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2012—2013 Annual Report

YOUR SUPPORT IMPACTS GENERATIONS It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as president of the Mt. Hood Community College Foundation Board. The Board members are hardworking volunteers who continue to amaze me with their dedication to the students, employees and the general community of this great college. As our mission states, we truly are “a unifying force, providing resources vital to quality education and community life.” We thank all the many donors, sponsors, friends and volunteers for another successful year in raising funds to support both the students and the excellent programs at MHCC. The fact that the Foundation’s assets are now more than $4.5 million is a testament to years of dedicated donor and volunteer contributions.

Nancy Jaksich

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet several MHCC Foundation scholarship recipients this year and hear their individual stories. I noticed several consistent themes—their educational journeys take passion, hard work and dedication, and scholarship support provides the financial means to reach their goals. In fact, they told me scholarships are more than a financial means. One student remarked that receiving a scholarship meant, “I really sensed that someone who had never met me, believed in

As you review this Foundation Annual Report, the college will be in the midst of its 47th academic year helping students achieve their dreams. Their success often has a “generational” theme to it, as you will see on the following pages. For example, after having taught many years at MHCC, a retired instructor’s generosity is still making a powerful impact on current and future students. In another story, a graduate who is inspired by the death of a childhood friend has set his sights on becoming a pediatric oncologist and treating— and curing—future generations of leukemia patients. Thanks to his own hard work and Foundation scholarships, no one doubts that he will succeed! There are many such stories at MHCC, a few of which are featured here in this annual report.

Michelle Gregory

This past year, we said good-bye to retiring President Dr. Michael Hay and welcomed Dr. Debbie Derr as our new president. She returns to MHCC after 11 years away, having served the past five years as president at North Iowa Area Community College. We are thrilled to have Dr. Derr back in MHCC territory. She is a gifted leader with a strong passion for the work of the Foundation and the community it seeks to serve. In another leadership change, we would like to recognize our outgoing Foundation Board president,

me! The money was needed and eased my financial burdens— but equally important was the knowledge that I was being lifted up and supported by my college. I am now ready to embark on my new career and start playing a part in lifting up the next generation of students in my program.” MHCC changes lives. As you read the student stories that follow in this report, you will know how your investment makes a tremendous lifelong impact on countless students and future generations. Thank you to our current Board members and to those who recently joined us. Together, with our combined skills and talents, we will continue to build a strong Foundation dedicated to MHCC, its students and employees.


Nancy Jaksich 2012-13 MHCC Foundation Board President

Nancy Jaksich. We thank Nancy for her community leadership and generosity, as well as her company’s (Suburban Auto Group) ongoing support of our Automotive Technology program. Our Foundation Board and dozens of volunteers are once again hard at work planning our annual fundraising event for student scholarships. So, remember to save April 26 for the Foundation Auction & Dinner (and get your dance on with Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts). Thank you again and again, for all you do for students at Mt. Hood Community College!


Michelle Gregory Executive Director, MHCC Foundation & Community Development Director, MHCC

THE LONG WAY TO STANFORD VIA MHCC Cuba to Vietnam to Mexico to Mt. Hood Community College to Stanford University. It’s not your typical college journey, but it worked for Tuan Anh Tran Caraballo. This 23-year old Cuban refugee, a 2013 MHCC graduate, is well on his road to a fulfilling career, thanks in part to the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation Scholarship and the Complete Your Dream Scholarship—both awarded by the MHCC Foundation. His personal philosophy? “I call it the alchemy of success,” Carabello explains. “Something doesn’t come from nothing. It’s not your intelligence or aptitude. It’s not your money. It’s your hard work that makes the difference.” He also credits many others for contributing to his success thus far, including MHCC instructors, advisers and administrators,

MHCC Foundation and donors; fellow students, family and friends…you get the idea. Besides being hard-working and smart, he is also modest and appreciative. After high school in Havana, Caraballo set his sights on the U.S. He first flew to Vietnam (his father is Vietnamese, his mother Cuban) and then to Mexico. Once in the U.S., he obtained political asylum. He had just enough cash in his pocket to make it to Gresham, where he knew he could enroll at MHCC and take classes to help him learn English. He entered MHCC’s TRIO Student Support Services, a federal program that helps students pursue a bachelor’s degree. He excelled at English and was soon able to enroll in college-level classes. Nicci Harwood, Caraballo’s TRIO adviser,

recalls their first meeting. “Tuan told me he was going to transfer to a top caliber university. He had all the confidence in the world, and I believed him. When he says he’s going to accomplish something, you just know it’s true.” After Caraballo’s graduation from MHCC, Harwood wasn’t a bit surprised when he announced that he had won a fullride scholarship to Stanford. More than 1,500 transfer students applied for just 34 scholarships. Down the road, he plans to complete medical school and specialize in pediatric oncology in honor of a childhood friend. He plans to practice medicine in Gresham and volunteer in Cuba. And, without a doubt, that’s exactly what’s he’s going to do.

From Head Start to Head Start Talk about going full circle. Bryan Thompson-Bybee started at Mt. Hood Community College as a toddler in the Head Start program about 16 years ago. Today, he is back on campus as a secondyear MHCC student and hopes to become a therapist or probation officer. Thompson-Bybee’s journey hasn’t always been easy. With his parents absent, his grandparents stepped in to raise him and even put their retirement plans on hold.

Bryan Thompson-Bybee

While a student at Parkrose, he learned about scholarships for local high school students, made possible by generous donations to the MHCC Foundation. He thanks his lucky stars every day for the scholarship he received. “I was amazed and thankful

when I received the good news. It gave me the confidence that I could accomplish my dreams and take some pressure off my grandparents,” he says. Thanks to MHCC’s TRIO program that guided Thompson-Bybee through all the things that first-time college students find daunting, and thanks also to support from the Foundation, he has a second “head start” in life. “It’s ironic that I am back at MHCC,” says Thompson-Bybee. “It was meant to be.”

