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By Ellie Anderson 2GA

These are the water bottles that I coloured. I done one in marker, one in pencil, one in pastel and done the other on the computer.

We made three di, one with a marker, one with a pencil and one on the computer.

We make rockets with paper and flew them outside. Afterwards we created slide shows about rockets, click the picture to view my slideshow.

We make clocks with wood and acrylic, we got to choose the colour of the acrylic, I chose orange.

We made desk tidy's out of wood. We cut it, sanded it and then glued it all together. We finished off with varnishing it and wet and drying it.

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I enjoyed CDT because I like to use my imagination to create new things. I feel more confident in CDT because I can use different techniques to show off my skills. To improve my grades I could of spent more time to sand my work and make sure it was to the best of my ability. I enjoyed wood work in CDT, I liked the computer work too but the wood work was my favourite. I am not taking CTD in 3rd and 4th year.

Thank you for watching my slideshow about my CDT work in S2.

My S2 CDT 2013 - Ellie  

My S2 CDT 2013 - Ellie