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June 9, 2017


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Around The Heartland

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Amanda Hanrahan Cecilia Nieves Jason Kirkpatrick

The Blue Tribe & Lou-Waukee Blue Represent the MHC At Northstar

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Tasty Taco Take-Down At McBob’s

Pgs. 10-11

Amanda Hanrahan C. Marie Cecilia Nieves Steve Pruzina Nolan Smith Sile Sneachta Michelle Varelas Jason Kirkpatrick

U7 Hurlers: Sometimes The Tiniest Are Also The Mightiest!

Pgs. 12-13

U11s: A Tale Of 2 Fields

Pgs. 14-15

U15s: Hot Sun, But Lots Of Fun

Pgs. 16-17

Slim’s Sláintes Barely Breeze Past Gael Winds In Playoff-esque Match

Pgs. 20-21

Three Lions Pride Scratch Out Win Over Trinity Rebels

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PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ellen Burmeister John Fehrenbach Devin Olson Jeff Serrano Indira Colon Darcy Neuenschwander Front Page Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

West Side Story

Pgs. 25

Ale House Marauders Raid Heavyweights to Steal Victory

Pgs. 26-27

County Clare Thundercats Dethrone the Purple Reign

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Around The Heartland By: Jason Kirkpatrick

DIVISIONAL COMPETITIONS Northstar Tournament - June 3rd (Minneapolis, MN) MHC Hurling Match #1: Milwaukee 1-19 vs. Twin Cities (C) 0-3 MHC Hurling Match #2: Milwaukee 12 vs. Twin Cities (B) 27 MHC Hurling Match #3 was a win, but the team did not make the final. Twin Cities Robert Emmets Hurling (B) were the tournament champions. They defeated Hurling Club of Madison (w/ some players from Fox River Hurling Club and Kansas City Gaelic Athletic Club - KCGAC) in the final. The MHC Camogie squad also made the trip to Minneapolis and fought hard in both their two matches. Though they were defeated by a more senior Camogie team, Twin Cities, the ladies gained some great on-field experience.

Inter-divisional Match - June 3rd (Cincinnati, OH) Indianapolis GAA traveled to Cincinnati GAA for a friendly and were defeated 2-9 to 2-18 by the Cincinnati squad.

UPCOMING: Indianapolis Invitational - June 17 (Indianapolis, IN)

Did You Know?

If you planned a road trip to all the clubs in the Heartland Division, you’d be on the road for more than 29 hours, and you would have driven more that 1,880 miles! Ireland is shown here for comparison, but it’s crazy to think that’s the same amount of time to drive from Milwaukee to Los Angeles. For more news from the Heartland Division, check out our website at, or follow us on Twitter @HeartlandUSGAA

The Blue Tribe and Lou-Waukee Blue Represent the MHC at Northstar By: Cecilia Nieves The MHC’s men’s and women’s traveling teams headed to Minnesota this past weekend for the annual Northstar Tournament hosted by the Twin Cities Robert Emmets Hurling Club. There are many benefits to participating in traveling team opportunities, the least of which is getting to play one more day of hurling, which to the hurling addicts out there, is a win in and of itself. A tournament this early in the season helps our players and coaches get a starting gauge of where the players strengths are, and identify areas of improvement. These opportunities also allow for players to get to know their teammates, and to build camaraderie. One of the lesser known benefits of traveling with club is that it allows for the opportunity to support and develop relationships with other clubs and their players. These bonds are especially treasured amongst the clubs that make up the newly-formed Heartland Division.

