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Name- Lucy Carbray- Johnson Age-12 Hobbies/interests-karate, guitar, focus(youth group), spending time with friends, listening to music Fave subjects-music, CDT, English,


Did you enjoy CDT this year? Yes I have really enjoyed CDT it is one of my fave subjects and I enjoy both practical and computer work. Do you feel more confident in CDT? Defiantly as it was my first ever time doing any of the things we have done. What could you have done differently this year to be more successful? I don’t know what I could have done differently as I feel I have been quite successful. Did you enjoy the type of work covered in CDT? Yes, i thought it covered a very wide area in both practical and computer work. What do you plan on doing next year in CDT? Just the same as this year work hard and try hard.

Lucy carbray johnson  
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