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2009 –2010

“Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

- Albert Einstein



Einstein’s thought about cycling serves as a reminder to the three of us – each an avid cyclist – about the opportunities Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) presents to our students, now 33,000 in number. Each student has a story about moving ahead, keeping their lives in balance and pursuing their dreams through education. We are pleased to provide this annual report to you as an investor in our students’ dreams.

Ron Gullberg

The Mt. Hood Community College Foundation, through the dedication of the Foundation Board and generosity of our donors, raises needed support for our students and creates lasting relationships that provide opportunities and hope for MHCC students as they move through life. This report will highlight a few of the many lives that have been helped through your support and philanthropy.

John J. “Ski” Sygielski

For example, the Foundation met the Miller Challenge to raise $120,000 in new and increased gifts last year to receive matching funds from the James F. and Marion L.

Miller Foundation.This funding, over a two-year period, has created 81 new Miller Scholars. Some of these students are highlighted throughout the pages of this report, so take a look at the effect these scholarships have on our students as they balance their academic, professional and personal responsibilities and move ahead in life. The Foundation is positioned to meet this matching scholarship program for a third year. All new and increased gifts to scholarships will be doubled through March 31, 2011, so please join us in meeting this year’s challenge and thus growing the number of students we serve! Last year’s “Seed our Future – Help Us Grow” auction was extremely successful, generating more than $170,000. Volunteers and patrons of this event show an optimism and a hope for the College and its students that are truly heartwarming and very much appreciated. The Foundation Board always looks for opportunities to improve its operations. It continues to be fiscally responsible and prudent with the Foundation’s policies and controls, and we are pleased to report the Foundation continues to be financially sound. The College enters this year with a greater number of students than ever before, and that makes the Foundation’s mission all the more important. We look forward to summiting hills and speeding through valleys together in pursuit of additional resources for our students and programs. And we invite you to come along for the ride! Thank you!

Warmest regards,

Ron W. Gullberg

Cassie McVeety

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2009–2010 annual report

2009-10 MHCC Foundation President


John J. “Ski” Sygielski MHCC President

Cassie S. McVeety

MHCC Foundation Executive Director and Vice President of College Advancement

making a dream into a reality step toward helping hardworking people to improve their lives, and the lives of their children,” says Monroe.

“Effective early childhood education is a proven strategy in closing the achievement gap and reducing the dropout rate. By making childcare and other services available on the Gresham Campus, it increases the chances of parents remaining in college so they may secure gainful employment after graduation,” says John J. “Ski” Sygielski, MHCC president.

Next, the College received a $306,524 federal grant for playground equipment, thanks to support from U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer, followed by two Head Start grants totaling about $675,000.

Early Childhood Center

Rendering of Proposed Building Entry


  hanks to an innovative publicprivate partnership, a new Early Childhood Center (ECC) is scheduled to open by fall term 2011 – the first new building on the Gresham Campus in about three decades. The Center will replace an aging facility that has served the community for many years.

There are many things that make this project special – from the adults whose lives will be transformed, to the kids who will acquire the skills needed for school, to a partnership with Head Start, which will operate the Center. (Head Start is a federally-funded program that provides child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families.) The late Walt Disney believed, “All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” His words describe the path traveled by those who believe this is the right time, right place for a new childcare facility. Like most great ideas, it started with a dream.

“For years, we envisioned a larger building that would serve kids, their parents, the community and our own MHCC early childhood education students,” recalls Christie Plinski, dean of social sciences. “It was a dream that had a great deal of merit, but not enough money.” Blending state, federal and private funds In an exciting example of public-private partnership, financing for the project is through a combination of federal and state grants, as well as private donations from the community. Senator Rod Monroe is a veteran of many years in state and regional government, and a member of the MHCC District Board of Education. He played a key role in acquiring $2.5 million in State of Oregon funds for construction of a new facility that would better meet the needs of young children in the College district service area. “Those who are locked into a welfare and food stamps existence can’t afford private childcare, which typically runs $1,000 per month, and attend school at the same time. The ECC at MHCC is an important

Plinski and others presented their dream to the MHCC District Board of Directors. It was a considerable investment, especially during a down economy, but the College moved forward to make the dream a reality. They agreed to match the State’s $2.5 million appropriation.

“By investing in

this Center we are helping to break the cycle of poverty for many children and their families in our service region.”

Others are also committed to the project, resulting in a number of private grants and donations, including more than $6,500 from the College’s own employees. The Autzen Foundation made a gift of $5,000; Henry L. Hillman Jr. Foundation, $20,000; and Juan Young Trust donated $10,000.

- John J. “Ski” Sygielski, MHCC president

The new ECC will provide care to 184 children through age five whose parents are enrolled in Head Start. “Full-time daycare services will be available to fulltime MHCC students,” says Susan Brady, “Mt. Hood Community College serves a director of child development and unique leadership role in the communi- family support programs for the College. ty,” says Candy Solovjovs, program man- “Priority for half-day childcare will be ager for Meyer Memorial Trust, which given to part-time MHCC students.” pledged $250,000. “This project will The building will have a kitchen to prepare yield many benefits in people’s lives.” meals for 15 MHCC Head Start programs. Head Start and a companion program, The Dream Advances Toward Reality Early Head Start, will meet children’s educational, social, health and nutritional “Thanks to the courage of many – including our College Board, those who needs and increase their readiness for school. The Center will also serve parents represent our district in Washington who require quality childcare so they may D.C. and in Salem, Region X Head Start, foundations and committed individuals attend school and become self sufficient. – our dream is about to be realized,” The new ECC will serve a third group – says Plinski. “We are grateful to all who MHCC students who are preparing for have supported this project.” careers as early childhood teachers. 2

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2009–2010 annual report

a legacy of giving

paving the way for others

the help of the Transitions program and went on to college and a fulfilling career. They were so impressed with the goals and successes of Transitions, a career planning preparation program for disadvantaged women, they chose to establish a scholarship in Margaret’s name through the MHCC Foundation. The Margaret Lorain Scholarship funds two full years of tuition, fees and books for a Transitions student at MHCC.


