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Karly Black

Hi, My name is Karly, I am 12 years old and I go to Musselburgh Grammer School. My hobby is Horse riding. I go every weekend.

My favourite subject at school is, home ec, I like it because its fun and I get to sit Katie.

I Live with my Mum, Step-dad, Sister and little brother. Also I have a dog called K

Did you enjoy CDT? Yes I enjoyed CDT because it was fun and I enjoyed making stuff.  Do you feel more confident now in CDT?  Yes I feel more confident because I didn’t know what anything was at the start and know I do  What could you have done differently to improve your grades in CDT? I could of tried harder and focused more.  Do you enjoy the type of work covered in CDT? Yes because I learnt knew things.  What are your future plans in relation to CDT? I think I will carry on with CDT because it will improve my building skills. 

My S1 CDT 2013 - Karly  
My S1 CDT 2013 - Karly  

My S1 CDT 2013 - Karly