I created Mauvaise graine in 1996, muted it in 2000, to make it evolve into an online publication in 2002 named mgversion2>datura. It was soon after available in print but was euthanized on April 6, 2017 after 88 issues.

This summer 2018, bored and unhappy about some journals to which I submitted pieces of my own, I felt the force, the muse, the devil, or whatever you want to call it, tickling me again and I decided I should resuscitate this journal.

It is more a reassembling of parts - like Dr. Frankenstein's creature - than a resurrection really.

The creed, the ancient one I had left aside: "What I want from the work I read is that it traumatizes me, tortures me or makes me laugh, disturbs me in fact. There is nothing more dreadful than some sterile work which will leave no trace upon you, apart from the need to read something else." Torture me as best as you can, this is the condition sine qua non to board the ship.