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Dear Friend, My story is like that of many other students whose lives have changed because of Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), except my field of study could be considered a bit unique. I found my calling in life at a fairly young age and decided to set my sights on a career in Funeral Services. I saw this as the best way to serve and support others during one of life’s most fearful and stressful times. My research indicated that MHCC has one of the best Funeral Service Education programs in the country, so I enrolled in the fall term of 2003 and set off to begin my journey. I am thrilled to say that in MHCC I found a special place where I felt I belonged, with small class sizes, motivated students, accessible faculty and relevant and affordable courses. The power of the degree at MHCC is amazing! Career-technical fields such as Funeral Service Education and many others, offer students a wonderful choice of options and the immediate possibility for good-paying, in-demand jobs. I graduated from MHCC in 2005 with a very manageable amount of student loans thanks to scholarships and other financial assistance I received. I truly could not have achieved my dream without that critical support. After graduation, I immediately went to work at a local funeral home and have since been promoted to general manager for three sites. Every day, I sit across from bereaved families and I see that their world has just fallen apart. I will not let them down. My promise to these families is that I will ensure that their service to honor their loved one transpires perfectly. I ask a similar promise of you, as you make your charitable decisions to invest in the future of our community. However, I won’t ask you to make things perfect, rather, just better for hard-working, deserving students. They rely on their own income, financial aid and Foundation scholarships so that they may have an opportunity to pursue their passions, achieve their dreams and obtain jobs in the careers they love, just as I did. As a way to give back to MHCC for the phenomenal education I received, I am now a volunteer member of the MHCC Foundation Board. We are working hard to provide scholarships and other resources for students. Will you please join me in helping students in their journey to a college education and a successful career? Please make a donation to the MHCC Foundation today, as year-end tax season approaches. I know from personal experience that MHCC students are grateful for the assistance they receive from donors such as you. Thank you! Sincerely,

Angela R. McKenzie-Tucker, class of ‘05

“MHCC offers a valuable service to the community by providing an affordable education that secures rewarding and practical career paths.” Angela R. McKenzie-Tucker