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Players began arriving in Minnesota early on Friday and had the pleasure of attending the TCRE’s round robin, and supporting their newest sponsor. Even though they would all be fierce competitors on the field the next day, that evening, they were compatriots. Photo Credit: Jeff Serrano

Those whose schedules were not so travel-friendly would have to make their late journeys on Friday or an all-too early Saturday morning. No matter when they left home, they all came to the pitch ready to play. The men’s traveling team, or the Blue Tribe, arrived early to prepare for the second match of the day. After an intense warm -up they came together to commemorate the moment with a great team photo,

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

which has made its way to many a Facebook Cover Photo. The men took the field with an intensity that made you think they were heading into war, rather than a match against TCRE II. The passing and communication were there from the start, and the first half flew by with the men putting up eight points, including four from Brian Marsolek. Adam Blackwell and Pat Foley both got points over the bar as well. The half ended with the men up 0-8 (8) over 0-2 (2). The second half saw even more action from all of the players including Kevin “Mac 10” MacDonald and Connor Kilp. Alec Fortier showed off some impressive skills at the forward position scoring both a goal and a point. MacDonald and Koppa fought hard to keep possession in the hands of the MHC and scored a point a piece before the game was done. The match ended with Brian Marsolek sneaking in another point, putting the Blue Tribe on top 2-16 (22) over TCRE II 0-3 (3). It was the ladies turn to take the field joined by some of the amazing ladies from St. Louis; the blended team would come to be known as Lou-Waukee. Their familiar opponent, the Twin Cities Camogie team, were fierce competitors working like a Photo Credit: Jeff Serrano

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Jeff Serrano

well-oiled machine. Despite the initial difficulties on the field, the ladies of Lou-Waukee found their rhythm and worked together to slow the competition down in the first half. During the halftime huddle, Coach Cory Johnson and Captain Sara Koenig had words of encouragement and a solid game plan for the second half. As the ladies took the field for the second half, they did so with confidence and excitement. A few lineup changes helped keep the ball on the offensive side longer than in the first half. The great passing and tenacious play by the defenders allowed the team to score two goals and a point before the end of the half. At the end of the match the Lou-Waukee Blue fell to the ladies of TCRE. As the day went on, the men lost their second match, but would not let that defeat frustrate them as they came back and won their third. The ladies took the field once more against TCRE where they fought even harder, Photo Credit: Devin Olson

communicated even better, and had even more fun than their first match. Though the results were the same, after a total of 5 hard-fought matches in the unseasonably hot and humid weather in Minnesota, the MHC traveling teams could sit back enjoy some food, ice cold beverages, and each other's company. They poured into their cars ready for the trip back, hoping to get enough rest time before they all had to be back on our home pitch for another great hurling Sunday with the Milwaukee Hurling Club.

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

It is always a great experience getting to travel with the MHC both as a player and a spectator. So, if ever you get the chance, it is highly recommended you take it! The ladies and gentleman in blue may next be traveling to Indiana for a tournament next weekend and we wish them all luck. Thank you to Twin Cities Robert Emmets for hosting another great Northstar Tournament! Up the MHC! Photo Credit: Jeff Serrano

Photo Credit: Jeff Serrano

By: Cecilia Nieves

Individual awards went to Kevin MacDonald (Most Eaten), Dave Morrow (Most Tacos in Shortest Time), & Justin “Pinball” McCauley (Height To Taco Ratio). Photo Credits: Michelle Varelas

The first sponsor fun night took place at McBob’s Pub and Grill, which could only mean one thing: Taco Fest! The annual team taco eating competition was nothing short of entertaining. Although each team was represented by their players, some teams rose to the challenge and came en masse. As the hurlers, continued to pour in, they began to take over the entire back and outside seating areas. The hostess was running out taco orders as hurlers argued over the rules of the competition. The home team, McBob’s was rolling deep and but

Tacos Eaten By The MHC

Photo Credit: Michelle Varelas

Photo Credit: Michelle Varelas

not looking to go easy just because they had good attendance. Some teams had only a few representative, and knew they could not hang with the leaders, so they spectators with their food and beverages of choice, watching the chaos ensue. Even though they were representing multiple teams, the “back corner” table alone was boasting twenty-one tacos. Late comers to the event were encouraged to get their orders in quickly so they could add to their teams’ scores. Where some hurlers bowed out, County Clare team Captain Kevin MacDonald pushed through and consumed more burrito-like tacos. As the competition came to a close, the final numbers were tallied and the winning team of MHC’s 2017 McBob’s Taco Eating Competition was... McBob’s! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported our great sponsor, and thank you to McBob’s for being such an amazing host for the night!