Pete Lorain & Jan Burgess


  fter Pete Lorain retired from a

“As a Miller

Scholarship winner, I am motivated to study extra hard and succeed in school. Miller has given me an incredible opportunity to earn a degree and help people take care of a very important part of their life – their health,” says Ngoc Doan, a mother of two who carries a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2009–2010 annual report

long and distinguished career as a school administrator, he wanted to honor the woman – his mother, Margaret Lorain – who had inspired him to pursue a college degree and work in the education field.

Margaret knew a college education was the key to achieving a better life for her family. Despite her many responsibilities, she found the time and resources to complete a college degree and the requirements for a teaching license.

“She taught by example the importance of working hard and helping others achieve their full potential,” says Pete.

“For more than 30 years, she was a teacher, friend and mentor to students and adults,” Pete says. “She always offered support to those who were willing to work at changing their lives.”

After Margaret passed away in 2000, Pete and his wife, Jan Burgess, a retired school principal, discussed establishing a scholarship in her honor.

Ngoc is preparing herself for a pharmacy career, where she can help people to understand their medications, avoid harmful reactions and spend their health care dollars wisely.

It wasn’t until the Lorains came across an article in the newspaper that they felt they had found the right venue for honoring Margaret. They read a profile of an MHCC student who had overcome obstacles in her life with 3

As a young woman, Margaret was living in an abusive relationship with two infant children. She made the decision to leave the relationship, determined to turn her life in a different, more positive direction. She was not only the sole breadwinner, she was also the caregiver for her retired parents.

Pete’s mother. They are motivated to succeed and all they need is someone to believe in them.” Pete describes his mother as a gentle, unselfish woman who set high expectations for her students and encouraged them to always strive to do their best. Former students stayed in contact with her over the years and were always eager to share successes with their beloved teacher. Her dedication and love will always be reflected in the lives of her former students, and remembered through the Margaret Lorain Scholarship. “Her greatest joy in life was being a teacher,” says Lorain. “She helped so many people during her lifetime. She would be proud to know her legacy of caring will continue.”

While the family budget was tight and times not always easy, Pete most remembers the loving care of his mother, grandparents and friends and his mother’s expectations for her children to attend college. Jan says, “Women in the Transitions program are in similar situations as

Shirley Labinowicz

kimberly hutchinson


  e have all heard stories about kind-hearted and generous individuals who want to “give something back” to thank their college for profoundly impacting their lives.

Such is the case with Kimberly Hutchinson – but her story has another twist to it. When she passed away in January 2010, she was not only an MHCC alumnus, she was also an accountant for MHCC and the Foundation, and knew where a gift would do the most good. Upon her death, Kimberly’s husband David and daughter, Mikayla, presented a $25,000 gift in her name to the MHCC Foundation and designated the funds be used “for the greatest need.”

shirley labinowicz


 hirley Labinowicz spent much of her working life as a part-time student – from a few initial community college classes to a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Now, part-time students at MHCC will be given an encouraging hand of assistance through the Shirley Labinowicz Scholarship.

Ed Labinowicz, her surviving husband, donated the funds to the MHCC Foundation to create the scholarship, which will recognize and support parttime students who have outstanding academic and leadership potential in their pursuit of becoming a teacher,

still making her mark at the college

For those who did not have the pleasure of meeting Kimberly, here’s what her friends at MHCC say about this remarkable woman. “She valued education,” recalls JoAnn Zahn, who became fast friends with Kimberly when they worked together in the business office. “Kimberly took advantage of the tuition waiver for employees attending classes at MHCC and worked very hard to eventually earn her bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University. She did it the hard way – one course at a time.” Delpha Mahar hired Kimberly in 1997. “She was always our go-to person, especially when it came to supporting students. Working in the Foundation, she saw the need for financial support firsthand, and the potential lifetime benefits made possible through donations.”

Another friend of Kimberly’s at the College, Elizabeth Gomez, wasn’t surprised by the gift to MHCC. “She valued education, and MHCC in particular, and you could count on her to volunteer at the auction and other events to advance the College. She had a lot of happy years here.” Her friends remember Kimberly as a very caring person who made others feel comfortable and accepted people just the way they were. She had a wonderful sense of humor, loved country singer Randy Travis, enjoyed making arts and crafts with her daughter and was delighted when she received an award of excellence from AAWCC (American Association for Women at Community Colleges).

John J. “Ski” Sygielski and Kimberly Hutchinson longtime friend. “After contributing to the success of the College 13 years as an employee, making a donation to the Foundation was her final ‘Thank You,’ and a helping hand to others who could use a boost.”

“Kimberly was an example of how MHCC can change lives,” says another

sharing bookends of her life with others

counselor or psychologist. “In reviewing her life, I realized community colleges were bookends to her professional career,” Ed says.

Later, they taught some college classes together and eventually married.

“I see a connection with her history, says Ed. “In her own transition, she faced uncertain financial security and had to make a change.”