Tuan Anh Tran Caraballo Class of ‘13

“Something doesn’t come from nothing. It’s not your intelligence or aptitude. It’s not your money. It’s your hard work that makes the difference.”

High school scholarships are a great way to make a big impact on students’ futures. For more information, please contact the Foundation at 503-491-7206.

Class of ‘15


AND THE AWARD FOR ROLE MODEL GOES TO… Little did Michelle Grant know that while she was studying hard and earning a scholarship at Mt. Hood Community College, her son was observing and learning. In fact, he learned so much from his mother on how to pursue and capture a dream, that he is now enrolled at MHCC as a 16-year old freshman. Like mother, like son.

MHCC graduate Michelle Grant with her son, Sam

”I’m so grateful that

someone believed in me and was willing to invest in my future”

— Michelle Grant Class of ‘12


MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2012–13 annual report

Grant graduated from MHCC spring term 2012 with an associate degree in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program. She pushed herself and excelled academically (all As, except one darn B), even while her marriage was unraveling and bills piled up. She began searching for a path out.

“A friend had told me about the PTA program at MHCC,” states Grant. “I did a lot of research into the field and the college. I was extremely fortunate to get in and then earn the Kerri Foland Scholarship.” The Kerri Foland Scholarship supports PTA students who struggle to make ends meet. Jennifer Layng, PTA class of 2008, created the scholarship in honor and memory of her classmate, Kerri Foland, who passed away in 2010. Layng has held craft fairs and an auction, sent direct mailings to her friends and colleagues, spoken at PTA conferences, and even organized a concert at her church.

Layng has raised more than $15,000, some of which was awarded to Grant as this year’s scholarship recipient. “I’m so grateful that someone believed in me and was willing to invest in my future,” Grant says. “It’s nice to be part of the legacy of people who’ve gone through the program. There’s a common bond among all the PTA graduates.” Grant has already found a job as a PTA for a company called, believe it or not, “Generations.” Makes perfect sense, as her son is now a student at MHCC. His dream? To become a theatre instructor. His mother has played the role of role model well.

Retired Science Instructor Impacts Future Generations of MHCC Students Don Davis, a retired MHCC science instructor, is committed to sharing his passion for math and science and giving back to the college where he began teaching in 1968. He has established a fund to make significant upgrades and provide new equipment for the physics lab. The lab will be equipped with wireless tablets and new lab benches and desks. Davis is also committed to supporting the math program by matching donations to the Dead Mathmetician’s Society, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000. What is the Dead Mathematicians Society? In 1986, two MHCC math instructors, now retired, wanted to share their

passion for all-things-numerical. They formed the society and gave it a moniker inspired by the film, Dead Poets Society. The society hosts free seminars and invites all students, employees and community members to learn about topics involving math. Using props not typically found in a college classroom, such as scissors, fruit and Play-Doh, they cut through the heavy stuff to make learning creative and entertaining. Donations to the Foundation earmarked for the Dead Mathematicians Society will enable the college to bring in high caliber guest speakers so more people can discover the fun side of math. For more information, please contact the Foundation at 503-491-7206.

Don Davis, retired MHCC instructor

Connections Community establishes Scholarship After overcoming considerable hardship to complete her college education and land her dream job as a nurse, Lorinda Schnackenberg decided it was time “to give back to the community that aided me when I truly needed it.” That’s why she became involved with Connections Community, an organization whose volunteers promote health, literacy and well-being among women and children in east Multnomah County. The organization established a new scholarship in 2012-13 for graduates of MHCC’s Transitions and Transiciones programs with proceeds from an annual book sale, among other activities.

A graduate of Transitions herself, Schnackenberg credits the program with much of her success. “I was surrounded by other women who had stories of hardship and despair, whose experiences were much like my own. The experience helped me not to feel so lonely.”

Similarly, many others feel the same way about Schnackenberg’s commitment to helping people both inside the hospital and in the county. The March of Dimes named her a finalist for Oregon Nurse of the Year and she received a Daisy Award for exceptional nursing.

She also says, “The instructors helped me with registration, housing and navigating the college campus and curriculum.”

Schnackenberg’s story is proof positive that Foundation scholarships are an important investment in the future. She sums it up this way: “The group believes that when you help a woman, you are helping a family and generations that follow.”

Schnackenberg adds that she is “grateful and gracious every day” for the opportunities she has received as well as for the work that she and her fellow volunteers are doing with Connections Community.

Transitions and Transiciones

are career planning and college preparedness programs for single parents, displaced homemakers and women who speak English as a second language. Students enroll in the programs to develop a career goal, get to know the college and all its resources, make friends and develop time management and study skills. For more information on Transitions, Transiciones or other programs at MHCC, please visit

WALKING FORWARD TO A BETTER LIFE The past, and future, of Lorinda Schnackenberg can be described in three words: just walk forward, which also happens to be her family motto. It describes how she was able to overcome immense struggles to rise up and build a great life for herself and her son. It was, and continues to be, an inspiring transformation. Today, Schnackenberg has her dream job. She cares for mothers and their babies as a labor and delivery nurse at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center. Her sons call her the baby whisperer.

