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AW13 takes on a fierce new persona in the form of our heroine Bonnie the Vampire Slayer. Taking on the very darkest of evil in her spare time, Bonnie roams the high street full of strut, attitude and style, leaving a trail of haters in her wake. Turning dark times into light times, being strong when everything around you looks impossible, fighting for your own place in the world and doing it your own way. Play like you have everything to live for and never let the cracks get so big that they swallow you whole. Autumn/Winter celebrates the powerful, feminine night time warrior who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, who shares her strength and love with others and who always looks out for her nearest and dearest. She is strong willed and possesses the special ability to pull herself together when times get super tough. No duvet days for Bonnie, there are bad guys to be beat! Jewellery pieces are dark, strong, mystical and never far from the cheeky humour Bonnie Bling are known for. Mysterious triangles, golden spikes and crosses, flashes of neon and Swarovski crystals all pull together to create a collection any aspiring slayer can be proud of.

Bonnie is a Vampire Slayer

Angel Lost soul heart with wings necklace Lost soul heart with wings ring Heart earrings Available as gold with red glitter or silver with black glitter.

Anya Patterned cross pendant Cross earrings Silver mirror acrylic

Buffy Gold and black headpiece Cross, star and heart charm necklace Cross, star and heart charm bracelet Cross, star or heart earrings All in smokey transparent black acrylic

Cordelia Blood Drip Necklace Blood Drip Bracelet Available in transparent red, smokey black and bright white.

Dawn Cluster of stars necklace Star earrings Available in smokey black, black glitter or gold glitter.

Giles Mystical triangle gold pendant Mystical triangle gold earrings Double mystical triangle gold ring

Oz Howling wolf pendant Howling wolf brooch Moon earrings Howler double finger ring Black and silver.

Spike Golden stake necklace Golden stake bracelet Spiked gold earrings

Willow Wandering star fluro necklace Fluoro star earrings Fluoro glows in UV light.

Xander Pentaglam bangle with Swarovski crystals Kriss cross circular bangle Square fluoro heart bangle

Credits Jewellery: Bonnie Bling Clothing: Obscure Couture Photography: Levi Macdonald Model: Sian Finlayson Hair: Ryan Shearer MUA: Molly Sheridan BB Assistant: Lorina Zavaroni Thanks to: Every single one of our crowdfunders, Bloom VC, Peter and Tina Vincent, Neil Allan, Jenn Celine Coyle, Lyndsay Pagan, James Marshall and to Joss Whedon for being the source of such a kick ass inspiration.

Contact Mhairi Mackenzie Facebook: bonniebling Twitter: Bonnie_Bling Instagram: Bonniebling PR and sample requests Please contact

Bonnie is a Vampire Slayer  

AW13 takes on a fierce new persona in the form of our heroine Bonnie the Vampire Slayer. Taking on the very darkest of evil in her spare tim...

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