Shirley spent the last 15 years of her life as part of the Gresham community where she explored a dormant talent in paintAfter earning a bachelor’s degree in Shirley began her academic career at a ing through MHCC’s Community Educaeducation, she continued to study part community college and spent her retiretion courses. Her watercolors are a vibrant time and eventually finished a master’s ment years enjoying art classes through and Ph.D. in psychology and opened her reminder of the spark of life she brought to MHCC’s Community Education program. those around her. own private practice. Though Shirley eventually achieved Through her captivating art and the lovCollege is also what brought Ed a Ph.D., the road was not an easy ingly created Shirley Labinowicz Scholarand Shirley together. Ed, a teacherone. Because of this, Ed decided to ship, Shirley’s passion for life and educaeducator at California State University, give preference to students from the tion will be remembered. Northridge, sent student teachers to Transitions program that supports Shirley’s classroom for observation. returning female students. 4

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2009–2010 annual report

garden party and auction benefits students


  he 2010 Garden Party and Auction was a huge success, thanks to the support of donors, volunteers, board members and guests that helped us to “Seed Our Future – Help Us Grow.”

The annual event generated over $170,000 to support vital education and opportunities for MHCC students. Besides making it possible for students to transform their lives and destinies, the event was a lot of fun! Nick Allard, NewsChannel 8 meteorologist, did an outstanding job as emcee. Auctioneer John J. “Ski” Sygielski, MHCC president, encouraged attendees to bid on a number of items – from fabulous trips, to art, jewelry, Beavers football tickets and more. From the opening notes of the MHCC Jazz Combo to the set performed by Grammy Award-nominated artist (and MHCC alumnus) Patrick Lamb, the music was a highlight of the evening. Patrick and his band generously stayed late as guests cleared an impromptu dance floor.

Another highlight was the opportunity to hear MHCC alumnus Tim Vidito talk about how support from the Foundation has impacted his life. In this inspiring story, Tim told how he has gone from earning his GED at MHCC, to graduating from Portland State University, to just that morning, taking his entrance exams for medical school. He told the audience, “Mt. Hood gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, and I will never forget that.” Thank You to Our Sponsors The Foundation wishes to thank the presenting sponsors for the evening, Weston Pontiac Buick GMC Kia and the auction co-chairs Pat Fiedler and Kathy Toynbee.

Join us for the 2011 auction, to be held Saturday, May 7, at the Portland Waterfront Marriott. With the theme, “Springtime in Paris,” the event promises to be as fun and lively as ever! Ooh La la!

thank you to our generous auction sponsors and donors Presenting Sponsor

Major Sponsors Ferguson Wellman Capital Management/Mark Kralj, Principal Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center Mt. Defiance Wine Company/Rip Caswell Gallery Oh Planning + Design The Outlook Pepsi Riverview Community Bank Suburban Auto Group Talbot Korvola & Warwick, LLP Vanport Group West Coast Bank

(Top) MHCC President Ski, dressed as the Mad Hatter, serves as auctioneer. (Bottom) Pat Fiedler, event co-chair and Foundation Board member, welcomes guests to the Garden Party and Auction. Photos by: Patrick Casey MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2009–2010 annual report

Additional Sponsors The Boeing Company Bullivant Houser Bailey, PC 5

Bob & Donna Burlingame Eagle Financial Group HM3 Energy, Inc. Mahlum MBank MHCC Administrators Association MHCC Classified Association MHCC Faculty Association Microchip Technology, Inc. Mt. Hood Cleaners NW Natural / R. W. Gullberg Consulting, LLC Portland General Electric Shammai Rockove, M.D. U.S. Bank Charitable Services Group USI Northwest

Donors A Betty Chisum Sale A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village Accent Verticals, Inc. Accents of Elegance Ali Peret Design Studio All About Automotive All About Clean

All About Kids Kathy Delumpa Allegri Always Perfect Catering Andrea L. Hitch @ Free Spirit Ankeny Vineyard Winery Anonymous Apple Aquatic Sports Jacque Arn Bill Bailey Spring Bastow Melissa Bilyeu Blackfish Gallery Boccelli’s Ristorante Boeing Retirees Brenda Brady Susan Brady Loretta Brockman Cafe Delirium Paul Capell Crystal Carlson Court Carrier Cascade Cliffs Vineyard & Winery Rip Caswell Cathedral Ridge Winery Cedarglen Floral Company Charles Fine Art Portraits

Chartwells Child’s Play Clackamas County Bank Climb The Wind Columbia Gorge Riverside Lodge Columbia River Gallery Columbia River Maritime Museum Pete Conklin Costco Wholesale Courtyard Fountains Retirement Community CP Trips, Inc. Cheryl Crist Curves Dan Anderson Karate School Dan Christopher Photography Darcelle XV Showplace Lucy DeMarsh Don DeVore Chris Dobson Doubletree Hotel - Lloyd Center The Duck Store Ecola Creek Lodge Ron & Janis Edwards Rich & Gail Egner Lawrence Eichman John & Ludmilla Ellis

miller scholar aims to own a health foods store “That will be the absolute best moment,” says the 47-year-old business major. “It will be the culmination of every teacher, adviser, student and administrator rallying me on, telling me they believe in me and encouraging me to stay in school.”