Lorinda Schnackenberg

Whisper is what she did when she first tiptoed into class at Mt. Hood Community College. Lacking in selfesteem, due in part to an unhappy marriage (which she has since escaped),

Schnackenberg was filled with fear and trepidation when she started college. “Those first few years after leaving my marriage were really difficult,” she says. “ I had zero self-worth. I was on the verge of homelessness and in utter despair. Yet, I had a son who needed me. I had to walk forward for his future.” Hunger, cold and fatigue were part of their daily lives. But she kept walking to class every day, eyes on her studies and on her future. As her grades improved, her confidence slowly grew. One instructor allowed her to be late for class so she could wait with her son for his school bus. With this kind of support and advice, Schnackenberg began to apply for and receive scholarships, and graduated from MHCC with honors.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Portland State University, she returned to MHCC to enroll in the nursing program. When financial troubles arose, she received a Foundation nursing scholarship. Schnackenberg is giving back to her community in many ways including as a volunteer with Connections Community. “The ripple effect extends far,” Schnackenberg says. “Awarding scholarships promotes positive changes for generations. I am proof of that.” See above story for more infomation on Connections Community.

Class of ‘92


Foundation Auction and Dinner Continues With the theme, Education...A Journey to Opportunity, the MHCC Foundation’s annual Auction & Dinner on May 4 proved to be a real adventure!

Casey Ryan, Foundation Board member and auction chair, with his wife, Alyse Ryan

Auction items ranged from bottles of wine, creative baskets and unique handcrafted gifts to world-class trips to Bali, Italy, Mexico and South Africa. Equally adventurous prizes included an evening of steaks and cigars overlooking the Sandy River and OSU football tickets to a game at Berkeley, Calif., and many other irresistible items. In addition to silent and live auctions, the event also included a raffle for a voucher for a Chevy Spark or Ford Fiesta, sponsored by Suburban Auto Group. The winning raffle ticket was

purchased by Leisa Beck, an MHCC employee in the Human Resources department. The event raised nearly $180,000 in support of MHCC students on their journey to a college education and unlimited opportunities. One such student is Lorinda Schnackenberg, who shared her own inspiring story from the stage. (See story on page 3.) A video shown that evening reinforced the message that donations to the Foundation directly benefit generations of students and the communities in which they live and work. Matt Dotson, an MHCC Integrated Media student and owner of Studio 212; and Gradient

thank you to our generous auction sponsors and donors Diamond Sponsors

Major Sponsors Clackamas County Bank Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center The Outlook Rip Caswell Bronze Sculptures/ Phelps Creek Vineyard Riverview Community Bank

Platinum Sponsors

Top: Dr. John and Jan Nizic with Foundation Board member Robin McGregor

Middle: Judy Han and Foundation Board member Leslie Radke

Bottom: MHCC Board member Maggie Nelson with her mother, Ada Spikes, and Associated Student Government president, William Miller.

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2012–13 annual report

Car Raffle Sponsor

Additional Sponsors Accu NW The Boeing Company Matt Dodson, Studio 212/ Gradient Productions Edward Jones – Robin McGregor, Financial Advisor MBank Microchip Technology, Inc. Mt. Hood Cleaners/USI Northwest Pepsi Port of Portland Portland General Electric Talbot Korvola and Warwick, LLP Vanport International, Inc.

Donors A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village Accent On Attitude Ralph E. Ahseln Ali Peret Design Studio All About Automotive Al’s Garden Center Always Perfect Catering Barbara Andrews Ankeny Vineyard Winery Rodney Barker and Karen Croston Spring Bastow William Beaulieu Bella Cupcake The Benson Hotel A Betty Chisum Sale Boccelli’s Ristorante Boeing Training & Flight Services Brenda Brady Burns Feed Store Campbell Salgado Studios Paul Capell Cascade Athletic Clubs Cascade Wealth Advisors

Caswell Gallery and Studio Child’s Play Clackamas County Bank Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets Columbia River Gallery Columbia River Maritime Museum Columbia State Bank Pete Conklin and Kathy Clevenger Corbet Farm and Trade J. David Cox CrossFit PDX Kornelijs Dale Dan Anderson Karate School Dan Christopher Photography Darcelle XV Showplace Kenneth Daugherty Don and Kelly DeVore Don Palmer, PG Valuation Group, LLC Cheryl DuBois-Graves Dunsmere Delights Rich Egner Jr. and Gail Egner El Gaucho Restaurant Ludmilla Ellis Embassy Suites - Portland Downtown

tradition of creating opportunities for generations Productions, a company comprised of many MHCC alums, created the video.

Riverview Community Bank and Suburban Auto Group.

Casey Ryan, a Foundation Board member and auction chair, served as emcee for the evening. “Without the incredible support of the community and many hard-working volunteers, this event would not enjoy the success that it has,” he said.

Shake, Rattle & Roll in 2014

The MHCC Foundation is grateful to the event’s Diamond Sponsor, The Oregon Lottery, for its generous support. The Foundation also thanks major sponsors Clackamas County Bank, Ferguson Wellman Capital Management/Mark Kralj, Principal; Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center, The Outlook, Phelps Creek Vineyards, Rip Caswell Bronze Sculptures,

Enhance Salon Dale and Pat Fiedler The Flying Pie Pizzeria Brian Freeman Rob and Stacey Friedman Ethlyn Fromme Geranium Lake Glass Butterfly Glendoveer Golf Course GoldArt Jewelry Greg and Elizabeth Gomez Grand Central Bakery Grand Country Music Hall Gresham Optical Sunny and Judy Han Happy to Listen Loree Harrell Harvey’s Comedy Club Michael Hay and Ann Jordan Helping Hands Household SVS Don and Kristine Hendrix Heron Haus Martin Hertrich Higgins Restaurant and Bar The Hoppy Brewer

Save the date! The auction committee is hard at work planning Shake, Rattle & Roll, the Foundation’s Annual Auction, Dinner & Dance, April 26 at the Red Lion Hotel on the River. The event will feature rock ‘n roll music by Johnny Limbo & the Lugnuts, sponsored by Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center. Visit or call 503491-7206 to make your reservation or for more information.