Photo Credit: Michelle Varelas

U7 Hurlers: Sometimes The Tiniest Are Also The Mightiest! By: The U7 Coaches Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

On this past Sunday the Shoreview Pediatrics Robins and the Energy Masters Turtles took the field despite the hot and humid day. All of the kids showed great improvement from their first two games. The Robins were glad to have their teammate, Seamus, out on the field for the first time, especially since he had some major plays and showed off his mighty swing. BFFTFs (Best Friends For Totally Forever), Delia and Isabel spent the

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

day marked up against each other each trying to best the other. This very friendly competition led to some phenomenal play and a goal or two scored and defended. Some of the veteran U7s were showing off their more advanced skills, like when Grayson attempted to jab lift and hit in the air. Lommi taught us that even the tiniest hurlers Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach can also be the mightiest, Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach as she took some phenomenal swings to pass from the midfield to her forwards. Braeden was nothing short of amazing as he helped guide his teammates and even some of his opponents on the field. The U7 coaches are all proud of where we are this early in the season, and look forward to our next match! Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Skills We’re Working On:

Ground Hurling Passing to Teammates Field Positions Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

A Tale Of 2 Fields In just the second year of splitting up into two fields the U11 hurlers have flourished in the new format. The expansion has mostly eliminated the need to sit players due to our growing numbers each year. The extra spacing that resulted has allowed each child the space to acquire the ball, and get more touches of the sliotar. The two fields also allow the U11 coaches the flexibility to get the right mix of players in each match. In the most recent Sunday matchup, the Leprechaun field (West) saw a lot of scrums as all the coaches instructed the young players to give FULL ground hurls, knowing it would help move the ball much more. As a result, play was

Skills We’re Working On:

“BIG” Ground Hurls Get Ball-In-Hand Not Bunching Up Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

By: The U11 Coaches

limited to one end of the field at times. However, all players on the Leprechaun Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach field patiently waited and called for their teammates with great communication. Aidan “Pickles� Baumann decided to skip the ground hurling though and went straight to the hand, striking the sliotar to his waiting forwards several times. More and more players are working towards lifting the ball like Aidan. On the Clover field (East), the action was fast and furious! The field is growing in size every year as the players strike the ball further. Tiernan Moloney and Counterpart Nico Holtzman battled back and forth all morning to lead their teams towards victory. This coming Sunday will see some of our Clover players head over to the Leprechaun field to mentor some of their younger teammates.

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Hot Sun, But Lots Of Fun By: The U15 Coaches

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

The last couple seasons have seen a big increase in the number of U15 players taking the field each week. Though they vary in size quite a bit sometimes, they never shy away from a good scrum, no matter who their mark is. The adults that were watching on Sunday definitely took notice, and perhaps even thought about how good these players were going to be when they join the adult ranks. With a much larger field than they are used to at the U11s, the Shamrock and Schley teams both have become quite

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Skills We’re Working On:

Blocks/Hooks Taking My Steps

Hitting on the Run Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

adept at getting the ball in their hand. At their level, the players are encouraged to go for more points, instead of relying on ground hurling for goals. The defense demonstrated by the U15s has been impressive as well. It can be tough to encourage a young player to step in front of a swinging hurley, but the teams on Photo Credit: Devin Olson Sunday showed no fear. Wellplaced hooks were the order of the day as well, having ruined more than one potential pointing opportunity. This Sunday the coaches are planning on stressing good passing and communication among the U15 squads. The longer the youth play together, the tighter the lines become and a more fluid game will be the result. We’ll continue to watch the U15s with great anticipation...and a little fear, as the get closer to joining the adults.

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Cory Lynn Papenfuss Born: 5/22 (12:50 am) Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz Height: 20.5” I think this Papenfuss has already been drafted to County Clare.

The MHC’s Newest Hurlers Declan Dever Ebert Born: 5/28 (1:08 pm)

Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz Height: 20” Behold, a young Ebert that has yet to lose his sleeves. He’ll be taking home the “bullets” in no time!


