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Mt. Hood Community College Mt. Hood Community College

register for classes today! Information to get you started: • Schedule and registration for spring term Mt. Hood Community College for-credit classes is now online at • Schedule of Community Education classes is inserted in the center of this publication — and also online at schedule. You can register by mail, fax, phone or online (details on page 5). • It’s never been easier to Click Your Way to Class It’s simple to apply to MHCC, register for a class or take advantage of the resources of MHCC — it’s waiting for you at mhcc. edu/schedule.

Here’s how it works: This publication, College + Community, which you hold in your hands, includes a paper schedule of the Community Education courses only. You’ll find the complete schedule of MHCC’s forcredit courses at This is your route to information at MHCC. You can search by course title or academic discipline, and you’ll see dates, times, instructors, tuition and fees. Admissions and Registration are just a couple clicks away. You can search for classes without creating an account or logging in, so check it out. When it comes to all of our great Community Education classes, you can also find those online, as well as in the center of this publication, and you can register by mail, phone, fax or at So click your way to class — we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

be appreciated Honoring Their Service Military veterans coming to college find many challenges and opportunities, and MHCC veterans services helps them navigate both. Their experiences and their needs are each unique. Some veterans just need help with the voluminous red tape of the many different versions of the Post-9/11 G.I. bill. Some combat veterans need people who understand they may be uncomfortable in rooms with lots of windows, or they may react badly to loud noises. Many have very rusty study and writing skills. Many have disabilities. Many are coming from a world where they functioned solely on training, instinct, little sleep and tons of caffeine, so having to make a wealth of everyday decisions in a classroom environment with regular hours, which takes these veterans out of their hardwon, upside-down comfort zone, is a new kind of stress requiring a different kind of courage.

Neils Roley

“They are intelligent, accomplished people, and they’ve seen the

best and worst of the world.”

The vast majority, with help from MHCC veterans services, find success as college students. “They are intelligent, accomplished people, and they’ve seen the best and worst of the world,” says MHCC’s Jerri Ellis, who leads the College’s service to veterans, “and the employees here are very supportive.”

A.J. Buell

Often, what must be overcome goes far beyond paperwork issues. Neils Roley spent 15 months in Afghanistan as an infantryman, and That commitment to serving veterthe challenges he faced after coming ans has earned the College a “Milihome were as high as the Afghan tary Friendly School” designation from G.I. Jobs magazine, a classifica- mountains. He was homeless for tion limited to the top 15 percent of a time, then he discovered he had the nation’s 7,000 colleges, universi- cancer. After treatment and with immense dedication, he finds himself ties and trade schools. in his first term of college. Ellis is part academic adviser, “I have to completely relearn my part counselor, part translator as study skills,” he says, adding that he’s she shepherds veterans through considering a career where he can the many permutations of the help people, such as nursing. revamped G.I. Bill, which has different provisions based on Ellis finds that many veterans type of service, and sets them gravitate to more solitary careers on their path through the many such as fisheries, outdoor recreation opportunities at MHCC. and sustainability. But many take to “I don’t know what I’d do without the veterans services program,” says 24-year-old Navy veteran A.J. Buell. “My husband is also a veteran, and the G.I. Bill is how we attend school, but we didn’t understand much about it until we came to MHCC.” Buell, who served as a flight engineer, is on her way to an eventual degree in renewable energy engineering.

teaching or business. She also finds that when it comes to their military service, the conversation often leans toward the things they helped build – a school, water supply, hospitals. For now, though, they’re building their own future careers with support from MHCC veterans services.

For more information, visit College + Community • Spring 2011


be creative Game On A new program in Video Game Development puts MHCC students on track to succeed in what will be America’s largest entertainment industry. Video gaming is almost the nation’s largest entertainment industry, trailing only behind — somewhat surprisingly — books. Playing some family-friendly tennis on Wii, to socializing with CityVille on Facebook, to blowing away everything in sight on Grand Theft Auto IV (which made $500 million in its first week), Americans spend $24 billion per year on video games. Video games present an enormous opportunity with a range of career paths mixing computer programming, modeling and visual design with artistic and creative skills — in a way that no other entertainment form does.

“Many of the concepts you see in a game are

readily applicable

to apps on smart phones and tablets.”

In response to this growing industry, MHCC recently introduced a new academic program, Video Game Development. The program covers many disciplines and the courses are deliberately broad, engaging students who come from the programming side, as well as those with a talent for visual arts. Subjects range from theory, to modeling and


Mt. Hood Community College

Career Paths in Video Game Development “rigging” (creating the computermodeled skeleton of the game characters), to the business and marketing aspects of the industry. “The prevailing notion of video games as console and computerbased ‘shoot-‘em-ups’ is changing,” says Wayne Machuca, Ph.D., an MHCC instructor in computer education and game development. “Some of the most popular games have a more ‘social-friendly’ basis. Look at Facebook and you will see games like FarmVille and CityVille and many others where the goal is less on the game itself and more on social tasks for gifting, visiting and collecting.” MHCC instructor and video game designer Erika Ruhl is inspired by the range of opportunities in the industry and helped develop the academic program. “Students with a wide variety of interests and talents can thrive in this field,” she says. Stephen Van De Krol, one of the students in the program, sees lots of

opportunity ahead. “I always wanted to make games,” he says, “and I’m probably more into the art side of the process. I would like to work for a small studio, and maybe get into CGI (computer-generated imagery).” “Looking to the future,” Machuca says, “the Social Net will continue to increase and in many ways the concept of ‘game’ programming will expand with it. From a programming perspective, many of the concepts you see in a game are readily applicable to apps on smart phones and tablets. That is what gives this career path lots of opportunities in the short run, and mileage in the long run. Computer gaming is not going away; however, it will evolve as our technology devices evolve.” With global revenues for video games projected to top $91 billion by 2015, and the education provided in the Video Game Development program, there are a lot of careers waiting for MHCC students.

For more information, visit


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communityand education non-credit classes community education table of contents

Registration Form................................................ Community Education Classes........................... Class Locations and Abbreviations.................... Community Skills Center.................................... Non-Credit Online Classes ................................. Small Business Development Center................. Business and Industry Workforce Training........ Non-Credit Online Career Training ................... Quick Information Guide . .................................. Getting to MHCC ................................................

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Main MHCC Phone Numbers Admissions, Registration and Records




Bruning Center for Allied


Health Education Financial Aid


Gresham Campus


Maywood Park Campus


Community Education Registration Form

Community Education Registration Form Student Information STUDENT ID or Social Security number





BIRTH DATE (required)













Course Registration COURSE NO.



Payment Information Paying by:

 Money order 


 Please bill me

You will be contacted if your class is filled or cancelled

Other options to register: • ONLINE: Returning students, see panel below • Mail: Please mail registration form and payment to: MHCC Community Education, Rm. 1162 26000 SE Stark Street, Gresham, OR 97030 • FAX: 503-491-7390 (use this form) • Phone: Call 503-491-7572



Do you plan to earn a degree, certificate or diploma at MHCC? A. One–year certificate B. Two–year degree C. High School diploma or GED D. No, here to take classes E. Undecided Employed (While in attendance) F Full-time (35 + hrs/week) P Part-time (5–34 hrs/week) N Not employed

Main reason for attending MHCC: A. Take classes, transfer to a four-year college B. Learn skills to get a job C. Improve job skills D. Explore career or educational options E. Take classes to finish high school or GED F. Improve writing, reading or math skills G. Learn English H. Personal interest/enrichment I. Other J. No response

I acknowledge I am legally obligated to pay all charges incurred by registering. Charges may include late payment fees, reasonable collection costs, attorney’s fee and Oregon Department of Revenue charges related to the collection of all delinquent debts owed to the College. To have the charges removed, I must process a drop or withdraw form through the Admissions, Registration and Records Office during the refund period.

or students not enrolled in the past 12 months

26000 SE Stark St. Gresham, OR 97030

c. CALL: 503-491-7572

Web Helpline: 503-491-6488

What is the highest level of education/training you have received beyond high school? (0) None (1) Some college, short-term training or private vocational school (2) One-year college certificate (3) Two-year college degree (4) Bachelor’s degree (5) Master’s degree (6) Ph.D./Professional degree Are you a veteran? ❏ Yes ❏ No

Student Signature___________________________________________________________

Returning Students


who have enrolled within the past 12 months

Course Description

Register and pay online. 1. Fill out this registration form 2. You can register in one of three ways: Seven days a week, 24 hours a day! a. FAX this form to: (503) 491-7390 • Go to click on MyMHCC or use the direct link: b. MAIL this form to: MHCC Community Education • Your username is your MHCC ID Room 1162


Payment Information: Payment due date is the first day of the term. You may pay online with a check or bankcard/credit card. Log on to MyMHCC at, select “Student Services, Pay for School.” Payment in person may also be made in the Student Services Center on the Gresham Campus.


New Students


Cost of Class Course #

Class Title

additional fees may apply.


• The first time you log in, your password is your six-digit date of birth (ex. Sept. 21, 1960 = 092160) until you change it

Section #

Class Day U Sunday

The word “STAFF” is used when the specific instructor is not identified.


Class Dates Location

These are the dates the class Tuesday will cover. Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Instructor Name M Monday

See key on pg. 14


Arts, Crafts

Special Interest

Creative Jewelry Making

ART4B $115 ($105 Senior) Learn the fundamentals of simple jewelry construction (no string beading). More advanced students may learn casting and light setting. Sec. 91 6:30–9 p.m. G. Buyukas

T DDSO 221 3/29/11–5/31/11

Beginning Jewelry Making ART4BJ $64 ($54 Senior) Learn all the basics of jewelry making from terminology to tools and techniques. Includes guidelines, supply and resource list, followed by more hands-on workshop and review. Also, learn basic wire work, make findings and wrap bead ends. Sec. 31 6–9 p.m. P. Tait

R MAY 143 4/7/11–4/21/11

Beginners Watercolor

of direct-application mosaics using broken tile, dishes or glass shards. First class is a lecture, to inspire and distribute guidelines/ supply list. Second class is an all-day, handson workshop. Final class allows students to grout their creations.

Sec. 91 6:30–8:30 p.m. P. Tait


VA 13 5/5/11

10:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. P. Tait


VA 13 5/15/11

7–9 p.m. P. Tait


VA 13 5/19/11

S VA 13 4/2/11–6/4/11

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. M. Dawkins

ART4TB $130 ($120 Senior) Hand-build or turn clay on electric wheel. Firing is done by instructor; $25 fee goes to the high school toward equipment use and room rental, does not include clay and supplies. Some experience is helpful.

T DDSO 236 3/29/11–5/17/11

Mosaic Art Workshop I ART4MW $64 ($54 Senior) Students learn the ancient art and technique

MUS2IP $65 ($55 Senior) Learn to play piano in one easy session. Nationally known pianist Donn Rochlin will teach you all you need to know to play your favorite songs now! Learn musical shorthand and save hours of practice time. Discover the "tricks and licks" used by professional pianists. This course follows the same principles as those demonstrated on the PBS Special, "Flash Piano." Optional $25 additional fee payable to instructor at time of class for home study book and CD. Sec. 91 10 a.m.–1 p.m. D. Rochlin


AC 2138 4/16/11

MUS4IP $65 ($55 Senior) In this unique high energy workshop you will learn the fundamentals of playing by ear and how chord "inversions" add style and professionalism to your playing. Learn to transpose, add color and spice with "extended chords" and much more.

Sec. 91 9 a.m.–noon P. Hobbs

Sec. 91 6–8:30 p.m. N. Tubbs

Just for Fun Piano

ART4PB $73 ($63 Senior) Put the life in still life through the richness of perception. Emphasis is on vision training, drawing what you see and painting what you feel. Your own style will develop and expand through learning process and technique, including drawing shortcuts and color theory. F MAY 304 4/1/11–6/3/11

ART4CC $77 ($67 Senior) Have you always wanted to try quilting, but didn't know where to begin? Do you find the array of books, patterns and tools both confusing and expensive? Then this class is for you! After our discussion on pattern selection, color theory, tools and techniques, sandwiching, quilting and binding, you will design your quilt and determine tools and supplies needed.

T AC 1767 3/29/11–5/31/11

Improvisation on the Piano

Sec. 31 9 a.m.–noon P. Hobbs

Beginning Quilting

Sec. 91 6–8 p.m. M. Rees

Transparent Watercolor

ART4BW $105 ($95 Senior) Learn traditional and realistic watercolor. We welcome new students and also those whose brushes and paints have developed cobwebs. The first night will be hands-on demos and discussions of painting subjects. A list of supplies will be given at that time. W VA 13 3/30/11–6/1/11

have challenging projects. Instructor will hand out supply list first class. Fee includes some supplies.


Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. M DDSO 223 McIlhattan 3/28/11–6/6/11 No class on May 30. Sec. 92 6–9 p.m. R. Linn

W DDSO 223 3/30/11–6/1/11

Beginning Knitting HOM4KF $77 ($67 Senior) Your family and friends will enjoy your hand-knitted original scarves, shawls and hats. This class shows how to select natural or synthetic yarns, use knitting equipment, read patterns and knit a variety of decorative stitches. More advanced knitters will

Sec. 91 2–5 p.m. D. Rochlin


AC 2138 4/16/11

Guitar for Beginners MUS4G $69 ($79 Senior) Dust off your steel or nylon stringed guitar and learn how to play. Learn how to read sheet music and rhythm charts, chords and scales, lead and rhythm guitar. Varying styles will be covered—classical, folk, blues, rock, and jazz. Sec. 91 5:45–7:10 p.m. W AC 2138 B. Cook 3/30/11–6/1/11 Section 91 is for students with experience. Sec. 92 7:20–8:45 p.m. W AC 2138 B. Cook 3/30/11–6/1/11 Section 92 is for students with no experience.

Take Control of Your Canon EOS Digital Camera PHT4C

$62 ($52 Senior)

This class explains everything about your EOS digital camera. You will learn in clear, non-technical language how to use every function on your camera. Canon lenses and flash units will also be discussed. Most Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras will be discussed. If you are not sure this class is right

College + Community • Spring 2011





for you, please call or e-mail the instructor, David Green, 503-661-7506 or david@ Sec. 91 9 a.m.–5 p.m. S AC 1251 D. Green 4/16/11 Includes half-hour break for lunch

Introduction to Digital Photography PHT4D $39 ($29 Senior) Want to go digital but don't know where to start? This class covers the basics of digital photography. We discuss types of media cards, printers, scanners, camera features, white balance, image quality and resolution plus a Photoshop demonstration. This class will help you determine what features/ equipment you need. Sec. 91 6–10 p.m. D. Green


AC 1584 4/7/11

Take Control of Your Nikon Digital SLR Camera PHT4NC

$62 ($52 Senior)

This class explains everything about your Nikon digital SLR camera. You will learn in clear, non-technical language how to use your camera functions as well as lenses and flash units. Most Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras will be discussed. If you are not sure this class is right for you, please call or e-mail the instructor, David Green, 503-661-7506 or Sec. 91 9 a.m.–5 p.m. D. Green


AC 1584 4/23/11

Understanding Composition in Photography PHT4UC

$39 ($29 Senior)

Proper composition is the key that allows your viewer to appreciate your photos. This four-hour course covers beginning and intermediate composition techniques to improve the impact of your photos. Learn how to use compositional techniques such as compositional formats, placement, shape, lines, texture and color to compose your scene. Sec. 91 6–10 p.m. D. Green



Mt. Hood Community College

AC 1584 4/28/11

Acoustic Guitar Construction

TRD4AG $145 ($135 Senior) Guitars are a magical synthesis of wood, metal, string and sound—perhaps the most popular and versatile musical instrument today. Learn traditional and contemporary guitar making techniques from design to final setup and apply them to your personal guitar. All skill levels are encouraged and welcome. Come build the guitar of your dreams. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. R DDSO SHOP D. Biasca 3/31/11–6/2/11 Students are responsible for their own supplies. Instructor will discuss these on the first night of class.

The Basics of Selling on eBay PC5BA $47 ($37 Senior) Turn your clutter into cash! Find out how to sell your stuff on the largest online auction site from an official five-star rated "education specialist trained by eBay." With over 135 million registered users, eBay offers more than 50,000 categories to market your goods to the world! Learn how to open a seller account, build positive feedback, create effective listings, set pricing, upload images, attract bidders, accept credit card payments and pack and ship your merchandise. This course will provide all the fundamental skills needed to become a successful eBay seller. Optional $25 textbook can be purchased from instructor on the first day of class. Sec. 91 6:10–9 p.m. M. Klink

T AC 2554 3/29/11–4/26/11

eBay: Beyond the Basics

Sec. 91 3–5:25 p.m. R. Kreisman

W DDSO SHOP 3/30/11–6/1/11

PC5BS $51 ($41 Senior) Learn the secrets of those making a full or part-time living on eBay! This course builds on the information presented in The Basics of Selling on eBay, and introduces more advanced selling strategies that will improve your profits and help your online auction sales to grow. Learn tips and tricks to enhance your lists, increase the quantity of your sales, avoid legal pitfalls, deal with returns and problem customers, encourage repeat business and market yourself. Learn how to obtain merchandise that sells, list multiple items, establish an eBay store, become a power seller, and earn a respectable income without leaving your home. Optional $25 textbook can be purchased from instructor on the first day of class.

Sec. 92 5:35–8 p.m. R. Kreisman

W DDSO SHOP 3/30/11–6/1/11

Sec. 91 6:10–9 p.m. M. Klink

Woodworking TRD4W $121 ($111 Senior) This course is designed for beginning to advanced woodworkers. Learn to safely and successfully create projects from wood. All necessary tools and techniques will be demonstrated, with additional instruction provided as you require it. There are no required projects; however, projects will be recommended for beginners to increase their woodworking skills and use of tools and equipment. Advanced students will receive additional instruction as needed.


Microcomputer Use for Senior Citizens CS9G

$59 ($49 Senior)

Enjoy a fun and easy hands-on basic computer and Internet skills course. Obtain a free e-mail account and learn to send and receive e-mails and attachments. Students create, save and print useful computer projects in Microsoft Word to take home. Learn how to use the Internet in a friendly manner and be able to search for information you need. Sec. 91 9:10–11 a.m. J. Aguilar

F AC 2554 4/1/11–5/27/11

T AC 2554 5/3/11–5/31/11

Gently Learning the Computer PC5CB $65 ($55 Senior) Learn the basics of how to operate and enjoy your computer with beginning techniques for creating, sharing, saving and sending files. Get a free e-mail address and learn how to safely explore the Internet. Slow paced, casual atmosphere with lots of hands-on practice and opportunity to ask questions. You may contact the instructor anytime. Sec. 91 2:10 p.m.–4 p.m. M AC 2611 K. Huey 3/28/11–5/23/11

Introduction to Macintosh PC5MC $79 ($69 Senior) This hands-on course will cover the Macintosh computer, its innovative features and utilization of the Mac OS. This class is designed for new Mac users, or any computer user interested in expanding their computer skills. Sec. 91 6:30–8:30 p.m. T AC TBA STAFF 5/17/11–5/24/11

More Gently Learning the Computer PC7CB $65 ($55 Senior) This class continues where Gently Learning the Computer left off. Focus is on customizing and caring for your computer, techniques for managing e-mail, producing a Word document and spreadsheets, as well as how to social network safely. Slow-paced, casual atmosphere. A lot of hands-on practice and opportunity to ask questions. Contact instructor anytime. Sec. 91 2:10–4 p.m. K. Huey

R AC 2611 3/31/11–6/2/11

Have Fun with Photoshop: Beginning Level PC5PH

$70 ($60 Senior)

A practical approach to using Photoshop that makes image-editing accessible to those of us who are not professionals. Almost everyone can benefit from the ability to make their photos look better. Includes tips for working with digital photographs, as well as scanning older prints and making them look brand new. Whether you want to learn these skills for personal use or to improve your occupational marketability, this course makes it easy to learn the tricks of the trade. You will learn to fix common photographic problems, restore old photographs and even create original artwork using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Sec. 91 7–9 p.m. M. Klink

R AC 2603 3/31/11–6/2/11

Computacion Basica para Estudiantes de Habla Hispana PC5SP

$67 ($57 Senior)

Uso de computadoras personales en espanol. Este curso es disenado para personas sin experiencia o conocimiento previo encomputacion. Esta clase provee introduccion al uso de computadoras, incluyendo e-mail, internet, sistema operativo de Windows y vocabulario technologico-basico.




Recreation Sec. 91 8–10:20 a.m. M. Pelayo Sec. 92 8–10:20 a.m. M. Pelayo

S AC 2604 4/2/11–4/30/11 S AC 2604 5/7/11–6/4/11

Creating a Blog PC5FB $79 ($69 Senior) Learn how to create a blog using WordPress software. Students will create an account with Topics range from learning how and what WordPress is, to setting up a new blog, creating a blog post, learning options available on blog posts, inserting images and links, understanding how comments work, and more. Sec. 31 6–8 p.m. D. Huey

R MAY TBA 4/7/11–5/26/11

Creating a Web Page PC6CW $70 ($60 Senior) Create a home page for your business or individual use. You will start with an introduction to Dreamweaver and create a simple Web page. This course also covers webbing your page to other Web pages on the Internet, adding pictures and backgrounds, creating table and graphic links and gathering information from people viewing your website. Finish your Web page during the course and put it on the Internet! Sec. 31 6–8:30 p.m. D. Huey

T MAY 311 3/29/11–5/3/11

Creating a Web Page – Intermediate PC7CW $70 ($60 Senior) A continuation of Creating a Web Page - PC6CW, students will learn additional Adobe Dreamweaver techniques such as creating additional Web pages, Web forms, template pages and additional navigation skills. Sec. 31 6–8:30 p.m. D. Huey

W MAY TBA 3/30/11–5/4/11

Facebook Security PC4FS $29 ($19 Senior) Students will learn how to properly set security features of Facebook to protect privacy, prevent fraudulent activity, spamming, ac-

count stealing and application safety. This class is a must for all Facebook users and parents of Facebook users.

Sec. 31 6–8:30 p.m. D. Huey

R MAY TBA 5/11/11–5/11/11

Computacion Basica Intermedia para Estudiantes de Habla Hispana PC6SP

$67 ($57 Senior)

Este curso es disenado para personas sin experiencia o conocimiento previo en computacion. Esta clase provee introduccion al uso de computadoras, incluyendo e-mail, internet, sistema operativo de Windows y vocabulario technologico-basico. Sec. 91 10:30 a.m.–12:50 p.m. S AC 2604 M. Pelayo 4/2/11–4/30/11 Sec. 92 10:30 a.m.–12:50 p.m. S AC 2604 M. Pelayo 5/7/11–6/4/11


Chinese Medicine HE4CM $58 ($48 Senior) This course provides basic information about the theories and applications of Chinese medicine including an overview of diagnostic practices used to identify an illness or discomfort. Information about treatment modalities such as Chinese herbs, acupuncture and Qi meditation will be covered. This introductory course will give the layman an overview of how Chinese medicine is used to resolve some health issues. Sec. 91 6–8 p.m. C. Wu

R AC TBA 3/31/11–5/19/11

Welcome to Medicare HE4MC FREE Medicare doesn't have to be confusing. This course will help participants understand Medicare basics and make informed choices. Topics: Medicare eligibility and enrollment; Parts A, B, C and D; covered services; Medicare insurance policies; and problem resolution. This free course is taught by trained volunteers in cooperation with Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services.

College + Community • Spring 2011


Community Education Health, Fitness and Recreation

Sec. 91 10 a.m–noon B. Earnest


AC 1001 4/9/11

Sec. 92 7–9 p.m. B. Earnest


AC 1001 5/12/11

Sec. 93 10 a.m.–noon B. Earnest


AC 1001 6/4/11

Beginning Ballroom Dance REC3BD $69 ($59 Senior) Add fun to lifelong fitness through ballroom dancing! This course is an introduction to the basics of social dance. Whether you are new to the world of dancing, or simply in need of a refresher course, this class will provide the basic skills and confidence needed to take your spot on the dance floor. The course will cover the three foundation dances of foxtrot, East Coast swing and waltz (as well as a brief introduction to their Latin relatives), which will allow you to dance to the majority of music played at any social dance occasion! Partner required; they must be enrolled in class. Sec. 91 6:30–7:30 p.m. M PE 114 T. & T. Becker 3/28/11–6/6/11 No class May 30

Flamenco Dance REC3FD $64 ($54 Senior) Discover the passion of Spanish dance as you learn footwork, form and rhythms. Exercise becomes enjoyable when learning sevillanas, tangos and rhumbas. Sec. 91 7–7:50 p.m. P. Norris

M FRVW TBA 3/28/11–5/16/11

Tap Dance REC3TP $64 ($54 Senior) A rhythmic, fun way to exercise. Students will learn basic tap vocabulary and style culminating in a choreographed dance. Sec. 91 8–8:50 p.m. P. Norris

M FRVW TBA 3/28/11–5/16/11

Silver and Fit – Level II REC4AA $99 ($89 Senior) Silver and Fit Level II is designed for moderately active older adults who exercise one or two days per week. The class is designed to increase the participant's flexibility, joint stability, dynamic balance, coordination, agility, reaction time, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Sec. 91 1–1:45 p.m. S. Dobson


M/W CAC 205 3/28/11–6/1/11

Mt. Hood Community College

Adult Ballet REC4AB $88 ($78 Senior) Explore the beauty and joy of learning ballet technique and stretch techniques to classical music. All levels welcome. Sec. 91 8:30–10:30 a.m. S PE 114 L. Morgan 4/2/11–6/4/11

Bushcraft Fundamentals REC4BP $129 ($119 Senior) Learn to pack light, be warm, stay safe and enjoy the outdoors. This course will cover a variety of Bushcraft and wilderness survival skills such as navigation, knot tying, tarp use, fire lighting in wet weather and more. Bushcraft experts will also discuss the use of knives, tools and tips for ultra light backpacking. The six-hour course will take place outdoors, so dress appropriately and pack your knife, lunch and water. Registration deadline is 10 days in advance. Sec. 91 9 a.m.–3 p.m. M. Lummio


OFF-SITE 4/23/11

Sec. 92 9 a.m.–3 p.m. U OFF-SITE M. Lummio 5/22/11 Class held at Oxbow Park, additional charge is $5 per car.

