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Winter 2013

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Photo by Chris Sinclair

President’s Letter Have you ever played the game “the six degrees of Kevin Bacon?” The goal is to see if you can connect someone to actor Kevin Bacon through no more than six relationships. Well, in my time at Maur Hill-Mount Academy and Benedictine College prior, I tend to believe that we may be closer than six degrees due to the “Benedictine factor.” It’s that closeness that makes MH-MA truly special.

Before I entered the Benedictine world seven years ago, I had rarely heard about St. Benedict until Pope Benedict XVI took the namesake. And I had never heard of Benedictine College or any of our high schools, even though at the time I was running the largest Catholic youth ministry in the country. Well, things sure changed quickly. Once I moved to Atchison, everywhere I turned people were telling me either they went to school here, grew up in the area, or had a relative who did. It didn’t matter where I was in the country. I’m frequently stopped when I am on trips by someone who asks about Maur Hill-Mount Academy when they see me with a MH-MA shirt or other item. I find out they have some connection to our school within a couple of degrees. Eat your heart out, Kevin Bacon.


I mention the connectedness of our Benedictine Heritage because I believe it is our Raven family experience that allows us to stand out. It is the closeness to our school, classmates, teachers, and other alumni that we always remember. The monks, sisters, and lay people that taught us how to live, learn and love helped shape us into who we are today. This togetherness is one of the main reasons I decided to start the “house system” three years ago at MH-MA.

We have such a unique and outstanding opportunity here because of the diversity of our students. There aren’t too many high schools in the world that continually have students from fifteen or more countries. That big world of ours shrinks as soon as you step on campus. However, the difficulty is that students will many times stay with those from similar backgrounds because that is where they are most comfortable. So we eliminated the traditional student council in favor of the European model of “houses.” Okay, think “Harry Potter.” That begins to give you an idea. Every student is placed in one of four houses for their entire time at MH-MA. Each house has the same number of men and women; freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors; and international and domestic students. The houses compete against each other for the coveted “House Cup” by earning points through challenges, fun competitions, grades and more. Even virtuous behavior is awarded with points. Now students who wouldn’t normally interact with each other are on the same team trying to bring home the cup. And it happens throughout the year in many different ways. To grow even closer together, each house is divided into three smaller “families” which gather daily for a short amount of time. This is the beginning of the fourth year of the house system, and although we are far from it being a perfect system, it has definitely brought the Raven family closer. I encourage you to learn more about our house system. Since you may not have been in one when you were here, maybe you want to adopt one of the houses as your own and help them win one of their many competitions (a canned food drive or fundraiser for a third world mission come to mind). I think as you read this newsletter, you will see how we are bringing the world closer, one Raven at a time.

Board of Directors

Table of Contents

Douglass Adair ‘94 Treasurer Abbot James Albers, OSB Member Mick Harris ‘84 Chairperson Janelle (Kautz) Hegarty ‘80 Secretary Mike Hundley Member Tim Keeley ‘80 Member Pete Klebba ‘78 Member Mike Kuckelman ‘82 Member Fr. Gabriel Landis, OSB Member Skip Miller ‘83 Member Keith Mispagel Member Sr. Helen Mueting, OSB Member Timothy Regan ‘74 Member Dave Rindom ‘73 Member Prioress Anne Shepard, OSB Member Sr. Rose Marie Stallbaumer, OSB Member Kelly Vowels Member Janet Wilcox Member Theresa Worman ‘89 Vice Chair

Photo by Chris Sinclair

We want to recognize and thank every member of the President’s Circle and League of St. Maur. Your ongoing commitment to the school is making a difference in the lives of our students.

