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Hello Friends of Inter-Varsity, One of the delightful aspects of being part of the Inter-Varsity family in

with enabling them to keep their marriage intact through rocky years.

in BC, so once a year we want to pull back the camera to offer a wide-

British Columbia is the experience of hearing IV stories everywhere I go. Of

I am so grateful that God has created and called Inter-Varsity for the pur-

angle perspective of the whole BC picture. On behalf of the BC Ministry

course I hear tales at camp and on campus, at churches and special events,

pose of transforming youth, students, and graduates into fully committed

Directors, Christopher Wickham, Steve Colby, and myself, I have the

but stories lurk in unexpected places too. A neighbour recently shared with

followers of Jesus Christ. Stories shared remind us as staff that we are

privilege of editing this collage put together by the whole BC staff team.

me the role Pioneer Camp has played in her familyʼs life for three genera-

part of a much bigger picture than the pieces we see each day. As you

Just as your stories of the impact of Inter-Varsity over many years and

tions – most recently in building her sonʼs confidence and sense of belong-

share your stories with us, pray with and for us, and give to support the

through many relationships inspire me to work for the Kingdom and to

ing. At our childrenʼs school a teacher told us about the role IVCF played in

ministry of IVCF, you are partners with us in the Gospel and part of this

worship Jesus the King, I pray that our stories will inspire you to

her life as a student when she was considering her calling and trying to live

bigger picture to which God has invited us all.

thanksgiving and praise

by faith on campus. And other friends credit IVCF bonds and friendships

Each of us is most familiar with one or several aspects of the IVCF mission

- Susie Colby

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Daniel McDougall



Michael Han

Daniel McDougall – ISM/GSFM at UVIC



Susie Colby

Over 95% of the international students, post-doctoral

few short months (or even weeks) to several years, weʼre

scholars and visiting professors I meet have never heard

learning to be especially sensitive to the Holy Spirit and

the name Jesus. Their encounter with God in Victoria is

his own individualized timing and conversations with them.

more than simply informational but instead truly trans-

Even among those in whom we are not privileged to

formational, and they discover that the God of the Bible

Julie Linden



Janet Somes


Steve Colby

Julie Linden – Urban Coalition Urban Coalition has two major components. The first is

The second component is to be involved in the lives of

to challenge students with scripture to help them catch

marginalized people and the life of the Downtown Eastside

a glimpse of Godʼs heart for the poor and His desire for

neighbourhood. To that end many hours a week are

justice. Most students donʼt know that in scripture we

poured into building relationships with those who are

observe sparks of spiritual life, many return to their home

are told over 2000 times to care for the poor and the

most rejected by society, loving them and walking with

is not a ʻwesternʼ God nor is he merely a ʻsupplementʼ to

contexts with a clear sense that there is a God who loves

marginalized. They donʼt know that Jesus talks more

them. We visit those who are addicted when they are in

their existing skill set and knowledge base. Rather, he re-

them and with a hunger to know him more. Our follow-p

about what we do with our money than he talks about

treatment facilities, we visit our friends in hospital, and we

veals himself to be a God who encounters and transforms

correspondence confirms that the Holy Spirit does indeed

heaven and hell combined. Urban Coalition is commit-

spend a lot of time listening.

real people within their own cultural context. And since

continue his conversations with them!

ted to helping students discover that being a Christian

In 2006 students came from BC and Alberta. Additionally,

these international folksʼ tenure in Victoria ranges from a

requires more of us than a personal faith – it is following

Ontario students joined us for three weeks of intensive

Michael Han – VCF at ECIAD & SFU

Jesus and all of his commands including the ones that

teaching and living experiences.


Working with students at Emily Carr Institute of Art and

deep sense of shared mission.

Design (ECIAD) has been an incredible journey of learning

After Urbana, we brought the study back to ECIAD

to rely on Godʼs provision and also growing beyond what I

campus. During this time, as we studied through Genesis,

believe to be comfortable and normal.