Hopworks Urban Brewery Barbara Howell Maggie Huffman Stan Hymel iCandy Bob and Jean Ice Jerry and Nancy Jaksich Jan Edwards Studio Mary Rose Jansen Jazzy Bagels Jerry’s Rogue Jets Peggy Johansen Debora Johnson Bev Jozwiak Kid Vid Entertainment, LLC KINK FM 101.9 Sunny Klever Misa Kodamn Mark Kralj Ralph and Judi Krussow Eliza Lane Crystal Lariza LED Lenser Lloyd Center Ice Rink The Local Cow

Leisa Beck (right), winner of the car raffle, picks up the keys from Erinn Sowle, general manager of Suburban Ford (left), and Nancy Jaksich, owner of Suburban Auto Group.

Mike and Jane Mace Magnum Opus Marine Discovery Tours Marquis Companies Michael McAlpine and Michelle Gregory Robin and Loretta McGregor McMenamins Edgefield McMenamins Pubs and Breweries David and Debora Mehlhaff MHCC Aquatic Center MHCC Cosmetology Program MHCC Dental Hygiene MHCC Employer Partnership Committee MHCC Hospitality and Tourism MHCC Human Resources MHCC Humanities Department MHCC Office of the President MHCC Project YESS Brock Miller Sandra Miller Senator Rod Monroe Shannon Montgomery Mother’s Bistro & Bar

Mt. Hood Railroad Mundos World of Photography Maggie Nelson Nicholas Restaurant Carlos and Diane Noriega NW Children’s Theater and School NW Natural Oaks Amusement Park Linda Okazaki OnPoint Community Credit Union Oregon Coast Aquarium Jane Patterson Katy Paul Pelican Pub & Brewery Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Rebecca Perry Persimmon Country Club Phelps Creek Vineyards The Pines Vineyard Pittock Mansion Port of Portland Mike and Joan Porter Portland Center Stage Portland Columbia

Symphony Orchestra Portland Florist Shop Portland Highland Games Portland Nursery Portland Rose Festival Association Portland Trail Blazers Leslie Radke Lauren Remington Karen Reynolds Richard Herrera About Hair Riegelmann’s Appliance Rip Caswell Bronze Sculptures Riverview Community Bank Bob Rockwell Beverly Russell Casey Ryan Fred and Ann Sanchez Schedeen Nursery Mindy Schmidt Diane Schmitt Dave Shields Shine Candle Company Amy Sievert Simple Pleasures Events The Stash Tea Company

The Stovall Group Suburban Auto Group Suburban Chevrolet Don and Evelyn Swart Karen Swenson Tamale Factory Nate and Angie Tofte Jeff and Kathy Toynbee Trevor Shaw Safaris Debi Tribe Trillium Interiors, Inc. Troutdale General Store Umpqua Bank Vespa Portland Vista Balloon Adventures Walker Travel and Cruises Barbara White Brenda Wise Matt Witham Woodburn Dragstrip Glenn Wright Your New School Lidia Yuknavitch Ronald and Marilyn Zook Jim and Garie Zordich


thank you, COMMUNITY PARTNERS, for your support

Microchip Technology, Inc.

High fives and applause to the two recipients of the 2013 Community Partnership award – Microchip Technology, Inc. and Suburban Auto Group. The award honors companies and organizations for their ongoing support of MHCC.

“Working with MHCC helps us keep things local, build a better network of providers and offer our team members an on-site source for valuable training,” says Lynn Stephan, Microchip’s manufacturing training and organizational development manager.

Microchip’s involvement with MHCC dates back decades. In essence, the company and the college work closely together to provide customized training to Microchip employees.

In turn, Microchip supports MHCC by providing representatives to serve on an advisory committee and offering internships to students. Microchip also provides scholarships and supports our Foundation fundraising efforts.

Suburban Auto Group: Suburban Ford - Suburban Chevrolet

“MHCC is a great business partner and resource for Microchip,” says Kathy Clevenger, Microchip vice president. “We’ve partnered with the college since we opened our Gresham manufacturing facility in 2002. We enjoy raising the profile of our industry and providing an annual tour to MHCC engineering students.”

Suburban Auto Group has partnered with the college for decades. The company supports MHCC’s Ford ASSET program by serving on its advisory committee, sponsoring Ford ASSET students through paid dealership work experiences and providing full-time employment to MHCC graduates. In fact, six out of seven of the dealership’s technicians are MHCC graduates. “We appreciate the value that MHCC brings to our business through its Ford ASSET program. Education and quality trained individuals are our future,” says Nancy Jaksich of Suburban Auto Group and past-president of the MHCC Foundation Board. Microchip and Suburban Auto Group are vital community partners to MHCC. Together, we’re helping to build a great workforce—for today and tomorrow.