Chair Yoga REC4CY $99 ($89 Senior) Get the benefits of yoga in this chair-assisted class! Stretch and revitalize your whole body while challenging balance and developing core stabilization. End the session with relaxation emphasizing breathing techniques. Sec. 91 noon–12:45 p.m. M/W CAC 205 S. Dobson 3/28/11–6/1/11

Group Centergy REC4GC $99 ($89 Senior) Redefine yourself with Group Centergy. Grow longer and stronger as you explore this 60-minute journey of yoga and pilates movements. Positive uplifting music, group dynamics and supporting instructors will enable you to center your energy, reduce stress and even smile. Sec. 91 7:30–8 p.m. S. Dobson

T/R CAC 205 3/29/11–6/2/11

Group Power REC4GP $99 ($89 Senior) Group Power is your hour of power! This 60minute barbell program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome

instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, this class is for all ages and fitness levels. Sec. 91 5:30–6:30 a.m. T/R CAC 205 S. Dobson 3/29/11–6/2/11 Sec. 92 6:30–7:20 p.m. T CAC 205 5:30–6:20 p.m. R CAC 205 S. Dobson 3/29/11–6/2/11

ADAPT – Group Personal Training REC4GPT $169 ($159 Senior) This class will sculpt the body and develop usable strength that will increase your performance in all your activities. Adapt strength conditioning will build your muscles evenly, giving you a great look and a body that will perform with greater strength and efficiency. Adapt integration training will put you back on the playground and teach your body to move as it was intended. The goal is to establish muscular coordination that your body has forgotten. Your instructors will select and adapt each movement to fit your ability. This class will make you feel young again. Includes 20, one-hour sessions, plus an initial one-on-one assessment appointment. Five different days and times are available for your convenience. Call 503-257-4142 for details. Sec. 91 TBA S. Dobson

TBA CAC 205 3/28/11–6/4/11

Group Ride REC4GR $79/$99 ($69/$89 Senior) Everyone finishes first in group ride! Pedal in groups, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your lower body. This 60-minute cycling program is geared for anyone who can ride a bike. Motivating music, awesome instructors and an inspiring group environment let you ride on! Sec. 91 5:30–6:30 a.m. W CAC 205 S. Dobson 3/30/11–6/1/11 $79 Sec. 92 5:30–6:30 p.m. M/W CAC 205 S. Dobson 3/28/11–6/1/11 $99 No class May 30

Beginning Latin Dance REC4LD $69 ($59 Senior) Add fun to lifelong fitness through Latin dance! This course is an introduction to the basics of social Latin dance. This course will focus on three of the most popular Latin dances, rumba, tango and cha-cha. At the end of the term you will have gained the basic skills and confidence needed to take your spot on the

dance floor and enjoy! Partner required and they must be enrolled in class.

D. Glasnapp 3/28/11–6/3/11 No class May 30

water to reduce the effects of gravity. Swimming skills are not required.

Sec. 91 7:45–8:45 p.m. M PE 114 Becker & Becker 3/28/11–6/6/11 No class May 30

Sec. 93 10–11 a.m. D. Glasnapp

Sec. 91 1–1:50 p.m. D. Johnson

Pilates and Yoga

Belly Dance Fitness REC4WB $62 ($52 Senior) Learn how dance fitness can reshape your body and your spirit! This course is an aerobic dance class that integrates different types of dance styles into an exercise form. Country, hip hop, funk, Latin, swing, belly dance, modern and world are examples of some of the dance methods used. No previous dance skills required. Sec. 91 6–6:50 p.m. P. Norris

M FRVW 3/28/11–5/16/11

Falun Gong REC5FG $19 ($9 Senior) Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) is a traditional Chinese way of improving physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through an easy to learn set of five exercises, including meditation. Falun Gong places a strong emphasis on the improvement of one's inner self according to the universal principles of truth, compassion and tolerance. All are welcome to learn this practice that has benefited people all over the world. Sec. 91 11 a.m.–1 p.m. Teplitsky & Moss

W ZION 3/30/11–6/1/11

Gentle Yoga REC5GY $84 ($74 Senior) Sculpt long, lean muscles, firm and tone, while building strength, flexibility and concentration. Reduce stress, calm and strengthen the mind, emotions, glands and organs with this gentle yoga workout. Wear loose, layered clothing and bring two towels. Sec. 91 6:10–7 p.m. M/W PE 139E J. Kelly 3/28/11–6/1/11 No class May 30

Keep Moving – Seniors REC5KM $65–$42 ($55/$32 Senior) Improve your flexibility, range of motion and balance. Bring 1 or 2-lb weights for strength training and gentle stretching. No floor exercise. Sec. 91 7:55–8:45 a.m. M/W/F ZION D. Glasnapp 3/28/11–6/3/11 No class May 30 Sec. 92 9:30–10:30 a.m. M/W/F

T/R ZION 3/29/11–6/2/11


REC5P $79 ($69 Senior) Sculpt long, lean muscles, firm and tone, while building strength, flexibility and concentration. Reduce stress, calm and strengthen the mind, emotions, glands and organs with this gentle yoga and pilates workout. Wear loose, layered clothing and bring two towels. Sec. 91 7:10–8 p.m. M/W PE 139E J. Kelly 3/28/11–6/1/11 No class May 30 Sec. 93 7:30–8:20 p.m. T/R PE 139E Dollowitch 3/29/11–6/2/11

Tai Chi Chuan REC5TC $43–$79 ($33/$69 Senior) A Chinese form of exercise with a selfdefense application to reduce the effects of stress, develop power in the legs, flexibility in the hips and shoulders, suppleness in the spine, increase stamina, improve balance and posture. All are welcome; the benefits are life changing. Sec. 31 12:15–1:15 p.m. M MAY TBA Weber–Kearney 3/28/11–5/23/11 Sec. 91 5– 6 p.m. H. Affley Sec. 92 7–8 p.m. Weber–Kearney

T/R FRVW 3/29/11–6/2/11 M LUKE 3/28/11–5/23/11

Water Aerobics by Moonlight REC5WM $84 ($74 Senior) Let a full glass wall help you enjoy the moonlit ambiance of this indoor pool as you work out the day's frustrations. Learn new and innovative water aerobic exercises while working out in the shallow end of the swimming pool. Easy access, lots of parking and you leave class feeling great! Fee includes on-duty lifeguard, use of pool, showers and locker room. Sec. 91 8–9 p.m. T/R RYMS POOL M. Furness 3/29/11–6/2/11

Warm Water Aerobics REC5WW $74 ($64 Senior) Course includes water exercises, water aerobics and water games designed to improve fitness levels. Performed in shallow

T/R Pool 3/29/11–6/2/11

Yoga for Health REC5Y $89 ($79 Senior) Balance your mind and body and reduce your stress. Learn proper body alignment and breath awareness through yoga poses to release tension, tone and strengthen muscles, bones and organs. Improve your ability to concentrate. Calm the mind and emotions and get a good night's sleep. For every level of condition. Wear loose clothing; bring a sticky mat, blanket and pillow. Ages 18 and up. Sec. 91 9–10:30 a.m. M/W ZION M. Corgiat 3/28/11–6/1/11 No class on May 30 Sec. 92 8–9:30 a.m. M. Corgiat

T/R ZION 3/29/11–6/2/11

Sec. 93 6–7:30 p.m. M. Corgiat

T/R FAIR 3/29/11–6/2/11

Women’s Safety and Self Defense REC6SS $35 ($25 Senior) Take charge of your personal safety without fear. This tactical course covers many common types of assaults against women. Learn common sense solutions to avoid assault. Women will quickly gain an understanding of the proven techniques and how to apply them in situations. Topics covered include danger awareness, personal/home safety tips, active self-defense, how not to become a victim, verbal self-defense and personal protection in general. Sec. 91 6–8:30 p.m. Sommerfeld & Moss


AC TBA 4/1/11

Sec. 92 6–8 p.m. Sommerfeld & Moss


AC TBA 5/6/11

Tennis for Fitness REC6T $59 ($49 Senior) Learn how to play tennis and get fit at the same time. Learn proper stance, forehand and backhand techniques, serving, volleying and scoring, while you increase your agility, range of motion, strength and endurance. Bring your own racket and a can of tennis balls. Sec. 91 6–7:30 p.m. M/W Tennis Ct. STAFF 5/2/11–5/20/11

College + Community • Spring 2011




Family Dog Obedience AGR4DO $54 ($44 Senior) Course covers basic obedience commands, training tools, manners and basic grooming. Instructor will discuss proper dog care including diet and exercise. Students will have the opportunity to address individual concerns. Bring your dog to class on a leash. Also bring a jug of water and a bowl. Sec. 91 6–8 p.m. T AC N. Cox 3/29/11–5/3/11 This class meets in the covered mall area next to the College Center.

An Introduction to Electric Vehicles AUT4EV $24 ($14 Senior) An electric vehicle (EV) uses one or more electric motors for propulsion. This course focuses on electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations level I, II and III and the economics of electric vehicle ownership. Sec. 31 6–7 p.m. C. Currington


MAY TBA 4/19/11

Private Pilot Ground School AV 5 $265 ($255 Senior) This course is an introduction to pilot training with initial ground instruction in aeronautical skills and knowledge. Obtain a basic working knowledge of flight aerodynamics, aircraft instruments and systems, airspace and airport operations, air traffic control and radar services, radio communications, basic flight physiology, sources of flight information, fundamentals of weather theory, aviation weather hazards and much more. For a full class description, visit the online schedule at Sec. 91 6–8:30 p.m. M/W GWA R. Bailey 3/28/11–6/8/11 No class on May 30

Driver Education ODOT Certified DRV4DE $315 ($305 Senior) Course includes 30 classroom hours and 12 hours of in-vehicle training which consists of


Mt. Hood Community College

six hours behind-the-wheel with professional driving instructors and six hours of in-car observation (scheduled outside classroom hours). Learn safe driving techniques, etiquette and preparedness. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate for submission to the DMV office at time of licensure and for insurance discounts. PLEASE NOTE: 12 HOURS OF IN-VEHICLE TRAINING (driving and observation time) IS SEPARATE FROM SCHEDULED CLASSROOM TIME. Student must have valid Oregon Driver's Permit. Attendance is mandatory. Students over the age of 17, or who already have their license, or who obtain their license prior to course completion will be charged an additional $210. To register for this course, please call Oregon Driver Education Center at 503-297-4813. See for more information. Sec.31 9 a.m.–noon A. Crites

S MAY 143 4/2/11–6/11/11

Sec. 91 2–5 p.m. A. Crites

S AC 1309 4/2/11–6/11/11

An Introduction to Solar Power

Sec. 91 6:30–8 p.m. S. Straub

T/R AC TBA 4/12/11–4/14/11

Funding College with Real Estate FIN4FC $29 ($19 Senior) This course demonstrates both why and how to fund a college education far more easily than traditional methods. Workbook included. Sec. 31 6:30–8 p.m. S. Straub

M/W MAY TBA 5/9/11–5/11/11

Sec. 91 6:30–8 p.m. S. Straub

M/W AC TBA 5/2/11–5/4/11

Concealed Handgun Permit Class GUN4CH $47 ($37 Senior) This one evening class is designed to satisfy all requirements to obtain an Oregon Concealed Handgun Permit. This class will cover safety and responsibility of firearm ownership as well as how to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit, where the permit is valid and use of deadly force as described in ORS (Oregon Revised Statues). All students who complete class as specified by instructor will receive a Certificate of Completion. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. S. Curtain


AC 1600 4/25/11

Sec. 92 6–9 p.m. S. Curtain


AC 2756 5/9/11

Get a Grip: Managing Your Space, Paper & Time

ECO4SP $34 ($24 Senior) This course covers an introduction to design and installation of solar energy systems. Learn about the equipment, system sizing, orientation, configuration and energy offset relative to electricity or gas bills. Gain knowledge about state and national incentives for solar power. Course includes a tour of a residential PV (photovoltaic) system.


