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1: Information On Me 2: Evaluation Questions 3: Evaluation Answers 4:Rocket Project 5: Colour Project 6: Clock Work 7: Joint Wood Work Practise 8: Dice

 My name is Melissa Ashton!  I am from Inverness!  I love CDT!  I love CDT because it is really fun and good to do!  I have done loads of work and I am going to put some of it in this PowerPoint!

1: I did really enjoy CDT because I really liked making everything and it was really good fun! 2: I do feel more confident in CDT because we have did loads of things and I have learned more than I thought I would. 3: I could of maybe been here a little more so then I would have been able to listen and do the work to the very best of my ability 4: I really enjoy the type of work what we have covered in CDT. I really enjoy it because it has been so fun to do and I just love the experience that we have done. 5: I am planning to come back to CDT next year I will be hoping to do Woodwork!

This is my rocket.

This is me launching my rocket.

This is my rocket poster.

This is the colour wheel I made.

This is my coloured train 1.

This is my coloured train 2.

This is my coloured train 3.

These are photos of my clock!

This is my joint practise!

These photos are my dice.

These photos are my dice.

Melissa ashton