Annual and endowed Scholarships American Association of University Women - Gresham Area Branch Scholarship ASG Taylur DeWolf Legacy Scholarship Automotive Technology Student Scholarship Betty Gray Early Childhood Scholarship Betty and R.E. “Poly” Schedeen and Neighborhood Saints of MHCC Endowed Leadership Award Bob Wilson Endowed Scholarship Boeing Company Manufacturing Tech Prep Scholarship Boeing Company Scholarship Burlingame Family Scholarship Connections Community Scholarship David H. Spooner Memorial Scholarship Donna Hand Memorial Scholarship Dwyre Family Scholarship Ed Benedict Memorial Scholarship Edward M. and Helen B. Nelson Family Endowed Scholarship Ellsworth D. and Elenora W. Purdy Scholarship Evelyn E. Humphreys Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fly Fishing Arts and Conservation Society Scholarship Frank and Mary Wales Scholarship Future Connect Scholarship


G. and A. Hertrich Endowed Scholarship George and Polly Casterline Scholarship Glenn Otto Community Service Scholarship Harold and Mollie Bihn Nursing Scholarship Healthcare Communicators of Oregon (HCO) Scholarship Hoodview Amateur Radio Club Scholarship Idaho Funeral Service Association Scholarship J. Frank Schmidt Jr. Endowed Scholarship James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation Scholarship James R. Graybill Scholarship Jeremy E. Christensen Memorial Scholarship Jim Weston Scholarship Joan Stovall Memorial Fund John Barry and Doris Ruth Norlin Endowed Scholarship John J. “Ski” Sygielski Scholarship John Lim/Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship John P. Malcom Endowed Scholarship Kaiser Permanente Latino Staff Association Scholarship Kerri Foland Scholarship Marcus Family Scholarship Margaret Lorain Scholarship

MEChA Club Scholarship MHCC Hospitality and Tourism Club Scholarship Moen Machinery Endowed Scholarship Muriel Schier Memorial Scholarship Nikolina Stoyanova Memorial Scholarship Noll Family/McVey Memorial Scholarship Northwest Fish Culture Conference Scholarship Northwest Motorsports Association Scholarship Olive Elizabeth Grace Memorial Scholarship OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation Scholarship Oregon Funeral Directors Association Scholarship The Outlook/Lee Irwin Memorial Endowed Scholarship PacifiCorp Scholarship Paul and Carol Kreider Endowed Scholarship Pepsi Scholarship Portland Swap Meet Endowed Scholarship Portland Woman’s Club Scholarship Raymond and Vivian Murhammer Endowed Scholarship Richard O. Fimmel Scholarship Riverview Community Bank Scholarship Robert C. Scott Memorial Scholarship Rodney T. and Ruth Robinson Endowed Scholarship Ron Russell Memorial Scholarship

Salon Ambiance Scholarship Sam Kosta Memorial Scholarship SCI Oregon Funeral Services Inc. Scholarship Sed and Betty Stuart Scholarship Senior Adult Center Scholarship Sharon Lewis Memorial Endowed Professional Development Fund for Part-Time Instructors Shelie Macias Memorial Endowed Scholarship Shirley Labinowicz Scholarship Soroptimist International of Gresham Endowed Scholarship Soroptimist International of Portland-East Foundation Endowed Scholarship Steve Martin Memorial Endowed Scholarship Tichy Family Nursing Scholarship Tichy Nursing Scholarship Walt Morey Memorial Endowed Scholarship Wessinger Foundation Scholarship Win Casterline Memorial Endowed Scholarship Wintz Family Foundation Scholarship

For information on supporting these scholarships or starting a fund, please contact the Foundation at 503-491-7206 or

SAINTS WALK AND WORK AMONG US It’s not often we dub someone a Saint with a capital “S.” If anyone ever deserved such, it’s Beverly Russell, who was bestowed with the MHCC Patron Saint Award for 2013. This award is an annual tradition that recognizes individuals for their outstanding volunteer support and contributions to the college and its students. Russell has been an active, longtime supporter of MHCC. The District Board of Education elected her to fill her husband Ron Russell’s unexpired term when he passed away in 2006. She then ran successfully for a four-year term in 2007. She served on numerous Board committees, including budget, negotiations and presidential search and served as chair 2009-10.

mt. hood community college foundation board members

“I’ve had a long, enjoyable relationship with this outstanding institution,” says Russell. “Working with some of the best people in the world at MHCC to help so many is a true pleasure. Community colleges play a vital role in helping individuals of all ages and economic means pursue opportunities for a rewarding future.” Passionate about education, Russell is a big supporter of the MHCC Foundation. She currently serves on the Board, reviews scholarship applications and recruits everyone she knows to attend Foundation events. The world could use more Saints like her.

2012-13 Nancy Jaksich President Kathy Toynbee Vice President Don DeVore Secretary

Beverly Russell

A Note of Appreciation

Hannah Waldrop Class of ‘15

Dear G. and A. Hertrich Endowed Scholarship Donor:

Oregon State University if monetarily feasible.

Allow me to thank you for this inspiring opportunity to exhibit my strengths with the generous scholarship you have provided. I am honored and grateful for your support.

Through dedication I will prove my abilities. Your charitable gesture has lightened my financial burden by paying my tuition and assisting with textbooks. This allows me to commit to my studies and excel academically. I want to express gratitude to you and the MHCC Foundation for making my academic career a plausible path to success.

I plan to maintain my 4.0 grade point average and whole-heartedly immerse myself in the Natural Resources Technology program here at MHCC. In an effort to further my education, I will continue my volunteer work with Friends of Trees and seek job opportunities in this field. After my time at MHCC, I plan on attending

Greg Mettler Treasurer Jeff Akers* Paul Capell* Pat Fiedler Mark Garber Don Hendrix Martin Hertrich Stan Hymel Peggy Johansen

Loretta McGregor Robin McGregor Brock Miller Gretchen M. Nichols* Carlos E. Noriega Linda Okazaki Jane Patterson Thomas A. Perrick Leslie Radke Robert Rockwell Beverly Russell Casey Ryan Jenny Underhill Wendy Vondrak Marilyn Zook* * 2012--13 Retiring Board Members

New Members for 2013-14

Christy Brewster

Barbara Malcom

Jon Sandstrom

Ted Tosterud

Angela McKenzie-Tucker

Sincerely, Hannah Waldrop

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2012–13 annual report

generous donors make dreams a reality for mhcc students Distinguished teaching and outstanding suppport staff awards

