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By Sophie Robertson

Clay Myself- Profile My name is Sophie I am 13 years old. I was Born on the 17th Of February 2000. I have a younger brother called Charlie who was born 10th October 2003. My mum and Dad split up when I was 8. My mum has a boyfriend now his name is Scott so I live with my mum, Scott and Charlie, but my Dad lives with my Granny Carol(who only lives round the corner). I do DRAMA!! And I used to do swimming and dancing but now I do badminton.My house is actually going on the market next week so I will be moving! I am going to France, Germany and next year I am even going to Austria. Next year I am taking:-Biology -Chemistry -French -Music -Geography -& Home Ec practical So its goodbye to CDT for me!

Water Bottles

We rendered the water bottles with marker, pastel, pencil and done one on the computer




Desk Tidy •

• Our Desk Tidys are made from wood and have been cut, sanded, wet & dryied & varnished

Evaluation • This year I have enjoyed CDT because Miss Watson has done good enjoyable projects with us and I enjoy graph com. • I feel a bit more confident in CDT this year but I could improve on a lot but I am not taking it next year.

My S2 CDT 2013 - Sophie  

My S2 CDT 2013 - Sophie