League of St. Maur

Photo by Chris Sinclair

President’s Circle ($10,000 and Above)

Monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey James Coleman, Jr. Cloud L. Cray, Jr Mick and Geri Harris Mick and Marlys Haverty Timothy J. Keeley Velda Lovett Jonathan and Shannon Mize Warren and Joanne Powers Timothy and Sue Regan

Platinum Level ($5,000) Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Ron Creten Gold Level ($2,500) Janelle Hegarty Timothy and Kelli Becker Michael Jefferson Jesse and Maureen Beckett Raymond and Theresa Miller Kevin and Lisa Cummings Cathy Paolucci Sandy Cummings-Sampson Silver Level ($1,000) Christopher and Patty Hunter Douglass Adair Henry and Susan Keeley Martin and Aggie Asher Paul and Becky Miller Phil and Lisa Baniewicz Skip and Traci Miller Larry and Tresa Buessing Stephen and Amy Minnis Jan Clements Miller Randy and Mary Schrick Marty and Linda Clements Theresa Worman Maj. Gen Ret. and Mrs. Stephen Condon Kevin and Theresa McDermed Arvin DeMarco Joseph McLiney Mark Dreiling John Murphy David Flores David Rindom Mick Hundley Michael and Debbie Hundley Carol L. Rogers Andrew and Kasey Trainer Shane and Ashly Hundley Paul Kinder P.J. Keeley Dan and Joyce Nolan John and Lisa Klebba Gerald and Pat Kuckelman Michael and Jo Kuckelman Fr. Gabriel Landis CMSAF James M. McCoy, USAF (Ret)


The John Flynn Athletic Center Dedication Continuing the Legacy of Coach John Flynn On November 9th at MH-MA, the legacy of Coach Flynn continued by the dedication of the newly renovated John Flynn Athletic Center. John Flynn spent thirty-three years impacting the lives of students as a teacher and coach at Maur Hill Prep and MH-MA. In the spring of 2012, Flynn lost his battle with Alzheimer’s. Friends and alumni wanted to find a way for Flynn’s legacy to continue. In October 2012, the John Flynn Athletics Campaign was launched. The John Flynn Athletics Campaign consisted of three main projects. The keystone project was to renovate the old gym into the John Flynn Athletic Center, an athletic workout facility where students can lift weights and exercise. The gym had deteriorated over the years and was in line for possible demolition before the campaign began. “People sometimes see older things as run down and useless, but because of the generosity from friends and alumni, we turned the abandoned old gym into a state-of-theart workout facility for students,” said MH-MA President Phil Baniewicz.


Photos by Xuemeng “Rona” Chen

MH-MA is humbled by the generosity of friends and alumni, particularly Mick and Marlys Haverty, who provided the lead gift for the campaign. The continual involvement and support of Coach Flynn’s family, who was in attendance at the dedication, has helped the school complete the Center earlier than expected. The entire campaign, which also includes improvements to the football field and main gym, is scheduled to be completed in the next year. For more information on the John Flynn Athletics Campaign, go to, click on the “Giving” tab, and then click on “Flynn Athletics Campaign,” or you can contact Phil Baniewicz at 913.367.5482 Ext.223 or

Photos provided by Rox’s Images

Celebrating the Sisters’ 150th Anniversary This fall marks the 150th year of the Benedictine Sisters’ presence in Atchison, KS – a presence rich with history and formative of local culture. In November of 1863, seven Benedictine sisters came from Eichstatt, Germany, to open a convent and an academy in Atchison; their efforts blossomed into lasting institutions and a legacy of religious devotion and excellence in education that continues today. Led by Mother Evangelista Kremmeter, the original group of seven sisters travelled from Germany, eventually coming to Atchison, KS. The ongoing Civil War and the newly founded free state of Kansas presented risks and challenges to the group; travelling was dangerous, financial & political climates were unstable, and the sisters faced threats of violence from locals. St. Joseph Convent awaited them at Second and Division Streets, and two men with lanterns who hoped to ensure their safety escorted them through the final steps of their journey. They quickly began offering grammar classes and helping fill the educational need in Atchison, which had been financially unable to keep open any schools. The sisters opened St. Scholastica’s Academy – a high school for young ladies – that spring. The convent and school witnessed a decade of growth and prosperity in Atchison as the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad and a bridge across the Missouri River were constructed. The development fueled a boom in enrollment, and St. Scholastica Academy outgrew its tiny building. In 1877, they purchased a beautiful mansion called the Price Villa, which had been built and then lost by a man with swinging fortunes. The spacious grounds of the grand building, which still stands today as St. Cecilia’s Hall, provided plenty of room for the sisters and their school. Mt. St. Scholastica has remained at the location since. The space was put to good use: buildings sprouted on the land to keep up with the needs of the growing convent and academy, including a monastery, St. Scholastica’s Chapel, and the