Sec. 31 6–8 p.m. C. Currington

Sec. 91 11 a.m.–3 p.m. Reineccius


AC 1775 4/16/11

Sec. 92 1–3 p.m. Reineccius


AC 1775 5/21/11


MAY 143 4/20/11

Building Wealth with Real Estate FIN4BW $29 ($19 Senior) The first night is an overview of a process for getting from where you are financially to where you want to be using real estate as the investment vehicle. The second night is a planning workshop to put these principles into application. Workbook included. Sec. 31 6:30–8 p.m. S. Straub

M/W MAY TBA 4/18/11–4/20/11

$29 ($19 Senior)

Taught by a professional organizer, this course will provide you with proven strategies to help you be better organized. Learn how to identify what to keep, sell, toss, donate or recycle. Organize your paper to help you manage your bills and prepare for tax season. Create a clutter-free home with more space and time for you and your family.

Parenting with Love and Logic HOM5P $90 ($80 Senior) Learn practical words and principles to help create respect, responsibility and good decision-making in children. This series of classes will focus on four scientifically based principles, including

logical consequences delivered with empathy; collective thinking and problem solving, shared control concepts and building mutual self-respect and self-esteem. Class workbook is included. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. J. Jannsen

W AC TBA 3/30/11–5/04/11

Sec.92 6–9 p.m. J. Jannsen

F AC TBA 5/13/11–5/21/11

9 a.m.–4 p.m. J. Jannsen

S AC TBA 5/14/11–5/21/11

Help! My Plants Keep Dying HRT4DR $29 ($19 Senior) If this sounds like you, then this class is for you. Learn what to do if your lawn just won't grow and your plants keep dying. Taught by a landscape pro with 20 years experience. Sec. 91 6–8:30 p.m. Rutherford


AC TBA 4/25/11

Pruning Like a Pro HRT4P $69 ($59 Senior) This is a three-part class to learn how to prune your landscape plants and trees with safety, using scientific and common sense methods. Sec. 91 6:30–8:30 p.m. M AC 1584 Schmidt 5/2/11–5/16/11

Sustainable Residential Landscaping HRT4SL $69 ($59 Senior) Learn residential landscaping using sustainable techniques in landscape design, soil preparation, plant selection, plant care and maintenance. Sec. 91 6:30–8:30 p.m. M AC 1584 Schmidt 4/4/11–4/18/11

Bicycle Maintenance and Repair REC4MR $89 ($79 Senior) This course is designed for any bicycle owner who wants to learn the essentials of bicycle maintenance, from simple tune ups and adjustments to common roadside repairs. The information presented is applicable to all types of bicycles and is perfect for the bike commuter or weekend rider. Sec. 91 7–9 p.m. N. Jones

W ORIM 3/30/11–4/13/11

Sec. 92 7–9 p.m. N. Jones

W ORIM 4/27/11–5/11/11




Beverages Around the World

Creamy Goat Cheese

HEC2AN–91 $69 ($59 Senior) This class prepares students to understand and appreciate the differences and unique aspects of the many categories of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The class focuses around brown spirits, white spirits, after dinner drinks, cordials, wines, beers, coffees, teas and other nonalcoholic beverages. Come taste and enjoy. Must be at least 21 years old.

HEC4CG $35 ($25 Senior) Do it yourself, learn to make easy goat cheese (Chevre) from a local cheese maker. This hands-on class will give you the skills to make creamy goat cheese and give you the confidence for more challenging cheeses. Students will try several variations, such as herbed logs; spice layered wheels and even a honeyed goat cheese. $30 for supplies and complete cheese making kit payable to Urban Cheesecraft collected on day of class

Sec. 91 8–8:50 p.m. M AC TBA C. Carrier 3/28/11–6/6/11 No class May 30

Sec. 91 7–9 p.m. C. Lucero


DDSO 239 3/31/11

South of the Border

Simple Farmer's Cheese

HEC4BO $46 ($36 Senior) Try our South of the Border class and you'll learn to make outrageous guacamole with vegetable bouquets and chips, turkey mole and bunuelos (a cinnamon pastry filled with ice cream and caramel sauce).

HEC4CGF $35 ($25 Senior) Do it yourself versions of Farmers' cheeses are widely used around the world because they are delicious, great as vegetarian proteins and incredibly easy to make. These citric acid based cheeses soak up spices and sauces because they don't melt. You can broil, simmer and even fry them. Each student will take home a rustic wheel of cheese. $25 for supplies and complete cheese making kit payable to Urban Cheesecraft collected on day of class

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster

R DDSO 239 3/31/11

Cooking: Basics HEC4BT $46 ($36 Senior) Master the basic techniques of a great cook. Knife skills, seasoning skills and simple sauces. We'll make pasta with smoked salmon, lamb chops with mint sauce, rosemary potatoes and Cornish hens with stuffing. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster

R DDSO 239 4/7/11

Professional Cake Decorating HEC4CD $99 ($89 Senior) Prepare for a career in the professional cake decorating industry or learn to decorate like a "pro" for friends and family. You will master decorating techniques and achieve current industry standards for production. Recognition of Completion certificate awarded upon completion. This class is for all levels. No experience is necessary. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. C. Sanders

Sec. 91 7–9 p.m. C. Lucero

W DDSO 239 4/20/11

Yogurt and Yogurt Cheese HEC4CGY $35 ($25 Senior) Do it yourself. Learn to make healthy fresh yogurt and delicious tangy cheese (labne) from your yogurt all in one night. Students will culture milk, drain, salt, shape into traditional bite size labne morsels and take home soonto-be yogurt and cheese batches. $30 for supplies and complete cheese making kit payable to Urban Cheesecraft collected on day of class Sec. 91 7–9 p.m. C. Lucero


DDSO 239 5/19/11

T CN 177 3/29/11–5/17/11

College + Community • Spring 2011


Community Education Language, Travel & Culture

A Simply Elegant Dinner

Cooking Ahead

Spice of Africa – Stew the Pot

HEC4ED $46 ($36 Senior) The linens, silverware, centerpiece and guests are up to you. In this class we will prepare a menu sure to please that includes: chilled asparagus soup, lamb chops bathed in lemon, olive oil and herbs with pepper jack polenta and roasted cauliflower.

HEC4KA $46 ($36 Senior) In this class we look at healthy foods to prepare on your day off to eat during the week. Skip the gourmet takeout, you can do it better!

HEC4SSP $46 ($36 Senior) Create a hearty stew that will tantalize your palate and leave you craving for more. Blend different spices and ingredients into perfect, flavorful harmony.

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. W. Machua

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster


DDSO 239 4/14/11

DDSO 239 5/26/11


DDSO 239 4/26/11

More Thai

Spice of Africa – Push the Week Along

HEC4FJ $46 ($36 Senior) Join the fun! Come see how easy it is to make healthy sushi rolls. Explore this art form as you create several types: California roll, smoked salmon roll, seaweed salad and sticky rice.

HEC4MT $46 ($36 Senior) Join us for more recipes for Thai cuisine. How about grilled mahi-mahi with coconut and kafir lime wrapped in banana leaf? Saffron rice, Napa cabbage and glass noodle chicken salad with peanut sauce and for dessert leechies and mango sorbet.

HEC4SWA $46 ($36 Senior) Add to your weekly food repertoir an exciting mix of side dishes that go along with popular staple foods. Learn how to create meals that are quick and easy to prepare.

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster



DDSO 239 6/2/11


DDSO 239 5/5/11

Greek Dinner

Pizza Wonderland

HEC4GE $46 ($36 Senior) Let's cook Greek! We'll try tarmasalata (Greek caviar dip), soupa avgolemono (egg lemon soup), plastids (Greek pasta supreme) and revani (semolina almond syrup cake).

HEC4PZ $46 ($36 Senior) It's a pizza wonderland once you've learned the classic dough. With Chef Lois Foster, you'll learn how to make calzone, a bouquet of tasty parmesan breadsticks, homemade pizza with a variety of toppings, foccacia and panini.

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster

R DDSO 239 4/28/11

Vegetarian Grab and Go HEC4GO $34 ($24 Senior) Easy to prepare tasty, portable, out-of-hand meals to keep you fueled up as you're dashing about. Come hungry! Sec. 91 6–8 p.m. D. Gabbe


AC 2707 5/19/11

Italian Dinner at Home HEC4ID $46 ($36 Senior) At this time of year we might enjoy slower cooked meals that satisfy not only our taste buds but bring a bit of comfort to our souls. Let’s try pasta en brodo, crostini with sundried tomatoes, spaghetti alla putanesca and spicy chicken cacciatore. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster


DDSO 239 4/21/11

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster

Mt. Hood Community College


DDSO 239 5/19/11

Spice of Africa – Knead the Dough HEC4SKD $46 ($36 Senior) Tradition at its best. Get inside tips on how to make yummy homemade Kenyan flat bread (chapatti). Learn how to make this healthy, delicious bread to add to any meal time. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. W. Machua

W DDSO 239 4/6/11

Soufflés HEC4SO $46 ($36 Senior) Chef Lois Foster would like to share a little secret with you. It's really quite easy to reach spectacular heights once you get the hang of a great soufflé. Let them "ooh" and "ahh" over your creations, we won't tell. We will start with classic cheese and herb soufflé, wilted spinach salad accompaniment, and for dessert, Grand Marnier soufflé with a sauce of chocolate crème anglaise. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. L. Foster




DDSO 239 5/12/11

Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. W. Machua

T DDSO 239 5/3/11

Vegetarian Adventures with Tofu HEC4VA $34 ($24 Senior) Eating tofu daily may result in reduced risk of cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. Mixed with the right seasonings, tofu is downright tasty! But do you feel befuddled about what to do with those soft, white blocks? Or, are you simply looking for ideas how to transform tofu into new dishes? Come learn all about tofu and watch how easy it is to prepare inexpensive, low-fat, cholesterolfree, pure vegetarian meals with tofu. Come hungry, too. Sec. 91 2–4 p.m. D. Gabbe


AC 2707 4/16/11

Vegetarian Beans & Grains Magic HEC4VB $34 ($24 Senior) Beans and whole grains are among the most hearty and healthful foods around. Combined with other natural ingredients, these humble staples can provide a world of exciting dishes, including yummy desserts. Come discover the magic in beans and grains and watch how easy it is to use them in preparing inexpensive, low-fat, cholesterol-free, pure vegetarian dishes. Come hungry, too. Sec. 91 6–8 p.m. D. Gabbe


AC 2707 4/28/11

class locations Vegetarian Milk Without the Moo HEC4VW $34 ($24 Senior) Why choose highly processed, store bought, nondairy milks when you can easily make your own fresh and nutritious (and cheap) milks from soybeans, oats, brown rice, nuts and even shredded coconut. These delicious, cholesterol-free milks are sensational in cereals, desserts, beverages and can be used in cooking and baking as well. No fancy equipment needed, just a blender and a strainer. Come hungry and thirsty. Sec. 91 11 a.m.–1 p.m. D. Gabbe


AC 2707 4/16/11

Novel & Memoir Writing Techniques LAN3NM $73 ($63 Senior) Develop your writing skills and learn techniques necessary to begin your novel or memoir in a relaxed environment. Professional instruction includes lectures and assignments. Sec. 31 6–8 p.m. C. Hiday

M MAY 310 3/28/11–5/23/11

Writing Your Memoirs LAN4MM $47 ($37 Senior) Create the perfect gift for your family, friends or even yourself! A record of your life and experiences expressed with your personal style. Longtime, well respected instructor helps you weave the fabric of your life into a story for future generations to read and cherish. Sec. 91 1–3 p.m. M. Loisdotter

R FAIR 3/31/11–6/2/11

Professional Novel & Memoir Writing LAN4NM $73 ($63 Senior) Provides a basic framework and experience for writing both fiction and nonfiction. Develop and complete your book-length project through professional critiques and peer review in this comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Recommended prerequisite: LAN3NM Sec. 31 6–8 p.m. C. Hiday

W MAY 310 3/30/11–6/1 /11

Let's Learn French LAN5FR $73 ($63 Senior) If you have never taken French before, this class is for you. In a fun, positive and interactive format, this class introduces beginners to the fundamentals of the French

language and culture. Soon you will be able to say useful everyday phrases like s'il vous plait, merci! Sec. 91 6–8 p.m. L. Brown

M AC 1504 3/28/11–5/23/11

Learn Spanish Gently LAN5S $87 ($77 Senior) A conversational course with a wealth of practical expressions. Taught by an experienced instructor in a relaxed setting designed to aid you in your career, travels and intercultural communication. Sec. 91 6–8 p.m. C. Rivera–Bass