Chrissy Bloome

Michele Hampton

Nursing Instructor

English Composition Instructor

Michael Jones

Vicki Lundmark-Trujillo

Natural Resources Instructor

Administrative Assistant – Industrial Technology

Lee Mitchell

Scott Plinski

Science and Biology Instructor

Reading Instructor

Kori Torheim

Brenda Wise

Adult Basic Skills Instructor

Science Lab Coordinator

• Nominated and selected by their peers and students Nathalie Wright Distance Learning Professional Development Facilitator

• Awards provided by the Foundation

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2012–13 annual report

The following individuals, businesses, foundations and organizations provided gifts in support of MHCC students July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013. If we overlooked a name or made an error, please let us know by calling 503-491-7206 or email MarCia Whitfield Presidential Summit Club

$1,000 and above

Accu NW Ameriprise Financial The Art Walk ETC Lori Aus Harold and Mollie Bihn Trust The Boeing Company Ann Brown Burlingame Development, Inc. Cascade Wealth Advisors Jane Cedar City of Portland - Office of the Mayor Clackamas County Bank Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Connections Community, Inc. Stephen Darnell Don Davis Janice Entenmann Enterprise Holdings Foundation Ferguson Wellman Capital Management Ford Parts and Service Club William Grace James Graybill Gary Grimes Healthcare Communicators of Oregon Martin Hertrich G. Adolf Hertrich Stan Hymel J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation Jerry and Nancy Jaksich JP Morgan Chase Foundation Kaiser Permanente Mark and Kathy Kralj Paul and Carol Kreider Patrick and Jennifer Layng Pete Lorain and Jan Burgess Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center M. W. Wilson Trust Marquis Companies, Inc. MBank Roger and Sonya McDowell Robin and Loretta McGregor MHCC Supervisors Association Microchip Technology, Inc. George Morgan Grant and Linda Noel Northwest Fish Culture Conference Northwest Motorsports Association Oregon Community Foundation Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation Oregon Lottery Oh Planning + Design PacifiCorp Pepsi Philips Electronics North America Corporation Paul Porch Port of Portland Portland General Electric Portland Woman’s Club Estate of Betty Pritchett-Light Ralph and Shelly Radmer Riverview Community Bank Robert Rockwell Beverly Russell Deanna Spooner Sundstrom Talbot Korvola and Warwick, LLP Anna Mae Tichy Vanport International, Inc. Karyn Vincent Robert Wilson

Alpine Associates Club

Wintz Family Foundation

$500 to $999

American Association of University Women - Gresham Area Branch Susan Brady Daryle Broadsword Columbia State Bank Pete Conklin and Kathy Clevenger John and Dr. Debra Derr Don and Kelly DeVore Vicki Dixon Dale and Pat Fiedler Jan Fortier-Calbaum Brian and Annette Freeman Doug and Vicki Freeman Ryan Freeman Mark Garber and Janet Pardo Richard Grace Hoodview Amateur Radio Club Clyde and Marteen Jensen Jeff Jones and Tamara Russell Mike and Jane Mace Michael McAlpine and Michelle Gregory Mersereau and Shannon, LLP Linda Neumann Clint Newell Frank Newell Gretchen M. Nichols Carlos E. and Diane Noriega OnPoint Community Credit Union Michael Patrick Ray and Carla Robertson Beth Sammons Jon Sandstrom Soroptimist International of Gresham Suburban Auto Group John J. “Ski” Sygielski Steve Urman and Vickie Romm Allan Warman and Cassie McVeety Joe and Wendy Vondrak Andrew Wong Ron and Marilyn Zook MarCia Whitfield Chalet


$250 to $499

All God’s Children International, Inc. Jim and Nancy Boyle Brenda Brady Cascade 2005 PT and Orthopedic Sports Mark and Frieda Christopher Courtesy Ford Kornelijs Dale Kenneth Daugherty Holly DeGrow Jay and Jennifer DeMent Doherty Ford Frances Dyer Ludmilla Ellis Marc Fovinci and Ulrike DeVoto Ethlyn Fromme Tom and Cheryl Graves Eddie and Jean Hall Ken and Patty Hallgren Michele Hampton James and Bernadette Harnish Hillyers Mid City Ford Ursula Irwin Jerry and Peggy Johansen Ralph and Judy Krussow A Living Legacy

Greg and Debbie Mettler Mike and Debbie Miller David and Susan Shaw Minger Joe and Kathy Moore Sheri Mosher Mt. Hood Linen Supply, Inc. Mt. Hood Window Coverings, Inc. Steve and Linda Okazaki Thomas A. and Kathy Perrick Christie Plinski Portland Gay Men’s Chorus, Inc. Ray Schultens Motors Robberson Ford Michael and Jill Russell J. Michael Schultz Dave and Trish Lichau Shields Tommie Smith Roger and Marcia Soderling Suburban Ford Teeny Foods Corporation William Thran Teresa Tong Vancouver Auto Group MarCia Whitfield Cascade Circle


