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July 12, 2018 March 23, 2018

The Heavy News Weekly Aldo Santin, Winnipeg Free Press, July 11

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman’s drive to give local suppliers an inside track on small civic contracts has officially hit a dead end.


An administrative report proposes streamlining the city’s bid process and improving communications with the business community, but makes no mention of giving a preference to local suppliers bidding on contracts.

Photo: Mike Deal, Winnipeg Free Press Files

BUY LOCAL PLAN FAILS TO GAIN TRACTION “If the wheel’s not broken, you don’t have to fix it or reinvent it, but if you can make it more efficient, do that,” said Don Leitch, president of the Business Council of Manitoba. Acting on the proposal from Bowman, city council in April directed the administration to amend its bidding policy to “implement a buy local procurement procedure,” for contracts valued at less than $100,000. Bowman said at the time that of the 21,000 suppliers to city hall, almost half are located in Manitoba, with the city spending almost $600 million in local purchases in 2016. He said he wanted to see those numbers increased with the adoption of his proposal. That raised concern from the business community that local suppliers could be awarded contracts even if they weren’t the lowest bid — which they feared would have a domino effect if adopted by other municipalities, which in turn would hurt Winnipeg-based businesses trying to win contracts in other cities and other jurisdictions. Administration discovered through consultations with business groups there was no support for the plan.

“At the session I was at, there was no support for a (buy local) preference,” Leitch said. “It was all about, ‘How do we make the process better?’” The administration concluded city hall is constantly refining how it deals with the local business community and is recommending several moves that do not require council approval, including:

• establish better communication with potential bidders; • further increase transparency; • review contracts that may be suitable to be awarded in smaller contracts. “The changes being implemented will maximize the opportunities for local bidders to compete for contracts by increasing participation and improving the quality of local bids,” states the administrative report, which will be presented to Wednesday’s meeting of the executive policy committee, before it goes to the July 19 meeting of city council.

New report indicates Manitoba still fighting from behind

The latest look at Manitoba through the lens of economic indicators shows we still struggle in most of the areas considered in the 2018 Manitoba Prosperity Report from the Manitoba Employees Council (MEC). The latest look at Manitoba through the lens of economic indicators shows we still struggle in most of the areas considered in the 2018 Manitoba Prosperity Report from the Manitoba Employees Council (MEC). The report analyzes 28 key indicators of economic prosperity and compares them to the performance of our closest provincial neighbours — British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. In 15 of 28 indicators, relative to the four provinces, Manitoba finished at the bottom. Manitoba finished second last in 6 of the 28 other indicators. In 21 of 28 indicators therefore, Manitoba finished amongst the bottom two provinces.


“Although we are moving in the right direction,” says William Gardner, Chair of the Manitoba Employers Council, “the 2018 Prosperity Report indicates we still have a long way to go before we realize our full economic potential. We need a smaller public sector and a larger private sector. We need to reduce taxes which stifle economic activity, particularly income and payroll taxes. A serious concern is Northern Manitoba, where pending reductions in the Mining Sector and completion of Hydro projects could signal a major downturn if not addressed.” The latest report concludes by suggesting if we want a brighter future tomorrow in Manitoba, we need increased investment that will lead to greater economic growth, increased innovation and higher productivity. You can read the full 2018 report by clicking here https://mbchamber. Representing 24,000 individual employers and over 300,000 Manitoba jobs, the Manitoba Employer’s Council is Manitoba’s largest confederation of employer associations.


Alberta’s new Vinca bridge to bolster heavy haul transportation ConstructConnect, July 11

As part its 2018 budget, Alberta is investing $90 million in infrastructure upgrades to transform a key transportation corridor, the Highway 38 bridge across the North Saskatchewan River, commonly known as the Vinca bridge.

In 2016, more than 400 loads travelled through the existing High Load Corridor, which is about 200 kilometres to the east.

Built in 1967, the bridge is a vital transportation corridor for Alberta’s industrial heartland and the northern Alberta oilsands region, with approximately 2,000 vehicle crossings a day, explains the government.

be expanded or replaced, the new Vinca route will extend from Edmonton to Tofield, Chipman, Lamont and north to the city of Redwater.

The project will see the structure upgraded or replaced to carry heavy and oversize loads and will establish a critical link in Alberta’s High Load Corridor, saving heavily loaded trucks about 200 kilometres of travel. The new route will also save an average of $10,000 per trip.


Although it has yet to be determined if the structure will

Photo: ConstructConnect

While a construction cost has yet to be announced, planning and design for the project will commence this year. Construction could get underway by 2020 creating approximately 265 construction jobs and 190 indirect jobs in associated industries, states the release.


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WORKSAFELY™ Safety Advisor, Northern Region E: C: 204-271-2088

WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Program, Education and Training Advisor E: T: 204-594-9054 C:204-509-0384

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SAFETY TALK Sun protection Heavy construction workers are often exposed to the sun for long periods of time. It is important to control this exposure whether it is direct or indirect in spring and summer particularly.

What’s the danger? Long-term sun exposure and ultra-violet (UV) rays can cause: • Sunburn • Long term eye damage (such as cataracts) • Skin damage • Skin cancer • Premature skin aging In addition, working with photo sensitizing substances can cause further harm if exposed to sunlight (such as coal tar).

Protect yourself • Wear light colored, loose clothing that covers your skin. • Use and reapply sunscreen frequently. Be sure to use sunscreen with appropriate SPF rating that is waterproof if necessary. • Avoid working in high sun exposure areas if possible. • Wear UV protective safety or sunglasses and lip balm. • Be aware of working in or near light reflective surfaces such as sand, water, concrete, that can cause indirect UV exposure. • Keep updated on UV index and know what protections are needed at each level. • For further information on UV exposure ratings and protections reference Table 3 in the following link: violetradiation.html.

Print and review this talk with your staff, sign off and file for COR™ / SECOR audit purposes.

Date: Performed by:

Supervisor: Location:


Corrective Actions:

Employee Name:

Employee Signature:

Training Schedule WINNIPEG - MHCA Office 3-1680 Ellice Ave. July 2018 16-17 COR™ Leadership in Safety Excellence 30-31 Traffic Control Coordinator

August 2018 8 8 15

Flagperson 1/2 day AM Safety Committee/Representative 1/2 day PM Building a Harassment Free & Respectful Workplace 1/2 day AM 20-21 COR™ Leadership in Safety Excellence 22 COR™ Principles of Health & Safety Management 23-24 COR™ Auditor Refresher (1/2 day PM) 28 Train the Trainer – Facilitation Skills

September 2018 11 11 17-18 19 20-21 24 24 25-26

Flagperson 1/2 day AM Safety Committee/Representative 1/2 day PM COR™ Leadership in Safety Excellence COR™ Principles of Health & Safety Management COR™ Auditor Refresher (1/2 day PM) Transportation of Dangerous Goods 1/2 day AM COR™ Auditor Refresher (1/2 day PM) Traffic Control Coordinator


BRANDON St John Ambulance August 2018 20-21 COR™ Leadership in Safety Excellence 22 COR™ Principles of Health & Safety Management 23-24 COR™ Auditor

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he Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) is the voice of Manitoba’s heavy construction industry, promoting sustainable municipal infrastructure development, sustained investment in core infrastructure, and seamless, multi-modal transportation systems. We want your voice to be heard. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our industry, the MHCA, or the services that we provide, contact us directly by visiting our website or calling 204-947-1379.

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