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Hi, my name is katie. I am 12 years old and I go to musselburgh Grammar School. My hobby is ice skating, I go every Friday with my friends. My favourite subject at school is home ec, I like it because the Teacher is nice and also I enjoy cooking. I live with my brother and my dad.

Practise wood

Metal coat hook

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1. did you enjoy CDT? Yes because I had never worked with some of the tools before and it was a great chance to make a coat hook & a wooden box. 2.Do you feel more confident in CDT? yes, I have experienced using the tools. 3.What could you have done differently to improve you grades? Lisend more& concentrated. 4.Do you enjoy the type of work covered in CDT? Yes I do because its fun learning how the tools & machines work. 5.What are your future plans in relation to CDT?I’m not sure yet I would like to come back and do wood work.

My S1 CDT 2013 - Katie