Stacey Leachman – MILLER SCHOLAR –


  tacey Leachman has her eye on the prize – the day she proudly strides across the stage, dressed in a red MHCC cap and gown, to accept her diploma. Enhance Salon The Feathered Nest Dale & Pat Fiedler Finn Hill Pottery Studio The Flying Pizza Pie Pizzeria Brian Freeman Kim Freeman Rob & Stacey Friedman Gary Gaska Glass Butterfly Goldart Jewelry Greg & Elizabeth Gomez Grand Central Baking Green Frog Toys Gresham Ford Gresham Historical Society Gresham Optical Gresham Speech Therapy Ron & Ann Gullberg Lee Rumsey Haga The Han Collection Harvey’s Comedy Club Carol Hoeth Stan Hymel Inn at Cannon Beach Ivyndell Designs, LLC June Jacobs Jerry & Nancy Jaksich Jan Edwards Studio Jazzy Bagels Jerry’s Rogue Jets Peggy Johansen Becky Johnson Deborah Johnson

Sadly, “best moments” or even “mediocre moments” have been few and far between for the single mother of two children. With only six years of education and a childhood that consisted of bouncing from foster home to foster home, she worked at a variety of minimum wage jobs. Knowing that college would provide a path to a better life, she decided to enroll at MHCC. “I had to start my education over at the very beginning,” says Stacey,

Kight Photography Mark & Kathy Kralj Judi Krussow Ralph & Judi Krussow Patrick Lamb Laurie Miller Designs Marcy Lee Lil’ Britches in Historic Downtown Gresham Mike & Jane Mace Magnum Opus Delpha Mahar Marine Discovery Tours Steve Mauldin McMenamins Edgefield MDM Productions Kent Meyer MHCC Cosmetology Program employees MHCC District Board of Education MHCC Foundation Board of Directors MHCC Head Start employees MHCC Human Resources employees MHCC Library employees MHCC Mental Health and Human Services Club MHCC Project YESS MHCC Office of the President Mia Frama Sandy Miller The Mob Shop Brian Mohr

Senator Rod Monroe George Morgan Hiroshi Morihara & Mary McSwain Robert Morris Mr. Formal Mt. Defiance Wine Company Sydney Muller Michael Myers Cherilyn Nederhiser Linda Neumann Cathy Nichols NW Natural Oaks Amusement Park Deborah Odell Marv & Dorothy Ogle Sherry Okamura Old Wives’ Tales Restaurant Oregon Paintball Oregon Shakespeare Festival Oregon State Fair & Expo Oregon Zoo The Outlook/Community Newspapers Pacific Cascade Town Car Pacific Crest Construction Jane Patterson The Pendleton Round-Up Association Steve Perrault Tom Perrick Larry & Mary Zoe Petersen Diane Peterson Phelps Creek Winery

“but I take all my classes very seriously and have a hunger for learning.” At MHCC, she participated in the Transitions program which helps single parents and displaced homemakers kick start their college education. Stacey earned excellent grades and credits the Miller Scholarship with making it possible for her to stay in school. “When I got the letter informing me that I was awarded the Miller Scholarship, I sat and bawled,” she says. “I am very grateful to all the people who gave money to the fund, so students like me have the opportunity to work very hard and push themselves to achieve their goals.”

Pittock Mansion Judy Pomeroy Mike & Joan Porter Portland Bathtub Guy Portland Beavers Portland Center Stage Portland General Electric Pup Scrub Quenett Winery Leslie Radke Retriever Towing Karen Reynolds Al Richard & Sue O’Halloran Riegelmann’s Appliance Rip Caswell Sculptures Riverview Community Bank Shammai & Theresa Rockove Bob Rockwell Brad & Jane Roe Diana Rosvall Jack V. Rounsefell Beverly Russell Tamara Russell Schedeen Nursery Bernard & Wendy Schissel Diane Schmitt Anne Schulz Brenda Scott Seaside Candyman Duke Shepard Dave Shields Shilo Inns & Resorts Eric & Cherie Siegmund Todd & Peggy Sloan

The Foundation has helped by

funding more than $58,000 in campus program projects and equipment and awarded more than $259,000 in scholarships in 2009-2010.

Smile Design Bea Smith Dain Smith Speed’s Auto Service Stamp Connection The Stash Tea Company Suburban Auto Group Don & Evelyn Swart Rick & Cheryl Swart Sweet Betty’s Bistro John J. “Ski” Sygielski Marta Szabatin Rick Thomas Kathy Toynbee Trevor Shaw Safaris Troutdale General Store Troutdale Vision Clinic Umpqua Bank Van Kirk’s Florist The View Point Inn Village Day Spa Joe & Wendy Vondrak Naomi Walchak Doug & Diane Walker Walker Travel & Cruises Roxana Walls Allan Warman & Cassie S. McVeety West Coast Bank Sharon Wiley Marvin Woidyla Woodburn Dragstrip Ralph Yates Ronald & Marilyn Zook

Patrick Lamb Photo by: Patrick Casey

mt. hood community college foundation board members

miller foundation challenge assists


2009–2010 Ronald Gullberg President Wendy Vondrak Vice President Tom Perrick Secretary Greg Mettler Treasurer Bill Bailey Jim Bybee* Paul Capell Don DeVore Rich Egner, Jr. Pat Fiedler Mark Garber Stan Hymel Nancy Jaksich Peggy Johansen

Alan Jones Judi Krussow Robin McGregor Sandra Miller Marv Ogle Michael Patrick Jane Patterson Mary Zoe Petersen Mike Porter Leslie Radke Theresa Rockove Robert Rockwell Beverly Russell Zaryab Sheikh John J. “Ski” Sygielski Marvin Woidyla Marilyn Zook *Deceased

NEW MEMBERS 2010–2011

Kathy Clevenger

Martin Hertrich

Kathy Toynbee

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2009–2010 annual report


  ou’ve heard the expression, “All good things must come to an end.” We are rapidly nearing the final days of the Miller Foundation Challenge, which will double donations up to $120,000 through March 31, 2011.

