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Ch.1 I  am  going  to  school  every  day!!!!!!!!!!       Dear  Mrs.  Bade,   I  hope  you  have  a  good  day.   I   can’t   go   to   school   today   because   I   have   to   comb   my   hair.   I   am   combing   my   hair   as   I   write   this   message.   But   no   need   to   worry   because   I   only   have  five  hours  left  that  is  half  of  my  time.   11/8   From  Harry         Dear  Mrs.  Bade,   I  hope  you  have  a  lovely  day.   I  will  not  be  attending  school  today  because  I  have  a  knot  in  my  hair.  Do   you  know  how  embarrassing  this  is?   11/9   From  Harry         Dear  Mrs.  Bade,   I  hope  your  day  is  going  well  because  mine  is  not.   I  am  having  an  emergency  because  I  have  six  hours  left  on  combing  my   hair   and   I   have   five   knots   in   my   hair!!!!   It   must   be   a   world   record!!!   Sorry   but   that   is   life!!   I   will   not   be   at   school   this   week   because   of   my   knots.  Thank  you.   11/10   From  Harry          

Dear Mrs.  Bade,   I  hope  you  have  a  good  day.   I  will  not  be  at  school  this  week  because  I  have  to  get  my  46  knots  out!   I  am  going  to  London  for  this  occasion.   11/11   From  Harry              

Ch.2 Beard             Dear  Mrs.  Bade,   I  hope  you  have  a  lovely  day.   You  see  Mrs.  Bade,  I  have  a  situation.  I  am  growing  a  beard.  The  problem   is   that   one   half   is   done   and   they   other   is   empty!!!!   I   can’t   go   to   school   with   one   side   full   other   side   empty   chin.   I   could   win   a   reward   for   weirdest  looking  person  in  the  world!!!!!!  I  will  not  be  attending  school       until  I  am  over  this  shock!!!!!!  (Which,  by  the  way  will  not  be  soon)     11/12   From  Harry                  

Ch.3 Excuses,  excuses         Dear  Mrs.  Bade,   I  hope  you  have  a  lovely  day.   I   will   not   be   attending   school   today   because…..   well  I  don’t  really  want  to.   11/13   From  Harry    

Ideas    and  half  the  work  by  Mckayla     Half  the  work  by  Harry  

Dear Mrs.  

my writing peice.