M AC TBA 3/28/11–5/23/11

Sec. 92 6:30–9 p.m. A. Long

T AC TBA 3/29/11–5/31/11

Sec. 93 6:30–9 p.m. C. Albertson

W AC TBA 3/30/11–6/1/11

Learn Spanish Gently – Intermediate LAN5SI $87 ($77 Senior) An advanced conversational course with a wealth of practical expressions. Taught by an experienced instructor in a relaxed setting designed to aid you in your career, travel and intercultural communication. Prerequisite: LAN5S, Learn Spanish Gently-Beginning. Sec. 91 6:30–9 p.m. STAFF

T AC 2756 3/29/11–5/31/11

Italian for Travelers LAN5TR $73 ($63 Senior) Planning a trip to Italy? This class is perfect for those looking to learn basic expressions and comfortably move around the country. Language, culture and other travel tips provided to enhance any buon viaggio! Sec. 31 5:30–7:20 p.m. W MAY 307 Y. Valenzuela 3/30/11–6/01/11

Introduction to Storytelling THE4ST $29 ($19 Senior) Do you want to enchant your children or grandchildren with an expertly told tall tale or regale friends and family with a well spun yarn? If so, this is the class for you. Participants will learn about the art of storytelling and will practice their story telling skills in class. Sec. 91 6–9 p.m. E. Holmes


AC 2756 4/11/11

MHCC Gresham Campus Buildings 26000 S.E. Stark St., Gresham AC EC GE HF

Academic Center Early Childhood Ed. G.E. Classroom Fisheries



IT Industrial Tech. PE Physical Education VA Visual Arts Center

The Bruning Center for Allied Health 1484 N.W. Civic Drive, Gresham 503-491-6700 Cascade Athletic Club - 205 9260 S.E. Stark Street, Portland Centennial High School 3505 S.E. 182nd, Gresham Club Estates East 12260 S.E. Main, Portland David Douglas High School 1001 S.E. 135th, Portland David Douglas South Building 1500 S.E. 130th, Portland Fairlawn Community Center 1280 N.E. Kane Road, Gresham Fairview Community Center 300 Harrison, Fairview Gorge Winds Aviation 920 N.W. Perimeter Way, Troutdale St. Luke’s 120 S.W. Towle Ave., Gresham MHCC Maywood Park Campus 10100 N.E. Prescott, Portland 503-491-6100 Outer Rim Bike Shop 10625 N.E. Halsey, Portland Reynolds Middle School 1200 N.E. 201st Ave., Fairview Small Business Development Center 323 N.E. Roberts Ave., Gresham Zenger Farms 11741 S.E. Foster Road, Portland Zion Church of Christ 2025 N.E. 23rd Ave., Gresham

An Introduction to Voice-Overs THE4VO $45 ($35 Senior) Learn skills to become a professional voice-over artist! This fun, informative and empowering class will teach you the basics of entering the voice-over field. Learn the many details of the voice-over industry: marketing philosophy, the importance of your voiceover demo, what to expect of clients, scripts and how a recording studio works. You will be amazed at how well you can sound with a little professional coaching. Sec. 91 7–9 p.m. Langworthy


AC 2756 4/25/11

College + Community • Spring 2011


community skills center The Community Skills Center at the Maywood Park Campus offers self-paced computer and office skills classes designed to upgrade your job skills. • Open seven days a week • Register and begin classes at any time • Work at your own pace • Set your own schedule to meet requirements • Take up to 10 weeks after you register to complete a course • Instructors are available to help guide you through your course


1. Register anytime. Call 503-491-6122 2. Purchase textbook and supplies in the Business Office at the MHCC Maywood Park Campus. 3. Pick up course materials at the Community Skills Center and start class. COURSE FEES: $85 plus cost of textbook unless otherwise stated (subject to change).

COMMUNITY SKILLS CENTER SPRING TERM HOURS: Monday, Wednesday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Beginning Computer for ESL GEN6BE

$85 ($75 Senior)

This beginning computer course takes students through the basics of effectively using a computer to perform basic tasks. In this course you will be introduced to beginning level skills and using computers that run Windows XP, as well as basic documents, Internet and e-mail. Prerequisite: Lowintermediate ESL reading proficiency.

Beginning Computers for Seniors GEN6BN

$58 ($48 Senior)

This beginning course introduces students to basic computer tasks using Windows, typing with a word processor, navigating the Web and working with e-mail using computers that run Windows XP.

Introduction to the Internet and E-mailing GEN6CIA

$85 ($75 Senior)

This hands-on course teaches the student the skills required to access and navigate the Internet and World Wide Web. Students will learn the important features of Web-based e-mail, how to locate websites, shop safely online, find data and search the Web for specific information. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Windows XP.

Data Entry Skillbuilding GEN6DB

$105 ($95 Senior)

The course teaches data entry skills including: data entry by touch, achieving accuracy, increased keystrokes per minute and appropriate data entry terminology. It addresses data entry skills from different data sources including handwritten documents, forms, computer printouts and electronic information. Prerequisite: Basic Keyboarding by touch skills. 15

Mt. Hood Community College

Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Proofreading at the Computer GEN6DF

$70 ($60 Senior)

This hands-on course teaches basic proofreading skills such as proofreading comparatively, proofreading in a team, checking for consistency, using Word spelling and grammar check features and proofreading statistical information. Students will work with letters, memos, reports, Intranet postings and other workplace documents. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.

Dreamweaver Level I GEN6DWA

$115 ($105 Senior)

This hands-on course introduces basic concepts and features of Dreamweaver. Students learn to create their first website including: formatting text, inserting images and backgrounds, creating links and making tables. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system and knowledge of a Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).


$85 ($75 Senior)

Learn HTML basics for creating your own Web pages.

PC Security and Maintenance GEN6MS

$70 ($60 Senior)

This class covers the fundamentals of maintenance and security issues for Windows users.

Keyboarding Basics GEN6OB

$85 ($75 Senior)

Learn how to type without looking.

Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Sunday Noon – 4 p.m.

Keyboarding Skillbuilding GEN6OC

$85 ($75 Senior)

Increase speed/accuracy on the computer keyboard.

Keyboarding Formatting GEN6OD

$90 ($80 Senior)

This course is designed for the student who wants to take charge of their personal typing needs. After the completion of this course, a student should be able to format the most commonly used letter, report, memo and table types encountered in the classroom, business or personal settings. Prerequisite: Ability to keyboard by touch. Learn to format the most commonly used letter, report, memo and table types.

10-Keypad on the Computer GEN6OE

$85 ($75 Senior)

This course teaches the student how to operate the computer 10-key pad by touch and how to perform electronic calculator functions on the 10key pad using the computer calculator software program.

Fundamentals of Photoshop GEN6PH

$115 ($105 Senior)

This course teaches the fundamentals of manipulating pictures in Adobe Photoshop including layering, creating text and using effects.

Windows 7 GEN6WN

$85 ($75 Senior)

Learn the essentials of Windows 7.

Community Skills Center Community Education

Beginning Windows XP GEN6WXP

$85 ($75 Senior)

Learn the basics of Windows XP. This beginning course is for the student who needs an introductory knowledge of Windows XP. It focuses on the user interface so those students can effectively "use" Windows XP. Topics covered include: the desktop, multitasking in Windows XP, exploring Windows, working with Windows and menus, getting on-line help, customizing the Windows display, customizing additional Windows features, using Windows personal information, using paint, data sharing between applications, using Windows multimedia features and using Windows communications features.

Publisher - Level I GEN6YBC

$85 ($75 Senior)

Provides a beginning foundation in desktop publishing for professional purposes and home computing.

Publisher - Level II GEN6YBD

$85 ($75 Senior)

Designed for the student with some Publisher experience who is interested in using Publisher as a complete application for small business. Prerequisite: Publisher Level I or consent of instructor.

Microsoft Office Essentials GEN6YOA

$115 ($105 Senior)

Learn the basics of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Windows.

Microsoft Office Essentials with Keyboarding GEN6YOB

$175 ($165 Senior)

Learn the basics of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Windows and Keyboarding.

Microsoft Office Essentials Plus GEN6YOC

$160 ($150 Senior)

This course is a continuation of Microsoft Office Essentials (GEN6YOA or GEN6YOB). Projects include: working with Word tables and creating a research paper; using Excel formulas, functions and formatting charts; creating more advanced queries in Access; and using the outline tab and clip art to enhance PowerPoint presentations. Prerequisite: Microsoft Office Essentials or introductory knowledge of Windows.

Access 2007 - Level I GEN6ZAA

$85 ($75 Senior)

Learn basic operations of a database using Access 2007.

Access 2007 - Level II GEN6ZAB

$85 ($75 Senior)

This hands-on course provides the student with com-

petency to use more advanced database features in Access 2007, including reports and macros. Prerequisite: Access Level I or consent of instructor.

2007 including tables, charts, watermarks, letters, labels, envelopes, newsletters and mail merge. Prerequisite: Word Level I or consent of instructor.

Excel 2007 - Level I

Word 2007 - Level III


$85 ($75 Senior)

This hands-on course explores the concepts and features of spreadsheets using Excel 2007. The student will build a basic spreadsheet; create an embedded chart; and use formulas, functions, formatting and Web queries. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

Excel 2007 - Level II GEN6ZEB

$85 ($75 Senior)

This hands-on course explores the essentials of the more advanced concepts and features needed to build a semi-complex worksheet using Excel 2007. The student will build skills by using financial functions to create data tables and amortization schedules by creating and sorting databases and using and creating templates. Prerequisite: Excel 2007 - Level I or consent of instructor.

Outlook 2007 - Level I GEN6ZMA

$70 ($60 Senior)

Learn to use the basic features of Outlook 2007 to enhance job skills. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

PowerPoint 2007 - Level I GEN6ZPA

$85 ($75 Senior)

This basic hands-on course teaches the basic components of PowerPoint 2007. The student will create, edit and deliver graphic presentations to work with text, templates and clip art to create a simple presentation. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

PowerPoint 2007 - Level II GEN6ZPB

$85 ($75 Senior)

This hands-on course teaches more complex components of PowerPoint 2007. The student will use embedding and customization features to prepare presentations. Prerequisite: PowerPoint Level I or consent of instructor.

Word 2007 - Level I GEN6ZWA

$85 ($75 Senior)

This course provides an introduction to MS Word 2007. Topics include creating, saving and printing documents and saving documents as Web pages. Projects include creating an announcement, research paper, business letters, resume and Web pages. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

Word 2007 - Level II GEN6ZWB

$85 ($75 Senior)


$100 ($90 Senior)

Designed for individuals who need to do word processing using advanced features of Word 2007.

QuickBooks 2008 GEN7DQ

$115 ($105 Senior)

Course lessons highlight the fastest, easiest way to use QuickBooks 2008, accounting software for small businesses. Students learn how to enter sales and accounts receivable, track items and inventory, set up budgets, track accounts payable, develop and maintain payroll and prepare and analyze financial reports. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of accounting principles, the personal computer and small business.

Basic Business Writing Technique GEN7GR

$85 ($75 Senior)

Review grammar and punctuation for effective writing.

MS Office Business Simulation GEN7OS

$115 ($105 Senior)

Using MS Office Suite applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) this course is designed to instruct students in project-based activities that simulate a work environment. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows and MS Office Suite.

Photoshop Plus GEN7PH

$115 ($105 Senior)

Learn to plan, design and troubleshoot your own projects using advanced Photoshop tools. Add and manipulate layers, fix damaged photos and add text and graphics.

Strategies for Job Seekers GEN8JS

$130 ($120 Senior)

This is a self-paced course for job seekers with emphasis in areas such as self-assessment, networking, sending electronic resumes, cover letters, applications and preparing for interviews.

Medical Vocabulary MO16S

$97 ($87 Senior)

This non-credit, self-paced course teaches the basic elements of medical words (prefixes, words, roots, and suffixes). Medical abbreviations are studied so that the student is able to analyze, define and build medical terms that are most commonly used within the clinic/hospital environment.

This hands-on course explores the essentials of the more advanced concepts and features of Word

College + Community • Spring 2011


non-credit online classes Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), in partnership with Education2Go, offers online training programs for many in-demand occupations. Professionals from each respective field provide effective, up-to-date Web-based instruction. With MHCC’s online classes, students can work and study on their own time and keep their full-time jobs. • All classes are instructor-facilitated and repeat monthly • Classes start at a low $94 • Hundreds of online classes available, covering a wide variety of subjects and interests • Read your lesson and ask questions of your instructor at a time convenient to you

CAREER & PROFESSIONAL Accounting Fundamentals Fundamentals of Supervision and Management Going Green at the Workplace Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay Wow, What a Great Event! Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business Creating a Successful Business Plan Nonprofit Fund-Raising Essentials Explore a Career as a Paralegal Explore a Career as a Pharmacy Technician Explore a Career in a Dental Office Start a Pet Sitting Business Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search Making Age an Asset in Your Job Search

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Get Assertive! Get Funny! Achieving Success with Difficult People Healing Through Hypnosis Keys to Effective Communication


For more classes or to register go to or call 503-491-7571 COURSE SECTIONS: A new section of each online class will begin on March 16, April 20 and May 18. Each course consists of 12 two-hour sessions, provided twice weekly, over a six-week period. The lessons are supplemented by interactive quizzes, tutorials and online discussion via the Web.