This incredible opportunity to double the power of your donation is offered by the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation to the MHCC Foundation and all other community colleges in Oregon.

Now is the best time to make a donation because the Miller Foundation will match new and increased student scholarship donations dollar-for-dollar. John J. “Ski” Sygielski, MHCC president, says, “Over the past two years, the Miller Foundation has helped 81 MHCC students transform their lives and destinies. In fact, if you send in a donation today, the Miller Foundation will double your donation. Please consider investing in a student today!”

81 students

The Miller Foundation is an independent, private foundation established to enhance the quality of life of Oregonians through support of the arts and education. Please use the gift envelope enclosed with this annual report to designate your scholarship gift and mark the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation Challenge or donate online at

annual and endowed scholarships Altrusa International of Greater Gresham Scholarship American Association of University Women Gresham Branch Scholarship Automotive Technology Student Scholarship Betty & R. E. “Poly” Schedeen & Neighborhood Saints of MHCC Endowed Leadership Award Boeing Company Manufacturing Tech Prep Scholarship Boeing Company Scholarship Burlingame Family Scholarship David H. Spooner Memorial Scholarship Dr. Earl L. Klapstein President Emeritus Award for Excellence Dutch Triebwasser Memorial Fund Ed Benedict Memorial Scholarship Edward M. & Helen B. Nelson Family Endowed Scholarship Ellsworth D. & Elenora W. Purdy Scholarship Evelyn E. Humphreys Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fly Fishing Arts & Conservation Society Scholarship Frank & Mary Wales Scholarship G. & A. Hertrich Endowed Scholarship George & Polly Casterline Scholarship Glenn Otto Community Service Scholarship Gorge Hotels Hospitality & Tourism Scholarship Gorge Hotels Music Scholarship Hoodview Amateur Radio Club Scholarship Idaho Funeral Service Association Scholarship J. Frank Schmidt Jr. Endowed Scholarship James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation Scholarship James R. Graybill Scholarship

Jeremy E. Christensen Memorial Scholarship Jim Weston Scholarship Joan Stovall Memorial Fund John & Betty Gray Early Childhood Education Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation John Barry & Doris Ruth Norlin Endowed Scholarship John J. “Ski” Sygielski Scholarship John Lim/Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship John P. Malcom Endowed Scholarship Kaiser Permanente Latino Staff Association Scholarship Lyle Lapray Memorial Leadership Fund for ASG Marcus Family Scholarship Margaret Lorain Scholarship Metro East Employer Council Scholarship MHCC Hospitality & Tourism Club Scholarship MHCC Orchestra Scholarship MEChA Club Scholarship Moen Machinery Endowed Scholarship Muriel Schier Memorial Scholarship Natural Resources/Brian Burtch Scholarship Noll Family/McVey Memorial Scholarship Northwest Fish Culture Conference Scholarship Northwest Motorsports Association Annual Scholarship Northwest Motorsports Association Endowed Scholarship Olive Elizabeth Grace Memorial Scholarship Oregon Funeral Directors Association Scholarship The Outlook/Lee Irwin Memorial Endowed Scholarship

PacifiCorp Scholarship Paul Kreider Endowed Scholarship Pepsi Scholarship Portland Swap Meet Endowed Scholarship Raymond & Vivian Murhammer Endowed Scholarship Richard O. Fimmel Scholarship Riverview Community Bank Scholarship Robert C. Scott Memorial Scholarship Rodney T. & Ruth Robinson Endowed Scholarship Ron Russell Memorial Scholarship Sam Kosta Memorial Scholarship SCI Oregon Funeral Services Inc. Scholarship Sed & Betty Stuart Scholarship Senior Adult Center Scholarship Sharon Lewis Memorial Endowed Professional Development Fund for Part-Time Instructors Sharen Shierman Scholarship Shelie Macias Memorial Endowed Scholarship Shirley Labinowicz Scholarship Soroptimist International of Gresham Endowed Scholarship Soroptimist International of Portland East Foundation Endowed Scholarship Steve Martin Memorial Endowed Scholarship Tichy Family Nursing Scholarship Tichy Nursing Scholarship TRiO Scholarship Walt Morey Memorial Endowed Scholarship Wessinger Foundation Scholarship Win Casterline Memorial Endowed Scholarship Wintz Family Foundation Scholarship

scholarship keeps woman ’s dream alive


  e often use the term, “college community” to describe the thousands of students, employees, Board members and volunteers who comprise the MHCC family. Our community came together in an extraordinary way in 1998 when one of our own was fatally injured in a motor vehiclepedestrian accident on campus.

Saddened by the loss of Shelie Macias, a vibrant 29-year-old with a husband and three young children, the MHCC community provided help and comfort to her family, including her mother, JoyLynn Woodard, a longtime College employee who now works in the Allied Health division. Shelie worked in the Adult Basic Skills program and witnessed the profound change a college education has on one’s life. She was passionate about helping immigrants to this

country prepare themselves for productive careers. The campus chapter of AAWCC (American Association for Women in Community Colleges) established a scholarship to honor Shelie, and to fulfill her dream of helping non-English speaking people get a college education. By holding raffles and used book sales several times each year, AAWCC has succeeded in building the pot a little bit at a time and has awarded three two-year, full-time scholarships. The most recent scholarship winner is Cecilia Pelayo, a 34-year-old student who proudly wore the MHCC cap and gown last summer when receiving her Associate degree in mental health and human services. Now, she works as a case manager for a public service organization where she assists people who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Cecilia will always remember Aug. 15, 2008, a red-letter day that changed her life. “That’s the day I found out I was awarded the Shelie Macias Memorial Endowed Scholarship. I was jumping up and down and was so excited! It’s the best feeling, knowing that people believe in you, and you’ll be able to earn a good living someday.”

