistent record of shows and reviews in the northeast, and is represented in numerous collections and product lines. Gary is known for his large, colorful abstractions, but these are the culmination of decades painting in a range of styles. His motto is: “Being an artist has to be a challenge, or it’s not worth doing.”

4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

“Being an artist has to be a challenge, or it’s not worth doing” - Gary Jacobs

employment success Jayvone G. began working as a Dietary Aide at Abbot Terrace in October

5. Protects your spine 6. Betters your bone health 7. Increases your blood flow 8. Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity 9. Ups your heart rate 10. Drops your blood pressure 11. Regulates your adrenal glands 12. Makes you happier 13. Founds a healthy lifestyle 14. Lowers blood sugar 15. Helps you focus

Kyrsten R. began working at Macy’s in October Frank R. began working as a UPS (seasonal) driver helper in November Congratulations to our members for achieving their goals and obtaining employment. Keep up the great work!


Disclaimer: Articles which show “submitted by” are not written by an IC member. They are articles that our members came across, were inspired by, and brought in to the Center to inspire and encourage other members. Often the authors of these articles are unknown. The opinions expressed in the newsletter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of the Independence Center’s members, the staff, or the Editor.

IC members practiced their right to vote and ran into Senator Joan Hartley!


Independence Center 21 Church Street Waterbury, CT 0672 Phone: 203-756-5772 Fax: 203-756-9744

Great Strides: Volume 2, Issue 12  
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