Certificate in End of Life Care Certificate in Gerontology Introduction to Natural Health and Healing GED Preparation SAT/ACT Preparation GMAT Preparation GRE Preparation LSAT Preparation Discover Digital Photography Secrets of Better Photography Introduction to Photoshop CS4 Photoshop Elements 8 for the Digital Photographer Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals Going Green at Home Assisting Aging Parents Understanding Adolescents Speed Spanish I and II Grammar for ESL Where Does All My Money Go? Personal Finance Introduction to Stock Options Keys to Successful Money Management Creating K-12 Learning Materials Solving Classroom Discipline Problems

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Empowering Students with Disabilities Survival Kit for New Teachers Integrating Technology in the Classroom Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies that Work Ready, Set, Read! Singapore Math: Number Sense and Computational Strategies Spanish for the Classroom Spanish for Medical Professionals Spanish for Law Enforcement Professionals Teaching Smarter with SMART Boards Teaching Adult Learners

WRITING & PUBLISHING Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers Grammar Refresher The Keys to Effective Editing Get Grants! A to Z Grant Writing Writing Effective Grant Proposals Beginning Writer’s Workshop Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published

This is only a partial list of our many class offerings. For a complete directory, please visit 17

Mt. Hood Community College

Effective Business Writing Writing Essentials Writing for Children Travel Writing Writing for ESL

COMPUTER & TECHNOLOGY Computer Skills for the Workplace Introduction to Microsoft Word Introduction to Microsoft Access Introduction to Microsoft Excel Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction to Microsoft Publisher Introduction to Microsoft Outlook Introduction to Microsoft Project Introduction to Illustrator CS3 Introduction to QuickBooks 2009 & 2010 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2010 Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS3 and CS4 Photoshop CS4 for the Digital Photographer Introduction to C++ Programming Introduction to C# Programming Introduction to Visual Basic 2005 Introduction to Java Programming Introduction to CSS and XHTML Help for the Helpdesk Introduction to PHP and MySQL Creating Web Pages I & II Intermediate Dreamweaver Intermediate SQL Introduction to Dreamweaver CS5 Creating a Classroom Website Designing Effective Websites Achieving Top Search Engine Positions Introduction to PC Troubleshooting Introduction to Networking Intermediate Networking Wireless Networking Introduction to Programming Introduction to PC Security Basic CompTIA® A+ Certification Prep CompTIA® Security+ Certification Prep CompTIA® Network+ Certification Prep PMP Certification Prep 1


ion ses t c u r st d cour n o C ed s Boar v o r p Ap ractor cont

sents: e r p e g lle nity Co u m m od Co Mt. Ho C IT’S A C

➤ Rain Gardens 201 Technical Field ➤ Sustainable Site Planning

➤ Best Practices for Sustainable Sites Under Construction

➤ Site Strategies to Reduce Energy & Fuel Consumption

New CCB Continuing Education Requirements Begin 2011 Visit for more information. Call 503 491-7235 to reserve your space now.

Improve Your English Skills

Mejore sus habilidades de Inglés

Улучшить знания английского языка Nâng cao trình-độ tiếng Anh của bạn

ESL and ENL Classes

(English as a Second Language and English as a Non-native Language)

Reading Writing Listening Speaking Pronunciation

Gresham Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .503-491-7333 Classes at all times! Maywood Park Campus . . . . 503-491 6100 Very Affordable! Rockwood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503-491-7333 Español . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503-491-7675 College + Community • Spring 2011 • mhcc/edu/enl


small business development center The Mt. Hood Community College Small Business Development Center is part of the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network. We serve new and established businesses by providing: • Access to small business resources • Confidential business counseling at no charge • Information and referral services • Practical, affordable training TO REGISTER: Call 503-491-7658 or e-mail us at Register for the class a minimum of 72 hours before the start date.


LOCATION: Classes are held at either the MHCC Small Business Development Center at 323 N.E. Roberts in downtown Gresham (†), or at the Maywood Park campus at 10100 NE Prescott, Portland, OR, 97220 (‡). TO CANCEL: Call 503-491-7658 or e-mail us at Cancellations 72 hours or more prior to seminar will be given a 100 percent refund. No refunds for cancellations within 72 hours of seminar.

Date: 4/15‡, 4/2‡, 5/12‡ or 6/9‡ Time: 6 – 9 p.m Fee: $55, class size limited to 20

To register call 503-491-7658

Business Growth Program The Business Growth Program offers specialized training and business counseling to new and existing businesses. The program modules include: • Planning: How to manage the day to day details of running the business. • Marketing: How to attract your target customers and promote your business. • Finance: How much working capital (cash) you need and your bookkeeping, accounting, cash flow and tax needs. • Management: What are your staffing needs and how will you build a winning team? Date: 3/30 – 6/8† Time: 4 – 7 p.m. Fee: $395

Going into Business: Start Smart! Get your start-up questions answered here! This seminar is a must if you have a business idea or just opened your doors but still have some questions. What should you know before getting started? Topics to be covered: • What are the first steps to getting my business started? • Is this a good time to start my business? • How do I figure the money it will take? • Where can I find some financing? • What do I need to know about registering my business and with whom? • What kinds of recordkeeping am I required to keep? • How do I target my customers? • Should I buy or lease?

Start Up Financial Projections Learn how to identify initial costs to open your new business and find funding for them. Session includes tips and strategies for researching such costs as space, materials, equipment, professional fees and more. Date: 4/7† or 6/2† Time: 9 a.m. – noon Fee: $55, class size limited to 20

QuickBooks Bootcamp™ 1 Getting Started with QuickBooks Two-Day Hands-On Training in QuickBooks New to QuickBooks or have little bookkeeping experience? This is the workshop to get you started right, using the best selling accounting software. Learn to navigate in QuickBooks, enter your sales and pay your bills. Two-session class. Date: 4/12 & 4/14† or 5/10 & 5/12† or 6/7 & 6/9† Time: 9 a.m. – noon Fee: $129, class size limited to 10

QuickBooks Bootcamp™ 2 Making QuickBooks Work for You Two-Day Hands-On Training in QuickBooks Create and customize a company in QuickBooks. Discover QuickBooks’ built-in features that help you better understand your financial data to make better management decisions. This class is for people who have completed QuickBooks Bootcamp 1 or have bookkeeping experience. Two-session class.

Date: 3/22 & 3/24† or 4/26 & 4/28† or 5/24 & 5/26† or 6/21 & 6/23† Time: 9 a.m. – noon Fee: $129, class size limited to 9 QuickBooks Bootcamp 1 & 2 are loaded with bookkeeping tips and techniques. In each workshop, students will use QuickBooks 211 on our computer. Training is done using a sample company and includes a free, individual follow-up session with the instructor. Sign up for QuickBooks Bootcamp 1 & 2 for $229 (save $29).

QuickBooks Mentor Program Engage in interactive topic sessions with a QuickBooks coach and other software users to gain mastery in small business bookkeeping principles and processing. Designed for those with some experience in bookkeeping with QuickBooks software. Date: 4/9 – 6/18 every other Saturday† Time: 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. Fee: $295, class size limited to 10

Bookkeeping for Small Business Get a big picture overview of the essential features of a good bookkeeping structure and processing guidelines. Learn about the management of money flowing in and out of your business, including owner contributions and draws. Date: 4/5†, 05/07‡ or 6/14† Time: 9 a.m. – noon Fee: $55, class size limited to 20

Business Plan Bootcamp™ Three hands-on sessions to write your business plan including financial projections and marketing information that will support the plan.

† = MHCC Small Business Development Center at 323 N.E. Roberts, Gresham. ‡ = Maywood Park campus at 10100 NE Prescott, Portland. 19

Mt. Hood Community College

Small Business Development Center Community Education

Date: Time: Fee:

4/13, 4/20 & 5/4† or 5/25, 6/1 & 6/8† 9 a.m. – noon $135, class size limited to 20

Access to Capital: Getting a Loan for Your Business Attend this seminar and get your questions answered on how to get a loan for your business and what steps you need to take. Date: 04/15†, 5/13† or 6/17† Time: noon – 1 p.m. Fee: No charge, class size limited to 20

Small Business Legal Roundtable Learn how to protect yourself and your business while writing business contracts, hiring employees or dealing with business partners and independent contractors. This seminar is offered in partnership with Young Twedt McRostie LLP. Date: 4/26†, 5/24† & 6/28† Time: noon – 1 p.m. Fee: No charge, class size limited to 20

Smart Marketing A two-day marketing class that covers the following aspects of marketing:

service will take away their pain and why you have the best solution for them. Day 2 - The best ways of getting your marketing message to your favorite customer. This includes traditional media like mail, print, radio and TV and all of the associated instruments. It also stresses the use of the Internet and the power of social media and covers the Web, e-mail and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, YELP and Foursquare. It also covers the use of public relations to build your company image. Date: Time: Fee:

3/31 & 4/7†, 4/23 & 4/30‡ or 5/26 & 6/2† 1 – 4 p.m. $65, class size limited to 20

Contracting with the Government Small businesses face challenges when trying to win federal, state and local government contracts. The Small Business Administration can help small businesses work through these challenges. This class provides an in-depth approach to discovering and seeking contract opportunities available as well as the possible marketing tools that may assist in selling your product or service to the government. Date: 4/6† or 5/11† Time: 9:30 a.m. – noon Fee: No charge, class size limited to 20

Day 1 - Understanding your favorite customers, their demographics, their pain, how they think and what words they use to refer to your products and services. Then crafting a marketing message that covers how your product or

Building a Successful Website for Your Business

Small business WebinarS

Date: 4/29 Time: 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Fee: No charge

To register call 503-491-7658.

Participate in these workshops from your business or home.

To register: Call (503) 491-7658 or e-mail us at You must register for the class a minimum of 72 hours before the start date.

How to Build a Website for Your Business In this Webinar you will learn the basics of creating a successful website for your small business. The instructor will present tools to build your website, as well as Web hosting options to publish your site on the Internet.

Date: 4/8 Time: 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Fee: No charge

How to Start Your Business Learn the basics of opening a small business in the State of Oregon. How to register your business name, open a business bank account and obtain a tax ID number for your business.

Learn the basics of creating and managing your website. Know the key elements of a user

R U Bankable This will be an informal conversation with local lenders regarding: • Access to capital • Lending for start-ups versus existing businesses • Next steps & resources • What are lenders really looking for? • What does bankable really mean? Date: 5/3 Time: 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Fee: No charge

How to Write a Business Plan This introductory webinar covers the basics of writing a business plan. The instructor will describe the key components of a successful business plan and share local resources for entrepreneurs and business owners.

friendly website and how to direct customers to your site to promote your products and services. Date: 4/22†, 05/21‡ or 6/3† Time: 9 – 11:30 a.m. Fee: $55, class size limited to 20

Boosting Your Business Using Social Media Marketing Research shows 70 percent of U.S. adults visit online social networks. In this course, you will discover seven ways as a local business you can dominate your market if you embrace social networking to include social media in your overall marketing strategy. Date: 4/15† or 5/13† Time: 9 – 11:30 a.m. Fee: $55, class size limited to 20

Buying or Selling a Business This two-session workshop will guide you through the process of transferring ownership of your business to a family member, employee, partner or an outsider. Expert advisers on business exit strategies will present strategies for the valuation of your business, tax implications of transferring the business and financing options for the potential owner of your business. Learn about the importance and process of an exit plan. This seminar is offered in partnership with Young Twedt McRostie LLP. Date: 4/16 & 4/21† Time: 6 – 9 p.m. Fee: $65, class size limited to 20

Mastering Bookkeeping Structure Design Get a fresh perspective on designing a bookkeeping structure that yields the best financial information for managing your business. Includes tips and strategies for the chart of accounts and data management for customers and A/R, vendors and A/P, inventory and point of sales. Date: 5/18 Time: 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Fee: No charge

Using Social Marketing to Promote Your Business Learn how to incorporate social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business and attract new customers. The instructor will discuss the dos and don’ts of social media marketing. Date: 5/13 Time: 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Fee: No charge