God began bringing new students to the fellowship, some

In the fall we met weekly at a studentʼs apartment, which

of them with very little exposure to Scripture or Christian

was within walking distance of ECIAD. As we shared a

community. The ECIAD Christian Community also strove

potluck dinner, stories and laughter, we started to build

to acquire recognized status as a legitimate group on

a sense of rhythm and community into the lives of art

make us uncomfortable.

Janet Somes – ISM at UBC


Itʼs been a full winter within the International Student Min-

2: Picture about fifteen of us, some Canadian, many East

istry at UBC. Iʼd like to give you a few snapshots among

Asian, one or two from Europe and Latin America. Weʼre

the many things that are happening.

sitting in a comfortable living room, eating from plates

1: Picture Sarah and Karen, two volunteers, in a kitchen

piled high with a wide variety of food. We meet every

downtown. There are others there: several people of low

Friday for a potluck dinner and Bible study. Itʼs been excit-

campus. After many meetings and the prayers and perse-

income, and a couple of UBC students from Europe. The

ing to have many enquirers come, avidly seeking to learn

students who are normally locked away in studios or labs.

verance of one student in particular, the school agreed to

UBC students are attracted to a Christianity that inspires

about God and the Bible.

We journeyed through the Gospel of Mark together and

review their policy and it looks like we will see this happen

good actions, and have joined Sarah and Karen each

3: Picture a small group of very sleepy people sitting in a

wrestled with new understanding, new challenges and a

by next year.

Tuesday to teach basic cooking skills to people who canʼt

circle, singing, praying, talking. The centre of the ministry

afford restaurant food.

remains our Tuesday morning prayer meeting.

Susie Colby – VCF at UVIC


Students at the University of Victoria have been build-

community was invited to share the meal World Vision

ing a porch. We have been imagining our life of faith

serves to malnourished AIDS victims in Africa, a weekly

together as if it occurs in a house; to be a witnessing

Group Investigating God, and a lavish Christmas party.

community we need a wide porch around the house where

Students know that while these events gather people and

people can peek into faith, get to know us personally, and

raise the subject of faith in Jesus, itʼs in our friendships

ask questions about Jesus in a comfortable setting.

with the people we gather that we are able to share faith

“Porch” events this year have included a first rate one-

Steve Colby – VCF at UBC


This year we are grateful for the new students who have

used as a complete dayʼs nutrition by AIDS victims in

literally plunged right in. They have led the worship team,

Africa. The students hope that through experiences like

assisted in Tuesday night dinners, and joined the Gospel

this meal our fellowship and the wider campus popula-

of Mark manuscript study. Six UBC students attended the

tion will grow in compassion for those who suffer. The

most meaningfully and accessibly. As we begin planning

Urbana Student Missions conference this past December

UBC Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship meets alternate

woman theatre performance depicting Jesusʼ encounters

and praying for the fall, we are longing to see these

in St. Louis, Missouri. Urbana has inspired the UBC leaders

Tuesdays in the SUB.

with women, a joint pot-luck with the Gay Pride club on

friends come to faith. I sense the beginning of a fruitful

to prepare a “Broken Bread Meal,” a corn-soy porridge

campus, a Broken Bread meal to which the whole campus

season of ministry and mission at U Vic.

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James Yu – ISM at SFU


A few months ago, Susie, my supervisor gave me a small

to coordinate, and to lead. Itʼs a huge challenge for me,

book The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Cole-

but I would like to step forward in faith and experience

man. Although it was written decades ago, I found it very

Godʼs faithfulness again. Please pray for the team.

enlightening and decided to follow the guidance of it. Several students from our group graduated in December and left the campus. Besides meeting with a few students one-to-one, I spend a lot of time with Jo Chen, who came to Christ last year through another Christian organization on campus but also attends IV events. She is quite teachable, and shows leadership potential, and I hope she can become a “reliable person who will also be qualified to teach others.” Please pray for Jo.

