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(March 21, 2005 - December 5, 2009)

You came on my property without permission otherwise you would have known where to tie me up if I wanted to follow you. Perhaps I came up to you with a stick in my mouth. Did you think I was going to beat you with it? Alii wanted to do was play fetch.

50, why did you shoot me, Twice? I was not a deer chaser; my friend would not have allowed that. I would have been put in a "Time Out" corner. I didn't like that. My people loved me very much and 1loved everyone that knew me. I loved to play.

50, why did you shoot me (at close range), Twice? You took my new bright orange collar off me. Did you want it that bad? My friend had to drag me out of the woods outback where you left me. He wanted to find me before the coyotes did. My best friend cried for 4 days. You should have heard what she said you could do with my collar. ! can't write that! Their friend buried me in a nice place. I thank him. He loved me too. 501 WHY DID YOU SHOOT ME, TWICE?

Brandy McGeough 890 Slattery Rd. Waterville, la. 52~70

Pet Shot and Killed in New Albin  

Family pet of Brandy McGeough was shot twice and had his collar taken off him.