enormous Administration building (which no longer stands). The acclaimed Mount St. Scholastica Academy and, additionally, the newer Mount St. Scholastica College operated there until 1971, when Mt. St. Scholastica College joined with St. Benedict’s College to become Benedictine College, and 2003, when Mt. St. Scholastica Academy joined with Maur Hill Prep to become Maur Hill - Mount Academy. Both Benedictine College and Maur Hill - Mount Academy continue the traditions of faith and excellence brought to Atchison in part by the sisters. Though this sesquicentennial celebrates their time in Atchison, the legacy of our Benedictine Sisters extends beyond our hometown. In the last 150 years, the sisters have established daughterhouses in Mexico, California, and Colorado (each of which are now independent), a daughterhouse in Brazil, and Donnelly College in Kansas City, KS. They have opened their doors to many, from sisters who fled expulsion from France after the turn of the 20th century to the dwindling Sisters of Benedict of Red Plains Monastery in Piedmont, OK. On November 11, a group of about 60 Benedictine College students, faculty and staff marked the anniversary by walking across town in the cold from BC to Mt. St. Scholastica, bearing lanterns as a nod to the night the first sisters arrived. Though this event marked the official sesquicentennial of the sisters’ arrival in Atchison, many gatherings have taken place over the last year to celebrate with the community, including celebrations in Atchison, Kansas City, and Seneca. Coinciding with this special year has been the release of a book about the Atchison sisters by Judith Valente titled Atchison Blue, named for the color of the unique stained glass windows in the choir chapel of the monastery. The sisters helped found a Benedictine culture of faith, education, and excellence at home and spread it to others. For 150 years and counting, the sisters are a blessing to our community and are inseparable from our hearts.


Homecoming 2013 Thanks to all who “came home” and helped us make wonderful memories at this year’s homecoming festivities. We look forward to seeing you all again!


Back L-R: Molly McLoskey Merrigan, Sr. Anne Shepherd, Mary Eker Ward, Trina Gearhart Berkey, Kevin Brungardt, Debbie Wilson Sundby, Karen Scholz Hennigh, Kathy Glennon, Mary Jo Poehler, Cheryl Paulich Kentzler, Karen Cicewski Hebert, Debbie McGinnis Hundley, Joe Clemens, Julie Owens Lise Middle L-R: Lois Mullins Ruprecht, Delia Stack Bates, Debbie Durkin Clem, Margie Intfen Welsh, Denis Rutledge Bolin, Christin Kotzias Garvey. Front L-R: Kevin Van Dyke, Greg Wyatt, Dave Rindom, Mike Hennigh, Bill Nolan, Phil Tangeman

Martha Garcia and Marian Schrick Nolting

1958 Rita Spaight Kussman and Marian Van Dyke Morley

1983 Top L-R: Ray Trotter, Brian Wagner, Steve Boos, David Todd Bottom L-R: Skip Miller, Eric Reiser, Jere Johnson, Joe Growney

1963 6

Back L-R: Jim Suther, Martin Feist, Don Buscher, John Goodpaster, Mike Schaefer, John Stuart, Jerry Binnen, Tim McGinley Upper Middle L-R: Rosemary Sevik Lavereneutz, Tom Danaher, Pat Smith, Jane Wolters Enzbrenner, Kathy Eckart McKenzie, Carol Noll Schuetz, Marlene Lohman Wagner, Carolyn Miller Harris, Rita Buens, Nancy Bellis Lower Middle L-R: Carol Spaight Doring, Kathleen McKelvy, Bernadette Enzbrenner Urban, Josephine Moctezuma Hildman ‘45, Cecilia Miller Jones, Mary Grame Collins, Benadine Schrick Domann Front L-R: Tom Whalen, Joe Foley, Hank Young, Bill Heelan, Joe Conran, Steve Wagner