“I’m using my education to help people, and that feels really good. I’m grateful for the Shelie Macias Memorial Scholarship.”

– Cecilia Pelayo, Scholarship Recipient JoyLynn knows that her daughter would be thrilled with Cecilia’s hard work and success. “This is the fulfillment of what Shelie strived for,” she says.

foundation financial report July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010*

Cecilia Pelayo

– Scholarship Recipient –

“It’s the best feeling, knowing that MHCC donors have supported me, and now I’m helping others. Shelie Macias’s legacy lives on.”

Revenues, Gains / Losses and Other Support Donations Interest and Dividends Realized Gains / (Losses) on Investments Special Events / Fundraising Other Income Total Revenues, Gains / (Losses) and other support Scholarships and Other Expenses Awards and Scholarships Fundraising Administrative Other Expenses Total Expenses Increase / (Decrease) in Net Assets NET ASSETS, beginning of year NET ASSETS, end of year

$614,632 $95,849 ($10,788) $150,165 $11,881 $861,739











$317,102 $115,552 $98,802 $48,537 $579,993 $281,746 $3,269,412 $3,551,158

* For audited 2009-2010 financial statements, please visit





Foundation Total Net Assets in Thousands


generous donors making dreams a reality for mhcc students The following individuals, businesses and foundations provided gifts in support of MHCC students between July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010. If we overlooked a name or made an error, please let us know by calling 503-491-6944. Presidential Summit Club

Victoria Leca – MILLER SCHOLAR –

“The Miller scholarship

gave me a head start and the confidence to work hard. It freed me from financial worry so I could concentrate on my education.” Victoria Leca feels as though she won the lottery – twice. The first time was when she and her family were granted a visa to immigrate to the US from Romania. The second time was when she was awarded the Miller Scholarship. The 20-year-old pushed herself to complete two years of credits at MHCC in just one year and is heading for a career in international affairs. She has studied political science, Japanese and Spanish and is driven to a career to end human trafficking.

MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE foundation 2009–2010 annual report


$1,000 and above Altrusa International of Greater Gresham American Association of Women in Community Colleges Lori Aus Autzen Foundation The Boeing Company Bullivant Houser Bailey, PC Bob & Donna Burlingame Mary Burson Center for Mens & Womens Urology Chartwells Clackamas County Bank Columbia Council Camera Club Eagle Financial Group Janice Entenmann Enterprise Rent A Car Ferguson Wellman Capital Management Larkin Franks William Grace James Graybill Ron & Ann Gullberg G. Adolf Hertrich HM3 Energy Inc. Kimberly Hutchinson * Stan & Ann Hymel INEA-Plaza Communitaria Classroom J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Trust James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation Dave Johnson & Jeni Weston Juan Young Trust Mark & Kathy Kralj Edward Labinowicz Legacy Health System Pete Lorain & Janet Burgess Estate of John Malcom Roger & Sonya Lea McDowell Metro East Employer Council Metro Portland New Car Dealers Association Microchip Technology Inc. Mt. Hood Community College Administrative Association Mt. Hood Community College Classified Association Mt. Hood Community College Faculty Association Linda Neumann Oh Planning + Design Oregon Community Foundation / John & Betty Gray

PacifiCorp Pepsi Portland General Electric Riverview Community Bank Dr. Shammai & Theresa Rockove Beverly Russell Edna Jean Russell Tamara Russell SCI Oregon Funeral Services Sharen Shierman Charitable Lead Trust Zaryab Sheikh Dave Shields & Trish Lichau Soroptimist International of Portland East Deanna Spooner Sundstrom Suburban Auto Group John J. “Ski” Sygielski Talbot Korvola & Warwick, LLP Michael* & Anna Mae Tichy US Bank Charitable Service Group Vanport Group Karyn Vincent Allan Warman & Cassie S. McVeety Wessinger Foundation West Coast Bank Jan & Leann Weston Weston Family Foundation Weston Pontiac Buick GMC KIA Wintz Family Foundation

Alpine Associates Club $500 to $999 Joan Albertson Ameriprise Financial Susan Brady Daryle Broadsword Kurt & Kristine Bruun Kathy Conklin Dale & Pat Fiedler Doug & Vicki Freeman Gary Grimes Hoodview Amateur Radio Club Bob & Jean Ice Ralph & Judi Krussow Mahlum Architects MBank Robin & Loretta McGregor Peter Mersereau Henry & Eulia Mishima Mt. Hood Linen Supply Inc. NW Natural Michael Patrick Steve Perrault Mike & Joan Porter Kim & Coreen Scott Debbie Surface