Date: 5/20 Time: 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Fee: No charge College + Community • Spring 2011


business & industry workforce training Offering personalized, innovative services to prepare your company to compete successfully in the global marketplace If employees aren’t up-to-date in current industry standards, the Business and Industry Workforce Training (BIWT) at Mt. Hood Community College can design affordable training programs to strengthen a business’ workforce, enhance leadership skills, improve productivity and increase profitability. BIWT can provide customized training, including: • Basic skills • Communication skills • Computer skills • Continuing education for professional licensing • Industry-specific training • Leadership and supervisory skills

CONSTRUCTION Rain Gardens 201 Technical Field This technical field class will help beginners to experienced designers, agency employees, developers, contractors, educators and others who want to be better prepared to make holistic design choices. We’ll learn in a fun and collaborative atmosphere about how the sum of the parts (inlets, outlets, check dams, etc.) in a variety of vegetated stormwater facilities (rain gardens, bioswales, infiltration basins, green streets, planters) can be designed, constructed and maintained to improve or impact the watersheds in which we build them. We’ll do this by comparing and contrasting 10 different facilities in the field. *This course fulfills the CCB’s new continuing education requirement for two hours of Sustainable Building Practices, plus three elective hours. Date: 4/12/11 Time: 10 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Location: Maywood Park Campus Fee: $249 *CCB-RCE (2 hours core) LCB-CEH (3 hours technical)

Sustainable Site Planning This course serves as an upper level in-depth study of site planning so that contractors can apply best management practices to improve the short and long-term sustainability of new and remodeled sites. Students will work in breakout tables on relevant activities that will give them immediate hands-on experience in applying the learning outcomes. *This course fulfills the CCB’s new continuing education requirement for two hours of Sustainable Building Practices, plus one elective hour. Date: 4/4/11 Time: 1–4 p.m. Location: Maywood Park Campus Fee: $149 *CCB-RCE (2 hours core) LCB-CEH (3 hours technical) 21

Mt. Hood Community College

• Specialized, in-demand training such as Lean Manufacturing/ Lean Contracting and other career fields • Workplace language classes Employer clients working with MHCC include: • Boeing • Boring Fire Department • City of Gresham • Danner-La Crosse Footwear • Horizon Air • Leatherman Tool Group • Microchip • Tri-Met

Best Practices for Sustainable Sites under Construction This course serves as an upper level in-depth study of how contractors can apply best management practices to protect natural resources. The importance of sediment prevention and erosion control as well as limiting disturbance during construction will be emphasized. *This course fulfills the CCB’s new continuing education requirement for two hours of Sustainable Building Practices. Date: 4/5/11 Time: 10 a.m.–noon Location: Maywood Park Campus Fee: $99 *CCB-RCE (2 hours core) LCB-CEH (3 hours technical)

Site Strategies for Energy & Fuel Efficiency This course serves as an upper level in-depth study of best management practices that can reduce demand for energy inside and outside the building through sustainable landscape design, construction, operations and maintenance. *This course fulfills the CCB’s new continuing education requirement for two hours of Sustainable Building Practices. Date: 4/11/11 Time: 10 a.m.–noon Location: Maywood Park Campus Fee: $99 *CCB-RCE (2 hours core) LCB-CEH (3 hours technical)

Building Analyst & Envelope Professional Training Prepare yourself for the fast growing energy efficiency industry. Earn two Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certifications in eight weeks of weeknight and weekend classes—without having to take time off from your day job. The building analyst training will prepare you for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) national certification testing.

For more information: call (503) 491-7235 or e-mail

Date: 4/12/11–6/10/11 Time: Tues. & Thurs. 6–9 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Location: Maywood Park Campus Fee: $2,995

PROFESSIONAL Spanish for Educators – Level I This basic Spanish course is designed for teaching professionals, counselors and administrators who communicate with Spanish-speaking students and their families. Participants study relevant vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and cultural aspects in educational environments. Date: 3/31/11–6/2/11 Time: Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Location: Gresham Campus, Rm 1267 Fee: $150

Emergency Medical Technician, Basic Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) assess and administer emergency, on-site medical assistance. With your high school diploma, you can enter into the basic training certification program and progress from there. Starting salaries begin around $15-20 an hour and can go as high as $60,000 a year depending on your level of training. The EMT basic program will provide you with hands-on experience in how to perform physical exams, assess trauma, administer oxygen, perform airway maintenance, semi-automatic defibrillation and administer medication. The EMT-Basic course and certification is the first step to earning certification as an EMT-paramedic. Date: 3/28/11–8/20/11 Time: Mon. & Wed. 5-8:30 p.m. Location: Bruning Center Fee: $1,545

Business and Industry Workforce Training Community Education

Business Development Fair Workshops & Resource Expo

On April 27, 2011, the Small Business Development Center at MHCC and the City of Gresham will host the third annual Business Development Fair in East County. Over 20 organizations and public agencies offering support and resources to local businesses will participate. This event includes business seminars and educational forums for business owners and presentations will cover topics in business growth, marketing and financials. Business Fair Program 8 – 8:30 a.m................... Registration and networking 8:30 – 11:30 a.m....... Business fair 9 – 10:15 a.m................ Business plan competition: MHCC entrepreneurship students 10:30 – 11:45 a.m. Business seminar Noon – 1 p.m................ Business luncheon 1 p.m........................................ Adjourn

Event Registration: April 27, 2011, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Mt. Hood Community College Town & Gown Room 26000 SE Stark Street Gresham, OR 97030 Register at: or call 503-491-7658 $35 Registration fee to Business Seminar and Luncheon. Free admission to business fair.

Participating Organizations • Business Oregon • City of Gresham • East Metro Economic Alliance • Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce • Gresham Downtown Development Association • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce • Internal Revenue Service, IRS

• Mercy Corps NW • Micro-Inventors Program of Oregon, MIPO • Mt. Hood Chamber of Commerce • Mt. Hood Community College • Oregon Assoc. of Minority Entrepreneurs • Oregon Department of Revenue • Rockwood Business Coalition

• Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce • Small Business Administration, SBA • Small Business Legal Clinic • Try Local First • West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce • WorkSource Portland Metro East

EMT-Emergency Medical Technician, Basic Classes Start MARCH 28, 2011

personal instruction • practical experience

A Practical, Hands-on Course Led by Experienced Instructors to Prepare You for the Certification Exam Whether you are planning to become a fire officer, EMT or paramedic, EMT-Basic will give you the knowledge and the practical training you need to get there! What is EMT? Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) assess and administer emergency, on-site medical assistance. This is a fast-paced and rewarding career. With your high school diploma, you can enter into the basic training certification program and progress from there. Starting salaries begin around $15 an hour and can go as high as $60,000 a year, depending on your level of training. What You Will Learn The EMT Basic program will provide you with hands-on experience in how to perform physical exams, assess trauma, administer oxygen, perform airway maintenance, conduct semi-automatic defibrillation and administer medication. The EMT-Basic course and certification is the first step to earning certification as an EMT-paramedic. Occupations / Opportunities FOR the EMT Employers who hire EMTs include home health agencies, hospital emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, phone triage centers, fire service organizations, medical agencies, psychiatric transport services and hospital transportation services. Requirements to Become an EMT High school diploma or GED. CPT Scores: RD115, WR115, MTH60. Ability to lift 100-lbs. No convictions except minor traffic violations.

Fees and Registration: $1,545 – Pre-registration required Date / Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5 – 8:30 p.m. plus two Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. March 28, 2011 – August 20, 2011 Location: The Bruning Center for Allied Health Education, Room 211 1484 N.W. Civic Dr. Gresham, OR 97030 For more information: Visit: Call: 503-491-7235 E-mail: College + Community • Spring 2011


non-credit online career training Mt. Hood Community College, in partnership with Gatlin Education Services, offers online training programs for many in-demand occupations. Professionals from each respective field provide effective, up-to-date Webbased instruction. • Enroll and begin study at any time. • Most programs can be completed in less than six months. • Each program includes everything needed to succeed including books, lessons, quizzes and assignments. • Instructors/mentors are available to respond to any question or concern, as well as encourage and motivate you to succeed. • Courses are not MHCC credited classes and cannot be substituted for courses required in a degree program.

HEALTHCARE AND FITNESS Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding+Medical Terminology Personal Fitness Trainer Personal Training and Group Exercise Training for Older Adults Pharmacy Technician Veterinary Assistant

$2,295 $2,095 $2,395 $1,995 $1,795

$1,995 $1,895 $1,795 $1,595 $1,595 $2,095 $1,895 $2,095 $2,095 $1,895 $1,595

IT AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AutoCAD 2011 Cisco® CCNA® Authorized Certification Training CompTIA™ A+ Certification Training Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 Microsoft Web Developr .NET Training Web Database Developer

For more classes or to register go to or call 503-491-7572 PROGRAM Each program includes a set of lessons and evaluations; grades are a combination of the instructor’s evaluation of student's work and computer graded tests. Gatlin Education Services provides quality as well as the convenience of anytime, anywhere learning!


BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office Specialist Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2010 Certified Bookkeeper Certified Green Supply Chain Professional Certified Mediator Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and Business Owner Management Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 Nonprofit Management Legal Secretary Search Engine Marketing Technical Writing


$2,395 $1,995 $1,695 $1,495 $1,795 $1,895 $1,995 $1,995 $2,195

Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist Certified Mediator Management for IT Professionals Management Training Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

$2,995 $1,595 $2,095 $2,095 $2,095

MEDIA AND DESIGN Digital Arts Certificate Graphic Design with Photoshop CS5, Softward included Multimedia Arts Certificate Webmaster

$5,595 $2,495 $5,595 $1,795

SKILLED TRADES AND INDUSTRIAL Building Analyst Quick Start Program (BPI BA Certification) Carpentry Certified Green Supply Chain Professional Certified Window and Door Installer Freight Broker/Agent Training Home Inspection Certificate HVAC Technician Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments Senior Certified Sustainability Professional

$1,195 $1,395 $1,595 $1,795 $1,695 $2,095 $3,095 $695 $2,495

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY & GOING GREEN Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager Certified Indoor Environmentalist Principles of Green Buildings Solar Power Professional Wind Energy Professional

$795 $895 $595 $1,695 $2,495

This is only a partial list of our many class offerings. For a complete directory, please visit 23

Mt. Hood Community College

Sustainability, Health and Safety Program Presents:

learn to design, develop

& build GREEN

in the Sustainable Building Adviser program The Sustainable Building Adviser Program (SBAP) is a non-credit program specifically designed for professionals working in the areas of architecture, engineering, design, developing and contracting who wish to create environmentally responsible and cost effective buildings. The program is organized in nine monthly weekend sessions (Friday to Saturday). All sessions are presented by expert instructors in an interactive format with hands-on exercises, site visits and crosssector applicability.

Program Objectives: Analyze the costs and benefits of incorporating sustainable building measures ● Assist in the education and training of staff in sustainable building ●

Next class begins October 2011 For additional information and registration please visit the program

website at: or call 503-491-7235

Establish a sustainable design goal for project development ● Establish competencies in applying LEED™, Earth Advantage™ and other relevant criteria or established guidelines ● Identify and discuss the key practices of sustainable building ● Take advantage of financial incentives and technical assistance offered by government, utilities and nonprofit organizations ● Work with architects, designers, builders, building operators and utilities to improve a building’s performance ●


Small class size • Outdoor field sessions • Water expo • wide scope of topics

Metro/Gorge Area Water School • Oregon State University Extension Service, Oregon Sea Grant and Mt. Hood Community College host OSU/MHCC Water School, a twoday mini-college on sustainable living, watershed stewardship and water-related topics. • Indoor and outdoor Water School sessions are taught by faculty from OSU Extension Service, Mt. Hood Community College, staff from the Columbia Riverkeepers and other organizations. • Topics include watershed processes, The Clean Water Act, groundwater, wetland identification, intro to rain gardens, community engagement and more. • Lunchtime expo on water, watershed and sustainable living organizations, agencies, opportunities and upcoming events. Who should attend Natural resource professionals, property owners, educators, students, watershed council staff and volunteers, land developers, water recreation enthusiasts and others.

Benefits of attending • Receive credit toward Master Watershed Steward training requirements. • Learn from regional experts. • Learn about opportunities with regional water programs and agencies. Fees and Registration Date / Time: Friday, April 15, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Saturday, April 16, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Water Expo: Friday, April 15, noon – 1 p.m. Location: Mt. Hood Community College Gresham Campus - College Center 26000 SE Stark St. Gresham, OR 97030 Registration: $50, Includes both Friday and Saturday courses, class materials, water expo & field trip transportation. Pre-registration required by Friday, April 1 To Register: Call 503-491-7235 For More Information: Contact Robert Weinman 503-491-7496

College + Community • Winter 2010


mhcc quick information guide Information

Web shortcut

phone #

Registering for Classes Course Information Bachelor’s Degree Partnerships College Catalog Community Education Course Descriptions Degree Offerings General Ed Dev. (GED) Online Classes Proficiencies: Reading, Writing and Math Transferring to or from MHCC FAQ’s for Advising Paying for College Financial Aid Scholarships Confidentiality of Records Student Code of Conduct Student Life and Services Academic Advising and Transfer Center Admissions and Records

503-491-7393 503-491-7393 503-491-7315

Mt. Hood Community College presents:

Building Analyst & Envelope Professional Training

Prepare yourself for the fast growing energy efficiency industry. Earn two Building Performance Institute (BPI)

Certifications in eight weeks of weeknight and weekend

classes without having to take time off from your day job. The building analyst training will prepare you for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) national certification testing.

