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Twitter Strategic Campaign Summary Research

How Are Other Energy Organizations Using Twitter?

Eco Energy ( • Energy Initiative to create energy independent homes, based in Seattle • Followers: 34,000 Following: 35,000 • Strategy • Post a lot of news articles • Only post every few days • Retweet a lot


Fast Plants ( • UW-Madison nonprofit • Followers: 195 Following: 159 • Strategy • Advertise themselves, their web site • Post news articles • Post some fun articles not related to bioenergy • Create personal communication with followers

Why Should the GLBRC Tweet?

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Build a relationship with the public

Increase V isibility

GLBioenergy Twitter is designed to establish 

consistent and deeper relationships for future benefits. less than 5 seconds ago from web

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What to Tweet and Who to Follow.

What to Tweet

Who to Follow

• Bioenergy News

• Energy Initiatives

GLBioenergy DOE grants $80 million to  biofuel research: . about 1 hours ago from HootSuite

• ReTweet Inf luential Users

• Madison, UW, and MSU Related Groups

GLBioenergy RT @Eco_Energy: Whoʼs Afraid

of a Clean-Energy Future? about 2 hours ago from HootSuite

• Ask Questions, Create Conversation

• Alternative Energy News Organizations

GLBioenergy What bioenergy topics would  you like to see addressed in 2010? about 3 hours ago from HootSuite

• Advertise Events and Our Web site

• Local News and Reporters Who Cover Energy

GLBioenergy 1/16 event: Phytochrome Signaling  in Arabidopsis by Dr. Brian Burger.  about 4 hours ago from HootSuite

• Personality and Twitter Culture

• Teachers and Teaching Organizations

GLBioenergy #followfriday @WSJEnergyBlog,  @the_sca, @WeAreTeachers, @EnergyTomorrow

about 5 hours ago from HootSuite

Moving Forward

Our Twitter Future.

Several Separate GLBRC Twitter Feeds • GLBRC.Education, GLBRC.Industry, GLBRC.Communications • Allows for target to follow only what they want to • Main GLBioenergy feed would retweet these other feeds to keep everything in one place Traffic Checking • Watching visitor and follower numbers

Twitter Glossary

• Setting goals • Number of followers • Number of visitors • Number of retweets of our feed Employee-Only, Private Feed • A new kind of eNews • As a reader, it’s easier to manage. You can quickly scan the feed, and get right to the news you want to read. • A different platform for internal discussion

@: Used to reference another user in a tweet or reply to them. These act as links back to their twitter feed and are publicly available tweets. Direct Message (DM): A private message sent directly to a user that other users can’t see. Follower: A user who will see all of the tweets you make. Hash Tag: Designated with a #, these are used to mark the topics in your tweets (i.e. #Bioenergy). These tags can be searched by all twitter users. Retweet (RT): A repeated tweet. Used to forward someone’s tweet to your followers. Original tweeter is mentioned in the retweet. Tweet: A message sent to your followers over Twitter.

GLBRC Twitter Campaign  
GLBRC Twitter Campaign  

Create a GLBRC personality Research Build a relationship with the public Eco Energy ( •EnergyInitiativetocreateenerg...