Surface Nursery USI Northwest Marvin Woidyla BJ & JoAnn Zahn Ron & Marilyn Zook

Chalet Club $250 to $499 Jim & Jacque Baldovin Gale Blessing Brenda Brady Michael Brayson Suzanne Byers-Connon Jennifer Cahill Paul Capell Mike & Mari Chesser George Rich Duval Kimball & Sue Ferris Michael & Kathy Finnigan Jeff & Julie Forbis Brian & Annette Freeman Mark & Janet Pardo Garber Richard Grace Gresham Ford Barbara Howell June Jacobs Jerry & Nancy Jaksich Steven & Mary Sue Macy Stan & Rebecca Martinson Dennis & Diane Mattoon Carol Mayer Reed Greg Mettler David Minger Senator Rod Monroe Hiroshi Morihara & Mary McSwain Bob & Jane Morrow Jane Patterson Tom & Kathy Perrick Judith Poutasse Beth Sammons Wendy Schissel Dan & Lori Schofield Duke & Laura Shepard Todd & Peggy Sloan Roger & Marcia Soderling Joseph & Patrica Spooner Nancy Szofran Teresa Tong Eric Tschuy Joe & Wendy Vondrak Walsh Construction Company

Cascade Circle Club $125 to $249 Katherine Anderson Leslie Allen Bancroft Betty Chisum

John Cleary Patsy Cobb Cynthia Dettman Ford Graphics Kim Freeman David Garlington Marc Goldberg Irene Grace James & Dorothy Grace Linda Grace Gail Hare Lynn Horn Mikayla Hutchinson Ursula Irwin Elizabeth Johnson Paul Karczag Kevin Keaney Josh & Juli Kirby Sunny Klever Christina Maier Malcolm McCord Bob Morris Sheri Mosher Cherilyn Nederhiser Rosetta Pettijohn Karen Reynolds Robert Rockwell Douglas & Judy Sawtell Tektronix Foundation Maureen Westphal MarCia Whitfield Sara Williams Tom Worcester Ralph & Laurie Yates

Friends of the Mountain up to $124 Patricia Allen Larry & Pam Amato John & Janet Ames Pat Ames Mary Anderson Mike & Claudia Andrews Axis Design Group Larry & Jan Baker Charmaine Balangue Dawn Barberis Rodney Barker Geraldine Barra Chad Bartlett Leisa Beck Ron & Carolyn Began Aurora Benenati Rene Berndt John Birkett & Jamie Juenemann Richard Bolesta Sherri Lynn Bottari Rhonda Brandeberry

Jack Brook Frank Brown Robert Buroker Ricki Bybee Andrew & Rina Byrne Richard & Francine Cach Dwayne & Pam Cain Michael Callaghan Vernon Dale Casterline Jane Cease Marcus & Frieda Christopher Sally Cicerchi City of Scappoose Nicole Clary Paula Cline Jim & Melinda Coats Robert Cox Richard & Shirley Craddick Kenneth & Marion Craig Catherine Curtis Kornelijs Dale Lynn D’Angelo Lawrence Dawkins Carmine & Vickie Deo Gary & Cathy DesRochers Joan DeYoung Louise Dix George & Nancy Dooley Jennifer Duquette Cheryl Faust Doug Ferrin Lorianne Fiedler Michael & Lisa Fort Carol Foster Jack Foster Fox Architectural Signs Inc. Ethlyn Fromme William & Lydia Lord Furtick Joan Gilbert Mary Girsch Katherine Goodwin Andrew & Patti Green Sherrill Grimes Groninger & Co. Inc. Kurt Haapala Paul Hagen Judy Han Todd Hanna Cynthia Harnly Daryl Harrison Carson Michael Hay Robert & Kathryn Henry George Hicks Jarrod Hogue Mel Holst Susan Jacoby Warren James Albert & Sharon Janulaw * Deceased

Bonnie Jepsen Russell Johnson Susan Jones Richard & Charlene Juggert James & Kathleen Kammeyer Jennie Kaniuga Tom Kent Don & Denise Knight Gerald Kohler Larry & Suzy Krasky Lola Lackey James & Joanne Lancaster Donna Larson Liberty Mutual Group Clinton Locey Mardell Longmeier Patricia Kay Lopez Lori Lorion Juanita Loveland Shirley Luttropp Debbie Lynne Margaret Maas Mike & Jane Mace Eric Manarang Keith Maneval Shaleen Maney Patricia Martin Jolie Massey Michael McAfee Theresa McAreavy Kevin McConkey Patrick McDade Patricia McGaffigan Sheila McQueen

Suzette Meyer Jack & Shirley Miller Sandy Miller Javid Mohtasham Paul Molino Anthony & Nancy Morrow William & Elizabeth Morse Mt. Hood Community College Part-time Faculty Michael & Danna Myers Carol Navratil Tom & Mary Nemmert Carlos & Diane Noriega Gary Novak Carl & Barbara Nydegger Marvin & Dorothy Ogle Linda Okazaki Rich Palmer & Lonnie Isaacson Cindy Passannante Wendy Patton Nelson Paynter Skip & Susan Paynter Kristin Pearson Larry & Mary Zoe Petersen Timothy Polly Judith Pomeroy Leslie Radke Julie Ramos David Reilley Karla Richards Annette Ripplinger David Roberts Mika Roberts Linda Robinson

in-kind donations to the college Gifts of materials, equipment and supplies generously given from July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010. Steve Abels Albertsons Grocery Store Best Buy, Gresham Christine Bloome Janice Bolt Henry W. Brelje Frank Brown Café Delirium Carlino’s Coffee House Court Carrier Christopher Abbiss, Bogen Imaging Kimberly Clark Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets Dairy Queen of Troutdale Larry Davis Forney Industries Godfather’s Pizza Haggen Food Hair and Nail Care Keely Hjerleid-Bohannon