Spring 2011 Class training Details: Section 71

April 12 - June 10

Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Location: Maywood Park Campus, Rm 310

Price: $2,995 To enroll or for information, call 503-491-7235 25

Mt. Hood Community College

Required: High school diploma or GED, minimum two years construction experience or equivalent training or education. Proficiency in reading, writing and math proficiency using computers including Microsoft Office; access to a computer with Internet access. Scholarships available for eligible students. Please contact your local WorkSource Center for more information. Maywood Park Campus 10100 NE Prescott St. Portland, OR 97220

(Field training at various locations)

503-491-7572 503-491-7315 503-491-7315 503-491-6433 503-491-7170 503-491-7315 503-491-7315 503-491-7315 503-491-7462 503-491-7262 503-491-7262 503-491-7384 503-491-7317 503-491-7277 503-491-7315 503-491-7393

Trips Tours Mhcc Community Education Department Presents a Tour to This Destination: • ISLANDS OF NEW ENGLAND Departing June 2011 Attend an informational slide show Monday, February 28, 2011, 1 p.m. Conference Room AC 1152 MHCC Gresham Campus

● Swimming Pools ● Lessons ● Rock Wall ● Kids' Camps ● More MHCC AQUATIC CENTER

For tour brochures and more information, please call 503-491-7571 503-491-7243


A Two-Day Summit on Successful Outdoor Events, Adventures and Expeditions Supporting Charitable Organizations Adventure – To go, not simply “because it is there” but “to inspire change” Today’s athletes and organizations are going beyond reaching summits, descending rivers, traversing continents and setting records. They are using events, adventures and expeditions to inspire change and raise support for charitable organizations that positively contribute to issues like health, the environment and human rights. Mt. Hood Community College presents the first summit exploring the community, collaboration and best practices for the emerging culture of adventures with purpose. Who should attend: • Social, environmental and health-related non-profit organizations • Outdoor gear and clothing manufacturers • Outdoor adventure guides, instructors and students • Outdoor event planning agencies • Print, broadcast and Web media

presentations from industry experts on: • Media Relations • Event Logistics • Sponsorship • Models for Effective Events • Marketing and Outreach • Running Sustainable Events Summit will also include: Adventure with Purpose Expo: Visit tables with information on the next season’s events, adventures, expeditions and gear. Mt. Hood Community College presents Adventure with Purpose Film Festival In cooperation with McMenamins Edgefield and Team River Runner Location: McMenamins, Edgefield Date/Time: Friday, March 18, 7 to 9 p.m

Fees and Registration Fees and Registration Dates/Times: March 18 and 19, 2011 Summit: Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Expo: Friday, noon – 2 p.m. Location: Mt. Hood Community College 26000 S.E. Stark St., Gresham, OR 97030

Registration for Summit and Expo: $50 Pre-registration required For more information visit:, call 503-491-7235 or e-mail College + Community • Winter 2011


I-84 181st Ave

102nd Ave. 82nd Ave




Stark St.

Division St.


Division St.

Powell Blvd.

10100 NE Prescott St., Portland, OR 503-491-6100

Directions from the MHCC Gresham Campus: Travel west on I-84 Take the I-205 South/I-205 North exit Merge onto I-205 North Ramp Merge onto I-205 N Take East Sandy Blvd. exit Merge onto NE Sandy Blvd. Turn right onto NE 102nd Ave. Turn right onto NE Prescott St. End at 10100 NE Prescott St.

From Portland: Travel east on I-84 Exit at I-205 North Take East Sandy Blvd. exit Merge onto NE Sandy Blvd. Turn right onto NE 102nd Ave. Turn right onto NE Prescott St. End at 10100 NE Prescott St.


Bruning Center for allied health education at Mhcc

Mt. Hood Community College

Directions from Vancouver: Travel south on I-205 South to I-84 east Drive east on I-84 to exit 17, Troutdale Turn right onto 257th Ave. at stoplight Continue on 257th through Stark St. MHCC is on the left just south of Stark St. End at 26000 SE Stark St.

Drive west on SE Stark St. Turn left onto SE 223rd Ave. Turn right onto SE Burnside Rd. Turn left onto NW Civic Dr. End at 1484 NW Civic Dr.

From Portland: Drive east on I-84 to exit 17, Troutdale Turn right onto 257th Ave. at stoplight Continue on 257th through Stark St. MHCC is on the left just south of Stark St. End at 26000 SE Stark St.

From Portland: Travel east on I-84 Take the 181 Ave. exit 13 to Gresham Turn right onto NE 181 Ave. Turn left onto E Burnside St. Turn right onto NW Civic Dr. End at 1484 NW Civic Dr.

For the most current calendar visit

MHCC gresham campus 26000 SE Stark St., Gresham, OR 503-491-6422

Directions from the MHCC Gresham Campus:

Spring Term Begins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3/28 Memorial Day Holiday (No classes) . . . . . . 5/30 Spring Term Ends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6/10



1484 NW Civic Dr., Gresham, OR 503-491-6700

Important Dates 2011


Powell Blvd.



3 Roberts


Civic Dr.

Burn side Rd.

Division St.


Stark St.

257th Kane Rd.

. lvd yB nd a S



Sand y Blvd .

223rd Ave



102nd Ave.

getting to mhcc


Worksource Portland metro east 19421 SE Stark St., Gresham, OR 503-660-1440


small business development center 323 NE Roberts Ave., Gresham, OR 503-491-7658

be symbiotic Cast In Success MHCC’s vital and growing partnership with the Structurals business of world leader Precision Castparts is molding good jobs, today and tomorrow. One of only two Fortune 500 companies located in Oregon (the other is Nike), the manufacturer has grown in six decades from a tiny business making a single part to the world leader in complex castings in titanium, nickel-based, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. The company makes the industry’s most complex and critical cast parts — using ceramic molds to cast the metal, then precisely finishing, treating and testing it to high tolerances — for everything from aerospace to medical to general industrial applications.

“This is a great opportunity for the company, and for MHCC students.” The company also makes opportunities, and a thriving win-win partnership with another local producer of bright futures, Mt. Hood Community College, is an investment in casting MHCC students in the role of well-prepared current and future employees. “This is a top-tier manufacturer, with a very talented workforce,” says Dennis Mattoon, dean of MHCC’s industrial technology and apprenticeship programs. “We are developing several ways to partner

Precision Castparts Donates Welding Equipment Partnership Benefits MHCC Students

with the company to create opportunities for our students, and also to enable the company to reach out to new prospects and provide specialized training to their employees.” The company recently donated six welding machines to MHCC that are being used to train students enrolled in the Integrated Metals Welding Technology program. In addition, the college – business partnership is launching a program that will provide jobs for students while helping the company fill its entry level staffing needs, particularly on weekends. Another program may lead to creation of a new two-year degree path that will train students to become production-line supervisors, a career track with a good salary and a strong future. “They use an entrepreneurial model for their supervisors, requiring versatile knowledge and accountability,” says

MHCC’s Mattoon. “This is a great opportunity for the company, and for MHCC students.” And, creating opportunity is what each of the College’s community partnerships is all about: opening doors for MHCC students and helping local companies with their workforce needs and objectives. “This partnership resonates, especially with me,” says Barry Chapman, division training manager in the company’s Structurals operation, “because I had to leave Portland to further my career before I was able to return. I can really appreciate the value of a career path with a strong company, where advancement is available right here in the community. I look forward to MHCC students taking part in this opportunity.”

For more information about MHCC’s Integrated Metals Welding Program, please visit

College + Community • Spring 2011


be forward thinking Child’s Play MHCC and Head Start collaborate on a new Early Childhood Center benefiting children, parents, students and our community. In September, 184 young children will be stacking blocks, finger-painting and listening to story time in a brand new, state-of-the-art Early Childhood Center (ECC) – the first new building on the MHCC Gresham Campus in about three decades. Construction began in December on the 21,000 square foot Center, which will replace a smaller, aging facility. There are many things that make this project special – from the children who will be ready for school, to the parents whose lives will be transformed, to the MHCC students who will prepare themselves for careers in early childhood education.

Head Start will operate the Center in collaboration with MHCC. (Head Start is a federally-funded program that provides comprehensive child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families.) Head Start and a companion program, Early Head Start, will meet children’s educational, social, health and nutritional needs. “By investing in this Center, we are helping to break the cycle of poverty for many children and their families in our service region,” says John J. “Ski” Sygielski, MHCC president. “Effective early childhood education is a proven strategy in closing the achievement gap and reducing the dropout rate,” continues Sygielski. “By making childcare and other services available on the Gresham Campus, it increases the chances of parents remaining in college so they

“Effective early childhood education is a

proven strategy in closing the achievement gap and reducing the dropout rate.” may graduate and secure gainful employment.” “The new ECC will provide both Head Start and Early Head Start care to children six months to five-years-old whose parents are enrolled in Head Start. Seven hours per day of childcare services will be available to full-time MHCC students,” says Susan Brady, director of child development and family support programs for the College. “Priority for half-day childcare will be given to part-time MHCC students.” MHCC students who are majoring in early childhood education will also benefit from the new ECC. “Approximately 60 MHCC students are enrolled in our program,” says Christie Plinski, MHCC dean of social sciences. “The ECC will house classrooms for these students and offer a rich learning experience that will help prepare them for rewarding careers.” Funding for the $6 million Center comes from a unique blending of federal and state funds, as well as a number of significant private donations. Senator Rod Monroe is a veteran of many years in state and regional government, and

Building a Future

MHCC – Head Start Early Childhood Center “The ECC is an important step toward helping hardworking people to improve their lives, and the lives of their children.”

improve their lives, and the lives of their children,” says Monroe.

a member of the MHCC District Board of Education. He played a key role in acquiring state funds for the project. “Those who are locked into a welfare and food stamps existence can’t afford private childcare, which typically runs $1,000 per month, and attend school at the same time. The ECC is an important step toward helping hardworking people to

Low windows, angled ceilings and ample storage space for toys, art supplies, books and jackets are built into the kid-friendly design.

The ECC will be divided into four communities of two classrooms each, including three rooms for infants and toddlers. An internal street will meander through the communities, forming plazas, squares, nooks and corners to create a variety of spaces for play or quiet time.

The Center will include a kitchen for the preparation of meals for 15 Head Start programs located throughout the Portland metro area. “Mt. Hood Community College serves a unique leadership role in

the community,” observes Candy Solovjocs, program team manager for Meyer Memorial Trust, which contributed $250,000. “This project will yield many benefits in people’s lives.” With the start of the fall academic term next September, the ECC will come alive with kids singing the ABC song and discovering which of the three little pigs built the strongest house. For MHCC, Head Start and a multitude of community partners, this “child’s play” will be the result of years of forwardthinking, planning, fund-raising, collaborating and building.

To learn more, visit To apply for Head Start, call 503-491-6111. 30



There’s Still Time to Double the Power of Your Gift! We’re transforming lives at Mt. Hood Community College with support from people like you! And, through March, your support can be even more valuable! When you make a scholarship donation to the MHCC Foundation, your new and increased gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $120,000 by the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation Scholarship Challenge. As they say, all good things must come to an end – and such is the case with the Miller Challenge. The third and final year for the Miller Challenge will end on March 31. There’s still time to turn your $20 donation into $40, your $1,000 donation into $2,000. It’s almost like magic. Of course, we are grateful for all gifts, at all times, to the Foundation. Help put college within reach for students in our community! Give online at, e-mail us at or call us at 503-491-7206. Thank you for your support! For more information visit This schedule is published to provide information to the general public. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of printing. However, the statements contained here are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between a student and the College. MHCC reserves the right to change or cancel a class at any time and to alter stated policy by action of the MHCC District Board of Education. Course offerings may be adjusted for economic reasons and students are urged to register early.

Auction & Dinner Saturday, May 7, 2011 Special entertainment by acclaimed recording artist

Julianne R. Johnson


Portland Waterfront Marriott 1401 S.W. Naito Parkway Portland, OR 97201






Table for 10


To make your reservation or for more information on sponsorship opportunities, call 503-491-7206. Visit us online at or e-mail