1993 Top: Brian Hagen Bottom L-R: Greg Miller, Dan Bird

1988 Back L-R: Andrew Trainer, Mike McConnell, Dan Pombo, Clark Benner Middle: Linda Leger, Sara Lange Zeller, Kristin Purkis George, Liz Sittenauer Hrenchir, Thirapang Tienprasid Front: Cyndy Andra Detlefson, Bridget O’Neal Scaglione, Erin Russell Tecce

2003 Back L-R: Elizabeth Clements, Jenny Reavis, Lindsey Wietharn, Megan Buddenbohm Krusemark, Anna Rice Buckley Middle L-R: Pat Cross, Hank Henry, Eric Trompeter, Brett White Front L-R: John Dennington, Mark Rindom, Aaron Scholz

Photos provided by Rox’s Images



The League of St. Maur September 21st, 2013

Photos by Katherine Kistler

The Cummings

The name of one family whose countless efforts to help Maur Hill – Mount Academy stood out as the perfect recipient of the 2013 Fidelis Award: Cummings. Their contributions to MH-MA and the Atchison community are numerous. Their commitment to Catholic education over the years is a true testament to their faith and therefore, P.J. and Ramona Cummings were honored this year at the League of St. Maur Dinner. P.J. and Ramona are a gift to each community that they are a part of. At St. Patrick’s Church in Atchison County, Ramona plays many roles, including serving as a lay minister and co-coordinating the May crowning. She has held offices in the St. Patrick’s Altar Society and the Parish Council (on which P.J. has also served), and was proudly named Grand Marshal of Atchison’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 2000. In their home community of Potter, KS, they charted the first 4-H Club in the community in 1967, serving as club leaders and project leaders for more than 20 years. Ramona has also served on the Atchison County Extension Board and the 4-H centennial committee. The entire family was named “Atchison County 4-H Family of the Year” in 2009.


They have been long-time supporters of MH-MA, St. Benedict’s Elementary School (formerly ACES), and Benedictine College. They have touched the lives of many MH-MA boarding and ESL students to whom they have opened their home to. P.J. and Ramona have six children - all graduates of Maur Hill Prep or Mount St. Scholastica Academy – seventeen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. The family’s presence is unmistakable in our community; some hold significant titles, such as Kevin Cummings, MH-MA Chairman of the Board, and Sandy Cummings, who served for many years on the school’s Endowment Board. The Fidelis Award was created in 1991 by the Board of Directors of Mount St. Scholastica Academy to recognize selected alumnae, benefactors, and friends who have made significant contributions.

The Nolans

Dan and Joyce Nolan were the recipients of the 2013 Fr. Edwin Watson, O.S.B. Award, which is given to those whose lives reflect the lifetime of service Fr. Edwin gave Maur Hill Prep. When asked how they felt about being chosen for the award, Dan and Joyce agreed that they were dumbfounded. “It is very humbling,” said Joyce, who insists that she and her husband are undeserving. “We try very hard to follow and assist in whatever goals that the church or school is trying to meet, but I can’t say we’re leaders in any of that.” Both Dan and Joyce attended Sacred Heart School and graduated the same year from Maur Hill Prep and Mount St. Scholastica, respectively. To continue the tradition of Catholic education in their family, the Nolans had an unconventional approach: their sons, too, would attend Maur Hill Prep, but would pay for the education themselves. “I’m not sure we should be getting the award – I think they should be getting the award,” Joyce said of her sons. “I wanted them to be busy with good things, and it seems to me that, when you’re working, you’re learning a lot of good things from a lot of good people for your future. But I didn’t want them to have a paycheck to waste, so they had to save their paychecks to give to Maur Hill. They all started earning their way in seventh grade.”