Barbara Howell Jaciva’s Chocolates & Pastries Kmart, Gresham Al & Myra Lader Christina Maier Pat Martin Mount Hood Lanes Satish Palsmikar See’s Candies Inc. Starbucks,Tualatin Stark Street Espresso Bar Steven Storla Target, Sherwood TCBY, Gresham Toyo Tonso USA Inc. Umpqua Bank, Tualatin Branch Kathleen S.Wegener Winks Sports Bar & Restaurant Tom Worcester Robert & Linda Yingling

Diana Rosvall Kari Rothi Mary Rudinsky Ronald Rutter David & Phyllis Saks Paul & Diane Schaffran Ted Scheinman Fred Schnell John Schommer Cynthia Sellers Pam Shields Jerold & Carolyn Shonk Laurel Smith Susan Smith Leon Sokalski Special Districts Association Jonathan Spindor Rebecca St. Clair Robert & Maryhelen Stephens Eric & Chemae Stevens Gary & Tonya Stinson Steven Storla Jody Sullivan-Watson Anne Sweet Juanita Syron Tailormade Records & Taxes Ted Takamura Jean Thompson Kathy Toynbee My Tran Debbie Van Dover Diane Van Hise Carol Van Natta Suzanne Van Orman Jeffrey & Jaylene Von Allmen Jeanette Wagner Paul & Valerie Walberg

Brant Ward Alison Warr Paul & Mary Jo Warr-King Ed Watson Carlene Weldon Jack Wheeler Ellen White Spencer White Laura Whiting Carole Wickham Renee Willer Gloria Willhite Delores Wilson Larry Wise Suzann Woodrow David Wright Sarah Wright Tom Wysuph Derrik & Alison Yoshinaga Rick Zimmer Lynn Zimmerman-Stevens

Memorial & Honorary Donations These donors made gifts in honor or in memory of someone special In Memory of Jim Bybee John & Janet Ames Pat Ames Ricki Bybee Sally Cicerchi City of Scappoose George & Nancy Dooley Groninger & Company, Inc. Stan Hymel Liberty Mutual Insurance

Special Districts Association of Oregon Derrik & Alison Yoshinaga In Memory of Jeremy Christensen Jan Entenmann In Memory of E.W. Firstenburg Cassie S. McVeety In Memory of Marilyn Kennedy Ford Patricia McGaffigan In Memory of Chris Hencinski Heideman Roger McDowell In Memory of Shirley Labinowicz Kenneth & Marion Craig Robert & Kathryn Henry Mel Holst Albert & Sharon Janulaw Jennie Kaniuga Edward Labinowicz Anthony & Nancy Morrow Carol Navratil Laurel Smith Leon Sokalski In Memory of John Pfeiffer Patricia Martin In Memory of Ron Piazza John J. “Ski” Sygielski In Memory of Brinkley Schedeen Jerold & Carolyn Shonk In Honor of Superintendents Bob McKean, John Miner & Barbara Rommel John J. “Ski” Sygielski


Give online at the enclosed envelope ✉ Use to mail your gift

☛ Visit  Contact us at

For information, call 503-491-7204 This publication was produced by the Office of College Advancement

lifetime giving In grateful recognition of total lifetime gifts to the College and Foundation through June 30, 2010. Thank you! For the complete lifetime giving list please visit Summit

Cloud Cap



$250,000 and above

$100,000 to $249,999

$50,000 to $99,999

$25,000 to $49,999

Estate of Susan Fry Don & Lois Grufke Adolf Hertrich John Malcom Charitable Remainder Unitrust K & L West Charitable Remainder Unitrust Metro Portland New Car Dealers Association MHCC Employees Raymond & Vivian Murhammer Edward & Helen Nelson Larry & Mary Zoe Petersen Progressive System Technologies, Inc. Rodney T. & Ruth Robinson Weston Pontiac-Buick-GMC

The Boeing Company Estate of Evelyn Humphreys J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Trust Juan Young Trust Neighborhood Saints of Mt. Hood Community College Northwest Motorsport Association Oregon Community Foundation/ John & Betty Gray Fund PacifiCorp Soroptimist International of Gresham Soroptimist International of Portland-East Verizon WordPerfect Corporation

Asyst Technologies, Inc. Neal & Ella Miller Boyd Coffee Company Hiroshi Morihara & Raymond & Betty Chaney Mary McSwain Clackamas County Bank M.W. Unitrust Estate of Richard O. Fimmel Pyramid Technologies MacKenzie Ford Ron Ricciardi W.R. “Bill” Grace Family Spirit Mountain Community H.W. Metal Products, Inc. Foundation Kimberly Hutchinson Steve Martin Management Peggy Kilburn Morey Company Edward P. Labinowicz Michael & Anna Mae Tichy Marion Lord US Bankcorp Roger & Sonya Lea McDowell Wells Fargo Foundation MHCC Associated Student Wintz Foundation Government MHCC Chapter of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges

Allen Charitable Remainder Unitrust Fred & Brandace Bruning Chrysler Corporation Erickson Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ford Motor Company Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc. LSI Logic Corporation Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz Myrtle McKercher Charitable Remainder Unitrust




Photo by: Patrick Casey

Auction & Dinner 5 p.m. Portland Waterfront Marriott For more information or to make your reservation, call 503-491-7206. Visit us online at foundation or e-mail at

Save the Date: Saturday, May 7, 2011

2009 –2010 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

M t. H ood C ommunit y C ollege F oundation A uction

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