World Cultural Day May 19th, 2017 Recently we had the great opportunity to celebrate World Cultural Day with Manpower and their many great employees. Thanks to the ICHC President, Corey Webster, who invited us along to promote the MHC. Hopefully we’ll some of those we met out on the pitch!

Slim’s Sláintes Barely Breeze Past Gael Winds in Playoff-esque Match By: Cecilia Nieves

Photo Credit: Ellen Burmeister

In a sport where we do not want to see red, we sure saw a lot of it during the first adult game this past Sunday. Thankfully, all the red was in the jerseys worn on the field, and the skin of many of the players and spectators thanks to the early morning sun. The Slim’s Sláintes and the McBob’s Gael Winds took the field for what would prove to be one amazing match.

Slim’s started the game off with a bang putting up two quick points. The rest of the first quarter was a battle of two very strong defenses. Slim’s Captain Ryan Milbrath managed to stop a line drive that was sure to sneak into the net. After what seemed like forever, McBob’s was on the board with a point from Brian Marsolek. The quarter ended with Slim’s up 0-2 (2) to the Gael Winds’ 0-1 (1). The second quarter was defined by tit-for-tat play, which made for a lot of noise from players on the field as well as the from the sidelines. Slim’s’ Steven “Jake” Jakubowski started his scoring rampage with a textbook “Jake” goal: sneaky and jaw-dropping. McBob’s Connor Kilp got in on the scoring action taking shots at the uprights, maintain possessions for his team, and putting up points. The play of the quarter, or of the game was a gorgeous acquisition of the sliotar and clear by McBob’s rookie Ana Clucas, as McBob’s narrowly took the lead 1-6 (9) over the Sláintes 1-5 (8). After a rousing halftime pep talk from their captains, the Sláinte’s came out Photo Credit: Ellen Burmeister

playing like they were losing by a lot more than a point. “Jake” was all over the field disrupting the play and putting up points, despite the double or triple teams at times. He began the quarter with a goal and ended with a point. It was only through the efforts of his Photo Credit: Ellen Burmeister fellow teammates, including tenacious play by rookie Tom Hansen, that kept Slim’s in the game. McBob’s Captain Sara Koenig was sidelined during the second quarter with an injury, but she definitely kept her Gael Winds in the game with her ferocious battle cries, coupled with encouragement for her teammates efforts. The end of the third saw another lead change with Slim’s back on top 2-7 (13) over the Gael Winds 1-8 (11). Both teams knew this was anyone’s game going into the fourth quarter and they seemed to play as if they were in post-season mode. Kilp sent in a goal and a point to try and flip the game back in his team’s favor. Kilp, in a frenzy, screamed “I got it”, as he soloed down the field. Slim’s’ goalie Pat Minster was all too happy to put Kilp in his place by shutting down his showy play with a brilliant save. Slim’s dominated the last few minutes of the game including a point from Nolan Smith. At the final whistle, Slim’s carved out a win 5-10 (25) over the tough Gael Winds 2-12 (18).

Photo Credit: Ellen Burmeister

Three Lions Pride Scratch Out Win Over Trinity Rebels By: Steve Pruzina Two Sharpshooters were approaching....The Trinity Rebels and the Three Lions Pub Pride.

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Ivan Baker was tending Three Lions goal, and had Joe Carroll and John “Johnny Mac” McCarville on a solid back line. They faced Joel Guinane, Jeanne Lipscomb, Jack Tuescher, and Shannon “Cookie Monster” Kuechenmeister. At the south end Shannon Mellor was setting up Trinity goal when Éamonn de Cógáin and Kyle Christenson strolled down to the forward line for Three Lions. A look up the field and there was Brian “Fu” Christ, Antonio Ninham, and Jesse Rapkin ready to feed them sliotars. Low, odd balls came toward the Rebels goal right away, a stick-tip at midfield bounced ten yards. Ninham grabbed and drove weakly off someone’s helmet and straight to the hand of de Cógáin who turned towards an open goal and...totally whiffed it. It's Trinity who got the first goal, grounded in by Kate Kavanaugh. Then it was back to the south end: Christenson lined up from twenty yards; saw Kuechenmeister’s eyeballs and lifted his swing a tad. He gave the bar a haircut and Three Lions was on the board. De Cógáin got an easy catch at the edge of the box. Whiffed again. But no-one was on him; lifted it, and scored. At the Three Lions goal Joel