$125 to $249

Advanced Marketing Group, LLC Gale Blessing Rick Bolesta Larry and Cathi Bushaw Jennifer Cahill Cascade Gresham Physical Therapy Julie Chapman Frances Collier Shirley Craddick Dave and T.C. DeVeny Joshua Dow-Hilton and Kristin Grace-Hilton Rich Duval Jeff and Julie Forbis Linda Grace Gail Hare Don and Kristine Hendrix Lynn Horn Barbara Howell Industrial Sand Supply, Inc. Elizabeth Johnson Mike and Susie Jones Wayne Litzenberger and Jane Patterson Shirley Loesch Robert and Sue Loesch-Fries Donna Martin-Sickinger Cherilyn Nederhiser Ellen Nonn Wendy Patton Procter & Gamble Ptarmigan Pediatrics, LLC Leslie Radke Karen Reynolds Al Richard and Sue O’ Halloran Mark Richard Casey and Alyse Ryan Joe Spooner James Taylor Jeff and Kathy Toynbee Marcia Whitfield MarCia Whitfield Friends of the


up to $124

John Aas Kevin and Lindsay Abendschein Charles and Ann Adams

Jeff and Marika Akers David and Nancy Allen Eric Anderson Jean Anderson Susan Anderson Walt Anderson Charles and Shirley Angell Cindy Badzik Jef Baker Charmaine Balangue Geraldine Barra Susan and Dan Bartlett Joe Bartling Craig and Karen Bauske Leisa Beck Douglas and Elena Beeber Aurora Benenati Ennies Berke Emery and Beatrice Billings James and Gale Bird Jim and Joan Bird Leslie Bird-Kindice Delores Bjorklund Steven Bjorklund Lisa Blanchard Richard and Beverly Blanchard Greg Blood Carol Bluhm Ward and Rose Marie Boehner Rod Boettcher and Pam Shields Kurt and Sally Brauckmiller Thomas and Susan Brauckmiller Michael Brayson Karen Bridgmon Shauna Britton Timothy and Jacqueline Britton Melinda Broncheau Jack Brook Travis and Katie Brown Robin Brush Lynsie Burke Robert Buroker Erik Burros Richard and Francine Cach Craig Callicotte Dan and Debbie Carpenter Tim Cary Martin Castellanos Tony and Debi Castor William Chambers Marla Chaney Marilyn Childs Scott Childs Jimmy and Connie Claeys Marvin and Michelle Coates Kevin and Kathy Conord Contract Plumbing Service Louis and Betty Cornelison Kristen Covert Mary Ann Crain Donald and Bev Crawford Michael Cruz Mika Culy Curtis and Kathy Cutsforth R. and Kathleen Danielson Ed Davis Nancy Davis Lawrence Dawkins Danny and Annette Decker Paul and Julie Della Valle Ronald and Beverly DeLong Gary and Judith Delorit

Mark Denney Henry Dennis Catherine DePriest Esther Dew Joan DeYoung Leslee Dirk Louise Dix Rich and Sharon Doty Jennifer Duquette Barbara Duran Angela Duyck Delferna Dyer Tracy Ence Ann Erickson James and Charlotte Erickson Phillip Erickson and Lori Nagel Mark and Corrine Ervin Steve and Christine Evans Coral Falk William Farver Cheryl Faust Mike Fazzolari Jennifer Ferguson Marlene Ferguson Doug Ferrin Lorianne Fiedler Margaret Finlayson Jack Foster Nancy Fox Mary Ann McCarthy Fujii Todd and Denise Gaddo Gerald Galey Don Gardner and Barbara Lolich Lisa Garloff Donald and Janet Gathwright Terry Gentry George’s Sandy Muffler and Brakes Geoff and Rhonda Gibor Rich and Kathleen Giever Richard and Kathleen Gillette Steve and Patricia Gillette Mary Girsch Lise Glancy Richard and Diana Godfrey Kay Golacinski Marc Goldberg Ronald and Katherine Goodwin Arthur Greenhalgh Michael Greiling Judith Hadley Ronald and Karen Haguewood Paul and Deanna Hall M.L. Hall Hamilton-Mylan Funeral Home, Inc. Todd Hanna Jon Harker and Ann Kendellen Cynthia Harnly DeWin Harris Daryl Harrison-Carson Michael and Alison Hart Dee Hatch Michael Hay and Ann Jordan Kevin and Mary Henderson Timothy and Cathy Henderson William Herbert George Hicks Hills Family Dentistry PC Karen Hinkle Jarrod Hogue Marion Hokenstad Brad and Bente Houle Mark Huber

Amanda Huckleberry Casey Hughes Lois Hunt Adolf and Sheila Hunter Herbert and Ruth Huson Douglas and Dyanna Irvine Bonnie Jepsen Art and Diane Johnson Russell Johnson Sally Johnson Bobby Jones Mark and Denise Jones William Jones Jo Ann Jones-Goodboy Quentin Keener Dale Kellams Donna Kellams Grant Kellams Ed and Kathy Kemper Dorothy Kennedy Thomas Kent Diana Kerman Volio and Yuko Kesic Jack and Susan Kiley Sunny Klever Glenn Knight Robert and Joy Krein Darlene Kuchler Gary and Lynda Kuehl David Kuhn Douglas Kuhne and Sharon Simone Bill and Ann LaCour Mark and Debbie Lamey Joanne Lancaster Irene Larkins Ann Latimer Donna Lauderback Nancy Lauderback-Kilgore

George and Marilyn Layng Ron and Ginger Leach Dae Lee Cambria and Devon Leigh Charles and Mary Lesowske Harlan Levy Clifford and Rashell Lewis Joan Lim Stephen and Judith Lindbeck Melissa Lindsay Sharon Livingston Don and Judith Lloyd Clinton Locey Mary Loomis Daniel Love Jerry and Donna Lund Christina Maier Eric Manarang Keith Maneval Marion AG Service, Inc. Marotel, LLC John Martin William and Betty Martin Mark and Amy Mathews Jerry and Chrissy Matthews Michael McAfee Theresa McAreavy Dennis and Jette McCarthy Patti Jo McCarthy Renee McCarthy Shannon McCarthy Bob and Dee McConnell Cody and Ann McConnell Malcolm McCord Julie McCreedy Corey and Valerie McGraw Michael and Diane McKeel Mary McKinstry James and Rita McMahan

