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BSHS 385 Week 1 Interview Paper Address the following topics in a 350- to 525-word paper: 1. What is the purpose and function of interviews in health and human services? 2. What type of information do you hope to gain during interviews? 3. What are the steps that should be considered when preparing for an interview? 4. How does the interview process allow human service professionals to assist clients in establishing goals? 5. What are the types of interviews in the human services setting? 6. How does the type of interview direct the selected format? Support your research by providing three to five different sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

BSHS 385 Week 1 Interview Scenario Human service professionals are challenged to assist clients in establishing goals related to outcomes. Assessing these goals early in the therapeutic process can provide the structure and direction needed to move forward in the intervention.

You have been assigned as a case worker for a new client. The client meets with you for the first time to discuss his/her concern. The client, a 52-year-old man, has just moved into the state and gained custody of his two medically-fragile children, ages 4 and 2. He is the primary caregiver for the 2 children, works full time and is attending school. The client has enrolled the children in school. At this visit, the client requested support to receive early intervention services for the children, who are displaying developmental delays in the areas of communication, language development, and fine motor skills. The client has obtained information about a developmental pediatrician; however, he indicates the children may require more support. Respond to the following questions in 175 to 260 words: 1. What is the purpose of the client's visit? 2. What are the primary and secondary issues and/or concerns of the client? 3. Are there any elements missing from the summary you will need to know for a complete assessment? 4. In this interview scenario, how can you assist your client in establishing a goal(s) related to the outcomes? o o o o

What steps are needed to assist clients in establishing goals? What value does collaboration have during your interview? How do you identify the most effective objective(s)? What are some objectives that would support the identified goal?

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BSHS 385 Week 2 Interview Job Aid Interview preparation is essential in conducting an organized and thorough interview. Determining the core elements of an effective interview environment should be considered as a part of the interview preparation process. Create a job aid that helps you prepare for an interview. Include a checklist of the physical elements that should be present in an interview. Create a list of elements that are conducive to an effective physical interview environment. Describe why each element is important in structuring the interview process. Address the role of note taking and documentation through the lens of interview recall, accurate clinical assessments, compliance, and information management.

Identify considerations in the interview process for note taking and documentation (technology, resources, and best practices). Include professional and ethical behaviors, as well as considerations. Identify components of professional and ethical behaviors for human service workers. Address the role of note taking and documentation within the job aid. Save this job aid as a handy reference for your future or current career. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

BSHS 385 Week 3 Interpersonal Communication Effective interpersonal communication skills can support the building, development, and maintenance of therapeutic relationships. Listening, demonstrating positive regard, building rapport, displaying empathy, and minimizing distractions are all techniques that can build and create a caring, safe, and supportive therapeutic environment. Read the following scenario: A client comes to your office without an appointment. The client, a 40-year-old female, has been working to gain custody of her two, school-aged children. She is visibly upset, crying and yelling on her phone. She enters your office, indicating the court hearing for her children has been rescheduled due to her missing an important home visit. She has asked you contact the courts to advocate on her behalf. Although this is outside the realm of your role, you would like to show the client you are interested in supporting her concerns. This assignment has two parts: Part 1: Script Write a 700- to 1,050-word response to your client that demonstrates positive regard, empathy, and listening skills. Use what you have learned to identify how to gain her full attention, show interest, and minimize distractions. Include in your paper a script of how you would respond to the scenario.

Focus your discussion on how you will show your client the following concepts:  Positive regard o Consider the value of positive regard and empathy in building rapport o Building rapport and displaying empathy o Listening for comprehension and gaining information o Gaining attention and showing interest o Minimizing distractions and barriers o Importance of note taking Part 2: Video or presentation Online Campus Students Record yourself reading your script using Bongo™, Access Bongo™ by clicking the Presentation tab. Submit your script by clicking the Assignment Files tab. Your faculty member will access your video from Bongo™. Local Campus Students Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your paper and be prepared to present your script in class.

BSHS 385 Week 4 Verbal and Nonverbal Attending Actions Clear and effective communication skills include assessing verbal and nonverbal attending actions. Recognizing the explicit meaning of words, along with their implicit messages, can reinforce accurate exchange of ideas and bring meaning to the therapeutic exchange. Collaborate with your Learning Team by brainstorming components related to verbal and nonverbal behaviors, communication, and attending skills. Write, as a team, a 2- to 3-page paper on the characteristics of nonverbal and verbal attending. Identify and demonstrate the following in the team paper: 1. What are the five, main ways of sending and receiving messages to and from clients? 2. What is verbal and nonverbal communication? What is an example of a verbal, nonverbal, and body message?

3. How do we give meaning to nonverbal signals, and how can nonverbal signals offer clues and additional information? 4. What is the importance of listening skills in a therapeutic interaction? 5. How will effective listening guide you in gaining information? Support your research by providing 2-5 different resources. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

BSHS 385 Week 4 Skillful Interviewing Complete "Skillful Interviewing." Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Skillful Interviewing Complete Part I and Part II. Part I Read each scenario below. Respond to each scenario with one open, closed, and probing question you should ask your client to further the dialog. Scenarios You are a school counselor working at a local high school in your community. A 16-year-old high school student named Amber visits your office. Amber appears disheveled and states she is interested in gaining information about dropping out of school. She fears her grades will not allow her to progress to the 11th grade and wants to discuss her options. You are an early intervention specialist contracted through your local health department. Your evaluation appointment for the day is with a family and their 2-year-old son. The family is


coming in to have an evaluation for early intervention services due to concerns about his communication and attention. As the parents approach the evaluation room, the mother states she hopes her drinking was not the cause of this issue. You are a child advocate employed by the local family court. After months of waiting, the Johnson family (foster family) is scheduled for their final court hearing for the adoption of their foster son and daughter. The family arrived to the courthouse and informed you privately that the husband was most recently laid off from his job after 15 years. The family is now concerned about the impact of his employment status on the court proceedings. Part II Create a scenario in an interview setting based on your previous professional or personal experience. Respond to the scenario by using the various components of skillful interviewing techniques. Write a minimum 150-word response. Scenario


BSHS 385 Week 5 Interviews and Technology

BSHS 385 Week 3 Interpersonal Communication  

BSHS 385 Week 3 Interpersonal Communication

BSHS 385 Week 3 Interpersonal Communication  

BSHS 385 Week 3 Interpersonal Communication