In this way, Dan and Joyce taught their sons the value of hard work – and the literal value of education. “Something inside of me felt like I needed them to do that to appreciate their education and all, but it was also a very helpful situation for us,” said Joyce. “I wanted them to respect getting to work and getting a paycheck for their work. My dad always said, ‘Be thankful you have a job.” The Nolans had five boys in six and a half years - a challenge that brought Joyce to a new relationship with God. “Who was I to think Dan and I could raise five of God’s most precious gifts?” Joyce had wondered. Joyce’s mother, Patricia Minnis, gave her a copy of the Novena to St. Jude, and Joyce began praying it every day – asking that her sons be blessed and grow into good, strong, Christian men. As time passed, Joyce nurtured her devotion to Our Lord, whose friendship she treasures and makes time for in her schedule while running a daycare for 25 years. “I think it’s important that everybody give their time to service,” Dan and Joyce agreed. With their son, Garin, serving as president of the Alumni Association and Deke serving as head of admissions at MH-MA, the Nolans’ dedication to service and Catholic education have been instilled in the next generation. 9

Maur Hill - Mount Academy

Graduation The Class of 2013 came together one last time on May 18th as seniors to celebrate their graduation at Maur Hill – Mount Academy. The day began with Baccalaureate at 9:30 a.m. in the St. Scholastica Chapel, located on the Mount St. Scholastica Campus. Graduation then followed at 11:30am to beat the heat the day would bring. After seniors proceded in and found their seats, Abbott James started the graduation ceremony off in prayer. Prayer was followed with a welcoming from President Phil Baniewicz. Baniewicz shared with the crowd how impressed he was by the senior class’ achievements. Monika King, principal, began by recognizing two students who met the criteria for being MH-MA’s 2013 Salutatorians: Cecelia Asher and Sarah Mullins. Then, King presented the Fall St. Benedict Award to Alexander Von Huber, and the Fall St. Scholastica Award to Emily Stec. For the spring semester, the St. Benedict Award went to Jonathan Kane; the St. Scholastica Award was given to Sarah Mullins.

Next, Alexander Huber was announced as the 2013 Valedictorian. He gave his valedictorian address and thanked everyone in attendance, including the parents who helped seniors reach their full potential. Huber also encouraged his class to stay determined, never give up, and to persevere. Baniewicz then returned to the microphone and welcomed commencement speaker Prioress Anne Shepard. Shepard gave a motivational speech, which also included interaction with the class of 2013. Seniors Rachel Fry and Michael Etinoff were called to the stage to answer trivia questions from Prioress Anne. After the commencement speech, diplomas were awarded and students proceded out of the gym to greet their family and friends and celebrate. Congratulations class of 2013! We applaud you for your achievements, and hope you will come back and see us for MH-MA’s annual homecoming in the future.

Farewell to the Class of 2013.

We’ll see you soon!

The Dickason Scholarship Award was then presented by Rich and Cindy Dickason. The scholarship was awarded to Kyle McGuire.

Photos by Chris Sinclair


Class of 2013 College Picks Marissa Armontrout Faizon Iqbal Washburn Univ. Texas Wesleyan Univ. Cecelia Asher Jonny Kane Univ. of Missouri Benedictine College Anapaula Bucio Morgan Keimig Ibero Univ. Kansas State Univ. Cody Calhoon Ho-Kyoung “Nina” Lee Highland CC Penn State Univ. Jeong U “Paul” Choe Soo In Lee Metropolitan CC State New York at Buffalo Sam Cooney Garden City CC Hao Li Penn State Univ. Michael Etinoff Highland CC Lauren Mize Kansas Univ. Eduardo Evia SCAD Sarah Mullins Baker Univ. Sean Falk Kansas Univ. Takuya Nagayabu State Univ. of New York at Jacey Frakes Buffalo Washburn Somin Oh Rachel Fry Penn State Univ. Benedictine College Parker Shipley- Roland Ferro Ginting Kansas State Univ. Oregon Univ. Amun Sohail Brock Hanf Crowder College Kansas State Univ. Emily Stec Jingyi “Cherry” He Kansas State Univ. Calif. San Diego Univ. Jimena Valdes Jacob Hennigh Lajay Facultad de Medicina Kansas State Univ. Madeline Wagner Ben Heschmeyer Kansas State Univ. Recording Connections Audio Institute, Xiaoyu “Amy” Wang Los Angeles Michigan State Univ. Alexander Huber Evan Wheeler Benedictine College St. Louis Univ. Jae Hur Norkey Zhao Binghamton Univ. ofPhotos byCalifornia College Chris Sinclair New York of Art