China Global Partnership 2007 27 students and staff from Quebec and British Columbia trek to China to participate in Inter-Varsityʼs China Global Partnership, April 29 - June 7th. Each student will be paired with a Chinese university student. The pairs will be language partners, roommates and constant companions. When Chinese students have roommates as “24-7 partners”, not only does their language proficiency increase, but they become open to the things of God and

Another important part of the ministry Iʼm involved in is the preparation for the Global Partner China mission trip in May. Although I have last yearʼs experience, there is a big difference between just participating and becoming a

His Kingdom. God works through incarnational friendships. Last year one Chinese student became a Christian, 3 more


were discipled, and many began reading the Bible for the first time.

director. There is a lot for me to learn, to pray, to think,




Christopher Wickham – Pioneer Pacific I love summers at Pioneer Pacific. They are packed with

host gatherings for camp folks in their communities and

adventure, learning, challenge and growth. Youth gain

churches; itʼs the campers who came originally as children

confidence and new skills, explore faith and Creation, and

and who are now leaders; itʼs partnerships we have with

experience living and serving in community. Young lead-

people who support this mission and believe in the impact

ers spread their wings, and seasoned ones act as guides

and role of Christian camping in building the Kingdom.

and role models. Yet Pioneer Pacific is not confined to

So as we head into summer itʼs really a time to celebrate

just one week or session, nor is it limited to the summer

and live out what God is doing, and to serve and grow

months, nor even to our stunning location. Because this

together in community. I canʼt think of anywhere I would

ministry is essentially about building relationships as we

rather be. To find out more about what is happening at Pioneer

continues throughout the year and through the years.

Pacific and to meet the staff I am privileged to work

Itʼs the cabin leaders who begin Bible studies with their

alongside, visit our website at .

campers back home; itʼs the volunteers who organize or

Or better yet, come this summer and have a meal with us.


James Yu

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Christopher Wickham


Gordon Carkner

This is a strategic time when young Christian scholars and

edge campus witness and to supply resources to inspire

scientists are emerging at UBC. Many students move into

them to think and live with integrity as Christians, and to

significant leadership in education, research, business,

encourage their prophetic role.

medicine, law, and government. I focus on empowering

Through the monthly Graduate and Faculty Christian

postgraduate students and faculty in a courageous explo-

Forum, I help sponsor presentations at UBC from top

ration of Christian hope and truth, where people conspire

scholars and scientists from around the world, engaging

together in a dynamic network. Through a variety of

the current debates and stimulating the Christian imagina-

resources, I invest in studentsʼ projects as well as in

tion. This involves leading thinkers such as Jennifer Wise-

their personal faith development. The wealth of Scripture

man from NASAʼs Hubble Telescope and Denis Alexander,

and Christian tradition empowers them on the journey

director of the Faraday Institute on Science & Religion at

towards cultural, historical, theological and philosophical

Cambridge University. The campus community is invited

literacy. I meet with faculty to share vision for cutting-

into a rich conversation and exploration towards veritas,

Troy & Sue Lee – UNBC

truth-seeking and truth-living.

With our ever-changing student population we are in a

- Two students came to Urbana this year.

constant state of re-building, but with changes come new

- A small group of graduate students meets weekly

ideas, perspectives, energy and life. Each year we fervent-

- In April five students will join me (Troy) at A Rochaʼs

ly pray for “servant leaders” to join IVCF; in serving one

Field Study Centre to participate in local conservation

another, the campus, and our community students will be

projects, live in community, and study Genesis.

transformed by God at work in and through them.

We began the year studying Acts together and we

- Five new students host a weekly Soup & Buns night in

are now finishing the semester with Ephesians. Our

residence. The response has been amazing as students

understanding of “the church” and our part in it as we

invite their friends, roommates, and study partners to eat,

are transformed by Godʼs Spirit and live in light of the

watch a short film about faith issues, and discuss

kingdom of heaven has been so exciting!! Students are

it together.

coming to & growing in faith, working it out together, and stepping out of their comfort zones to serve others.

Christa (Manuel) Blanchette– VCF at SFU


live out the gospel in community, itʼs a ministry that

Full names of Universities and Institutes are listed on the back page.