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Guinane outflanked defenders and put one in the corner. At the quarter the rebels were down 3-0 (9) to the Three Lions 4-3 (15). In the second quarter Jesse Hieb was the big stick at Trinity half back, digging balls out and hurling them to the forward zone. Megan Neuenschwander had a good stick to feed balls there too. Ronnie Hansen was running and dropping balls in. Meanwhile, Three Lion’s Jesse Rapkin was being left open and was taking points. Hansen dings the bar with a thirty yard free for another Trinity goal. Guinane lopes to the left side of goal and put up a weak-side point. At the half, Three Lions held their lead 6-7(25) over the Rebels 4-1 (13). Stopping the Pride’s sharpshooters was a must for Trinity and, after the half, Nolan Smith was back to some beef, and Hieb went to half forward to try for points. The tighter back line worked; Three Lions got just two more goals. Upfield, Hieb put up three big shots, wide left, wide right, and third time was the charm. Teuscher lifted and shot a point. Ninham, de Cógáin, and Rapkin were working cross field, opening up Trinity defense, and pointing from all over. Ninham picked, tack, sprint, weave right, a foot over the bar from 10 yards. Hieb got the last goal; hacked into the turf from close up. But Three Lions had it on points; at the whistle the Rebels fall 6-3 (21) to Three Lions 8-13 (37). Trinity got eleven points in their game against Spring House. This time just three. Ronnie Hansen was tightly marked this game; but that can't be all the difference. Solid game by Three Lions. The big winner however was the grass, which won easily 80% of one-handed pickups.

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

MHC Members Ty and Joe Carroll stop in to visit everyone’s favorite Tipperary hurley maker, Johnny O’Brien!

We hope to see Johnny back at Irish Fest again this year!

(Northstar version of West Side Story)


Things Learned At The Northstar Tournament By: Dennis Marsolek

10 Getting up at 2 am for a 5 ½ hour commute to a hurling match is way, way, way too early.

9 It seemed a little strange to drive all the way to the Twin Cities to eat Chicago style pizza.

8 Even though it’s called the TCRE North Star Tournament, it can get freakin’ hot in Eagan Minnesota in early June.

7 This is not from personal experience, but I highly recommend

bringing some earplugs if you are going to share a hotel room with some snoring teammates.

6 The amount of trash left behind by a few ravenous hurlers could, and did, sink a rather large garbage can (lots of pizza boxes).

5 Some MKE hurlers and camogie players like to enjoy a can or two (or three) of PBR after a game.

4 The Bionic Man rocks the long pants in goal. 3 The home field advantage is HUGE at these tournaments. It

practically guarantees all of your best players are available, which isn’t necessarily true for visiting teams that have to travel a few hundred miles. Not to mention, the home team sets the schedule.