Thank you to our event sponsors

The 2013 Bob Goalby Golf Tournament

Super Grand Marshal St. Benedict’s Abbey-Abbot James Albers and Community Super Marshal Velda “Spook” Lovett Grand Marshal Hank ‘52 and Susan Keeley P.J. ‘47 and Virginia Keeley Fred Wulff ‘62

This year marked the 32nd annual Bob Goalby Golf Tournament. On May 3rd, the golf tournament got off to a late start due to snowy conditions. Over 100 alumni and friends weathered the snow to support Maur Hill-Mount Academy. Though the weather was not pleasant, the Bob Goalby Golf Tournament was a shining success. Hank Keeley was the highest bidder for the autographed photo of Bob Goalby at the Masters. Mick Hundley ‘02 was another highest bidder on an autographed Bob Goalby glove. Tim Falk ‘73 won a gift certificate for four custom Fit Ping Irons. The biggest prize of the day went to Mike Begley ‘62 who won a trip for two to Mexico.

Marshal Blish Mize Company Tim ‘74 and Sue Regan

Goalby Gallery

2013 Winners

19th Hole Ben Buehler ‘91 Joseph and Bunny ‘59 Burke Don Carlos ‘40 Kenneth and Peggy Davis Michael and Nancy Dickason-Connelly Patricia Domann ‘72 Dan ‘61 and Donna Fuhrman Larry Giller ‘51 Bob Goalby Terry Hagen ‘82 Michael Lasater ‘86 Big Jack Laurie Mary Margaret Ruhlman Shirley Watson

A Flight

First Place- Tim Roberts, Tom Walsh, Gary Grosdidier, Matt Grosdidier and Alex Smith Second Place- Tim Brungardt, Tom Hoffman, Rob Desbien, Dennis Hoffman and Chris Wallis

B Flight

First Place- Bob Peterson, Bill Nolan, Greg Wyatt, Kevin Van Dyke, Dave Rindom and Tim Nass Second Place- Mike Lasater, Mark Gellings, Steve O’Keefe, Shane Boos, Matt Lomsheck and Mike Lutz

C Flight

First Place- Mick Hundley, Mark Rindom, Pat Cross, Brady Nolan, Luke Krusemark and Hank Henry Second Place- Jerry D. Urban, Jerry Urban, Alex Brull, Joe Lauria, Glenn Demeritt and Tom Raney


Hole Sponsor Larry and Tresa ‘58 Buessing, MetLife Carrigan Family James Coleman ‘64 Exchange National Bank and Trust Patty Purslow ‘62 Flynn Kuckelman, Torline, Kirland and Lewis; Attorneys Michael ‘62 and Marlys Haverty Compdata Surveys-Theresa Worman ‘89 David Wulff ‘60

Longest Drive- Hole #12 Todd Caudle Longest Putt- Hole #18 Tim Roberts Photos by Courtney Laurie, Courtney Edmonds, and Chris Sinclair


MH-MA Raven Athletics Spring and Fall 2013 Review Raven sports teams have experienced recent success and made definite improvements. As we take a look back at last spring’s and this fall’s sports, this trend holds true for some of our teams while a couple of our teams have taken a step back and will look to get back to their winning ways. The Raven Nine on the baseball diamond continued their ascending path as they finished with a final record of 10-6 that included a first round victory in the regionals over ACCHS. It was a frustrating “weather” season as six games had to be cancelled. Three of the games were with the two teams that finished ahead of us in the Delaware Valley League. This coming spring, Coach Phil Baniewicz is going to field a team mixed with strong veterans and talented newcomers. Some of our spring sports focus on individual performances, and MH-MA had several athletes excel in their activities. Sarah Mullins earned her third trip to State track in Wichita where she has competed in the sprints and long jump. She parlayed her stellar track career into a track scholarship at Baker University in Baldwin City, KS.