Gordon Carkner – GSFM at UBC

Taking ownership has been the theme of this semester at

The “large group” is getting a trial run this semester as

SFU. Student leaders had an extremely significant experi-

a place for the different pockets of students to come

ence last year of studying the Gospel of Mark together. It

together and meet for teaching and discussion. We hope

transformed their lives and now they want to be a part of

it will also be a welcoming place for others.

a similar experience with their peers. This semester they

Four key student leaders prepare to graduate this month;

have stepped up to lead and own IVCF at SFU. Students

it is a key moment as some of our first ʻgenerationʼ of

are leading Bible studies and taking initiative to care for

students move on and we look to younger students to

one another meeting weekly in twos or in small groups.

take the reigns.


Troy Lee


Sue Lee


Christa Manuel

4/24/07 1:10:49 AM

I feel deep gratitude to our God for the privilege of working for IV BC over these last 30 years.


Al McKay Did you know that in 1976 Rocky won an Oscar for best

Boys Camp as well as many other programs.

picture? Why is this significant? I joined Inter-Varsity Staff

As he gained more experience, he contributed signifi-

in 1976. Now in 2007, I am preparing to leave Inter-Varsi-

cantly to ministry and staff development. He was part

ty at the end of September. Please pray that the transition

of the National High School Leadership Team, developing

period will be full of life and that Godʼs hand will direct.

a series of brochures called Hand in Hand which helped

I am thankful to Geri Rodman, president of IVCF Canada,

students consider ways to grow in prayer, Bible study

and the leadership team for offering that the name Urban

and vocational calling. For close to 20 years he directed

Coalition go with me. As of October 1, 2007 Urban Coali-

National New Staff Orientation and twice he directed

tion will be under the umbrella of City in Focus, a local

National Staff Conference. It was in this latter role that

ministry whose president is Tom Cooper, a good friend

he brought his understanding of contemplative spirituality

its mission is to increase the real and visible presence of

to Inter-Varsityʼs staff team, helping them think through

Jesus within the city of Vancouver and the province of BC.

the importance of keeping Sabbath and of practicing the

If you want more information or just want

disciplines of solitude and silence.

to be in touch please e-mail me at

*Universities and Institutes Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Simon Fraser University University of British Columbia University of Victoria University of Northern British Columbia

Scott Campbell – ISM at UBC This spring we say good-bye to Scott Campbell as he leaves Inter-Varsity. Scott has been volunteering or serving on staff with ISM at UBC since 2001. Weʼre cheering for Scott as he anticipates getting married May 12. Congratulations, Scott!

Appreciation of silence may seem a strange trait for a

Thank you to our many friends throughout BC whose lives

drummer such as Al, but it is one the paradoxes of Big Al

have enriched ours. I feel deep gratitude to our God for

McKay. He may like noise, but he also appreciates silence.

the privilege of working for IV BC over these last 30 years.

Through silence, he has honed the ability to observe the

Much grace and peace…… Al

details of peopleʼs lives.

This newsletter is brought to you by the ministry directors of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in British Columbia

“Al McKay is passionate and compassionate,” says InterAl began his work with Inter-Varsity on June 14, 1976.

Varsityʼs National President Geri Rodman. “He is a person

With three years of teaching and a degree from Simon

who listens deeply and can relate to a wide variety of

Fraser University behind him, he applied to become an ISCF

people. He is able to help people – including the marginal-

intern so he could more directly influence high school stu-

ized – feel special in the eyes of God.”

Steve Colby

Susie Colby

Christopher Wickham

dents for the Kingdom of God. His goal, he wrote in his application, was to reach kids for Christ, to encourage them

Plan to join the party.

in the faith, and to walk alongside teachers in high schools.

A celebration of Alʼs 30 years with Inter-Varsity will be

Eventually Al became a full-time staffworker, a role which

held the evening of September 15. (time and location to

Inter-Varsityʼs BC News will be mailed annually. Should you prefer to

also connected him with Pioneer Pacific, where he directed

be announced)

be removed from this mailing list, please contact us at

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