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My S2 profile

Nicky Mackay

My Profile My name is Nicky and I am 13. I enjoy History and Art. Out of school I enjoy Reading and spending time with animals.

Clock project

Dice project

Rocket project ď‚› The

rocket poster was made on Photoshop. I used a design of a rocket I made earlier and placed it in front of the background.

Water bottle project ď‚›

We made four water bottles using different media. One we used pencil, another we used marker, we also used pastel and Photoshop rendered. We then placed them on a Photoshop document.

Desk Tidy Project ď‚›

This is my desk tidy. First I designed the desk tidy, then I got the wood and measured it. I then cut the wood into the right shape. Next I glued it together and sanded it. Afterwards I varnished it.

S2 evaluation ď‚› Even

though I don’t plan on returning to CDT I did enjoy some parts of it. I think I did some good work this year, like my rocket (that I blew up).

My S2 CDT 2013 - Nicky  

My S2 CDT 2013 - Nicky

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