2 The Merrimac Ferry is still running at 12:02 am. 1 Coach Kevin can be nice guy, even after a loss.

Ale House Marauders Raid Heavyweights to Steal Victory By: Indira Colón A tale of two houses, the Ale House Marauders and the Silver Spring House Heavyweights collided on the pitch for the third game of the day. The first quarter began with Spring House’s Michael Stuht Photo Credit: Devin Olson putting numbers on the board with a swift point high over the crossbar followed by the addition of their first goal. Stuht rang in one more point after Dan Wieber’s great defense landed the sliotar back in his hands. The Marauders were off to a bit of a slow start ending the first half with only one point. The quarter concluded with Silver Spring House leading 1-2 (5) to 0-1 (1). After the first water break, the game continued and Ale House began to find their rhythm. Ale House Captain, Zach LaVallee started the second out with a free after a rough play ensued. The free landed slightly short of the uprights resulting in a long winded assist to Jamie Phillips for the first Ale House goal. With the Marauders trailing by one, Spring House’s defensive players kicked into gear. Silver Spring House’s blood sub Alec Fortier gained a colossal block on what could have been a dominant goal from LaVallee. Spring House goalie Dave Olson got some rounds in saving two back-to- back shots on goal. Clear after clear from the back line produced two more Heavyweights points from the midline. Although the Marauders’ offense had their work cut out for them it didn’t stop LaVallee from a redemption goal with an assist from Phillips. Nearing the end of the second, Jasmine Balangue made her presence know by winning the sliotar from a scrum and clearing it to teammate Devin Olson. Olson, resetting, went for the point but came to a halt when Dylan Olson (her own brother) blocked her attempt. End of the Second left the Heavyweights trailing with 1-5 (8) to the Ale House Marauders 3-2 (11).

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: John Fehrenbach

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Halftime was up and both teams rallied to get their second wind. Liam Holohan started the third with a seamlessly uncontested goal. Ale House’s Ron Pershing followed up with a fast shot on goal that went wide left. He made the previous missed shot up when he fired off the next point. Shortly after, Marauder LaVallee made his first point of the half with a solo and hand pass assist from Holohan. It seemed as though Ale House was widening the gap, but it did not come easy. Spring House got a point after a cleared sliotar down the pitch. Stuht blocked off two shots from the Marauders offense with the completion of sideline cut that headed straight for the goal but was blocked at the last minute by Ale House goalie Tim Sulik. End of the third quarter. Ale House 3-5 (17) to Heavyweights 2-4 (11). Stuht helped gain two points after turning the play in the third. Ale House fired off points and shots repeatedly. LaVallee, Holohan and Phillips all had points to secure the win once Boston intercepted and cleared a shot from Hooper. The showdown between the two houses concluded Ale House taking the victory from the Heavyweights with a final score of 5-9 (24) to 2-7 (13).

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

County Dethrone Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

For the last game on a very hot Sunday afternoon the County Clare Thundercats faced off against the O’Lydia’s Purple Reign. Not letting the heat get to them, both teams had great showings and it made for a hugely entertaining game. Right away we saw a great block by Sean Rae Zalewski of O’Lydia’s. But Clare’s Matt Danahey came back, putting it through the bars for the first point of the game. Not soon after, Paul “Tebow” Steinbrecher drilled it in for O’lydia’s first point of the game. Tebow went on to have a great game, scoring three more points for his team. Also, having a fantastic game was Clare’s Ryan “Nitro” Koppa scoring an impressive two goals for Clare as well as putting up another two points through the bars. Koppa also had a great pass to Michael “T$” Anderson who then smashed the sliotar into the net for a Clare goal. Anderson also put up another point for Clare, hitting it through the bars. The first half of the game continued to be action-packed with goals for Clare by team captain Noah “Turbo” Leydel and Rob “Rockstar” Hoverman. The second half of the match did not disappoint. Clare’s Anderson had an epic block on O’Lydia’s captain Justin “Pinball” McCauley followed up by an impressive hit

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Clare Thundercats e the Purple Reign By: Tomi Vandergriff

through the bars for a point by Clare’s Dylan Curry. O’Lydia’s Josh “Gootch” Gutschow was able to come in for a great steal to get the sliotar away from the Thundercats. Zalewski then slammed it into the net for a goal for O’Lydia’s. Danahey came back scoring a point for Clare. Clare regained immediate possession and Brendan “GOAT” Murphy made a great pass to Koppa allowing him to score another goal for Clare.

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

In the final minutes of the game O’Lydia’s Josh Gutschow scored a goal to narrow the gap in the score a bit, making it a two point game. But soon enough, Clare Captain Kevin “Mac 10” MacDonald drilled it down through the bars for another point for Clare. The match ended a long and hot day of hurling with a final score of County Clare – 22 to O’Lydia’s – 15. Both these teams look to be a handful for any squad that has yet to play them. Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

Photo Credit: Devin Olson

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