where he finished fourth in a talented field. He turned down multiple scholarship offers for tennis and soccer to concentrate on his Pre-med studies at St. Louis University. Several other Ravens achieved individual accomplishments that warrant recognition. Senior Sean Falk, junior Mark McDermed, and freshman Christian Wessel qualified for 3A State golf at Spring Creek G.C. in Seneca. Senior Emily Stec qualified in two events for the State swim meet held at Hummer Park in Topeka. Finally, two senior Raven athletes are playing fall sports at Highland Community College, Cody Calhoon (baseball) and Michael Etinoff (football). Two of our fall sports teams fell short in the victory column as they each notched two wins. Coach Monroe, football, and Coach Patino, soccer, will be looking to make this past season an anomaly as each had experienced successful seasons previously. Kim Taylor, volleyball, led our Lady Ravens to twelve wins that included a third place finish at the McLouth Invitational.

Another outstanding Raven was Evan Wheeler whose solid play in tennis led to a fourth consecutive trip to State tennis

MH-MA Dorms: We need your help Maur Hill-Mount Academy has a beautiful campus that 80-100 students call home each year. However, our dorms are in desperate need of an immediate upgrade. It is important that we renovate the dorms so our boarding students can have the best environment possible in which to learn and grow in faith.


The intent of this project is to replace the current chillers in each dorm with new, more efficient models. The current chillers are the originals from the late 1960’s. This past year, we have spent thousands of dollars repairing them just to keep them working. However, the time has come that we have no other option than to completely replace them. New air conditioning units will play a critical role for boarding students to live comfortably and help us raise the quality of educational experience here at MH-MA.

We challenge all classes from MSSA, MHP, and MH-MA to help make this project possible. In a special way, we ask for the help of all former boarders. The A/C replacement will cost $200,000. We are confident that there are those of you out there who will rise to the occasion. If you are not able to help by donation, how about volunteering? This coming summer, we will conduct a weeklong mission-work week in June or July. During that time, alumni are welcome back to campus to help us paint, repair, and improve the dorms as well as a few other places on campus. You’re even welcome to stay on campus while you work.

Class Notes Father Bob Hasenkamp, class of ‘55, celebrated his 50th anniversary as a priest on June 2, 2013. He served 45 years in various parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas, before retiring in 2008. He currently lives in Topeka, Kansas. Anna (Rice) Buckley MSSA ‘03, together with her husband, Matthew Buckley, and their daughter, Olivia, welcomed home a new baby boy, Carter Patrick Buckley. Carter Patrick was born on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2013, weighing 7lbs; he was 19.5 inches long. He was born at Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, KS. The parents feel very blessed and thank God for the new addition to their family. Amy (Coots) Holt MSSA ‘93, celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary to her husband Wayne this past October. The couple has six children, ages ranging from one-and-a-half to 18 years old. Chris Kearney MHP ‘03, was awarded the 2013 40 under 40 award by Consulting-Specifying Engineer. This award recognizes 40 engineering industry professionals age 40 and younger who demonstrate excellence in their work and personal lives. Chris is currently a Hospitality Market Sector Leader in Maitland, Fl. Jennifer McDermed MH-MA ‘09, was the MC for the League of St. Maur Dinner this past September. Jennifer graduated from Saint Louis University with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences of Meteorology. She recently joined WHO-HD station in Des Moines, Iowa as a Meteorologist. Bob Buscher MHP ‘57, President/CEO of John Roth and Son, Inc. was on the cover of Omaha magazine. Buscher was the 5th generation to work at John Roth and Son, Inc. Buschers family put Omaha, Nebraska on the map as one of the largest livestock centers in the world. Tanner’s Bar and Grill, owned by Steve Brentano MHP ‘68 (and other alumni), was chosen as the BEST Bar and Grill in Kansas City for the year 2013. John Klebba MHP ‘75, President and Chairman of the Board of Legends Bank, Linn, MO, has been elected to the board of directors of the American Bankers Association. ABA’s board is the association’s governing body between annual conventions and is made up of CEOs from banks of all sizes.

If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please contact Caylon Lanfermann at or 913.367.5482.


1000 Green St. Atchison, KS 66002


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