Robert McMillan Zadoc Merrill Jesse and Laurel Merz Charles and Patti Michel Jack and Shirley Miller Janet Miller Sandra Miller Millers Economy Auto Elizabeth Milliken Henry and Eulia Mishima Bonnie Jean Mitchell Kathleen Mitchell Travis and Michelle Mitley MKM Architecture, Inc. Javid Mohtasham Senator Rod and Billie Monroe Charlene Moore Marlys Morland Stanley Moser Joel and Cindy Mumford Deborah Neher Torlof and Margaret Nelson Tom and Mary Nemmert Jeff and Melissa Newberry Corey and Brittany Nielson John and Jan Nizic Dale and Becky Normand Wayne and Mary Normand Jason and Kristie Norris Gary Novak Steven Novella Karen Oehler Dave and Val Olson Marlene Olson Nancy Olson Lori Osborne Wayne Ostermiller Gordon and Lanaire Ott David Panichello

Mardetta Vigil Joy Waddell Jeanette Wagner Paul and Valerie Walberg Paul Walker Alison Warr Sidney and Maria Watson Dean Weiss Richard and Lisa Wesley Bob Whipps Ellen White Laura Whiting Chris and Angelique Whitlow Carole Wickham Steve and Christy Wiese Dean Wiest Joyce Williams Sara Williams Delores Wilson Brenda Wise Matt Witham Joseph and Susan Wofford Janet Wolslegel Al Wood and Diane Schmidt Cherylyn Wright David Wright Sarah Wright Christine Wryn Don and Diane Yerkes Gary and Becca Zollman

Suzanne Sheppard Bill and Linda Siegel Dorothy Siegel Larry and Judy Sisco Jason and Deanna Skirving Joe and Carol Sluder Joey and Lynn Sluder Bruce Smith Loretta Smith Eula Snowberger Marcella Spencer Ruth Spencer Susan Spencer Ada Spikes Jonathan Spindor Donna Stanton Dorothea Stephen Colleen Stewart Doris Stewart Melissa Stewart Wayne and Debbie Stone Steven Storla Mike and Carol Stout Chris and Pam Sullivan Sunset Imports Juanita Syron Ed and Phyllis Thiemann Kimberly Thompson Gary Thomsen Maria Threjbal Brian and Patti Trickel Eric Tschuy Lindsey Tucker Debbie Van Dover Jeff and Kimberly Vankampen Richard and Stephanie Vargo Linda Vigesaa Lawrence Vigil Leopoldo Vigil

Lori Pankratz Ryan and Angela Parker Scott and Peggy Paul Skip and Susan Paynter Roy and Patti Pellerin Janelle Pencille Stephen Perez Marilyn Pitts Timothy Polly ProActive Orthopedic and Sports Scott Radmer Margaret Ragsdale Alicia Rahn Jeff and Annette Mattson Reardon Elizabeth Reddekopp Redmond Veterinary Clinic PC Reynolds School District 7 Molly Rhea Homer and Shannon Richards Jeffery Ring Linda Robinson Marilyn Rolfe Ron Sayer Nissan Diana Rosvall Jody Roth Kari Rothi Doug and Sharon Rowe Fred and Ann Sanchez Sandy Auto Body and Paint Ted Scheinman Frederick Schnell John Schommer Bob Scott and Kathleen Wivell Kerri Scott Cynthia Sellers James and Jennifer Shannon Joseph and Sheri Sharp Vickie Shaw Kelly Shea



July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013



Donations Interest and Dividends Realized Gains/(Losses) on Investments Special Events/Fundraising Other Income

$459,581 $120,258 $200,923 $135,662 $3,665

Total Revenues, Gains/(Losses) and other support $920,089 Scholarships and Other Expenses Awards and Scholarships Fundraising Administrative Other Expenses Total Expenses Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets





NET ASSETS, beginning of year


NET ASSETS, end of year





In Memory of Robert Wesley, Ph.D › Anonymous

In Memory of Larry McVey › Henry and Eulia Mishima In Memory of Kerri Foland › Scott Radmer

In Memory of Nikolina Stoyanova In Honor of Dave Shields › A Living Legacy › John J. “Ski” Sygielski › All God’s Children International, Inc. In Honor of Elizabeth Perry › Judy Hadley › Soroptimists International › Jonathan Harker and of Gresham Ann Kendellen › Diana Kerman in honor In Memory of Ron Russell of Shirley Loesch › Michael and Jill Russell › Jack and Susan Kiley In Memory of › Shirley Loesch George Casterline › L. Sue Loesch-Fries › Gary Grimes › J. Michael Schultz › Suzanne Sheppard

in-kind donations to the college

Allwood Recyclers, Inc. Vicki Coles DD Spinners Gresham Honda MariSource

$228,238 $133,964 $117,066 $40,796


In Memory of Alex D. Anderson › Mary Anderson

Gifts of non-cash items generously given from July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 $



These donors made gifts in honor or in memory of someone special.

In Memory of Marv Ogle › Bonnie Jepsen

Foundation financial report Revenues, Gains/Losses and Other Support

memorial & honorary donations



Foundation Net Assets in Thousands

John Mark Perkins Lisa Standage Glenn Wold Tom Worcester Richard A. Yapp

This past year, the Foundation provided more than $228,000 in student scholarships, equipment and support for various college programs and departments. 9

Saturday April 26, 2014 Foundation Auction, Dinner and Dance Red Lion Hotel on the River A fundraiser for MHCC student scholarships

Featuring Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts For information call 503-491-7206. Visit us online at or email at

MT. Hood Community College District Foundation




— Nelson Mandela

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.“


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